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We are the last defence. I've seen him on the news. Followed the stories about what happened to John Smith. To the world he's a mystery, but to me he's one of us. Nine of us came here, but sometimes I wonder if time has changed us, if we all still believe in our mission. There are six of us left. We're hiding, blending in....

Title : The Power of Six
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The Power of Six Reviews

  • ★ Jess
    2019-07-17 11:42

    There are probably spoilers: Jess: Hello there, James Frey, aka Pittacus Lore. Welcome to the show.James Frey: Thanks for having me. How much money did we agree I'd be getting for this interview? Jess: A lot. James Frey: Good, because I adore money. Jess: I can tell. In the past nine months you've released two New York Times Best Selling novels, one e-book/novella, and had a large budget film adaption. You must be stoked. You and Mr. Hughes are rolling in moneyJames Frey:Yes, we are. Jess: Lets introduce your newest novel: The Power of Six, sequel to I Am Number Four. I just finished reading it yesterday afternoon... James Frey: What did you think? Jess:It's shit. Total and utter shit. Clearly you wrote this quickly, like, no more than a few weeks. It's very obvious: this is some of the most poorly written drivel I have ever read-and I've read Twilight James Frey:How dare you! Give me three good examples. Jess: The dialogue is the most awkward thing ever. There are hardly any descriptions. You did a crap job at building suspense and foreshadowing. At some stages you threw in lengthy words that didnt fit, just to show us how smart you are. The writing lacks any emotion; it could have been written by a robot. I could go on; and will, when I talk with my next guest. James Frey: But its an exciting plot, yes? I mean, a thrilling read. Jess:the writing was too distracting, but I suppose the plot is the only thing this book has going for it. I suppose thats why its got so many good reviews. James Frey: ...And why I get so much MONEY! Jess: Money, thats all you're about, isnt it? Rushing the release of this book, a movie adaption, a novella. I swear, you've just published your first draft. Like I said, no foreshadowing or anything. Oh yeah, and you know the most annoying thing? When you decided to introduce Ella as Number Ten. You cant do that! Bitch, thats cheating!. Everyone knows there are nine Garde, then all of a sudden BAM! Number Ten! No pre-warning, no solid explanation. James Frey: That's a good twist. Jess: No, a good twist is Snape being a good guy. A good twist is Christopher discovering his mother is alive. These things had foreshadowing: it didnt stick out at the time, but we noticed them later. Having a 'Number Ten' is not a fucking twist, its cheating, and for that I hate you. James Frey: Whatever gurl, The Chicago Tribune said: 'There's genuine suspense'. Jess: No. Your shit writing made any suspense thinner than Nicole Richie. For example, when Marina heard that Miranda Marquez, a girl who she looks exactly alike, was found strangled. This was supposed to make us scared of Mogodorians coming. Trying to build suspense. Yeah, it might have worked if you had said they looked alike before the line after her death. There are many more examples, but quite frankly, I hate talking to you. James Frey: Cool, that interview will cost you $2,500,000. Now Im going home to start and finish the next book in the series before bed time. Jess:*sigh*. Well, Im not going to be a sucker and give you any more of my money. Im not buying any more Lorien Legacies books. Had I been American, I would'nt have even brought this one. The US cover is the fugliest thing I have ever seen! We'll be back after this short ad break with John Smith himself. Stay tuned! Jess: Hello, welcome back to the show. Now I have with me the star of the show, John Smith, also known as Number Four! John Smith: Hey there Jess: Im not going to lie, I kind of had the hots for you in book one. You were awesome in every way. Now you suck. John Smith: Sorry?Jess: I hate you. Mainly your decision making. I mean, did you honestly think it was a good idea to catch up with Sarah? You couldnt see that ending badly at all-heavy sarcasm.John Smith: Thats one poor decision. Jess: Or dragging Sam Goode along on your adventure. That boy is the biggest waste of space I have ever read about-more later. Or how about that time you ran straight into the blue Mogodorian forcefield, knowing full well it would knock you out and made you feel sick. That totally reminded me of the time Patrick Dangerfield concussed himself by running straight into the goal post against the Western Bulldogs. Oh, and another terrible decision was when you and Six saved that innocent woman from her drunken husband, with the whole 'no innocent people should be hurt' vibe going on. Then you throw the Mogodorian tracking devise on the back of an innocent mans truck and laugh about it. Contradicting much? John Smith: I wasnt thinking clearly... Jess:Oh, and at one stage you say: "I feel sad". Really, thats the best you could come up with? John Smith: I tell it as it is.Jess: Anywho, lets get to the juicy stuff that all our viewers want to know. How does it feel being the FBI's Most Wanted? John Smith: Pretty coolJess: Lets get the story straight. A small school, in a tiny town, in Ohio is found wrecked in the morning. There is ash everywhere and entire buildings are ruined. What does this sound like, to normal human beings?John Smith: A fire? Jess:Yes, so why does everyone instantly presume its a terrorist attack. What sort of badass terrorists target a high school in a tiny town which 99% of people wouldn't have heard of? John Smith: Are you saying my life in the past few weeks is...Im on the run for nothing?Jess: Im saying you're on the run for the most stupid reason! No sane human being instantly concludes what would look like a fire is a terrorist attack! The school down the road from me burnt down last year, true story. All that was left was rubble and ash. Does this mean that police should instantly assume crazy terrorists are at work in Adelaide.John Smith: I... Jess: No, let me continue: Then when they finally do catch you, Top of the FBI's Most Wanted List (for attacking a school), they put you in a cell which has bars, not a solid wall, and guarded by one, single guard. Then the guard immerses you in conversation. John Smith: I started talking to him, actually. Jess: And he responded, conversation! When they had Osama Bin Laden, I dont think he was guarded by a single security officer, who responded to Osama's conversation starters. That whole episode was so unrealistic! John Smith: Its a work of fiction, its allowed to be unrealisticJess: Actually no, JK Rowling made her world of magic seem real. Its possible to make fiction realistic. Also, on a totally unrelated note, what the fuck is up with your love triangle? Audience: Jess has only said that word once on before, she must be mad! Jess Love triangles are so unnecessary. Why does every YA novel need to have them. Plus, yours with Sarah & Six was forced. There was no need for it, and you shared no chemistry with either. It was literally: "I like Six, but I have to love Sarah. Therefore, my life is to hard and I should go complain and bore everyone with my forced romance." John, and James Frey if you're listening, you are PATHETIC! Get a proper sub-plot and dont come back until you do. Jess: Now that my interview with John Smith is over, please welcome Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56 Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Hello. Jess: Thanks for coming, and thanks for not killing me. Firstly, I love your matrix style trench coat.Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Cheers. Jess: Secondly, whats the deal dude? Why are you lot the worst antagonists of all time?Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Thats a bit harsh.Jess: Its true. There were thousands of you, and you cant kill two Lorics and a human boy. maybe the Lorics are acceptable, but Sam!? he researched his fighting from the internet in the first chapters. You're badass aliens, why cant you kill him? Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: No comment. Jess:Also, why did you strangle Miranda Marquez, the chick who looks like Number 7? Are turning peeps to ash with mega guns and shit not cool any more? Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: No comment. Jess: Seriously dude, early on when you lit fire to the house Sam was in, I was so happy. I was ready to convert to your side, I seriously thought you'd just killed Sam, but then he slipped through your fingers. Now that you've got him captive, please torture the shit out of him.Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Hopefully, but James Frey is terrible at creating us, hes in charge of our actions. That means Sam will probably escape our evil alien base of evilness. Jess: Im feeling for ya. Hey, Ive got Sam from his cage via skype next, but he is a bigger waste of space than the extra three 'Mortal Instruments' books, and I really dont want to talk to that guy.Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Why so?Jess: He's just dumb. I mean, when he and John had an hour of invisibility to sneak into your base, he set his alarm watch for 60 minutes, so it went off as soon as he was visible again. Why not set it for fifty minutes, so when it vibrates they know to get out of there quickly! Also, when he needed to go back to Paradise to check the sun dial, he forced Six and Four to go back with him. This resulted in them getting caught. Why on earth would he have not just called Sarah's mobile, and ask her to check out the necessary stuff. She could have told him her findings, and they're all safe!Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: I'm hearing you! I dont associate with such fools either.Jess:Thank you! Say, want to catch up for a coffee after the show?Unnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: Sure. And I'll show you where I get my trench coats! Jess:Cool beans! Lets go right now. I'm sure I'll look swanky in one of those trench coatsUnnamed Evil Mogodorian Alien #56: You'll look spiffy as hell. Jess:Outstanding. Well, thats the show for tonight, thanks for your company. I'm Jessica, and I'll see you next week! And cut. First Review: January 7,2011The description of this book says its about 'Number 7'. I DONT WANT NUMBER 7! I WANT NUMBER 4! I want to read about John Smith, and his friend Sam and his kick-but side kick, Number 6! If #7 hogs this book, I will be really upset! And Sarah Hart had better make an appearance somewhere, or I will be devastated! But anyway, I am super-amazingly-incredibly excited about this one. It had better be nothing short of sensational :) I AM LIVING FOR THIS BOOK!!!! Second Review: March 22,2011So, I definitely can not wait until mid August for this! I want it now!!!! *. So, in early preparation, I thought some speculation would be in order: Even though the blurb talks about 'Number Seven', I still think the title refers to the character 'Number Six', and will reveal some sort of freakish/awesome power that she posses. She will be the focus of this, and #4 & #7 will be supporting characters. The reasons for this are: 1) we just met Number Six at the end of the previous book. Its to early to introduce a new main character, knowing nothing about Six. We need to learn something and let her develop. 2) I heard there will be six books. If this is true, the second book seems way to early to re-unite the entire gang. I strongly believe this book will be about John Smith, Number Six and Sam Goode trying to locate #7 (after somehow hearing about him/her). In the midst of their search, there will be a mega-giant twist about Number Six, and someone will do something bad to inflict trouble on the group. But yes, I am very excited.

  • Migs Austria
    2019-06-30 15:57

    I've finally read the highly anticipated sequel to I Am Number Four. I love how the author wrote it in two perspectives: John's and Marina's.The Power of Six is much more action-packed than the first. There are some issues of betrayal and love and sacrifices. Six, you badass alien, I think I like you too.It's definitely worth the wait and when's the third book coming out? I. NEED. MORE.

  • P
    2019-07-18 12:55

    “If you ever know a man who tries to drown his sorrows, kindly inform him his sorrows know how to swim.” The Power of Six was not what I'd expected, the book was slow in the beginning, its story revolves around Number Seven. I think most of her parts were boring. I'm curious, in spite of the title about Number Six, why this book is all about Number Seven. Her character is not strong as the others, and not for my taste, yet I hope that Pittacus put her here for some reason. I just hope.“The key to change is letting go of the fear.” However, I didn't like John's lovetriangle, it was so weird and awkward. I was quite disappointed with this book, it should have done better with its fabulous plot and pace like the first one. I hated John, too, he was changed and very shilly-shally, he's supposed to be more dependent after all he has been through.“Never lose faith in yourself, and never lose hope; remember, even when this world throws its worst and then turns its back, there is still always hope.” But all I can think is that the disappointing things in this book were happened for some reason because the next one is the best I can't believe it that Pittacus could redeem this series perfectly.Thai review

  • Arlene
    2019-07-12 16:44

    Rating Clarification: 4.5 StarsAbsolutely INTENSE!!There are only six of us left. Six of us against any number of them. And no way of knowing how we might possibly find one another. We’re the only hope. Strength in numbers. The power of six...Wow! Now this is what I call adrenaline pumping, high impact action. I felt I was on a turbo jet ride that wouldn’t stop! O.O There wasn’t one moment in this book where I let my guard down or allowed myself to settle into a false sense of security or saftey. Hell, even I felt hunted! There was just so much happening that by the time I was done with The Power of Six I felt absolutely exhausted. Loved it!! And call me crazy, but I’m ready for more. Bring it on!! :DThe Power of Six is the next installment in the Lorien Legacies; and let me tell you, whether or not you’re a fan of alien SciFi, this book will grab you and take you on an adventure the just won’t quit. This book kicks off immediately after the disastrous events that took place in book one; and Sam, Six and Four are not only on the run from the Mogs, but now the FBI is after them for what went down in Paradise Ohio. This loyal trio uses their time on the road to train and try to uncover the secrets to their past that will hopefully help them see a future in Loric. The The Power of Six also introduces the second POV of number Seven as Marina narrates her journey where she’s hiding out in a small Spanish village among the Sisters. Her Cepan Adeline has decided to abandon her responsibilities of training Seven for survival against the Mogs, but that doesn’t stop this determined character of discovering her legacies and trying to locate her inheritance. What unfolds is a series of dangerous encounters between members of the Garde and Mogs and a ton of action that keeps you on the edge of your seat.I will say that I’m disappointed in two characters, including Marina’s Cepan Adeline. It sucked to see this Cepan let number Seven down by giving up on her mission to train and help Marina prepare for survival in this battle. Her change of heart towards the end was a little too late, and I was proud of Seven’s ability to power forward and figure out a way to survive on her own. In addition, what Sarah did to Four I feel was unnecessary. I think it was a convenient plot twist to open the way for Four and Six to explore a possible relationship, which by the way I’m all for. It was great to meet three more members of the Garde, and I can’t wait to discover the final two. The two major twists in this book really changed the direction of the story as we find not only the two new members of the Garde (Seven and Nine) but also discover there was a second ship the left Loric with number Ten. She’s younger than the others and so far, she’s only revealed one legacy because of her age. Also, we meet the leader to the Mogs, Setrakus Ra that’s just arrived to Earth and sure to bring this war to a whole new level.Overall, the characters are fierce, the narration is fast paced, and the storyline is by far! As the previous installment, the ending is cliff hanger painful and despite the constant action and continuous mental energy required to keep up, I can’t wait from the next installment. We’re missing two more Lorien Gardes and I’m eager to meet them. The power this group can combine is going to bring this end game to a collision course of epic proportions. Excitement!************************Members of the GardeNumber Four: John – Resistant to fire, telekinesis, lumen (Cepan: Henri – dead) (Lara and Liren – Four’s parents)Number Five: ???Number Six: Maren Elizabeth – Invisibility, telekinesis, change weather (Cepan: Karatrina – dead)Number Seven: Marina – Breathe under water, telekinesis, can undo damage inflicted on those who don’t deserve it, heals others and herself, nocturnal vision (Cepan: Adeline – dead)Number Eight: ???Number Nine: No Name Yet – Xray vision, antigravity, superior hearing, can transfer powers (Cepan: ??? – captured, assumed dead)Number Ten: Ella – Can change her age (Cepan: Crayton – alive)Book: Pittacus of Mytilene and the Athenian War

  • Aj the Ravenous Reader
    2019-06-26 14:03

    It took me a while to get a copy of this book and at one point, I sort of lost my enthusiast in reading this sequel to I am Number Four, because I guess, I waited too long. But when I read the book ,it was as if I haven't left the prequel at all. This book grabbed me from hanging off the cliff as the members of the garde gradually find one another. I just felt a bit annoyed at Four for his fickle emotions for both Sarah and Six.

  • Angela
    2019-07-17 10:51

    I received an ARC copy of this book from the publisher for a honest, fair review. This is me being honest; I'm not sure if it's fair... I did not like the first book of this series, and I had decided not to waste my time on the sequel. I should have gone with my gut reaction and stayed far, far away from this book. Why did I read it? The better question is, why did I bother seeing the movie after disliking the book so greatly? The answer to that question is simpler, the tickets were free. How doth one pass up free stuff? Oh I know, when they lead to crap.Where was I? Oh yes. So I saw the movie and thought, hey, this didn't suck complete arse, I wonder what is going to happen next?!?! Then we Bookworms got a free copy of The Power of Six from the publisher and I thought, Self, how bad could it really, truly be? Give this series another chance! <-- Damn my curious soul.5 reasons why I just don't like this book:1. The Power of Six switches back and forth between two different perspectives (that of Number 4 and Number 7). The only link between the two perspectives is that they are both Lorien. Their stories never coherently messed together and going back and forth was jarring and often took me out of the story.2. Forced love triangles- I despise them when they are well done, and I loath them when they are forced into a story just for the hell of having one. The love triangle/square in this book was a nightmare.3. This book lacked passion, tone, voice, and in general, felt like a robot wrote it. It just made me sick to my stomach.4. Simply stated: NOTHING HAPPENS!! Once again, I spent most of the time I was reading this book literally and figuratively twiddling my thumbs. When things did happen they were so cliche and just empty that I couldn't help the eye rolls not to mention snorts.5. I NEVER connected with any of the characters. They were all one-dimensional, saying and doing things that just didn't made sense. John (Number 4) might be the worst protagonist ever written. And Hector the drunken pedophile might be the creepiest secondary character/love interest(?) ever written. *shudders*My biggest beef, however, has to do with the authors (infamous James Frey & unknown Jobie Hughes) . I just feel like there is something wonky about these books, their exploitation of the Twilight craze, and their willingness to be formulaic and barely mediocre just to make a buck. I'm sorta ashamed of myself for reading them.It is rare that I will "hate" on a book and even rarer that I will do it publicly. I feel that every writer deserves respect, that their stories are their children. I would never walk up to someone, no matter how much I disliked their child, and tell them their son/daughter sucks and they created something terrible. But in this case, I feel that the authors of these books are not only giving a bad name to YA literature, but taking their fans for a ride. They don't seem to have a passion for the craft, but simply a passion for the almighty dollar. This isn't their child, it's their meal ticket. It's shameful. It's sad. And it makes me all ranty and angry. The end.

  • Jamie
    2019-07-12 11:52

    Sorry but if you are not going to be constructive then why are you dragging on about hating the book and only reading it because the guy who played Alex rider in stormbreaker is in it? P.s. You can't really comment on a book that isn't out yet and therefore you can't have read. Goo drool over Alex whats-his-name.

  •  ⚯͛ Andi △⃒⃘
    2019-06-28 16:01

    Loved this sequel! We meet more of the Legacies in this book and I loved every one of them! I love the interaction between the characters and oh my god this book was so griping it's crazy! The story is definitely moving forward fast and there was so much action just like the first book. My only complaint about this book was the romance was a bit cringeworthy and childish and I'm also not loving Sarah anymore. She needs to leave. Other than that, the book was all kinds of fun!

  • Mark
    2019-07-16 12:50

    The first volume I sort of read by mistake last year but it was ok. Obviously I am not exactly the target audience so would not expect my excitement to have me rush to the bookshop and batter on the door till number two volume was handed to me but even i was amazed that i ambled along quite merrily for months without giving the slightest stuff about number 4 and his collected band of Mog battlers. (And is it only me who keeps imagining dear old Judith Kerr's creation standing in the middle of the book yowling 'why, why all this hate for poor little me?')JK Rowling evidently had the whole of the Potter saga in her head when she began and though people may criticize her for many things I do not think anyone gets the impression that she suddenly, halfway through a novel thought, 'Oh lets turn the whole concept on its head by changing things or creating characters who are fundamental but did not exist anywhere before'.Let me list some points to ponder.1) Adelina....what was her faith journey about...totally unbelievable and ridiculous. Why would she deny her 'vocation' to fight the Mogadorians who she tried to pretend didn't exist by taking on a 'vocation' to be a nun.2) John....the hero ? Last book he 'loved in a way he had never loved before'....yeah right John that is because you were 15 so how much opportunity had you had. Last book he 'found his first real best friend ever' ....this book......whilst going on and on and on and on about the lovely Sarah, he lusts after, and not in a controlled or demure way, Number Six who just happens to be the girl his BEST FRIEND has told him he is in love arse. Oh and he leaves aforsaid best friend to torture and death at the hands, the many hands, of the frankly crap alien fighters. I mean come on, these are the hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of enormous, evil, muscular alien soldiers bred and trained to capture and kill two or three people at a time. They are hopeless. the phrase crash and burn was made for these 'badass dudes'....sorry i have been reading the tripe that is Pittacus Lore's 'youf' speak for a day and a half now and I think it might be catching. 3)If the 'hero' and his bunch or indeed any of the 'stars' were running out of one more place where they were cornered and happened to stumble, quite by chance, upon the very thing they were looking know things like chests, daggers, keys, real character development, natural plot progression , then I was going to scream. Actually i made those last two up obviously cos they are nowhere in sight but you probably get my drift.4) At all costs the innocent must be protected. Now of course sometimes the attacks of the Mogadorians were not the fault of 4, 6, 7 etc so(view spoiler)[ when the convent is destroyed and presumably all the nuns and orphans toasted well that's war (hide spoiler)] but what about that bizarre incident where 6 and 4, on their walk of shame when they were betraying Sam, chase off a wife batterer to save a woman from his anger. We actually have no idea what the back story was there; for all we know she could have been the one guilty of something heinous and he was trying to protect his children who knows, we don't and neither did 4 and 6 when they leapt in and did their 'dude-stuff'. However even allowing for the correct decision there...maybe....In what weird universe would it not be endangering the innocent to put the Mogadorian tracer on to the truck of a perfectly innocent man so the murderous aliens would follow him and, presumably, blow him up so as to enable 4 and 6 and Sam to escape the other way.Anyway, i could go on but I won't. I already loathe myself cos i am almost certain that i will buy The Rise of Nine when it comes out. It is horrible; I am like a rabbit caught in the headlights of some sort of oncoming dude-buggy. And for the record. i already am fairly sure I am going to hate number 9. He has just appeared and i have the impression that it may well be a close run thing as to which of them, 4 or 9, will be the first to disappear up their own backsides.

  • Kai
    2019-06-21 11:37

    “The only limits for tomorrow are the doubts we have today.”3.5/5 StarsThe first time I picked up The Lorien Legacies feels like ages ago. Maybe three or even four years. I had to freshen up my memories and decided to rewatch the movie, which was a great idea thanks to Alex Pettyfer's abs.The Power of Six is fast-paced and action packed. The writing is easy and entertaining, and I finished the book in only a day.What makes this series so exciting is the large cast and their many special powers. I'm hungry for more.At times the action was a little over the top for my taste. A seemingly endless series of fights, never ending groups of evil aliens and a shower of bombs and bullets. It seems really hard to top this in the next 5 books.Looking forward to the sequel!Find more of my books on Instagram

  • Ashley Daviau
    2019-06-19 12:01

    I think I may have actually enjoyed this book more than the first in the series! Scratch that, I definitely enjoyed it more! I was actually hesitant to start it because I enjoyed the first so much and didn't see how this one could live up to it. But not only did it live up to it, it completely blew it out of the water! This book is pure action from the very first second, with the group on the run from the authorities. And we're also introduced to a second view point, another Loric in Spain and it only gets more and more interesting and crazy from there! I really loved getting to know more about the remaining Loric, their Legacies, their Chests and most of all, the Mogadorians! Everything about this series is so damn interesting, I'm officially completely and totally under its spell! There were some crazy reveals and events that literally had my mind spinning and my jaw dropping, especially right at the very end! I'm really really loving this series and I can't wait to dive into the next book and see what it brings!

  • lolo'
    2019-07-17 15:36

    Okay review time. It took me FOUR days to read this book. Meeeee! Speedy Gonzalez of readers took FOUR days to read this. I just knew in my heart that this book would end me. It kinda did. Like a lot.4.5 stars for sure! *SPOILERS BELOW SPOILERS BELOW SPOILERS *what the fuck is happening to Sam?! Nine is seems crazy but i'm intrigued! Marina kinda annoyed me at first but damn the girl can breathe underwater and heal just about anything what evennnnnn!! And the way she protects ELLA I cry I cry. Six ahhh my favorite. I mean cmon she is the only one willing to accept all the shitty things happening. And has a clear head of what to do next. Plus I love that she has to save the guys asses all the time ! John. Sweet baby John. Keep your loric hormones in check you have a world to save. This isn't I love her and her. I just want them both. I feel guilty for being attractive to both of them. HUSH you are like what 17? You can like who ever you damn please. That loric only love one person bullshit is a NO GO on earth so chill. But damn your powers are coming in strong. Sam. MY OTHER FAVORITE IF NOT MY NUMBER ONE IN THIS WHOLE SERIES SO FAR. I just love him so much. And his loyalty knows no bounds. He is just a sweet cinnamon roll. I just want to hug him forever. And give him all the galaxies. And i am sososososososoo worried about him it's killing me to not know. And HE KNOWS HOW TO FIGHT AND SHOOT NOW OH YEAH. Sarah? i hate you. Bernie Kosar *pet voice* WHOSE A GOOD LITTLE CHAEMERA (or however its spelled) YOU ARE OH YES YOU ARE *heart eyes* The powers and depth of history or just any thing Loric or Legacies related continues to blow my mind.This is for sure one sci-fi series that does not annoy me. That evil leader scares me. And talk about creepy cave! Over and out.

  • Joy (joyous reads)
    2019-06-27 11:58

    Initial Reaction After Reading:I'm thoroughly angry. The majority of the book was a fantastic read...until I got to the parts where Four/John Smith agonized like a fickle boy stuck between loving one girl and liking another. Oh, there's a difference. It makes me mad that THIS overshadowed how great this book could've been. I'm sorry that I'm so hung up on the forced romances in this book but I detest love triangles; hate it, hate it, hate it - with a passion. I have debated on abadoning this book but with only about a quarter left, I forced down the irritation and persevered to continue. Highlights:The instalment to I Am Number Four follows the story of Four, Six and Sam on the run from the law and from the Mogadorians on their tails. Much like its predecessor, this book was action packed and full of unrelenting thrills. We finally learned of the contents of the chests and the legacies that will help the surviving six exiles to find each other and fight for Lorien's resurgence. Sam and Bernie Kozar remain my favorite characters of this series but I also enjoyed some new characters that were introduced: Ella and Hector. Six is a bad-ass, kick ass chick, who unfortunately, had to suffer being a part of a ridiculous love triangle. We get to learn more about the life she led with her deceased Cephan, Katarina. I love her ferocity and will toward whatever purpose she was supposed to fulfill. Step aside, Four, I have a new favorite Loric. Number Seven, much like Six is resolute in her beliefs. Having lived most of her Earth life in a convent, the suffocation she felt at being 'imprisoned' was palpable. I was frustrated with Adelina for renouncing her duties as her Cephan, but thankfully, there was some redemption in her character toward the end. Lowlights:Four/ John Smith. Through much of his angsty soliloquy about Sarah and Six, the thoughts swirling through my head was that this book was not written by the original author who wrote I Am Number Four. It just cannot be. How in the world could you introduce me to a strong male lead in the first book and then turn him into a pantsy, angsty alien on the next? The decision to see Sarah in Paradise was, in the spirit of honesty, the STUPIDEST thing he could ever done. I'm just having a hard time digesting how Four turned out. I'm almost glad that the entire book wasn't told in his POV, because, seriously, when he's not fighting Mogs? Being in his head made me want to slit my wrist. I'm not kidding. Stop pining already! Ugh. Speaking of Sarah, why do I get the feeling that what she did was just a veiled attempt to force feed me with the idea of Four and Six? Right now? I really couldn't care less who Four ends up with. I am more interested to see what happens to the rest of the Lorics. Sarah was another character who turned Jekyll and Hyde on me. I just don't understand why the author chose to un-developed these two characters. I didn't really warm up to the idea of Sarah and Four but I'm furious that the author sold me - completely at that, on the first book with their professions of love only to make a mockery of them on the next. What.the.heck.Final Thoughts:Even after receiving a lukewarm reception from me, this book definitely did its job of building anticipation for the next one. I really am looking forward to reading the third instalment, regardless of how angry this book made me. I still think that this is an amazing series but I AM SO OVER FOUR.

  • Suzanne
    2019-07-05 14:39

    Seriously loving this series! Crazy interesting. I cannot wait to read about the other Garde!

  • Shannon
    2019-07-07 12:36

    I got my hands on an advanced reading copy of this and I eagerly tore into it. After a bit of a slow start, the story soon picks up the pace ending in an all out battle with a few epic twists. The Power of Six introduces us to another one of the nine and half of the story is narrated from her point of view. There are plenty of moments that had me on the edge of my seat and we finally find out what was in the second spaceship that left Lorien in John's visions. Just as interesting and addictive as the first and I'm trying not to think about the long wait before the next - there are too many unanswered questions and storylines that are crucial to the plot. A fantastic installment in the Lorien Legacies.

  • Kaya
    2019-06-30 13:46

    It would've gotten four stars if only Four weren't so obnoxious. I'm really starting to hate this new trend with protagonists being awesome in the first book, but utterly horrible in the sequels. It makes me so angry. Honestly, Four's personality ruins this book for me and if I don't see some changes in the third book, I don't think I'll bother with the rest of the series.After battling against the Mogadorians at their school, Four(John), his best friend Sam and Six have fled the town with a price on their heads. The police believes they’re terrorists. We also meet Seven(Marina) who tells us the story of what happened to her and her Cepan and what life is like for her in Spain, which links to John and Six later in the plot. She's living in a convent, waiting for her Legacies to develop and the right time to find the others. Six is a bad-ass, like always, who had to suffer a terrible cliché of being a part of a ridiculous love triangle/quadrangle. She and Sam have zero chemistry and he is such an unnecessary character. Besides that, we get to learn more about the life Six had led with her deceased Cepan and to see her in action with Seven. There are two different viewpoints, both from first person and weirdly, it works. The book is action packed and that is why there are plenty of moments that had me on the edge of my seat. Six was the most interesting character even though she didn’t have a POV. It’s such a shame her back story was crammed into a quick recap of her telling it to others. This installment was better than the first one, but that's not enough to make me love it, but still good enough for me to keep reading the series. For now. It has one of those plots where there's a lot of action but nothing seems to be actually happening.Four is so self-absorbed I wanted to smack him. The destruction of his character ruined the book for me. It bugged me to no end how selfish and insensitive he really is. How in the world could the authors introduce us to a strong male lead in the first book and then turn him into an angsty alien in the sequel? Four’s personality is another victim to a lusting typical hormonal male. He left his allies to fight alone for his own self-gratification, not to mention that his stupidity and lust caused his Lorien Chest to be stolen, his allies to be injured and captured, resulting in his own capture.Marina is fierce and deserves far more attention than Four. I like her very much, because she's strong and focused and aware of her flaws. She’s not afraid to fight the obstacles and won’t let not even her own Cepan constrain her potential. Luckily, she has no love interest, she is just being purely awesome at all times. I really like the tension between Four and Six. Their bond progressed naturally with a very nicely developed chemistry. Too bad Six is such a strong character and Four is a jackass. Their bond is based on a deep friendship and always is on edge of becoming something more. Sadly, Four doesn’t deserve her.Why is Four so oblivious to reality when it comes to Sarah? She’s painfully stereotypical and their relationship is undoubtedly superficial. They had met for 10 minutes and then he had to run away TO SAVE SOMEONE’S LIFE and she made a scene. Why did he even come back to see her? Their love is obviously platonic.„Why would Six kill you if she knew you were here’ ’Because she needs me right now and it’s dangerous for me to be here.’ ’She needs you? She does? I need you, John. I need you here to tell me everything is going to be okay, that all this is worth it.“*Rolls eyes* Yeah, they need to save a WHOLE CIVILIZATION and it’s all about her precious feelings. Ugh. I tolerated her in the first book, but for a short glimpse we’ve got of her, I completely hated her guts. She isn’t only stereotypical, but shallow, selfish and hysterical, along with having no personality. She’s just as horrible person as Four.

  • ~Tina~
    2019-06-24 16:53

    (4.5 star)The Power of Six starts off right from the aftermath of the Paradise disaster. John, Sam and Six are on the run from the police and FBI with the Mogadorians hot on the trail. They want to try to find the other Numbers, combining each of their powers to fight against the Mog's and bring peace to there planet Lorien, thus saving planet earth from certain doom. I really enjoyed this book, but it felt like a filler more then anything. Nothing actually gets resolved but we do learn quite a bit from this installment, making this much bigger, more dire then what we get from the first book.Along with John's pov, we also meet Marina (aka Number 7) who tells us the story of what happened to her and her Cepan (guardian) and what life is like for her in Spain, which links John and Six later on in the story. I liked Marina very much, she's strong and focused, but I wish I could say the same thing for her Cepan, Adelina. I get that she wanted to have a different life, convincing herself that it was never real, but she was such a frustrating character and nothing like the other Cepan's that have more integrity and honor. We also get introduced to Number Nine at the very end and learn about a surprising character, Ella. We find out what's in John's box, his heritage, as well as how Sam's dad was really involved. We hear the stories of the Numbers lives on Lorien and on earth and discover more about their Legacies. I think that's what I loved the most, the training and seeing what kind of power each of them have and how they wheeled it. I really loved each of these characters. Each and every single one of them are totally kick-ass, even Sam and lets not forget about Bernie Kosar, whom I love even more. Even the Mogs were fascinating in that cruel, cunning and calculating way. Totally evil, but intriguing none the less. But I think the most surprising event is what Sarah did. I admit I'm not very happy about this new development. Call me a sentimental fool, but I liked the idea of 'once your in love, it's for life'. It made the gesture seem grand and romantic. So knowing that isn't the case and John character is yet another victim to a lusting typical hormonal male, made it's appeal lost to me. As much as I adore Six and her badassery, I still clung to the hope that once this is all said and done that somehow John and Sarah would find away to be together again. What happened to good old fashion loyalty? Why must everything fling back to love triangles? I've never minded them in books, but it almost felt like Sarah's betrayal was just to give John the green light to explore his feelings for Six. Feelings he wasn't suppose to have...or so we were told. Not cool. But despite my issues with the romance aspect of this story-line, I still had a blast with this book. It's such a rush! It's action punched, power flooding and adrenaline high. It's fast paced, suspenseful and completely compelling and absorbing. With new complications and the promise of new characters I'm sure the next installment will be just as thrilling. Each getting us closer to the mysteries that are still hidden and hoping that the Loriens can unite together as the war with the Mogadorians continue. After reading I Am Number Four, I mentioned that I wasn't sure I was an extraterrestrial fan, but after reading this book I admit that I'm exactly that. It's highly addictive and highly entertaining and I'm looking forward to seeing what in store for us next. I also really hope they make this into a movie as well, I'd love to see how they portray this on the big screen. It's not just to see Prettyface as Four again...really....honest...I swear. Well...maybe;)More please!!

  • Tasha
    2019-06-29 15:39

    After battling against the Mogadorians at their school, John (Number Four) and his friend Sam have fled the town of Paradise with a price on their heads - the police believing them to be terrorists. In tow is chimera, Bernie Kosar, and the second Lorian we have met, Six.Over in Spain, we also pick up the story of Number Seven, also known as Marina. She's currently living in a convent/orphanage, waiting for her legacies to develop and the right time to find the others.The story switches between John and Marina's points of view and while in one way I liked this (mostly because John is the dullest protagonist ever and it meant we get less of him), it was sometimes confusing at the start of the switch as to who it was. Also Marina became annoying after a while as well. While we mostly got to see what was happening with Six through John's point of view, I think I'd have preferred this part of the story to be hers. Six was the most interesting of the main characters by far and it was a shame that her back story was crammed into a quick recap of her telling it to the others.A couple of chapters into the book, my thoughts were that this installment was better than the first one. It is, but that's not really enough to make me love it. Towards the end (and I'm talking last twenty or so pages) I still hadn't decided if I liked it or not. I didn't really care what happened to the characters and for me that's an essential part of a book.I still like the over all concept of the story but for me it was one of those plots where there's lots of action but nothing seems to be actually happening. It also bugged me that the characters made so many silly mistakes - like John insisting on going to see Sarah even though it clearly wasn't a good idea. Then there's a completely pointless and totally forced love triangle thing going on.All in all, there were parts that I enjoyed and I'll probably read the third book, just to see what happens, it just isn't one I'll be making a special effort to get hold of.

  • Mike (the Paladin)
    2019-06-20 14:01

    In the Book(s) of the New Sun the narrator ends each volume with the statement that he will understand if the reader chooses not to proceed any further with him on his journey. Well I have reached that point with our numbered protagonists.Where I found the first book in this series fairly interesting, this one pretty much (so far as I'm concerned) crashed and burned. Heavy overly dramatic dialogue, massive amounts of teen angst, a switch in the story telling to include some heavy handed indoctrination all came together to drive me first up the wall and then to skimming through the book just to get it over.We struggle along on the run here with occasional confrontations while we experience lots and lots of affairs of the heart. Who loves who...who's jealous of who...what does the love once for life thing mean when you can't keep someone else off your mind???? ack.We struggle through this morass to a final big battle to tie the book up. "We're" out numbered maybe thousands to one!!!!! Luckily we seem to possess every super power ever conceived and can blast things with my mind, become invisible, heal wounds at will!!!Again, ack.Enjoy if it's your cup of tea. I can't take any more.ack.

  • Colleen Houck
    2019-07-13 13:03

    Loved all the new powers. It's cool to see the kids get together and meet one another. Bernie-Kozar is my favorite thing. It would be so cool to have a shifter pet.

  • Eric Allen
    2019-06-29 12:05

    The Power of SixBook 2 of the Lorien LegaciesBy Pittacus LoreA Review by Eric AllenOkay, despite the fact that one of the two (uncredited) authors of these books is a worthless waste of human life who can't find a bowl of chicken noodle soup to drown himself in quickly enough for my taste, I actually enjoyed, to some extent, the first book. Despite its complete lack of anything resembling a character, it was a fun read to take up an afternoon with. It was by no means a great book, but it wasn't horrible either. The Power of Six is a bit different, and where it does have some really good parts, and introduces a real, actual, well developed character in Marina, it still also follows John. The inconsistency between the two viewpoint characters makes for a very jarring, and rather unenjoyable experience, as all of the flaws in the one, are pointed out in the other. More on that later. Parts of The Power of Six are so, so, soooooo much better than I Am Number Four, but others are so, so, soooooo much worse.The Power of Six begins with Seven, a.k.a. Marina and her protector Adelina hiding at a convent/orphanage in Spain. They have not had as much luck in blending into human society as John and Henri, instead moving from European country to country as beggars in abject poverty until finally finding a home at the convent. Adelina has lost her faith in their mission, and in her duties to train and prepare Marina, and has actually managed to convince herself that it was all just a fairy tale. This leaves Marina to look out for the Mogadorians all on her own, prepare in case they need to flee, and train herself to use her Legacies. She has been following John's progress over internet news sites, convinced that he is one of the Lorien Garde like her. But when strange men appear in town, watching her through windows in the dark, and following her around, she knows that her time is up. Enlisting the help of Ella, a young orphan she sets out to find her Loric Chest, and convince Adelina of truth of their mission and the importance of leaving.Meanwhile John, Six, and Sam are on the run from police, FBI, and the Mogadorians, having been blamed for the destruction of the school and the murder of five people back in Paradise. They are chased halfway across the country until Sam remembers something hidden by his father that brings them back to Paradise, where not only the Mogadorians, but the FBI as well, have laid a trap for them.The Good? Marina's character is great. She's actually a well rounded, well developed character with thoughts, and feelings, hopes, desires, and emotions. In short, the exact opposite of every other character in this series. Her character and her storyline are sooooo much better than anything we saw in the first book, because she's written in such a way that you can empathize with her, and see her as a real person. This makes all of the tension and horror of her situation all the more real to the reader, because you care about her, and about what happens to her. You can feel her frustration and her fear. You can see yourself in her place. This is something that is still utterly lacking in John, the supposed protagonist of this series. The writing is still good enough that I don't find the use of First Person Present Tense overly objectionable, or distracting. And the climax, at least for Marina's storyline, was epic and satisfying, made moreso by the fact that you actually care about what happens to her as a character this time around. The introduction of more characters, especially another viewpoint character fleshes out the story in ways that were lacking in the first book.The Bad? A lot of the mystery built up in the series mythology is dispelled in this book when the characters themselves actually start to point out the plot holes. Yes, that's right, the WRITERS of this book actually saw the need to point out all of their plot holes to us. This is highly distracting to anyone trying to lose themselves in the book, because every time you start to suspend your disbelief, one of the characters starts talking about how stupid you are for doing so. I don't know if this is just bad writing and plotting on the part of the writers, or them not so subtly mocking their readers for paying money to read their book. Either way, it takes a lot of enjoyment out of the book for me.The Ugly? Okay, one of the biggest problems that I had with I Am Number Four, is the fact that John, the main protagonist, would have to take about six steps upward to even be considered wooden. He is a complete non-character that does nothing but follow the strict dictates of his stereotype. In fact, EVERY character in that book was exactly like him, one dimensional and completely lacking anything resembling personality. Here John has a bit more personality. Unfortunately, he suffers from something I like to call Failed Anti-Hero Syndrome. This is where the authors try to take a character and turn him into something of an Anti-hero and instead he just turns into a gigantic douchbag.For those not familiar with the concept of an anti-hero, this is where the protagonist of the story is really not a good guy. You see these a lot in comics, though they've started to seep into other mediums as well lately. A few quick examples of Anti-heroes would be Wolverine, the Punisher, and Batman. These guys are the protagonists, but they're not good guys. Wolverine hates everyone and everything, and is generally unpleasant and violent to be around, but underneath you see that it's more of a facade and he can be made to care about things if they're important enough. You see that he's been pushed to his uncaring state by his past and the world around him. The Punisher is a brutal murderer, seeing justice done where the law fails, but underneath he's an honorable man who is punishing those that the law can't touch because of his own murdered family. And Batman is a something of a monster, made so by his tragic past, which forced him into a state of apathy until he was able to find an outlet for all of his pent up rage and sorrow. He hunts down those who would do evil and beats them to a bloody pulp with his bare hands so that no child will ever have to face what he did. However, he also has a code of ethics, which sets him apart from those whom he attacks. An anti-hero is someone who we really shouldn't be rooting for, they're criminals, murderers, and generally not good people, but we root for them anyway, because they're written in such a way that we can see why they are the way that they are, and empathize with them. When it's done right, we can see someone who really shouldn't be considered a hero as a hero. When it's done wrong, however...I get the impression, though it may just be me interpreting things that aren't there, that the writers were trying to make John into something of an Anti-hero in this book. He's on the run from the law, kills dozens of aliens without a single thought about it, "falls in love" with the nearest girl the very SECOND he is out of sight of the supposed "one true love" of his life. Yeah, there's a word for that, and it starts with L, but it sure as hell ain't love. Lust, more like. He's extremely selfish, leaving is allies to fight alone for his own self-gratifacation, and generally starts to act like the universe's biggest douche. His sheer stupidity and selfishness cause his Lorien Chest to be stolen, his allies to be injured and or captured, result in his own capture, and generally make me dislike him immensely. I would have preferred him to have no personality at all again rather than turn into the ginormous prick he's become here. He's such an asshole in this book that even the parts where he's supposed to be triumphing I was constantly saying to myself things like "you wouldn't even be in this situation if you weren't such a selfish prick." His entire climax falls apart because I came to hate his character SOOOO much during this book because of the things he says, and the things he does. This is compounded by the fact that every other chapter is about Marina, who is SUCH a better and more likeable character than John is. The contrast and inconsistency between the two heroes of this story just make John look all the more like a selfish, retarded, uber-douche that I can't even come close to sympathizing with. I spent the entire ending of this book cheering for Marina, and then grumbling obscenities over John, and then cheering for Marina again so fast I got freaking whiplash! Add onto that the fact that the writers are constantly pointing out their own plot holes to us, and it just makes for not a very good reading experience.In conclusion, half of this book was great, and surpassed the first book for me in enjoyment factors. Unfortunately, that half of the book is mixed in with a whole lot of douchebaggery and stupidity. The contrast between the two is glaring and almost painful. It's like taking a good book, and a horrible book, and compiling them together every other chapter. John changes from being utterly without personality into an insufferable, lecherous, stupid prick. The rest of the characters in his side of the story remain about as emotive as a block of concrete. The bright point of this book, by far is Marina and her story. I could have done with an entire book just about her, but, unfortunately, that was not what we got in The Power of Six. I'm giving this book two stars, I'm sorry, but one good character for half a book is not enough to call the book good, especially when the other half of the book is so horrible, and frankly offensive. Check out my other reviews.

  • Twyla
    2019-07-02 18:46

    I enjoyed this book, it was fast paced and a fairly easy read with some great twists and turns. I really enjoyed how it answered some of my questions but also created new ones that I am wondering about now. Below in bold Italics are the answers and new questions I have.I read the first book and loved it! I am really excited for the second book. I want to do some speculating:1) The power of six, has to be the story of them finding the six remaining Loriens. But that doesn't mean that they will find all six of them in the this book. Maybe it is about them discovering what the six coming together will create? (view spoiler)[ I was right it wasn't about them finding all the other six but the beginning of it and in some ways about the powers of six as well. (hide spoiler)]2) Who were the mysterious people in the second ship with the baby?Is there a seventh child out there with a whole bunch of the Kimera animals helping to protect him/her? (is she the dark haired girl in number 7's dream)(view spoiler)[ Ah Ha I was write she is another Lorien in fact she is the tenth child who was suppose to come to earth. 7's dreams are about 6 though not the 10th child.(hide spoiler)]3) What about the Elders from Lorien they just disappeared that doesn't mean they are dead. Where are they when will they return to the story?(view spoiler)[ They are dead they sacrficed themselves to give the children the power they need to take back their planet and defend earth. Because of their sacrifice the remaining lorien children or Garde will be able to have extra powers and be some of the strongest that has ever been as well they are meant to take the place of the elders and become the new elders of the planet.(hide spoiler)]4) I think that the book was way better then the movie, I think they messed with too many things in the movie for me have enjoyed it as much as I wanted too. They missed so many oportunities to make it amazing. The best part was the fight scenes at the end, but the movie that played in my head while reading this book was way better then the one they made. I thought they totally lost the escence of Henri in the movie, he was one of my favorite characters. He wasn't a warrior he was a brainiac, an educator, not a warrior?5) I think they have so many opportunities with this book I can't wait to see where they go. So many unanswered questions like WHO IS SAM????And who was the mysterious guy who sent that info to the conspiracy magazine?(view spoiler)[ SAM is the son of the human man whom helped John and Henri when they first arived on earth. Still wondering who the guy is that sent the mystery info wondering if it is 10's protector since he isn't really on their radar or if Sam's dad is alive and in hiding some where.(hide spoiler)](view spoiler)[ So what are your new thoughts, here are my new questions.6) Are the Mogs of the same race as the Loriens is that what 10's protector was talking about or hinted at, and who is that evil huge Mog?7)Where are 5 and 8 now that we know 9 was in the mog mountain when 4 went to rescue the chests. Who's chest do they have open? and How did they open it? Where is 4's chest? 8)What will they do to Sam when they figure out who he is? Will he find his father in there or will he find some of the Loriens who might have more answers. 9)Did 6 knowingly or unknowingly open her chest for them? I don't think she is a trator but there is something missing from her story that feels like we are yet to learn about. Maybe one of the first 3 opened their chest before they died and that is how the Mogs are able to track the other Garde.(hide spoiler)]What are your speculations??? I am not as interested in the love story as much as I am interested in the plot and mystery of what could happen?

  • Dean JF Walsh
    2019-07-08 13:36

    Its been a long wait but i finally got the chance to read the thrilling new squeal to Lorian Legacies "The Power Of Six" where to begin?First i liked the idea of it being from two different perspectives of both John and Marina, in my review prior to the release of this book coming out i said that this book would be centered completely around seven to give us a break from john but as i read on i realized it made seance to include john as he still has his own story to fulfill.Six still remains my favourite character of this series - she's sexy, funny and a bad-ass when it comes to kicking Mogs and even john asses and understand why she was the choice for the title of this book not only as a means to show the power of the six remaining Garde. by the end of the book we were introduced to a total of five Garde 4, 6, 7, 9, and now 10 and so in the next book i would personally like to read from the perspective of 9 so that we can find out how someone soo powerful came to be captured. Id also like to hear from the perspective of six, although we've been given more information into her back story i still feel theirs more to her than meets the eye and would love if the next book had more insight into her past. The story was far more complex and action packed than the last book with much more complex plot twists and nail biting moments. Marina's story was very interesting although at times kind of dragged on and repeated a pattern: wake up, talk to ella about her problems, disobey orders from sisters, argue with Cepen and sleep, which i suppose shows why she wants to leave to badly due to the constant routine her life faces. Her relationship between Marina and her Cepen was very interesting as it shows a contrasting relationship that we saw from Henri and John, while Henri remains loyal to his mission and who his people are, Marinas cepen tries to deny the very existence of their previous life to try and live as a normal human being. Johns relationship became much more interesting to read about as the first book centred around him loving Sarah all the time but i was happy to see a love triangle develop between john six and Sarah. I personally hate Sarah, not just for the fact that she turned john in but i just thought that her character was so two dimensional and so bland that id be much happier to see her gone and have john fall for six.I Am Number four set a huge benchmark for the writer to compete with and The Power Of Six in my opinion broke the boundaries of that bench mark and excelled beyond anything else i have read before. With so much riding on our main characters to not only save themselves but save the very existence of their race, i look forward - once again - in much anticipation to the next installment of the Lorian Legacies.

  • ♔ Shayna
    2019-06-24 17:39

    Gotta say, I prefer this book much more than the original. John wasn't as much as a douche, though he had his moments. As for Sarah.... THAT WITCH! HOW COULD SHE?!? Oohhh, I almost threw the book I was so angry!!! Anyway, I was way excited about meeting the other numbers. Marina will have to take some getting used to... But I instantly loved Ella, she was so cute and amazing. This book had wayy more action than the first, which is perfect to me. However John made stupid decisions as usual and of course more people paid for his actions. You'd think he would learn by now. Sam, while growing into a wonderful character, was a little annoying and honestly I don't see what he's adding to these books. The plot has thickened concerning him, so hopefully in the next book we'll learn more about his part. Six felt like a secondary character in this book, same with the first. Kinda wishing her point of view was told instead of John's. I have yet to read I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: Six's Legacy, though I plan to do so soon!I'm still invested in this series though I seriously have a problem with Number Four. Awaiting the next book!

  • Victoria Scott
    2019-06-24 14:51

    Oh. My. Freaking. God. This is me, standing up on my chair applauding an empty room like an idiot. 10 minutes ago, I read the last page of THE POWER OF SIX. Nine minutes ago, I called my mother in hysterics telling her she must--MUST--read the I AM NUMBER FOUR series. Here's how the convo went:Mom: Sounds like you loved them. I'll read them.Me: When. Now?Mom: I'll buy them when they're all out.Me: No. You will buy the first two today and then loathe the world that the third isn't out yet. Mom: False. Me: If you don't buy these books right freaking now I'll disown you as a mother.Mom: I'll think about it. (Long pause). You still there?Me: I just bought them and shipped them to your house. You will read them. *Click*To the world, I say this now: This series is the best series I have ever read. It pains my heart to admit this, but it's better than Twilight. Better than Hunger Games. Better than an open tab at my favorite restaurant after spending 3 years in a dungeon-y prison. Buy it. Do it! And then email me so we can freak out over how awesome it is!!!!

  • Donna {Book Passion for Life}
    2019-07-20 11:55

    "I was just thinking that, out of the four of us, three are aliens, two are fugitives with terrorist ties, and not a single one of us has a valid driver's licence. Something tells me things might get interesting."Whoooo! Before I start this review, can I just say that Lore absolutely smashed ‘I am Number Four’ out of the park with this! The Power of Six is an absolutely fantastic sequel that has left me dying to know to more.The Power of Six is told from alternate point of views. We’re introduced to a new character, Marina who is Number Seven and of course, we’re back with John who is Number Four. The story starts with Marina who slowly tells us her story and then we’re taken to John, Six & Sam whose journey has only just begun. While on the run from the police and Mogadorians, John and the gang try to figure out what to do next and where to go. All they know is they need to try and find the other remaining Aliens but it’s sure going to be a dangerous and bumpy ride. On the other side of the world, Marina is also trying to find a way to get to Ohio because she believes John is like her but with her Cepán that has chosen God over Lorien, Marina is left to figure things out on her own…..and it’s not easy.I’ll be honest when I say, I’m not a huge fan of Sci-Fi but Lore has created such an amazing and addictive series that I’m absolutely hooked with the story of Lorien. I find myself mesmerised by the whole world of the Lorien and the Legacies. When I think I’m completely amazed by Lore’s imagination and creative story-telling, something else will pop up and I’m again left amazed and completely stunned. The descriptions used are imaginable and leave us readers really picturing what life is like to be a member of Lorien and I for one didn’t think The Power of Six would be as good as the first book but boy, am I glad to be wrong.The story itself is fast, intense and exciting. Our characters are taken on a whirlwind of a journey which is action packed, thrilling and of course, dangerous. We finally find out some truths about Lorien and the second ship but there are also a few other events that will leave you shocked and begging to know more. The twists and turns through-out managed to surprise me all the way through; some were expected and some weren’t but the story develops at such a rapid speed that you can’t help but try to slow down so you don’t plough through too quickly. Could I slow down? Hell no! I was dying to get this book finished because it was just impossible to put down and I was certainly left disappointed that I’d finished it so soon. Seriously, I NEED MORE!!!! Were introduced to some new characters and all of them were a fantastic addition. Marina is superb and I loved finding out her story but there are also some surprise character’s that pop up that I’m really looking forward to getting to know too. Now Sarah, John’s girlfriend, is pretty missing from most of the book and I honestly didn’t even miss her. I was a huge fan of the whole Sarah/John romance in the first book but now Six is here and the attraction and connection between John and Six is undeniable. I’m now rooting for them to be together. I think they’d make an awesome couple.Overall, Lore doesn’t disappoint with The Power of Six. It’s an intense and action packed sequel that has something for everyone. If you haven’t read this series, start it because I’m know you’ll love it!

  • Natalie
    2019-07-15 14:04

    So, the first book was OK, but I read it because I had nothing better to do. This book mainly circulates around the Four-Six-Sam-Sarah love triangle/square, which honestly, bores me. It's not done well, it's SO cliche. Lines like "I'll love you forever" and "I can only love one" make me want to vomit. But past that, what is so desireable about Four? He's kind of an asshole: He leaves his best friend to die in a pit full of monsters and he leaves his girlfriend and in the process makes out with another girl, the very same girl his best friend is in love with. The book is also parttime narrated by another girl, not in the first book, named Marina. This one wasn't romantic, but was honestly so boring I just ended up skipping most of it. The only reason she was added at all is because Mr. Lore needed to find characters for Five, Seven, Eight and Nine. And the whole thing about Ella being (view spoiler)[ Number Ten, and there being "another ship" didn't make any sense. They didn't explain it at all, and was just sort of thrown in at the end.(hide spoiler)]All in all it is not a great literature piece, but read if you have spare time and nothing to do.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-07-04 10:39

    Where do I even begin...? This book was absolutely amazing and I regret not reading the first one! (I watched the crappy movie instead!)I don't really know how to write a review for this book without giving away spoilers so just bare with me! Although it says the book is narrated by Seven, Number Four's opinion is also included! I love how the story is taking more definite ground! (Which of course means double the action and double the Mogadorians!) You also learn a bit more about Six along with Sam's importance to the novel.The book is nearly impossible to put down and also has a surprising character twist. Readers are introduced to Seven (Of course) & includes a small bit of Number Nine! Absolutely can not wait for the third in the installment! (I believe there are six total!) So if you haven't read this yet or the series at all I recommend you go do so ASAP! I'm rarely ever into SciFi so that's a lot coming from me since I am very critical about the books I read!

  • Keli
    2019-07-11 10:36

    Man that is the WORST COVER EVER! It looks like an advertisment for Veggie Tales!!!

  • Nikoleta
    2019-07-13 16:45

    Αυτός ο τεσσερά... ότι να'ναι έκανε...Πολύ ωραία περιπέτεια, αλλά αυτον θέλω να τον δείρω!!!