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Tom Clancy's Op-Center is the beating heart of America's defense, intelligence and crisis management technology. It is run by a crack team of operatives both within its own walls and out in the field. When a job is too dirty--or too dangerous--it's the only place our government can turn.But nothing can prepare Director Paul Hood and his Op-Center crisis management team forTom Clancy's Op-Center is the beating heart of America's defense, intelligence and crisis management technology. It is run by a crack team of operatives both within its own walls and out in the field. When a job is too dirty--or too dangerous--it's the only place our government can turn.But nothing can prepare Director Paul Hood and his Op-Center crisis management team for what they're about to uncover--a very real, very frightening power play that could unleash new players in a new world order......

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Op-Center Reviews

  • Rithun Regi
    2019-05-21 18:32

    War is a crime foisted on us by the Hawks of the world. This book of fiction is about a crisis management team led by a man who has a part of his soul devoured by the stress and pressing crisis of the Korean Peninsula. It is important to understand the magnitude of a Peninsula which technically is at war since 1950 filled with hatred,mistrust and darkness. Politicians,military and diplomats all figure in this quagmire of a drama which will leave you on the edge of your seats.A good read

  • Jeff Cheney
    2019-05-30 13:30

    It's a decent book with plenty of action and thrill...I just don't like Tom Clancy's style. He spends a lot of time telling you stuff that's really irrelevant; going on about what gauge and model the shotgun is and what type/brand of ammunition it holds and how many per clip, etc. I don't care about any of that information. It doesn't help the story progress and it certainly isn't fun to read unless you are a firearms aficionado...which I'm not. I respect the research that goes in to something like that but it just isn't necessary. The characters aren't necessarily the best either. They get the job done as far as plot progression and there are times that you find yourself rooting or booing them but on a whole, they just don't have the depth they need to be truly memorable. All in all, this book is OK. Good for reading on the bus during rush hour...not at home in your spare time.

  • Justin Roberts
    2019-05-24 19:35


  • Matt
    2019-06-07 12:36

    A terrorist attack in Seoul raises tensions on Korean peninsula with war looking likely, but a new federal crisis management team is task to figure out who and why before things escalate too far. Op-Center through bearing the name of Tom Clancy, who along with Steve Pieczenik created the story, was ghostwritten by Jeff Rovin about a government agency tasked with handling both domestic and international crisis.Renegade South Korean soldiers attack an official celebration of the founding of the country implicating the North Koreans. Op-Center director Paul Hood suddenly finds himself appointed head of Task Force by a President looking for a big foreign affairs accomplishment; however evidence and a cyberattack complicate Hood giving the President a clear go ahead to launch a war. On the peninsula, a former Ambassador to the country and his friend in the KCIA take their own individual routes to lessen the growing tensions between the two sides. But the renegade squad is racing towards their next attacks—the North Korean barracks at the DMZ and Tokyo—and the only thing that can stop them is Op-Center’s paramilitary response team, Striker with Hood’s deputy General Mike Rodger along for the action.Set roughly around the time of book’s publication a little over 20 years ago, the plot reads almost like alternate history today but still holds up fairly well. While the primary plot is very good, the subplots connected with different characters were more of a problem. Hood is torn between crisis in Korea and with this son’s health that makes him look sympathetic while his wife appears too needy given that she knew something like this could happen, Rodgers appears to be in a mid-life crisis wanting to get back to his glory days instead of being at his post, and many of the female Op-Center personal are painted broadly with a brush in various stereotypes that back when I first read the book as a teenager didn’t pop out at me but certainly did now.While the characterization of many of the principal characters is bland, the plot and the action are very well written making this a quick and fun read for the most part. While at the time Rovin wasn’t given his due as the book’s author, he did a good job in setting up a series that would eventually reach 12. While Op-Center is not the greatest book within the action and thriller genres but those that like those genres will find it a good read.

  • Elyse
    2019-06-16 12:30

    Decided I wanted to re-read the Op-Center series. Previously enjoyed the balance of intrigue, espionage, and high-tech complexity.This time, the first volume in the series struck me as really dated. Dated in terms of the technologies, of course. But even more so in the stilted roles for women. One of the female associated characters (wife of Hood) is conveyed as family-absorbed and unable to grasp the robustness of her husband's life and responsibilities. The other female secondary character seems hormone-absorbed (coworker of Hood). Yuck.In addition, the tedious minutiae of weapon variety, vehicle description, and similar stuff is mind-numbing for me. I don't know these weapons and vehicles; so all of these details contribute nothing to the story for me. That's part of Clancy's narrative style that I had forgotten.Might read one or two more in the series. We'll see.

  • John Burnham
    2019-06-05 18:24

    I'm not going to rate this book. Let's call it the second worst book I ever read. Tom Clancey took a moderately good story and then surrounded it with loads of not very interesting detail and supposed facts that just were not true. YUK!

  • Chad Tindall
    2019-06-04 19:46

    Good Read, However Not Like Jack Ryan SeriezThis is my first Op-Center book, as I enjoyed the read, i'm reminded how different take it is from the Jack Ryan series. Not to say that's bad but different.

  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
    2019-06-09 18:44

    Je n'ai jamais beaucoup apprécié les romans de Tom Clancy et celui-ci n'a pas fait exception à la règle...

  • Alexander Hutchison
    2019-05-20 17:29

    I am totally hooked on this series. I loved the setting in Korea and the overall plot development. I couldn't put it down.

  • Courtney Aliff
    2019-05-18 16:35

    The story line itself is ok at best, but there is so much extra fluff added to the story that is not needed and not relevant whatsoever. ****SPOILERS****You can summarize the entire book in few words. The U.S. uses a pilot program, Op-Center, to figure out who is behind a bombing in South Korea. It appears the North is behind it, but everyone eventually figures out it's a team of South Korean soldiers that hope to start a war that will do away with talks of the two countries every getting along.

  • Ray
    2019-05-29 15:19

    Once I got over the over detailed schematics of every military item in each scene the story ripped along quickly if a little American gung-ho for my like. The details stopped in later chapters (thank god!) and let the story happen. My first ever Tom Clancy book (where have I been!) and despite it being 20 years old it is quite pertinent now considering the current political issues in the Korean Peninsula. Here's hoping real life matches fiction in some facets !

  • Carolyn
    2019-06-03 16:41

    I've not read any Tom Clancy before and not read many thrillers of this type either, but recently I accepted a free copy of another book that was compared it to this series, so ... Reading this today is interesting in light of recent foment around North Korea including weapons-testing and name-calling. The basic story is decent in its intrigue and complexity with an acceptable number of red herrings and mis-directions. The characters are just about as black and white as might be expected in a 20-something-year-old political thriller and some of the material is just as dated. But overall, it still reads as interesting and somewhat topical.

  • Kelv
    2019-05-30 13:40

    Very real plot with North vs South Korea "almost at war" scenario with the Americans being apart of the action; nuclear missiles being in the frame as well. Other than the plot; the characters, the scenes, the dialogue, and prose make this book hard work. I found it a long tedious adventure.

  • Karen
    2019-06-15 16:41

    Listed to this on CD, easy to listen too.

  • Jen
    2019-05-26 14:17


  • Guilherme Soster
    2019-06-01 17:22

    Ótimo livro sobre conspirações e espionagem.

  • Sushant Joshi
    2019-06-09 20:17

    Really like the detailed and thought out plot.

  • JoAnn Ainsworth
    2019-05-26 12:26

    Good plot. The action kept moving and the middle didn’t sag.

  • John Tallett
    2019-05-28 13:22

    Lots of boring verbosity in the 1st half. Seems like a thinly veiled poke at George Bush Sr (as a hawkish president). Story would have been cool back in '95 when written.

  • M. J.
    2019-06-07 17:34

    My familiarity with Tom Clancy was hitherto from the movies--Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, Hunt for Red October (to put them exactly backwards)--but they were generally excellent movies, so when I saw the library was discarding a Tom Clancy book I nabbed it. I am not disappointed, but it perhaps did not live up to expectations.Some books are page-turners--the type which it is difficult to stop reading for a bit. This was not like that, but it was the sort of book to which I returned easily, and enjoyed while reading. The short chapters hopping between multiple stages was a good use of a technique I've noted elsewhere and used myself, to keep readers wondering what is happening to Donald while reading about what is happening with Paul. It was also well done in that the characters were not all single-issue: the head of the Op Center in the midst of the crisis is also concerned about his son, in the hospital with a respiratory attack, and his wife who resents the fact that just because he is trying to avert World War III he can't be there with her; the elderly American statesman who worked in espionage, married a Korean and mentored a Korean child who is now a key member of the South Korean intelligence agency but who is still incredibly fast with his self-defense style utilizing his Meerschaum pipe; the North Korean spy who does not really want to be a spy but has to do it to find her brother.Early on, though, I could not help feeling as if the story owed quite a bit to Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country: conspirators in the military on both sides of an ongoing conflict (here North and South Korea, there the Federation and the Klingon Empire) working together to prevent peace because they believe it necessary to their national identities to continue the hatred and separatism. For better or worse, though, as the book progressed we saw less and less of the North Korean conspirators, and in the end it seemed as if everyone was attempting to style it as a conspiracy among some South Korean separatists in which no northerners were involved--although one critical part of the plot could not possibly have worked without their insider in the North Korean military.On the other hand, the conspiratorial plot was ingenious, and the adaptations made on the fly almost worked, were it not for the effective efforts of the intelligence teams. There was also much in connection with technology and procedures what was believable and interesting, the kind of stuff which games in such a setting would need to feel realistic.I might read it again sometime; it held my attention and was worth the effort, and noting how quickly I finished it (aided, it must be admitted, by a twelve-hour blackout which left me nothing else to do) I obviously enjoyed it. I certainly would pick up another Clancy book, or probably one by co-author Steve Pieczenik, if it came my way.

  • Mustafa Akram
    2019-05-28 16:18

    Best quote in this novel: "The enemy is like a snake: it has changed its skin, but not its heart"

  • Christian, Kelanth, Scala
    2019-05-26 15:37

    Op-Center, in originale "Tom Clancy's Op-Center", è un romanzo di spionaggio scritto da Tom Clancy e Jeff Rovin, edito nel 1995. Op-Center, più in generale, è una serie di romanzi, creati da Tom Clancy e Steve Pieczenik, con il contributo di Jeff Rovin. Ispirato al primo libro della serie, nel 1995 viene realizzato il film OP-Center, di Lewis Teague, come quarto film basato sui romanzi di Tom Clancy.Fanno parte della serie finora pubblicata in Italia:1 Op-Center2 Parallelo Russia3 Giochi di Stato4 Atti di Guerra5 Equilibri di potere6 Stato d'assedio7 Presa di potere8 Linea di controlloOp-Center è il nome dell'agenzia denominata National Crisis Management Center (NCMC) e ha il compito di gestire speciali crisi interne ed esterne agli Stati Uniti. L'esistenza del centro è mantenuta segreta al popolo americano ed il suo direttore, Paul Hood, fa rapporto direttamente al presidente degli Stati Uniti. Il quartier generale è situato nei pressi della base dell'Aeronautica militare di Andrews nel distretto federale di Washington ed utilizza lo Stryker team come gruppo di risposta paramilitare.La trama di questo primo romanzo è la seguente: una serie di attentati organizzati da terroristi anti-unificazione colpiscono la penisola coreana con lo scopo di far scoppiare la guerra. Primo impegno dell'Op-center, che ha il compito di approntare una strategia d'intervento e ripristinare gli equilibri. Op-Center è il cuore pulsante dei servizi segreti e delle più sofisticate tecnologie a disposizione della Difesa degli Stati Uniti. Ma ufficialmente non esiste: è top-secret. Saranno gli uomini al vertice di questa organizzazione segreta a scongiurare la terza guerra mondiale?I romanzi di Clancy si caratterizzano soprattutto dalla presenza di una pluralità di personaggi, interessi in gioco e paesi coinvolti, basta prendere in considerazione i due libri che più mi sono piaciuti di quest'autore: "Uragano Rosso" e "Caccia a Ottobre Rosso". Non sono libri semplici da seguire e richiedono un livello di attenzione abbastanza alto anche se sono romanzi di intrattenimento puro.Op-Center, pur non essendo complesso come gli altri da me menzionati sopra, non è sicuramente agevole, da poter leggere con spensieratezza: fantapolitica, azione, suspense, colpi di scena e una trama articolata lo rendono una lettura consigliata a chi ama i romanzi di spionaggio e di azione, ma che abbiano voglia di cimentarsi con qualcosa di complesso.

  • John
    2019-05-24 16:29

    Considering the boring title and the fact that Tom Clancy farmed it out to a ghostwriter, OP-CENTER is surprisingly excellent. It doesn't feel all that dated either, except for the scenes in which characters play video games on their Sega Genesis or Atari Jaguar consoles. I was particularly interested in how Clancy & Co. handled the Korean setting, since I've been living in Seoul for the past several years. Clancy gets the geography right and has a few good insights into Korean society, but, overall, OP-CENTER fails to capture the unique flavor of Korea. For example, the descriptions of Seoul and the DMZ are completely generic, and the Korean characters all speak perfect English. On a nit-picky note, Clancy doesn't fully understand how Korean surnames work, and the result is character names like Kim Lee--which, in English terms, would be like naming your character Jones Smith. I also smiled when one character, an American, could count to ten in Korean and say things like "Do me a favor" and "How long?" but didn't know the Korean word for goodbye. Hmm...But these criticisms are very minor. OP-CENTER is a solid read, and I'd describe it as basically the TV show 24 minus the character of Jack Bauer. Sure it's not as weighty as Clancy's other work (i.e. the stuff he actually wrote himself), and I fully admit that the scene in which a guy uses his pipe to defeat a knife-wielding assailant was cheesy in the extreme, but I guarantee that, when all is said and done, techno-thriller fans will end up with more than their money's worth.

  • Todd
    2019-05-23 14:30

    I got burned out on Tom Clancy while in college, so this has sat on my shelf unread for the past almost 20 years. Now I know why. While Clancy still designed and executed a timely plot for when it was published (1995), the rest of the book bears little resemblence to Clancy's Jack Ryan series or Red Storm Rising. The book starts with some action, but it takes almost until the end for the plot to divide into multiple plotlines that are more typical of Clancy novels. Nor is the action the breathless nearly non-stop type that has made "Clancy" an adjective for similarly fast-paced books. Perhaps the worst aspect of this book was Clancy's sloppiness on his facts and details, not to mention plot developments that defy all belief. Yes, it's fiction and one expects to suspend disbelief. But F-117s with folding wings taking off from and landing on aircraft carriers, anti-aircraft guns with ranges of 450 km, and other completely unreal details take away some of the fun. Developments like North Korean colonels making decisions to permit enemy soldiers to depart unmolested without checking in with higher headquarters also stretch credulity beyond all comfort. Overall, these kinds of issues add up to make the novel feel slap-dash, like Clancy was looking to cash in a quick paycheck on his name alone without putting much effort into the book. Save yourself the trouble, read Clancy's other works and steer well clear of this one.

  • Susan
    2019-05-25 15:43

    The story was good, but I found things confusing for a large portion of the book. It's hard enough to start a new series where you have to introduce all of your main characters, but to have the main conflict occur in Korea, where the problem is between the north and south countries, was very confusing. It was hard to remember the acronyms for North and South Korea, plus all the names sounded the same and I had a hard time remembering who was from where.I liked the underlying story line of the family conflict, but I'm not sure I liked the additional layer of the press secretary's unrequited love for her boss. It seems awfully demeaning. In fact all of the main female characters were rather stereotypical -- the put-upon wife who's only purpose in life seems to be her mostly-absent husband and sickly son, the power-hungry second-in-command who would put her career before her country, and the love-sick underling who longs for the unavailable boss.I loved the computer geek, but since this book was written 20 years ago, it was disheartening for me to see how much the tech industry has changed! I mean diskette's and no internet? Wow!I have already requested the next book in the series from the library, because despite the flaws, I did enjoy the book.

  • Brett
    2019-06-09 12:42

    I'm surprised to give three stars to this book, as I've read and intensely disliked most of Clancy's work, but this is not nearly so bad as many of his novels. Part of the explanation for that may be that, even though the cover bears his name, Clancy actually had little to do with the construction of this book. This is one of the many outsourced series that other writers pump out with Clancy's name on the cover. I doubt he even bothers to read them.This is more or less a straightforward spy thriller revolving around a new US intelligence clearinghouse trying to figure out who is responsible for a terrorist attack and other provocations between North and South Korea. It is largely stripped of Clancy's reactionary politics and is full of very short, fast reading chapters. The major drawback, as with many books of this type, is the complete lack of characterization--it's essentially impossible to tell one character from another, and there is little to no complexity in any personality. Nonetheless, it's a servicable spy thriller if that's what you're looking for.

  • Gabriel
    2019-05-17 18:45

    For me is the first book I try in the famous Tom Clancy series, so I'm looking forward to see what is all about.Pros- interesting geopolitical plot unfolding with some twists and turns- action packed scenes with snapshots from mainly US and south-east Asia and sometimes Japan locations- pre-war building tensions and how some key leaders will act and react to those eventsCons- quite descriptive and technical at times, maybe a bit to much as far as action goes, for the less interested in stats and numbers can become a bit boring at times with all those tech details- not much humor is present, sure some serious events are depicted, with serious actions and consequences same time, but still some humor in the characters dialog won't hurt from time to time, even if it maybe sarcastic or arrogant, I for one prefer a character with a "smart mouth" so to speak, even if it's just for entertaining purpose, but hey, it's just me

  • Mark
    2019-06-08 16:28

    Fast paced espionage thriller following the exploits of a newly established government agency (CIA-lite) as its maverick operators race against the clock to defuse the tension between North and South Korea following a terrorist explosion in Seoul. Some interesting characters and relationships, but due to the large cast, there isn't scope to delve on any in depth, so they all come across a little superficially. Perhaps these will be developed in the sequels. My biggest complaint with this is how quickly and easily most of the players form and change opinions; it seems remarkably easy to convince intelligence analysts and operators, without any evidence, that the entire incident is due to a shadowy anti-reunification conspiracy. Nevertheless an enjoyable yarn and I may read another in this series during a relaxed long weekend or beach holiday.

  • Paul
    2019-05-21 20:36

    Pretty Standard Op-Centre Novel in terms of the progression and story-line. An okay read. The story starts off slow. Took a while to understand how the events were developing. But once the story got rolling it definitely got better. Basically the story is about how there's a small faction of South Koreans who don't want reunification of Korea and tries to start a crisis / war in the Korean peninsula. First they cause chaos by setting off explosives and causing a lot of deaths during the Korean Presidentail inauguration and then their next move is to take control of the North Korean missiles and launch it to South Korea and Japan. Of course, in all this the Op-Centre operatives manage to stop everything just in the nick of time.

  • Tess Julia
    2019-06-02 12:39

    I love Tom Clancy's books. They're exciting page turners from the start, and this one was no exception. He definitely has the formula down for writing good suspense! I couldn't help but think how relevant this book still is some 17 years after it's publication in the N. Korea aspect. The only negative thing I can come up with is I had some trouble with the motive of the S. Korean rogue group that was at the center of the plot. Maybe it's due to my lack of knowledge of Korean history and culture, but I would have liked a better feel for the reasons behind their actions.All in all, I liked how the authors sectioned the book and had multiple cliff-hangers. It kept me moving forward and I never felt like there was a slow part I had to plod through. Overall, great and entertaining read.