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Sholto was no knight in shining armor!Sholto Ransome, the millionaire yacht owner, had saved Armorel's life and then taken her under his wing as her trustee. And a very comfortable wing it was -- finishing school, life in Paris, Switzerland, Italy. He gave her the best of everything, and Armorel was duly grateful.But Sholto could not give her the one thing she most wantedSholto was no knight in shining armor!Sholto Ransome, the millionaire yacht owner, had saved Armorel's life and then taken her under his wing as her trustee. And a very comfortable wing it was -- finishing school, life in Paris, Switzerland, Italy. He gave her the best of everything, and Armorel was duly grateful.But Sholto could not give her the one thing she most wanted from him -- his love.As time passed, Armorel realized he was a cynical, cold-hearted womanizer. Was it too late to save herself, before she went the way of all his other conquests?...

Title : The Girl from the Sea
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ISBN : 9780037310408
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 185 Pages
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The Girl from the Sea Reviews

  • Kay
    2019-06-12 04:57

    4 Stars ~ Discovered near death on a remote Pacific island, 18 year old Armorel is given a second chance at life. Her rescuer is millionaire tycoon, Sholto who had taken his yacht guests on a picnic to the island where Armorel's damaged boat had drifted. She'd been at sea for six weeks drifting in the ocean's currents more than 1000 miles from her home island. With no family to look after her, Sholto offers to become her guardian trustee. When asked why he should help a stranger, he tells her that he admires her courage and strength of character to have survived her ordeal. As she's lead a very sheltered life, he suggests she attend a private finishing school in Paris where she'll learn how to live in a modern world. On her 21st birthday, Sholto lets her know he desires her and that he intends to marry her. Armorel has fallen in love with him, but she can't marry him without his love in return.Ms Weale was a master storyteller and her skill at breathing life into her characters shines in this charming love story. Armorel is a strong heroine who bravely grasps life. Sholto is a rather cynical man of the world, but when Armorel sacrifices something she cherishes in order to give him a gift, he's finds himself incredibly moved. This is only the second book I've read by Ms. Weale, I'm looking forward to reading many many more.

  • Chantal ❤️
    2019-05-30 05:16

    Well this one was fun. It was well written at times but not always. The hero save the heroine and I would have wanted more description of that. However she is 19 and he is 30. He has lovers all throughout the book and she knows them and talks to them they help her buy clothes and so on. It did not sound very promising at this point I was a little grossed out when she called and his lover answered being that he was preparing for the marriage by sending her to finishing school. I think I had a hard time believing he really loved her. She just filled the right boxes for his wife criteria. It's just too much to believe and he kept telling her that it's been 6 months since he made love ( yuck with another woman) are you an ass or what how about if she told you the same how would you feel you jerk!!! However it's an old book and the double standards are alive and kicking in this book for sure.

  • Verity
    2019-05-24 06:01

    Haven't read it but can't pass this up just 'cuz this is only the 2nd book I come across w/ hero's name = Sholto - an unusual name. The other book is Daphne Clair = Edge of deception, which I luved =)~

  • Melanie♥
    2019-06-06 08:11

    Wonderful HP oldie! Lost a little sleep tonight over this one =)Putting it on my keeper shelf. eta: Re-read Jan 2015 I'm upping my star rating to 5 for this little gem.

  • Ivy H
    2019-06-07 04:14

    I wasn't supposed to read this novel as yet since there are many others I've started and have't finished ( yeah, I'm a book whore who sometimes keeps hopping from one novel to another and back ) but my mood just called for something a little old fashioned after I finished a cute little novella by Carole Mortimer. So, I thought, let me peruse my "to read" bookshelf and look specifically for something old. The blurb on this one sounded so lovely: orphaned girl rescued from the sea by hot rich older guy who designates himself her new guardian and later marries her. That sounded so promising. The reality wasn't so hot. My problem was not with the heroine. Armorel was a winsome and lovely heroine with not a bad word for anybody. The hero, Sholto, on the other hand was a supreme man whore whose taste in mistresses was horrid. Anne Weale really drafted out a stereotypical rich tycoon who is drawn to dumb bitch bimbos and famous ageing actresses who have their plastic surgeons on speed dial. He didn't even have mistresses who had at least a semblance of class. The first mistress is the one staying on his yacht when he rescues Armorel. This mistress is a bleached blonde dumbo with a low IQ but boobs like Dolly Parton's. Then after a succession of dumbos his next mistress is an ageing cougar French actress who has had tons of plastic surgery and pastes on her foundation make up with a trowel. I wonder if plastic surgeons did vaginal rejuvenation in those days ? This distasteful creature sure seemed as if she would have been the ideal candidate for it. The French cougar also has horrendous tastes in clothing, though the author seems to think the opposite. Whatever. It's clearly a generational thing with me here. Maybe it's just me being a mean bitch about clothes from the '80's but this creature actually wore turbans on her head. And this hag is what Sholto is screwing ? After reading about this plastic cougar mistress, I found myself actually preferring the busty, dumb peroxide blonde bimbo. Stupid and sexy is better than plastic and yucky. The taut faced turban wearer wasn't exactly mean to the heroine but she didn't treat her very warmly. I hated how Sholto had his whores act as companions to Armorel - especially when he later declared that he had wanted Armorel from the time he saved her, but had just been waiting for her to grow up. Wtf ? Ok - let me digress from the slut shaming that I seem to be so guilty of here ...This guy is the poster boy for male chauvinist pig. I didn't expect Sholto to stay celibate during the years he waited for Armorel to "grow up", but the pig didn't have to flaunt his slut buddies in her face all the effing time. She's his future wife ( according to him ) and he doesn't think for a second that maybe in 10 years time she might think back on this period and want to pop him on the head with a skillet for being so inconsiderate ? It didn't matter to me that he had not been romantically involved with Armorel while he was flaunting these mistresses in her face. My key concern was his lack of forethought. I really wondered about this guy's future ability to stay faithful to Armorel. Sholto reminded me of Victor Newman from the soap opera The Young & The Restless. I can't even believe I'm referencing a fricking soap opera here but that's how much I was fed up of Sholto's condescending arrogance and superior attitude to Armorel. He acted like a sort of Pygmalion when he set out to shape Armorel into the "right" kind of wife for himself, because he thinks a guy like him deserves to screw every over used vagina in the world but still expect his bride to be as untouched as a newborn baby. I don't mind man whore heroes because guys do have pasts but the least they can do is to have some f*****g standards when choosing their bed warmers. Sholto was never cruel to Armorel but I still never warmed up to him. Armorel deserved a better man. Sholto was sexy but he irritated the F out of me throughout this entire novel - until probably the last few pages.

  • Tia
    2019-06-16 10:20

    I liked this one a bit more than the last Anne Weale novel I read. The heroine was so brave yet very innocent. It was all quite romantic and shocking, especially when the hero puts up a reward for her safety after she runs from him. Great read.

  • Jenny
    2019-05-22 11:10

    Cute read. I liked it but didn't love it.

  • Charo
    2019-05-29 05:59

    i enjoyed reading it a lot!!! very different