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Uncanny knowledge about Walt Disney and the worlds he created has granted Grayson Hawkes the key to the kingdom. His meteoric rise to the top of the most innovative company on the planet has thrust him into the spotlight--and his future holds unlimited possibilities. In this sequel to The Key to the Kingdom (Deep River Books 2010), author Jeff Dixon intertwines mystery andUncanny knowledge about Walt Disney and the worlds he created has granted Grayson Hawkes the key to the kingdom. His meteoric rise to the top of the most innovative company on the planet has thrust him into the spotlight--and his future holds unlimited possibilities. In this sequel to The Key to the Kingdom (Deep River Books 2010), author Jeff Dixon intertwines mystery and history. This time, Hawkes must protect the kingdom he has been given from those who desire to have it as their own--because, even in Walt Disney World, there are those who want to take what is not theirs. Navigating tourists, an intriguing reporter, and the spotlight of media attention, Hawkes will uncover more secrets, recall more fascinating Disney trivia, and remember that the art of telling a great story is sometimes found in the details. The stakes are high and the risks are real as Hawkes races against the clock to keep the kingdom safe. It's a heart-stopping, breathtaking adventure as he unravels the mystery of the man, the myths, and the worlds of Walt Disney. If you are a Disney fan, then bonus for you! But don't let the Disney fool you--this fictional, pulse-racing adventure will have you flipping pages and trying to unravel the clues, as Grayson Hawkes discovers how Walt Disney created every detail of Disney World for such a time as this. Jeff Dixon has done it again with this thrilling sequel based on what some refer to as the Most Magical Place on Earth. Magical doesn't even begin to explain it......

Title : Unlocking the Kingdom: The Battle for Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom
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Unlocking the Kingdom: The Battle for Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom Reviews

  • Debbie
    2019-06-08 11:42

    "The Key To The Kingdom" and"Unlocking The Kingdom by Jeff Dixon are both 5 stars book. These books had me turning the pages to see what was going to happen next to Grayson Hawkes. These books is a mysteries revolting around Walt Disney World. Even through the books are fiction they make me want to visit Walt Disney World, I have never been there. In Book 1 "The Key To The Kingdom" Hawkes ( a preacher) is given a key by his friend Farren Rales, who then disappears. When Rales hands Hawk the key, he tells him "Not just any key,my friend. It is a very special key. There is not another one in the entire world that does what this one will do. You are holding in your hand the key to the kingdom." So Hawk is trying to find out what Rales means throughout the story. He has two special friends help him, one is a Walt Disney World employee and the other you will have to read the book to find out! ( I will give you a clue he is famous). It is strange reading about all the things this preacher turned mystery hunter does that could land him in jail. But oh so enjoyable also! The story has rich details that describes the different scenes and places Hawk searches! During the searching Hawk witnesses to one helper about his faith in Jesus,(just mentions not actually witnessing but isn't that the best kind). But in closing this review I have to tell you things aren't always what they seem. Hawk solves the puzzle and is rewarded with a surprise. In Book 2 "Unlocking The Kingdom" dead bodies and dead pirates keep showing up on rides. But are they real? The villains and the heroes are hard to figure out and that is what makes these two books so great! At the beginning of "Unlocking the Kingdom" Hawk meets George who tells him "unlock what never was, to protect what is yet to be," At the end of this book there are questions about Disney's trivia you can see if you know the answers. These books would make a great movie! This second book leaves you wondering if maybe a third book is coming! I think a third book would be great! I received this book from to read and post my honest opinion.

  • Anna Swinson
    2019-06-03 09:38

    Ignite (or re-ignite) your imagination! Jeff Dixon, once again, weaves a fun and exciting story with a wide variety of Disney facts and trivia. Grayson Hawk continues his exciting adventure and mystery, and will have readers absorbing the details while reading to discover the secrets and magic of Disneyworld.

  • Aaron Heinly
    2019-06-24 10:36

    Super fun read. Just as good as the last one. I think I'll read these to my kids. The story is interesting enough to keep an adult guessing and yet fun enough for kids.

  • Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    2019-06-18 11:25

    I've been a huge Disney fan since the first time my parents introduced me to Disneyland. My first experience and even my more recent time in the park still possesses that magic I had when I was younger, only know I share a greater appreciation for the dreams of Walt Disney. He set out to create a place where kids and their parents could escape the ordinary world and escape into a world of make believe and this is just what I believe he accomplished. In the second novel by Jeff Dixon, Unlocking the Kingdom is a fantasy fiction book based on the dreams of Walt Disney turning over the "key to the kingdom" to someone who would see his dreams and attempt to continue to fulfill them within the Magic Kingdom based in Florida. He created a master plan along with three of his most trusted Imagineers to some day find someone suitable to pass along control to managing the park and resort properties. Grayson Hawkes was that man. We learn more about how he came to possess the "key to the kingdom" in his first novel, The Key to the Kingdom, and in this one, the mystery begins to unfold once again. Grayson Hawkes is still a part time preacher in his local church, Celebration Community Church, but now with time, notoriety and fame have pushed him into the media spotlight. Being a private man with a past he doesn't want to share with the world, he has been able to maintain that level of privacy until the day he meets with Total Access, an investigative television show, whose goal is to find out how a preacher at a local church is now suddenly the control interest in the Magic Kingdom. The one thing Grayson Hawkes didn't plan on was trouble within the park by those that want him to resign and to turn over the key to the kingdom to them. It begins by finding pirate figures from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride now in four different attractions just as the park is open for business. All Grayson can figure out, is someone with access into the park could be the only one responsible for these pranks. But its about to get personal when Grayson is confronted and attacked in the Hall of Presidents attraction by a man wearing a Jimmy Carter mask. He warns Grayson that if he doesn't relinquish control of the property and the key things will get much, much worse.On top of all this is the ever inquisitive investigative reporter, Kate Young from Total Access who will be spending the next week shadowing him with her film crew in hopes of giving her television audience the total access to Grayson Hawkes. In the midst of all of this a new mystery begins with the second task Grayson must deal with, finding the next set of clues from the second Imagineer, George Colmes to unlocking a greater piece of Disney help from Walt Disney, himself to help Grayson continue in his efforts to manage the Magic Kingdom.I received Unlocking the Kingdom by Jeff Dixon compliments of Deep River Books and Bring It On Communications for my honest review. I have not received any monetary compensation for a favorable review. This is such an amazing series, Keys to the Kingdom, and my own disappointment is these novels are based in the Magic Kingdom in Florida and thus, I can't visit to check out some of the interesting trivia and Disney facts that Jeff blends into this amazing series. I didn't realize that there was a Mickey Mouse on the golf ball in the Soaring attraction and that Michael Eisner was the person who hit the ball that appears destined to hit the passengers on the attraction. The mystery that Grayson must uncover is truly remarkable and gives readers insight into the world of Walt Disney and the people he employed in his goal to make Disney theme parks a truly magical experience. If you love Disney and a great mystery, then you will LOVE this novel. If you haven't picked up the first one, The Key to the Kingdom, I would suggest you start there first and then venture into this one. I rate this one a 5 out of 5 stars and plan on keeping this one on my personal library shelf.

  • Lisa Johnson
    2019-06-06 11:42

    Title: Unlocking the KingdomAuthor: Jeff DixonPages: 294Year: 2012Publisher: Deep River Books “We found a body floating face down in the water,” is a quote from chapter one in this second book of Jeff Dixon’s series based in Disney World. The above mentioned body is discovered in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The action starts in chapter one and continues all the way to the last page. This book is just a blast to read! It is very entertaining and will easily grab the reader’s attention from beginning to end. Grayson Hawkes has now been in charge of Disney World for 18 months. His job as a pastor at Celebration Community Church has been taken over by one of his close friends and staff members; however, he still preaches at one service every Sunday. The three members of his church staff are also now employed in some capacity at Disney World. He has agreed to a journalist and her crew following him around for a few days and interviewing him to give the world an inside look at his life and Disney. This is something he almost immediately regrets. The lead reporter, Kate, pushes her way into Hawk’s current mystery of spare animatronic robots showing up on various rides throughout the Disney Theme Parks. Hawk finds Kate attractive and interesting. He got burned by a woman during his last adventure that eventually gave him the key to the kingdom, so he is reluctant to trust Kate at first. Can he trust her not to share this mystery with the world? If made public knowledge, it would make it impossible to solve the current mystery. Who is putting these robots on the rides and how are they doing it? Can they solve the mystery before “the bad guys” hurt someone? Will they succeed in getting Hawk’s key to the kingdom? Who is behind this? I admire very much Jeff’s dedication to authenticity and extreme detail in everything Disney. I’ve visited Disney World several times and not noticed many of the things he points out while his main character is searching for clues. I can’t wait to search these things out on my next trip! Jeff is a fabulous storyteller! This is a fun, exciting and entertaining book, as well as series. I hope Jeff continues this series because as the author writes from a Walt Disney quote (though Disney is referring to his parks), “It will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” My rating is 5 stars.Note: I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from www.bookfun.orgThe opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. Other reviews can be read at http://seekingwithallyurheart.blogspo... . Also follow me on Twitter @lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at

  • Nancee
    2019-06-16 08:23

    Dr. Grayson Hawkes, better known as Hawk, has been chief creative architect for the Walt Disney Company for 18 months, since unlocking the key to the kingdom in the prequel to this book. His security staff is devoted to protecting Hawk and the Magic Kingdom from outsiders who have been trying to take control of the kingdom. Challenges are no stranger to Hawk, but mysterious events throughout the Magic Kingdom place Hawk in a dangerous position. Hawk has agreed to allow a prominent television crew with a well-known, award-winning, and very aggressive investigative reporter named Kate Young to produce a prime-time special about the chief creative architect. The timing couldn't be worse! The agreement is to allow the film crew and attractive Kate Young to follow him in his daily activities, but suddenly activities in the Magic Kingdom are far from normal! Along with the television crew watching his every move Hawk is presented with a new task, discovering the next set of clues to unlocking a greater knowledge in managing the Magic Kingdom. Imagineer, George Colmes has produced a set of Disney clues that Hawk needs to solve in order to unlock the ultimate secret in securing the management and future destiny of the Magic Kingdom. These clues place Hawk in compromising and dangerous situations that ultimately involve Kate Young, who questions every event with tenacity! This sequel to The Key To The Kingdom is another work of impressive storytelling by author, Jeff Dixon. Attention to detail and a vast storehouse of knowledge regarding Walt Disney and the world of Disney are awe-inspiring elements used in creating this factual fiction accounting of events that take place in actual Disney World locations. There's no room for boredom in this fast-paced, thriller of events that take place throughout this suspense-filled book! Once again, I found myself running through the Disney World theme parks right alongside Hawk as he encountered one escapade after another. A huge fan of all things Disney, I enjoyed the heart-racing, page-turning events in this exciting book, and I can't wait for my next visit to Disney World. Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through the For Readers Only program at for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. Thank you to the author, Jeff Dixon and Fred St Laurent from for gifting me with a copy of this book.

  • Beckie Burnham
    2019-06-20 15:32

    The adventure that started in The Key to The Kingdom by Jeff Dixon continues in the fast-paced, trivia-packed, mystery novel, Unlocking The Kingdom. Eighteen months after Grayson Hawkes (Hawk) takes over the helm of the Disney empire, things start to go a little haywire at Walt Disney World in Orlando. Pirates appear in unusual places and presidents visit Epcot to enjoy rides. And a mysterious group is threatening Hawk with much worse if he doesn’t turn over the key that controls all things Disney. This time Hawk enlists the help of friends to solve a mystery made just for him and to thwart the plans of the threatening group. But ultimately it is up to him and an attractive journalist to save the kingdom.Jeff Dixon showcases his seemingly unlimited knowledge of all things Disney. Unlocking The Kingdom is chock full of fun facts behind the building of Walt Disney World as well as the Disney family. The mystery will keep you guessing as Hawk speeds from one clue to the next. This is a non-stop action book. And I venture to say you will never guess who is behind all the mayhem.A great book for all members of your family. At the end of the book there are trivia questions based on each chapter to test your knowledge and recall — a great way to continue the fun. And the magic won’t end with this book. Looks like Hawk will be back at least one more time for a new mystery to solve. I grew up in Orlando and visited The Magic Kingdom too many times to count during my childhood. The magic never ceases to captivate, and Unlocking The Kingdom brought all that back for me. Now if I can just find time to get back there!Recommended.(Thanks to Bring It On! for my review copy. All opinions expressed are mine alone.)

  • ChrisGA
    2019-06-25 07:21

    This is the second book in Jeff Dixon’s keys to Disney World books, and like the first, this one involves a treasure hunt concocted by an Imagineer to ensure the future of Disney World and all it stands for. It opens after Hawk has been the Chief Creative Architect, or boss, of Disney World for 18 months. Suddenly, pranks are being played at the park by a crew who seem to know their way around the park and how it operates. Then the threat is made. The bad guys demand that Hawk hand over the key to the kingdom and all the silver bars from the first book. They want his power and control of the company-or else worse things will happen. What if someone could disable safety features on a ride filled with people? What if no one is safe at Disney World? The only way to stop the villains is to complete the second quest. Hawk and an investigative reporter prowl the park searching for clues, solving riddles, and being attacked by the bad guys. It was a fun, suspenseful, adventure story with likeable characters. The pace was fast, full of action, leading to a heart-stopping last 50 pages. I liked the way the author was able to demonstrate Hawk’s sincere faith as an integral part of his character, making a Christian witness when appropriate without preaching. You have to like an ordinary guy who crawls through cemeteries in a thunderstorm, climbs out on a limb of a 90 foot tree, and hops on moving trains in search for some unknown “treasure” for the sake of keeping Disney World and Walt Disney’s dreams safe. Lots of Disney trivia and questions about the trivia at the end of the book. I received this book from The book Club Network in exchange for an honest review.

  • Cherie Kasper
    2019-06-09 12:23

    Hawk is now in control of Walt Disney World and new work is being implemented throughout the park. There are some that believe that Hawk is not doing what is right and they want to stop him. Some people believe there is a ghost residing in Moonlight Bay, in fact they had just seen it appear on the screen in the control room. Hawk checks out the apparition finding it to be George, one of Roy Disney's closest friends. George sets Hawk on a quest to unlock the Kingdom, knowing that some were ready to stop him at any cost.Another woman comes into Hawk's life in the form of a beautiful television reporter, who is more interested in a story than hurting people's feelings. Kate, follows Hawk everywhere he goes, even into a dark cemetery in the pouring rain and right into danger.Throughout the story Hawk has to deal with people trying to protect him, first, his close friends. Second, the security personnel. Reginald and Jonathan were the top people with security and were right there helping Hawk, keeping him safe, or were they? Were his friends for him or against him?I received a copy of the book from for my honest opinion.

  • Amy
    2019-05-28 12:41

    This is the second book in Jeff Dixon's series in which our hero Hawk unlocks trivia and secrets throughout Walt Disney World. Eighteen months have passed for our characters between the books before Hawk must start unraveling another mystery. This book was pretty much non stop action from the beginning to the end. Again, the story takes place over seven days which I think is really neat and feels like a vacation trip. Mr. Dixon had me on the edge of my seat and questioning beloved characters and their motives throughout the book. From pirates popping up where they shouldn't be to sinister presidents parading around, I could not get enough. I was actually shocked to find out who the culprit(s) ended up being. I hope there is a third book coming soon. I can't wait to delve back into the world of Walt Disney World trivia and mysteries. Thanks for a great ride. I received this book from for my honest opinion.

  • Deanna
    2019-06-12 13:34

    This is the second book in the series and while it can be read as a stand-alone, it would probably make more sense if one read the first story Key to the Kingdom. Key to the Kingdom brings the reader up-to-date for this book. Unlocking the Kingdom will not disappoint Disney fans as it is again full of Disney trivia and places throughout the Magic Kingdom. Mystery and intrigue once again draw Hawkes and his gang into places that others have not been at Disney and solve yet another great puzzle that Jeff Dixon has so cleverly engineered in his books. For those who have never been to Disney World or Disneyland, it is not as easy to follow because we have no idea of what that magical place is about. Perhaps a layout map would help those of us who are not familiar with Disney. I received this book from in exchange for an honest review.

  • Debora Wilder
    2019-05-30 10:37

    WOW! I love this book as much as I did the first one, “The Key to the Kingdom.”I received a free copy of this book from for my honest opinion.This book is a roller coaster of action and intense looks at personal relationships. Grayson “Hawk” Hawks is launched on another adventure searching for clues placed by an old, personal friend of Walt Disney. Again we are treated to tons of Disney trivia and facts about Disney World. All Disney movies have at least one villain. This book does too. They are not as easy to identify in book form as in the movies. Keep your eyes open and see if you can find them before Hawk does.

  • Mary Host
    2019-06-13 07:41

    Hawk now has the key to the kingdom and has surrounded himself with friends he knows and trusts as Warriors of the Kingdom. This book's happenings occur 18 months after the ones in "The Key to the Kingdom", so some changes have already been made at Disney World. This book opens with animatronic characters showing up at unusual places in the park. A man wearing a Jimmy Carter mask, the crew from "Total Access" turning up here and there, all add to Hawk's puzzle. Which Warrior is a traitor and is sabotaging his plans? I enjoyed this story and am hoping that I get to read the next book in the series.I received this book from in return for my honest opinion.

  • Christina
    2019-06-13 14:24

    The writing isn't very strong, and after a while I just couldn't stay engaged enough to keep reading. Even the main character seems one-dimensional and too perfect. It's as if the author wanted to create a too cool hero, but his lack of emotion as he rolls with every plot twist with perfect nonchalance doesn't make him an engaging protagonist you can identify with. The real draw here is the Walt Disney World setting, which is fun for anyone whose been to the park a few times and can picture it. I also enjoyed the Disney trivia scattered throughout the novel. This is a sequel, so I may try the first book.

  • Sonya Edwards
    2019-06-17 09:50

    I feel like this book only serves as a bridge for the trilogy. It was slightly less "believable" tan the first, what action there is seems forced and contrived. Dixon also spends a lot of time repeating things he has told you on this book or the first one. At 800 pages that time could have been better spent fleshing out scenes that would help develop THIS book, not just bridge events. Everything ends a bit conveniently, and everyone knows another adventure is in store. Some of the recurring characters also didn't seem to true to what was set up in the first book. I'm going to give it another read, see if I can like it better.

  • Lesa Neace
    2019-06-26 07:29

    Jeff Dixon’s “The Key to the Kingdom” and “Unlocking the Kingdom” are a pair of books that offer a great read to both mystery buffs and fans of Disney World. Heaped full of Disney trivia and insider views of the Magic Kingdom, the story in both books takes the reader on a whirlwind ride full of mystery, magic and excitement (much like the place itself). The reader can either follow the clues or just sit back and enjoy the ride, or both! I received this book from the publisher and in exchange for an honest review.

  • Richard Burton
    2019-06-11 08:41

    I wouldn't class Jeff Dixon as the world's greatest writer but his imagination and clear love for all things Disney makes this book a highly enjoyable read (as well as one that makes me regret I live so far away from Walt Disney World!). Hopefully this is the second part of a trilogy and that he's working on the next book now.

  • Sylviemom01
    2019-06-26 10:44

    I liked this book. It was a fictional take on Disney, but with all of the Disney qualities. Hawk is the CCA of Disney and has a Key to the Kingdom. What did Walt Disney want to do with Walt Disney World in the future......really thought provoking. I hope there is another book

  • Stacy
    2019-06-18 08:49

    If you are a Disney fan you should read these books by Jeff Dixon. Full of true Disney trivia (ive checked em all as I read), the main character is charming and loveable, and its just an overall fun read. I hope he makes more books in this series

  • Jeremy Payne
    2019-06-26 15:42

    Amazing book with lots of Disney mystery to it. Well written and the character development was great being the second book in a series. Good Christian morals and values in it. Outstanding read and makes me want to go to Disney. :)

  • Robyn Roberts morris
    2019-06-23 08:39

    This book was just as enjoyable as the first in the series. Highly captivating. Love the suspense. Enjoy visiting the parks after reading these books and paying attention to the details mentioned.

  • Michelle
    2019-06-23 10:25

    Loved this as much as I loved Key to the Kingdom! A must read if you love all things Disney.

  • Mark MacConnell
    2019-06-01 07:45

    Great bookLoved the first book. This was even better. Can't wait to see what happens next. A must read for Disney fans.

  • Denise
    2019-06-04 09:27

    So good! Definitely sets it up for another!!!