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Pulled into the past to discover his future Abandoned in a shopping mall when he was a baby, thirteen-year-old Tom Mullen has no family - he's spent his life shuffled from one rotten foster home to another. When he hears rumors that a mass grave has been unearthed on his school grounds, he feels himself inexplicably drawn to it, and then down into its terrible darkness andPulled into the past to discover his future Abandoned in a shopping mall when he was a baby, thirteen-year-old Tom Mullen has no family - he's spent his life shuffled from one rotten foster home to another. When he hears rumors that a mass grave has been unearthed on his school grounds, he feels himself inexplicably drawn to it, and then down into its terrible darkness and beyond. He discovers that he is no longer in Liverpool in 1974 but in Ireland in 1847, the height of the potato famine. A family named Monaghan takes him in, and Tom experiences for the first time what its like to have parents and siblings who cleave to one another even amid terrible hardship. But why has Tom been transported across time and place? And why must the grave keep yanking him back, at intervals, to his dreary, lonely existence in Liverpool? Most of all, what does it mean that the Monaghan's son Tully is practically Toms double? Tom stands by the Monaghan's in their plight, and in so doing discovers that the past, and the Monaghans, hold the key to his destiny. ...

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The Grave Reviews

  • Mike Bull
    2019-07-01 10:22

    This is the first book I've read in 2013 which was written for young people. Published in Canada in 2000, it's historical fiction based in Liverpool and Ireland.Although it's written in a light and often humorous style, the subject matter is sobering: the plight of Irish who were dying during the famines in the mid 19th century.The story is told in the first person by thirteen year old Tom Mullen set in 1974 Liverpool where he is struggling through a succession of foster homes. At night while exploring a construction site excavation to expand his school, he discovers an old graveyard, and falls through time to 1847 Ireland which is in the midst of the plague. He saves the life of a drowning boy and then is taken in by the boy's family.Flip-flopping through time several times during the book, we learn about awful conditions both in the British foster home service in the 1970s and much worse again in 1840s Ireland. Eventually Tom learns a secret which ends his time travel but leaves the reader very satisfied.I loved reading this book because it was a quick read of just over 200 pages but also brought to life the hardships of times gone by which, though they may be far away in time, are never really gone from the world. The spirited way this book tells a story of impossibly hard times, and the way people overcome adversity, are inspiring. Most definitely recommended.

  • Wyatt
    2019-07-08 12:25

    I was starting to get tired of my series of teen time travel books, but I liked this one a lot by the end. The protagnoist, Tommy, is looking for something on the other side of the vortex that he falls through--the same thing that a lot of us are looking for if we travel: romance, new experience, a chance to trace cultural heritage, maybe even a chance to make a difference. In this case though, Tommy's an orphan too, and he's looking for a sense of family that he's never had. Anyway, I thought it was endearing. Since it's about the potato faminine, I appreciated every meal that I had with my family while reading it.

  • Petra
    2019-07-03 12:27

    Well, that was a surprise. I picked up this book at a book sale, not knowing anything about it. Turns out it's YA (surprise). I enjoyed the story quite a bit. This could very well have been a favorite read had I discovered it at about 12 years old. It has troubles, time travel, mystery. It's a good story of coming to terms with the past, the importance of family (past and present), friendship and loyalty. It also includes some history of the Irish famine, based on a real finding of a mass grave. This is a well told tale.

  • Cheryl
    2019-07-18 10:26

    Horrible title and cover. It's not a depressing novel, nor a horror. Sure, it's kind of intense, but mostly it's just an interesting Time Slip: orphan in Liverpool in 1974/ potato famine in Ireland in 1847. Recommended.

  • Casey Reeder
    2019-07-03 10:13

    The Grave, by James Heneghan is a story about thirteen year old Tom Mullen who is thrown back into time to discover his future. First person is used throughout the story to help the reader relate to the character more. It was very east to relate to the story and I really enjoyed the book. Tom Mullen was abandoned in a department store as a baby, so he has spent all his life in foster care and being dragged from one family to the next. He lives with a family he doesn't want to, and one that doesn't want him either. When construction workers dig up a mass grave, Tom feels that he must investigate. He finds himself being dragged into the grave. He next finds himself in the midst of the Irish potato famine in 1847. Tom undergoes big changes throughout the story. In the beginning he was mentally lost and didn't know his place in this world. After meeting the Monaghans, Tom learns the feeling of trust, having a family, and the true meaning of love. Tom is used to being pushed around and ignored throughout the course of the story because of his foster parents. When he meets an Irish family, he is cared for and feels important. They go through many things together such surviving Dragoons, which are men who went to villages and committed crimes. The theme of the story was learning the true meaning of family. The setting of the story took place mostly in the town of Liverpool, and in Ireland. There was a lot of dialogue throughout the story. Writing styles included humor, suspenseful, and dramatic. The plot of the story was much unexpected towards the end. The story was an overall good one to read. I strongly recommend it for anyone who is looking for a mystery. The author did a nice job making it easy to relate to the characters and adding dialogue. I recommend this book to all teens and young adults.

  • Kellee
    2019-07-09 18:25

    Tom is a loner. He always has been- since he was abandoned in a department store when he was a year old. He's moved from foster home to foster home. The only constant has been Brian, an older mentally challenged boy who has moved from the last couple of foster homes with him. One night Tom (and Brian) go to the construction sight across from their school. Tom had felt a pull to the hole ever since they started working on it. The hole is surrounded by a tent and there is a night watch guard, but he MUST go to it. When he does, he is sucked into a world that will teach him so much about himself. Heneghan mixes the story of Tom's life as a foster child with the story of his journeys in Ireland during the Irish Potato Famine in 1847. It is a good mix between the realistic fiction and historical fiction, although sometimes the jump from one to the other is unexpected. I do love that the book touches on two topics: foster care and the Irish Potato Famine. * * *For a challenge that I participated in, I made a playlist for the novel: 1. Live- Alone2. She & Him- Black Hole3. Gorillaz- Don't Get Lost in Heaven4. Hanson- Crazy Beautiful5. Beatles- A Little Help from your Friends6. Nine Inch Nails- Big Man with a Gun7. Al Green- Ain't No Sunshine When Your Gone8. Eric Carmen- Hungry Eyes9. Rock Kills Kid- Run Like Hell10. Ok Go- Hello my Treacherous Friends11. Jet- Move On12. John Williams- Finding Satsu13. Nine Inch Nails- Dead Souls14. Hanson- When You're Gone15. Adele- First Love16. Jill Scott- Family ReunionI chose the songs based on the plot and feelings portrayed in the novel.

  • Cheryl A
    2019-07-13 17:23

    Young Tom Mullen, aged thirteen and three quarters, has lost every family he's ever know. Abandoned as a baby in Toys at a department store in Liverpool, his adoptive parents were killed and he's been shuffled from foster home to foster home, with a few stops at Juvie in between. When Tom is drawn to an excavation site at his school, he suddenly finds himself transported to County Mayo, Ireland and meets the Monaghan family. Despite the ravages of the potato famine, Tom finally finds the family he has been searching for, but there's a little problem of more than a hundred years of history between his real life and the life he so desperately wants.Full of the problems and social customs of the 1970's as well as poignant descriptions of everyday life of the bleakness of Ireland in the 1840's, the author does a wonderful job of balancing the two worlds. The lead character of Tom grows as a young man through his experiences in Ireland and those lessons learned carry over to his life in "his" time. Despite a "happily ever after" ending, this novel was well rendered.

  • Heather
    2019-07-01 10:29

    Tom Mullen was left all alone in a mall when he was just a baby. Now at the age of thirteen he goes from foster home to foster home. One day he stumbles upon a huge grave and it is if there is something pulling him towards it. When he is at the grave, he suddenly falls into it and finds himself in a totally different world. He learns that he went from Liverpool in 1974 to Ireland in 1847. This is at the time that the potato famine was at it's peak. He finds a family willing to take him in, the Monaghan's. While in Ireland Tom learns what having a family is really like and in the process discovers who he is. I found this book to be very enjoyable to read. It was fairly predictable, but was well written and fun. I would definitely recommend it to others who enjoy historical fictions. It's a nice easy read that allows you to get lost in a great story without having to think too hard.

  • Colleen
    2019-06-20 11:14

    A fascinating story about a young orphan (Tom) who is drawn in to a unmarked mass grave located in a school-yard in England. This grave transports him back in time to Ireland during the great potato famine. He feels a strong connection to the family (Monaghans) that take him into their home, especially to Tully - whom he has a eerie twin-like resemblance to.While back in 1847 in Ireland, Tom is constantly having to make excuses for the modern day inventions that they have never before seen at this day in age. One particular thing that draws attention to people is the zipper on his jacket. How would he explain such a thing while he is in a time where it has not yet been invented? How does he know how to "give Tully his breath back"? Is he a magic? Who are the Monaghans? Why was he sent to help them? What is the connection between them?You must read to find out!

  • Andy Lin
    2019-06-20 11:16

    Tom Mullen has been an orphan since he was a baby. He has moved from a couple of homes through his life. Tom's life was depressing for him, until he got sucked into the past, reliving the Irish Famine with a family that seemed dearer than his adoptive ones. Constantly returning back to the future and returning to the past, Tom goes through many troubles due to his absence.Quote: "Well, I don't know what a man is, Tully, but I don't think it has anything to do with a strong drink. Maybe it's got more to do with strong purpose, knowing how to take care of yourself and your family, even if you have to steal for them."I picked up this book because Mr Gould recommended it to me.I finished this book because I wanted to know if he would stay in the past or live his life in his present day.I would recommend this book to Matthew, since it has some time travel in it.

  • Tammy
    2019-06-25 15:31

    This story is bout a young teenage boy who has been shuffled between diffrent foster homes. while he is in school he learns that they will be digging up the school grounds to build a new school. when they do this they discover a mass grave. Tom is pulled to the grave by some force. he faals into the open pit and wakes up in 1842. he finds a family in that time era who he falls in love with. He doesnt want to come back to 1970's because he has no one here that cares. Tom goes back and forth, on one of his last visits he is given a gift from the young girl in the family who he has a crush on. He brings it back to our time, when his football coach sees it they make a remarkable discovery.this is a sweet story.

  • Erin
    2019-06-29 10:05

    Tom Mullen was abandoned in a department store when he was a baby. Twelve years later, after moving from foster home to foster home, Tom feels pulled to a fenced-off area. The area, rumored to be a mass grave unearthed by a construction crew, is so tempting to Tom that he finds he cannot resist...The Grave takes place in the 1970s in England, as well as the time period known as the Irish Potato Famine. The author manages to draw parallels between both time periods, before drawing to an exciting (albeit expected) conclusion.

  • Vicki
    2019-07-14 12:26

    13 yr Tom Ullen abandoned & in several foster homes situations,falls into an open guarded mass burial grave at a construction site and is transported thru time back to 1847 Irish Potato Famine time, where he hooks up with the Monaghan family whom he feels comfortable with. Tom ends up going back & forth several times thru time travel helping out his other family & finding out about his own family. Great

  • Laura Leonard
    2019-06-24 14:24

    As they begin to build a new school, a mass grave is uncovered in Liverpool. Tom Mullin, a 13-year-old who has spent his life moving from foster home to foster home, goes to check it out. HE is drawn in and wakes up 1847 Ireland in the midst of the Potato Famine. He is taken in by a loving family. Now he must decide where and when home truly is.

  • Yolanda Chapa
    2019-06-21 14:23

    I really liked it :) It has a little of everything: Time traveling, history, even the mention of the Kung Fu series! (I'm a fan). The way the narrator is talking reminds me sometimes the kid from Catcher in the Rye, but every character has a different personality, and the end was good.

  • Patty
    2019-06-26 15:05

    this is one of my most loved books, although it is a lower level book I read it as many times as possible. I wish I could find it in stores.

  • Caitlyn
    2019-07-16 14:31

    not scary like i expected it to be not very good but entertaining at most parts

  • Shelley
    2019-07-16 18:07

    I loved this book. It might have been written for youth but even adults would enjoy it. The ending blew me away - better than I could ever have predicted.

  • Dannielle
    2019-06-27 10:13

    I just remembered about this book. I read it years ago and didn't add it here to my Goodreads.

  • Angenine
    2019-06-30 14:17

    It's anti-climatic but well-written and moving.

  • Hollyutah
    2019-07-17 12:13


  • Angie crosby
    2019-07-07 16:14

    hort, Different. Okay but not great. Wouldn't recommend it or read it again. It's a strange tale about a boy finding out who he is.

  • Bob
    2019-07-15 16:02

    I love this book.It made me feel like i was in the book.

  • Kara
    2019-06-26 13:11

    Good page turner!