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A spoilt heiress is propelled into a dark world of lost souls where she is taken prisoner by powerful being known only as The Ferryman. Lady Madeline Farrington has what most girls want: money, beauty and a string of handsome and wealthy admirers. From a young age she's had everything she asked for. Getting what she wants has become an expectation. At sixteen both her andA spoilt heiress is propelled into a dark world of lost souls where she is taken prisoner by powerful being known only as The Ferryman. Lady Madeline Farrington has what most girls want: money, beauty and a string of handsome and wealthy admirers. From a young age she's had everything she asked for. Getting what she wants has become an expectation. At sixteen both her and her cousin are of age, and are welcomed into adult society at The Duke of Angledin's ball. There she meets the mysterious and enigmatic Laurie de Bufort. She decides that she wants him too, even if it means hurting her cousin and best friend, Celia. But Madeline is about to learn that having everything you want can be dangerous, and that knowing Laurie de Bufort comes at a terrible price......

Title : The Ferryman's Wife
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The Ferryman's Wife Reviews

  • Tabitha Short
    2019-07-10 12:45

    The Ferryman’s Wife, by Georgina Merry, is not your typical fairytale. Madeline Farrington is nothing but a spoilt brat. She uses her father’s love and his money to get anything and everything she wants…including her cousin’s love interest. By the time she discovers the demanding presence that is Laurie DeBufort is nothing she could have ever dreamed, it is too late. Lost in another world, the world of The Ferryman, she must find her way out before her fate becomes the fate of the previous wives.Lucky for her, Nick has been trapped in the same world for years after plummeting into it when his sister became a wife. Together Nick and Madeline discover the truth haunting The Ferryman. In the process, their relationship grows to something more than friends, but will they be able to leave their past lives behind? Will they be able to get back home?The Ferryman’s Wife was a very interesting story. I had never heard the legends of the entity that chaperones mortal souls to The Other Side before reading this book. Georgina Merry created Madeline, a character that is very annoying at first, but as the situations in the book become dire, she is forced to become the likeable woman she was meant to be. It was fun to witness Madeline’s transformation.

  • Steph atStarry Night Book Reviews
    2019-06-21 16:47

    What a great read, Georgina paints a great picture in The Ferryman’s Wife. If you’re looking for a different kind of paranormal/mythical book look no farther.Madeline is what you would call a spoiled brat. Her mother died while giving birth to her, her father lord Farrington gave her whatever she wanted no matter how much. Madeline and her cousin Celia were close, well as close as you could get to someone so spoiled. When Celia tells her that she has a secret and that she must not tell no one Madeline promises not to. Celia is in love with a man named Laurie de Bufort.. This is when everything hits the fan so to speak…Madeline tries to take him away from Celia but when meeting him on a bridge late at night one night he hugs her and pushes her off a cliff… Madeline wakes up in a strange place with a man who says he’s going to take her as a wife. She has only one hope and his name is Nick. Will they make it out of this place in between life and death or will she end up like the other wives of the ferryman dead? This was such a different and unique read it was awesome I really hope there will be a book 2, I’ll defiantly be in line for it. There’s romance, action, suspense and the ending had me in tears so bring tissues you may need them. The plot and character development was amazing the way Madeline grows and matures is written perfectly and her and Nick’s relationship hints at maybe something a little more than friendship..

  • Beth Wright
    2019-06-21 18:46

    OMG, what goes on after death will totally shock you. A world between all words. Stuck up and spoiled rotting she soon learns from a sexy young man how to look at life in a whole new point of view. God, I cried at the end, then I read that there will be a book two...I jumped for joy. They need to be together...I want them together. :D

  • M.R. Murphy
    2019-07-11 14:21

    I absolutely loved this story! Not many stories capture my attention from beginning to end. The Regency inspired theme, mixed quite beautifully in the storyline flow that lead to Greek Style Mythology. The wording and strong storytelling style will be me on the look out for more. thank you Georgina Merry for a truly enjoyable story.

  • Dean
    2019-06-20 12:34

    Madeline Farrington is a young debutante from a realm resembling Regency England. Spoiled and manipulative, she is lured by a mysterious suitor whose shocking actions transport her to another world."Transworld" is a grotesque faerie tale realm filled with slugs and soul-muck and restless spirits--and the occasional moment of unexpected beauty. The novel is filled with surreal details, but the characters' matter-of-fact way of negotiating the world is compelling and convincing. This realm at first appears to be only a dreary purgatory, but as more of its secrets and history are revealed, it becomes a truly fascinating fantasy world.All the while, it remains a very dangerous place in the mind of the reader, and the tension is high, as the reader is constantly reminded that there are worse things than death alone.This novel weaves Regency romance conventions (at the beginning) with Greek myth and elements of the Bluebeard legend to create something completely unique, an enjoyable page-turner for YA readers and adults as well.The writing is top-notch and the author is a skilled wordsmith as well as storyteller; unlike many "indie" novels this book has a professional polish, and the author's voice is strong and sure.I found the book compelling, especially once the heroine reached Transworld and met the other main character/hero (I won't spoil that here). The ending was thrilling and brutal and sad and touching all once, I won't spoil it but the story is full of surprises. Though this tale comes to a conclusion, there are clearly further adventures in Transworld to be had (and a second book in production now, as the teaser chapter at the end shows).The only criticism I have is that the initial chapters in Angledin, the Regency England inspired kingdom that the heroine comes from, do drag on a little bit before we reach Transworld and the supernatural wonders it holds. I wondered if the initial action couldn't have been compressed a bit.It is a great read, though, and I'll definitely be awaiting the next book in the series.

  • Silvia
    2019-07-06 11:38

    This review was originally posted on my blog, Darkest Sins."The Ferryman's Wife" is the first instalment of a series called Devils Light that I'd describe in two simple words: fascinating and original. Ok, let's be completely honest and say extremely original!Lady Madeline is one of those characters usually readers are not very fond of because of the annoying kind of behaviour she has indeed... But here's the great thing, no matter what, you'll find difficult not to like Maddie in some way. She really is different from the heroines we read about and I found genuinely good to feel an attachment to a character like hers, or even The Ferryman. Yes, at some point that happened too, I couldn't help it. Not that I liked him in the same way I truly liked a 'certain' Nick, of course, but still. The author was able to put me in everybody shoes, it is a very hard task to do but she managed everything so well that she greatly succeeded and, because of that, I enjoyed every minute.The story and the worlds Georgina Merry tells us about, totally charm you from the very first pages and make you curious about secrets and plots all the way long. A great debut novel I hope it's the first step of a great success!

  • Pamela
    2019-07-09 17:34

    this book is very captivating, a can't put down book. Madeline Farrington as known since she was a young child, that she can get anything she wants. Her father Lord Danrick Farrington made sure he did everything he could to make his daughter happy. When the Duke and Duchess of Ellerton invited their family to the ball, Celia and Madeline are of age (16) to meet young men for marriage. Her cousin Celia has a thing for Laurie de Bufort and persumes she will marry him. Well Madeline had a different plan. At no cost, Madeline was to have Laurie de Bufort for herself, even if it meant hurting her cousin Celia deeply. When it was arranged for Madeline and De Bufort to meet, He would always be away for long periods of time. Well when he returned, Madeline was to meet him. She snuck out of her home to meet Laurie de Bufort. To Madeline's surprise, her cousin Celia was there also. They made a plan to give Madeline to the Ferryman. Madeline was to become The Ferryman's Wife. I could go on about this book, but I don't want to give too much away.. it is a must read!!!

  • Christopher Coney
    2019-06-22 18:47

    The Ferrymans Wife is an outstanding piece of young adult fiction. The storyline is gripping and tense yet flows forward with such ease that you find yourself reading page after page. Dark in some places and uplifting in others it is an excellent read for adults and young adults alike.

  • Janie
    2019-07-09 17:36

    I was given this book by the author in return for an honest review.I found this to be a unique story that had me spellbound from the start.It is a wonderfully written story that this author as created.A definite must read for anyone.

  • Louise Renwick
    2019-06-20 14:26

    Really enjoyed it. It had me hooked. Probably not something I would normally choose but glad I did. Will definately be reading the sequel.

  • Lauren
    2019-07-08 14:19

    I was gifted a copy of this book by the author. This review may contain spoilers. Maddie is a very spoiled girl going after anything and anyone she wants. Karma pays her a visit sending her into her own personal hell. Maddie is married to the Ferryman, who guides the souls of the deceased. While Maddie is there she meets Nick, the love of her life. Little does she know Nick gives his own life to save her, or does he? This book leaves you on a cliffhanger begging for more! WaAR

  • Jenni Jolly
    2019-06-30 11:46

    Once I started reading this book I found myself unable to put it down as I got so into the story...fantastically written and really look forward to reading the next book x