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He has high expectations. And she exceeds every one. Seth Barlow picks his teeth with the bones of secretaries he's chewed up and spit out. Except Tessa Edwards. She's completely unruffled by his bad attitude--and completely undone by his touch.But Tessa is balancing on a high wire with no safety net. Her job is the only thing that keeps her from losing custody of her littHe has high expectations. And she exceeds every one. Seth Barlow picks his teeth with the bones of secretaries he's chewed up and spit out. Except Tessa Edwards. She's completely unruffled by his bad attitude--and completely undone by his touch.But Tessa is balancing on a high wire with no safety net. Her job is the only thing that keeps her from losing custody of her little brother to her money-hungry aunt and uncle, who care less for the dyslexic child than for the hefty trust fund that comes with him.When ten thousand dollars goes missing from Barrett Newspapers and shows up in Tessa's personal bank account, not even her budding relationship with Seth can help Tessa keep her job...or her little brother.Warning: One bad-tempered boss, one super-efficient secretary, and a whole lot of sparks!72,000 Words...

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Balancing Act Reviews

  • Tiara_chow
    2019-06-19 12:57

    This is my first read of laura browning book. I dont know what's with the average rating and so little review. But i just have to say it. I love this book. This is how i picture SethTessaSeth Barlow is a 35 yo COO for Barrett Newspapers and he happens to be the older son in the family so that it was expected that he will someday run the company, thanks to his gruff and temper manner he change secretary so often that its a common knowledge at the office. And he doesn't really pay much attention to his newest ones at first.Which brings us to our heroine, Tessa, she's a 24 yo orphan struggling with a new job, a little brother, Zach, and an aunt and uncle trying to gain Zach's custody due to gain his trust fund. (this is when i started to question, since her parents died from a car accident, shouldn't there be money from the insurance company? Assuming Zach has a trust fund big enough to covet after, i presume they atleast had one decent insurance plan? Oh well)In order to keep the custody of her brother, Tessa has to have a stable job and income to support them atleast until she reach the age 25 when she'd be able to gain access to the trust fund. Tessa was not impress with the first impression Seth gave, she pretty much thinks he's just like any other privilage kid that works for his parents company. While Seth was baffled with how efficient, smart and not to mention hot his new secretary is. I love how the author makes me see rather than pressing, Tessa as a smart, independent woman and how she really cares about her brother. And how losing her parents and being a parent her self to her brother makes her a more mature person. She doesn't whine or complain, and even though she was attracted to Seth, it was nice to see that she doesn't change into a single white female or any obsessed woman over a guy she just met. The love grows gradually, after they actually get to know each other.And Seth, sigh. He's H.O.T. His descriptions makes me think of Alex Skarsgard, yum. I'm glad the author doesn't paint him into another man whore who sleeps around all through the book with any available willing other women. And even through his gruff and bark he's actually very romantic. (view spoiler)[when he made a mistake while they almost make love and he'd implied that he has no feelings for her and viewed what happen as a meaningless sex. How he apologize with gifts, my favourite was the note that comes with starbucks coffee and scone, "would it help if i were sweeter?" (hide spoiler)]the only downside of this book is (view spoiler)[when Tessa got kidnapped by her cousin, Peter that mollested her ever since she's 12 yo, the mollested part i could buy, there's so many crazy rapist out there and how his parents defended him and blame her for the mollesting, i honnestly could relate to that, how many women got blame for the rape or mollestation that happen to them, from the way they dress, how they act, really just blame it on the women. What i couldn't buy was when Peter showed up at Tessa's working place (a gentlements club aka stripped club) and stalked her and eventually kidnapped her, isnt it a bit of strech just to create more not so needed drama, and how the author just drop the case by not mentioning how traumatized Tessa get and how she manage to overcome it (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Rose
    2019-07-15 12:47

    I reviewed this for TwoLips Reviews, LLC.Balancing Act by Laura Browning introduces us to Seth Barlow-Barrett, the oldest brother of Anna Barlow, who we first met in Ms. Browning’s book Bittersweet (check out my review here). With a compelling and devastatingly handsome hero, this book takes us into the privileged world of the family who owns the Barrett Newspapers. A family ruled by an iron fisted patriarch who doesn’t let his children’s desires stand in the way of what he wants. As this story unfolds, we meet Seth, the oldest Barrett son, who’s the second in command and totally miserable.Seth is an interesting character; physically imposing at the height of 6 feet 5 inches, he’s nonetheless intimidated by his father’s demands and expectations. Instead of following his own dream, Seth is stuck running the business end of Barrett Newspapers. Since he’s miserable at work, everyone else must deal with his surly temperament and behavior. He finds himself surprised and impressed when Tessa Edwards, the company’s newest attempt at hiring an assistant for him, turns out to be intelligent, efficient, and not in the least bit scared by his behavior. She’s also beautiful, young, and sexy. She’s everything he would be interested in having in his life, if he was looking for a wife—which he’s not.Ms. Browning did an incredible job developing Seth’s character; it’s hard to develop a character that is truly a man’s man and yet follows his father’s expectations. As we continue to watch Seth grow emotionally during this story, we get to see him confront the expectations of his family and stand up for his own dreams. We also get to see him fall in love for the very first time in his life, make some mistakes along the way, and finally redeem himself in the end.Tessa Edwards may have the blood of a New England blueblood, but that doesn’t save her from having to earn a living and taking charge of her younger half-brother when her mother dies. Determined to do what’s best for him, she has no intentions of letting her greedy aunt and uncle take custody of him or his trust fund. Getting a job at Barrett Newspapers seems like a godsend until she meets her temperamental boss—luckily for her, Tessa has a steel backbone and has no intentions of quitting.Tessa never planned on falling for Seth Barrett or on the incredible passion building between them. Ms. Browning wrote Tessa’s character in such a way that you are able to look beyond her family background and see the well grounded human being she is. While Tessa isn’t perfect, we all have our downfalls; she’s an incredible sister and a great substitute mother to her young brother.When Tessa is accused of taking company funds and transferring them to her personal account, she refuses to blame anyone else and loses her job. How will this affect the burgeoning relationship between Seth and Tessa? And who took the money and transferred it to Tessa’s account? You’ll have to read Balancing Act to find out. I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see which one of Seth’s siblings Ms. Browning writes about next.

  • Snarky Mom
    2019-06-23 10:50

    I've gotta admit - I. LOVED. THIS! I am right now looking at the first & third books in this series about the Barlow-Barrett siblings: Bittersweet & Remember Me. This is a great beach read at just under 200 pages (or car ride read LOL) and Laura Browning creates such believable characters that you can't help but fall into the story of Seth and Tessa. Seth is the COO at a newspaper empire who goes through Administrative Assistants like my kids go through chewing gum. Tessa is a social worker who is guardian for her young brother and needs to earn more money - so she takes the job as Seth's Admin. Tessa has a really hard time trusting people, and she really doesn't trust that Seth wants her for her, beyond work.This is such an invigorating story about the ultimate balancing act - kids, love and work. This was hard for me to put down (I was about 85% through it when we got to our first destination & I didn't think The Man would appreciate me saying I was going to stay in the car)... and I can't wait to read Anna & Brandon's stories!

  • Barbara Quintin
    2019-07-17 16:58

    Another WonderfulThis book and this writing is just as good as the first book. I love continuations and I am ready for #3.

  • Cookie
    2019-06-29 12:53

    i really liked this book.i liked how the characters grew into loving each other and not like other books where it seems love or rather 'lust" at first sight dominates the scene.i liked how easily i was convinced of their character's leaning into each other warming up gradually and easily to one another. i liked tessa's devotion to her brother and seth's yearning for a family. it is a book that i'll keep after going through a long series of disappointements. it was nice to read such a warm well written book. (less)

  • Dahlia (yadkny)
    2019-07-13 14:53