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AVX TIE-IN! Comics legend Walter Simonson is back, taking on the Avengers as they face down the unbelievable, unstoppable might of...the X-Men!? Captain America has declared war on Marvel's mutants in the face of the Phoenix's arrival on Earth, but one Avenger must betray the team to fulfill their destiny with the unstoppable cosmic force! And it's not who you think! Plus:AVX TIE-IN! Comics legend Walter Simonson is back, taking on the Avengers as they face down the unbelievable, unstoppable might of...the X-Men!? Captain America has declared war on Marvel's mutants in the face of the Phoenix's arrival on Earth, but one Avenger must betray the team to fulfill their destiny with the unstoppable cosmic force! And it's not who you think! Plus: the Red Hulk's last stand!? And can Hawkeye and Spider-Woman's budding romance survive the end of the world? COLLECTING: Avengers 25-30...

Title : The Avengers, Volume 4
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ISBN : 9780785160793
Format Type : Hardcover
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The Avengers, Volume 4 Reviews

  • William Thomas
    2019-05-23 05:29

    Everyone who follows me probably already knows how much I hate Bendis. Although I'm a fan of his ideas, his execution is shoddy and sloppy. He can put together the greatest teams of Avengers- I respect anyone using Doc Strange on the reg- but somehow I'm just never impressed. What I'd really like to talk about here was the fact that I was near ecstasy when I found out Walt Simonson had been brought on for art chores. Giddy, I was. But after openin the book and seeing what Simonson is considering art these days, it's a wonder the editors let him have these issues. Covers are great, really nice. Interior art made me want to cry because, I mean, Jesus, this was the man who had built the greatest run on Thor we've seen in our own lifetime. An here it looks like he was rushed and showing us just how out of practice he really is. This book is a bunch of single issue filler written by an overworked and out of shape Bendis, all of which have very little or no impact on the Marvel U or the AVX storyline. Writing: DArt: D

  • Brian Poole
    2019-04-24 03:08

    As Captain America struggled with the realities of running the Avengers, Thor returned to give him a boost. The Avengers tracked down A.I.M., capturing a large number of their agents. The Kree Supreme Intelligence sent Protector a secret mission related to the imminent arrival of the Phoenix force. An Avengers squad containing Thor, Ms. Marvel, Beast, Captain Britain, Vision Protector and Valkyrie confronted the Phoenix in space. Protector blindsided his teammates and took them to the Kree home world to hand a Phoenix sample over to the Supreme Intelligence. Protector had second thoughts and ran to the Avengers squad, who reclaimed the sample and angrily exiled Protector from both the team and Earth.Meanwhile, Red Hulk tried to assassinate the Phoenix-possessed Cyclops, but things didn’t go as planned. Professor X teamed with the Avengers to try to capture Rachel Summers, but it went poorly and Professor X temporarily withdrew from the conflict. In the aftermath of the conflict, Hawkeye and Spider-Woman stopped the villain Mister Negative from robbing the warehouse where the Red Skull’s robots had been deposited after Fear Itself.This volume was somewhat disjointed. Brian Michael Bendis did some nice character work with the return of Thor and his effect on Captain America. The space-based adventure suffered from a significant chunk of its action occurring in another Avengers book, though Protector’s betrayal and remorse were well-handled. The Hulk and Rachel Summers vignettes occurred around the edges of the main A vs. X story and didn’t make a lot of sense unless you’d read the big event. The final installment was intended to show off the Hawkeye/Spider-Woman bond, but was weighed down by clichéd male/female relationship tropes, which were especially unkind to Spider-Woman and which did little to make the romance seem viable or compelling. Veteran artist Walter Simonson was aboard for the arc, bringing some consistency. His angular approach had become particularly stylized, if not mannered, with time and wasn’t always a smooth fit for the story, though it was fine overall. This volume only makes sense to read for fans who have already invested in Avengers vs. X-Men. Otherwise, it doesn’t really stand on its own.A version of this review originally appeared on

  • Mike
    2019-04-27 02:10

    My review will be spotty as I'm reading this interleaved with the rest of the Avengers vs. X-Men event books.There's some weird Geoff Johns-style fanboy stuff showing up in this book - Thor's entrance and speech patterns for one - and I wonder if it's Bendis sucking up to Walt Simonson, who's drawing here? It's a little embarrassing and feels out of place with Bendis' usual style. The beginning of this book feels weird too - Bendis wrapped up that storyline real quick (too quick for a game-changing threat to all heroes everywhere should have played out), but could've easily left it hanging and gotten straight into the AvX. But then the majestic Thor-nouncements continue, and I'm pretty sure that Bendis is just genuflecting at Walt's feet and praying he doesn't piss him off with anything (so the irreverence and snark is absolutely absent from this book).Also, did Simonson also draw Kree/Noh-varr stories in the past? Because for a generic hero with very little interesting character traits, Bendis sure spends a lot of time with this dude and making it seem like he matters in some grand way to the MarvelU.Not until we get to the Red Hulk story does this book get immersive. I'm not these days a fan of narration - show me don't tell me - but in this case I make an exception. I see the overwords here as Ross' manifesto more than a substitute for good storytelling - and in the moments when Bendis/Simonson turn off the words and work in pictures, it's arresting.Hawkeye and Spider-Woman was almost fun, but the off-key fighting/relationship banter was unsettling because of how out of place it felt.Overall this book was choppy - I think Bendis' split attentions and accelerated writing schedule are showing here.I'm not too put off by Simonson's art, but his style is jarring for still looking so 80's in places. At least the assist from Hanna in the last issue made things look a little less ragged.

  • Aaron
    2019-05-10 01:26

    Gotta say, I'm finally reaching peak Bendis, and I think maybe Bendis is, too. This book is just plain boring. It's all his quippy, half-committed back-and-forth dialogue issuing forth from a dozen characters that all sound exactly the same, serving no real purpose as a standalone story or an Avengers vs. X-Men tie-in. I can barely remember what happened in this. Red Hulk tries to kill someone. A bunch of people fight. Hawkeye and Spider-Woman have a very very annoying tiff in the middle of a battle. It's clearly meant to be interesting, but it just reads like a watered-down version of the stuff he's written for Jessica Jones and Luke Cage over the years. I'm actually glad there's only one more volume of Bendis's Avengers. He did all he could with this stuff in his original New Avengers run. I really like him as a writer, overall, but this book seems to be burning up all his fuel. I hope the fact that he moved on to other teams and different books revitalized him a little bit, because this repetitive garbage needs to end.

  • Sean
    2019-04-27 03:11

    A strange collection to say the least. Missing is the typical Bendis dialogue that usually is worth the price of admission. The closest we get to that is Hawkeye and Spider-Woman having an argument in the middle of the fight. Given that this is happening in the a mega-crossover was bad. Added to that was some out of character actions by Beast, Professor X, Captain America, Emma Frost, and more. It was odd. Whole book seemed off. Editorially, the AVX crossover made this pointless. If the goal was to add to it as a "tie-in" it failed terribly. Veteran artist Walt Simonson was on board and isn't what he used to be (who among us is?). Character's faces were smiling in the weirdest moments. Overall, the entire book was a misstep with editorial being to blame for most of it.

  • Daniel Sepúlveda
    2019-04-23 01:23

    Puntaje: 4.Avengers Vs X-Men es un Evento que me gustó mucho cuando lo leí, releer estos acontecimientos desde la perspectiva de Los Vengadores (Y en este caso, de Red Hulk), es maravilloso.Quiero conseguirme los demás volúmenes de esta serie!

  • Sineala
    2019-04-30 01:16

    I haven't read AvX. Maybe this would make more sense if I had. It was just a confusing muddle of mostly punching.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-21 00:09

    Starting in the middle of a run wasn't my best plan, but this was more confusing than most marvel series.

  • Michael Church
    2019-05-08 04:06

    The art is horrendous. I mean first two pages look like a toddler cartoon. I mean Colossus punching Iron Man looks like he's getting shocked by something. And who are Storm, Namor, Rulk, Dr. Strange, and Cyclops going after? You wanna give us grand scale then do it and show us what's happening. Then Simonson just doesn't get physics. I mean Cap catching his shield in one hand and throwing from the other can work but not the way it's drawn. And the action lines are just...bad. Spiderwoman's hair? And civilian clothes? God. Come on. And what's with the one giant tooth everyone has? I do like how differentiated the faces are but it really ends there. And it doesn't mean I like the faces, just the fact that they are not identical. It's really like Liefield level bad. The plot is pointless. As an AvX tie in, two of the issues have literally nothing to do with the event. The banter is stupid, self-depricating, forced, and stiff. Aka, not banter. There are a couple of nice moments like an early one between Thor and Cap, but they're limited to certain characters and not nearly common enough and far too brief. Plus it picks up in the middle of another story which makes it hard to jump on if you're interested in the tie in. Whats worse is that this was a big story. It was supposed to be heavy and intense and they just completely missed that idea and feel. Overall, just another lackluster entry in Bendis' run. Honestly? I'm taking it back to see what money I can get returned for it. Why do they spend a whole issue on the Secret Avengers, by the way? I mean they have their own book following those exact events. Why do they need to take up space here? Not to mention how little happens over the course of those issues. Awful line about Thor: Ms. Marvel "I've never seen him so beaten!" Oh really? Not even when he was dead? Or after fighting the Serpent in Fear Itself? That ended pretty poorly, too. Just...think before you write dude. The whole thing with Noh and the sun and the Kree just was stupid. Flip side, the Rulk story was decent. Interesting hook and kind of unique concept, but it was just another stalemate that didn't do anything. Also, there were so many panels with no dialogue and just narration. It just didn't work. And with the telepaths issue we're right back to bad banter and bad ideas. Like...why can't Rachel sense any of the other Avengers? What's worst about this issue is that it parallels issue #12 of Wolverine & the X-Men. All that does is highlight how much better that issue was, though I do like the explanation given here. The rest is worthless. Just pass this up as a whole. Really.

  • tony dillard jr
    2019-04-30 07:28

    Having read quite a bit of Bendis' post-AVX X-Men titles, I was already quite familiar with the events of that massive crossover event. So, this volume wasn't something I was afraid that I would be lost reading. Normally, I'd wait to read the crossover event first but I really wanted to get my hands on volume 5 of this Avengers series real soon.Often when a book features tie-ins to a crossover event, they have very little to do with the actual event that they are referencing. That's not the case here as the fight between mutant and Avenger is rendered in exciting four-color action.In this volume, the Phoenix force is back and it's heading to earth. The X-Men feel that this is a sign of the restoration of mutant race decimated by the Scarlett Witch during the House of M event.The Avengers, recalling previous deadly encounters with the Phoenix Force, are preparing for the worst and are looking to take the entity out before it hits the earth. So when a space mission to intercept the Phoenix goes wrong, Earth's Mightiest Heroes learn that they've got a mole working for an even bigger intergalactic threat. Another masterpiece by Bendis. These issues help to fill in important gaps that the AVX miniseries couldn't devote appropriate time to. (Okay, I'm guessing here since I've not read AVX but based on previous experiences with this sort of thing, I feel confident in my assessment.) The plotting was quite good and the art was excellent. It had an almost painted quality that made the characters look realistic and gritty. A fantastic body of work by the legendary Walt Simonson Now if I just can get my hands on AVX...Worth Consuming Rating: 9 out of 10 stars.

  • Shannon Appelcline
    2019-04-24 04:11

    Against the Phoenix (25-27). The high point of the first three issues was the characters: mostly getting to see Noh-Varr and learning something (anything) about his character, but to a lesser extent also seeing how Captain America is reacting to the current chaos on the home front.The battle against the Phoenix is less interesting. It's got beautiful Simonson art, but Bendis seems to lean on that as a crutch. I'm also not sure I like how the Avengers plot line makes it feel like the Secret Avengers plot line was largely irrelevant. (Maybe if I read them all together I might appreciate them more.) Of course, this team isn't exactly the Avengers either … It makes me think that the Secret Avengers / Avengers / Kree storyline really should have been a mini-series [7/10]Unfortunately, the book takes a downturn when it gets to the single issues:Kill Cyclops! (28). This issue has a nice focus on the Red Hulk and how he feels about being a member of a team, but beyond that it's an incredibly shallow story [5/10].Kill Rachel! (29). Again we get a kind of interesting tactic for the war, but the result comes off being quite shallow. I especially don't like the use of Charles here, as it undercuts what follows [5/10].Clint & Jessica (30). Bendis' schtick might be getting a little old in the Avengers, because I rolled my eyes some at this relationship fight between Hawkeye & Spider-Woman. Still, it's somewhat funny and the focus on villains offers a nice alternative view on AvX [6/10].Overall, this is a mishmash that doesn't entirely hold up, but the first three issues keep it in the "good" range.

  • Chris Lemmerman
    2019-05-23 04:19

    This volume opens with a three part story set in and around the Secret Avengers tie-in to Avengers Versus X-Men that sees Noh Varr getting in trouble with both the Avengers and the Kree. The story itself is a good idea but is poorly executed, with some very out of character moments for the Avengers that just leaves all of Noh Varr's plotlines up in the air and unresolved.The final three issues are all done in ones of various standards. The Red Hulk's issue is interesting, and probably some of the best character work for him outside of Jeff Parker's Hulk series. Then there's an issue revolving around tracking down Rachel Grey, the flipside of an issue of Wolverine and the X-Men that deals with the same events which is fairly good, even if just for the final line of the issue. Then there's the really, really poor issue that follows which is basically Hawkeye and Spider-Woman having a domestic dispute mid-battle, and some poor continuity research on the part of Brian Bendis by including a villain who should by all accounts not be able to be used at the moment.Each issue is pencilled by Walt Simonson, and whilst his style is very obviously dated and doesn't quite fit with modern comics at all, it is usually not too intrusive except perhaps in the Hulk issue, where Hulk is depicted extremely deformed and misshapen. Other than a few slight mishaps in earlier issues such as Thor's legs being different shapes, Simonson's art is decent, but I'd much rather almost any other artist be pencilling instead.

  • Mike
    2019-05-22 06:07

    My review will be spotty as I'm reading this interleaved with the rest of the Avengers vs. X-Men event books.There's some weird Geoff Johns-style fanboy stuff showing up in this book - Thor's entrance and speech patterns for one - and I wonder if it's Bendis sucking up to Walt Simonson, who's drawing here? It's a little embarrassing and feels out of place with Bendis' usual style. The beginning of this book feels weird too - Bendis wrapped up that storyline real quick (too quick for a game-changing threat to all heroes everywhere should have played out), but could've easily left it hanging and gotten straight into the AvX.Then Bendis plays with the Red Hulk, and has such an amazing opportunity to turn off the babble - get in the head of one of the most decisive characters in the Marvel U, and he just can't help himself - inner monologue at a time of decisive action, with Thunderbolt Ross? pfft. What a maroon. The rest of the brooding, gruff exterior just don't work after that misstep.The Rachel Summers thing seemed pretty interesting premise but bothersomely tedious in execution.The Fight with Negative Man was amusing amid the bickering between Hawkeye & Spider-Woman, so at least there's that. The Hydra angle is fun - I'd almost say exciting but Bendis squandered it in a single issue after this book.Not usually against Bendis, but on the basis of purely what's between the covers of this book - and even generally knowing the plot of the AvX event - this book is pretty terrible.

  • Neil
    2019-05-13 08:14

    As with most of Bendis' big runs... as he comes to a close, he seems to be phoning it in. AVX was one of the absolute worst things Marvel has ever done, and this tie in was only moderately interesting betrayal of Noh-Varr... which I've never quite understood, since how he was portrayed in the Avengers made little connection with his origins in the Morrison Marvel Boy series. Missable.

  • Jacob
    2019-05-22 08:13

    I'd already expressed how the Avengers vs. X-men book/event was a colossal let down so it's really no surprise this tie-in didn't fare any better. There are nice moments, but since I didn't care for the event on which the story was a major event within the Marvel universe not even Brian Bendis' natural dialogue and Walter Simonson's first pairing with him can save it.

  • Richard Guion
    2019-05-24 05:24

    My vote is split here. 5 stars for the artwork, Walter Simonson has lost nothing over the years, his artwork is superb. It's great to see him draw Thor, Hulk, and the other characters. 3 stars for the story, some good integration with the Avengers versus X-Men crossover, but ultimately it's superhero fast food. You will forget it soon after you read it.

  • Alex Sarll
    2019-05-08 04:12

    Obviously, it's Thor-heavy, because you don't get Walt Simonson on art and not give him plenty of the thunder god to draw - though the likeness here seems a little brutish compared to when Simonson made Asgard his own back on the solo title. Often, his epic work makes Bendis' bickering dialogue style seem outright bathetic, but he doesn't half draw a good Phoenix Force.

  • Angela
    2019-05-09 06:11

    The Avengers are still dealing with criminals as well as the X men. There's some fun with Spiderwoman and Hawkeye on a mission. Red Hulk decides on his own path. And Captain America goes through some real soul searching. A good read.

  • Jordan Lahn
    2019-05-09 08:22

    Reading this in the context of the series I enjoyed it even more than I did while reading it as part of the Avengers vs X-Men event. I still wasn't a huge fan of the Kree story, but I enjoyed the rest of it!Read Again: August 3, 2014

  • Daniel
    2019-05-05 07:07

    Still enjoying, the series and tie-ins.

  • Maggie (PeculiarPageLover)
    2019-05-16 01:28

    Just really good, like how all the books are similar but have a different story with a different plot for each book.

  • Sharon
    2019-05-11 04:09

    Individual issues on marvel unlimited

  • Frans Karlsson
    2019-05-12 07:26

    A tie-in to AvX.

  • Bobby Keough
    2019-05-19 08:04

    Liked it overall, a solid tie-in selection to AvX.

  • Julian Chavez
    2019-05-03 02:13

    Avengers fighting the X-Men just didnt intrest me becasue they should be freinds and battle together not fighting.