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New school. New friendships. New life. Not so much. Alexandra is pissed about her parents abandoning her. She's beyond pissed that her friends did the same. She's enraged because things are unclear about her brother's death now. So her first stop is at Jesse's house to demand answers. She wants to know why her brother was friends with the criminal crowd before he died andNew school. New friendships. New life. Not so much. Alexandra is pissed about her parents abandoning her. She's beyond pissed that her friends did the same. She's enraged because things are unclear about her brother's death now. So her first stop is at Jesse's house to demand answers. She wants to know why her brother was friends with the criminal crowd before he died and she knows he holds the answers. But when she sees him, she doesn't get the answers she expected. Instead, she finds out that their chemistry never faded and soon heats up again! Some habits die hard. Soon Jesse and Alex are back to their ways of sneaking around. He's a near-celebrity at school and she doesn't want to deal with the backlash of being his girlfriend. Alex is tired of being hurt so she's learned the lesson not to confide and lean on others. However, she can't seem to help herself when it comes to Jesse Hunt. The big question isn't if she will survive if their relationship goes public, it's if she will survive when the real truths about her family and brother come out? Or when she learns that Jesse knows more than what he's told her?...

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broken and screwed 2 Reviews

  • Anna
    2019-05-30 07:01

    5 Tijaned stars !!!My JESSE ....that's right MY JesseI'm making an official word definition/entry to Anna-pedia :TIJANEDThe act of reading a book like you are on crack. Chewing your nails like you are a beaver on crack. Sweating like you are a pig on crack. Your heart hurts from random palpitations. Your head hurts from trying to figure out what the F is going on. Your eyes hurt from practically bulging out of their sockets. Your girly parts are singeing from erupting into a molten lava quivering explosive combusting hot mess. The hottest mess. You finish the book and you float into nothingness.Are you following me? If you FEEL me've been Tijaned. Damn that's what I'm talking about. Wow. What a book!!!!!I loved getting Tijaned by this series!!! If you have not read book one DO IT NOW or this review will not make any sense. But that's ok....join the's all a part of being Tijaned. I'm a pretty smart lady, but I admit that after I finished Broken and Screwed book 1....I did not have a fucking clue. CLUELESS. Now that I've read both books....I still feel pretty damn clueless. I seek answers. Infinite answers. Is this book a cliffy? No. Is this story finished.....I don't think so. But again, I don't have a clue!!!This story picks up right where book one left off. Alex is starting college where Jesse goes. They see each other again and they ignite. Damn. The chemistry is smoking HOT. I love Jesse. Thank God he got his shit together!!!! He was irresistible and broody and angry and just so damn...Jesse. I loved him. I change my stance...I obviously now love Jerk-Assholes!I blame Tijan . I swooned like none other. Jesse, Jesse, Jesse......he really pulled through for me. He delivered some epic moments of greatness. I. can't. even. It will spoil your journey to getting Tijaned. I asked for Jesse to get his shit together and give Alex her happily ever after. THANK YOU JESSE !!!I loved when Jesse was uber protective. So sexy possesive....damn. I could go on and on!!!! Irresistible....please do yourself a favor and READ THIS BOOK. Get Tijaned! it will make you feel good! I PROMISE All my ladies in club Tijan ...Marilina baby bear, April, Michele, Christine Butterfly, Alison ..what an amazing "buddy read" ❤!!! Does anyone have an effing clue ??? ....the only thing I know with certainty is thatI love Jesse...that is all

  • Kristen
    2019-06-12 12:11

    GUILTY PLEASURE READ AND NOTHING MORE!!! This authors is my ADDICTION. My CRACK! My ESCAPE! My EXCEPTION. I can't get enough of her books. Her stories–all of them–will ALWAYS be 5 star reads for me because I don't read them like I do other books. They have become my escape, my guilty pleasure, my one exception. They encompass EVERYTHING that would normally drives me bat-shit-crazy, yet they don't. For whatever reason, they are in a class of their own and they work for me BIG TIME. I just hang on and enjoy the crazy ride.Note: This is my FAVORITE book by this author. :)

  • Christy
    2019-06-17 04:04

    5 Stars!Yes... I am stealing this word and definition from my Bestie Anna Champion. Because it describes how I feel about this series 100%. I have been...TIJANED TIJANED: The act of reading a book like you are on crack. Chewing your nails like you are a beaver on crack. Sweating like you are a pig on crack. Your heart hurts from random palpitations. Your head hurts from trying to figure out what the F is going on. Your eyes hurt from practically bulging out of their sockets. Your girly parts are singeing from erupting into a molten lava quivering explosive combusting hot mess. The hottest mess. You finish the book and you float into nothingness.Broken and Screwed and Broken and Screwed 2... I started book one at 9 am and I finished book 2 that night around midnight. Yes. I read both books in less than 24 hours... thats because they were like crack to me! Once I started, I wanted to do nothing else but read them. No husband, no cooking, no cleaning, no reviewing NOTHING else. Could not put them down! I was addicted to the feelings, the roller coaster of emotions, and mostly just ALL THINGS JESSE ♥ ♥ After the cliffy end of B&S, I was so happy to jump straight into B&S 2. Alex is starting over, or trying to. But she has questions. She needs answers. The only person who can help her is the one man she can’t resist. Jesse. Jesse was a jerk to her most of the first book, but he had his reasons. She is about to find them all out...Jesse is the big time athlete on campus. The guy all the girls want and all the guys want to be. But he only wants Alex. He wants to be with her, to tell her everything. But some secrets aren’t his to tell. Alex is conflicted. She wants Jesse more than anything, but for now its best if their relationship is secret. Only Cord really knows whats going on. And her new buddy Beth, who happens to catch them. Alex is happy with whatever she can get from Jesse. She’s only ever wanted him. She knows it won’t last, it never does with him. She’ll take him any way she can get him. She doesn’t understand that everything about to change. Everything she thinks she knew isn’t so. Jesse wants to be with Alex. Really be with her. No hiding around. But there is something big in the way. Alex still has questions that no one seems to be able to answer. Things Jesse knows but can’t tell. Until he can truly open up to her, she’s not sure if they can give it a real go. Jesse can’t tell her, but he can’t lose her either. No matter what, he can’t stay away. What happens when all the secrets come to light? When we find out what really was going on and what really happened?

This book. THIS BOOK! I loved every minute! Jesse Jesse Jesse! He is an amazing man! I loved him more in this book than the first! And Alex is pretty great too. In fact, most of the characters were awesome! I especially loved Cord! Even ones I didn’t love ( Tiffany and Jamie ) grew on me in the end. When I say MOST of the characters, I mean everyone except the parents. They were all p.o.s... Especially Alex’s dad. Grrr. For me, the B&S series is a must read! Just a fair warning: Start them sometime where you can devote some time to reading. Once you start, they are impossible to put down!!! My body melted onto his as I forgot what we were talking about. Nothing mattered. Jesse swept the demons away. I wanted him to sweep ours away, the one the two of us created.

  • Mariℓina
    2019-05-18 08:50

    WOW!I just finished the book i was waiting, for months to be released..I 'm not quite sure of how i feel..Mostly because my problem with the first one was the countless questions the unbearable cliffhanger left us with.. And to be frank i'm not sure i have my answers now..I feel that so many things left unsaid.. Even about situations that we were introduced to in this book.. Like Alexi for example.. Or what happened to Beth and she was broken..Also i was expecting some hatred and strange moments with Jesse.. Fights and all.. Everything, even their crazy and passionate relationship was timid..I mean we had a crazy Alex and an absent Jesse i missed them.. Yes the dysfunctioning relationship i missed it too.. Where is my drama?But don't get me wrong.. We got our story!Our answers, our drama.. Amazing new characters and glimpses of the old ones.. Even a new heartbreaking storyline to wait for..There were some moments that i cry a little.. Or felt so disturbed and my heart was hurting for them..I only wanted more Ethan and the past my two lovebirds shared..I mean like the detail that when Ethan wasn't looking they were touching hands.. AWWWWWWWW so romantic..I loved the first chapter because it was full on past.. I wanted more of it.. And more Jesse's confessions of love.. And Etahn's story GOD! What was that right?So tragic.. And now i have to focus on the two main characters.. Which both evolved so much.. They changed and i think now they found the right way to deal with their emotions and pain.. It maybe only right for them but that's the beauty of it.. That's why i loved them so much.. And the book was so brilliant.. In the end, no matter what they are family.. Those two forever.. AWWWWWWWWWI hope to see more of them in the next book(s)..THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK- I hate her father.. He was the source of all evil..- Her mother had lots of issues but maybe she will redeem herself in the future.. At least she tries..- Ethan, Ethan, Ethan.. WHY?- Jamie was an ass, but every family has one of them..- Beth and Hannah were something else..- I still like Cord.. So much..- Cara and Derek were a great couple..An air of normalcy..- Tifanny was a bitch but then cool..- Alexi.. WOW- Mellisa was back, changed and that is great.. Even Eric made a cameo appearance..- I like that we saw again Angie.. I liked her in the first book.. I liked their interaction in this one too.. I shed some tears there..- Alex felt Ethan's presence and the same happened to Alexi.. That was so heartbreaking..- It was so unbelievable how much Ethan loved his sister.. I think that someone should have helped him.. They thought it was only a phase but it ended up being the last straw..- The accident-suicide.. God why! It brought so much pain to everyone.. - I wouldn't have guessed Claire.. How much did that hurt too..- Jesse was great.. I love him..P.S.-I can't wait for Braille!!An EPIC mama bear-baby bear BR!!Love u mama bear!

  • NiCoLeTa E.
    2019-06-04 07:10

    That was epic!!!!And, yes... Finally i feel happy...Oh, man! I fell in love with this series soooo... much!!!Well, in the second part of this story everything was different...Alex left for the college without parents, without friends, without family and without Jesse. Thank god, they got to the same college!So,after some event that happen to the final chapters of previous book, she's trying to found out the truth for her brother's death... and who knows better than Jesse???From the first moment the atmosphere around them getting hotter and they started the hook-up once again....But something had change...Alex holding back herself and Jesse is more opened up to her than ever...Oh, man! Alex drove me nuts!!!! In the beginning, I couldn't understand her at all! After a while, i realise that her attitude was because of her broken and screwed life... And that makes her scared and insecure and a litle bitchy. Oups!!!I wanna to shake her up and scream in her face "Wake up, Alex!"How many proofs she wanted???? Didn't just see the signs???And Jesse... Whoa!!! His attitude was the opposite than the first book.He was more insecure, he was showing more emotion and he wasn't hiding it when get hurt by Alex.He claim her all the time and she stand beside her. Oh, my sweetie...Alex, you underestamated him because you were afraid that he will rejected you like all the others did...And finally, Ethan. My poor Ethan! After i heard your story, i understand you better.But i still don't like that you're holding back Jesse from Alex. Because of you, they became so broken!!!And yes, Jesse and Alex finally won a new family full of friends!!!They were all of them georgeous and very lovables...I miss you guys!!!! All of you...Oh! I forgot! For one more time, i have to say that their parents both Alex's and Jesse's was shitty!!! They suck...

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-06-06 04:55

    3.5 Stars"Was it too much to hope that he wouldn't leave when he realized how broken and screwed up I was?" I finished it! I was dragging there for a bit but I did it! When it was all said and done, I liked the story...I think. Alex's refussal to go public with her relationship with Jess drove me insane. I would have been working that. I mean Jesse was like a god at this college for goodness sake! I would have had minions etc., but Alex's is above fakeness I get it. I guess. Jesse and Alex's relationship and feelings for one another were strong throughout the story. They made a great couple, once Alex got it through her thick skull how much she mattered to Jesse."You were my fucking sanctuary, that's what you were to me. You were my guilty indulgence. I should've stayed away from you, but I couldn't. I still can't. Jeezus. Look at me. I'm damn near on my knees here."All SECRETS are revealed and not only does Alex make new friends, she reconciles with old ones and finds "family". It was a crazy ride and most definitely frustrating at times. This author sure isn't predictable. She kind of goes around, around and around before getting to the heart of the story, but by the end it worked...go figure.P.S. Cord Tatum is yummy!

  • Jess
    2019-05-27 08:59

    4.5 starsPlease don’t read this review if you have not read book 1 there are spoilers below. I could not wait to get off this rollercoaster! Yep see that poor defenseless, scared little girl, that was me during this book. I knew something was going to happen I knew there was way more to the story then we found out in book 1. And it was like every turn in this book had me on edge. I was like a starving bird finding scraps of bread on the ground, every situation I picked through the conversation grabbing every scrape of information to ascertain any clue to WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON! Ok 4.5 stars because…No. 1 - I couldn't put it down it had me up till 3am and as soon as I stirred in the morning I grabbed my reader and started again at 7.12am. I’m not a morning person so this is HUGE!No. 2 – The ending GAH! I feel like I just ate a big ass block of chocolate and they didn't add the actual chocolate or sugar to it! I worked my ass off to get through book 1 & 2, my heart was on the line and I deserved an OUT OF THIS WORLD HEA!Obviously there is a 3rd book but it’s not about Jesse and Alex. (view spoiler)[And come on! One of her last thoughts at the end of this book was that if her and Jesse ever broke up that she would still live in his house because she was his family! I mean COME ON!!! That right there just had both books, just incinerate right in front of me! Did my pain through those books mean nothing! No! I suffered, so you will both stay together forever and have lots of babies!!! (hide spoiler)]No. 3 - There were things that happened in this book that didn't make any sense or have a reason for it. And where’s the explanation about Alex’s Dad, you can’t just have that in there and the matter not be dealt with! OK this part is important because as negative as I was in the last 2 points what kept me reading was the story… Ethan… I wanted to know what happened. I wanted closure for Alex and Jesse. I think Jesse found his closure but it wasn't really highlighted in how or when it happened. Ethan is Alex’s brother and Jesse's bestfriend. Ethan died in a car crash, you learn this right away in book 1 but Ethan is all through this series and I’m not talking about memories I’m talking about Alex she lived and breathed his death, and she couldn't get over it. She would have been able to if her HORRIBLE parents hadn't up and left her to start a whole new life without her. Lose her brother and lose both her parents at the same time they both may as well have been in the car with him. *sigh* The sad truth is Alex will never get over losing Ethan and her parents it shaped her into a new person, she’s broken and she understands that and she’s living with it the best way she can. Don’t expect an epic love story in this series. Jesse and Alex aren't lovey dovey they go days and weeks without talking or calling yet when they get back together they can’t bear to be apart that didn't appeal to me at all. Damn hot sex scene’s though! I didn't get Jesse AT ALL! I mean they were family, he loves her? Yet she spent Christmas day on her own! And yes he said some very sweet things… but he never backed them up with actions except for confrontations when things came to light. He never pushed Alex for the truth when he knew something was wrong. He never seemed to look further into anything than what was right in front of him. He was protective, possessive (sometimes) but he had no problems walking away from her. But I think if I read the book from his point of view I would probably be saying something completely different. There just wasn't enough information on him or about him and his day to day actions to grasp how Jesse really felt. And that confused me the most! I liked Hannah, Beth, God even Tiffany & Jamie, Kara and Cord. I think if Cord gets a book it’s going to be my favorite.So I think you can see from my review that I hate to love this book and I wouldn't have it any other way! ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Lora
    2019-05-31 08:53

    I have to wait till AUGUST?!? Say what! With a cliff hanger like that!! Uhggg... I seriously don't know how I'm going to survive that long... :(

  • Candace
    2019-05-18 10:10

    After finishing 'Broken and Screwed', I had to start this book immediately. As much as I hate to admit it, I have found myself utterly captivated with the petty, back-stabbing, shallow, high school dramatics that fill the pages of Tijan's books. Considering everything, most of these characters should be unappealing at best...and insanely offensive at the worst. However, rather than wanting to throw my Kindle across the room, I have been completely absorbed with this story. Bravo, Tijan!Very similar to the first book, Jesse and Alex continue with their on again, off again, emotional relationships. Think "Broken and Screwed: The College Years". Same dynamics, same jealous, social-climbing girls, just a little older now.What made this book stand out from the first book for me was the additional revelations r/t Ethan's death. The mystery surrounding his death is finally revealed. I kind of suspected part of the secret, but hadn't figured out all of it by a long shot.Additionally, Alex's parents offer some half-assed explanations for their inexcusable actions. While their insincere words didn't elicit any sympathy from me, I did immensely enjoy it when Alex finally gave them a piece of her mind. Finally, the girl has quit being a doormat! Let's face it, these two had to be some of the worst parents ever. Somebody needed to rip into them and I'm glad it was Alex.Overall, it was an enjoyable read with a satisfying conclusion. I would have liked more details about some of the supporting characters, like Beth and Marissa, but maybe those doors were left open to be continued in their own spin-offs. I would like to see those characters have their stories told also.I listened to the Audible version for books 1 and 2 in this series and the narration was great. If you're a fan of audiobooks, I would recommend this as a good choice.

  • Steffi De Ceuster♥
    2019-05-23 04:18

    So I wasn't sure about the rating..Because there were a lot of things I disliked, I know it's just a book but it still isn't fun to read. I read to relax and enjoy it and that's why I don't like certain things because that happens in real life.So Jesse lies to Alex about Tiffany I disliked that because for a moment I felt at ease and then a few chapters further we learned the truth and was a nah.. No liars.. I know he probably thought it was for the best but nah..I hated Tiffany, but at the end I could stand her a bit.. Because she explained a bit and I understood her more. But I don't know about Jamie because he was at the verge of (view spoiler)[ Raping Hannah it doesn't matter if she was drunk she didn't want it and he was trying to keep her drunk.. (hide spoiler)] and everyone seems to forget that little thingy and is forgiving and then suddenly Jamie is a very nice guy.. It was just so sudden and Tiffany took him back, like seriously?Toward the end it all kind of felt rushed, I don't know If I'm the only one but that's how it felt to me. Now I'm curious about Cord and why he was arrested so much. Is there a Cord book?Also what for sh*t parents does she have, I can't understand how people would do such things! The father is really crazy like that's the way to hide something just so you can have a good name.. Really? Go f*ck yourself is what I would tell em! (I'm sorry I know how it is to have people like that around (not my own parents) )

  • Vaso
    2019-06-10 07:54

    Well, I think this second book made us understand a lot about the characters of Alex and Jesse...Their relationship became better in many ways, Jesse was completely different and FINALY all the secrets revealed to us...The love between the two of them was there, but none could admit this feeling.For what it worths, I will never forgive Alex's parents-especialy her mother. Even though, in the end she apologized for what she'd done. Being a mother myself, I would NEVER EVER chose a man instead of my children...A special thanks to my friend Nicoleta, who insisted to read this series.I totaly LOVED it!!!

  • Kj
    2019-05-30 05:15

    I always to try to be honest with my book reviews. Authors work so hard on these books that I always want to give them credit for their work and that is the only reason I will give this book 3 stars.I was angry, confused, and frustrated for most of the first two books in the series. The name of the series Broken And Screwed fits it perfectly. These people are definitely broken and Tijan totally"SCREWED with my head."This was a book I couldn't put down but the whole thing was a clusterfuck of craziness.There were times when events happened in the book with no rhyme or reason. It really seemed like the writer was just trying to fill pages. This happened in the first book as well. For instance the characters all went to bar. They walked to the back had a conversation with someone and then someone said oh it's time to go. I didn't get the point of that trip to the bar. This happened in the first book not this one but this theme carried on throughout the series. The whole reason Alex's dad was ignoring her was beyond me. What did she do? The book never really said why she was the target of his madness and if it did I totally over looked it through my confusion. It seemed like this author made the story more complicated then it needed to be. I think the same story could have been told in a simpler, easier to understand method. I'm not sure if this is Tijan's writing style or if it was just in the Broken and Screwed series. I don't really care about grammatical errors or punctuation as long as I can understand the story the author is trying to tell. 90% of how I rate my books is on the story and the way the story was told. This was a good story and I enjoyed some of it but I felt that I had to work too hard to put the pieces together. Some writers have a way of letting those pieces fall into place clearly and in this series I did not feel that this writer was able to do that.There were things I enjoyed about this book and one of them was Jesse. He really redeemed himself from who he seemed to be in the first book. We found out more of why Jesse was the way he was and I loved seeing him care for Alex in a more loving way then in the first book. Also Hannah, Beth, Tiffany, Kara and Cord were much more likable then Alex's high school friends. I liked Cord a lot and I hope he will have his own book. I would like to see what makes him tick and why he is damaged. The writer also had a way of keeping me hooked into the story even though I was frustrated and unhappy about the way the story was told I kept turning the pages because I had to know what was going to happen to these characters.Also the final revelation about Ethan's death was a little convoluted. I think a lot of it made sense but some extra things were thrown in that the story didn't really need. I think that's the case with the whole book. The author overdid the story when this would have been a 5 star story without the extra drama. The extra drama really overshadowed the best parts of this story.Overall I am glad I read both of these books and I enjoyed Jesse and Alex's story. The ending was a little unsatisfying for me. I would have liked to see an epilogue but I assume that there will be more to come in the series. Perhaps centering on another couple but will include cameo's or side stories of Alex and Jesse. If this is the case I would love to read the next in the series. I am invested in seeing this group of broken and screwed up people to the end.

  • Kara
    2019-05-25 06:50

    Wow. This book. Wow. Jesse such a mystery. Families aren't always fantastic ... It really makes one appreciate the ones we can call family! I've now also been "Tijaned"...thanks Anna!

  • Maria Bikaki
    2019-06-04 04:56

    Mmmm this is difficult. Maybe one of the hardest reviews I have ever made. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean I didn’t like the book I just have so many mixed feelings right now. Let’s take things from the beggining. I rate the book with 4 stars (3.5 actually). Jesse and Alex really got into my heart , I laughed, I cried with them they really got under my skin but if I want to be honest I am not so sure that if they weren’t about alex and Jessie I would rate the book so high because book 2 wasn’t exactly what I expected and left me a little incomplete. I still have questions I still think there are some unsaid things. Book one left us with so many answered questions and I am not sure I got all my answers. We left Alex trying to start over but she had so manyquestions and Jessie was the only person that could give her answers.. In book two we are watching Alex still trying to deal with her grief and the abandonment of her parents and I was ok with that but my problem was that there were times I felt that the author was trying to fill the pages with stories and events I didn’t actually care at all. I liked almost everyone of the new characters, I liked the fact that alex found new friends but I needed answers and I didn’t care so much to feel touched by other broken people. I just wanted MY broken people back. I wanted more Jessie and AlexWhat I am trying to say is that it was a good story there is no doubt about that but there were times I felt lost like I was making a puzzle and it was impossible to get all the pieces together. I strongly believe that with all the new characters things got little more complicated than I wanted and the story was interesting and heartwarming on her own to need more. It would be a clear 5 star book to me if I hadn’t had to deal with all the extra drama and useless information.Even though I am not exactly satisfied with the way the rest of the story was told I must say that tijan managed to keep my interest until the end. Both frustrated to be honest but at least with high curiosity for what was about to happen. What I liked the most in this book I guess it was Jessie. He was a complete jerk in book, he treated alex more like trash but behind every behavior there is a reason and in book two everything was explained. Actually Jessie surprised me in this book. His attitude was exactly the opposite from the first book. The hottest guy in camp was ready to beg and do everything needed in order to be with Alex. He was more human, caring and protective and he finally understood that it was time to give alex the position she worths in his life even though alex was insecure and she didn’t want to go in public with their relationship. About Ethan’s story I am not sure what I am feeling. I was touched by his drama, really touched but can’t deny that the guy really pissed me off and with his death didn’t only harm himself but so many other people too. He chose the easy way, he didn’t even fought, and not only that he left a bunch of people broken trying to deal not only with their grief but also with the shit he left behind. Don’t get me wrong I know not every people are strong, not every people have the strength to confront life, I can understand him but don’t tell me to justify himAbout the ending I liked the fact that Jessie and Alex found a “new” familyI missed though a Jessie and Alex epilogue I wish tijan could give us a little more of our favorite broken people together

  • Diana
    2019-06-04 09:16

    This is another one of Tijan's books that I had to read straight through. The funny thing is that I really liked this book, and yet there were things that felt very incomplete. The whole story with the parents, and even Ethan seemed rushed or glossed over. I was like, wait, what just happened here??? I still think there are holes in Marissa's story and Beth's story; things were introduced that were never detailed. I have noticed this happening in other Tijan books where storylines seem to rush forward before you even know what is happening or what just happened. It confuses me because I love the fast pace of her books, and yet I wish the storylines were more robust. I gave this 4 Stars because I was craving twists and turns and drama, and this book delivered that. I'm left wanting in a few areas though, and I'm not sure I will ever be entirely satisfied with Tijan's books because of the holes and gaps and incomplete storylines I've encountered in her stories. However, I can't stop reading them. They satisfy the angst I seek when I get in my moods. I did like Jesse better in this one, he was more human and showed some actual emotion. He's definitely not one of my favorite book heroes, but Alex and Jesse were both very broken and at least I feel better about their relationship.

  • Jen72
    2019-05-17 08:13

    Hugely disappointed, thought i would risk reading this 2nd book to see if It redeemed the 1st- Hell No!I hardly ever leave bad reviews, I think with most books I'm easily pleased and I read a lot! Again found that something was lacking, their characters seemed shallow, not explained very well and I just had no empathy for them because Of this. We found out what the big secret was and without spoilers thought it was just ridiculous. Skimmed read from about 50% just to get closure. Sorry will not be recommending this or the next book.I'm done!!

  • AprilA
    2019-06-13 07:17

    If you haven't read Broken and Screwed, then stop here and go read that before reading this review. It's worth reading, just do it. This one gets a solid 4.5 STARS from me. The only issue I have with it and the reason for the 1/2 star deduction is that I want more. The characters are left in a happy place technically, but it's not left feeling finished. There's a third book coming, but it seems these characters will not be the PRIMARY focus of that one. I'm hoping their true HEA and epilogue will come in it though. It better! I want more Jesse and Alex!As for this story... It can be summed up in this:It's the summer after Alex's parents formally abandoned her. Asshats that they are. Since it happens in the first couple of pages, I don't think it's a spoiler to say that (view spoiler)[when they do that, she totally loses herself and then her friends abandon her too because they can't deal (hide spoiler)]. So she is now suffering from the worst case of abandonment ever. She also knows that Jesse knows more about what happened with Ethan than he's shared and she wants some freaking answers. As the book opens, she arrives at college and her first stop is Jesse's home. She walks in to demand answers, but he's not there. Instead she runs into Cord. Who I end up kind of liking. Go figure. He can be a total dick to the girls he's with, but I don't think I have a lot of sympathy for the girls. He proves to be a terrific friend to Alex and to Jesse. Alex has been attempting to get in touch with Jesse all summer, but he hasn't returned a single text or call. They're brought back into contact with each other and in some ways, Alex is right back where she was. She can't resist Jesse or the comfort he offers. She has no other comfort. She doesn't tell him about the awful thing her parents did in abandoning her. And I get her reasoning. When someone who is supposed to love you unconditionally leaves you and the only reason you have for it is that you weren't loveable enough for them, it makes sense you'd think telling others about it would just make them think you aren't lovable. "I didn't know what I would do if Jesse saw the same defect in me as my parents did, if he waked away as they had."This was me while reading most of this book:Alex wanted so bad to take what Jesse offered, but she didn't trust that it would stay and she had good reason. Jesse didn't do a lot to offer reassurances because he didn't realize how needed they were and because he was dealing with his own emotional mess. "I'd take what I could get for now. Maybe enough of me would heal that I wouldn't be so shattered when he eventually left.Alex makes a new friend named Beth and her cousin Heather. Both of whom are a trip. Tijan has a way of making you unsure if you should love or hate secondary characters because you never know who is going to whip out the knife and shred your heroine. It was pretty clear early on that Beth and Heather would be the friends Angie and Marissa could never prove themselves to be. They have their own very deep seated issues, but they're awesome friends.There's a cast of mean girls. Some of whom manage to redeem themselves towards the end. I won't say who or how. But I love how Tijan can make me despise someone and then not hate them two pages later. Throughout this story, Jesse and Alex exist in a limbo of sorts while they try to sort out their issues. There were so many things I wanted to say to so many characters. Things I wanted to scream at them while beating them sometimes. I'm happy to say, every word I wanted shouted was shouted and with masterful skill. It would be too much a spoiler to go into detail about all of them, but just rest assured... All the dirty laundry gets aired to who it should and it feel fan-freaking-tastic. There's one particular scene with Jesse and (view spoiler)[Alex's dad (hide spoiler)] which made me want to plant a big fat kiss on Jesse and wear a number one finger shouting his praises. This story comes to a satisfying conclusion. I share this for those like me who hate to open a story and be left on a cliffhanger when the next installment is not out. Thanks to Anna sharing that with me, I was able to brave this series. Thanks, girl! However, as I mentioned earlier, I want more. There's a third coming, but it's name is connected to some very intriguing secondary characters. I look forward to it, but I also hope there will be more to Jesse and Alex and we will see them REALLY get that HEA! ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Lia
    2019-05-19 10:05

    I loved it. It was so emotional , my heart was beating ! I highly recommend this book!. It was my favorite read in 2015 until now

  • Nazarene Static
    2019-06-03 05:56

    No, the writing didn't get better, but she writes about dealing with grief really well!After the final loss Alexandra experiences, she snaps. Her only objective is to get to University and confront Jesse, but who is she kidding? One look at Jesse and she's wondering...What is an objective?I have already said in the review for the previous book that the actual storytelling/writing is flawed but the plot is strong. I loved the confrontation and the semi plot twist. I also like the gradual progression of the main characters and their relationship.I may try another book or series by Tijan because she tells good stories, the delivery in these two books just wasn't what it could have been.

  • Paula
    2019-06-06 12:19

    I just cracked out on another Tijan book! I lurve Jesse! I really, really like this series. Which is odd because the heroine made me want to smack her many times. And the ridiculous drama and angst would've usually turned me off, yet there is something about Tijan's storytelling that held me captive to the pages. It was like watching a really bad soap unfold in front of you but you can't stop watching because you have to know what's going to happen next. Total crack. This series is entertaining and addictive! I will definitely be checking out the rest of Tijan's other books.

  • Alexis *Reality Bites*
    2019-06-05 07:54

    Soooo freaking GOOD!4.5 STARS! I WANT MORE!!! Review to come when I get my writing mojo back! Peace out!

  • Karen
    2019-06-13 12:20

    4 stars - I didn't like it as much as the first book.I like Jesse and Alex very much and I'm sad the next book in the B&S series won't be about them anymore..It really frustrates me when authors don't stick to their original MC's. I like the side characters and I know many people love it when they get their own book, but I don't. I get too invested in the MC's I guess..

  • Lala_Loopsie [fire breathing B!tch Queen]
    2019-06-07 07:09

    This book deserves 3.4 broken and screwed stars. That's how the book was, broken and screwed. I guess I did like the story, but it had too much drama for me, if you know what I mean. Just too much. But overall it was fairly good.

  • Siobhan Davis
    2019-05-19 11:17

    Review to follow.

  • Zizz
    2019-06-11 12:17

    Ummmm, what????That's pretty much my reaction reading Tijan's books. I've read bits and pieces of Broken and Screwed when it was originally in her LJ account. And since I got no closure or anything really from that first book, I felt compelled to read the sequel. Actually, I wasn't half-guessing things most of the time like I usually do with Tijan's books. But I've come to accept the fact that her characters are just too dramatic for their own good. At one point, Alex scared off someone by looks alone. I thought it was going the PNR route but nope. As with the sequel for Fallen Crest, this second book feels like it lacked a general plot too. Speaking of FCP, this set up reminds me so much of that - only this is in college as opposed to high school. Hot shot guy, snotty popular kids, worst parents ever, and uncaring lead who has shut herself off from pretty much the rest of the world.

  • Nini K!
    2019-05-27 07:17

    5 Stars!This book had my emotions all over the place! I felt everything! Hatred, anger, pain, tears, fear but also love and joy. Seriously, at some point I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall and then I wanted to hug it... The whole storyline had me on edge. And at the end we got our answers. But Tijan let here and there room to continue the story. I would love another one!So Alex moves to college and after all she'd been through she is not in a state of mind. Her story had a death grip over my heart. All the back and forth with Jesse made nearly yell at my Kindle. I wanted just to grab her by the shoulders and shake her!And Jesse, my sweet Jesse... (he was in this one) He's been through the same shit, plus all the guild he felt over Ethan's death. So heartbreaking. You have to see for yourself, if you haven't read it, what are you waiting for!?

  • **Manjula ♥ Connor Cobalt**
    2019-05-21 05:16

    My favorite college romance this year. I've been searching for a book like this for the past 2 months now. Loved every minute of it. The drama isn't as bad as the Crest series but it's still riveting.

  • Bing
    2019-06-08 10:51

    Book 2 was all about their road to healing. It showed more of Jesse's past and his slow descent to emotional hell. In book 1, he was closed off, indifferent, even callous, with only a glimpse of his caring side towards Alex. Alex, on the other hand, was numb and in denial of what was going on in her life. They got together at a time when they were both so messed up. They didn't realize how they treated each other or how they hurt each other. It seemed like their relationship was just for sexual release and feelings were never spoken.Jesse had changed a lot in this book.. and it was a welcome change. He still had issues but he stopped fighting his feelings for Alex. Instead, he worked on the things preventing them from being upfront with how much they meant to each other. Yes, Jesse was a lot stronger and solid in this book. But that didn't mean he got a reprieve from life's challenges. He just learned to handle them and feel the pain and guilt, while at the same time, be there for Alex too. That was his biggest improvement in this book. He was no longer the guy who flit in and out of her life when things got too much for him and he needed an escape. He was also there when Alex was overwhelmed with all the drama in her family.As Jesse and Alex plowed through the mess of secrets, discoveries, revelations and even interference from people around them, they learned to face them together. They acknowledged that they were stronger together, and if all else failed, having each other gave them a sense of peace despite the chaos surrounding them.New interesting characters were introduced but their stories were still unexplored and questions were still unanswered. I guess that was intentionally done to set up the possibility for their own books. I don't mind that at all. Jesse and Alex were at a good place at the end of this book. Not happily ever after yet, but happy and contented for now.

  • Elifobeth
    2019-05-27 04:03

    ใจจริงอยากเขียนรีวิวเล่มนี้มากกว่าเล่มแรกอีก เพราะเล่มนี้ลงตัวมากกว่าเล่มแรกเยอะ แต่ดันปล่อยไว้นานไปหน่อย ตอนนี้ลืมรายละเอียดเรื่องไปเยอะแล้วเล่มนี้เป็นเรื่องต่อจากBroken and Screwed ซึ่งอ่านเล่มแรกจบควรมาอ่านเล่มนี้ต่อทันที เพราะจริงๆแล้วทั้งสองเรื่องเป็นเรื่องเดียวกัน สิ่งที่เล่มแรกเสนอคือเรื่อวราวของอเล็กกับเจสซี่ในช่วงที่เจ็บช้ำจากการเสียชีวิตของพี่ชายและเพื่อนสนิท(ช่วงมัธยมปลาย) ในขณะที่เล่มนี้จะเป็นเรื่องของพระนางที่เริ่มรักกันและการพัฒนาความสัมพันธ์ ปมพ่อแม่ของอเล็กและพี่ชายจะมาเฉลยในเล่มนี้แหละ เราไม่อยากเล่ามาก (เพราะจำไม่ได้ได้แล้ว ฮ่าา) เรื่องนี้มันเด่นตรงที่พระนางปรับความเข้าใจกันนี่แหละ ทุกอย่างดีมาก โหมดเจ็บช้ำก็เยอะอยู่ ซึ่งส่วนใหญ่มาจากครอบครัวนางเอกที่รักเจสซี่มากกว่าอเล็กซึ่งเป็นลูกสาวจริงๆของตัวเอง อเล็กเข้ามหาลัยก็เริ่มที่จะมีสังคมใหม่ คบเพื่อนใหม่ๆ ซึ่งเพื่อนคราวนี้ก็ต่างจากเพื่อนในเล่มแรกโดยสิ้นเชิงซึ่งจะเห็นได้ว่าความสัมพันธ์ของอเล็กกับเพื่อนสนิทสมันมัธยมไปได้ไม่ดีเท่าไหร่ เล่มนี้เพื่อนใหม่และเพื่อนเก่าจะได้มาเจอกัน ซึ่งสนุกมาก เราชอบมากกกก เราว่าความสัมพันธ์ของเพื่อนมันจริงจนน่ากลัว ส่วนใหญ่นิยายชอบเล่าถึงเพื่อนที่รักกันปานจะกลืนกิน Best Friend Foreverซึ่งเราก็มีเพื่อนแบบนี้เหมือนกัน บางทีเราก็เป็น แต่เล่มนี้มันแสดงให้เห็นความเป็นเพื่อนกันจริงๆ เราสามารถยอมรับการตัดสินใจของเพื่อนเราได้ไหม? เราทิ้งความคาดหวังจากอุดมคติของเราได้ไหม? เราควรตัดสินใจเพื่อนเราจากปัจจัยที่เราคิดไปเองไหม? โห้ยยยย ดราม่ามากกกก ชอบ ทั้งหมดคือเราสามารถคงความสัมพันธ์ของเพื่อน แม้จะผิดใจกันไปได้ไหม สำหรับเรา เรื่องนี้มันครบจริงๆ ทั้ง ความรักของพระนาง ความสัมพันธ์ระหว่างกลุ่มเพื่อน(นางเอก&เพื่อนมัธยม&เพื่อนมหาลัย) และความขัดแย้งในครอบครัว ถ้าเรามีเวลาเราคงกลับมาอ่านอีกรอบแหละ มันทั้งหวานทั้งเศร้า สนุกมากกก

  • Esmée
    2019-05-28 10:20

    You were my fucking sanctuary, that’s what you were to me. You were my guilty indulgence. I should’ve stayed away from you, but I couldn’t. I still can’t. Jeezus. Look at me. I’m damn near on my knees here.So. This was hot. I've been re-reading Tijan books in one sitting, because I'm just in the mood for some angsty romance and this is just that. Tijan writes the best fucked-up-main-character-and-hot-brooding-male romance and I love it. I read these books in one setting, they're just that addictive. I upped my rating for this book from 4 to 5 stars. I don't even know why I only gave it 4 stars in the first place. This is once of my favourite contemporary books and I loved it even more the second time around (well obviously, since the rating went up, but whatever). I loved Jesse and Alex, and how it all came together. I also really liked that Alex finally met some friends who were not constantly trying to screw her over or backstab her. Jesse was sweet in this book, showing his love for Alex a bit more every time, supporting her through all the issues she had to work through and being protective and just cute about her. I was a bit annoyed with Alex at times, but in a sense that made her realistic. Of course someone is going to be fucked up after losing their brother and being dumped by their parents. It doesn't just magically go away. She did not act like the special perfect virgin girl who is going to magically change the brooding angry love interest, like most main characters in the contemporaries I've read. So yeah, great book if you're looking for a hot angsty romance. I'm going to continue my Tijan binge for sure.