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Alexa & Vincent's StoryAlexa Schaefer has been through more pain and hurt in her life than your average twenty-eight year old. She protects her heart by controlling everything around her and living her life according to a strict set of rules. For years, she has lived behind a wall, not allowing anyone into her heart. That is, until she meets Vincent, a man she can't geAlexa & Vincent's StoryAlexa Schaefer has been through more pain and hurt in her life than your average twenty-eight year old. She protects her heart by controlling everything around her and living her life according to a strict set of rules. For years, she has lived behind a wall, not allowing anyone into her heart. That is, until she meets Vincent, a man she can't get out of her head no matter what she tells herself. On the outside, Vincent Mileski appears to be a confident, no nonsense attorney. A prodigy in the field of law, he has just won the biggest case of his career. Needing out of the spotlight, Vincent moves back to his home state of Colorado to get some time alone to heal from a previous betrayal. He hasn’t had a woman turn his head in years, that is, until he meets Alexa. After only knowing her name and the sweet taste of her kiss, she is torn from his arms. Will fate bring these two back together, or will they spend an eternity searching?...

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Fatalism Reviews

  • Chris- Bookaddict
    2019-05-26 12:17

    5 Holy Hotness Stars !!!!!!LK Collins did an amazing job with this Debut novel of total HOTNESS !!! She pulls you in from the first page and fills your mind with all the hotness, to the point you might need to change your panties when your done reading. The storyline and characters where amazing, she totally made me feel like I was right there in the middle of it all and I LOVED every minute of it. Alexa was Awesome. I loved her character , she has been through a lot of pain and hurt in her 28 yrs of life. She protects her heart by controlling everything around her and living her life according to a strict set of rules. For years she lived behind a wall, not letting anyone into her heart at all. All of this changes the day she meets Vincent. Vincent, Hot, Amazing, insatiable, kind hearted, total alpha man attorney. Did I mention he was HOT , like TOTALLY HOT, STEAMY, MAKE YOU NEED A SHOWER AFTER !!!!! I LOVED Vincent 100% from the moment he came into the story. He has not hard a woman turn his head in their direction in years. Until he see’s Alexa. He is no holds bared with Alexa and he knows she feels what he feels between them and he is not going to stop at nothing to get her to realize it also. “If you decide to give us a chance, I promise you won’t regret it. If you only knew the things I want to do to you, I don’t think there is a way you could say no.”“Do you have any idea how amazing you are? I want to savor our first time together. I have been thinking about being inside of you all day. I want to see your perfect body and learn your every curve.”SEE TOTAL HOTNESS RIGHT THERE !!!!!!I loved the friendship between Alexa & Cara , always looking out for each other no matter the situation, they were total BFF’s all the way . I can not wait to get Cara’s Story !!!!!!That is all you are going to get from me because I do not want to ruin this totally HOT book for anyone. I will say this BUY, READ IT, and prepare to be fanning yourself while your reading !!!!!!WOW wait until you all Meet Kane (Vincent) Mileski . He will Melt your heart like no one else !!!!! Got my ARC and I can not wait to dig into this one tonight :)

  • Teen
    2019-06-11 10:01

    I probably shouldn't even write a review since I am not one to bash a debut novel. I really admire a new author for being courageous by putting their hard work and imagination out there for all the world to critique. Taking a chance and risking it all is a scary notion so I have the utmost respect for those who dare to dream and go for it.With that said, this book was difficult to complete though I stuck it out to be fair. There were so many spelling and grammar issues, I highlighted something (often more than once) on every page. I noticed the author thanked an editor in her acknowledgements and the only thing I can say is that they performed a disservice and I would request a refund. An example is the word "smelt" used multiples times instead of "smelled" and there are many more. In addition, the improper use of the comma, colon, and semii-colon drove me nuts. Also, there were so many run-on sentences it was difficult to follow. I suppose I should also mention the author's repetitive use of words or phrases used in descriptions. The term "inside of me" was used 7 times in one paragraph. Boring. Expanding the vocabulary a bit will definitely improve the sex scenes, which were creative. (I liked the shower scene). As for the characters, the only one with any depth to them was Bridgett, who was a secondary character and who played little in the overall story. Making this story a bit longer by adding a bit more back story and having the characters better express their inner thoughts would have made this a better read.I've done enough damage so I'll end this by just mentioning that there are so many resources available to an author that could have made this a better book. Examples of which include a reputable editor, talented Beta's, current thesaurus, etc. You can do better than this....I see potential.

  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-06-01 10:29

    FREE today on Amazon US (2/22/2014).

  • R.L. Griffin
    2019-06-02 08:06

    This book is awesome, steamy, sexy... you get the point. (I only give 5 stars if my life was changed by a book and in 457 books it's like 5 books so this is my highest rating really). It was so good I read it in one day, ignoring my kid and husband. I don't want to give anything away because it's not out, but you have to put this on your TBR list now. I'm so excited about this book it was HOT!!!!! Sexy, sexy, sexy from the first couple of pages you get a glimpse into the chemistry between Alexa and Vincent. It gets better and better. Cannot recommend it enough.

  • Kim Person
    2019-06-05 16:24

    When I started Fatalism I was totally find it is set in Denver ~ Yes I live in Colorado and I was familiar with the setting ~ Alexa doesn't get close to anyone ~ she doesn't trust ~ she grew up in a situation that left her with essentially doubts about her herself. But isn't it easier to do the whole I don't date then open your heart? Well, I had to ...I'm used to books where the "guy" has never been in a relationship or dated and I have to say Fatalism was a first for me where the girl hasn't been in one! Alexa's out on the town with her sister celebrating her sisters birthday when she literally....and is caught by Vincent! One look and we KNOW that Vincent is GORGEOUS and a bold move by Alexa then she is swept away by her friends! She can't stop thinking about this gorgeous guy and they only exchanged first names. Now here is where I started acting like a...see they do see each other again. Oh yes! and Alexa is shocked when she see's Vincent but more so when she finds out exactly WHO he is. At first I wanted to ....that cray-cray Alexa and tell her jump the man ~ sure I like to speed things up ~ but the storyline evolved and come to find out Vincent is not only gorgeous but he is truly 100% into Alexa ~ this is the kind of guy if you saw on the street you would...Alexa & Vincent both open themselves up to trusting one another. It's not only Alexa that has something to lose by trusting or feeling like that do. When these two meet between the sheets and there is..yes they are hot enough together to ..the mattress! Oh yes this is quite the VERY steamy read but with the perfect amount of getting to know the two characters! There were plenty of times that I read what was going on and literally....yes Vincent is that GOOD! I could feel something was going to happen and when it did I wanted to ..the person who stirs the pots ass! I'm not saying who cause you can read and feel that one coming! Oh I certainly had quite a few..Cami & Able ~ Able is Vincent's hunky tattooed firefighter older brother ~ we get his story yet so a little time out for me to..okay back to the story at hand those two cracked me up! They had quite an "interesting" approach to one another! I really started to get..after someone tries to interfere thinking this was it and I was going to be left HANGING hard ~ There are emotional issues that both Vincent & Alexa (Lex to her friends) both have to deal with during the book that had me ...and both had a very sad story to tell! I was so happy that "fate" decided to play a part in both their lives and when I got to the glorious Epilogue I was totally..Fatalism is LK's first book and I have to commend her for a good read. She took the time to develop a real relationship between the characters and didn't just throw them together without real life intervening. I liked that we learned a little about the supporting characters and I especially loved reading a book where I was familiar with the location! A 4 star read for me that I enjoyed! I was able to gobble it up in one sitting and when I got done besides my usual dance I also was.....cause it felt so good to have my questions answered in the book! I look forward to the next book in Fate Series and hopefully many more from this author. Although I was provided an ARC in exchange for an honest review I did purchase this one :) So I recommend this to anyone looking for a story that won't leave you hanging at the end but also gives you a continuing series about the other characters in the book!

  • Christine
    2019-05-24 08:23

    Alexa works hard and likes to come home and enjoy her glass of wine after a long week at work. However, Alexa is talked into going to the bar only to run into a hot guy who within minutes she can’t help her attraction to him and starts to kissing him. She leaves him behind without knowing anything about him but his name, Vincent. A week goes by and she cannot stop thinking about him. Alexa loves her job as a paralegal. She has a rule that she does not date attorneys especially from the law office she works at. Only this rule gets harder to follow when she meets her new boss who also happens to be the same guy she met at the bar one week before.Characters: I had a hard time connecting with Alexa. She pushed Vincent away, but the minute he stops “paying” attention to her, she wonders why even though she admits that she was rude to him. Her behavior sometimes frustrated me in the story. Vincent is just hot and exactly what Alexa needs in her life.Positives: The story starts pretty quickly with Alexa meeting Vincent at the bar. There initial meeting and attraction for each other is recognized early. Negatives: There was a lot of inner dialogue. A little too much information that I think could have been eliminated. Some of the feelings I felt were told to me instead of allowing me just to experience it.Bottom line: The book is a steamy read. Book Format Read: A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • J. Kahele
    2019-05-23 14:10

    This was okayThis was a book, that I had been reading for awhile, which is not my norm. I'm the type of reader who once engaged in the story will read the book until it is finished. I don't know what it was about this book but it just didn't engage me completely. I enjoyed the steamy love affair between Alexa and Vincent, that was written very good but the story itself seemed a little offset. Something was missing and I just can't figure out what it was. It's probably just me. This wasn't a badly written book and the characters were decent, but it was missing that one spark that would have me me love this book.

  • Bethany
    2019-06-01 08:11

    HOLY HOTNESS!!5 STEAMY & HOLY HOTNESS OF SEXY STARS!!!“If you decide to give us a chance, I promise you won’t regret it. If you only knew the things I want to do to you, I don’t think there is a way you could say no.”“Do you have any idea how amazing you are? I want to savor our first time together. I have been thinking about being inside of you all day. I want to see your perfect body and learn your every curve.”Two words can describe this book. “Holy HOTNESS” I swear to god, this was one of the steamiest books I’ve ever read. LK Collins is a pure sexual GENIUS. I was turned on from the minute Vincent entered the picture, until the very last page. Seriously, you NEED to read this. I devoured this book in one sitting, and I’m completely shitfaced drunk, on LK’s words. I want to write an amazing review, but I can’t even find words to describe how much I adored this novel. There are few books out there that I really rave about. I’ll probably say “oh you should read this, it was amazing” or “don’t miss out on this one” or something to the likes. Well. DON’T FUCKING MISS THIS ONE!! Forget putting it on the never ending TBR list. Put this in front of everything and read it now. It’ll only take you but a few hours, I promise. Once you’re done… you’ll be panting, drunk, and shocked. I’m gonna come right out and say it. Vincent is mine bitches. DIBS and CLAIMED. I’m obsessed. Top 5, of all time book HUSBAND. Oh yeah, not even boyfriend. I went straight to HUSBAND! There are some book boyfriends I’d like to get my hands on, but there’s only a few that I would take on as a husband. Vincent has made that list, and topped it. I was super nervous about his character at first, cause I mean… Hot. Rich. Perfect. He must be a douchebag. Hah! Then I thought Ok, he’s got to be a cheater, or then maybe he’s some kind of Christian Grey type psycho! I’m not going to tell you what he is. *Evil Grin* But I will tell you, I called dibs. And Vincent has officially been claimed as MINE!I loved Alexa’s character. Not only did she have some shit to deal with, but she was SO relatable. I think that anyone in her situation would have done the exact same thing. I know I would have… however I don’t know if I could have lasted as long as she did lol. My will power when it comes to sexy men is pretty non-existent. I’m serious, it’s so bad as to the point where Kait and I call ourselves predators. HAHA. I am not afraid to verbally announce that I am undressing someone in a completely unacceptable way! Anyways… Alexa is adorkable. If I were a character, I would totally want to be bad ass like her. The best part about her is that she doesn’t even know that she’s bad ass! Oh and Cara? Hot shit! She’s got the best friend role covered. Get ‘em girl!! I fucking loved everything about this book. I loved the sexiness, the sadness, the laughter and everything in between. I can’t wait for the next book LK releases. I have heard on good authority, that the 2nd book to this series will be about Abel and Cara. HELL YES!!! I’m so freaking excited for that. LK Collins, you are flawed perfection (since I don’t like complete perfection). I love your no holes barred take to writing. For a debut novel, I’ve never been so impressed with the sex scenes. Honestly, you blew my mind away. I’ve had a book hangover for days, and I still feel drunk from your words. Maybe I need another drink. I think I’ve already re-read about half of the book from looking at my highlighted quotes and favorite parts.LK is now in my growing list of authors that I will forever “One-click” without even reading the synopsis. I have about 6 authors on this list now, and it’s a grueling process to become a member of this ‘elite’ club! I can’t say enough good things about LK Collins, or about Fatalism. This book truly speaks for itself. I’m so glad I’m on team Fatalism. There is no doubt in my mind that this will be a #1 NY Times Best Seller, cause then I can say “YES! I was there from the beginning! I KNEW this would be HUGE!” So seriously, go out and read this book. I have no doubts that you’ll be left breathless and panting, drunk with a hell of a book hangover, and with a sad smile… knowing it’s over, but happy that you’ve read it.

  • Nicole Tetrev
    2019-06-17 10:16

    When Alexa meets Vincent she has a reaction like she has never experienced. See here is the thing Alexa does NOT ever do relationships. When she literally falls into Vincents arms at a club and almost immediately has her lips on his then suddenly has to leave, she spends days just thinking about him and the way he has made her feel so alive. When they finally meet again Alexa is 100% ready to deny anything every happened between them and is very adamant that nothing ever will, but Vincent is like a dog with a bone in his pursuit of Alexa and truthfully I don't think she ever stood a chance. Alexa and Vincent both have many obstacles in their past to overcome though before they can have any kind of happily ever after. Mothers, Ex Girlfriends and Trust issues stand in their way, can they tackle everything that stands in their way?Vincent and Alexa were MADE for each other, now Alexa at times grated on my nerves that girl is very quick to judge and doesn't like to listen, but somehow Vincent is able to get past her "shields" and take her from a very insecure girl to a confident woman.Fatalism is for sure worth the read in my opinion!

  • Becca Booksreview
    2019-06-08 08:10

    Alexa is 28 years old, she is career driven, she has rules and she doesn't usually cross them. there is a reason for 1 night stands, no PDA's, no dating anyone from work, NO lawyers (she is a senior paralegal). taking her little sister out for her birthday to a few clubs and dinner should mean anything. But with a chance meeting with a man that makes her want to break everyone of her rules and then some she is starting to wonder if Fate really does happen. she has an instant connect with the man she meets at a bar, she feels drawn to him in away she never thought she would feel. Vincent has just won the biggest case of his life, but needs out of the AZ spotlight so when his friends from high school and also lawyers in his home town of Denver Colorado want him to join their firm as a partner its something that he can't pass up. also trying to get over his break up with his former Fiancee a change of scenery will do him good.. but a chance meeting with at beautiful woman at a bar and only getting her first name, but with one touch of his lips to hers and he knows that NO one else will ever fill him the way that she just has. now he has to find her again.. I really liked this book by LK Collins, and will be looking forward to the sequel of this book. the characters are very well developed, and you can see and feel the things the characters are feeling at the time. very well written!

  • Nancy❤The❤Bookaholic
    2019-06-09 08:17

    DNF @ 88%... just didn't care to find out how everything played out. Lost interest pretty quickly.

  • TriciaSantos
    2019-06-20 14:26

    **ARC provided by author in exchange for honest review**UPDATE: L.K. Collins rewrote Fatalism and added new scenes. Just finished reading the new version and it's hotter than before. I freaking love it. Review below is for first edition of the book.What can I say? Fatalism was fantastic and I gave it 4 leaves. At first it was a little slow. It gave us a hint of how awesome the book could be if Vince and Alexa were together when they first meet at the club and randomly end up making out. But then, we get into a lull because Alexa won’t let herself be with Vince which frustrated the hell out of me. I mean, it had good intentions at first because she didn’t want to sleep with her boss. However, it got boring when she took it too far. The sexual tension that captivated me in the beginning disappeared. But wait, all of a sudden it comes back! Personally, I thought there wasn’t much of a build-up to when they finally give in to their passion. But, they more than make up for it. Their relationship was sweet and perfect. They were consumed with each other. It is probably unhealthy in reality but it seems perfectly normal in this book. Frankly, the conflicts that came up in the book to rock the boat were predictable and they annoyed me, but they were true tests to their relationship. And, of course, the two were eventually able to overcome everything that stood in their way.I loved the way that Vince took care of Alexa. He was our standard alpha male. He was intense from the very beginning which attracts girls like Alexa who are strong, independent women without parental figures in their life. Without his POV, it was hard to really connect with him. Yet, I found myself looking for him when he was gone too. He truly is Alexa’s other half. He is super sexy. The epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. Oh, and the things he says... They turn you on and make you melt at the same time. Alexa kind of got on my nerves at times, but I can’t really fault her because she has already suffered from some things in the past and she is just trying to protect her heart. She was a typical New Adult heroine and I’ll be honest, I loved her most when she and Vince were together. She was confident and happy. I was jealous of their relationship, emotionally and physically. I almost forgot to mention their physical relationship! Let’s just say that LK Collins knows how to write a sex scene. I tore through this book because of it. They are hot. Not much of a surprise, like I said, Vince and Alexa have a perfect relationship.Overall, I adored LK Collins debut novel. I think I heard something about her writing a follow-up book involving Alexa’s best friend, Cara, and Vince’s brother, Abel. Actually, I think it’s going to be a series of five books. I loved all the supporting characters in this book and I would love to see each of them get their own story. There were definitely good teasers for some back stories. Cara, Abel, and even Alexa’s sister, Bridgette, were all characters that were insanely loyal and supportive, not to mention funny at times. I look forward to seeing more of LK Collins’ writing, and I hope she doesn’t make us wait too long!See full review here

  • Maria
    2019-05-20 12:21

    Fatalism is about Alexa Schaefer career-driven and determined woman. She very closed-off and lives behind a wall, until she meets Vincent Mileski. Here's a short list summarizing my thoughts:♡ Scorching hot: LK Collins sure knows how to write a hot love scene. The book is filled with them and if this is your thing, you will not be disappointed with this book. ♡ Great potential: I really liked Cara, Alexa's best friend. She seems like so much fun. I loved the interactions between her and Abel, Vincent's brother. I'm hoping their story comes next! Bridget is also a character with great potential and I will look out for her story as well.♡ Vincent: He's great man. He relentless in his pursuit of Alexa. He's giving and caring. Basically, he is a great book boyfriend. I only wish I got to know him better.☹ Missing connection: I did not connect with Alexa at all. A lot of her actions annoyed the crap out of me and there were situations I loathed her. I know her past most likely influence d her, but I did not feel I got to know enough about the background of her pain to completely understand this. ☹ Lacking explanations: There are so many things in this book that I wanted to know more about. In my opinion, there was too many situations I did not understand the characters due to lack of explanations of previous events, regarding both Alexa and Vincent. I believe this is a major reason for me not being able to fully connect with both of the characters.Overall, this book is a nice debut from author LK Collins. It is a quick read filled with hot scenes. As mentioned, there are some things that did not quite work out for me, but I would not hesitate to check out the next books coming from this author.

  • Nic
    2019-06-13 08:21

    What a HOT sexy read!!! Love the characters, love the story and you will too!!!!! From the moment I saw the cover for Fatalism I was hooked, such a HOT cover! I'm so glad that I judged this book by its cover because Fatalism was one hell of sexy erotic read! I wasn't hooked right away but I was before the first chapter ended! I honestly couldn't put this book down. At one point my hubs looked over to me and asked "Good book?" to which I replied, "Oh yeah it's a hot book, why?" He just smiled at me and said "I guessed that by the look on your face." *wink wink* ;-) I continued to finish this fab read at 3am this morning. LOVED IT!!!Fatalism had great characters in Alexa, Vincent, Cara and Bridget. I am looking forward to getting to know Able a little better, thanks for the teaser into this sexy tatted up fireman <3 At first I thought that Alexa was going to be too complex but that was not the case, loved her character. HOLY HOTNESS BATMAN, I want me a Vincent and I know you all will too. *swoons* Fatalism is an extremely HOT read but the love story and connection between the characters is what makes this book. I love the little twists and turns that LK Collins wrote into Fatalism. They kept me engaged and on my toes! If you are looking for a hot and sexy read that has a great story to go with all of the hotness, look no further. You really want to read Fatalism by LK Collins.

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-28 08:14

    I was so honored to get an ARC copy of Fatalism!!More than a 5 star book!!The story of Vincent and Alexa is just WOW!! Full of steamimg hot love scenes that will keep you wanting more and more with some twists as well!!My favorite quote~~~~ "Alexa,do you have any idea how amazing you are? I want to savor our first time together. I have been thinking about being inside of you all day. I want to see your perfect body and learn your every curve"~~~Vincent~~~~I don't want to give away to much since it is not out yet but let me tell you it is AMAZING and not to be missed!!! It will grab and suck you in from chapter one. I could not put it down. A truly great love story soooo can not wait for the second book in the series!! This is LK's first book and it is just jawdropping, panty wetting and will have you dreaming of white rose petals!! You will not be dissappointed!! A definite on your TBR list, move it right to the top!! I have already read it twice!!!

  • Tevydara Song
    2019-05-30 11:28

    Do you believe in fate? Am going to be honest, I actually stared at the cover n read the back cover a dozen times but always skipped purchasing. Last night I just said "what the hell!!" ... Lets just say I have no regrets. I enjoyed reading about Alexa n Vincent's story. How they are meant to be even if they are total strangers. Have some hot n steamy parts too, cant forget those!! Kept me up all night cause I needed to know what happened next. It does have a HEA ending............... Everyone wants to find their own Vincent... :) Ps am sorry but Alexa's moms a total bitch even when it was a time she should reflect on things... Smh Get the book... Enjoy it! Can't wait for Cara n Ables story. :)

  • Rustys
    2019-05-25 16:30

    The story of Alexa and Vincent; Alexa Schaefer had two rules she lived by, she doesn’t date, she does occasionally hook ups and she definitely didn’t sleep with the attorneys at work.Alexa went through a lot during her life, with a mother who suffered from mental illness and a father who abandoned the family. She raised her younger sister and managed to make a life for herself despite the abuse her mother inflicted. When out on the town celebrating her sister’s birthday she falls into the arms of Vincent,a tall gorgeous man and the attraction is immediate but short- lived. Kane Mileski is a newly hired attorney for the firm where Alexa is a Paralegal, and when the two meet their fate is sealed.Ladies, get ready for Vincent, he is a powerhouse. A man who knows what he wants and won’t let anything stand in his way to get it and he wants Alexa. Damn, I fell hard for Vincent, he is sweet, caring, tender, generous and OMG, does he knows how to please a woman. I want him! Have a spare pair of panties nearby, you going to need them, their steamy lovemaking is non-stop, they are like fucking rabbits.“Trust me, I can’t wait to be inside of your sweet little pussy.”Vincent and Alexa have an insatiate appetite foreach other, I wanted to crawl inside my kindle and join them!As I turned each page I was waiting…waiting for his past to catch up with him and she did, her name is Angelaand I wanted to strangle her. This is a hot erotic romance novel you will not want to miss. I look forward to Determinism (Life. Destiny. Fate #2) Cara and Abel's story. Cara is Lex’s friend and roommate, Abel is Vincent’s brother. The angst between them in Fatalism is sure to light a fire within the two and will make for another steamy romance!QUOTES:“Turn around beautiful and put your hands on the car.”“Fuck. You feel so good. I love how tight your pussy is”“Do you understand what you mean to me? Together, you and I are everything.”“You are so fucking gorgeous. I’ve been imaging the things I want to do to you all day.”“You can run baby, but you won’t get far. You’re mine.”“God, I fucking love you so much.”“I have never wanted anyone the way I want you or felt the way I do while I’m with you.”

  • Shayna
    2019-05-24 10:27

    ~*~ 4.5 Stars ~*~Fatalism by LK Collins has been on my Kindle forever, and I’m so happy I finally got a chance to start this. Fatalism is a beautiful, passionate love story full of so much intensity. Right off the bat, you get sucked in with Vincent’s behavior towards Alexa and vise versa. At first I thought, wow, could this be too much, too fast. But after learning more and more about Alexa’s past and of Vincent’s past, it all seemed to click and work for me, in a big way. I stopped worrying about how major their feelings were towards each other in such a short amount of time, and started really getting in to the circumstances that surround these characters.It broke my heart to hear how Alexa’s mother treated her after her father left, telling her to watch her weight or she wouldn’t find a man. Ugh! It just pissed me off to no end. It was a full three years since she spoke with her mother. Unfortunate circumstances brought them back together, and it turned out being just another chance where her mother can treat her like dirt. Alexa has so much compassion to just be able to try to reconnect after all the pain her mother put her through. With her father leaving and her mother being such a bitch, it’s no wonder that Alexa feels like she always needs to be in control. And with that frame of mind, there was never any real relationships, just the physical aspect of it all. That is, until fate decides to intervene, and in walks Vincent.“Do you believe in fate? I mean do you believe that no matter what you do in life your destiny is already planned?”Vincent is the whole freaking package. He’s gorgeous, rich, successful, has many beautiful cars :) The main thing I was fascinated by was his passion, his intensity, his fire. I couldn’t get enough. Vincent is a man who you want in your bed and by your side at all times. I could live with the jealousy, I could live with the over protectiveness about him. He loves so hard, and protects what’s his. It just so damn sexy! Talk about a man with a horrible past, with his mother dying in front of him, and his fiancé cheating on him. You wonder how he still became so wealthy and successful. Most men would crumble in those circumstances. He may have been successful, but his heart was empty, until a beautiful stranger ran into him and gave him a kiss that would change his life.“I’ll lose control. I will devour every piece of you and fuck you all night. Then neither of us will sleep because I’ll be buried inside of you. Sleep is the only thing that will allow me to control the beast inside of me.”I LOVE finding new authors! LK Collins is a brand new author to me, and I am so glad I started this story when I did. I needed a novel like this. A love story like Alexa’s and Vincent’s helps me believe. It helps me to believe in an intense, passionate kind of love, and it helps me believe that fate is not always there to kick your ass, sometimes fate delivers something wonderful and magical. I need my very own Vincent! Do you hear that fate?! Deliver dammit!“Every word, every feeling, and every emotion I shared with you was from my heart and one hundred percent true. I fucking love you.”

  • Angie McLain-Fan Girl Book Blog
    2019-05-31 09:10

    This review will be a discombobulated mess cause, that's where my head is at right now after finishing this book in less then 5 hours! I only stopped for refills from the coffee pot and potty breaks! It was that DAMN GREAT! Alexa only does one night stands, 28 years old and has never had a relationship. Vincent (Kane) is force to be reckoned with in the court room, and has had his share of heartbreak when it come to relationships. Having discovered his fiancée in their bed with another man, he is heartbroken. After moving to Colorado to take a breather, he catches a beautiful stranger from literally face planting in a crowded club...this is where it all starts. A meeting by chance. Sparks fly, hormones ignite and after an unexpected encounter, both parties walk away feeling frustrated and confused. Alexa does not do relationships and is convinced that that Kane is a player. Kane is enamoured by the mysterious sexy lady that has just slipped through his fingers. After this, Alexa is preparing for the arrival of her new boss at her law firm. Oh and ladies, does her arrive....Vincent (Kane) is Alexa's new boss. Alexa is convinced she can avoid him, avoid the reactions her body has to him, avoid the fact that for the first time in her life, she wants more than a one night stand, even before they've even had it!!!Vincent doesn't event try to hide his attraction, he knows what he wants, and he will do whatever it takes to have it, Alexa. Vincent is smart, determined, sexy as hell, and sooo incredibly thoughtful, sweet, loving. He will literally make you swoon, sigh, squirm and melt all at the same time. The sexy scenes in this book, will make you hot under the collar, and blush all at the same time. The raw chemistry between these two literally makes you squirm in your seat while reading. I am sooo in love/lust with Vincent, you cannot help but want more. New BB for all of us to pine away for. Good thing someone brilliant invented e-readers, cause I wouldn't have been able to read this one in public. I was blushing the whole way through. This is a full length book, roughly 360 pages, and as much as I wanted to stop reading and delay the gratification of finishing, I just couldn't! The pacing was perfect, the writing was flawless. For a debut from an indie author, this was SPECTACULAR! I eagerly await the next book from this new author, as she left me wanting so much more. Cannot recommend this one highly enough, it was an AMAZING experience <3 **BEWARE** This one is HOT! HOT! HOT!!!Favorite Quote - "Alexa I love you. I love you more than anything in this world, and those are not even the right words to describe how I feel for you. You take my breath away every time I see you. What I feel for you, it's more than love, you are my one and only, and I want to live together so I can give you the world" - Vincent ( Kane) Fatalism, LK Collins. Swoon Worthy Squared :-)

  • Miranda Whore
    2019-06-03 15:06

    Review of Fatalism by LK CollinsBook provided by author for honest review.Fatalism is LK Collins debut novel and the first in her Life. Destiny. Fate. series. With any first time author there is always room for improvement, but this is a strong start for LK and I am proud to play a small part in spreading the word for this book. Oh, and just a FYI, this book is in the Erotica category for a reason… so don’t act like someone pissed in your Cherrios because there is a lot of fornicating. If you don’t like hot and steamy, this book is NOT for you. If you like reading about big dicks and humping like rabbits… one-click this one while it’s still on sale!!Alrighty, on to the story. Let’s start with the chics; Alexa and Cara - BFFs, roommates, and near polar opposites. These ladies have that once in a lifetime kind of friendship. The hold your hair when you puke, fight off jerk ex-boyfriends, and pretend to be lesbian lovers when some douche canoe is hitting on you at the bar kind of friends. I love how they are always there for each other. Both Alexa and Cara have professional, demanding careers… neither of them are the typical weak, damsel in distress type of girl. Don’t get me wrong, they have their issues. Mainly with the wrong kind of men and crazy-assed family. (But tell me who doesn’t!) Alexa has a tough road ahead of her… a new boss at work, family issues out the wahzoo, and boy drama. LK takes you through a range of emotions from lust to grief and back again. When you first start reading you think, ‘oh, a happy-go-lucky smut book’ and then BAM she has you gripping your Kindle so hard it might crack because …. (Ha did you really think I would tell you why? Pfft. Shame on you whores, no spoilers remember?!)Beefcake time… Vincent, ohmigod, VINCENT! I have a total freakin’ girl boner for that man! Seriously, he is just so damn sexy. Not to mention a NICE guy. I mean, what the hell, a NICE, SWEET, SEXY, RICH BBF? Oh, did I mention he is a bit domineering? Not to mention insatiable. Like… IN-FUCKIN-SATIABLE. Whew. Um, what was I saying? Lost track there for a second… I was thinking about the garage and the pool and the closet and the kitchen and the shower… oh, the shower. A shower scene that will make you, the reader, need a freakin’ shower! Whew. I will briefly mention Abel, Vincent’s brother… tattooed, muscular, and firefighter- Bad boy. That about sums him up. Yum.So this is the first book to get rated using the new system here at MaBW. I give the storyline 4 stars and the smut 5 pairs of soaked panties. This is a definite need to read book for all my smut lovers out there and I can guarantee I will be the first in line to read book two which is Cara’s story! Review by The Head Whore at Mommy’s a Book Whore. xxx

  • Jennifer Wolfel
    2019-06-11 13:29

    I was really excited to read this new release from LK Collins. I wasn't sure what to expect from this first time author and I was pleased with the outcome. For her first novel it was a good read. I really enjoyed Vincent's character. He was sweet yet he was possessive and determined to win over Alexa at any cost... When they first meet it was instant attraction and Alexa stepped slightly out of her normal character, but that brief moment ended all too soon... Alexa is a strong and independent woman yet she has a hard past. Living with her mother who battled with mental illness wasn't easy for Alexa and caused her a lot of self doubt. she erected walls around her to keep anyone out that could potentially hurt her. She didn't do relationships or LOVE.... That was until Vincent sparked something in her that she couldn't turn away from... There was a lot of push and pull in this relationship and you wondered at times if they would make it in the end, they were both so caught up in their heads and their pasts. I really enjoyed Alexa's relationship with her roommate and best friend Cara. They had a sisterly bond and were truly their for each other. Alexa faced some issues in the story and she was able to lean on Cara to help her through the pain and heartache. My only issue with the story was that Alexa was a little too quick to pass judgement and believe what others told her, without finding out the facts first. It moved a little too quickly at times. I would have liked to have seen the development between the characters go a little deeper. There was a pretty big plot point that arose during a pivotal point in the story that I felt needed more attention, and a few editing mistakes as well, but that didn't distract from the storyline... Other then that it was good and I did enjoy the read. For a first time author I was happy with the results and will be waiting to read the 2nd book. I give Fatalism 4 stars, and can't wait to see what happens with Cara & Abel in next book.

  • Pamela
    2019-06-06 10:03

    Here's a couple that have hot, steamy, sizzling sex all the time. Hot and bothered you will definitely be. How could you not be with a drop-dead, gorgeous, sexy, male specimen like Vincent? I enjoyed reading "Fatalism" as it's a quick and easy read. The author does a terrific job when it comes to writing the sex scenes. As erotic and steamy as they are, she doesn't go overboard to the point of being too graphic or crude. I do think, however, that she went overboard with respect to the number of sexcapades; so many it soon becomes redundant. Though I enjoyed the novel, I actually thought the story took a back seat to all the sex that was going on. The story is there but it doesn't feel like it's a fully developed story, one that's full of substance. Even the protagonists at the heart of the story, Vincent and Alexa - both of whom I liked - I felt they both lacked character development. Now I know the norm for a lot of novels includes some kind of conflict or angst that gets between the couple and this one is no exception. There is a conflict but seriously, the reason or act that tears the couple apart is absolutely, positively ridiculous! After all the words they've exchanged about how much they care for one another; all the sex they've had; the way Vincent goes overboard to show his love for her; the fact that he's done nothing but open up his heart and home to her - something he's not done with any other woman - she ends up taking Vincent's exes' word over his. Are you shitting me? You were with her for a total of thirty seconds, and without discussing it at all with Vincent, you turn your back on him and blame him for you supposedly being betrayed by him? Pull your head out of your ass for the love of God! Grow up! In the end, a quick and easy read that will definitely get your juices running.

  • Amelia
    2019-06-17 09:13

    Sorry, but that shit is just ridiculous. I could not stop rolling my eyes. Why are all romance novel heros "tortured" and crazy rich? Flashing your Amex is not erotic and so you've been cheated on and have a bit of insomnia - poooooor baby, no one has it as hard as you. Give me a fucking break. And then Alexa's "issues". Apparently she had a mum with MDD and Bipolar. Now, I'm not saying that's fun, believe me, but "my childhood was a battle of survival"? And he reacts like it's the worst thing in the fucking world. Wow, I feel soooooooo sorry for you two, with your tragic little stories. And using the death of a family memberAS A PLOT DEVICE to speed up the romance? I hated that shit in , I hated it inand I hated it in Fatalism. It's a cheap trick to get the emotions going and shows a distinct lack of imagination IMHO. What else? Oh yeah, sex. And by sex, I mean so much sex it got boring. Hot is fun. So much hot that there's barely room for anything else is stupid. And then they get married after, like, ten minutes. I don't believe in "meant to be" and I really don't think there's anything romantic in marrying someone you barely know. Come on. The divorce rate is like 50%. How many of that 50% do you think thought they were meant to be? Or rushed into things? Why does this still seem like a good idea?Maybe with substantial editing - there are more errors than I could count - this could be a passable romance novel for those of you who don't care about stupid plots. I hate to just totally trash a book, and sorry, thanks for the freebie n'all, but honestly that is as close as I can get to diplomatic.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-05-28 14:02

    Vincent I fell in love with him right off, "don't be sorry. I'm glad I caught you. Are you all right?" Vincent is very 'alpha' man, "bulls***, you're lying. I can see it in your eyes now, and when I walked into the meeting today, I felt something between us. I know you did too." Alexa she's a saucy one and gives Vincent attitude, "really, Kane. Is that how you talk to women including your employees? Do you really think I would be interested in some womanizing pr*** like you?" He's a possessive sort as well, "I do when you talk about other people seeing my girlfriend naked. I don't like it." He has no problem having others no what's his, "then they would have heard me. I don't see what the problem is. You're mine, and I don't care who knows. For some reason you're worried what everyone else will think, but it's okay for you to be sitting on my desk?" They always have to put each other straight and sometimes it's Alexa doing the straightening, "for one, I wasn't having all this mind-blowing sex that keeps me up late and exhausts all my energy. Then, there's the fact that I sleep with Goliath the grizzly bear. You're like an electric blanket, and when I'm warm and comfy, it puts me into a comatose state." He also doesn't like other people touching his girl, especially when his girl is doing the touching, "you better put some clothes on this sexy little body of mine, and do not touch yourself unless I'm here. That's my job."

  • Natalie
    2019-05-29 11:25

    Such a Hot, Steamy debut novel that I loved! I could not put this down, I was hooked from start till the end.We have Alexa, she's a 28 year-old woman packed with insecurities due to years of growing up receiving verbal abuse from her mother. She therefore craves control in her life which is why she doesn't date, and only sleeps with a person once. most importantly she definitely doesn't mix work with pleasure and will NOT date attorney's she works with. Celebrating her sisters birthday Alexa walks right into (YES WALKS RIGHT INTO) a mystery guy who she throws her self at and then walking away with only his first name and a kiss she can't stop thinking about.. And the worst part? she'll never see him again.Vincent Mileski suffered the ultimate betrayal and hasn't been interested in woman long enough to turn his head until he meets Alexa but as fast as he meets her she's gone just until they run back into each other. I loved Vincent and Alexa's relationship it's steamy, hot, and they are kind of perfect together once they get over each other insecurities. I fell in love with Vince, I kind of liked the fact he was jealous, he was cute about it. I really need a Vincent of my own. I definitely recommend this! such a gripping book you won't be able to drag yourself away from.

  • Hooked On Books
    2019-05-30 11:12

    Fatalism by LK Collins - ReviewI devoured this book!I was hooked from the first page and was fully engrossed until the very last!This book is about Alexa who doesn’t open her heart to anyone. She has one night stands and does not do relationships. Fate steps in to change that – she meets Vincent in a nightclub she has never been to before. He feels that they were meant to meet each other and tries to push his way through her barriers. I was so engrossed in Vincent and the way he was treating Alexa, that I found myself waiting for the bubble to burst.There were a couple of times during the book where I felt the anticipation mounting and thought something bad was going to happen. LKCollins has superb writing skills to get the reader to that state of mind regularly throughout the book.My heart was racing because I wanted; no I NEEDED a HEA for Alexa.I was trying to second guess what was going to happen and I was wrong every time! This is one of the best books I have read!LK’s style of writing was amazing and was full of emotion and meaning. I thought her style is similar to Sandi Lynn in the Forever Trilogy! 5 starEnjoy!

  • Karmen
    2019-06-14 10:16

    3.5 stars. Fatalism is steamy, steamy, steamy hot! Vincent and Alexa knows how to make my Kindle blush! Vincent (Kane) Mileski is a man that knows what he wants and goes after it (case in point…Alexa). Alexa, a determined career-woman, who protects her heart and lives by the rules, meets Vincent one night at a club, but only for a few minutes. Their first meet involves a hot kiss and exchange of their first name.Then these two surprisingly meet again and can’t seem fight the attraction between each other. Even though Alexa knows she shouldn’t pursue him, she can’t seem to stay away. And Vincent doesn’t help, he’s persistent on getting to know Alexa more.Fatalism is a quick weekend read. If you love sizzling sex scenes, this is your go to book. LK Collins knows how write it! I have to admit, there was a little too much romp between the characters (those two went at it the entire book), so I felt like there was a lack of character development. I couldn't quite connect with the characters. I was hoping to get a little more background and an angsty storyline. But I will definitely read book 2.

  • Julie Healey
    2019-06-12 16:23

    Ok, I fell in love with Alexa and Vincent. I knew everything was too good to be true between them and I was waiting on the edge for the one thing that would cause a rife between them. And then BOOM, right when you least expect it, it happens. Alexa has lived a life of pure torture from a mother that has mental issue's. She spends her childhood protecting her younger sister from the monster that is their mother. When she steps out for a night of fun for her sisters birthday, she meets the man that will forever change her life. Vincent grabs a hold of her, like no other man has and the desire to be with him is stronger then it has ever been for Alexa, when it comes to a man. That desire is tested when Vincent is her new boss. Alexa has rules, never date attroneys and never date any one at work. Those rules are tested when Vincent is determined to break them. Desire becomes over whelming and the struggle to hold on is just too strong. What happens when Alexa breaks her number one rule? We shall see, I don't want to give anything away!!!!!

  • The Book and The Harlot's Blog
    2019-06-11 12:20

    Holy mother of 5-star Hotness!!As soon as I started this book I couldn't put it down. I literally had to tare myself away so I could get ready for work! Even while I was at work portions from what I read kept popping into my head like sirens to a sailor. I am completely smitten with it.Kane "Vincent" Mileski is a complete alpha male. But, once Alexa and him are sexing it up in the bedroom, or any part of their houses, he is a submissive when she needs it. He'll let her take control; but, he knows precisely what she needs when she needs it. *Sigh* How many women would kill for that? I know I would! Alexa has her own issues, she needs a serious confidence boost, and Vincent is the one to give her just that. But, with their trial finally coming together, will it be time for them to admit guilt? Defeat? You'll have to read it to find out. It is a definite must read from me! I'm still panting after reading this carnal, Erotic, "panty-dropping" book :)

  • Christina
    2019-05-27 08:30

    First and foremost for a debut novel I think LK nailed it. Personally I loved this book. It was hot, it had drama and you could relate to the characters on some level. Vincent and Alexa have an instant connection, I know some people don't get that and therefore don't like books like that, I get it but not all books are created equal. I truly felt these characters when they felt. When Alexa cried, I cried. When they were getting down and dirty, I blushed ;-) I think LK did a great job at taking the sex scenes right to the edge but not to where they were distasteful. I don't want to give too much away because I personally don't like spoilers but I will say that if you enjoy a good steamy romance with some drama and good characters this book is for you. So what are you waiting for go buy it now!