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The Sugar Smart Diet Reviews

  • Erin
    2019-02-28 07:51

    I just finished a 14 day sugar detox. It was hell! I love sugar!!!!

  • Sue Schlinglof
    2019-03-23 03:05

    I found and bought this book after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes and AFTER losing 28 pounds over 11 months on my own by cutting out all processed foods from diet except dairy and condiments through a similar step down process. I also cut out all sugar except that from fruit and a treat once a week and likewise cut out starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn. The key to my success was daily journaling my food intake and recording my weight and body fat percent each morning to detect which foods spiked my blood sugar and made me gain weight. What I liked about this book were there was a lot of scientific studies referenced to support the suggestions made so it was thoroughly researched. Even after all I learned about how sugar and starches affect me personally through my own experience I still learned new tips and tricks that I could immediately benefit from in my own maintenance diet. I really liked the emotional assessment, details on tracking and limiting daily sugar intake from added sugars, the advice on tracking hunger, the authors definitions of hunger versus appetite (I always considered them to be one in the same), the case study stories, the suggested food log, the explanations supporting the advice given, the simple "sugar smart" rules, the lists of all the different names of sugar, the thoroughness of discussing every type of sugar containing foods including dried fruits. What I didn't like about the book was how much starch and sugar was left in the suggested diet in each phase and for me personally, the recipes included a lot of ingredients I can't eat so I couldn't use them. I would have liked to have seen a follow up the test panelists to see if they lost anymore weight after the 32 days.

  • Shannon
    2019-03-07 02:52

    I thought this was a great book. I knew from the first chapter that this was for me. It spoke to the issue I most complained about - cravings. I loved the scientific explanations given for everything, it made following the diet (I called it a sugar cleanse) so much easier. I use it like a resource book and refer to it quite a bit. And added bonus, the book contains tons of easy recipes.

  • Robyn
    2019-02-28 02:51

    I picked this book up at work (I'm figuring a publisher sent it in to the books editor). I like reading nutrition-related books, and this one was good. I did learn a few things. I've looked into/read about different sugar detoxes, and I have failed at one that I tried. I'm not currently interested in a sugar detox, though I am interested in reducing my intake, and this book inspired me as I learned more about the dangers of sugars. I think the sugar detox process in this book seems very doable compared to a lot of them. It teaches about sugar and its dangers, then guides you through a 23 day detox that involves easing up for a week then eliminating "bad carbs" and sugary stuff entirely for just six days, then slowly adding back in only certain things. Six days is not too bad, so I think a lot of people could pull that off. I realized I couldn't have my green smoothies because they have a bit of fruit in them. That's one reason I didn't feel like trying this at this time. I do think that of all the sugar detoxes I'm aware of, this would be the one I would try if I were ready for one.Downsides: I didn't really like the recipes included. I was sort of surprised there could be so many recipes and none would appeal to me. I try to lean more vegetarian and there weren't many options in that respect. You're really encouraged to eat from their plan because they have figured out all of the sugar levels in the recipes (which are designated for different levels of the plan). I generally prepare my foods from scratch anyway, so I think I would just do my best to use my own recipes, since I know exactly what goes in them.I have not yet reviewed the exercise segment of this book, but since I was mostly done and had a moment to review some books, I decided to write this up without that part.

  • Jennifer Ochoa
    2019-03-14 01:58

    I received a copy of this book from Goodreads Giveaways in exchange for my review. This book provides a 32-day plan for eliminating added sugar in your dietPros: Very well organized and written. Takes you through a plan day by day instead of just throwing a lot of data at you all at once. Great tips, some of which I've never heard of before, so I felt like I got some great advice even if I don't follow the plan per se. The plan is comprehensive: diet, exercise (three types), dealing with stress, how to handle cravings. The scientific data for sugar's ill effects is discussed in detail, but not to the level where it's hard to understand.Cons: The only con I had is that the plan focused on too narrow of subject: added sugar. The diet plans still include high glycemic fruits and grains, neither of which I find to be much better than "added sugar" when it comes to controlling your blood sugar. I would say this plan is "a start" but based on my experience, weight loss and blood sugar control really only kicks in when you eliminate all starchy carbs and high-sugar fruits from your diet.

  • Alison
    2019-03-15 05:48

    I've tried Paleo and low carb/low calorie with little success. This year I would just like to get a handle on healthy eating for our family. This book had lots of practical information coupled with a step down approach. Not nearly as strict as the 21-day sugar detox and the recipes seem like what we would do anyway. Looking forward to the smart sugar start to the year then going to try a clean eating approach. Healthy balanced and live able keep you posted.

  • Monica
    2019-03-21 04:47

    I was a sugar addict and had to change. This book helped me cut out sugar and then reintroduce natural sugars so I don't binge any more. I'm only in phase 3 of a 4 phase plan but so far so good. Hopefully it's a lifestyle change and not a "diet".

  • Susan Bready
    2019-03-06 04:39

    I enjoyed this book and it has finally dawned on my why the world is getting so fat. The book has great recipes and very useful insight on how to make changes to reverse the obesity cycle in the U.S.

  • natalie
    2019-03-20 05:40

    I hope I'm not being unfair in this rating, but I've read the book and it's like so many others I've read before. First of all, it's sure not doable for me. I don't eat the kinds of things it talks about in the recipes and I'm sure most older people don't.Wish someone would come up with a good old-fashioned diet book that uses real food and not the things listed in here, like quinoa, barley risotto, fennel. I'm sure I'm not the only one who doesn't eat those things or who is a very picky eater.Guess the bottom line of a diet is, as it has always been, less calories and more exercise. Problem with that is, exercise does not cut your appetite - at least for me; it makes me hungrier.

  • Anne-Elizabeth
    2019-03-21 03:48

    A lot of interesting information and well researched… though I will not be following this diet, I WILL be monitoring my sugar intake and attempting to keep it at the recommended levels… 30-45 grams a day! Check the nutrition labels, everyone… you're probably consuming 3x more sugar than you should be. (Most of us are.)

  • Ayanna
    2019-03-14 09:05

    The book was informative, but sometimes it delved a little too deeply into the science behind the sugars. I did, however, find the recipes to be fairly good and I plan on trying several of them.

  • Denise Altman
    2019-03-23 04:56

    Most books that I have read about diet and nutrition are beyond tedious. The authors also seem to assume that the reader doesn't want to know too much of the science behind their recommendations, so they rely on basic "how to's" that are common sense, and quickly deteriorate into a collection of recipes that contain many little used, exotic, or highly personal preferance style ingredients. This book is different. All of my life, sugar has been a food group and I am now at an age where I have to change my wicked ways. The author does a great job explaining the differences between various sugars, as well as other foods that act like them. She also covers the impact of sugars and starches on the body-more than just weight gain. The plan for reducing sugar intake and resetting the receptors is tough but doable. Finally, the recipes and diet suggestions are reality based and take into account that nobody is going to quit a favorite food type forever, and if we can't have a reward or treat, the end result is going to be worse than when we started. I am actually trying the program instead of just reading about it, and look forward to making the "treat" recipes after the reset.

  • Jeanette
    2019-03-20 06:39

    As someone who is attempting to get their weight under control by not eating starches and cutting back on sugar, I thought this book would be invaluable to me. It was useful in many ways, especially by listing the many names under which sugar is hidden in our food. Honestly, after starting this book, I went into my pantry to check out how much sugar was in food -- and I was appalled. It was hard to find anything sugar WASN'T in, and for a short time it really discouraged me. But the book does a good job in encouraging you to keep on trying to control the amount of sugar in your diet. I think this book is good for that - but isn't a complete book on controlling your sugar in terms of diabetes. Many of the recipes I felt still were inappropriate for that. Like many food health books, it isn't an end-all be-all kind of book, but it is a great start to opening up your eyes as to what our American food contains. I received this book for free from, but the words of this review are my own.

  • Debra Oehlberg
    2019-03-11 07:52

    I am a diabetic, and highly interested in what I need to do to stop abdominal weight gain and eat healthy. I consider myself fairly intelligent, but got a little bogged in the scientific part of the book, which is a good half of it. However, it has AMAZING tips: some I had never heard of through my diabetic group or even from my daughter with a degree in nutrition. Also, I had originally planned to give away the book after I read it, but it has a nice section toward the back with low/no sugar recipes. I was especially interested in the sauces, and healthy ways to eat sweets. I recommend not reading the book in one day, as I did, but taking time to digest it in sections (no pun intended). I think this book is good for anyone who realizes that too much sugar is a bad thing, even if you don't have a diagnosed medical condition, as an out-of-whack body can eventually make you have one.

  • Stephanie Shipley
    2019-03-08 01:45

    This book definitely teaches a lot about sugar. Although the first few chapters were educational, I found them to be a little boring. I did learn quite a bit though. After the first chapters, the pace seemed to pick up and became more engaging with tips, ideas, and helpful information. The book walks you through Day 1-33 which include different phases of what you can and cannot eat with included recipes to follow. The first phase's recipes weren't really of my liking, but as the phases progress I found more recipes that I could enjoy. The last phase has many recipes that I would like to try. At the very end there are also pages with pictures and descriptions of exercises which I found very helpful.

  • Diane Fogel
    2019-03-06 08:49

    I will read again when I need to come back to the no added sugar diet. So far I am doing very well and am losing weight. Its much easier than I thought, and I feel so much better! My blood pressure is dropping as well, and I am finding the motivation to exercise and continue to lose weight!! I don't eat grains so I didn't follow the recipes in the book, just the basic diet. The big thing for me was quitting the added sugars.

  • Linda Buniak
    2019-03-05 00:57

    The book really opens your eyes as to the amount of hidden sugars in processed foods. The recipes are good, but I am finding that it is almost too much food! I am on day 7 and so far it has been easy to follow. I am much more conscious of what to look for on food labels before purchasing. I have found that even different brands of the same foods that you think are healthy have different amounts of sugar.

  • MeLynn
    2019-02-26 06:58

    Very interesting concept and fascinating evidence and studies to back up the idea that we are becoming addicted to sugar and it is wreaking havoc on our bodies. This book has me watching the nutrition labels even more carefully. It was interesting to learn all the different names for sugar that manufacturers are using to try and hide the fact that they are adding tons of sugar into our food without us even knowing it.

  • Doug Kohl
    2019-03-20 03:39

    I've recommended this book to many as a great first read for people looking to change their eating habits after losing 25 lbs. After my "pre-diabetes" officially crossed the line into diabetes six months ago, this was the first book I read and it really set the stage for changing the way we shop and eat. DON'T count calories... change the way you eat!

  • Heidi
    2019-03-11 08:56

    Read this book for the 2nd or 3rd time as I'm once again working hard to remove as much sugar from my diet as possible. This book is well written, informative, and offers suggestions and ideas that are actually attainable.

  • Ann
    2019-03-13 04:40

    This book does a good job detailing the science of how different sugars affect health, with encouragement to eat less of any sugar sources, and recipes to help people with a sweet tooth make healthful changes.

  • Naessens
    2019-03-15 06:52

    The first chapters explain how refined sugar and its derivatives had been introduced by the food industries. Then, the bad effects on health of these (refined) sugars are clearly described and explained with details. At this point, readers should be convinced to reduce their consumption of (refined) sugar.Then, the plan of the book, which is not to completly banished sugar from your diet but to gradually decrease your daily consumption and enjoy the occasional sweet treat, is presented and divided 5 phases. The progressive approach (first you reduce your sugar intake, then you reintroduce sugary food little by little) is Wise in my opinion.Finally at the end of the book readers can find a lot of recipes and a few physical exercises if they need ideas.

  • Mauve7
    2019-03-21 02:47

    Very interesting read. There was some chemistry refreshers in terms of the components of food that I appreciated and the researched appeared pretty solid. I would have liked more information on the studies the book referenced, but I can't expect that from a book that was published to appeal to the masses. Either way, I enjoyed it.

  • Kandice
    2019-03-03 06:05

    I read and loved this book and followed the plan for 38 days. I loved how she explained things and the layout of the book. I have a huge problem with sugar and finally figured out that this was the main problem with my eating habits. I was very surprised at the things I learned about sugar and hormones along with the impact it has on the liver. This book opened my eyes to the knowledge that sugar is in everything! It's no wonder I'm craving it like crazy.During the program the only thing I changed was that I added an extra week of no fruit (Phase 1) because I eat a lot of sugar and needed a serious cleanse of my cravings. I also modified the recipes to my taste. I mostly thought of my own meals that consisted of lean meat, veggies, and unrefined carbs (quinoa, barley risotto). I cooked meals like stir fry, ground turkey stuffed mushrooms, lamb and greens, whatever would taste good and be healthy.Breakdown of my progress during program (I kept a little diary):Two days in: I noticed that I was sleeping better and waking up feeling more rested. I had to remind myself to eat snacks. Week one: Dropped four pounds which was probably water weight. Breakfast is all protein and veggies-eggs with mushrooms and a bit of cheese. Almost died getting used to my coffee without sugar.Week two: Not craving sugar as much, sleeping well, and feeling more energized during the day. Snacking on almonds in the morning and a stick of cheese in afternoon. Modified a couple recipes to fit my taste but stuck to no processed food, bread, or sugar. Dropped two pounds.Week three: I added the fruit back to my diet. I stuck to mostly berries (antioxidants) and pineapple. I noticed that I fell asleep more easily, didn't wake up at night, and felt better. Dropped about 1.5 poundsWeek 4: Added the maple syrup to my oatmeal instead of brown sugar. Great with the peanut butter (for protein) and I still feel great. Had pancakes on the weekend with real maple sugar only. My grand total loss for the month was 11 pounds. This was the best thing that I ever did. Again, I am a sugar and carb person so I needed this type of plan to help me. I also was told by the doctor that i was prediabetic 3 years ago (I am only 37 now) and so I wanted to stave off diabetes. Practicing new behaviors to help with boredom and emotional eating (I love to eat dessert at night in front of tv) was also a huge help. I finished this in May and have kept the weight off except for 2 pounds that come and go. I'd recommend it. The toughest part is the tough love turnaround, but your cravings decrease dramatically from that point forward.

  • N.
    2019-03-10 02:36

    I received this book as a Goodreads Giveaway. (Paperback)Overall it was good, about what you'd expect from this type of book. It was interesting and informative, had research to back up the information, was well written and easy to understand and follow.It begins by explaining the issue (too much sugar in our foods/diets), provides background and research to make its points, and then follows with a clear step-by-step method to cut down on sugar and reap the benefits. It offers up advice and tips on how to handle potential hurdles, and provides a good number of recipes to use for the program. It also has a section with recommended exercise routines to go along with the diet. My main issue with the book is with the type of food it recommends for its diet. The recommended foods are inherently pricier than their usual everyday counterparts. This book is clearly aimed primarily at middle-class women who wouldn't have any problem buying these types of foods, but anyone on a lower income level wouldn't be able to afford these foods on a regular enough basis to make this program work. With that in mind, I would only recommend this book to people interested in "health foods" and with an income high enough to support them.

  • Vicki
    2019-03-16 04:48

    Some good advice on avoiding sugars, both hidden and overt, but it is definitely a "diet" - a short-term plan to to radically reduce sugars (including fruit for the first week, which I think is a bit much) with the goal of "resetting" your taste buds so that you eventually eat less sugar overall. If someone asked me what diet books I recommended, I would say The Diet Fix by Yoni Freedhoff is a far better read than this one for long-term lasting results.

  • Janet
    2019-02-25 03:43

    I know why I love carbs ... becasue they break down into sugar.This seems to make sense but it was physically exhausting to follow the plan - I had no energy and by the end of the week all I wanted to do was lie in bed. I hate fruit .. hate it ... heartburn city but I craved it on this plan.Not realistic to follow for any length of time ... sad but true for ME .. (YOU? Take the advice with a grain of salt ... or sugar!) :-)

  • Susan Moriarty
    2019-03-14 08:46

    This book was very helpful to me. I wasn't looking so much for a weight loss plan but rather to eat better. I found it easy to cut out the sugars and have been able to keep them out of m diet, I've lost 20 pounds, dropped a size in pants and skirts, and made it through December with no damage. I especially like the exercise plan since much of it is doable at home. Some of the recipes are interesting, but being a vegetarian I have not tried most of them.

  • Marta
    2019-02-24 00:37

    Prevention magazine and their publications always seem so sensible. The Sugar Smart Diet has the same tone. With this book, the plan is to go cold turkey to break sugar addiction then add it back in.I did find the way the stages were formatted a bit confusing, but I really think the fault may be with me.

  • Rebecca
    2019-02-22 04:50

    I thought this book was a little too blathery, but it's a good approach to stepping down from sugar and other white foods that have a sugar-like effect in the body. The recipes are good, too. I have this as a kindle book, but it's really hard to follow the program and recipes in that format, so I just ordered the paperback. I would recommend that over an ebook.