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Do what you have to do, Principal. I deserve it…High school guidance counselor by day, sex therapist by night, Charlotte Moore’s passion is people—whether helping students with the realities of life or helping their parents with the fantasies. Enter Principal Lance Hutton, the perfect subject for Charlotte’s method in recharging the sex drive—and it’s going to take some diDo what you have to do, Principal. I deserve it…High school guidance counselor by day, sex therapist by night, Charlotte Moore’s passion is people—whether helping students with the realities of life or helping their parents with the fantasies. Enter Principal Lance Hutton, the perfect subject for Charlotte’s method in recharging the sex drive—and it’s going to take some discipline. Considering this hot older man is her boss, it makes sense that he dole out the punishment. Besides, Charlotte’s begging for it.But when Charlotte’s after-school extracurricular activities are made public, it threatens her job, her reputation, and the career of the man she’s falling head over heels in love with. Now, if this town wants a scandal, Charlotte and Lance are ready to give them one—and a lesson in bad behavior they’ll never forget....

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Teach Me a Lesson Reviews

  • Beanimous
    2019-03-07 09:13

    I like the psychological aspect of this book, it is most insightful and interesting.The characters are complex and interesting. I also liked the fact that the characters are matured and had acted responsibly and professionally.The Sex scenes are steamy, a little kinky and written well. Will be reading more books by this author that's for sure.

  • Lilith Noir
    2019-03-12 04:58

    This book started off SO GREAT! It had everything I want in a sexy romance novel! And then it went downhill so very much that I did not even care about finishing it. The good:The heroine is someone who likes herself and has real confidence! She has a career she loves and is good at! She is sexually adventurous and not tied down by shame and guilt over it! As much as I enjoy "damaged" characters, I also love reading characters like this. I find them uplifting and positive.The sex is pretty hot in the book (at first), and there is plenty of it. It starts off with a spanking scene that worked beautifully. It was playful and very hot.The bad:The sexy times end up being non-consensual. Not like, in a "maybe my boundaries are being tested!" way, but in a "she said No repeatedly and he did not listen" way.This is never really addressed, either. It happens in more egregious ways each time, and the main characters never even discuss it. Not only is this unrealistic, it's a huge turn-off.What's even more disturbing is that every time the hero ignores a clearly stated "No", he reflects on it and it is obvious that he has no idea he did anything wrong. He's a well-written and likable character otherwise, and that makes it a million times creepier. Some of the secondary characters are written in ways that make this a much less sex-positive book as well. There are a couple of people who are written in as antagonists, so we readers are not supposed to like them, but one of the women is portrayed in a negative way for having a lot of cosmetic work, including breast implants. One of the men has erectile dysfunction (maybe? it's not actually made all that clear) and at least once is looked down upon for this. I can't like a character as much is she's going to be mean to another woman (even if it's only in her head) for having implants. It seemed petty, and contradicted her earlier characterization. By the end, I had already checked out mentally. In the first scene the main characters have together I was rooting for them to get together, but then I ended up not liking either of them much and I did not care about a happy ending one bit.

  • Dark Faerie Tales
    2019-03-02 12:04

    Review courtesy of Dark Faerie TalesQuick & Dirty: Teach Me a Lesson truly surprised me. Expecting a simple erotic read, Haynes instead delivered an emotionally complicated story about the benefits and costs of venturing into the BDSM world.Opening Sentence: “He wants me to have sex with other men.”The Review:As a sex therapist, Charlotte Moore’s dedication to helping her clients overcome sexual issues includes practicing what she preaches. So it’s no surprise when Charlotte decides she owes it to her clients to discover the benefits of certain BDSM acts after her best friend’s glowing recommendations. The only problem is finding a guy willing to play along with a simple, no-strings-attached teacher/student role-playing arrangement.Enter Lance Hutton, the authoritarian principal of the local high school where Charlotte also works as a part-time guidance counselor. After all, Lance may be attractive but he’s certainly not the type of guy Charlotte normally goes for. He’s ten years older – a serious relationship deal-breaker for Charlotte. She’s fiercely independent and used to the one being in control and her experiences have proven that younger guys are more than willing to let her take the reins in the relationship. But the sexual encounters with Lance quickly morph into a complex dominant/submissive relationship that leaves both of them fighting for control.Things get even more complicated between the two when Charlotte begins working with a troubled girl at the school. The girl’s ties to one of Charlotte’s clients from her private practice – a client who was seeing Charlotte in secret and who’s married to one of the most powerful men on the school board – puts both Lance and Charlotte’s careers on the line and stresses their relationship to the breaking point.Teach Me a Lesson is a new level of insta-lust. Charlotte and Lance’s relationship went from barely speaking in the three years she’d worked at the school, to noticing each other sexually one afternoon, to their first sexual encounter that same day, to dominant/submissive roles two days later, to love. But the quick acceleration surprisingly increased my enjoyment of the story. Their relationship sizzled because of the instantaneous nature. Asking her no-nonsense boss for a spanking after catching him looking at her cleavage was a big risk for Charlotte. As was Lance’s quick and enthusiastic response in locking the classroom door despite his rule of never getting involved with an employee or messing around while at work. The rush of stepping outside their normal, responsible roles and subsequent addiction to the thrill of possible discovery wouldn’t have been possible if either of them had thought too long about the consequences in the beginning.Lance and Charlotte’s sexual encounters are extremely mild as far as the world of BDSM stories – mainly role-playing and spanking – but the issue of control is still a driving force in their story. Haynes does a wonderful job translating Charlotte’s angst over the need to be in control versus the desire to be controlled. Charlotte is determined to maintain her independence and exercise her free will without having to answer to Lance outside of the bedroom (or car, or classroom or…well you get the drift). She’s the one imposing the limits on their relationship, yet she’s also bothered when Lance doesn’t show her preferential treatment when the crap hits the fan. Lance has difficulties letting go of his dominant role outside of their sexcapades. He often uses sex as a weapon to get what he wants and his inability to keep their private lives separate from their work is more than a little unsettling. Honestly, it was disturbing to go from concern over a young girl with self-esteem issues to commanding Charlotte to strip and bend over for a spanking in the same paragraph. It also perfectly highlights what I assume is an issue for a new dominant – the inability to let go of that persona when in the “real world.”The weakest aspect of the story is the solution to the issue at the school. It’s clear Haynes didn’t put as much thought into the resolution as the rest of the story and it definitely doesn’t do her characters justice. Despite this lapse, I recommend Teach Me a Lesson to anyone who enjoys a well-written contemporary romance featuring mild BDSM scenes.Notable Scene:“Not even once.” She was smiling again. The Cleopatra smile. The one that brought Julius Caesar and Marc Antony to their knees before her. “But I’ve been thinking,” she said in a singularly innocent, angelic voice.“About what?” he was compelled to ask.“That maybe I missed out by never being spanked.”Her brilliant green gaze mesmerized him. “Corporal punishment like spanking has been deemed to damage a child’s psyche,” he advised her.Oh, that smile. Soon he’d be on his knees, too.“But I’m not a child, Principal Hutton.”“No, you most certainly are not.”FTC Advisory: Berkley/Penguin provided me with a copy of Teach Me a Lesson. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review.

  • The Romance Evangelist
    2019-03-12 04:02

    A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review at Seductive Musings.I really loved Jasmine Haynes’s THE NAUGHTY CORNER, and the way she introduced us to Gray and Lola as they discovered a mutual kinky love after being inadvertently brought together by Lola’s bratty nephews. So I was happy to see that TEACH ME A LESSON follows directly from that story, although it could still easily be read as a stand-alone book. I enjoy seeing couples from an earlier book in the context of a new one, especially when they play a key role in the new couple’s romance. And with TEACH ME A LESSON, we also get another great erotic romance set in the deliciously naughty background of an ordinary suburban high school, where consenting adults secretly meet to privately engage in oh-so-inappropriate behavior.While THE NAUGHTY CORNER featured a successful CEO moonlighting as a part-time high school football coach, our hero in TEACH ME A LESSON is the principal himself. Married and divorced twice, Lance Hutton has become resigned to the fact that he isn’t likely to find a permanent relationship with any woman. But that doesn’t mean he hasn’t taken notice of the delectable Miss Moore. She’s only part-time at his school, which limits the moments he has to ogle her from afar. One fateful afternoon, Principal Hutton decides to stop by Miss Moore’s office just as she’s crawling on the floor for a misplaced apple. And that’s when everything changes.Charlotte Moore doesn’t want to submit to any man ever again, not after the awful one who had her doubting every thought and decision. The only independent decision she was able to make in that relationship was finally choosing to leave it. Since then, Charlotte has focused solely on casual affairs with much younger men, ones that let her take charge so she never has to worry about losing her identity again. So she’s puzzled by her apparent attraction to someone like Principal Lance Hutton. Not only is he at least 10 years older than her, but he’s also clearly someone who likes to be in charge. Of *everything*. But when Principal Hutton’s surprise visit prompts Charlotte to slyly express interest in a certain naughty activity, they seize the moment without realizing just how life-changing that decision will be for them both.I love Jasmine Haynes books because they are always the perfect blend of kinky sex, adult relationships, and true romance. TEACH ME A LESSON is yet another example of this winning formula. We have a hero and heroine who are older but wiser, never hesitating to express what they want and do not want, and willing to expand their sexual horizons for something that makes any previous couplings pale by comparison. More importantly, Jasmine Haynes also gives us a story that displays the true qualities of both characters, as they prove their innate worthiness through the actions they take to help the vulnerable teenagers in their care. We get to laugh and cry and cheer for the bad guys to lose and the good guys to win, and then discover that maybe the bad guys weren’t really all that bad after all. And throughout it all, there’s that magnetic attraction between Lance and Charlotte, and their mutual discovery of kinky sex that ties it all together so well.As I’ve found with so many other Jasmine Haynes books, reading TEACH ME A LESSON was like coming home. It may not be everyone’s idea of home, to be sure, but it’s one that I’ll want to return to (and I’m hoping for many more visits in the future).Ratings: Overall: 5 starsSensuality level: 3.5 (BDSM-lite scenes including spanking and outdoor sex, discussions of cuckold fetish)

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-08 09:18

    ORIGINAL POST: book provided by publisher for review purposes. No remuneration was exchanged and all opinions presented herein are my own except as noted.This book has some really good ground to cover outside the bedroom (car, park, classroom, office). I was pretty dismayed by the lover’s behavior and her reaction to it. But it really brings up a lot of important issues about work, double standards, harassment, practicing BDSM, and more. What it then does with those issues is where I had problems.The main female love interest and the person who is most represented in the author’s POV is Charlotte. She is a therapist, seems to focus on couples and individuals in dysfunctional relationships, and she is a part time guidance counselor at the high school she attended.. She is also the friend of a woman, Lola who featured in a prior book (THE NAUGHTY CORNER) who has just discovered exciting new world of BDSM. After talking to Lola, Charlotte starts to wonder if that would work for her. She herself has a lot of relationship hang-ups after a bad relationship with an older man. But, Lance, the school principal is hot, though older, and one day he spanks her to orgasm at her invitation. Ooh, I thought, this will be spicy! Yup. Spicy.(view spoiler)[ Quite a lot happens, but suffice it to say that even besides their relationship issues, politics become involved. Before they are ready for “the lifestyle” he starts to assume a full time D/s relationship and he violates the minor rules they have agreed on. At one point his behavior rolls into workplace harassment and another time he ties her up when she has used their safe word. He is untrained and so is she and really they have no business ending up at the level of relationship they end up at. (hide spoiler)]Oh, sure it is fun to be naughty and experiment, but when the relationship goes awry in several ways I did not at all like the way the issues resolve. Look, no book has to present a socially responsible, progressive conclusion, but I’m not going to like or recommend one I feel is not responsible and explains away both workplace harassment and BDSM activity that is totally not agreed upon. And, ugh, he has somehow divined that that was what she really wanted, but even if it were, that was not the agreement. At one point I thought it would end up as rape, thankfully we are spared that.I didn’t much like the writing either, it grated on me. I don’t think I can really identify why other than I felt confused by tense. And that I didn’t like what was happening magnified anything I disliked. In the end, I was amazed and appalled by how the relationship ends up and that it is presented as a good thing (The wolf in sheep’s clothing).It’s rare that I don’t like something in a book, and although I had to force my way through this one, I did identify with the misconceptions and double standards we have about sexuality, sexual therapy, and sex. Yes, Charlotte helps clients with issues in their sex lives, but that doesn’t make her a libertine. I have had an issue with reading and reviewing erotic literature and people thinking I have some type of promiscuous sex life. It was sure as heck interesting at my high school reunion. But, it is central in this book and it was probably the most important thing the author is getting at here.

  • Debbie Lester
    2019-03-03 04:13

    Jasmine Haynes brings readers the second book in the Naughty Corner series, Teach Me a Lesson. Haynes has once again went back to her tried and true formula of the teacher/student type of relationship. Readers looking for a erotic read involving an older man will love this one, as this high school principal, likes to be in control in and out of the classroom. The heroine is a part time guidance counselor and part time sex therapist and her work ends and her sex life end up getting her in the hot seat.What I liked:Jasmine Haynes has a thing writing about the teacher/student fantasy role. She has used it again and again with great success in her books. It must be something about the taboo of the situation that makes it a good fantasy. I didn't have too many hot teachers along the way, but I know there are some and it's probably natural for that kind of thinking to happen. In Teach Me a Lesson it is of course not a teacher and a student, but a principal and a guidance counselor doing a bit of role playing. That in and of itself was completely believable. I thought Haynes gave readers a good couple to make this possible with. Principal Lance Hutton has been through the wringer, married and divorced a couple of times and just one of those guys that doesn't know how not to be in control. Charlotte has had her bad luck as well and refuses to give up control even in the bedroom. She never dates older men because the young guys seem to be willing to let her take the drivers seat. But her attraction to the principal is sudden and hard to deny. Things get complicated and steamy between them in a hurry and readers are taken right along for the ride. From the classroom, to the car, to the park, the office, you name they explore the possibilities. I liked the fact that Haynes let an older man be the lead character. Sexual exploration and discovery can occur over thirty-five, just as easily as it can at twenty and I thought she did a great job of showing that. Life doesn't end after forty. Lance is attracted to a younger, vibrant woman, and Charlotte is just as attracted as he is. But she has her issues with control and so does he. It was an interesting relationship and power struggle in more than one way. Trying to figure out who would get the ultimate control in the relationship kept it interesting, but it also gave the reader the chance to explore the ideas of workplace relationships and what happens when things go wrong.What I didn't like:The fact that the two participants take things a little further than professionalism allows at the school is a bit disconcerting. When the stuff hits the fan and harassment becomes the talk of the town and what is acceptable behavior for school employees, etc. etc. the book took a turn that I didn't care for. I think Haynes went a little bit off track and didn't give readers the kind of resolution to these issues that they needed. It was too quickly glossed over and not given the kind of attention it needed to fix the problems.Bottom Line: So there were good things and bad things with this one. Some of the scenarios worked for me while others didn't. I find it a little hard to read a lot of graphic language and this one was full of it. If the reader gets into that, then this might be a good choice. The sex scenes were hot and spicy and Haynes excels at that, but the resolution to the conflict in this one was not there.

  • Shelly
    2019-02-25 11:06

    I've said this before but I really have to start reading for the undertones in these blurbs. I'm not sure what I expected but what I got was just 'meh' with a side of what the hell! Charlotte Moore is a sex therapist by night and a high school guidance counselor by day. I'm not sure but I don’t think my high school guidance counselor was a sex therapist but then again - he could have been; interesting thought though. Lance Hutton is the principal at the high school where Charlotte works during the day. Together these two embark on a spanking and bondage journey and fall in love along the way. I've read my share, more than my share to be truthful, of BDSM stories and this story was not that. There's ample mentioning of Lance being a dominant and Charlotte being submissive that had me shaking my head and trying to figure out how those titles were assigned when neither character know what the heck they were talking about. They should have just stuck with this being their ‘kink’, that would have made a lot more sense to me. Lance is a high school principal who’s about ten years older than Charlotte and has less of an idea about what it takes to be a dominant than I do of finding gold in my backyard. He’s basically fumbling his way throughout and following all of Charlotte’s direction. I found neither Lance nor Charlotte to be characters I either liked or disliked – they were just blasé. It probably had something to do with how their relationship started out. Charlotte walked into Lance’s office one day and he spanked her – she had an orgasm and thus the beginning of their relationship. I just knew that they couldn’t continue to just have spanking sessions. It didn’t, they moved up to bondage and sex without even the slight bit of romance – not even a happy meal at McDonald’s® here folks. And let me not get started on the ‘I love you’.Then there’s this whole thing about a safe word that Lance and Charlotte decided on – ‘no’ and when Charlotte used it Lance just kept on keeping on. How is that even remotely BDSM, when most things I’ve read about that lifestyle suggest that all things should be/are safe and consensual; a safe word is the guide for which both D/s verbalize their hard limit(s). Personality wise, I thought Charlotte was selfish with Lance. She was basically using him as an outlet for her personal kink. I thought Lance was an idiot for even agreeing with Charlotte using him the way she did. There were moments when I liked the story line; all of them were outside of the sex scenes; all of them including Charlotte or Lance’s interaction with the secondary characters. The non-sex scenes between Charlotte and Lance read forced - I never did feel that chemistry between them – sex yes, chemistry not so much. I didn’t even particularly care for Charlotte’s relationship with her best friend, Lola. I’m pretty sure that her story was told prior to this. In the end if you’re a fan of spanking and pseudo BDSM scenes, this might by your cuppa tea. Happy reading folks!Rating: C*ARC provided by publisher via NetGalleyReview posted on

  • Vanessa
    2019-03-08 04:55

    So much to say about this book. Even though I don't really like the whole younger woman old guy deal, the description was intriguing so I decided to go for it. Some thingsreeeallllyybothered me. So let's get through those first. 1. The cheesy writing made the sex scenes ( which I assume were supposed to be 'HOT') not sexy at all. I wanted to laugh at the 'Oh, principal Hutton' at the 'Fuck' and at the 'cocksucker' comments. I laughed so much throughout the book, BECAUSE IT'S FUNNY. YOU CANNOT DENY IT. 2. (view spoiler)[ 2. The BDSM aspect was wrong. Yes, 'communication is key.' So when one person communicates that something should stop. I CANNOT BELIEVE HE FORCEFULLY TIED HER UP AFTER SHE USED HER SAFE WORD.(hide spoiler)] NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT, NOT COOL. Any other Dom would probably be horrified and ashamed at what he did. 3. I didn't get their 'love' at all. I felt the sexual chemistry that they believe they had because they had sex like a gazillion times, even though I laughed through 50% of them. They enjoyed it, liked it even. 4. Charlotte talked so goddamn much. I wanted to picture the story in my head, but i couldn't do thatBECAUSE SHE WAS ALWAYS THINKINGAnother thing that bothered me about her was the times that she reminded me of "Principal Hutton"'s age. Let me show you what I mean.CHAPTER 2 "And his age wouldn’t matter at all"CHAPTER 6 " The age thing"CHAPTER 7 "Especially for a man his age. A quick recovery was another thing Charlotte liked about younger men"CHAPTER 7 " He’s too old for me.”CHAPTER 10 "he was too old for her"CHAPTER 15 "Plus, he was too old. Plus, plus, plus" "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME NOW?" That being said and done. I am giving it three stars because the last lat's say 45 ish percent of the book was much better than the first half. It's not as cheesy. The writing gets better, and the story isn't bad. Kind of sweet even. Loved the whole melody and Eric thing because it was just really sweet. Jeanine and David actually didn't turn out too bad either. Anywho, I did enjoy the story. Some parts bothered me but overall it was pretty OKAY. It's not long, but I took me an extra day because the first half was kind of boring and cheesy. A little too cheesy.(view spoiler)[ I did like the fact that they ended up together because if I read throughout this whole entire book and they didn't end up together i would have killed someone.(hide spoiler)]RANT DONE. If you like a good story, and don't mind a few imperfections, give it a try. 3 STARS***

  • Royal Lioness
    2019-02-22 11:08

    Jasmine Haynes' books have sold me on sexy spankings!This had me at the cover, which seems sexy, fun, and playful to me, as well as the subtitle: 'Punishment is its own reward'. Charlotte is a part-time guidance counselor at the high school and a therapist, and Lance is the principal at the same school. I liked that better than the illicit student/principal romance. Charlotte's independence and caring personality were a draw for me. She is so willing to explore sexually and be naughty with Lance. I like that she was 'topping' from the bottom at times and Lance enjoyed it. They are a mature couple, also a plus (not that I mind NA romances).The sexy spankings, naughty words, and the sheer pleasure that both Lance and Charlotte had with each other made this a hot, fun read. The secondary storyline with Melody, the troubled teen and Ethan, her former friend, added a touching storyline. There are school politics, unreasonable parents, and a chance that Charlotte could be fired that add to the drama. I liked that her friend, Lola, was part of the story from book 1 in the series. I haven't read that book ... yet, but I was able to read this book as a standalone. I am now curious to read The Naughty Corner (book 1) now.This is a light bdsm erotic romance. I liked that while Lance was dominant at times, he was very willing to let Charlotte call the shots at times. He was dominant, but not a Dom, but enjoyed sensual fantasies and a bit of kink mixed in. Charlotte was the stronger character in my opinion.I give it 4**** out of 5. I enjoyed it, but didn't get as involved with the characters as I did with some of her other books, such as The Principal's Office.

  • Maria
    2019-03-09 08:51

    I don't actively seek out erotic novels because most are poorly written but this was a nice surprise. BDSM, fantasies, role's all in there and well written. The fact that the main characters are a counselor and a high school principal breaks the stereotype we have of folks who enjoy healthy sexual relationships that are more than missionary sex. I appreciated the fact the author touched on the story of a young girl who is in an awkward phase. How those body changes can mess with a girls mind, confidence, and the confusion she goes thru....and how not to deal with that young girl. She's flat chested so the mom offers to get her breast implants..for a 15 yr old...sad to think that some girls get this reaction. The over the top, loud mouthed school board president- now there was a classic bully who needed to be taken down a peg or two. The fact his wife is going to the counselor for advice how to handle his ED and fantasies is just a little much though. In the Bay Area there is only this certain counselor? Which brings up another matter I had issue with----a sex therapist who works part-time as a guidance counselor at a high school, in this paranoid PC society, I don't think so. With that said you can guess what one of the conflicts Charlotte and Lance will face. Charlotte and Lance, two intelligent people who opted to enter this dom/sub relationship but have to learn about each other and themselves to take this to another loving, permanent relationship. Nice to know that these guys weren't perfect. All in all a good story with a healthy spin on what relationships can be. *** A copy of this book was provided by the publisher for an honest review***

  • Lise
    2019-03-11 07:19

    I discovered Jasmine Haynes with The Principal's Office, and was happy to see her latest, Teach Me A Lesson that revisits a similar world. Charlotte is a sex counselor, advising adult couples. But she stretches her therapeutic wings by acting as a part time student counselor as well. While this is an admirable character, I had to willingly suspend my disbelief, because in this day and age, we all have seen the headlines of teachers and counselors fired for even the hint of anything hinky that might be deemed "damaging" to kids - that said, however, Teach Me was another lovely, romantic contribution by Haynes with just the hint of kinky that raises the temperature for the reader. Lance is a principal and - spoiler alert! - their first encounter is marvelously sexy. The set up is great for this couple and the fact that he's an older hero I found a nice touch. The subplot of a troubled student and her troubled parents is another example of how Haynes puts her couples in "real world" situations and enhances their internal conflicts with external matters that test them as well. The sex was hot, though this is not your hard core BDSM type novel, but more akin to a couple falling in love and exploring a bit of bedroom kink. The relationship itself, as well as the external conflicts all nicely round out this novel. You could almost imagine them the rather kinkier couple next door and Haynes resolves all of the drama nicely for the loving couple's happily ever after.

  • Janet Nissenson
    2019-03-06 09:00

    I really enjoy Jasmine's stories, especially how as of late her leads tend to be older men/women and not a bunch of immature, emotionally unstable twenty-somethings. She can also write some of the best sex scenes and dirty talk around. This book was the sequel to the Naughty Corner, and the similarities between the two books were many. I think maybe that's what prevented me from giving this book a five star rating, because the plots of the two books were so much alike. Also, I'm not a fan of the whole "friends with benefits" relationship, where the H/h really only get together to have sex, keep their relationship a secret, and don't see each other/date outside of their sexual encounters. I prefer to see the whole relationship develop, to read about all facets of it and not just the sex.I really hope in her next book that Jasmine will focus more on a well-rounded relationship and not one where the H/h just sneak off to have naughty, semi-forbidden sex all the time. Still, she is a great writer and knows how to entertain her readers.

  • Christine
    2019-03-15 05:54

    I had loved reading Haynes's other 'education' books..."The Principal's Office," and "The Naughty Corner," and was pleased when "Teach Me a Lesson" became available.And, while I liked the book, I didn't enjoy it as much as the other two...Charlotte, a psychologist, decides to explore some of her kinkier fantasies with Lance (really....Lance?), the principal at the high school where Charlotte works part-time as a guidance counselor. And...somehow I never really warmed up to her.Charlotte feels vulnerable and exposed by how quickly her feelings for Lance are growing, and as a result, it seems like she treats him very poorly. Initially, she's all about using him as means to expand her sexual horizons, but as soon as she begins to develop actual affection for the guy, she shuts him down. Of course Lance is using her to some degree as well, but he's pretty forthright about how he Charlotte really comes off as cold and manipulative.It's Jasmine Haynes...the sex is plenty hot and steamy. Lance is a very yummy hero, but Charlotte just seems like a user.

  • Firstpella
    2019-02-24 06:57

    I typically enjoy Haynes - some of her stories are too raunchy for me but the stories that are more standard tend to be light reading with some smexy smex. "Teach Me" was good...but I should have liked it more...mature H/h, an H I really liked/wished existed in real life, sexual chemistry, some history before wham bam (though pretty darn immediate once they got to the getting)...but. The story just didn't overly connect with me at an emotional level...I didn't identify with the h overall (found her too in her head and not developed as a character enough outside her knee jerk perspective on control of her life)...perhaps it's the timing here - I just finished the latest BDB and I'm just about to start the latest Ashley...both of those writers/series *are* fathoms deep in emotionalness...that intimacy that even chapter by chapter of sex, and there was a LOT/slightly kinky in "Teach Me", didn't quite capture it since bodily functions and brain/heart functions are not one and the same.Still, the book was fine and a nice way to spend a few hours of fantasy.

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-03-19 06:15

    Paige‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 STARSReview copy provided for an honest reviewI thought the courtship and budding D/s play between Lance and Charlotte was totally plausible. It was refreshing to read about two adults, working together on building a relationship.Charlotte was an educated women who wasn’t afraid of her sexuality. She knew what she wanted from a lover and went after it. Lance was the perfect fit for her. He was willing to go all in and find what worked for both of them. He pushed himself outside his comfort zone.Often times the subject matter is taboo, especially in new relationships, but this couple wasn’t afraid to try.The book was very, very steamy and held enough drama for a great read. I thought the author did a great job with all characters and their development throughout.

  • Katherine
    2019-03-11 10:03

    So good! I don’t know where to begin. The hero and heroine are mature (late 40’s and late 30’s). They start off in a hot, sexual relationship with a little kink. The stumble a bit, and their work and personal lives overlap, coming to a pinnacle in a very nasty way. And - here’s the thing - they talk about it. They talk to their friends, and figure things out. They take some time to think. And then they talk again. I loved the secondary plot lines too - Charlotte’s passion for counseling, how much she ares, Melody the student with troublesome issues. It was nice to see Lola and Coach’s relationship grow too - they are from the first book “The Naughty Corner”. All in all, I highly recommend both books.Bought from kobo

  • Darcy
    2019-03-02 05:58

    I liked how this one had so many different facets. I loved how Charlotte and Lance too their roles in life and played with them, although I wasn't sure I liked their taking their role playing in their work place. It seemed like so much could go wrong there.I also really liked how Charlotte's work played into things, both her position at the school and her practice. I wanted to slap her client for most of the book, but especially at the end, when the client could have put a stop to Charlotte being persecuted. I did like how this one ended, how the students stood up for Charlotte and made the adults back down and how Charlotte finally took away her rules.

  • Erica
    2019-03-13 06:19

    This was a bit of a bizarre read for me. I was slightly intrigued by the premise as to figuring out where it would go, but once I started reading, I found that there really wasn't a structure that the plot built on, which was distracting as a reader and had me failing to fully connect to the book.The major conflict in Teach Me a Lesson was . . . a bit lame. It was definitely a far stretch I thought, and because of this, I was slightly turned off.Now, there were some great characters in the book - particularly both Melody and Eric. Really endearing kids. I enjoyed the characters overall, but just couldn't connect with the story. Therefore, I was left a bit indifferent.

  • Tasha
    2019-02-22 06:53

    Teach me a Lesson. I have been very very bad I need to be spanked. Oh how exciting. If you aren't into finding that stuff hot and bothering (in the good way) then this isn't for you. The spanking is not for pure punishment it is for enjoyment for the one receiving it and the one giving it. A little playful spanking never hurt anybody but once your secret is out that you, the High school guidance counselor having a sexual relationship with your boss (the principal of the school) then things may get a little..... you find the word that you think fits.

  • Gail Mitchell
    2019-03-23 07:03

    I have read other books by this author and enjoyed them, but this book was horrible. The foundation for a good story was there but the author did not build an that foundation. The two main characters did not gel, the dialogue between them was cheesy and childish. They did not do the normal couple getting to know each other, instead, their only interaction with each other seem to be these awkward and forced sexual encounters. I hope that this book was not a preview of future writings of this author.

  • Rebecca Whaley
    2019-02-28 06:59

    This is the first book I've read by jasmine Haynes and I have to say I really liked it. The theme of the younger woman and quite a bit older man was pretty good. I never would have thought of my principal this way but it was interesting. I liked the storyline and the characters. The only thing I didn't like is that the woman was a little cold to me but thankfully she got better. I thought this a good book and I will look into reading more of her books in the future.

  • Elena
    2019-03-21 11:03

    I liked the ages of both Charlotte and Lance (cute name by the way). They were both mature grownups. But at the same time they were learning about themselves. I for a fact appreciate that they didn’t “change” they just noticed their personalities and finally understood what each one was looking for.

  • Jessica Alcazar
    2019-03-19 09:11

    RELEASE YOUR INNER KINK GIRLS! lolOHHHHHHHH, what a wonderful 'happy place' book his was for me. i was light, it was easy and it was seamy. nothing was really over the top for me and I REALLY enjoyed he side story on the HS and the kids.This book was just plain FUN and erotic all at the same time. LOVE IT!

  • Lindsey
    2019-02-26 12:15

    I won this book in a goodreads giveaway. This book was much, much too racy for me. I had to relinquish it to my slightly-more-depraved sister. If you're looking for a super saucy book, this appears to be it.

  • Regina
    2019-02-21 11:04

    3.5 stars. Super sexy story with lots of totally hot fantasy role playing. While that certainly got the libido pumping, I didn't see much of a romantic connection between Lance and Charlotte. Still, they made a riveting couple, and it was a fun read.

  • Trish-Sunshine Reads
    2019-02-21 11:09

    Another great one from Ms. Haynes. Charlotte might be a sex therapist in one of her jobs but being the school guidance counselor as the other job is the one that makes her reach her dreams. They both weave their way through this new dynamic and come out on the other end with the greatest reward.

  • Andrea
    2019-03-01 04:13

    I just realized I never posted any thoughts on this one. But over a year later, I remember how much I couldn't stand this book. So that says something...

  • Melissa Mcentyre
    2019-03-22 08:15

    Love this series from Jasmine Haynes. Lance and Charlotte's story is great fun. We catch up with others from the series. Give it a try.Good writing and Thanks Jasmine

  • Michele
    2019-03-20 08:10

    See my full review here:

  • Marie
    2019-03-23 04:51

    I had a hard time getting into this one unlike The Principals Office....But i look forward to reading more from this author.