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Join the quest to take back what love stole! Kate Winters is an ordinary girl, with a not-so-ordinary mission: take back what love stole! Kate Winters might just be ‘that’ girl. You know the one. The girl who, for no particular reason, doesn’t get the guy, doesn’t have children, doesn’t get the romantic happy ever after. So she needs a plan. What does she like doing? WhatJoin the quest to take back what love stole! Kate Winters is an ordinary girl, with a not-so-ordinary mission: take back what love stole! Kate Winters might just be ‘that’ girl. You know the one. The girl who, for no particular reason, doesn’t get the guy, doesn’t have children, doesn’t get the romantic happy ever after. So she needs a plan. What does she like doing? What didn’t she get to do because she fell in love? What would she be happy spending the rest of her life doing if love never showed up again? This is one girl’s journey to take back what love stole and maybe find love again along the way Feel-good, witty and addictive; Love is a Thief is the book everyone’s talking about. As addictive as One Day, funnier than Bridget Jones, as beautiful and touching as When God Was a Rabbit, this is for fans of good books, bad TV and long chats over wine. Tell us what love has stolen from you: @clairegarber...

Title : Love is a Thief
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Love is a Thief Reviews

  • Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess
    2019-06-10 13:12

    This was a very heart warming and hilarious chick-lit.I like the cover, but feel it could have been more enticing. It seems a little plain for the ride that the story really is.For the most part, this book had a good pace and plenty of hilarious points. But at times it seemed to drag on a little and I'd look at how much further I had to go and sigh. But those dragging points were few and far between and I really enjoyed this book, the rest of the story more than made up for those moments.It's full of fantastic philosophical advice on life and love. It made me laugh out loud a lot, and I don't think I've ever read more profanities in a whole book than I've read in a single page of Love Is A Thief.The characters are a wide mix of personalities, with a few stereotypes thrown in. What would a chick-lit be without a gay best friend or the office bitch who everyone else loves? And of course there has to be a love lost somewhere, or several in this case.There were a few "OH MY GOD" moments in this book, when I sat gobsmacked and unable to think properly, which was great. There is passion and life in this book.This book really made me stop and think about my life. What has love stolen from me? How different would my life be without love? What have I given up for love? It's not often a book has me questioning most aspects of my life.I will not be surprised to see this book popping up on best-seller lists, even if it's not everyone's cup of tea.I received a copy of this for free via NetGalley for review purposes.

  • Sarah Goodwin
    2019-06-08 08:04

    As a self-publishing writer, I know it's hard to iron out the kinks in a novel before publishing it, and how horrible it is to hear that someone didn't even finish your book. But I'm afraid I had to give up on this one.The origional idea hooked me, and I gladly paid for the book, wanting to read some interesting chick-lit, unfortunately, I was let down by the excecution of the novel. There were no noticable spelling/grammer errors, which is nice, but the writing itself is seriously flawed - non-sequitors, characters named but not described, relationships undisclosed (for example, Federico is mentioned in conjunction with the main character's grandmother, but their relationship isn't defined or explained) the writer uses description like 'he whisper-shouted' which, I can accept as being a 'stage whispter', but then, bizzarrly, he 'quietly wails' this is in the same scene where Federico rolls in a pile of fur coats for no real reason - his character having not been established enough to give him one.The main character's parents are eco-pirate-terrorists which I found funny, and would have liked more backstory in that direction.What finally got me to put the book down was this:"Peter Parker, as in spider man?' Federico asked"No silly," Beatrice chortled, "although he was terribly serious..."This makes no sense. It was one in a line of statements that made no sense, and which had me reading and re-reading looking for some sense. The next few lines have Beatrice revealing that the peter parker in question is the main characters childhood friend - and if my grandmother said she'd had lunch with a peter parker, when I had a childhood friend of the same name - I probably would have said something before she had to explain that, no, she wasn't talking about spiderman.It probably seems like I'm being ridiculous to pick on such small things, but they are small things that bothered me on every page. Maybe this will be more attractive to someone else, but I just couldn't get on with it. To give another example of nonsense - the heartshaped table in the boardroom of the romance magazine is described as having injured 11 people - 9 of whom were cut, and one of whom banged his knee on it.One and nine adds up to ten.Non-sensical, and ultimately irritating, but there's a lot of promise behind the mistakes, and the book overall reads like an early Lucy Robinson, so, I'd be interested in reading the next book.

  • Joana
    2019-06-13 15:17

    3.5 stars Kate have reached her rock bottom! She was dumped by her french boyfriend, the one she thought was "the one" consequently she lost her job and house, when she moved back to England.Because the reality is, I might just be 'that' girl. You know the one. The girl who, for no particular reason, doesn't get the guy, doesn't have children, doesn't get the romantic happy ever after.Kate starts to think what did she gave up for love? What dreams she let go in order to fit in a relationship? What have love stolen for her?And so she launches a campaign/movement "Love stolen dreams" in order for women to reflect and unravel what did they gave up, to share their experiences and above else to try to take it back what love stole. To rediscover themselves ! How is it possible to miss something you have never had? How can I ever really embrace any moment if I am always subconsciously searching for a thing called love? Because here is the thing for Kate, when she jumped in this idea of helping other women she kept herself out of the way. Until she realizes that she also had to confront herself and her dreams.This book was a fun read, that will make you think about love and what people can give up of themselves for it. And of course that's never too late to find yourself.I really enjoyed all the testimonies of the women and the changes they made in their lives.Some parts at first seemed off to me, like the re-appearance of Kate's childhood best friend and first love Peter Parker (*snorts* not superman)...but he did grown on me. Some twists of their story I didn't expected at all, especially regarding their parents.Oh and I must add that I do love the cover <3**ARC kindly provided via Netgalley in exchange of a honest review***

  • Kirsty (Book - Love - Bug)
    2019-06-20 11:29

    This book is about knowing yourself, knowing what you are without love, and recognising that love changes who you are.I found this book to be inspiring, unique and funny. I loved the characters, who are so wonderfully defined. Kate's grandma and the other residents of Pepperpots are fabulous. I adored Peter Parker (and I challenge you not to!), and his wonderfully unique story (I didn't see the twist, and was totally engrossed at the potential catastrophe ). I even loved Chad, who some of you will hate....but his constant use of the word 'twat' or 'twatting' as every other word in a sentence did make me laugh.This story is based on real life heartbreak, yet at the same time it is full of uplifting moments. It makes you think about your own life - “If you knew you were going to spend the rest of your life alone, you would never fall in love, never settle down, never have children, what would you want to do? What would make you happy? What would fill up your time, your heart, your soul for the rest of your days? Are you currently doing that thing?”Ultimately, it made me smile, it made me laugh and it made me want more.

  • Kat
    2019-06-15 14:24

    Got this book from the Goodreads giveaway but it was the summary that got my attention. 'That girl' spoke to me in volumes, felt the urge to read it although I normally wouldn't touch chick lit with a ten foot pole. It's an easy read, the writing feels breezy, but this book is not for me. Whether it's because I've never been in a relationship or whether because I feel Kate's attempts at humour falls flat and becomes whiny instead, I will never know.

  • Vicky Ball
    2019-06-07 08:30

    Rather enjoyed this & loved the concept of "love stolen dreams".

  • Fahima M (Hitch Theory)
    2019-06-17 11:09

    For more book reviews, check out I Read, Ergo I WriteActual rating: 3.5There comes a time in all of our lives when we question everything that we've ever done. When we wonder... what happened to all those dreams I had? Did I give them up? But for what? For some thing, or worse, for someone? Did someone steal my dreams? When I've given up my dreams, what is it that I have for myself at the end of the day?After being dumped by her French fiance whom she thought was 'the one', Kate Winters finds herself thinking these exact thoughts. Maybe love took these away from her? With even the mention of his name or a sympathetic 'Oh, I heard what happened' bringing on the waterworks, Kate is definitely not at the top of things. And the irony of her tragic story is that she is now working at a magazine called True Love of all things! Yeah, life certainly isn't kind.This gets her thinking of all the other women around the world who have also had to give up something for love. And so she launches a campaign 'Love Stolen Dreams' inviting all readers to join her in her journey of taking back her dreams by sending in their love stolen dreams, suggesting what she should do next, and maybe going on their own Love Quests.Love is A Thief by Claire Garber quoteI'll tell you one thing. It is humanly impossible to read this book and not burst into laughter (no matter where you are) atleast once. The author's writing style is very candid and conversational. You may think that's part of the package, since the story is written in first person, but there are several books that dont give you that 'in' into the character's ( (though sometimes, the characters just keep going on and on, and just dont stop) head like Love is A Thief does. For a debut author, she's done a marvelous job of it!What I loved about this book was how unique it is in it's approach to love. Yes, it starts out with Love as the enemy, stealing dreams left and right, and something you've got to fight against. As the book went on, I wondered, though, that maybe it was taking this 'Love stole my dreams' idea a bit too far. It could have been the person themselves who maybe grew out of the dream, or maybe the dream was not a correct fit for them, or maybe the fault lies in themselves for not pursuing their dreams. Why blame Love or their partners? These questions were put to rest later, as the author addresses these issues as the story progresses.Every chapter begins with a short story. Either a love story dream or two, or a story from Kate's past. The love stolen dreams make for interesting and insightful reading, though there are some pointless and hilarious ones thrown in as well.Love is A Thief Claire Garber quoteIn her stories, Kate divulges a bit about her childhood best friend Peter Parker, who has now returned to London with a Ph.D., after 15 years of radio silence.Peter Parker is an intriguing character. He kind of, kind of reminded me of Darcy. There's that same restraint in him, of words and emotion, and he seems to hold himself the same way too, a little aloof from his fellow mortals. Because of which, when he unwinds enough to express his feelings, it makes for a very intense scene. Though there is plenty of attraction between the two right from the start, the focus is more on the LSD, with this playing only a side role.I loved how the author made Kate question her ideas of love, and herself, and come up with answers that were probably the ideas she thought she had, but ended up with her coming the really know herself. I love how she came to this idea of love especially, because it was as if she took it right out of my head:I was sad to see this book end, but I was happy about the ending, which wasn't exactly a happliy-ever-after in the conventional sense, but a happily-ever-after nevertheless.Bottomline: Love is A Thief can double as chick lit and self help, with it's hilarious and head on approach to live and love. Claire Garber has succeeded in writing a book that will provide comfort, laughter and lessons to women everywhere. For more book reviews, check out I Read, Ergo I Write*A copy of the book was provided in exchange for an honest review.

  • Karla
    2019-06-25 15:12

    *I was provided with an electronic copy of this book from the author and Harlequin UK in return of an honest review. No monetary compensation was provided in this exchange.* Also will be posted on Moonlight Gleam's Bookshelf on July 5, 2013.“The reality is, I might just be ‘that’ girl. You know the one. The girl who, for no particular reason, doesn’t get the guy, doesn’t have children, doesn’t get the romantic happily ever after. So I needed to come up with a plan. I needed to get back to basics.”Kate Winters was living the safe life… Although, she didn’t really know it until a breakup with her long term French ski instructor boyfriend. After the breakup, she finds herself back in England, working for the trashy True Love magazine and in a desperate bout of bitterness and depression that result from knowing that the previous Man of her dreams has already moved on. Tired of the false claims of “true love” that her coworkers and fellow employees put into their magazine, she inserts an article without permission. The article, questioning women on the sacrifices that they have made for love, becomes a hit. And all of a sudden True Love becomes Love-Stolen Dreams, and Kate makes it her own personal mission to discover what love has taken from her fellow women, and ensure that they take it back – whether it be dancing, mechanics, or even time.As her companions share and take back what love has taken from them, a childhood love returns to Kate’s life in the form of recently divorced, unreasonably handsome and ridiculously charming Peter Parker – and no, not the one that climbs walls and protects New York City and has his own Marvel comic series. And before Kate can make any attempts at a romance with this man, who was the very same boy who left in the middle of the night with no attempts at communication for over 15 years, she must take back what love has taken from her. “People sometimes forget the things that make them happy when they fall in love. The relationship becomes the source of those feelings. It becomes the source of everything. So I suppose my goal is for people to reconnect with that lost part of themselves and stay connected to it.”I will admit that chick lit is my guilty pleasure. But I really did enjoy this story. I love the concept, because I do know that people put love over everything else, even before their own happiness and dreams. It was wonderful to see all these women, strong and proud, going back to something that they had previously enjoyed but had removed themselves from after they fell in love. Love is a Thief has supporting characters that stand well on their own; all of the characters have their own story and we see each of them develop in Kate’s eyes, and it was really heartwarming to see how much development each of the characters had.There were some parts where I did feel that the story was dragging, and it took me quite a while to understand the format of the story. Peter as a character turned out quite different from what he was portrayed as when he was introduced, but I do like how his character development ties in directly with his past, and how it took him a while to acknowledge his own personal baggage and his feelings for Kate. I did hope for a bit more romance, but I do understand why it wasn’t the biggest factor in the story. Love is a Thief isn’t necessarily a story about love; it is the story of reclaiming a part of yourself that you may have lost or sacrificed when you fell in love. It is a story of other people seen through Kate Winter’s eyes, and how love can come along when you least expect it. It is a story that gives its readers the most simple, wonderful message – you should not have to give up a part of yourself when you fall in love, for your partner should love and respect that part of you, whether it is your hidden puppy owner or your inner ski instructor. “… It’s never too late to be who you were supposed to be.”

  • Kim-Anh
    2019-06-23 12:32

    I received my copy through Goodreads First Reads.The thing that attracted me to this book was the cover. It was kind of like pop art- just big blocks of bright colours. Anyways... Kate Winters just recently broke up with this dude called Gabriel who's French. She thought that he was the love of her life and that they would get married and have loads of babies.... yeaahhhh.... She moved to France for him and now he has a new French girlfriend and this leads to Kate lying on the floor trying to contact him. So, she is basically in the shock and denial period after the break up.She also works for a magazine called True Love. And if that was me, that job would've made me more depressed. I mean, imagine... you just broke with your boyfriend, who you believed to be your 'true soulmate' and then you guys break up. You feel like crap and you hate love for the time-being and your job is writing about the happiness due to love. That's depressing.Anyways, she writes an article without getting the permission to do so and the reaction from the readers is phenomenal. She wrote about what love stole from her and then, lots of people wrote in to say what love stole from them like their beauty, slimness etc etc... The magazine became more famous and then also opened many workshops linked to this theme. One of them is Fat Camp. Sounds really rude and blunt but it helped people...Peter Parker enters the story and yes, he fully knows that he has the same name as Spiderman. Apparently, his parents didn't know about Spiderman or Marvel so... yeah... bummer...Kate and him were best friends (I think!) when they were younger and when he was 15, he suddenly disappeared to Switzerland without saying goodbye. This book was actually hilariously funny and sometimes realistic. For example, (I think this might be a spoiler but, when you read the book it's kinda predictable what will actually happen)(view spoiler)[ Near at the end, Peter catches Kate at the checkout of the airport and then there are these really sweet words spurting out of their mouths and Peter kisses her hand and cheeks and then they kiss on the mouth. You might wonder why I'm angry. They have one damn kiss! Throughout the whole book, you could feel the tension and the chemistry and all they do is have one kiss. Obviously, I don't want them to have sex or anything but just something more than a kiss (hide spoiler)]I felt that Kate was like some my friends a bit, but that led to me reminding myself that she was a 30 year old woman rather than a teenager like myself. Apart from that, I really liked this book. The plot was fairly realistic and it made me laugh. It wasn't filled with clichés which is a good thing and I hope to see more work from the author.

  • Rebekah
    2019-05-26 09:07

    ARC received from publisher in exchange for an honest opinion.What worked: Do you ever feel like that girl? That you’ve missed out on opportunities just because you were chasing after a boy? The girl that still remains resolutely single while your friends drop like flies into the marriage ointment? I know I do! This is the reason I picked up Love Is A Thief. I wanted a character I could relate to, situations familiar enough that I could say “Sister, I’m right there with ya.” In LIAT you get all that and more. I started to analyse the way that I see life and how I dampen down my own dreams just to fit into somebody else’s. We live in a very image-oriented society and at times, it can wear you down until finally you give in and just agree to go with the crowd, grumbling along the way. Uh oh...this review turned too serious too fast.Let’s get back to the book and take a sharp detour from the world we live in. Did that change in subject give you whiplash? Anyway, the characters. Where to begin? First of all we have our heroine, Kate who is determined to grab life by the horns and she wants to help all women everywhere unite and achieve their dreams! She’s headstrong and determined but when it comes to her own issues, she really has to work at it. Kate is also the kind of girl who regularly has a spectacular case of verbal diarrhoea and for that, I wanted to give her a hug while wiping the tears of joy from my eyes.Then we have her hilariously inappropriate boss, Chad. Hands down, my favourite character. He’s brash, cruel and funny as hell. Every word out of that man’s mouth cracked me up. Single mothers who manage to have an adult conversation and tell their child off before dovetailing back into conversation are the most fantastic comedic resource and there is no shortage on that front. Seriously, I didn't expect so much laughter when it came to Love is a Thief.What irked: I couldn’t help but think my kindle had broken, Love is a Thief felt like it had been stretched out for too long in my opinion. This coupled with the fact I couldn’t visualise the characters left me with a kindle sitting heavy in my hands and eyes that were determined to close. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great premise but it draaaaaaagged. I can barely jog for five minutes so jogging through a book when the end seems so far away? It’s a toughie.

  • Lyndsey O'Halloran
    2019-06-03 07:09

    The idea behind Love is a Thief was fantastic. How many times have I given something up because of being with a certain boyfriend… I could absolutely relate to protagonist Kate. She moved to France and lived with her ski instruction (who she thought was her soul mate) there only to break up and be forced to move back home. Kate felt as though she had wasted so much time being who her boyfriend wanted her to be instead of doing things for herself. The worst thing is, she works for a magazine called True Love; how much of a bummer must that be when you’ve got a broken heart?So, she writes an article without permission about what love stole from her and what she wanted to do about that. The response she gets from women all over the country is phenomenal and even though the magazine aren’t happy about what Kate has done, they can’t ignore what their readers want. Not only does the book follow Kate and her lost dreams, but also those of people around her and those of others. I really enjoyed reading about the range of things that people thought love had stolen from them and how they intended to go about fixing that. The characters in this book were very varied and provided quite a lot of comedy; this was mainly due to the fact that there were a fair few large and loud personalities. What made the characters so great in this book though is that they were so real. The objectives planned by women throughout the book are more than reasonable and I could certainly relate to what some of them wanted to do. It also showed just how different people are and the things that people tend to miss out on in life. Unfortunately, the romance is quite lacking in Love is a Thief. There is a love interest for Kate in the form of Peter Parker (no, not like Spiderman). While there was so much that could have been done with this pairing, it always fell quite short. Just when I thought something was going to happen, it didn’t. The two have a bit of a history as they were friends when they were children and then something happened to make Peter move away without a word. This was the most interesting thing about Kate and Peter and without this, there wouldn’t really have been much point to Peter’s character.Overall, Love is a Thief is a pretty good book. There could have been more romance but the actual plot and subject of the story was really captivating.

  • Maureen Reil
    2019-06-11 15:04

    I was lucky enough to win this novel in the Goodreads competition, when I was already 22% into it on my Kindle, having forgotten that I’d entered but not expecting to win. And as I’d wanted to read it next, so it was that I’d bought it on Amazon. The digital version was soon put aside when the paperback arrived and call me old-fashioned but I prefer the feel of a solid book over an eBook now and then. I thought the cover popped with its bright colours and big hand robbing the heart out of the title, so it suited the premise of the novel perfectly. This is the story of a woman called Kate, who is a writer at a magazine and she is suffering from a broken heart after a failed love affair with a Frenchman. Kate comes up with the clever concept for the whole story-line when she sets out to discover, what dreams love stole from a person when they fell in love? Or put into other words, what goal/achievement or ambition did the person give-up on in order to pursue happiness with the love of their life? It is a huge success all round, for her personally and for the magazine too when we get to learn from several or more participants who are willing to share their woes and Kate tries to help them remember the passion they had for something other than their loved ones. So that they can then try to fulfill the parts of their lives that they’d sadly missed out on because of love getting in the way. The worst thing you can do to yourself is deny who you were really meant to be is the motto told and Kate sets out to prove this to be true with the help of a quirky cast of big personality characters and even a love interest of her own to dally with between the pages. This was a fantastically well written and interesting read with plenty of witty lines to amuse the reader and packed with lots of great advice thrown in for the duration of the narrative. And people would be wise to listen to their hearts and to question themselves about the lives they lead, for nobody wants to have regrets when it’s too late to do anything about it. This even made me think to myself, what did I stop doing when starting a relationship with love and swapping one passion for another? Love the book to bits, so I highly recommend it.

  • Georgina
    2019-06-26 09:11

    Have you ever wondered how different life would have been if you hadn't met your current or ex-boyfriend and fallen in love? I sure have and I know that it can be a dangerous question to start thinking about considering there is not much that can be done to change the past. Love Is A Thief is a story that focuses on just that question and shows the story of how it is never too late to give up on what you want from life. I really like the concept of Love Is A Thief, as it looked at love from a completely different perspective. I am sure many of you have given up something for love whether it is willingly or without really realising it and it is interesting to think about and see what Kate and the other characters would have done differently if they hadn't met their partners. In some senses it is almost like a self help book as well as a work of fiction, as it really made me question my own life and what I may not have done because I fell in love and how things may have been different. There is a lot of humour in this book, which keeps it light hearted, and had me laughing on more than one occasion. The characters were a mixed bag, I really liked Kate as she grows so much throughout the book on her journey finding out what other people have missed out on which in turn makes her question her own life. I enjoyed seeing women become empowered by trying things they always wanted to alongside their relationships and realising they don't have to entirely give up on their dreams. The only problem I had with Love Is A Thief is that, as it is quite a large book, at times it did drag a little and the pace slowed down so I was left wondering when it would become interesting again. These times however, were few and far between.Overall I really enjoyed Love Is A Thief would recommend it to anyone who loves their chick lit with a twist, especially if you like a book that leaves you thinking about your own life. Love Is A Thief is a story of love, self realisation and humour.

  • Kathryn Laceby
    2019-06-13 08:27

    Originally reviewed at Novel EscapesLove is a Thief’s main character has a voice like I’ve never encountered before. I started this after a historical fiction novel so it was like stepping out of pea soup fog into a room full of neon signs. Kate is as vibrant as the people around her and I immediately found her hysterically funny. My worry is that I think Garber’s initial few chapters could have used a bit of tightening up as the different people were floating around without being very grounded or attached to Kate. I would have loved to have the characters concretely linked together from the get-go so I could enjoy all the funny and not have to remind myself who the people were.The thread of the novel got pulled too far away from Kate at times as there were a few too many people pursuing their own ambitions while leaving Kate's on the side-lines. While bumbling around helping others find their lost dreams, Kate also manages to start falling for her childhood friend, Peter. Conveniently enough he also seems to find her appealing but they’re both quite useless at getting this sorted out. It might come off as frustrating to some, but I enjoyed their hesitation (for the most part-sometimes I wanted to bang their heads together!) and actually found it realistic for people who’d known each other for so long. There are also some peculiar things from their past that slow down their getting together- but I won’t get into that! The concept of love having stolen your ambitions or your dreams is great and I really thought a lot about Garber’s intentions with that idea. Garber isn’t trying to put down love but open us up to remember things we’d wanted for ourselves. I love this and so should everyone else. Thank you to MIRA for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

  • Janhvi
    2019-06-23 07:17

    3.5 stars I enjoy reading a good chick lit book every now and then and Love is aThief was just that. Kate Winters is an ordinary girl. After being dumped by a french guy whom she thought was the love of her life, whom she moved to another country for, Kate has had enough of love. She doesn't think its perfect or worth sacrificing anything for.Kate works in a magazine called True Love. After finally being sick of all the lovey dovey articles she writes a column called Love Stolen Dreams where you can write what love stole from you. Suddenly, the column's popularity shoots up and Kate finds herself chasing others' love stolen dreams.I liked Kate. She was sweet. She rambled when nervous, was fiercely protective of her family and just wanted to figure out what love was. She was a pretty typical chick lit heroine whom we all enjoy. I also found all of Kate's friends and co workers hilarious. The way they chased love stolen dreams, each with her own scenario made for a fun journey.Then we also have Peter Parker, he is Kate's childhood best friend whom Kate used to stalk, uh, follow around. She has not seen him since he disappeared all those years ago. But then Kate finds out that Peter Parker has kept in touch with everyone but her. Kate's relationship with Peter Parker was all over the place. I really like how things went between the two of them.Love is a Thief somehow reminds me of Meg Cabot's Heather Wells series. It is a well written chick lit book which is set in England. I haven't read much of British literature so this was different. Fans of any and all kinds of chick lit books should give Love is a Thief a try.*Note: A copy of this book was provided by PRPundit in exchange for an honest review. We thank them.

  • Natalie TBGWP
    2019-06-04 07:31

    In my many years of reading I have never ever come across a book that makes no sense, but so much sense, and no sense all at the same time. Yep you read that right. That sentence summons up this book completely. A story about love losses, loves love, and what loves robbed from you told from a heartbroken and lost vessel called Pirate Kate, who decides to ask the UK one question, which is, What would you be doing for you if love didn't exist? From a red wee pod in the true love magazines office. My heads banging, in a good way though. Love is a thief is one serious roller-coaster of emotions! You're up and down and round and back and thrown everywhere while trying to concentrate. Honest to god it's hard work. I loved it a lot though and I'm glad it hurt my head and made me won't to vomit (mainly from over indulging in strawberry creams from quality street thanks to a reference in the book).It really does surprise you and have you joining in with the question. I must admit one tiny flaw in the book to me was Kate. I did not connect with her at all. She really started to grate on me if I'm honest. I'm a miserable cow though so it's probably just me :) Anyway, this is one funny book and I giggled throughout it. The best advice given being give more blow jobs and the most hysterical and disturbing thing being hard, fast, dirty sex in a car by a pair of pensioners. If that alone does not make you want to read this book that you have no sense of humour whatsoever!Love, heartbreak, gay best friends, Dancing, 10k runs in the park with fat people, Incest, Old people sex and strawberry creams. What more could you possibly want?

  • Rebeca
    2019-05-27 11:30

    The reason I rated this book so low is the synopsys on the back. SEIROUSLY, the synopsys is so good! I was aching read it as soon as I picked it up from the local library. And then... the story line happened... and I wanted to hit someone... badly.I had so high expectations for this book, I thought it was about how you don't need love to be happy, how one can be happy with all the other wonderful things life has to offer! But no, no. Right from the beginning of the book the guy shows up. You know, "that" guy, the one she falls madly in love with and can't live without and so they end up toguether and super duper happy.I think maybe if I had dived into this book knowing that it would be the regular love story where girl meets boy or, in this case, girl reencounters long lost childhood crush, maybe I would have enjoyed it more. Who knows... I certainly don't as I was seriously mislead by the synopsys!Ugh, sorry if this review is too harsh on "Love is a Thief" but this book brought me nothing but frustration...I'm not going to say I don't reccommend, all I will say is: read it if you're into adult romances. I'm not, so I didn't enjoy it much, but maybe some of you will...

  • Laura Dobb
    2019-06-12 07:12

    Firstly I'd like to thank the author for choosing me to review her new book. I really liked this book, the writing style is quirky and unlike any style I have read before, but also because of this different style, I can only give it 4 stars. Sometimes it got a bit off track, which I realise is the style, but it seemed to throw me off track a little. The actual story is lovely, the main character 'kitkat' or Kate as she is normally known is an 'quirky' character, a little bit irritating at times, giving people advise and not following it at ALL, so a little bit annoying, the other character is Peter Parker who I love, who'd have known the irritating and moody boy thing would make a great character but my absolute favourite character is federick, I LOVE him! He's awesome, he is a totally flamboyant character and is just oozing with charisma. I also like at the end where you find out he gets engaged...I won't say too who, ill let you ponder amongst yourselves, enjoy reading

  • Evie
    2019-06-10 13:30

    I was lucky enough to have won this book as a first reads prize a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was fabulous.It's a classic chic-lit novel about a woman called Kate who's trying to get over her ex-fiance (who has already moved on and impregnated another woman). She's a woman on a mission and that mission is to take back what love stole. She does this by writing an article about "love lost dreams" and she succeeds in getting women everywhere to think about what they gave up for love and makes it her mission to try and help them get it back. There are many ups and downs along the way (as there would be in any great novel) and she finds that by helping others she is able to find herself and find out what her "love stolen dream" was.It was entertaining, funny and on times thought-provoking and I found that I couldn't put it down. I would highly recommend this book to any chic-lit fans out there, it's definitley worth a read!

  • Nicki
    2019-06-06 12:04

    I really wanted to like this book because I am 'that' girl described in the blurb, but at first I really didn't. The characters are over-the-top, caricatures instead of characters (especially the supporting characters) and somewhat irritating. Our heroine, Kate, is also quite whiny. Kate's childhood friend, Peter Parker, is supposed to be a Mr Darcy type, I think, but he never really cuts the mustard. I think the main problem I had with this book is that it simply tries too hard to be funny. The humour is often forced, either through slapstick situations, strange reactions from the characters or over-thought analogies that are so pleased with themselves, they're practically winking at you from the page. Having said all that, it did get better as it went along. Kate gains some self-awareness and everything is tied up in a happy-ever-after bow. I think maybe the rating is a 2.5 rather than a straight two.

  • Rebecca Tootill
    2019-06-11 08:21

    Well, I can honestly say this is with out a doubt my favourite chick-lit book. With a lot of chick-lit books you have a generic story, the only differences are the characters names and the location they’re set in. Not this one. Although there are elements of the book that do fall into that category I found there were plenty of twists and turns to keep you interested. Above everything though this book left me feeling extremely empowered. With a view that anything is possible if you want it enough and work hard to make your dreams come true and also a heightened belief in never letting the parts of yourself that you love fade away just because love has shown up. I would certainly recommend this book to any one especially those who feel their life if missing something, after all “It’s never too late to become who you’re supposed to be”

  • Kerri Harris
    2019-06-08 14:17

    2.7 stars (I really want to give it 3 stars but can't quite justify it)First of all thanks to Goodreads for sending me a copy of this book.So when I first started reading this book I found it utterly confusing and very hard to follow, as it seemed to leap from characters without ever introducing them and then would suddenly leap to a letter for a reader of the magazine. I was pretty sure that I would not be able to finish the book. However I did persist and did quite enjoy it, the characters developed over time and I started to connect to them as the storyline developed, and by about 2/3s in I couldn't stop reading. The book has a lot of potential and my only problem was that by the time I connected the book was almost done and I wanted more. I would recommend reading it if you can stick with it as it was a good read.

  • Joanna
    2019-06-04 12:18

    *GOODREADS GIVEAWAY*I love the Papa Smurf blue cover :)Kate Winters recently broke up with Gabriel and is now trying to get back what love has stolen from her... Sounds like a good chick-lit novel.But when I first started reading this book I found the Bridget Jones/Carrie Bradshaw narrator very annoying. I have the impression that the author was trying to be a little bit too funny and that was very irritating from the beginning. But as you read on, you find some bits hilarious and the main character a bit more likable.What I think is great, is the whole idea of doing things people gave up because of love. The book, despite being unreal and exaggerated, is very motivating and makes readers think about their dreams and maybe encourages to change something.Great book for evenings :)

  • Emma
    2019-06-05 10:25

    The cover of the book didn't reveal much about the book, and I think most people probably feel they could relate to some of the situations late finds herself in during the various chapters. I like the way that near the very beginning, the characters talked about the controversial article and then as a reader, we were able to read it. However I feel the characters are slightly over the top, with exaggerated personalities. The humour feels forced at times, but I do love the idea of the book, and how it relates to women in general, and therefore poses the question "what has love stolen from you?" I won the book from first-reads and would say the rating is more 2.5 but I really can't rate it a 3 because it lost my interest sometimes, and the plot wasn't structured enough for it to be easy to follow

  • Cynthia
    2019-05-28 11:26

    When I first started reading the book I got really excited it seemed like an interesting read. However, when I got half way through it, I started loosing interest. The Peter Parker apartment incident really made me question what was keeping him from inviting Kate inside his house going on inside, however when I found out I thought that was just a little bit too childish of a reason to keep someone out of your apartment. It was a good read, but not a highly interesting one. I appreciate the writers effort and courage in writing a book, I fully am aware of how difficult that may have been. Hopefully, her upcoming book would be a better one.

  • Vicky Edwards
    2019-06-17 07:31

    Loved this book was very easy to read mainly I think as I related to it which I think a lot of people will. The story is about Kate Winters who spilt up with her ex Gabriel and now is soo miserable all she thinks about is him. She throws herself into her work which just so happens to be at a magazine called True Love. She starts to question what she gave up for love and projected this into the magazine which asked its readers "What did you give up for love?" then it all spirals from there. I don't want to give anymore info on the story as it will spoil it. But please believe me when I say you wont put this book down and it will make you think about what you have give up for love.

  • Victoria Goldman
    2019-06-09 13:02

    I won this in a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for an honest review.I used to read a lot of chick lit but now find that it only makes up around 10% of my reading. I was looking forward to reading this as I had read some good reviews and really wanted to enjoy it. Unfortunately I gave up after about 25%. I felt that the book needed a lot of editing to cut out the waffle. I couldn't keep track of the characters and found them all irritating. It is unusual for me to give up on a book. I am going to pass this book over to a friend who reads only chick lit to see if she enjoys it more than me and will post her review here.I may try reading the book again in a few months.

  • Irene Wright
    2019-06-12 14:20

    Thanks to 'Good Reads' for the copy of this book.Have given up on this book. The cover of the book looks bright & inviting but I was disappointed with the story. There was a reasonable underlying story there but I felt it was overshadowed by too much nonsense. The characters & situations seems to be exaggerated far too much. It just got boring.As usual when I get a book like this, I read the last few pages but I still couldn't get into this book so I've put it back on my bookshelf. Maybe at a later stage I'll resurrect it and try to read it again. Maybe it's just my mood at the moment.

  • Valerie
    2019-06-14 07:16

    I won this amazing book in a Goodreads giveaway and even before I'd finished it I was recommending it to friends as one of those "must read" books. The idea that love has stolen from us what we could have become is thought-provoking and anyone who reads this will find themselves like Kate in the novel asking themselves this very question. The story delights and saddens in equal measure and the characters involved are a genuine joy. To quote Kate's boss Chad, "Love's Stolen Dreams goes global!". This book is one for talking about late into the night with all your friends.

  • Carly Coleman tyson
    2019-06-02 07:30

    First of all I wanted to say I received this book through Goodreads.I really wanted to like this book, I really did. But I didn't...and I can't exactly put my finger on why. I thought that the idea of the book was great but I don't necessarily feel it translated to the page very well. The humour seemed quite flat at times and the some of the characters just very one dimensional and a bit on the boring side.I guess from reading the back I was expecting a Sophie Kinsella-ish book and on this it just didn't deliver enough punch for me