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Audrey Rodriguez has escaped her family's life styles of the rich and famous by moving to the small town of Holiday, Vermont. She settles into her new role as bookstore owner, never expecting to run into her Vegas hook-up.Ethan Cartwright has been ordered to take a vacation, by his mom no less. The only people he can imagine spending down time with is his family in HolidayAudrey Rodriguez has escaped her family's life styles of the rich and famous by moving to the small town of Holiday, Vermont. She settles into her new role as bookstore owner, never expecting to run into her Vegas hook-up.Ethan Cartwright has been ordered to take a vacation, by his mom no less. The only people he can imagine spending down time with is his family in Holiday. While there he discovers that woman he'd had the best sex of his life was living in this story-brook town.When Ethan's family needs help taking down a gold-digging-sperm-stealing-nut-job Ethan and Audrey go undercover giving them more than a second chance at passion....

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  • ♡Karlyn P♡
    2019-05-29 04:10

    DNF @25% My apologies, but I just couldn't finish this ridiculous story. I received this as an ARC through Netgalley, so I normally would push my way through to the end as a courtesy. However, I think the courtesy here is to quit now. The story opens with one of the most unrealistic pickups at a bar I have ever read. First, we are to believe that a suave and successful man would thinks eating a HUGE hamburger heavily laced with the worlds hottest chili peppers is a smart and sexy thing to do in front of a gorgeous hot woman he just picked up minutes ago. THEN we are to believe he is the ONLY person ever to eat an entire one of these giant burgers at this restaurant.But to make it really ridiculous, we are to believe that he does it with such grace and style that he barely breaks a sweat or gets the least bit uncomfortable. Oh, and the ridiculous continues. She gets so hot and turned on by him, and find it so cool that he wins some stupid restaurant award they will hang on their wall. Now for the hot & sexy part. NOT! Next thing we know they are heading to a hotel room for a hot one night stand, and God help me but I didn't see one thing sexy or attractive about this pickup scenario. But then it fades to black, and the hot one night stand is a complete fizzle left to your imagination. And my imagination wasn't having any of it. So, DNF. This is a far more realistic image of a man eating the worlds hottest chillies. Sexy huh?

  • Liza
    2019-06-09 12:17

    I loved this book so much. Knew it would take a strong woman to take on Ethan, and Audrey totally fit the bill.I was lucky enough to get a review copy from the publisher through NetGalley. I'm a really big fan of Heather Lire and love the town she has created in Holiday, Vermont. I've wanted Ethan's story from the moment I first met him. I know it would take a really strong woman to match Ethan, and think Audrey was his perfect match.I thought the chemistry between Audrey and Ethan was pretty incredible from the very first time they met in the sports bar. I absolutely cracked up that Ethan ate the sandwich with the hottest pepper on earth, while picking Audrey up in the bar. I was a little disappointed that he let her leave at the end of their time in Vegas without trying to get her number, but knew he could find her if he really tried.Audrey is such a strong woman, even with her hang ups of being in public with her famous family. I swear my favorite part of the book was when she saw Ryan kiss Morgan and she started cussing him out for being a cheater. I loved that she, Morgan and Brynn found friendship so quickly too. I think Ms. Lire showcased how the Sanderson and Cartwright families will help in any way possible to give couples the chance to reconnect. Audrey and Ethan worked as a couple for me from the beginning. I loved the passion between them, but the tenderness and support they showed for one another just made me even more sure of their relationship. Ethan had much guilt to work through from his past, and I honestly only believe he was able to do so because of the love he gave and received from Audrey.I honestly feel like the Holiday, Vermont series just gets better with each book. Ms. Lire hooked me with Ryan and Morgan's book, and I can't wait for the next installment, which is currently set for release in August.

  • Stacy
    2019-05-28 11:12

    I feel like I am at a slight disadvantage reading this novel because I have not read the first three in the series. I jumped right into the fourth book. It is not necessary to read the first ones, but there are back stories that are referenced that makes you want to go back and read them. If you are just starting Heather Lire's books I would suggest starting at the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I will go back and read the first three to find out the supporting characters stories. The chemistry between the two main characters Ethan and Audrey is hot, hot, hot. The attraction to each other is evident in the author's writing. I enjoyed reading how they resolved their problems and how their families joined them to help out when trouble arose. In my opinion Lire made two very attractive main characters that although beautiful did have flaws.This story reminded me that although people may be beautiful and look like they have it all on the outside you don't know what they are struggling with internally. This was a quick easy read and I look forward to reading the other books in this series.

  • (Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick
    2019-06-16 12:01

    Originally posted at Chance at Passion is a sweet heartfelt story that focuses on the strength of family. Each book in the series follows a couple who meet and fall in love only to find themselves facing a journey of the heart as circumstances force them apart. Romance and a external conflict often walk hand in hand as our protagonists struggle to learn to love and forgive; either each other or themselves. Engaging dialogue and a well plotted storyline makes for a fast smooth read that offers a nice balance of humor against the angst and drama that permeates the storyline.Ethan Cartwright holds a lot of guilt in his life over his past playboy lifestyle and a tragedy that resulted from it. He honestly feels he doesn’t deserve to be happy relationship wise. Meeting Audrey Rodriguez turns his world upside down and thus begins his struggle between what he wants and what he feels he deserves. Though he tries to resist, when he finds her living and working in his hometown, he realizes it’s useless and gives in to everything he feels for her.Audrey and Ethan were sweet together. Lire takes their instant attraction and uses that to build it into love. Their chemistry is apparent from their first meeting. Though it all starts as a Vegas fling, it becomes much more quickly. A little too quickly. I would have enjoyed watching them fall in love through a series of dates and some one on one time. Once they reconnect in Vermont, the family drama overwhelms the romance and they are rarely alone. Off scene lovemaking doesn’t detract from the romance. Some storylines need the full frontal sex scenes to make the connection while others are able to do so using more emotional and dialogue to convince us that this couple is not only compatible emotionally but also physically. It works in here.Various other members of the Cartwright and Sanderson family are integrated into the story, each having conflicts of their own to deal with. Drama and sorrow add a poignant note to the story, giving a sense of reality and continuation to the story and series. At certain times in the story, the romance seems to get buried beneath Ethan’s issues and his family’s drama. Clues are given to Case’s novel and I am looking forward to seeing what exactly happened there. Audrey’s family is delightful and I liked Lire was able to bring them into the fold. I expect we shall see more of them in the future. I was hoping to get an update on Brynn’s relationship with her sister. If I have only one qualm about Lire’s stories is sometimes the sub plots don’t resolve fully and the reader is left wondering what happened.Once again, I enjoyed my journey to back to Holiday, Vermont and I look forward to visiting again.RATING: C+

  • Stephanie Collins
    2019-06-17 11:19

    Any of us that have read this series have been waiting for Ethan to get his happy ending and this book did not disappoint at all.Ethan is work, work, work and more work with little to no time to relax and perhaps have a life. While he acts like it is just what he does you had the sense that this is a man who really wants what his twin, Ryan, has with Morgan and the kids. He put his focus on the two children he and his brother were guardians to and now with Ryan raising them he really is at a loss with what happens now other than work. When a meeting gets postponed he has a weekend to waste time in Vegas but isn't sure what to do, maybe a meal and some downtime will be what the doctor ordered? He ends up meeting a woman at the bar who ends up shaking him to his core. He's so convinced that he doesn't deserve love, happiness or anything other than the life he currently lives so meeting her and wanting more isn't something he believes he can ever give. I loved watching him bare his soul in this story and seeing what he's been keeping to himself and letting fester until it finally comes out in a rush was sad to see but necessary. He's a very strong man who loves his family more than anything in the world to the detriment of himself. Audrey has lived her whole life in the shadows of her more famous family and has never felt comfortable in the public eye. She's so used to people using her to get to them that she's decided to open a bookstore in a small town (hmmmm wonder where) but is in Vegas for a wedding. When she meets Ethan she's convinced that he's too good to be true when he doesn't seem to care that her brother is a famous footballer or anything at all about her parents. As they have an amazing weekend she's finding herself drawn more and more to this man but when the weekend comes to a close and she is set to leave things seem to change. The man that has been so open in his affections for her has closed down and lets her go without a fight or even a plea for more. She tries to shrug this off as she starts her new life in Holiday but.... Ok... Here is where I am going to stop and say that I can't say more about the story without ruining the fun. There are moments in this that will make you sniffle or out and out cry but they are very well done. I can't say enough about the way you become invested in this entire family so watching another one find what they deserve is just... *sigh* Now... the important question for Heather - Ummm when can I have CASE????? I can't wait for his story to be told!!! Special thanks to and Heather Lire for letting me get my hands on this one without any pressure for review. I loved it and want more from this wonderful series.

  • Jeannie Zelos
    2019-05-19 12:05

    Second Chance at Passion. Holiday Vermont Series: Book 4. Heather LireReview from Jeannie Zelos Book reviews. I love “second chances” novels so wanted to read this book. I'd not read the earlier ones, so to begin there was a lot of back story and characters to mentally work out who fitted where, and how, but that wasn't too difficult. Heather manages enough information to allow reader to work it out, without boring those who know the back stories. I enjoyed the characters, they felt real and its always good to read of those with real problems, and real life type experiences. Where this book fell down for me was the plot. I thought it would be more Ethan finding Audrey and how they get together, when in fact they get together ( and how!! some very sexy scenes with those two) pretty early in the novel, and its other family problems that take over. They are main characters but their problems aren't main focus, which was unexpected. Still, I continued and it was fun reading about all the family, they're a close knit bunch, and seemed incredibly attached and devoted to each other. A bit like a grown-up versions of the Waltons – the TV series when I was a kid...So the plot moves on but I struggled, somehow it all seemed so improbable. The sperm stealing woman, I just kept mentally saying to myself “but that couldn't happen. How did she get the sperm? Its not easy stealing how did it all come about” and that spoiled a lot of the early line of that plot for me. Then we get the explanation – which is so-so, could happen I guess, but from then on the coincidences were so slick, how everyone was just in the right place, how each person knew from somewhere just the right person to help. I know about the “six degrees of separation” theory but it seemed overused here. and just didn't really work for me. Equally the legalities, I don't know about US and French Law but that certainly wouldn't be the process here – it would be very different, and I just can't imagine that those countries diverge that much. I know novelists need to use artistic licence, but for me there needs to be a closeness to what would happen in real life, diverge slightly from process to fit the story by all means, but I can't accept when the law is thrown away, and practically rewritten to suit the plot. Still, that's me, pedantic maybe :) . So if you want a feel good romance with terrific characters, and the text book loving family, and are prepared to suspend belief in what could happen in actuality, in favour of what needs to happen to fit a story, this could be right up your street. Just because I’ve had problems doesn't mean you will :) Stars: Three. Loved the characters just problems with the plot that let it down for me.ARC supplied by Netgalley

  • Monica Cullip
    2019-06-05 06:54

    Second Chance at PassionHeather LireEthan Cartwright is in Vegas at what he thinks will be for a few hours signing some papers. Things get delayed and he has a few spare days to spend here. He is a consummate business man and has not taken a vacation day in the last six years. With the advice of his assistant to "have a hookup in Vegas" ringing in his ears he goes to the hotel bar.Audrey Rodriquez is in town for a friend's wedding and some quality time with her boyfriend. Unfortunately he left town after learning that her famous family members were not going to be there. Seems he wasn't really into her. Off she goes to the hotel bar to embrace her sorrows.After a weekend of hot passionate sex these two characters say goodbye to one another. She watches a piece of her heart walk away with him and he is a grump at work to all the cross him.Time passes as she opens her dream bookstore in a quaint small town. Just happens to be the town wher Ethan's family lives. Just happens to be the town where his matching family sends him to have a month off and relax.Their love is quickly and passionately rediscovered. Then the story get interesting. It becomes about more than just the two of them. This is the fourth book in the Vermont Series and it did take me a little bit to catch up. But just a bit. This story became a wonderful read. It featured the love of two people plus the overall love of family. There was plenty of mystery as they start chasing a pregnant gold digger and stolen sperm. Lots of pregnant women with raging hormones. And of course the back ground story on Ethan must come to light as he deals with his demons so that he feels he is worthy of love. Audrey must come to terms with her famous family that she loves very much but distance herself from. They must help each other, that is what true love is about. There was alot of love in this book. It was a wonderful, solid love story. I must go and read the others by this author as I enjoyed her story telling. I would rate it 4/5.

  • Books With
    2019-06-13 12:09

    The benefits of reading Second Chance at Passion:Even though I was not able to read the first three books in the series before reading book four, the author gives enough background information throughout the story that it is easy to follow along. The beginning of the story is set in Las Vegas, where Audrey Rodriguez and Ethan Cartwright first meet. She is traveling the country on a last excursion before settling down in Holiday, Vermont and opening a bookstore. Ethan is on a mom-ordered vacation. They meet in the hotel bar and are instantly attracted.After a short affair that they are both determined to keep casual, they part without exchanging phone numbers or any personal information. As a reader, I found this hard to understand. They really connected and should have at least tried to keep in touch. However, the rest of their story would not have unfolded the way it did, so I have to be a little forgiving of the author.I won’t spoil the suspense by telling how they reconnect, but it was one of the highlights of the book for me. Audrey is a very warm, loving woman and exactly what Ethan needs to help him overcome the guilt and self-recrimination he lives with for an accident he feels responsible for that occurred five years earlier. Ethan, in turn, is supportive of Audrey’s need to live apart from her famous European family.I really enjoyed the story, but felt that a little too much time was spent trying to help a family member out of their personal crisis and not enough time developing the relationship between Ethan and Audrey.The time devoted to their story was rich and greatly enjoyed. I think it will be very beneficial to go back and read the entire series and plan to do that soon. 4 stars

  • Mariel Hoss
    2019-06-15 07:14

    ***ARC from NetGalley in Exchange for an honest review***I am ambivalent about this book. There were a lot of sub-plots running in the background that I could not get a handle on. I am not sure if this was meant to be a stand-alone book because I felt like I needed the other books to make sense of who and what these people were about. In that regard, the cast of supporting characters were detracting from the central story. I could not completely relate to Ethan or Audrey which really lessened my enjoyment of this read. It felt rushed in a sense because it went from a Vegas hook-up to happily ever after without too much of a journey that wasn’t inundated with these sub-plots that kept me going “huh”? Cute, but definitely needed more character development and a better flow from the other books in this series.