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This fantasy adventure begins when the magical continent of Reloria is threatened by cruel, scaly invaders called Vergai from the wastelands of Vergash. These invaders are barbaric and are intent on destroying the protective elven forcefield and conquering peaceful Reloria. The Vergais’ plan is to steal the Elven Jewel which is the key to the Relorian defence system.HalfliThis fantasy adventure begins when the magical continent of Reloria is threatened by cruel, scaly invaders called Vergai from the wastelands of Vergash. These invaders are barbaric and are intent on destroying the protective elven forcefield and conquering peaceful Reloria. The Vergais’ plan is to steal the Elven Jewel which is the key to the Relorian defence system.Halfling friends Randir and Fendi and their bond-fairies are the first to discover the invaders and they embark on a quest to save the Elven Jewel. They leave their peaceful farm village with their fairies and race against time to stop the invaders. They join forces with dwarves, elves, men and a mysterious dragon, and call themselves the Hunters of Reloria.The quest is perilous, with numerous encounters with the ruthless Vergai, who are determined to fulfill their mission. The Elven Jewel is stolen and the quest becomes a race to the portal to retrieve the jewel before it can be taken to Vergash. A battle for Reloria ensues where the consequences for the Relorians is death, unless Vergai are stopped....

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elven jewel hunters of reloria Reviews

  • Kasper
    2019-06-13 17:33

    Hi all, I hope you enjoy Elven Jewel. It's a fantasy novel with dwarves, elves, halflings and a bad-ass dragon. Happy reading :-)

  • Fi Chadwick
    2019-05-29 14:53

    I have really enjoyed reading Elven Jewel ! I havent read alot of fantasy books, and picked this up on recommendation from a friend. Where the quest came upon danger, i found myself reading ahead to make sure my favourite characters were safe, then go back to my original spot. I loved the story line. The Halflings and their bond fairies were very interesting and fun to follow, and the dragon who saves the day. I'm looking forward to starting the Hunters Quest and will enjoy reading again with my kids when they are a little older. Highly recommended !

  • Joanne Steptoe
    2019-06-02 17:28

    A well written book with new and unique characters to appeal to fantasy readers. The characters are diverse, but the individual traits and personalities are not neglected, allowing the reader to develop a love for each of the 'Hunters of Reloria'.Look forward eagerly to reading the sequel.

  • Lucinda
    2019-06-16 12:36

    A supremely magical fantasy story of extraordinary depth and inspired visionSimilarly to master mythmaker, the legendary JRR Tolkien this truly remarkable debut novel is a masterwork of refreshing originality and breathtaking scope. What the deftly woven narrative lacks in profundity and intricate details (as to the world-building), more than makes up in imaginative concepts and inventive ideas. The use of metaphorical nuance as an undertone to Kasper Beaumont’s fantasy world is brilliant, as it enhances the believability and realistic ‘feel’ to his creation. I was swept away into a mystical realm of Halflings and curious creatures; from Elves to Dwarves, Sorcerers and dark enemies (as found in “The Hobbit”). I felt sure that the author draws his inspiration and concepts from children’s classic fantasy tales such as The Hobbit and Narnia, yet with a distinctly contemporary twist and idiosyncratic style. Elven Jewel is the first instalment within ‘The Hunters of Reloria’ trilogy and an exciting new edition to the genre, targeted towards the younger reader (middle-grade/ YA) and yet is something that can equally be enjoyed by adult alike. This fantastical creation containing myth, magic and fairies is an adventure story of a lifetime, which takes you on a dark perilous quest into the unknown that you’ll never forget! *The purity and simplicity of this story is what makes it stand out within such a crowded, hugely popular (and competitive) genre in which many self-published works can get overlooked. As far-removed as one could possibly imagine from say for instance those darker, grittier fantasy novels like George RR Martin’s epic sequence‘A Song of Ice & Fire’ (which is something many fantasy readers of the 21st Century seem to expect these days). The light prose is slanted on the naïve side, so as to appeal to the younger reader and so expectations are met if you seek a sensational ‘children’s’ fantasy that’s wide reaching and extensive. This captivating and hugely entertaining, riveting read was a pleasant delight and one that I would highly recommend.*I would like to thank the author for providing me with an e-copy of his debut novel to read & review. *

  • Kitty Muse Book Reviews
    2019-05-22 20:34

    Randir and Fendi are halflings who live in Southdale, on the continent of Reloria. Theirs is a busy but happy life, until the day they are surprised by the appearance of strange creatures they had never seen before.It turns out that their beautiful Reloria is the last holdout against the Vergai, who want this place for themselves. Their own land has been destroyed by their carelessness, and now they seek the Elven Jewel so that they can break the forcefield surrounding Reloria. With that accomplished, they can take over this beautiful place and live comfortably again. Of course, the current residents would be enslaved or done away with.The halflings, along with a host of friends and relatives, start out to warn the elves at Lakehaven, so that they can guard the Princess, Shari-Rose. They hope that their learned ones could also help them find out the location of this Elven Jewel, so that they can take it to a secure place.Little do they realize what this Jewel actually is—and who is carrying it. Will they find out before it is lost to them forever?This story, Book One in the Hunters of Reloria series, is well-written and a very exciting read. I enjoyed it immensely. Quest stories are a favorite of mine, and this did not disappoint. Such adventures they had, and such friendships forged!Throughout the book are drawings sketched by youngsters and adults alike, which in itself is a rarity. I loved the talent these artists showed. The cover painting, by Scott Patterson, is a beauty in and of itself.The next book in the series is called Hunter’s Quest, and I know I will have to have it in my collection.Readers of fantasy will love this book.

  • Diane Robinson
    2019-06-02 14:45

    Review by Diane Mae Robinson, author.The story started out slow for me, but as I read more into the adventure and got closer to the characters, I couldn't help but become drawn into this fantasy world. This world is in some ways familiar to the reader, yet has its own uniqueness in the diverse, entertaining characters and plot to make it an original fantasy tale.The characters are original, well-rounded, and believable. The reader comes away from the story with the sense that not all beings are evil, that their is hope for the future, that friendship is worth fighting for, that sometimes good can come out of adversity, and not to give up on what is important.I always enjoy a good quest with mythical creatures, magic, elves, dwarfs, knights, a dragon, high action and dangerous adventures, and characters that run me through a gamut of emotions. This book has all of that and more.

  • Emilie
    2019-05-18 17:39

    The Elven Jewel will slowly and deliberately draw you into a new world created by a talented author. The characters are well described, as well as the landscape. The plotline flows cleanly and blends with a few back stories of some of the characters nicely. You are not bogged down with weighty prose and even the lulls in the story are intriguing. The character that I thought needed more personality was Prince/Sir Varnon. He was too monochromatic for me. He needed to do something either extremely mean or extremely funny. Nothing made me like him or hate him (except for the fact that he hated Ash). I found this to be a very good young adult fantasy series and enjoyed reading it.

  • Yelle Hughes
    2019-06-04 16:54

    A Whole New World!The Elven Jewel is a great fantasy novel I had the pleasure of reading. Nicely written with a solid pace. I fell into the world of Reloria and it's people. What I really liked about it, was all the different species coming together for one protect their world from the Vergai.Though much of the story was centered around the halflings, Randir and Fendi and their fairies. I enjoyed meeting all the rest of the cast. The epic battle near the end is one I want to read again. As a big fan of The Lord of the Rings, this novel was right up my alley and thoroughly recommend for anyone to read and continue on to the next installment.

  • Beth Hale
    2019-06-03 15:53

    I do not normally read fantasy and was a little hesitant about reading Elven Jewel. But now that I have read it, I wonder why I didn't read it sooner. Kasper Beaumont has created a magical world where adventures lurk around every corner. The plot is well developed, and I was pulled into the story at once. The characters are unique and diverse with personalities that make them real and relatable. I would recommend this to anyone who loves a great read.

  • Kayla Krantz
    2019-05-22 15:54

    ~I received a free copy for my honest review~This book has all the great fantasy elements, a kidnapped princess, elves, and yes, a dragon. The more I read though, the more this book reminded me a lot of Lord of the Rings, and I mean that in a good way. There’s a lot going on in this book with subplots that I can’t do a justice by summarizing in a few paragraphs so I’ll say the main goal of the book—keeping the Elven Jewel safe much in the same way the goal of Lord of the Rings was to keep the ring safe. This book has a simpler writing style than Lord of the Rings though because it was written for a younger audience, but the action in it is very real. This book features an array of different characters all nicely rounded in their own way. The three main characters are Halflings and many of the characters in the story are some type of folklore creature. The world of these creatures, Reloria, is also very well-described. This book is a good start to what I assume will be an interesting series.If Lord of the Rings was your cup of tea, I definitely recommend this book.

  • Y. Correa
    2019-05-26 12:47

    Disclaimer: A copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review."Elven Jewel" is a fantasy story very similar in construction to Lord of The Rings. As a matter of fact, many times as I read I mentally replaced "the jewel" with "the ring" and it was as though I was reading the very same story.You've got elves, and dwarfs, and halflings, and basically the entire armada of folklore creatures.The main characters are 3 Halflings; Fendi, Randir and Sienna. They come from a beautiful land called Reloria, which seems to be a place where all folklore comes to thriving life.It's hard to give the entire premise of this story in a paragraph or two, because you see, there is just too much going on. However, in picking out just one main thread, it is the fight and race to save The Elven Jewel from the Vergai, a evil band of scaly and destructive creatures.The story is a mixture of action, adventure, love and mythological fable.So in order to sum up my review it's best to just go into the Pros and Cons.Pros:1. The author does a very nice job of creating a believable setting.2. Some of the characters, particularly Sienna and Fendi are very likeable.3. The story has loads of potential.Unfortunately, that was it as far as the Pros are concerned. In my humble opinion the story had more going against it than going for it. Here are my observations in regards to the Cons.Cons:1. The first thing that I noticed was the vast amount of things that were happening all at one, and the innumerable amount of characters. This is definitely one story that is hard to keep up with, unless you're taking notes.2. While the descriptions of the places, people and action were lovely, many times I felt as though it lacked heart. That is to say, that while description was there, emotion was lacking.3. Too many times over, scenes went into tangents of happenings that often diverted the story from the main conflict.4. Syntax was not entirely terrirble, but definitely needed lots of work.5. The chapters were entirely too long.6. Story consistency also needs work. The reason being that it is presented as a fantasy-slash-historic piece, yet many times I found that the story had "modernized" jargon.Some examples are:Here are the problems with the above:Example 1:A "till" is a box, or something used to store things. The word should have been "until"."Breath" should be "breathe".Example 2:I had no idea that mythological/historical creatures said "Woot".Example 3:Why are there SO MANY dots in the ellipses?Example 4:There was no need to start that sentence with an ellipses.Example 5:Did they really know what poker was at that time? *insert confused face*Example 6:Again, all those extra dots in the ellipses.7. If anyone knows this about me, it's that I can't stand cliffhangers. This story was a pretty big one. Even until the last chapter new conflict was being introduced, and the only thing resolved has been the main conflict.You see, that's the problem with introducing so many elements into a story. Once that is done, the author must ties up those threads (all of them, or at least most of them) by the last chapter. Of course, this book has a sequel, but that doesn't take away from the fact that at least most of the conflict could have been resolved.All in all, while "Elven Jewel" and its author Kasper Beaumont have potential, as it stands this book didn't do it for me. I think it needs a lot of rethinking, extracting of excessive jargon and re-editing. Also, another great tool that should/could have been utilized would have been a glossary and map. A glossary so that people that aren't familiar with the lore creatures introduced in the story, could look them up to learn about them. More maps, other than the one at the beginning of the book, to show Reloria and the places visited by the lot.I give "Eleven Jewel" 2 Stars.

  • Edward
    2019-05-26 20:49

    Etomes original Elven Jewel reviewElven Jewel is the first book of Hunters of Reloria trilogy by Kasper Beaumont.The peaceful continent of Reloria is under the threat of an invasion by barbaric lizard-men called Vergai. In order to launch a full scale invasion, the Vergai first need to capture the Elven Jewel that powers the protective force field surrounding Reloria and protecting it against foreign forces.Young halflings Randir and Fendi are the first ones to encounter a raiding party of Vergai warriors that came into Reloria through a magical portal with a mission to steal the fabled “Elven Jewel”. With no time to loose, they set off for a race against the invaders in order to warn the elves before it is too late…In their quest, they join forces with other halflings, mystical elves, battle hardened dwarves, courageous knights and a mysterious grey dragon. But it remains to be seen if this unusual group of adventurers, who call themselves “Hunters of Reloria” will have what it takes to save the realm…Kasper Beaumont lives in Australia with her husband and three children. Elven Jewel is her first ever novel and the first book of Hunters of Reloria trilogy. I received an evaluation copy from the author in exchange for an honest opinion and review, and here it goes…For starters, I absolutely loved the concept of halflings and their bond fairies. It is a cleverly thought and refreshing idea in the fantasy genre where I thought I had seen everything. The story itself is naïve and pure; similar to J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and as such, I would say that Elven Jewel is great for young adults but a bit on the childish side for an older audience for whom the expectations of a fantasy book is more defined by George R.R. Martin’s much darker and realistic “A Song of Ice and Fire” (aka. Game of Thrones) these days.Taking into account the fact that this is her very first book, I can say that Beaumont’s writing is very promising. The book is easy to read, fun, entertaining and the story is quite captivating. I myself read it all in one weekend.On the negative side, as it is the case for many indie books, Elven Jewel is in dire need of serious editing. There are few typos and grammar errors, but more importantly the story has some unnecessary parts that would better be taken out, some of the details about weapons, hunting, wildlife are just wrong, the motivations of the characters aren’t always clear and sometimes their decisions and actions seem a bit far-fetched, being so just to keep the story moving.I do not intend this criticism maliciously as I believe that most of these can be easily corrected or much improved by working with a good editor and spending more time on the book. After all Beaumont herself admits that she has been writing for only about a year and frankly the period of five months between the first and second book is an indication of how fast she is writing, especially when you take into account that it took twelve years for Tolkien to write “The Lord of the Rings” or that it takes three to five years for George R.R. Martin to complete each installment in “The Song of Ice and Fire” Saga.Still, all and all I believe that Kasper Beaumont has what it takes to become one of the great fantasy writers and I wholeheartedly recommend Elven Jewel and Hunters of Reloria trilogy to all the fans of the genre.

  • Charline Ratcliff
    2019-05-24 14:53

    I recently came in contact with new-to-the-scene, Fantasy Author, Kasper Beaumont, via Twitter several months back. While introducing himself, Kasper had also asked if I would be interested in reviewing Elven Jewel, Book One of a new trilogy: Hunters of Reloria. Being that I thoroughly enjoy the Fantasy genre, I agreed; practically sight unseen.In retrospect, I’m happy that I did because Elven Jewel turned out to be a good read. It was interesting, entertaining, and easily able to capture my imagination, plus the storyline became more engrossing as I continued further into the tale. That's about the only “downside,” so to speak, of multiple book stories – the sometimes longish introductions to the various characters and the multiple plot lines. This was really the only area where Beaumont's newness to the writing world actually showed. However, as Elven Jewel progressed, Beaumont seemed to grow more confident in his writing ability and more at ease within the world he was creating.Now, for some information about this book...Elven Jewel is set on a world called Zumar, in a land known as Reloria. It's a beautiful place; magically protected but sadly, over the course of time, its inhabitants have drifted apart. Some of this drift can be attributed to continental distance, some due to the evolution of their race’s intelligence, and some ... because of chosen isolation; believing that they had been betrayed. Wherever, and however, these various races each chose to live though, life was still good.Yet the same cannot be said for Vergash, the home continent on Zumar for the reptilian race known as the Vergai. Because of the cruel, warmongering nature of these cold-blooded people, their lands are dying. Barren, dry, and desolate, Vergash can no longer support their needs. However, the Vergai are well aware of the bounty Reloria holds; having previously attempted to conquer it, but without a favorable outcome.Upon the successful defeat of the Vergai army, the elves of Reloria immediately created a magical shield designed to protect the entire continent. Neither man nor weapon could penetrate this barrier ... until now, that is.This is where readers will begin their journey; with the discovery that this impervious barrier has just been breached via a dimensional portal created by sorcerers; prisoners of the Vergai. And those are the only details with which I will provide you... (Awww)!Rest assured though, if you’re a fan of Fantasy literature, you will enjoy reading Elven Jewel. It’s a good book; full of intrigue, surprises and unique plot twists. Beaumont has done a great job of laying the trilogy’s foundation. Of course, upon reaching the end of this first volume, I was quite disappointed to realize that I was, in fact, at the end. But wait! There isn't any more?!?Overall, Elven Jewel is a great start to the Hunters of Reloria, and I'm certainly looking forward to reading the second installment.

  • Nada Sobhi
    2019-06-08 12:53

    Elven Jewel by Kasper Beaumont is the first instalment in the Hunters of Reloria series, which feels a lot like, and has many similarities with, The Lord of the Rings. Elven Jewel, however, is written for a much younger audience.Elven Jewel opens with the halflings having fun but suddenly they see invading Vergai creatures, which are described as “reptilian creatures” and I couldn’t help but picture them as walking crocodile-like creatures. Soon, we are thrown into a quest to seek out the elves and warn them of the incoming Vergai, who seek to steal the jewel that maintains the safety of this planet. Soon, however, the halflings and others become part of a bigger company that journey to battle the Vergai and rescue Princess Shari-Rose and the planet. There is a contrast in the characters of the two boys and a starker contrast between the two women: Sienna and Shari-Rose. Sienna is confident and deals with loss much better than the princess who is six years her senior.We get the first confrontation between the independent and indignant Sienna and the proud princess (p.89). The reader can't help but be sympathetic towards Sienna and have the urge to smack the princess even if she is the most important character to the events of this story.It is said at the beginning of the novel that elves are haughty. We see it in the princess and again in Daeron, her guardian. I felt his long speech on p. 155 is too long and annoying, especially since he defends the obnoxious nature of his charge, whom he has been guarding since birth but has not tried to fix. Though, the reader hopes this ordeal will teach the princess a thing or two about humility and good manners. Daeron’s speech comes in response to Randir’s highly ironic and funny quote “[He] decided he would never understand that irksome elf. “When she’s not being an absolute troll!” he said loudly.”There are, of course, some memorable quotes and images in Elven Jewel. On p. 146, Asher tells Shari Rose: “To be kidnapped once may be unlucky Princess, but twice is exceedingly careless.”Even though Shari-Rose is supposedly the centre of the story we don't see her much, which is a good thing considering her temperamental character. Still, it is interesting that there is no main or single protagonist in the story. We have several heroes with different abilities and ideas. This gives a great depth to the novel Elven Jewel. There is no single protagonist; there are several heroes and the reader is free to choose their favourite.My overall rating for Elven Jewel is 3 stars and I look forward to embarking on the rest of the journey with the Hunters of Reloria in Hunters’ Quest.For my full and slightly lengthier review of Elven Jewel, check it out here:

  • Michael Curry
    2019-06-12 15:25

    Elven Jewel, Book One of the Hunters of Reloria series by Kasper Beaumont. An excellent adventure in a Tolkien-esque world populated by elves, dwarves, humans and halflings. Reloria is “a peaceful land, protected by a massive force field” from the reptilian Vergais, who are determined to invade and complete their conquest of this world. The evil lizard men can occasionally rend a hole in the field and enter Reloria. During one incursion they meet a family of halflings. The family travel through Reloria gathering allies, including a kingdom of dwarves and a few humans. They also meet an elven princess and her protector. Through the eyes of the halflings we learn about the societies and peoples of the other humanoids of Reloria. We also learn of the halflings world – unique among the Relorians (and most of fantasy) are their fairies. Each halfling has their own fairy linked to their host. If one dies, apparently, so does the other. Although the halflings are not magical, their fairies certainly are. They are also fun and lighthearted for the most part. It is a nice and unique bit of flair added to the race. We are also treated to some fun battle scenes against the Vergais, including a fun and epic final battle. The book does not end on a cliff hanger, but it IS a continuing series and leaves some plot threads dangling. Friends are killed in the battle; enemies unite, if not as friends, then at least as allies. Fun fantasy and highly recommended! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and I am looking forward to reading the complete epic!

  • Kindle Ninja
    2019-06-03 13:29

    I’ve read plenty of articles and blog posts about the book (and the author) before actually diving into the Elven Jewel realm. So, by the time I read the book, I knew that I should expect halflings, fairies, reptilian creatures, and best of all, a dragon! So, I came prepared to meet all these fascinating characters.What this book reminds me of is questing in a Dungeons & Dragons Online game, where you band together with different characters and classes to defeat a Boss! Each character has strengths and weaknesses, so when they form an alliance, they’re quite formidable. And that’s exactly what Elven Jewel was to me - an impressive assembly of characters that wouldn’t normally band together unless there is a greater purpose. Hey, they could be called Elvengers! *crickets chirp*. No?I can say that I came for the dragon, but stayed for the darn good adventure! If you’re into this kind of stories, this is definitely a treat. If not, just give it a chance will you?

  • Chris Johnson
    2019-06-14 14:50

    I found Elven Jewel captivating. In some ways, it reminded me of Enid Blyton crossed with JK Rowling. It's told from the viewpoint of young halflings, yet it possesses a unique charm to Tolkien's sagas. There are hints of sex but in a view similar to a young boy learning the wonders of a woman's beauty with innocent eyes - basically, PG-13 like you would see in a Disney movie.The characters are well illustrated (words and pictures) and each of them has a story and backstory to enchant with the style of Arabian Nights.I liked it, and I hope to introduce this to my child at the right age.

  • Nightlight
    2019-06-02 18:45

    This book is incredibly good, it starts of slow but everything fantasy does. But once you get into the meat of the story there is some great moments and the relationship between the Halflings and bond fairies is beautiful and towards the end so sad. And I personally love swords and magic so that is a big plus for me. Overall this is a very solid book good for all people from 8 to an billion or something . Also I like that there a dwarfs going round selling beer and drinking so of it too. But most of all DRAGONS ARE AWESOME and I think they are used well here. So this is from the viewpoint of a twelve year old so ITS SO AWESOME

  • Evels
    2019-06-08 14:31

    I haven't read a fantasy book since The Hobbit trilogy which I loved. Never got around to reading the Harry Potter series although I have seen all the movies. Elven Jewel is right up there with these books. It is very imaginative with an abundance of interesting characters. Book 1 will leave you wanting to read Book 2. After all, we have to find out what happens to the jewel, don't we? If you want a quick read that will take you away from your daily routine, I recommend this well thought-out book. I'm looking forward to Book 2.

  • Aloy Ricketts
    2019-05-20 17:35

    This is a well written book. The author has a wonderful way of using words. I'm not a fantasy type reader however, for the "Eleven Jewel," I make an exception. I love the whole plot and setting of the story plus, the author does an excellent job in portraying all characters. I was fully Immersed into this book; is like I was in the story. For anyone who like fantasy novels, the "Eleven Jewel," is a must read. Excellent job Kasper Beaumont, and I look forward to more of your books.

  • Gissel Brito
    2019-05-19 16:33

    This was a very fun and refreshing book. I enjoyed following Fendi and Randir and found myself turning the pages, eager to know what will happen next. The world-building, too, was fantastic. Aside from the great plot and characters, the story was very well written. I highly recommend this amazing book, and I am looking forward to reading the next installment.

  • Tracey Mason
    2019-05-20 17:41

    Loved the characters, and what an adventure! Bought one for my kids, and one for a friends, enjoyed by all.

  • Jeanette
    2019-06-13 12:45

    Elven Jewel by Kasper Beaumont is a rollicking grand adventure with echoes of Lord of the Rings and, perhaps, of The Ranger's Apprentice, but it is its own story, and I thoroughly enjoyed the read - probably more aimed at the Young Adult audience than Middle Grade audience. When two halflings lads (Fendi and Randir) and their bond fairies observe the arrival of reptilian warriors (Vergai) in the peaceful fields of Southdale, they are precipitated on dangerous journey first to warn, and then to save, the Eleven Jewel that protects Reloria from outside attack. They are joined in this journey by Fendi's father, Old Fandri and his bond fairy, the young huntress halfling, Sienna, the elf warrior Daeron (protector of the tempermental Elven princess Shari-Rose), the Dwarven brothers Raja and Baja, a Diagro knight Sir Varnon, and the enigmatic Mountain Man - Asher Grey from Flame Mountain – forming a band or fellowship - the Hunters of Reloria. I loved the drawings included (often by fans of the book) as well as the humour and the twists and turns in the tale. There is romance, overwhelming odds, ambushes and battles, prophecies and alliances, tragic death, sorrow, loyalty and hope. The story moved at a good pace, with an occasional slowing for 'back-story explanations of the world or Fandri's past adventures. And, while many of the 'races' drew from the Tolkien legacy - elves, dwarves, halflings (hobbits), men, trolls and dragons - the relationship between halflings & bond fairies as well as that between the Mountain Men and Dragon added an intriguing layer - and the Vergai and their truly formidable King added a different dimension to the story - as did the world - two planets close together with a moon circling both. The Eleven Jewel had a dramatic climax, while leaving the way open for the continuing story of rescuing the Elven Jewel and saving Reloria.And enjoyable tale.

  • April Duffy
    2019-05-21 17:38

    Kasper Beaumont’s Elven Jewel is a book that is a lot like the characters within it, a little predictable, highly flawed, and a bit rough around the edges, but absolutely lovely all the same. Elven Jewel, the first in Beaumont’s Hunters of Reloria series, falls easily into the epic fantasy category, complete with the mandatory elves and dwarves; the main characters, halflings Randir, Fendi, Old Fandri, and their bond-fairies (fairies bound to halflings from birth) embark on the quest to save the world of Reloria from reptilian invaders called Vergai. Setting this story apart from others in this genre, however, is Beaumont’s well-thought-out world and unique take on several of the typical fantasy characters, such as the fairies. Unfortunately, though the world Beaumont creates is distinctive and interesting, the author always keeps the reader at a distance from the book, making it difficult to get pulled into the story. This distance is created through the point of view, but more so by the author’s way of telling the story as though he is outlining the plot rather than letting the action take place on the page and bringing the scenes to life through the actions of the characters. For example, when the heroes reach a point in their quest called Hare’s Hollow, the reader is told about an amusing conversation between a halfling and a dwarf, but disappointingly isn’t allowed to hear any of it, even though it’s the central action occurring. This telling of events instead of showing them happening is a consistent flaw throughout the book, making the text read more like a plot treatment than a finished novel. Unfortunately, this distance between the action and the reader also makes it more difficult to ignore the obvious spelling, grammar, punctuation, and word choice errors that distract the aware reader on almost every page. But even with these large weaknesses the story is so charming and fast-paced that fantasy readers of all ages will find themselves turning the pages quickly. Those readers will also find themselves looking forward to what this author will write in the future, as the flaws that dull the shine of this jewel of a book are easily fixed through experience and editing. Judging by Elven Jewel, Kasper Beaumont is an author to watch. Disclosure: The author was kind enough to provide Read Owl with a free copy of the book in exchange for this honest review.

  • Queen Spades
    2019-06-07 17:53

    Note: This title was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Things the author did well(1) The author does a good job at setting up a scene, describing things in a way that makes the reader feel like he or she is there.(2) There was some dialogue that made me chuckle here and there, particularly between the fairies and their owners.(3) I did like the hues on the cover.Things that were opportunities for the author(1) I believe that too much was presented too soon. For me, I was fascinated by the initial threat of the Vergai and the elves yet soon these other elements got thrown into the mix and the core conflict I was invested in got lost.(2) Too many characters are in the fray, to the point where it is quite easy to get one person mixed up with the other. Also, that happens when the characters' names too closely resemble each other or sound too much like each other.(3) The chapters are too long. This is a detriment because it delays the action. Also, if there is pertinent information towards the beginning, there's no guarantee it will be remembered by the time you get to the end of that chapter, heading into the next one. By keeping the chapters shorter in a fantasy, action/adventure work such as this one, it keeps you in the thick of the action instead of dragging you along.(4) In all of these action sequences, one thing is sorely missing and it is focus on the Elven Jewel, which is the title of this work. For me, if that is mentioned in the book, then at some point, it should be the centerpiece. Yet in the presentation in the book, the Jewel is more a side item. I honestly think in the aim to make this work more exciting, the author added so many layers that the core layer got neglected.(5) Certain dialog tags, as well as adjectives, got repeated where they were unnecessary or somewhat distracting.Verdict: 3 StarsOverall, Elven Jewel has potential with its premise, but here, less is more. The author should have taken more time to develop why the reader should really care about the jewel. Yet there are so many story lines presented. Since the author has made this a trilogy it is going to take a lot of diligence (as well as rushing) to tie up all the ends going into books two and three. For me, I would have preferred a sleeker story with less happenings than a whole ball of rush.

  • TheCosyDragon
    2019-05-28 19:32

    This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.The halflings live a life of peace until their lives are endangered by cruel invaders. What starts off as a quest to warn the protectors, becomes a quest to rescue the Elven Jewel and save Reloria.I put off reading this novel because the cover didn’t fill me with confidence (I have included the updated image here). Lo and behold, setting off into it I remained nervous. By about half-way through, I was already committed, even if I didn’t feel particularly pushed to finish it.You know, despite pretty much knowing what was going to happen, and the rather stilted storytelling, I enjoyed it. This is basically a remake of Lord of the Rings, for a younger set of readers. To an extent, I was confused as to why there was a lot made of the growing romance between two of the characters when the rest of the novel felt quite childish. But combine that with some of the somewhat graphic violence, and it became an early teenage novel where I would expect more character depth.While Fendi (who I considered the main character) apparently is developing a silver tongue, I really didn’t see that role of him developing, despite the other characters commenting on it. I wanted to see more! Saying ‘no’ to killing someone does not make you a negotiator. Equally, you’ve got to do a bit more explaining to the new allies about the dangers.Some of the names of things, I wasn’t sure that although they were deliberate choices, they could have been less, obvious? The author went to the trouble of renaming his characters depending on what their race was, I felt like it would have been better to also rename all the animals rather than leaving some as recognisable.This novel has now gone through a complete renovation (sorry, it’s called editing when you aren’t updating a house!), which I haven’t actually read. I would expect that with that editing, it could be a candidate for 4 stars for the right audience. As it stands, 3 stars.

  • Nobody Loser
    2019-05-18 17:50

    Initially, I didn't fall in love with Elven Jewel. It started out a little slow for me, but what high fantasy doesn't start that way? Another issue I had is that during some of the fast paced moments a bit of description is lost, specifically during some of the beginning battles. There were a few issues with editing, but any of us who have written a book know how difficult it is for indie authors to check their own work. A fresh pair of eyes is key. The story has some old ideas and some new, but if I had set the book down, I would have been at a loss. This young adult story just happens to be a diamond in the rough, and anyone who has read through the entire book knows it. The story begins with some halflings and their faeries playing together in a field far from their home, which just happens to be the place where a portal opens from a land on the other side of the world. The owners of the gateway are a civilization of carnivorous lizard-like people who despise all other life and intend to conquer all the other civilizations simply to fill their own bellies. In fact, they seem barely capable of keeping hostages without eating them.After the lizard species begins to invade, the young halflings tell one of their fathers, who packs them all up for a journey to warn the elves, the magical protectors of Reloria. The journey does not come without trouble, and soon enough, the young people find themselves fighting alongside fierce warriors of magic, blade, and shield. I later found myself enjoying the story. All in all, it could use some work, but all the complaints I first mustered were eventually quelled by a fun tale and unique characters and races of people, all with their own sets of skills. I plan on passing it to my son who enjoys epic fantasies. Let me know how you feel down below.

  • Harmony Kent
    2019-06-13 20:40

    Reviewed on behalf of The Review Board by Harmony Kent.I received a free mobi copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.Elven Jewel is the first book in a fantasy series. It is reminiscent of Lord of the Rings in many areas, but aimed at a younger audience. A couple of Halfling boys see an invading force of Vergai entering their land of Reloria, and they—together with their father—set off in a race against time to save the Elven Jewel that helps to protect the land. They leave their peaceful farm village and, along the way, join up with dwarves, elves, Goblins, men, and a dragon.I love the book cover, and I love fantasy fiction, but I didn’t love this book. The plot and story premise have so much promise and potential, but unfortunately the execution let it down. The writing style is extremely passive in nature, and most of the key plot developments are told rather than shown, and this all keeps the reader at arm’s length. The punctuation and grammar need revisiting, and especially comma usage. One example would be the following line: “How are you feeling Fendi?” Here, the author intended to ask Fendi how he felt, yet without a comma it reads as though some third party is being asked how to feel Fendi! The same with: “Wake up Fendi.” Clumsy sentences are also frequent, such as: “Her fairy, Senna-Li was floating unconsciously on the surface of the water.” Ellipses only ever have three dots, not numerous, and hyphens should never be used as dashes. One particular character had a lilting voice, and I lost count how many times this information got repeated throughout the book. Also, Point of View switches without indication abound, and thus make it even more difficult to get into the story and the characters. This book gets 4 out of 10 TRB stars, which translates into 2 out of 5 stars on other rating scales.

  • Sara Lunardi
    2019-06-03 14:25

    This book really deserves 5 stars. It's a classical epic fantasy that follows the best Lord of the Rings' tradition. The plot is simple. The adventure starts when the Vergai, cruel soldiers who have the shape of reptile-like creatures, invade the peaceful world of Reloria. They want to steal the Elven Jewel, a magical stone able to create a shield to protect the Relorian land.A group of people, coming from different regions of Reloria and different races – halflings, elves, dwarves, knights, and a dragon too – embark on a mission to fight the Vergai and save the Princess, who carries the Jewel.What makes this book special is the author's ability to create Reloria's world. The readers can see lush woods, the magnificent elven palace, and small country towns of Reloria as if they were real in front of their eyes. Besides, all the characters are believable and three-dimensional. From the young halflings, sweet and brave, to the dwarves, funny and stubborn, to the noble knights, all of them embody heroes with timeless values. Only their friendship, bravery, and loyalty can save Reloria. But their mission comes at a cost. Their peaceful lives change for good. They have to face terrible dangers, and they suffer dramatic losses.My favorite characters are the fairies, tiny and beautiful. They are closely linked to the halflings, and they help them in their mission. The fairies don't speak much but they manage to express their feelings with their behavior and moves.Finally, the book is wonderfully written. The author's style is simple and flowing, and perfectly goes along with the fast-paced action. I recommend the book to the lovers of fantasy genre of all ages, from middle grade to adults. I can't wait to read the second episode of the saga.

  • Melyssa Winchester
    2019-05-27 12:26

    I should start off by saying Elven Jewel is the first book of Hunters of Reloria trilogy. It is not a standalone which I honestly didn't pay attention to when I started reading it. So now, I have to pick up the other books because WOW. It can't just end there for me.Here are my thoughts on this story.I haven't ready a fantasy book in ten years. Sad but true. I've read paranormal fantasy I suppose, but there was always more of a romantic undertone to it. Actual fantasy, where there is more focus put on the various creatures, battles and other's been far too long. I am beyond glad that this was the book that got me back into it.I've always been impressed by Fantasy writers because there is so much detail needed in making these worlds come to life, as well as characters. My hat is off to Kasper as this was done brilliantly. The characters were strong, the locations described in such a powerful way it was as if at times I was right there in the heat of battle with them.Certain characters stood out more than others and Asher! Ah! I did not see that coming. Wow. I laughed as I read along, I cried (oh did I cry at one certain point) but most of all I was completely swept up in the story and each of the characters put forth within it. This is a brilliant read, for any fan of fantasy it is a must read, but it's really for all readers in general based on how well it is written. I enjoyed it immensely and I can't wait to get started on the next one! Thank you Kasper Beaumont for bringing me back into the world of Fantasy!