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Zane has everything in his life under control and in order, but can he keep it that way when a young dragon is thrown into his life?Zane was meant to be a warrior—end of story. Though he may not have had the most pleasant life living at the coven, he still loved being there. But the steadiness of his world came to a halt all within one day's events. A man he never saw comiZane has everything in his life under control and in order, but can he keep it that way when a young dragon is thrown into his life?Zane was meant to be a warrior—end of story. Though he may not have had the most pleasant life living at the coven, he still loved being there. But the steadiness of his world came to a halt all within one day's events. A man he never saw coming has pushed the boundaries of what little normalcy he has, and learning of a secret love is just confusing him even more. Zane has never felt more torn on what he should be feeling…and for whom. Though if he assumed having two men plaguing his every waking thought was hard enough, learning of the danger his mother is in nearly has his head spinning off into another dimension.The leader of the Dráguns is threatening to take everything away from him, his best friend is slipping further and further away from him, and a little dragon is managing to get under his skin in more ways than one. Sorting out what he has to do, what he wants, and what's right for him will be the biggest challenge he's ever been faced with. Will he follow his heart or will he take the easy path…or is the easy path the right path to begin with?Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence.Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as it is part of a series....

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Airos Reviews

  • Chris, the Dalek King
    2019-03-10 03:44

    Zane has built his life on a few tenets: protect his mother, protect his half-blood secret, protect his best friend…and prove to everyone that he is as good, if not better, than the full-blooded vampires that surround him in the Coven. He doesn’t have room in his life, in his mission, for love. Or a Mate. Or anything that would break his carefully constructed mask.Bo’s life kind of sucks. Life with the Dráguns has been neither fun, nor kind. But he’ll do an awful lot to be able to stay close to his brother. Then he is kidnapped by a pair of vampires and his world changes overnight. Bo doesn’t want much out of life–-just his brother, a home, and to be as far away from vampires and Dráguns as he can. But when he finds his Mate in the most unexpected of places, he might just have to learn to want more out of life. Because if he is going to keep Zane he is going to have to fight for it. They both are.Zane has never been a favorite of mine, in this series. Part of it is that I don’t really care for borderline-psychotic assholes. Even if they are not as bad as everyone thinks. The other part–-and I realize this is probably not the best reason to dislike a character-–is that I’ve already read a story with a dark, angry vampire with people issues, named Zane, and I didn’t really care for him, either. They are not the same person, it is two different stories, but for some reason I couldn’t shake my annoyance with that Zane when I was reading this Zane. Mostly because they seem to share a lot of the characteristics that annoy me.We first meet Zane early on in book one of this series, Pavarus. Let’s just say that the book does not exactly reflect well on his character. And while we have gotten to know him a bit better through the first two books–-his half-blood status, his father’s death, his mother’s dependence on his blood–-he is not the easiest guy to like. There are certainly parts of him I sympathize with, but a lot of it is not so nice. Not evil, as it turns out, but no one is voting the guy for Mr. Congeniality any time soon. And I like dark and brooding. It can be a lot of fun…but he wasn’t so much brooding in this book as he was an emotional train-wreck. I can’t help but feel that he was really a hormone-crazy teenager masquerading as a hundred-plus vampire. There was simply too much of a woe-is-me and no-one-understands! undercurrent in him for me to really believe that his man was a warrior and century old vampire.The fact is, the teenage-problem was not localized to Zane. If these character were dropped into a high-school setting–-granted one with vampires, Dráguns, and wizards (oh my!)-–they wouldn’t have to change a single character trait. There is just too much childish anger, petty grudges, and arch-villains in this book. And after three books I am about ready to slap Damien up one side and down the other. Dude, just chill the fuck out already! I don’t know what his problem is, but his ridiculous grudge match with Zane stopped being entertaining somewhere in book one. Fine, Zane is an ass and Larken is getting his heart battered all over the place, but Zane is not doing it on purpose, and Larken may not be able to control who he falls in love with, but the man chose to stay silent for god knows how many years. He is not blameless in this whole mess.I wish we had gotten a bit more time with Bo in this book because I found him really interesting. I wanted explore what his brother’s secret means for Bo, but it was barely covered in this book. Maybe it will come up in a later book, but I felt it would have been nice to get it in this one, where he is actually a key player. I didn’t want a bunch of drama-–heaven knows this book has enough of that already–-but Bo’s character started to feel a little two dimensional as the book went on. He simply became Zane’s Mate. He stopped having any other identity. And that annoyed me because I really felt like there was more there; we just were not being given it.I liked that we were not given the simply Larken/Zane pairing that I assumed we were going to get in this book. It was an interesting twist to the story. Though I am pretty sure that I spent a majority of the book convinced that a m/m/m relationship was the only way anyone was going to be happy (me included). I don’t know where Larken is going to go from here, but I hope it happens with a little less drama and angst than this book gave us. And while I would love to know what happens to these characters, this book might just make me think twice before I pick up the next in the series. I don’t ask a lot of the books I read, but I kind of expect the characters to not be caricatures…and to, for gods sake, just act their age. 2.5 stars.This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes. Go there to check out other reviews, author interviews, and all those awesome giveaways. Click below.

  • Pixie Mmgoodbookreviews
    2019-03-22 04:53

    4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book ReviewsThis story is part of a series and must be read in order. Zane has fought hard to be the warrior he is, hiding a part of himself from his fellow vampires he has proven himself worthy of being in their ranks, but meeting his mate Bo throws everything into the light. Boer is a dragon, kidnapped by the vampires to discover Gravaick's secrets but Bo is only a cook and has no knowledge to give, meeting Zane is a shock but things get harder when Bo's brother comes to rescue him. With Zane in turmoil over some devastating news and heading out for battle, Bo isn't sure of the bond they share and with one of the coven turning traitor can they come out the other side stronger?We are firmly in Pavarus and the trouble between the Vampires and the Dráguns in this installment of Finding Home, with repercussions for past deeds being felt and devastation being left in it's wake. Zane and Bo are the couple who discover a bond, a bond that shouldn't be possible, with them being on opposite sides by birth but unable to deny what they feel. Zane's predicament and secret are discovered with Larken being devastated by the turn of events, Bo is left reeling when his brother Nikolai admits family secrets and Aliam can't pull himself out of his despair and making decisions that are unwise. I really love the way this series is developing and the twists we are treated to, although Zane and Bo's relationship came as a surprise, because I was secretly hoping that Zane would get together with Larken, it adds a nice bit of angst and heartache. The storyline gives us some surprises with all the previous couples getting into the mix and contributing, they never overpower though, being blended in well so we never forget that even with everything that is happening it is still Zane and Bo's story. It is far from an easy relationship, not only because Bo is a dragon and Zane is a vampire but also because of the new developments and the existing problems with Gravaick.The characters are written brilliantly, each of them effecting you as you see from their eyes, we have Zane who has done what he has to to prove himself and has pushed hard. We have Bo who feels pulled between his new mate and his loyalty to his Drágun brother. We have Larken who longs for his love to be returned and we feel his devastation as he is ignored for another. Then there is Damien who has nothing but contempt for Zane and wishes he could make things better for Larken. We have Aliam who just can't get over his loss and bitter revenge drives him. Each character brings a wealth of feeling to this story and it really carries you along as the storyline heats up toward battle and betrayal. I recommend this to those who love paranormal worlds, battling factions, a brilliant developing storyline, great characters, twists, finding love in difficult circumstances and much more to come in the future.

  • Ro Dubose
    2019-03-07 02:34

    Zane has earned his place among the vampire warriors, even so his secrets are about to be revealed. Meeting Bo, a dragon kidnapped and held captive by the vampires, alters everything in Zane’s well planned existence.Airos is the third book in the Finding Home series. The plot is set in a parallel world purposely preserved centuries behind Earth’s detrimental technology. The goal of their world is to maintain a simple life in peace. However, the menacing leader of the dragon clan wishes to eradicate the entire vampire species. The plot is a mixture of secrets, treachery, jealousy, conflict with a touch of intimacy.The characters are believable. Zane’s life revolves solely around his duties as a warrior, as well as keeping his mother a secret from the vampires. Because of his belligerent personality, Zane is only tolerated by most of the coven. Nevertheless, Zane’s best friend is secretly in love with him. When Zane realizes how his friend feels, as well as the fact that Bo is his mate, he endeavors to reject the bond plus distance himself from all emotional involvements.Bo is a smart considerate man. Also, being much smaller than the warrior dragons, he realized he could not win in a fight, so Bo learned to rely on his wits to avoid conflicts. Bo has been kept in the dark by his older brother for most of his life regarding their ancestry. The secrets were an act of brotherly love as a means of protection for them both. Bo recognized a bonding had occurred with Zane, yet he was unsure if the bond could be broken given that Zane refused to acknowledge they are mates. Zane and Bo are finally drawn together after some heartbreaking tragedies, but not everyone’s wounds are healed. There is still a traitor as well as an evil leader that must be dealt with. Jennifer Wright has created an incredibly emotional action filled saga that I enjoyed immensely.Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as it is part of a series.

  • Gay Media Review
    2019-03-03 04:59

    Airos (Finding Home Book 3) by Jennifer Wright. I recommend that this series be read in order to fully appreciate the characters and their stories. What happens when Zane meets a dragon? Zane did not have the easiest life in the coven but to him it was home! Then one day everything changes in his life as a man he meets throws Zane's life upside down and reveals a secret love that even confuses his life even further. Zane is now torn between two men who are engulfing his every thought and now finding out that his mother is in severe danger, is more than he can handle. The Draguns leader is trying to take everything away from Zane! His BFF is moving further and further away from him and a young dragon is getting to close for comfort. Now Zane has to figure out what he actually wants in life. Boer is a dragon and kidnapped by the vampires to reveal secrets which he apparently doesn't have and this changes everything in Zane's organized life. Now that his bff Larken is in love with him and his mate Bo is too much for the emotionally disconnected Zane to deal with so he plans to distance himself emotionally in order to handle everything that is being thrown his way. I loved this novel so much so that the author had me on the edge of my seat through the entire novel. I couldn't predict what was about to happen next and that is a great quality in writing. Jennifer's writing is simply brilliant and how she comes up with these stories, characters, realms and unique worlds in this fascinating genre. I recommend this novel, Airos and the series...Finding Home by Jennifer Wright! "Complimentary copy provided by author/publisher for an honest review."Reviewed by Paul at Gay Media Reviews

  • Ana
    2019-02-28 03:45

    Not exactly sure what to feel about this story because while I liked Zane and Bo together I also had a huge desire to kick them in the shins regarding Larsen. I was so sorry for him that I didn't even enjoy the romance between the other two. And I gotta say I was also pretty pissed off how the years Larsen loved Zane were ignored in favor of some new guy. I can only imagine how painful it was. To loose not only the love of your life but your best friend as well in one go. Shitty romantic plot, I tell you. I was kinda hoping Zane would suddenly realize he wanted them both. But nope. Basically they all wasted a lot of time pussyfooting around each other and never really dealt with anything which made Bo and Zane's HEA even more ridiculous and bittersweet. Poor Larsen.And the overall plot, you ask? Not much to tell 'cause I haven't read any other books in this series and I'm pretty sure a lot of it went right over my head. I did find it creative and interesting enough tho. I really liked the world-building and the support characters were okay too. But the romance...kinda put a damp on everything else.

  • Joyfully Jay
    2019-02-26 04:52

    A Joyfully Jay review.3.75 starsAiros is the third book in Jennifer Wright’s Finding Home series and it continues the story of the battle for Pavarus. The series focuses on this alternate realm, connected to Earth through portals, and where dragons, mages, vampires, and humans live together. This is the first in the series that takes place solely in Pavarus and it gives focus to the continued conflicts between the vampires and Draguns, as well as the romance between Zane and Bo and the goings on of other characters we have met along the way.Read Jay's review in its entirety here.

  • The Novel Approach Reviews
    2019-02-27 04:45

    In the first two books, we got a look at Zane, one of the MCs of Airos, and his best friend Larken. I told Jennifer on more than a few occasions that I simply could not wait for Zane’s story and I just knew that Zane and Larken were going to live HEA and walk off into the moonlight together. I was just waiting for Jennifer to write their story. Well, she did…….See the entire review at The Novel Approach:

  • Ericka Walden
    2019-03-20 02:55

    4.5****Okay.... I definitely didn't see THAT paring!! LoL didn't want to like this installment... Only because I had this idea in my head already of who I wanted the story to be about. Ms. Jennifer fooled ME!! But..... Turned out to be a really great installment. Can't wait until the next one! Sigh.. Larken.... My Larken... (giggle)

  • Damian Serbu
    2019-03-14 03:36

    Wright once again writes a compelling novel. The third in a series, this one pulled me in just as much as the first two. In fact, because I knew the characters, it was especially exciting to jump back in and find out more detail about some characters that had been more secondary characters in the first novels. She's a talented writer that I recommend!!!

  • Suzy
    2019-03-17 02:42

    As much as I enjoyed this third book in the series I really wanted to see Zane with Larken and because that didn't happen it took the shine off for me. My heart broke for Larken so many times!! Found Bo sweet but struggled to like him much more.Really liked Nikoli and look forward to his story with Damien (hopefully but who knows!). Look forward to more but PLEASE look after Larken!!