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Three Sixty is a story about a group of friends. You may recognize two of them as the younger siblings of Larson Ashby and Jade Walbridge, but that does not mean you know them. Audrina, Paxton, and Larson meet Carter after he decides to spend the summer with his older sister Jade. Set during the summer before Audrina's freshman year of college, over the course of those fouThree Sixty is a story about a group of friends. You may recognize two of them as the younger siblings of Larson Ashby and Jade Walbridge, but that does not mean you know them. Audrina, Paxton, and Larson meet Carter after he decides to spend the summer with his older sister Jade. Set during the summer before Audrina's freshman year of college, over the course of those four months, the friends come face to face with jealousy, regret, freedom, and the true meaning of love. As a companion to the novel Small Circles, Three Sixty promotes the notion that it's okay to be happy, even if you have to completely turn your life around, and start over, in order to achieve that....

Title : Three Sixty: A Companion to Small Circles
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Three Sixty: A Companion to Small Circles Reviews

  • Jaclyn
    2019-05-27 13:36

    Warning!!! I would suggest with utmost certainty that you read Small Circles before reading Three-Sixty because many things that happened in Small Circles IS mentioned in this book. So if you do not want to be spoiled or completely confused then do not read this book yet, read it eventually.. after you have read Small Circles If you have read Small Circles, then yes, please read Three-Sixty. Enjoy!!!I am so happy and thankful that there was more than one book in this series by Megan Duke. In the past I have read books that are written from the third person’s point of view, which for me, makes it somewhat difficult to connect with the characters. However, in Megan’s case, she does such a flawless job in the way she writes. She has an impeccable ability to draw readers into the story where you feel as though you are with the characters every step of the way.I love the way in which this series is divided up. Instead of chapters, she divides her books by years (Small Circles) and months (Three-Sixty). There are some books where the chapters feel as though they are too short or just wayyyy too long-at times where you flip through the book just to see how much is left in the chapter. I never did that once in both her books. Doing this gives a very unique perspective into what occurs in the characters lives throughout the novel. Yes, this book is small, only 125, but there is so much that occurs during their summer spent together.I really enjoyed (or not so much-you will get that comment only if you’ve read Small Circles) that Megan incorporated events that occurred in Small Circles, as well as events that predated Small Circles.Just like with any other book that I have rated 5 stars (yes, I know I rate mannnyyyy books with 5 stars), your emotions will be bouncing around like a ball in a pin-ball machine. There were parts where I laughed, smiled, became frustrated, and even cried…I really liked how this book included more of Audrina Ashby, who was introduced as one of the supporting characters in Small Circles. In Three-Sixty you experience seeing Audrina in a different light, especially regarding her relationship with Paxton. There were aspects of Audrina that I enjoyed, she seemed care-free and nice-mainly to her brother and his friends, BUT when it came to what was going on between her and Paxton, I was very frustrated with what she was doing. I felt that she was being extremely selfish in her actions and could not let things go. I understand that Paxton was the first guy in her life that really meant more to her than just friends, but sometimes things don’t always work out the way we expect them to. We have to learn to just move on and let it go, because you never know when another opportunity will come by. (I’m ranting, I know, but she was really frustrating me!!).The new characters that were introduced in this book was Carter Walbridge (Jade’s younger brother) and Silas McFuller.First, lets begin with Carter… let’s see.. how can I put this nicely… I ABSOLUTELY HATED THIS KID! Yes, emphasis on KID! Right away I could sense that I wouldn’t be a fan of him, and lo and behold.. I was right! He was arrogant, smug, and immature. There were so many moments where I honestly wanted to hit him upside the head a few times due to how he was treating people.Now onto Silas McFuller. I don’t want to go into too much detail about Silas because I don’t want to spoil anything. Let’s just say that Silas was a great addition to the storyline and is a breath of fresh air-especially for certain characters in the series. And his character kind of reminded me of Simon Lewis (LOOKS WISE!).The ending of this book was what took this book on a whole new level. It was absolutely and emotional and left me completely stunned after reading it.There are many surprises in Three-Sixty that will literally leave you having to pick up your mouth up off the floor. Reading this book has really made me anxious to get my hands on Infinite Limits, the third book in the series. And of course this book shows you that it’s “ok to be happy” Megan Duke.Again, I can’t say it enough, you really absolutely need to read Small Circles before reading Three-Sixty!!I hoped you enjoyed this review!Happy Reading!

  • Lauren
    2019-06-15 12:37

    See the review on my blog here: NOTE: Please don't read this review if you haven't finished Three Sixty, this review contains spoilers, only because I'm too lazy to actually put the "spoilers" thing on Goodreads.I finished Three Sixty in the middle of the week, and to say that I was rendered speechless would be an understatement. I honestly wing it with reviews and type as thoughts fill my brain, but I just can't, right now. Thinking back on the novel, it was just a crazy ride of ups and down, as to be expected, but wow, it was quite intense, and I applaud Megan for that. Okay, enough rambling, let's get in with the review. I really loved how we got an insight of who Audrina really is; in Small Circles, we only really see her as Larson's little--by a year--sister who did it with Paxton. Authors have the opportunity of taking a great secondary character with potential and screwing them up, but fear not! You really get a grasp of who Audrina is, what her motives are, her relationship with Paxton, life before Jade came into the picture, and even her "status" at Foster and Allan. I loved how all of this tied into her said motives and her actions. The plot is absolutely fantastic, it exceeded all of my expectations. So much has happened in 120 pages, it's unreal, but not that it's unrealistic, if you know what I'm sayin'. Things happened for a reason, they didn't just happen. It's like, they didn't just go to a party, things led to other things, and that affected not only Audrina as a character, but also Carter. And not just those two--eve33ryone else was impacted in some way throughout the novel, and I loved it. It just feels like this could happen to very real people, and that's what I liked best about it. Speaking of characters, they were phenomenal. I love the relationships they have with each other, how Larson and Audrina are so close, her friendship with Paxton, just all of them. Starting with Larson and Audrina, you clearly see how their relationship as siblings are, what their lives were like before when they were kids, and it's like you get to know them better, because in Small Circles, Audrina was really just a secondary character. With her relationship with Paxton, it was more than just a thing, it's more than just her coming to him when she needed to forget. She really does care for him and vice-versa, and it just broke my heart when she told him that he doesn't need her, anymore. And it's not your typical "oh, you have her now," and for good reasons. she's genuinely scared that he doesn't need her around and for good reasons. And then there's Carter, Yeah, I don't like him, but I have to say, he's a great character. You can see his motives and why he does what he does, but for his actual actions? No, I'm not feelin' it. I liked how we got to see some of his background and how he was as a kid. I especially liked how we fond out the reason as to how and why he came to be the person he is now. It makes him seem as if he's doing everything for a purpose, which he is, rather than doing it just to screw with everyone. I just hated what he did to Audrina, someone needs to punch him, oh, wait, Paxton already took care of that. Overall, I hate him, but he's such a great, rounded character. And last, but not least, Silas. As much as I miss Owen, I really do want Larson to find someone else, because it's okay to be happy. Although I do agree that I don't want Owen to become just another guy, I feel like that'll never happen. I like Silas, I like his hipster glass, I loved how Audrina "interrogated" him, but most of all, I love how he makes Larson happy.The letter. Oh, the letter. Larson, please, stop, you're pulling on my heart strings. I love how he came to peace with everything, and by everything, I mean Owen. I'm sorry, I just can't say anything else other than that I loved it and the fact that they named their son Spencer. The pregnancy, aagghh.That's all. I just wanted to thank Megan for sending me a PDF and giving me a chance to review this incredible companion novel.-Lauren.

  • Erisha (Bookaholic Reads)
    2019-06-05 13:27

    Read full review at:*I RECEIVED THIS BOOK IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW*NO SPOILERS!Three Sixty by Megan Duke is a companion novel to Small Circles. Three Sixty was a fantastic book which grabbed the readers interest straight away. Megan Duke has written another fantastic novel which I can assure you, will touch the hearts of many. This book follows the story of Small Circles except through the "eyes" of Audrina and Carter. This book follows conflicts and complications which arise in our community, between teenagers, today. These easily relatable characters made the novel stand out among other books. Megan Duke has written a novel which allows her readers to experience situations which they might be going through and her characters are so realistic you sometimes feel they are one of your friends. I definitely recommend this novel to teenagers and even young adults and I also rate this book 5 stars out of 5. I can not wait to read the next novel in this series! SPOILERS! Three Sixty by Megan Duke is no ordinary, mundane book. Three Sixty is a novel which deals with hard core issues and also relatable situations. Megan Duke writes so fluently that every paragraph written can be so emotional. I went into this novel with high expectations, especially after reading her first novel in this series, Small Circles, and I am happy to say that Duke's companion novel has lived up to my expectations. This novel begins with a quick overview of the last book which helped readers to know the story line better. I absolutely loved the introduction of Carter's character and also a deeper background knowledge on Audrina while reading this book. I felt Duke went into a lot of detail with the characters which made them easier to understand. I could easily connect to Audrina and feel what she was undergoing. Some might say Carter's character had no importance in this novel but I strongly disagree. Carter's role in this novel not only helped uncover hidden secrets but also helped discover the development of other characters. Audrina changed from an immature teenager into a sensible one by the end of this novel. She had guts to acknowledge her faults and also learnt how to fix them. This novel represented that people have flaws and no one is perfect. Getting to the middle of the novel, the readers learnt many new things. Such as Larson moving on with his life. Of course he would always have a hole in his heart after Owen's death but he learnt to overcome that adversity and try to move on with his life, which he did when he met Silas. This character development was huge and probably the best development I have ever read. The epilogue was quite phenomenal, written in a letter format, readers experience what Larson is feeling and that writing a letter would help him overcome that sadness and loss. Although it was upsetting, I still found the letter to be an important scene in the book as it showed a lot of character development. My favourite quote from this book would have to be: “I’m going to turn my life around. Make a complete three sixty.”“Don’t you mean one eighty?” he corrected. “If you do that, you’ll end up right back “where you started.”“Maybe. But at least I’ll have a chance of coming out of it a different person - a better version of me.” I really love this quote as it represents that sometimes to achieve happiness you must undergo some hardships. This book is a must read for teenagers and I assure you that Megan Duke will touch the hearts of many through this novel.

  • Alexa
    2019-06-01 12:43

    Megan you have done it again! Your books continue to break my heart and I absolutely love it. I seriously love this book so much! The writing in this book is phenomenal. So much emotion and heartache in only 125 pages. Now let's talk about the characters. I absolutely loved that we got to learn more about Audrina and Paxton's relationship. In Small Circles you found out that they had a past but the extent of their feelings I had no clue about, until I read this book. Which I am obsessed with by the way.Back to the characters;Audrina's character development surprised me. To me, she was all hung up about Paxton and wanting to be their for him. But throughout the book you start to see that she realizes that she will always love him, but needs to let him go. By the end of this book she decides to focus on herself which I think is a very mature ending for her.Paxton. He still has emotional damage. A lot of it. But what's a book without that one conflicted character. I feel like in this book he has a major confliction about who he really wants. I think his issue of substance abuse is powerful to the extent that it shows that people aren't perfect and they deal with issues their own way. Larson. I will always love Larson! He is always going to be my favorite. I think it's amazing that he found someone to move on with and had the strength to open himself up after the tragedy he went through. And can I say that the last few pages killed my soul. It was so beautifully done, I applaud you Megan. Jade. I don't think this book had that much Jade in it. Not that she isn't important but this book was mostly in the focus of the top three characters I listed. I'm sure we'll be hearing more of her in the book or books to come. I truly felt bad for Jade. She had to see her boyfriend love someone else. I'm sure that wasn't easy for her to watch but she stuck through it and in the end Paxton chooses her. Carter. Carter was an interesting character. I didn't feel like I fully understood him. He was close minded to me. Not saying that I hate him but I didn't love him either. I think he needs to work on himself like Audrina said she was going to do.This book is proof of why Megan Duke is and will always be one of my favorite authors. Each book is a good as the last and I'm so grateful I got to read such a wonderful piece of writing. If you have not read this book or any other of Megan Duke's books. I suggest you do so ASAP!

  • Lainey Lorio
    2019-05-26 18:17

    (This review can also be found at you liked Small Circles, I recommend reading Three Sixty. It's told mostly from Audrina Ashby's perspective, and throughout the story we learn how hard it was to watch herself get pushed out of the group of friends while Paxton and Jade fell in love. More importantly, this book follows Audi's struggle to figure out who she is, sans Paxton.I loved that. In Small Circles, Audrina was "the other girl" who had developed a dependency on Paxton over the summer, and had become his crutch when he needed one. When Jade came into the picture, Audrina felt threatened, and her confidence turned to insecurity, which came off as near-hatred. But in Three Sixty, we see Audi as she is: full of life and sass, still hurting over Paxton and Jade being in love, but trying to get over him, difficult as that may be.A lot of things happen around Audi in this book, but also to the other characters. Paxton is struggling with his addiction again, Jade has a revelation that could put her and Paxton's relationship in jeopardy, someone new is introduced into Larson's storyline, and Jade's younger brother Carter comes to visit.Ah, Carter. What a horrible little douchewaffle, isn't he? And yet, Carter is not mindlessly horrible for the sake of being horrible. His actions are abhorrent, yes, but like any well-written antagonist, he has motives for acting the way he does. We've seen a bit of what motivates Carter, but hopefully in Infinite Limits we'll fully understand what makes him tick.Poor Larson. After Owen's death in Small Circles, he needed someone to talk to who hadn't lived through it, unlike the rest of his friends. Fresh eyes. So he reconnected with an old friend from his childhood... SILAS! Silas and Larson hit it off, and I love everyone's different reactions to Larson being with someone else. Audrina is happy for her brother, and "interrogates" Silas to see if he's good boyfriend material for Larson, while Jade feels like Owen's memory has been betrayed.I thought Three Sixty was an amazing follow up to Small Circles. There was character development, and plot twists, and references to the previous book. I'm really excited for Infinite Limits to see what happens to everyone.

  • Jessica
    2019-06-01 16:16

    OH MY GOODNESS...this was amazing. I am so happy I finally got to read this. I loved Small Circles, and I was wanting to find out what happened after to novel ended. Three Sixty is the perfect companion to Small really is...I just wish it was longer! I don't ever want to stop reading about Pax, Audi, and Larson. I love them and I never want to stop reading about their journey through life.I love how Megan Duke it. Her stories aren't typical stories...they are real. They are stories that almost everyone can relate to in one way or another. People have experienced the love or pain or insecurities that these characters have faced. And their endings are perfect. The characters don't all have a perfect happy ending at the end...and that's okay. Megan shows us in these stories that its okay. Its okay to make mistakes. Its okay to mess up. Its okay to not know who you are or confused about what you are feeling. Its normal. And even when you make mistakes and you think your world is falling can always start fresh or "make a three sixty" and come out a different, better, person on the other side. That's what I love about these stories. Three Sixty made me feel hope and the knowledge that it is possible to go through the hard times and the struggles. Its not always going to be easy and that's okay. That's what I love about what Megan Duke writes. Her stories give us hope. She gives us hope.

  • Terrell Brown
    2019-06-12 16:38

    *** SPOILERS***** Omg....This book was so awesome!!! during my reading of this book I have really grown to love Audrina and Paxton. After reading Small Circles By Megan Duke, I was really hurt by the ending but this just made it better. Im still feeling a bit melancholy but I'm so happy for Larson. I loved how this story ended and i think that there was nothing left out besides me wanting to know what happens to Audrina. Im happy also how Paxton and Audrina got over there issues with each other, because it they winded up >_< together I would have kinda been hurt a lot because of Jade. Megan Duke, you are just a fantastic author and I am just so in love with how well developed your characters in Small circles/ Three Sixty were. I understand Audrina so much and I am happy that i was able to see her POV in the story Three Sixty because in Small Circles we aren't really shown Audrina and how she is and the situations she's going through. NOW FOR CARTER! Boy was he a dick! I liked him at first for some reasons but my feelings for him got worse while reading this story. He got what he deserved and I don't feel no sympathy for him in the end!Thank you for giving me the FEEELS Megan ^_____^

  • Ana
    2019-05-26 14:18

    I received a free copy in exchange of an honest review.Full review: Duke has done it again! She made me fall in love with another one of her books.Three Sixty is a companion to Small Circles, and I definitely recommend that you read Small Circles before reading this book. Instead of following the same characters from Small Circles, we follow Audrina (Larson's sister) and Carter (Jade's brother). When I read the blurb for this book I was pretty sure I knew who it will end, but I was so wrong. I got to see a whole new side to Audrina, which helped me understand why she acted the way she did in Small Circles. On the other hand, Carter was a whole new character who I learned to strongly dislike. Their summer was full of fun and lots of drama (view spoiler)[ thanks Carter!(hide spoiler)]. In the end, this book was just as enjoyable as Small Circles.

  • Opeyemi Adeleke
    2019-06-10 17:20

    oh my days where to start with this book? Firstly i wish this book was longer because when i finished reading it i missed the characters and what they were going to do next. this book is so real is like i was apart of it.i cried when Owen died in small circles and then i cried in three sixty when larson wrote to owen about how he is moving on but will never stop loving him. There's so much i can say/type about this book but i just cant seem to put it into words.i love this book so much because it so realistic and you can relate to it.The only thing i didn't like was the fact that it doesn't say how the other characters ended up. Like if jade kept the baby or if paxton and jade got back together and did audi ever find love again? But apart from that this book is .......amazing

  • Florence
    2019-05-19 20:21

    Megan Duke has written a fascinating novel in THREE SIXTY, and it is well worth the read. This book accomplishes a fascinating interplay between characters. The young people who are main characters are relatable. They have flaws and struggles, just like in real life. This encourages the reader to want to discover more about each of them. The author is direct and tells the hard truths with grace. This is a very recommended book.

  • Hayley Josh
    2019-05-28 13:26

    The characters appear so realistic and the way in which they speak and interact is believable and it is written so well and it puts you in a state of flow while reading it. I definitely need to read Small Circles in order to fully appreciate this book, so when I have read it I will add to my review but so far it seem promising.

  • Bryce
    2019-05-26 18:16

    How is it that Megan's books always seem to leave me both utterly heartbroken and inspired at the same time?  This book had me feeling way too many emotions at once.I love how real this book is.  It made connecting with these characters, both the new and the old, effortless.I'm glad that I got to understand Audrina a little better, and get to know her as a character.And I absolutely love Silas!!!  I can't wait read more about him in Ninety Degrees!As for some of the other characters, I can't say that I liked them as much *cough* (view spoiler)[CARTER (hide spoiler)] *cough*.Also, I don't want to spoil anything from Small Circles, but let's just say that I was very happy with the way that things from that book were resolved in this one.Overall, this was such a fantastic follow-up to an amazing first book.  But heed the warnings to read Small Circles first, as this book does contain spoilers, and you might be a little confused if you jump right in with Three Sixty.

  • Catheryn Bolick
    2019-05-20 14:29

    This book was so amazingly and well written. Megan Duke is able to create the characters so that it's possible for you to begin seeing the world as they do, also while including some drama and romance ;) She is an exceptionally good author as I cannot wait to read Ninety Degrees

  • Céline
    2019-06-14 20:22

    Was so great to see the original characters again, I've been dying to see where they are now. And though this was a great book once again I am still not that big of a fan of Audria. I hope she can grow up and become someone she can be proud of.

  • Megan Duke
    2019-06-04 17:17