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“You are afraid of me, Ranald Kincairn!” Enya said. “I, afraid of a Lowland traitoress, who in the bargain, I might remind you, is my captive and in chains? You jest, mistress!” “Then kiss me.” “Nae.” Ranald stood, gazing down at her, his dark eyes musing. “Should I teach ye the rudiments of lovemaking, do ye still think ye can make me love ye?” “I will yet do it.” She sto“You are afraid of me, Ranald Kincairn!” Enya said. “I, afraid of a Lowland traitoress, who in the bargain, I might remind you, is my captive and in chains? You jest, mistress!” “Then kiss me.” “Nae.” Ranald stood, gazing down at her, his dark eyes musing. “Should I teach ye the rudiments of lovemaking, do ye still think ye can make me love ye?” “I will yet do it.” She stood on tiptoe and kissed his hard mouth. When he did not respond, Enya moved back a step and stared at him with an unnamed fear. “’Tis your blood that runs cold.” “Then heat it. Tonight. I tire of empty promises.” ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The mighty Kincairns, once a powerful Highland clan, were now rebels out to destroy the conquering British invaders. Ranald Kincairn, new chieftain of the rebels vowed to revenge the murder of his brothers and his sister’s ruination. And in the depth of night, he stole the virgin bride of his cunning and ruthless foe with the intent to breed her with Scots bairns and then destroy her soul. But he had not counted on the firebrand that was his enemy’s bride, Enya of the Afton House. Before the laird could bring low the prisoner of his hatred, Enya vowed she would have him bowing down as her captive. Her captive of love. ...

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the captive Reviews

  • Greentea
    2019-06-17 11:37

    Enya was kidnapped by Ranald as a way of revenge against Enya's husband-Simon. Ranald's plan was to get her with child and return her to Simon. It was a cruel revenge, the lowest punishment for Enya as she's a proud woman. Swallowing her pride is not in her. I tell you, sometimes I think she's stupid for insinuating quarrels with the laird. She only gets in trouble when she reasons out but that's just how she is-fiery like her hair.It isn't a fall in love type of story right away. There were series of arguments before Ranald bedded her. I was impatiently waiting for the time for him to take her chastity but men it was a long read before it got there. I wasn't just waiting for that intimate scene just to read the smexy parts. I was waiting for it becuase it's all Ranald keeps talking about. Blah blah blah there were many chapters how he's so high and mighty and not even acting on it.The romance was not good as I thought it would. Granted the had many interactions but it was all petty arguments and no spark of romance in all of it. I don't even know how an impatient man, a man lusting for a woman, to control himself and not have done the deed ASAP. It was months before they've actually did it. Then Enya promised Ranald that he'd fall in love with her. WTF. She hates the laird and now she wanted him to love her? It was irritating because she's been grumbling how awful he was and all of the sudden she's a seductress. The characterization flew off the window. And it isn't just their love story included, the maid, Ranald's sister Mhorag and Enya's mother Kathryn all have love stories. I guess that's the reason why the writing was confusing the author cannot focus on one story let alone 3 more romances on the background. The real reason of revenge was too shallow-just revenge. Just bedding Enya. No wars or burning villages just Enya. It was a boring kidnapping story because it's all Enya and the background people. There's no murdering plots, there's nothing complex in here thus the 2 stars.

  • Mermarie
    2019-06-03 13:00

    It's been a long time since I read this book, but I remembered it through the years, so apparently something stuck with me. Heroine was no beauty queen either--and I always root for the underdog. ;D The secondary characters were likeable, and I commiserated with the events that led to the heroine's abduction/captivity.

  • Lynn
    2019-06-25 09:42

    Not so good. Using big words does not necessarily make you a good writer.

  • Darlene A. Ford
    2019-06-17 08:49

    I do enjoy a good romance novel every now and then and this one fit the bill. This book had a cast of characters with stories. Enya and Ranald were the main characters, fighting their love for each other in a world of war between the English and the Scots. Ranald has a brother Jamie who finds his love in this story. And lets not forget Kathryn, Enya's mom, and Arch, a religious brother. That was an interesting but maybe predictable story. Oh wait, I forgot Ranald's sister Morag. Taken by the English and raped, she is not interested in anyone to love EVER. Until....

  • Marcy Clay
    2019-05-29 12:54

    The CaptiveThis is a totally captivating novel by one of my favorite authors. Afton-Bonds is an incredible storyteller, and this book was very different from the others I've read by her. Whereas her characters usually encounter pain and great loss, this is a lighter read with a happily ever-after.

  • Eden Steffey
    2019-06-04 14:45

    OkSome parts I liked, but wasn’t crazy about it. I liked the heroine and her mother but wasn’t satisfied with the ending-it didn’t make sense to me.

  • etherealfire
    2019-06-24 08:39

    Kindle Unlimited e-book

  • Suzanne
    2019-06-14 11:52

    a nice romantic read with the usual revenge scenario and a satisfying ending

  • Melodye Johnson
    2019-05-27 12:06

    CaptivatingCould not put down, read until after my bedtime. Very good, and very interesting. All types of readers will enjoy.

  • Regan Walker
    2019-06-10 15:52

    4 and 1/2 Stars! Classic Tale of Love in the Highlands After the Battle of CullodenSet in 1751, this is a post-Culloden tale from the Highlands, the story of Ranald Kincairn, Laird of Clan Cameron whose brothers were killed by the English and whose sister they raped. He wants revenge. His plan is to abduct the virgin bride of the new English “Lord Lieutenant of the Western Highlands”—the man who raped his sister—and plant within her a Highlander babe, then send her back. The bride is Enya, a Lowland Scot from Ayrshire whose family, the Aftons, sided with the English.Though Ranald tells Enya he intends to ruin her, it seems it’s just talk as he puts her to work in the clan castle as a scullery maid, but doesn’t lay a hand on her. As time passes, he is a bit inconsistent toward her. First he tells her he won’t touch her, but threatens to give her to his men; then he tells her no one will take her against her will; finally, he beds her himself. Ranald is a worthy leader of his clan and respected by all. Of course, Enya falls for him.There are two other romances tied to Ranald and Enya’s—Enya’s mother and the man she has loved since she was 15, and Ranald’s sister and Duncan, a Lowland Scot who came with Enya.There’s an exciting scene at the end when the villain shows up to reclaim his bride.Bonds brings to life the Highlands and the struggle to survive after the terrible devastation the English brought about after Culloden as the Highlanders are hunted and the English are determined to wipe out the clans.And, should you be curious, yes, there is a tie in with the author and the name “Afton” which the author explains in a note before the story.

  • bell
    2019-06-20 11:59

    This was not an enjoyable read. The heroine is on her way to meet her husband, to whom she was wed by proxy. Her husband happened to be a cruel military man whom was hated by the hero's clan. The clan kindapp's her and her male friend. This book revolves around 3 romances , none of which were well developed. The hero was angry and nasty throughout the entire story, as was his sister (the second romance). None of the characters actions made any sense,,, as an example: The sister has her love interest whipped because he stated he wanted to bed her (yet she loves him?) The heroine has her virginity taken by the hero in one swift angry moment, without pleasure, and the heroine jumps on him and says "you'll give me the same pleasure that you got." really? unbelievable at best. I personally prefer the bodice rippers of old and forced seduction etc, doesn't bother me, but the hero and the heroine were just plain unlikeable. I didn't care if they ever got together, or what happened to them. There was very little character development in this book. Also, the ending, wasn't actually an ending.. there was no closure.. I actually keep turning the kindle pages thinking the entire book didn't download. No romance, horrible character development and a lack luster ending.. I give it a 1/2 star,, if you chose to read it, get it as a kindle prime...don't waste 99 cents.

  • Cindy Woods
    2019-06-22 14:59

    OkayThis is the lowest I have ever scored one of Parris Afton Bonds' books....and Ive read six now. This is my least favorite...and I live her books. She's a gifted writer, and there are portions of this book that prove my point, but I wouldn't use thus one as an example of her fine storytelling skill. I found it hard to real flow to the writing. The plot is good, but not as strong as it could be. I felt no connection with these characters like I have in her other books. Needless to say, this is a poor example of what this author is capable of and a bit of a disappointment. I doubt I'd recommend it.

  • Margo
    2019-06-03 13:42

    I really enjoyed this book. A great historical romance, although it didn't start out that way. I wonder what is fiction and what is fact in this story. Never heard of sterilizing wome in the 1700's and wonder how this could be accomplished. It seems our hero did everything to make his captive hate him and yet she still fell in love. A happily ever after was enjoyed by all but at some points in the story I wondered how this would be accomplished.

  • Norma
    2019-06-23 07:36

    The servantA rollercoaster ride of emotion in this titillating story of revenge turned into mutual respect and love.The Highlanders and the Lowlanders of Scotland learn to live together and love together.Old passions are rekindled and new passions are made.Great Highland,historic story.The women though work their back sides off though and can still find the energy to keep their men happy.Gotta love the modern world where things are way easier.

  • Kaitlin Southard
    2019-06-23 15:59

    Pretty good...By the end of the book I did not feel satisfied with the relationship progression of the characters, like things were just starting to get good and then it was wrapped up with a bow.

  • Sharon Aldridge
    2019-06-04 11:54

    Parris Afton Bonds, The Captive. Set in Scotland, the lowlands trying to run the highlanders off, the highlanders kidnap the behold of the lowland leader. Many adventures and turned of events happen along the way, with emotions running from hate to love, to heartache. Very entertainING read.

  • Louiseann Walter
    2019-06-15 10:42

    GoodThis book was a little confusing as it never left a space between scenes of people so if you were with Enya the next sentence was about Duncan and Moragh then Katherine but it was a GREAT story.

  • Willi
    2019-06-21 10:55

    Most wonderful book!!!Enjoyed this romance/history immensely!

  • Marsha
    2019-05-31 08:59

    Mainly liked it because I could read about Scotland....I want to visit there someday.

  • Kelly
    2019-06-25 15:59

    Entertaining bookGood escapism fiction! I didn't really understand why she went from hating to trying to make him love her, but with a little suspension of disbelief it's all good!

  • Onyi
    2019-06-23 15:44

    looks like a good book.

  • Carolyn
    2019-06-05 14:41

    Read as part of Highland Heartthrobs Boxed Set

  • Shelley
    2019-06-19 07:40

    Super fast read that I picked up free on my Kindle. Good story and I found myself really liking the characters and wanting them to be happy. Not overly graphic and moves pretty quick

  • Shellie Johnson
    2019-05-26 14:06

    I really liked this book. I liked the characters in it. I also like how it ended.. Great easy read.

  • Linda
    2019-06-02 11:51

    Interesting Scottish tidbits, set in a location I've visited, pleasant read, ending rushed and anti-climactic.