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Lilly Clarkfeld never wanted this life.Instead of burying her head in books, she finds herself on the back of a motorcycle. Not only that, but her arms are wrapped around Asher, the Dark Riders' rugged VP, and Lily's first love.But when Lilly is kidnapped by a rival club, all her carefully crafted plans go flying out the window.Venom, the ruthless president of Tarantulas MLilly Clarkfeld never wanted this life.Instead of burying her head in books, she finds herself on the back of a motorcycle. Not only that, but her arms are wrapped around Asher, the Dark Riders' rugged VP, and Lily's first love.But when Lilly is kidnapped by a rival club, all her carefully crafted plans go flying out the window.Venom, the ruthless president of Tarantulas MC, is not the kind of man to say please. He gets what he wants, and he'll even turn Lilly against the people she cares about most to do it.Will Lilly give up everything to save her very first love? Or will her new life come down around her in flames?Venom is the second entry in the Dark Riders Motorcycle Club serial, following the story of Lilly and Asher. The series contains strong sexual themes, and is not intended for readers under the age of 18....

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venom Reviews

  • Carole Klimesch
    2019-06-13 06:01

    This is not a book.A book has a beginning, a middle and an end.. It does not start a story, do pretty good of developing a story and then stop to tell you to buy next 50 pages to repeat without finishing just buy another book. The thing is I would have bought the book.. That said, the heroine is too stupid to live. The kidnappers release her to spy on love of her life and she is too stupid to think "if I tell him everything, I might give us a chance to live"--no this college student goes back to kidnapper expecting better outcome. Please shoot me now. I resent Amazon selling things as books without warning you that they are not books but scrapes of stories sold solely to increase price or else written by written who either doesn't know where her book is going or else doesn't think it is worth price of full book and gripes you off with selling parts at a time. The sad fact is this author could have written a good book with a little more work and a good editor or reading group to help her work out the bugs in her plot. I resent being cheated and that's exactly what the collection of book parts is. I gave her 2 stars because she has some promise but I highly recommend you NOT PURCHASE this collection of book parts.

  • Cheryl Graham Petit
    2019-05-19 10:13

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review and I can honestly say that Venom is HOT! Elsa Day has you on the edge of your seat and the only thing you can do is keep turning the pages to see how the story unfolds. Action-packed with surprises you don't see coming, Venom is a definite must-read.

  • Deborah
    2019-05-23 08:15

    Disappointing.I wasn't too impressed with the first book 'Wild' and I'm still surprised that I read this one, my excuse is despite how much I didn't like Lilly I loved Asher and I wanted to know what happened to him.Basically Lilly is kidnapped by a rival gang the Tarantulas MC, they want to use her against the Dark Riders and Lilly's an idiot so she makes their job easy.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-25 06:03

    Elsa Day has given me another MC bad boy to love... Asher! I highly recommend this new series. The book keeps you on the edge, wondering who/what/why. Was a quick read and now I am anxiously awaiting the next Dark Riders book!

  • Elsa Day
    2019-06-05 05:27

    It's here!Here are some teasers for you!

  • Francesca
    2019-06-09 09:12

    1.5Il primo era carino tutto sommato... questo fa pietà.

  • Solmarie
    2019-05-30 12:27

    Lily thought she knew what she was doing when she asked Asher to show her what it meant to be part of the MC. She never imagined the way things would turn out. Kidnapped by a rival club Lily finds herself in a tough position. Does she do whatever is required to save herself or try to save Asher and the Dark Riders? Is it even possible for her to do it? Everything seems to be stacked against her. Her worst nightmare has a name and his name is Venom. He plans to use her to bring down the one person she loves most. I am really enjoying this series. Elsa Day is keeping me on my toes. Every time I think, ha I finally figured out where this is going, she goes and throws me for another loop.Can't wait to read number 3!

  • Maddison Hoy
    2019-05-29 11:23

    Are you freaking kidding me?!This really needs to be a full length novel, I can't handle anticippation/stress of whats going to happen next after all the cliff hangers from this and the first book.There's not even a date on the next book, gah!

  • Felicia
    2019-06-01 11:15

    Can't wait to find out what happens to Lilly and Asher

  • Marion
    2019-05-29 10:20

    loved it

  • Mechele Lowe
    2019-06-02 04:09

    GreatHeartwarming story for Lilly and Asher. For Asher to wait for her is special . Can't wait to see if they will finally be together.

  • JoJo
    2019-05-20 04:13

    Everything I said about the first book, you can quadruple it for the second. Read it in 25 minutes flat & I'm cranky as hell. One ENTIRE section of the book ACTUALLY made NO SENSE AT ALL! Ok so most of the rambling made no sense through the this one, but the part where she went down on him till the part where she left with Joel? Really? REALLY????? How that interaction between Asher & Lily made ANY sense at all, someone for the love of Pete TELL ME! I'm being punked right? This series is not real right? The kids from "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader" could write better than this. I said I don't bail on a series out of respect for the author taking the time to write...BUT, that being said...I managed to read the second book free by joining her mailing list. Unless I can find a way to read the third one free as well, I guess I'll never know what happens because there is no way. No way. I'm sorry to be so hard & if someone spoke this way about me I'd be crushed but this author really has some GREAT plot twists but she's so busy RUSHING that she's driven most of us away. I'd love to see the entire story in the hands of another and see each set up & twist be told in depth so we can actually connect with it. And have in done in ONE full story so we can ride the full wave in one shot. Such a great bunch of plots to explore & expand on while twisting it up even more. What a waste.

  • Raj
    2019-05-27 05:02

    This book took it full throttle on action, kidnapping, revenge, survival and love, leaving me speechless and anticipating nervously the next moves from Lilly, Asher and Venom. I loved the raw and edginess to this mc book, covering Lilly’s kidnapping by Venom the president from the rival mc club the Tarantulas. I really wanted to hate him, but I felt a soft spot for him and got the feeling that maybe he feels something for Lilly hmm lol. The book was hell exciting to see how Lilly fought to survive, facing her own endurance and strength to get back to Asher, whilst being treated as a pawn between the two rival mc clubs. There were new twists that took place, leaving me with unanswered questions. The author draws you into her world and makes you feel part of it. I am loving this series, it really is fast paced, but it never fails on delivery hence it being so addictive to read lol, it reminds me of one of my can’t live without reads Ignite by R.J Lewis, and Elsa Day’s Dark Riders pulls in close, I'm so glad that I’ve discovered this amazing author!

  • Andrea
    2019-05-22 12:06

    I have to admit after the first book I wasn't sure I was going to read the next installment in this series. But I am so glad I did. I really enjoyed the book. It was still too short for me but I couldn't out it down. I hated Venom but only because he was a well written bad dude.. I was so scared he was really going to hurt Lily and that would have made me so sad. Lily was strong and loyal and I couldn't wait to find out how she got back to Wild-Asher. I definitely would have been more upset at the end if I has to wait to read the next installment but I already had the next book so I continued right into it to find out how it all ended. I still think that if the 3 parts were put into one book I would have enjoyed the book better as one cohesive unit then as three parts of a series. I probably wouldn't have had the reaction I did to the first part if it just continued to the end and told the whole story.

  • Angie
    2019-05-22 10:26

    This is book 2 of a three part serial. The story continued to not work for me. There's a weird and disjointed lack of maturity among all the characters - even the mother. Maybe I would have connected more with the characters if it hadn't been so fast paced and always jumping. I didn't feel the real deep down connection between Lilly and Asher. His attitude jumped all over the place erratically, but it was a little off putting that he loves her and wants her to know about his MC and then knowingly puts her in danger by taking her on a run. He didn't seem like he did anything other than go home after she's kidnapped by the other MC. I'm also really confused about this town that is apparently run by Asher's MC, but Venom's MC has a hidden place where they keep watch. Also, they kept dropping her off and she'd walk everywhere. Basically a lot of threads from this series didn't seem to ever be complete.

  • Laure
    2019-05-18 07:01

    Lilly is kidnapped by the rival MC club and forced to get information from Asher for the rival president, Venom. As much as she hates to betray Asher, she has no way to escape, and in order to survive, she gets the information. She manages to slip a two word note to Asher, and then run to meet the man betraying the club. There is violence in this series but I couldn't put this book down once I started reading. Fantastic book!I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sue Zawisa
    2019-05-26 07:14

    Review for VENOMI received this as a gift for an honest review.Lilly has just seen Asher get shot and then her world goes dark. She has been taken by the Tarantulas MC and is not sure what they have in mind for her. But she definitely could not have imagined what comes next. After all, she has just gotten Asher back and now she is going to lose him again…all because of Venom…President of the Tarantulas. But will Asher believe that Lilly could betray him and walk into the sunset with Venom?? Read on to find out.

  • Michelle
    2019-06-04 07:00

    3.5 stars. More about Lilly and her exposure to the MC world. The Tarantula MC has taken her prisoner to use her against Asher and since Lilly and Asher had just reunited, the establishment of trust is still fragile. Lilly is a good heroine, she doesn't let things get to her and she doesn't give in to irrational whims but she's in a tough spot that doesn't have a lot of great options for her in order to get out safely.

  • Natasha
    2019-05-23 08:05 what I don't get about this book is why did Lilly do what she did. After being captured by a rival biker gang and then being released to gather an item and some information, then why would she not have just told Asher what was going on when she had the chance. Instead she lied to him, got what she wanted and then went straight back to the rival gang. Wouldn't she have just stayed in the protective arms of the man she supposedly loves???

  • Michele A.
    2019-05-30 07:15

    I have to admit that I liked the first book better. Lilly is just too passive for me throughout this book. Asher and Venom are both typical bikers and are at war with each other. It ends on another cliffhanger so I will have to wait until the next book to see what happens. Not a bad read and a lot cleaner than I was expecting, which was a pleasant surprise.

  • Renee Gattis
    2019-06-04 04:21

    I haven't read any of the reviews for this book because I didn't care what other people had to say about it and I'm glad I didn't, This second book was just as good as the first book. This series is fast past in your face, can't wait to see what Lilly does in the last book to the series to get Asher and his gang out of the miss Lilly got them in to.

  • Thea™
    2019-06-15 10:58

    Mwah... verhaal is wel aardig (meer ook niet). Deel 2 gelezen omdat dat maar 92 blz was en ik toch wel nieuwsgierig ben welke draai er aan het verhaal gegeven wordt. Schrijfstijl vind in nix! Ga deel 3 toch nog maar lezen; ten eerste omdat het maar ruim 100 blz is en omdat ik nu ook wel wil weten hoe het afloopt. ;-)

  • Yajaira Fryas
    2019-05-23 07:24

    I enjoyed this book as well as the first. The story line is good Bc it's something I'd picture mc's being like unlike other novels that I've read with mc's. They only thing I dislike is the fact that both books are so short. Why doesn't the author just write an actual book ??? I'm really hating all these tiny books it's a rip off.

  • Debbie
    2019-06-12 04:24

    This is book 2 in the Dark Riders MC Club series. Lily was taken by the Tarantula MC club because of her relationship with Asher (Wild). Venom the president wants to bring down the Dark Riders and he's going to use Lily to do it. There's also a traitor from the Dark Riders helping. Lily just has to figure out how to get word to Asher so he'll know what's happening.

  • Elena
    2019-05-26 07:12

    This book really should not be a stand alone book. Rather it is the middle of the book Wild. The book was a quick read with little character development. I would not discourage anyone from reading this story, just warn not to expect a complex story.

  • Laurie Gyd
    2019-05-23 04:00

    So hot & excitingOoh, I really enjoyed this segment of Lily and Asher's story. They almost declare their love when Lily is kidnapped by a rival club. Story is hot, exciting, riveting and emotional.

  • LennaWright-Berry
    2019-06-03 11:08

    Lily is now temp property of Tarantulas MC and is used to try and bring down the Dark Riders by the way of getting her her sweetheart Asher, but Lily is to smart to be used in Venom's plans and she does find the traitor and will risk her life to save Asher and his MC.

  • Brenda
    2019-06-11 10:09

    I can't believe I gave this another shot and I can't believe I wasted .99 cents. The author has too many storylines she's trying to cram in under 100 pages. This one I got to page 10' skimmed, read two pages and deleted from my iPad.

  • Sandra Knapp
    2019-06-10 10:21

    I really enjoyed reading this, it’s a fast paced book on the mc world. It had me from the start. It was a little short. Therefore, I flew through it. . and had to go and get the rest of the story. I loved the hero and the heroine

  • Karen
    2019-05-29 07:23

    These are good books. but it's absolutely stupid and drives me nuts when authors write a book and break into multiple short stories. I had this book read in under an hour. Instead of charging .99 for each short book just charge us $3 and give us the whole thing.