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Inevitably separated from the woman who brought hope back to his life, Rudy leaves for France to seek seasonal employment. This simple journey, however, soon becomes a quest for self-discovery, which takes him through France, Italy, and Austria before he is able to return to Spain. Battling his inner demons as the lies he invented in order to survive close in on him, Rudy'Inevitably separated from the woman who brought hope back to his life, Rudy leaves for France to seek seasonal employment. This simple journey, however, soon becomes a quest for self-discovery, which takes him through France, Italy, and Austria before he is able to return to Spain. Battling his inner demons as the lies he invented in order to survive close in on him, Rudy's sanity is tested in ways he would never imagine. This is a story of human spirit. This is a story of perseverance, and the power of love to transcend cultures, borders, and one's own past. It is a story of reconciliation....

Title : mad days of me eluding reality
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mad days of me eluding reality Reviews

  • Sherrod Wall
    2019-05-21 08:27

    This series displays Henry Martin’s versatility. Before I begin talking about anything, I have to say: if you’re thinking about reading this novel, stop thinking and get started. If for some reason you are reading this review and haven’t started this series, find the first novel “Escaping Barcelona” and read it. Every novel reveals facets of his protagonist, Rudy. Thriller, suspense, romance, stream of consciousness, horror and realism, Martin dips his pen into all of these genres and more to tell Rudy’s story. Every one of these is represented well and coincides with how Rudy’s journey progresses. I will discuss all of this further in the series review. For now I will focus on the final novel ,“Eluding Reality”.There are many things in this novel that are wonderfully subtle, including how the plot ties in with Rudy’s characterization and what everything leads up to in general. I believe Martin wrote the plot in this manner to mirror the existential battle within Rudy. Instead of being provided with the internal conflict directly, he opted to leave it open to thought. When you come to respect an author like I respect Martin, you know he has a purpose for everything. Rudy tries so hard to keep a grip on reality, taking what pleasure he can in the little things. Martin zeros in on these seemingly minute activities wherever Rudy goes, making sure that we are as focused on them as Rudy is: truly making us a part of Rudy’s journey. But, that is not why he did it. Rudy is eluding himself and the relationship that awaits him back in Ibiza. He can’t deal with the past. He knows he will have to face it down eventually, but until then, he tries to take control of the situation by being a nomad. This juxtaposes who he became in Barcelona, the difference being: he decides where he is going, and he decides when it is time for his meandering to end. While he is terrified of Barcelona and the quicksand of inner turmoil his homelessness created, he thrives in an environment of unlimited freedom. Ironically, it is the only thing that can help him suppress his past and carry on.What follows is a portrayal of entropy that brought me to tears and caused me to inhale the novel until I came to the final image in the final paragraphs. I will not spoil a thing, but I had to take a few days before writing this review, letting the beautifully horrific end settle, so I could properly wrap my mind around it. It is beautiful because of Martin’s style and delivery, and horrific because of the image itself and the tragedy it depicts. Martin breathes life into Rudy’s darkest places with his imagery throughout the series, but “Eluding Reality” contains his most imaginative descriptions of Rudy’s demons.I highly recommend this novel for anyone that enjoys unique, masterfully written literature. Every novel was fantastic, and the conclusion was stunning and evocative. I cannot wait to read Martin’s other work.

  • Elyse
    2019-05-29 12:27

    This is the final book in the "Mad Days of Me", series. Once again -- 'Rudy' (OUR GUY), starts out as a lone traveler. (leaving behind the woman he loves, Dominica)Rudy is no longer starving --(but still smoking cigarettes). I wanted to take those away from him myself at times...lolThis book takes many twists and turns. In many ways --its the best book of the three --Yet there were parts I would have left out --and parts I would have expanded on!The part I would have expanded on --was more about Rudy's relationships with his parents.There was a short part in this book where Rudy begins to reflect back about his childhood. (Basically he says it was good) ...Yet --His dad made him feel worthless, feel like an underachiever, --and Rudy just felt angry. With his mother --he often felt lonely. I wanted to read 'more' about Rudy's relationship with his parents. Its clear he wanted to 'escape' -- feelings of non-conforming -- but I often wondered 'why' he didn't want to turn to his parents when he needed them 'most' (when he was raped in the first book) -- He was young --it 'may' have been natural to have wanted to call 'one' of his parents if his childhood was GOOD. It leaves the reader at least 'wondering'.The part I would have left out 'completely' --(didn't add anything to the story IMO) ---was the part about 'the daughter'. I felt there was no real authentic purpose. TOO MUCH of a stretch for us 'readers'. It wasn't developed enough to go anywhere other than the way it did.I 'did liked the ending -- I think it fit -- (I even thought it was 'cute') Yikes ..can I say that? lol Honestly, I adore this author. He's talented...with a great mind .....but these book are not for everyone. They are dark -- We spend a lot of time (with 3 books) reading about a young man who travels --(still growing --still really asking the big questions: "what is his purpose" in life)...He continues to try to be responsible --Be strong --He knows suffering first hand. He has hopes. 'OUR GUY' RUDY is really a man like you and me. Love to see a book about RUDY when he is 60 years old! :)

  • Cphe
    2019-06-12 09:25

    The final installment in the Mad Days of Me series and the best book in the trilogy in my opinion. I'm glad I took the chance to meet Rudy and to witness his growth as a character. This book was bittersweet in some ways. Although I was initially in two minds about the ending, on reflection I thought it was fitting to the series as a whole.I loved Rudy's perseverence when the odds were stacked against him. I enjoyed his hopes and triumphs, his search for self discovery and clarity, his willingness to keep going. I loved that he kept searching for his truths and for someone to connect to.I really, really appreciated the path the author took to unfold Rudy's story. I simply loved the premise and the atmosphere.I do have to say though and it is a personnal gripe - I don't think I've ever come across a character who smoked as much in a novel and I have to be honest and admit it did irritate me after a while.But that aside, this was an excellent series and the portrayal of Rudy has stayed in my mind, to me that is the mark of an excellent author. Sure the final book could have been a bit "tighter" but for me the craftmanship is there and the author can only improve. Time and money well spent.

  • Christine Hayton
    2019-05-23 09:26

    Disclosure: I purchased “Eluding Reality” in November 2014. I do not know the author, but I have had communication with him on the Goodreads site. The comments that follow are my own personal opinion. I received NO compensation of any kind, or from anyone, to provide this review.This is the last book in The Mad Days of Me series by Henry Martin. I finished this book some time ago and enjoyed this series very much. It's the first trilogy I've read in a long time that left a solid impression and gave me a fictional friend not soon forgotten.Rudy was a strong, human, real, character. I felt like I knew him and although the entire story takes place over a short time - he became a long time friend. This book was a bit different from the first two, but I felt the writing was stronger and I seemed to draw even closer to the character. The ending was not what I expected, but at the same time, was probably the best way to truly finish Rudy's story. I would strongly recommend the entire series to anyone. These books left me with the indelible mark of a young man trying to push back his demons, and succeed in a world he barely understood. The satisfaction of this read will last for some time.

  • Edward Wolfe
    2019-05-29 13:10

    Now that I'm done reading this trilogy, I would like to platonically kiss the author and then swiftly punch him in the gut.I finished the book yesterday and was still stuck in the world of the book for hours afterward. I still feel like there is a fog around the edges of my mind that emanates from the residue of that world that may never go away.As a reader, I was engrossed and taken away - exactly the way you wish a book to take you away.As a writer, I'm touched and inspired, because I climbed somebody's mountain and I can see more of the world than I could before.The only reason to be reading this review is if you've already read the first two books in the trilogy, and if you've done that, you already know if you're going to read the last one. (If you don't read the last one, I feel sorry for you. It's truly your loss of the literary experience.)I said in my review of the second book that it was even better than the first.I expected this one to go even higher - and it did, much of the time. But to me, the first half was weaker than either of the first two and my expectations were adjusted to expect a letdown.But then things suddenly picked up and took off and continue to rocket skyward to the grand finale of emotional fireworks.Henry Martin is a super talented bastard.I read these on my Kindle but now I need to buy these books so I can have them on my bookshelf with the other books that I just have to have "in person."

  • Jim
    2019-05-24 08:20

    The author sent me a copy of this book in exchange for a review.Eluding Reality is the third volume of Henry Martin’s “Mad Days of Me” trilogy. I will confess up front that I was at a disadvantage reading this volume without having read the first two installments. However, I was able to find my way through the story once I found the rhythm of the author’s prose and the trajectory of the protagonist, Rudy.The narrative opens with Rudy fleeing Barcelona and his nemesis, Pietro. He slips into a train headed for the border and slips out of Pietro’s reach. Having already planned to take a break from the love of his life, Dominica, this dangerous encounter with Pietro sets a sinister tone for what Rudy hoped would be a productive and rejuvenating journey. Instead, he is filled with terror and indecision and ends up bouncing from town to town and country to country, unsure of what to do next and why.After many false stops in France and Italy, Rudy heads for Vienna and the counsel of an old friend, Michael. A painful revelation threatens to destroy the friendship, but Michael makes things right between them and Rudy is finally able to stabilize himself long enough to prepare for his return to Dominica. Back in Ibiza, Rudy’s romantic rendezvous with Dominica hits a rough patch, but luckily, they work things out and find some peace together.Throughout all of these events, we get a sense of how volatile a 19 year old kid can be. Impulsive, paranoid, unpredictable, with little patience for other people. The sense of time dragging for Rudy is emphasized by minute descriptions of the mundane activities he finds himself doing to mark time. Step by boring step, Rudy moves through these days of self-exile until he can be with his beloved again. Running from some serious recent traumas, each small action he makes is amplified to the point where you just know he’s either going to blow a gasket, or collapse in a puddle of accumulated anxiety. The young man is seriously on edge and the writing emphasizes these feelings. When he finally opens up about the assaults he suffered in Barcelona, the reader gets to breathe a sigh of relief and Rudy’s behavior makes sense in a whole new way.As I mentioned, I read this out of order, and I believe it would be best to read the first two parts of the trilogy to fully appreciate Rudy’s story. The complex feelings Rudy has for himself, his friends, and for his new love are well explored and well presented by the author. Give the trilogy a try.

  • Roberta Pearce
    2019-05-30 13:24

    I’m sure, should Mr. Martin see this rating, he will experience a Peter-Jackson-at-the-Oscars moment, rewarded with five stars for the whole of the Mad Days of Me trilogy rather than the individual pieces.I hesitate to make many comments on the book. The ending . . . I can’t even state whether I approved the ending or not, as those who’ve seen my reviews for Escaping Barcelona and Finding Eivissa will know of my hopes for Rudy, and allowing whether or not they were satisfied is spoiler too much.The Mad Days of Me trilogy is not without its problems. Still, it is a massive accomplishment: a study of the archetypal angry young man who finally – and tragically – is given something to be angry about. Suffering from PTSD and haunted by demons old and new, Rudy fights to move past it all, fights to find love, fights to find peace. He is at once a noble creature and a lowly one. He is a monster; he is gentle; he is cruel. He is human. And that, more than anything, grants him sweetness.Rudy and his demons will be with me the rest of my life. Of that, I am certain.For my random thoughts on writing, visit my blog on Goodreads.

  • Michael Flanagan
    2019-05-30 08:32

    Eluding Reality wraps up the Mad Days of Me Trilogy and like the other two books this one delivers a different style of story. This book mainly deals with the main character Rudy's issues in dealing with what he has gone through in the other two books. He feels lost and disassociated from his surroundings and begins to question his own sanity. Old friends are visited, tough decisions are made and demons are faced. The book concludes like the trilogy started with a sucker punch of a chapter. I was in two minds about the ending but I found myself thinking more and more about it. After pondering it's meaning over a couple of days it dawned on me that this was a great book. I mean it's not often I find myself pondering the end, days after I have finished a book. With this in mind the ending will not sit well with some readers. The ability for this author to make you care for the main character Rudy in these book and to see life through his eyes is where the gold lies in this series. There is no way in the world I would want Rudy as friend but I was compelled to keep reading as I cared what happened to him.

  • Amanda Trevino
    2019-05-26 14:16

    I'm not really interested in self discovery books so this took me a while not going to lie, but overall it was a nice read.

  • Christoph Fischer
    2019-05-22 10:10

    I was given a preview copy of this book by the author.Book three starts very good with the recap of book one, as Rudy travels again through Barcelona and old ghosts catch up with him, even though only in his mind. The adrenaline fuelled getaway is well written. A sequence about Rudy’s parents explains more about his background and his internal conflicts. At times Rudy appears to me ungrateful and always too dissatisfied but he is a tormented soul who tries hard to make the most of the cards he has been dealt but does not know how. The people he meets do not always help him at all. Rudy is travelling through Europe in some randomness, still seeking and trying to work out the issues between him and Dominika.Martin has done a great job at giving each part of the trilogy a different character and feel and shows great talent for character development and for raw and life-like writing. This realism and the often philosophical musings of Rudy, the honesty of his inner turmoil and his desperation at times make this a very emotional and engaging read. The end to this trilogy was not quite what I had expected but Rudy’s journey through Europe and his mad days find an end that fits very well. Rudy is clearer now about who he is. After having almost lost or at least doubted his mind and sanity and after reconnecting with some of his better friends, this is the end of a long trip. Rudy is a character I have loved to hate at times but he is one that stuck with me for some time.

  • Vicki Wilson
    2019-06-14 10:31

    Once again a wonderful read by an obviously talented author.This is the third and final instalment in the 'Mad Days of Me' trilogy and it does not disappoint. The book starts off where Rudy leaves his love Dominica behind to venture once again into the unknown. In this book we get to some of the underlying reasons why Rudy does what he does. Sometimes it seems as if his sanity hangs by a thread. We find out more about his family, although I would have liked a little more detailed acount on this.The ending left me baffled, and I will most likely ponder it for some time. I must say that I am quite sad that the story of the chain smoking Rudy has reached its conclusion. I look forward to taking a look into what else Henry Martin has to offer.