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A Contemporary Drama of Family Lies and Forgotten Loves After her father and stepmother's accidental death, Kelli Huddleston sorts through their belongings and learns a shocking secret. Years before, her father faked his death during a boat wreck at sea--and faked Kelli's as well. He'd run from a wife, a son, and a daughter back in Tennessee, meaning Kelli has a family sheA Contemporary Drama of Family Lies and Forgotten Loves After her father and stepmother's accidental death, Kelli Huddleston sorts through their belongings and learns a shocking secret. Years before, her father faked his death during a boat wreck at sea--and faked Kelli's as well. He'd run from a wife, a son, and a daughter back in Tennessee, meaning Kelli has a family she's never known. She's already cashed the payout on her dad's life insurance check and looks at it as her ticket to a new life. The lure and puzzle of digging into this hidden past is too much to resist, and she soon finds herself in Tennessee. When the trip threatens to open doors to the past better left shut, and her plans for the future are threatened, Kelli must make an agonizing choice that will change her life forever....

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Finding Me Reviews

  • Melissa Lee
    2019-05-27 10:49

    RATING: 3.5/5I was sent an ARC of Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman, by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.After the tragic death of her father and step-mother, Kelli is left with the task of sorting through their family home and preparing it for sale. All her life she was led to believe that her mother and two siblings died in a fire when she was a baby. However while cleaning out her father’s safe she learns the shocking truth that he had been lying to her all along. In fact her family were alive and had been living in Tennessee all along. Her real name wasn’t even Kelli and his wasn’t Don. Finding Me follows the young woman on a journey which leads Kelli to her place of birth in search of answers as to why her father made the terrible decisions he did. The mystery of why a man would fake not only his own death but that of his infant daughter as well, drew me in instantly. I couldn’t wait to see how the story unfolded, as there were many different avenues the author could have taken the story. Although this book is full of tragedy and heartache, it is considered Christian fiction so it isn’t overly heavy and it certainly isn’t vulgar or violent. While it is true that I do enjoy edgier stories from time to time, reading this was refreshing and those characteristics would have taken away from the true meaning the author was trying to convey. This was about a young woman trying to find herself at a time in her life when her world was turned upside down. I found the characters to be interesting, especially Kenmore an old friend of Kelli’s father. The pace of the writing made for a quick read. My one pet peeve regarding Finding Me was in the formatting. However this is due in part it being an ARC version. Hopefully there will be more of a definition between the narration and journal entries in the finished book. Without giving too much away, a romance develops between two of the characters, which I found to be unnecessary to the story. Perhaps I feel this way because it was introduced so late in the book. There were times throughout the story that I went almost too smoothly, which felt unrealistic, but I tried to ignore those instances because I enjoyed the story too much to let myself nitpick. In closing I really did enjoy reading Finding Me and I would consider reading more from this author in the future. I would recommend it to those who enjoy contemporary Christian fiction. Although it is an adult book, its content would be suitable for young adult readers to enjoy as well. To see more of my reviews visit my blog:

  • Yo Leo Ficción Cristiana
    2019-05-20 14:09

    RESEÑA COMPLETA EN ESPAÑOLI’m not always surprised with a mystery book because usually I guess the main twist; however, this novel has impacted me greatly. While most books with secrets to discover are a bit dark and have a lot of tension, this is one was the exception to the rule. The story is compelling, but also fun to read. There are hilarious parts and I couldn’t help but laugh all the time.Kelli's life is surrounded by lies and when she discovers them, she learns that everyone is not what it seems, and the happy memories she had, were not as certain as she remembered. In addition, she has secrets she wants to save, because if they get to know, can cause much harm to others.I really liked the main character because she’s independent and strong in spite of the circumstances. Also, some characters like Beth and Kenmore added color and a bit of humor to the story.I also enjoyed the development of romance. It was not the typical love at first sight, but developed gradually and even surprised the characters. I’m also pleased with the ending although I would have liked the novel continues, I think the author didn’t leave loose ends and everything worked perfectly.With this book, the author has impressed me very very much, so I’m looking forward to reading her other works.-I recieved an eBook via Netgalley but this fact didn't influence the review-

  • Kav
    2019-06-07 17:01

    I had no plans to read this novel in one sitting but I did. Mesmerizing doesn't begin to describe my compulsive need to find out the whole! What an emotionally gripping book! It was a tough read in places, inspiring in others. Kelli is faced with a host of impossible decisions and each one she makes results in repercussions that will affect her future...and her peace of mind. It's the kind of story that fuels your imagination to the point you start playing out your own scenarios in your mind even as you're reading. Does anyone else do that? Finding Me certainly kept me engaged right to the very end.Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

  • Andrea Cox
    2019-06-13 10:54

    by Andrea Renee Cox"Wounded people tend to create more wounded people." ~Finding Me by Kathryn CushmanAfter Kelli discovered her father had lied about her past, she travels across the country to see the family she never knew she had. But will the trials of the past cast a shadow over the present and tear apart the future?The journey Kelli took in Finding Me got me thinking about healing. What if we didn't continue the damaging trends that have plagued our genealogy? One of my goals, even prior to reading this book, is to identify negative trends in my past and eradicate them. This will take persistent prayer and dedication, not to mention acute focus. But the joys and blessings that are certain to pour out upon future generations are more than enough motivation to drive me forward on this journey."but showing faithful love to a thousand generations of those who love Me and keep My commands." ~Exodus 20:6 HCSBFinding Me by Kathryn Cushman confirmed this goal in my mind, but it was also quite an emotional read. I bawled through the last five or so chapters, almost swiping at tears as often as I did the "page" on my Kindle. Kathryn Cushman crafts such stunningly beautiful and emotionally charged stories that get me contemplating the real-life issues I face.I received a complimentary copy of Finding Me from Netgalley in exchange for this honest review.

  • Mary
    2019-06-04 11:56

    What if you were 24, thought your name had always been Kelli, was told your mother and siblings died in a fire, and figured you lived about as far as you can get from a possible real family? When Kelli Huddleston's father and step-mother died from a car accident, she was forced to uncover new info from a safe her dad always kept locked in a private room. Photos, letters and other info shocked Kelli into making plans for a fast trip across country to find out the truth. Kelli went to a small town she read about in Tennessee and it didn't take much time to meet some of her family and her father's old friend. But what would she do with this info was the question. Would she now hurt other people like she was hurt? Her mother was lovely with a lovely voice. Kelli didn't know she took after her mother because she was told her voice was so bad that she never sang. Never had the courage to let anyone hear her. Her sister was longing for a friend and she and Kelli bonded rather quickly. It took some time but Kelli knew now what she would do. And she did it. See how that turned out. A great read and interesting mystery of love and forgiveness.This book was provided by Bethany/Baker Books for review. The opinions are my own.

  • Karyn Niedert
    2019-05-26 14:14

    I read "Finding Me'" in about two days, as it was hard to put down. The characters were believable and created with enough flavor that I felt like all of them were quite real to me by the end of the story. The shock Kelli felt upon discovering her father's long buried secret, and the shame of his betrayal color many of her actions and decisions through the book. Her decision to carefully visit her long-lost family is a bit improbable but still engaging. I understood that this was a Christian novel going into it, but was surprised that the doses of theology were quite strong at times, and at other times I forgot I was reading Christian fiction. Perhaps there could have been more balance, but all in all this was a decent read.This book was provided to me through Netgalley as an ARC. Tremendous thanks to the author, Kathryn Cushman and her publisher Behtany House Publishers.

  • Kathy
    2019-06-01 12:08

    Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman is a bittersweet novel that is also quite thought-provoking. This lovely story of faith, love, friendship and family also has a slight element of intrigue. Redemption, atonement and forgiveness are underlying themes as well.Kelli Huddleston is still deeply grieving the loss of her stepmother and beloved father when she discovers information that casts doubt on her entire past. Led to believe her mother and siblings died in a fire in Louisiana, she is stunned to uncover evidence that her father faked both of their deaths and abandoned the rest of their family. Desperate to understand why her father would make such an inexplicable decision, Kelli returns to her birthplace in search of answers.Kelli's growing disillusionment with her father quickly turns to anger after she meets her mom, sister and his business partner. Learning more about the circumstances of the time leading up to his disappearance just increases her confusion and when she discovers the financial straits he left them in, she realizes that she really did not her father as well as she thought. Kelli wants to make amends for her dad's misdeeds, but will her involvement cause more pain in the long run? Will admitting the truth about her identity cost her the relationships she is beginning to treasure?Kelli remains conflicted for much of the story as she tries to reconcile the devoted father she knew with the man who callously deserts the rest of their family to begin a new life. She keeps her true identity hidden but her new friends sense something is not quite right about her reasons for coming to town. Kelli wants to get to know her mother and sister, but she is afraid that revealing the truth will cause more harm than good. As she becomes more and more involved with their lives, she begins to have serious doubts about maintaining a relationship with them once she returns to her regular life. An added complication is an unexpected romance and Kelli decides to run away from her problems instead of facing them head on.Finding Me is an engrossing novel that has a gentle undercurrent of faith. The storyline is fresh and the conflict feels very real. The characters are three-dimensional and their reactions to the various situations ring true. Kathryn Cushman brings this moving story to a heartfelt conclusion is realistic and emotionally satisfying.

  • Emily
    2019-06-02 12:12

    After her parents’ tragic accident, Kelli discovers something that her father had been hiding from her all her life—her mother and two siblings did not die in an accident when she was a baby. In fact, they are alive and well and think she and her father died in a different kind of accident. Searching for answers, Kelli travels across the country to meet them. But how long can she keep her identity a secret? And what’s more, does she even want to?Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman is not the kind of book I usually read. I prefer non-contemporary romance or fantasy. However, Finding Me surprised me. I loved it and could hardly put it down. I was always anxiously anticipating the situation in which Kelli finally told her mom and sister who she was. I imagined all kinds of scenarios, but the one that actually happened was more than satisfying and came at a reasonable, almost perfect time for her and her family.I hurt for Kelli. She suffered great losses on top of trying to understand why her father would lie and hurt her and his family the way he did. The pain in her life was understandable and deep. I could hardly have done better in that situation than she did. Because of this, it was amazing to watch her grow into someone willing to trust again and who will someday have the faith her mother did. I really liked the relationships and the characters portrayed. Each was unique and had their own sorrows and joys. The family and friend relationships they had with each other, too, was complicated, sweet, and realistic. Many people were touched by Kelli and her dad and that made the impact of her dad’s sins greater and the love for Kelli deeper.Therefore, although the genre of Finding Me is not one I normally delve into, I found it to be fantastic in many ways. I look forward to reading more books by Kathryn Cushman and would definitely recommend this book to others. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  • Darlene L.
    2019-06-06 16:00

    How would you react if you found out you’d been lied to your entire life? Would you run away and bury your head in the sand or dig deeper to discover the whole truth?This is exactly what Kelli Huddleston faces upon her father’s death in Kathryn Cushman’s newest novel, Finding Me. Kelli uncovers photographs of her father and another family while cleaning out his papers. Digging further, she finds newspaper clippings of a boating accident killing a young father and his infant daughter.Was the story he told her of a fire claiming her mother and siblings total fiction? Armed with a picture and the name of a town in Tennessee, Kelli jumps in her car and heads across the country to find herself and the family she thought died long ago.But will it cost her everything? Can she solve the mystery without sacrificing her identity?Finding Me is a heartfelt story of forgiveness and redemption. Kelli must journey through many emotions to get to the other side and find herself.Kathryn Cushman does an awesome job setting this story up. I instantly liked Kelli and wanted her to succeed in finding out the truth. The rest of the characters were also well-rounded. I loved Kenmore as he became her confidant. Miss Birdyshaw was a fun character, adding humor throughout. I felt the story started off a bit slow, but I soon found it tough to put down!I give Finding Me four out of five stars. Come and join Kelli on her journey of discovering what she lost, but more importantly what she finds as the story ends!You will be blessed.**Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

  • The Reading Panda
    2019-06-10 14:58

    [Mild Spoilers] I would rate this book 2.5 stars. It is enjoyable enough to read but ultimately forgettable. My main issue with the novel was the plot. The first half was a page-turner. The suspense concerning finding out Don's secret kept me wanting more. I empathized with Kelli, and her heart-break at being lied to. It was shaping into a great book to read. The second part, however, when Kelli went to Shoal Creek to meet her family, went down hill. The family's instant adoption of Kelli without knowing her identity and Allison and Beth's 'sensing' that Kelli had deep-seated issues because of her refusal to sing were extremely unrealistic and unbelievable. The plot really was a Disney/Christian movie in book form. The characters were lackluster. Kelli, Allison, Rand, and Kenmore were all just devices to move the plot along. All of them lacked the depth and complexity I look for in book characters. I didn't feel a connection with any of them because their voices all blended together. The only character I genuinely loved was Beth. She was stifling but still lovable. I have never encountered a character like her in real-life or in a novel. This is a good book to pass the time. If you are looking for a weighty book that makes you think, this is not it. If all of Cushman's novels are of this caliber, I will not be choosing anymore of her books.

  • Kelvey
    2019-06-14 15:49

    This is the first book I have read by this author, and I must say that I really liked it! I have heard that a lot of people, even my own grandmother, could not put this book down, but I must say that it wasn’t the case for me. I enjoyed it while reading it, but I never had to read the next chapter to find out what happened. I have read a lot of mystery novels, and that being the case, I guessed the mystery early on. I still had an interest in it, and it wasn’t boring, I just did not have that urge to read it quickly. The characters were, in my opinion, well-developed and interesting enough to keep you reading. The development Kelli went through as a character was apparent, and I loved how her conflicting emotions about her family were handled. My favorite character was definitely Kenmore, he just felt like someone I would grow very attached to. I have trouble enjoying contemporary novels for some reason, but I had no difficulty with this one. If you love a mystery novel with a sweet romance and a great family aspect, definitely give this one a go!If you would like to read more of my reviews, visit my blog:!*I was sent this by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. I was in no other way compensated for this review.

  • Lydia Howe
    2019-05-22 12:12

    This book sucked me right in with a promising blurb and a good story right off the bat. There were things that bothered me as I read (aka the Kelli and Shane, but I won't go into that), but overall I enjoyed the book a lot and read it in one afternoon/evening. There were times that I even considered giving it four stars because it held my interest and made me want to find out what was going to happen next. Then, unfortunately, came the ending. I have a problem with endings: Most of them fall flat for me. In fact, it's very rare that I find an ending that I would consider satisfying, but this one just made me sigh. The book was carried along so well, and so that made the let-down extra big. It wasn't anything that happened or didn't happen, it was more *how* it happened. The book had a good premise though, and for the most part, good execution. There are some elements that weren't suitable for younger audiences, (aka, at least 16), but it really didn't dwell on those parts, although they were a big part of the plot line. I'm giving the book 3 out of 5 stars, 6 out of 10.

  • Doris
    2019-05-23 12:48

    Let me preface my review by saying I am a Cushman fan!! I read all that she writes. This book won't remove her from my list!!I was sucked into this book just by reading the preface (I actually stopped reading another book to start this one). The characters were well developed including the airhead sister. The plot was well developed. I just enjoy a book where the plot is the plot, not secondary to hormones all over the place. Cushman does not follow whatever is popular at the time, she is able to create an original plot. I so appreciate that. Spoiler Alert:For church libraries: The gospel is presented in the book. The main character, however, makes her changes for the good without the use of faith, and never embraces the gospel that is presented to her.There were some somewhat unrealistic parts in this book where all of the stars (pun intended) came together at one time, in a somewhat sizeable town. In real life, I don't think the people you were looking for would just drop into your lap.

  • Julie
    2019-05-24 09:59

    Absorbing. From page one I was pulled right into the story, and I read until I couldn't keep my eyes open. Sad tale of past sins hoisted upon the present, and yet, the ending was satisfying without being contrived. Highly recommended.

  • Samantha Luciano
    2019-05-24 09:12

    It was okay, but I just could not finish this...

  • Marykay
    2019-06-05 10:07

    Kathryn is a very gifted writer! I loved this book!!

  • Windi
    2019-06-18 08:55

    In my opinion...And simply put that is all this review is...not a book that would feel loved and at home on my shelves. I didn't hate it but I really didn't love it either...though I wanted to. I've attempted a book by this author before and abandoned it because I simply didn't connect with it. This one I did finish but only because it is the first one of the year and I didn't want to start the year out with an abandoned book. I'm not sorry I finished it...I don't feel it was wasted time, if only to confirm this is an author I just really don't enjoy spending my time reading. Why? I can't recall the first book so I will only give my thought on this one. The plot ... In my opinion seemed way over dramatized. Words and phrases denoting danger seemed a bit overkill, for there was no one who would harm or look to do another in ... In any sense of the word. There was deceit, heartache, misunderstanding, and some overwhelming circumstances, but never any danger. The characters... Either weren't very relateable or likeable or both. The older gentleman, store owner, was the most believable. The older sister was annoying in her over zealous, needy, demands. Her intentions were good but even though she was older by about 5 years and preparing for motherhood, she came across as immature, young, and needing her mothers attention and restraint. The younger sister at first glance seemed much more put together but in the end was flighty and over-assuming in her decision making. The brother we really never got to know. I was annoyed with the characters rather than sympathetic to or relating to their plight. This book has gotten many 4 and 5 star reviews...testament to the fact that many love ms Cushman's story telling. But for me its 2.5 stars ... I wouldn't re-read it, explore any other works by this author, or reccommend it based on my own opinion.

  • Kelly
    2019-06-12 14:01

    I liked the idea of this story, but the execution of it seemed long and drawn-out, and the characters seemed less than believable at times.

  • Heather
    2019-06-01 09:17

    This was a quick read and full of interesting characters. This bittersweet story had a very satisfying ending for everyone involved.I received a free copy of this book through Goodreads Giveaways.

  • Crystal
    2019-06-08 16:10

    Entertaining book.

  • Kate
    2019-06-13 17:00

    This book is amazing.

  • Neola
    2019-06-01 15:03

    What a wonderful story. Recommend for all readers.Family secrets do not stay hidden forever!

  • Nathan Albright
    2019-05-22 10:12

    [Note: This book was provided free of charge by Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.]In this briskly-paced novel that checks in at a little more than 300 pages, the author manages to pull together a few different strands that mix contemporary social concerns, a strong perspective on the essential nature of Jesus Christ to salvation, and longings for happiness and love, in a compelling story with complex characters. The novel’s central questions are important and dark ones: What would you do if you found out what you had been told about your whole life was a lie? What would you be willing to risk to find out the truth? At the core of this novel is a young woman, just out of college and a bit adrift after the death of her father and stepmother in a car accident and the loss of a job due to her ethical conduct in refusing to let an old woman be swindled by her boss, whose search for the real family she never knew leads her across the country from California to a small town in Tennessee. Her arrival there as a fish out of water triggers everyone to wonder about her dark secrets, and leads many of the characters to seek to provide help and assistance to someone who is clearly a suffering soul in a great deal of distress, something that more than one vagabond has seen in the course of a life’s difficult travels.As someone who can identify at least in part to the anxious and conscientious heroine of this story, in her brokenness and her determination to do the best she can, and to wrestle with the truth about her background, including the sordid tales of her father and stepmother, parts of this novel were painful to read. The heroine is herself dogged by unjust and continual suspicion by some characters because they clearly know something else is going on but don’t trust her motives to be noble ones, and her attempts to rebuild her life lead her into immense difficulties over how much to share and how much to conceal, problems many of us can recognize well. She has a flirtation with the son of her boss, who mistrusts her but also finds himself attracted to her, a conceit that works far better in novels than in life, and comes to be a caregiver and a project for a sister who does not recognize her. Despite being a very nervous young woman who is a bit of a flight risk, she manages to show decency of character and considerable personal growth throughout the course of the story. Wisely, the novel itself does not end in a marriage or a baptism, suggesting that the immense nature of her difficulties requires a longer term solution, even as the book’s plot places her clearly on the path to salvation and matrimony without explicitly having her arrive there.Strikingly, this story is a blend of two real stories involving disappearances, both of which are hinted at in the novel, examining the wreckage left when people decide that disengagement and disappearing and starting a new life are preferable to dealing with the disastrous decisions we have made. Escape often only more deeply entangles us in our most difficult matters, namely those involving we ourselves. After all, where can you go to escape from yourself? This novel deserves credit for wrestling with serious questions of ethics, for showing a compassionate but also uncompromising stance about adultery, fraud, and honesty, and for doing all of this in a novel that avoids becoming a lecture. One gets the feeling that Kelli is someone one would like to get to know, a young woman a bit down on her luck, with a deep amount of pain and suffering from her background, but a young woman of spunk, of character, and of attractiveness that is both inside and out, as well as a deep sensitivity to the concerns of others. Such people are worth getting to know both in life as well as in literature.

  • Ioana
    2019-06-06 15:47

    Finding Me by Kathryn Cushman starts with a promising plot. The idea explored in the novel is interesting. However, by the time I reached the first quarter of the book, I knew what has happened, and just waited to see how the characters will react to the whole thing. I loved the idea of the novel, but somehow, the more I read, it became somewhat flat. All in all, it was an interesting book. The plot was what gave it gusto. It is a quick read, it gives a nice image of a small town, America, and it has the potential to be an intense read and make you wonder what will happen next.But! (These are spoilers from the book, so for whoever wants to read the book, it would be better to not read them.)The plot: the "bad" character in the book, David Waters/ Don Huddleston stole money from the company he and his best friend had in order to facilitate his escape and build a new life in another state with his mistress and his one year old daughter (he actually made everyone believe he and his daughter, Kelli, died in a boat accident). Over twenty years later, when he and his mistress-turned-wife die in a car wreck, Kelli finds out there is another family she knew nothing about - her mother, a sister and a brother. The novel deals with Kelli's search for her family and her attempts to get to know them better.For starters, I didn't necessarily feel the characters to be so well developed, if I can use this word. That character, Nancy, Kelli's sister, was especially annoying, although she "had a good heart". The main character, Kelli, was OK, but towards the end of the novel she becomes annoying, but this is probably understanding considering the circumstances that brought her there in the first place. For someone who claimed from the very beginning she was pretty strained financially, she did OK with paying two rents, do a TLC on the store she worked at, with money from her own paycheck, and make three trips California-Tennessee. I probably liked the old man, Kenmore, the best. He seemed authentic. What really bothered me was that the characters didn't "speak" that much. Most of the things you found out or learned about, as well the events of the past and what they felt were given straight forward by the author. I would have liked to hear the characters talk more about what mattered, not the silly things they seemed to talk about for half the book.As I read more and more, the chapters started to be divided in shorter sub-chapters and each sub-chapter seemed to have a last sentence that summed up the feelings, the events, or gave a sort of conclusion. It felt a bit just thrown in there, although I see how they were meant to create the suspence and drama.And speaking of this, in the last maybe 20 pages of the book, everyone (that is, the other family) learns the truth and all are OK with this. Kelli's fears that they might react badly are understandable, but the suspence was in vain as they all accepted it and simply put it under the label "something to process and think over in time". I received an ebook copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts expressed here are my own.3* out of 5

  • Rick
    2019-06-04 16:56

    So what do you do when you’re not feeling very well and you can’t sleep? Me? I pick up a copy of whatever is lying around and open it up. Boy, this is one time that I can say that I’m glad I wasn’t able to sleep!The tragedy of having a parent and siblings dying in a house fire when you’re just a baby and then your only surviving parent and your step-mother perish in an auto accident later in life would put anybody’s life in a tailspin This is what has happened to Kelli Huddleston. As she attempts to recover from all of the despair in her life, she begins the process of cleaning out her parents’ house. With all rooms emptied except for her dad’s office, she finally tackles the once forbidden area. Gaining entrance to the safe, she finds old photographs of a family. Knowing that the fire that had killed her mother and siblings had destroyed everything including photographs, she’s not sure who these photos must be of. There are also newspaper clippings of a father and his daughter disappearing in the ocean and their bodies never being found. What connection would these photos and clippings have to her father? With just a little information, Kelli pieces together that all of what it seems her father has told her has been a lie. In order to find the truth, Kelli heads out to find these people and find out why her father would have abandoned them all by faking his and his daughter’s death. What secrets will she find out when she connects with the people in the photo? Will they believe her story of who she is? Will she be able to add anything to their lives now? Don’t worry about uncovering the truth now, just go BUY THIS BOOK!This isn’t the first book that I’ve read from Katie Cushman, but I must say that it’s probably the one that I enjoyed the most. The pace of the story was steady, there wasn’t much lag, but there always wasn’t much speed either. I stayed in focus of what the character was trying to accomplish, nothing was too unbelievable. I felt that a couple of the characters (Shane and Kenmore) could have been fleshed out a little more, as their acceptance of Kelli seemed a little rushed. I loved the additional back story of Kelli and her view on salvation, what a great discussion this can open up to so many different people. I do feel like the ending was a bit rushed, but I understand why it had to be presented in the way that it was.Is this a "Man’s Book"? I would say that this is a great book for a man to read, even without the obligatory smashups and explosions. This book, though, is one that men need to read so that they can see consequences of actions when they think that the grass is greener in the other pasture. I will point out, though, that the tagline to the author is “Women’s Fiction Author”, so just make sure that you cover that up before you sit down to read this great book.

  • Brenda
    2019-06-09 13:48

    This story opens with a very brief look into the mind of David Waters/Don Huddleston prior to the “accident” that this entire book revolves around. This glimpse into David’s thoughts is the only time we see anything from his point of view but his thoughts and actions of that moment has a lasting impact on lives of so many people 25 years later when he dies in a car accident. While cleaning out his belongings, Kelli finds an envelope that contains her father’s biggest secret – that he had faked his and Kelli’s death and walked away from a wife and two other children. Kelli is determined to meet this family she never knew existed and find what about her mother would excuse what her father did all those years ago. Right out of the gate, this book captured my attention. Kelli is a likable character and is well developed. The author does a great job of bringing the reader through the many emotions that Kelli is feeling; fear, elation, love, respect. The other character who is well developed is that of Kenmore, David Water’s business partner and friend. I really enjoyed getting to know Kenmore and I found he acted almost like a guide for Kelli. There are a number of other characters throughout the book but I felt the most attachment to these two particular characters. Unfortunately, there are a few very critical characters to this story that I just could not get a feel for, one being Allison, Kelli’s biological mother. Luckily, there’s enough “meat” to this story to allow this to slide. A couple of other minor characters such as Miss Birdyshaw just didn’t seem to be needed in this story and served as a distraction more than anything else. Other minor characters, such as Opal, would have been great except again, they were never developed for us to really understand them and a few we see one time and never hear anything about them again. The romance between Kelli and Shane is also an aspect that seems to distract from the story. Either the romance should have been developed more or left out entirely; as it stood it seemed to be only a filler, as if the author needed to throw it in there to make a certain set of readers happy. I always say, if you can take it out of the book and the story doesn’t change, then it’s not needed. That was indeed the case with this particular situation, especially the two moments where Amy, the girl from Shane’s past, enters the story. Those pages would have been better dedicated to maybe developing Allison a bit more. Overall, the book is a wonderful read that hits on themes of family, atonement and redemption, as well as not repeating the mistakes of the past. I’d easily give this book a 3.5 out of 5. I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts expressed here are my own.

  • Jessica Higgins
    2019-05-23 13:57

    A great story about finding the truth about yourself and discovering your faith in the process.Kelli Huddleston is dealing with life after her father and stepmother died in a car crash. Then she gets fired from the job that her dad got her after college because she noticed that her boss was cheating people by charging hours for projects that were never worked on. The only people close to family she has left are her friend Denice and Jones, who Kelli has been helping to start off a restaurant in Santa Monica. As she is going through her father’s belongings, she discovers a safe that contains some mysterious items. Mostly they contain birth certificates, passports, and other legal documents. Then she finds one that contains some newspaper clippings and pictures. She had been told that her mother and siblings had been killed in a Louisiana house fire when she was one year old, but these clippings depict a different story of a father and one year old daughter that were lost at sea and presumed dead. And the photos show other children with her father when he always said that all the pictures were destroyed. After more research, she discovers a connection to Shoal Creek, Tennessee, a small town about 30 miles outside Nashville. Kelli decides to dig out the past that she has never known, but she might find out that some doors should be better left closed.This is an extremely well written and well told story. Kathryn Cushman hooked me in the prologue and kept me moving throughout the whole story. The story line was very intriguing and didn’t disappoint. Each character was developed very well and had a completely believable personality. The most interesting character was Beth. She had a heart of gold, but was completely clueless to the evils that people show in the world. Kelli was very conflicted throughout the whole story. There were parts that it seemed like she was pushed into different situations without having an option, but I’ve experienced those same type of situations. I really enjoyed the way that Cushman tied finding a new faith into this book. Kelli was from the belief that good works decide a person’s fate. Throughout the book, I got to see how her beliefs were questioned and how difficult it is for others to talk to someone about the Good News of Christ. I was glad to see that it was more of a real world approach instead of a “perfect world” approach. This is my first book by Kathryn Cushman, but it will not be the last.

  • julie
    2019-06-06 12:16

    Great book.Loved the book and the author. She is new to me but I look forward to reading more of her books.

  • Melinda
    2019-05-20 11:58

    One of my new favorite authors!!!

  • Xaleah
    2019-05-31 15:55

    Book: Finding MeAuthor: Kathryn CushmanPublisher: Bethany HouseThis was my first time reading a book by Kathryn Cushman. I have to say I was sucked in right from the beginning. I was only a few chapters in when I realized I would not be putting this book down any time soon.The back of the book alone would suck someone into picking up this book and begin reading.What would you do if you learned your life was a lie?Imagine that everything you know about your current life has been a lie. All the information you have been fed, tidbits of your past, all untrue. The only thing you know to be true is the love of a father to his daughter, and right now you even question the reality of that. Kelli Huddleston only knew her current life, she never knew there was a past one, one that changed when she was just 1. She knew that her mother and two siblings had been killed in a fire when she was an infant, but that turned out to be nothing more than a story.Her Father and Step Mother were killed in a tragic accident leaving Kelli’s whole world crashing around. While sorting through her fathers belongings in his study, she begins to uncover pieces of a truth she had never known. With the recovery of pictures her father had stored in a safe, and newspaper clippings about a young father and daughter who died in a boating accident, Kelli begins to slowly piece her previous life together.Kelli decides she must learn the truth about her past. Armed with the pictures and newspaper clippings she begins digging into her past. She suddenly becomes a part of her families lives, but it is unknown to them. As her world is suddenly shaken and falling out from under her feet again she must choose which decision is best not only for her but for the lives of her family.What would you do if you were in Kelli’s shoes?I found this book to be fantastic. It was a page turner and I had a hard time putting it down. As I mentioned above it was my first time reading anything by Kathryn Cushman, but I have to say it will definitely not be the last.Disclaimer: I received this book complimentary from Bethany House to write an honest review. All opinions are my own and I will not be compensated in any way for writing this review.