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Part 5 of Summer Flings – a fun, flirty and laugh out loud rom com series of short stories.After their not-so-relaxing week in the sun, the girls are off to the clubbing capitol of the world to let off some steam.Skater boys, Ibiza’s Next Top Model competition and skimpy gold bikini’s don’t compare to the man Ciara’s desperate to cheer up. She’s beginning to realize her suPart 5 of Summer Flings – a fun, flirty and laugh out loud rom com series of short stories.After their not-so-relaxing week in the sun, the girls are off to the clubbing capitol of the world to let off some steam.Skater boys, Ibiza’s Next Top Model competition and skimpy gold bikini’s don’t compare to the man Ciara’s desperate to cheer up. She’s beginning to realize her summer fling isn’t as uncomplicated as it should be.To make things worse, she finds out that her best friends are keeping secrets from her that could change everything…The ideal summer treat for those relaxing days soaking up the sun!...

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ibiza insanity Reviews

  • Sophie
    2019-02-23 18:01

    Posted originally I love Aimee Duffy’s Summer Flings series more and more with each new novella. I said the same about Point Us to Paris but Ibiza Insanity was absolutely my favourite! This had everything I wanted to see and really developed the plot and characters further to the point where with only two novellas left, I’ve no idea how things are going to work out. Ibiza Insanity had plenty of fun, flirting and secret-keeping to make this the ideal summer read. With Ciara missing Greece and Gem missing her fling, it’s down to Elle to try and lift their spirits and her personality definitely comes out a lot more in Ibiza. I’ve liked Elle a lot more as this series has gone on because she’s a lot of fun and though not short of male admirers, things came across a little differently for her in Ibiza and I enjoyed seeing Elle involved a lot more here. The supporting characters are just as interesting to read as the main story involving Ciara and I think Aimee does a great job at balancing the plot out so Elle and Gem are involved plenty but we still focus on Ciara and how things are working out for her. Ciara, back from all the fun (sex) she had in Greece, is brought a little back down to earth in Ibiza as she’s faced with the challenge of cheering Zack up. We get to see another new side to Ciara here and she shows she can get more than a little feisty. I loved reading the new dynamics between Ciara and Zack and you just have to read to see how things unfold but it has completely left me in anticipation of book six, Flirting in Florence. Ibiza Insanity felt like the most well-rounded Summer Flings story so far with Aimee combining some laughs, friendship, sex and the odd twist faultlessly. This was a brilliant instalment to the series and I can’t wait to see what happens next in Florence! *Book gifted for honest review.

  • Book Addict Shaun
    2019-02-23 15:47

    Originally posted on my blog: books are fun, flirty and full of graphic and very hot sex that would get a Nun going but the past two especially have been a bit more serious, and Ibiza Insanity was probably the one that developed the story most, especially Ciara and Zack's. Considering they are so short and I'm reading them in less than half an hour it's crazy how Aimée manages to cram in so much detail and character development in that space of time. Nothing ever feels too rushed like some short stories can and they always end leaving you desperate to read the next one. If I'm honest I'm at the point now where it's Ciara and Zack's story I care about most and the focus was mostly on them throughout the book. Gem and Elle are good secondary characters and add a bit of depth to the story but I could take them or leave them. This time around the girls are in Ibiza, the party capital of the world and are out to have fun but as with the previous installments you are left wondering what is going to come along to throw a spanner in the works... It's getting harder to review the books now without giving stuff away but they are very addictive and are over far too soon for my liking.Zack turns up in a bad mood as he's received an ultimatum from his rich grandad. Ciara is also down because she doesn't know what to do with her life, her friends are moving back home and her life is changing faster than she would like it to. However Ciara has an idea or two of how to make Zack feel better... Given the ultimatum and Ciara questioning her future I'm pretty confident of how the series is going to conclude but I'm thinking there may be a few surprises left yet before we eventually reach Dublin. I'm actually going to be pretty gutted when the series is over, it's been a lot of fun so far and I can't recommend it enough.

  • Ana
    2019-03-12 13:54

    Also posted on This Chick Reads*Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review*Let me start by saying, I LOVE the title of this novella. It's absolutely brilliant and perfectly describes what we've all seen or heard about Ibiza. Ciara, Gem and Elle have just couple of days in the clubbing capitol, and they sure don't want to waste any time.Loads of fun, flirting, even a Next Top Model Competition, make this installment from the #Summer Flings series really an enjoyable read. There's lot of hot action between Ciara and Zack, again maybe bit too much for my liking, however it really was an enjoyable short read overall.The thing with this series, despite being addictive, is the fact that you can really see how these characters transform in front of your eyes, they gain depth and you really start connecting with them as you continue reading the series.One of the things which I liked about this one, compared to the other in the series is we get to see a different side to Zack, learn more about his love life previous to the fling with Ciara as well as about the issues with his family. I liked the fact there's more dialogue and less sex between him and Cia, and they really seem to develop more as a couple.However, despite being easy and enjoyable read, I still had some issues with it. My main complaint would be the length (but not much can be done about it, it is as it is) and the fact I'm not feeling the setting. All of these novellas are supposed to be about having fun in such awesome cities, cities most of us haven't visited, and I really wish Ms Duffy did more research on these location. I'm not saying I expect reads like this to be tourist guides, however I wish there were more details about the setting.

  • Jill
    2019-02-22 12:02

    Woo hoo, the girls are back for the fifth instalment of sun, fun and adventure. This time they are hitting the centre of party land....Ibiza! When I saw the title I laughed and tried to imagine what exploits they could be getting up to!! This series is consistently brilliant and so well written. I love how each part of the series unwraps another aspect of the characters and who they really are. I am loving seeing them develop and wish I had gone to uni, made friends like them, and gone off travelling....if only I wasnt too old now!!!As we hit Ibiza Gem needs to get over her fling in Greece, and Elle is still on the look out for some male company, so they figure Ibiza will be the perfect place to get out there, party hard and have a blast. This time it is Elle's turn to get the male attention.Ciara still has the company of Zack, but whilst it is still steamy and at times quite explicit, as a reader I felt like I was starting to see some genuine affection between the two of wouldnt be the same without the romps, but it was nice to see more than that. Although they are still 'in action' multiple times a day....insatiable could definitely describe it!!I started to sense the end of summer, and real life approaching for the girls. I actually felt a bit anxious about this as I dont want their exploits to end, and because I want Ciara and Zack to live happily ever after.I laughed at their tales and willed Zack and Ciara to open up more to eachother. I liked seeing that Gem is more down to earth than she was first portrayed to be. Infact I really like all the characters in the series and would love to see more of them in the future.Roll on the next leg of the trip to the beautiful city of Florence.......

  • Sienna Logan (Lost to Books)
    2019-03-15 16:05

    More reviews at I'm not sure how I feel about this short in the series. I think anything would have a hard time following the previous one, so whilst it wasn't as great as that, it was still an enjoyable read. There are more issues coming into play with Ciara and Zack's relationship as it develops further than either of them want to admit, and they are frustrating me beyond belief--in a good way. Things aren't looking all that promising and I only have two books left. I may have liked a bit more to happen in this book as it wasn't as full of stuff like the rest of the series but hopefully, Florence will hold more adventure and I'll get the ending I want in Dublin!

  • Tracey
    2019-02-24 11:54

    Put on your gold bikini and get ready for Ibiza!Ciara, Elle and Gem are still throwing themselves into the summer fun. But with questions starting to arise the characters and plot develop further as they start to realise that Ciara's fling could be something more. Will Elle reveal her cousin's secrets?Another fabulous read! This series keeps bringing the smiles.

  • Laura
    2019-03-11 13:48

    The girls head to the clubbing capital and are looking to join the big party scene.Elle befriends the bar man.Ciara cheers up when Zack joins them although he is not in a good mood and Ciara is determined to find out why.Really enjoying the relationship between Ciara and Zack.

  • Lisa Bentley
    2019-03-04 14:46

    Oh Ibiza is the party town and Gem and Elle are ready to party. Ciara is too loved up to really care. Zack and Ciara are flinging away and I won’t lie to you…it is a little steamy.Ibiza Insanity wasn’t my favourite of the Summer Flings series but mainly because the rest have been so very good. What Ibiza Insanity does do is start to dangle some serious plot clues and cliffhangers that I am excited to learn more about.Ibiza Insanity (Summer Flings, #5) by Aimee Duffy is available now.For more information regarding Aimee Duffy (@AimeeDuffyx) please visit more information regarding Harper Impulse (@HarperImpulse) please visit

  • Samantha
    2019-03-24 11:45

    I have really loved the Summer Flings series so far and this has quickly gone on to be my favourite. I felt in this part of the series the characters have really developed, I am pretty sad that the series is beginning to come to an end now, and although I think what is going to happy may, I don't mind at all that it's a little predictable. I maybe surprised by the ending anyway. Elle has been developed in this part of the series and I'm liking he a lot more. She is beginning to show a kinder, more thoughtful side to herself. I felt this part of the series had more of a story line and one that I loved. I also loved the aspects of mystery we came across. Secrets at left to be revealed and it felt there was more depth to this novella than the others. Through this novella, you can feel the end is in sight and for me this is a shame as I have enjoyed it so much. I can't believe novella six is next and I only have 2 left! I am not wanting this series to end. If you are like me and hanging on to the last of the Summer, this is definitely a series you need to pick up! I would like to thank Aimee for sending me this copy in exchange for an honest review.

  • Fiona Marsden
    2019-03-06 18:06

    Okay, Ibiza. This is a bit of a transition. The plot thickens with Zach who has stuff on his mind. Nice to see the relationship deepening but some concerning hints of what is to come.The partying in Ibiza seemed a bit of a fizzer apart from the beauty pageant but we are starting to get to the pointy end and I'm thinking Florence is going to be a doozy.Probably not the most interesting of the series but enough to keep you looking ahead.

  • Elaine
    2019-03-19 18:55

    The 'fun' did not continue in this section. ...

  • Suzanne Hinton
    2019-03-16 16:09

    the storyline just keeps getting better and better. I love ciaras relationship with zack.I can't wait to see what happens next ☺