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Amelia Mason had always believed in happy endings—until her own crashed and burned. Unable to deal with the loss, she'd packed up and left Detroit, her family, and the only home she'd ever known. Now, seven years later, she's forced to return, since her sister and niece have vanished without a trace, and she'll do anything to find them. Even if it means dealing with the laAmelia Mason had always believed in happy endings—until her own crashed and burned. Unable to deal with the loss, she'd packed up and left Detroit, her family, and the only home she'd ever known. Now, seven years later, she's forced to return, since her sister and niece have vanished without a trace, and she'll do anything to find them. Even if it means dealing with the last person she wants to see, the person responsible for her crushed dreams—her ex-husband. Danny Benson was Nightshade through and through. There was nothing he wouldn't do for his club, and he'd proven it time and time again. The only regret he had was not being able to hold on to his wife. Now she's back, alone and scared, and there's nothing he won't do to get her back. Even if helping her leads to him question the very people he'd sacrificed so much for. He'll do what it takes to make it right. As the search for the missing mother and child intensifies, secrets better left buried are brought to light, and those secrets threaten to tear everything apart....

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make it right Reviews

  • JudyB
    2019-05-20 09:47

    This was a first time read for me by this author. I will admit that I am a fan of many of the other Freak Circle Press authors who have written many excellent motorcycle club romances. I was very pleased that when I started reading this book, I was immediately engaged with the characters and the story line. The other hook for me with this book was the fact that there was enough suspense and trying to figure out the “who-dun-it.” I would think I had the villain(s) all figured out but then the author would throw out something that would make me question myself. I liked the romance between Danny/Amelia, especially the fact that they have been reunited after a divorce seven years ago. Their relationship is rebuilt slowly and Danny sucks up his pride to correct all of his misdeeds in the past. The romance coupled with the plot, as well as engaging characters, made it a very good read for me.SPOILERS!Amelia returns home to Detroit after learning her sister and niece are missing. She left 7 years ago when her husband (Danny - member of the Nightshades MC) divorced her while in prison for five years. Danny divorced her with good intentions thinking she should not hold her life up waiting for him and he regrets it. Amelia has never rebounded from the hurt. As soon as she gets there the Nightshades have gotten involved because the missing sister was involved with the MC prez. Danny really grovels to get Amelia back and the main story line is about them rebuilding their relationship but there's murder and mayhem with a lot of suspense. The only reference to cheating is one time with a club whore before Danny went to prison and before he divorced her. Once they reconnect upon her return to Detroit there's no cheating. I definitely am looking forward to more books in this series. I want to see what happens with so many characters. Will James pull himself out of his depression and hook up with the lady detective who he hates? Who will Ace and Buster hook up with and the sinister one, Edge, what's going on with him. I loved Danny and Amelia's story but I loved the twists and turns that kept throwing me when I thought I had it figured out. There were a few noticeable (but not overwhelming) edit problems, which made me consider lowering the rating. However, based on how much I loved this story and the characters I did not feel they were sufficient to lower my rating. I highly recommend this book for those of you who like to read good biker/MC romances.

  • Yona
    2019-05-18 11:52

    The story line was good, but I couldn't feel any emotions while reading it, i didn't feel any connection to a single character.

  • Susan
    2019-05-29 09:27

    Shannon Flagg is a friend and fellow member of the Freak Circle Press.At its essence, I think, Make It Right is a story about reviving love and restoring home. Amelia and Danny were married, and their divorce was a tragic combination of honorable intentions, crossed wires, hopelessness, and hurt. But they never stopped loving each other. In this story, they get their second chance to make it right.But Detroit is a city down on its luck, and the Nightshade MC, of which Danny is a member, is going through turmoil and destruction of its own. Threaded into the story of Danny and Amelia finding their way back to each other is a wending, tense plot about jealousy and betrayal. Everybody seems to be working against the MC—even, sometimes, the MC itself.The choice to locate Nightshade in Detroit is inspired. A storied city, once regal and beautiful, that is crumbling from penury and neglect. It’s a home due for a revival of its own.I love this story. I love that Danny and Amelia’s love for each other is clear, even when they themselves can’t see it, I love the “holy crap!” moments, and I love the way the twists and turns of the investigation into the disappearance of Amelia’s sister and niece weaves into a story about the importance of home and family. I’m looking forward to spending LOTS more time with the members of Nightshade.

  • ★¸. • * ° * ༺*Blanka*༺*°°*•.¸. ♥★
    2019-05-27 12:30

    I'm sorry to say but this one of the worst things I have yet to read, and it's not the writing or style it's the dang on characters.Why am I getting stuck with these horrible no back-bone bitches, whiny, clingy where you just want to stick a pencil in your eye not to have to keep reading?This book was it, each and everyone of the characters was worse than the other! Girl loses her sister and niece and an hour later she is spreading it for her ex husband clingy as heck begging him not to leave her? Pathetic, books like these make us women look stupid!

  • Leslie
    2019-05-22 09:50

    I don't know if I'm going crazy or what but I could have sworn someone recommended me this book and now I cant find who lol. Anyway whoever you are thanks!!! This shit was freaking awesome!!! Don't understand one bit the negative reviews for this one, I was completely sucked into the story from page one. Started it at 10pm Saturday night and didn't stop reading till I was finished with it at 7am!! I slept all day sunday, woke up and started book 2. Don't believe those shit reviews down there this book was REALLY GOOD :0)

  • Tanya
    2019-06-07 09:32

    3 stars because the writing was quite good. However, this was the most unlikeable group of characters I have read in a while. I think the plague or a hail of bullets could have wiped out all of them and I wouldn't care. Will I read the next? I might because I'm wondering if the author can actually redeem these people and make me care.

  • Cc
    2019-05-20 08:30

    Nope! Spoilers and grammatical errors ahead - you have been warned. Disjointed, she jumps right back in bed with hero, no real apology, stuff didn't make sense, had to read a few paragraphs over to understand. Ok, I'll deal with with it, been really into the authors of the FCP, hoping this author will turn out to be good too. But guess what?!?! After all the effort, I read the reviews for the third book and the hero in this one DIES. Yup, dies. So after all the melodramatic crap, bad plotting, timing issues, heroine goes through hell, and you kill him. You know what, I have a thousand things to say, none of them good, so I'm going to stop. more thing. Don't make me invest time into a book that I'm just hoping gets better because I like your colleagues and then kill off your lead. It makes your reader feel stupid for identifying with your heroine. I'm hoping you don't want your reader to feel stupid anyway. I'm assuming it was supposed to be something gritty or like Osbornes Sanctuary, but it wasn't. It just made me feel stupid for having wasted my time.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-21 09:37

    I read this when it initially came out and and thought it was one of the more gritty, realistic MC reads. No huge compound, that sort of thing and no one really seemed to be well off and living large. Overall I thought it was fast, full of action and suspense. My only reason for 4 stars was the relationship between Danny/Amelia felt a little too fast to me. They were separated for years and upon her return home they are immediately back together. I would almost call it insta-love had they not already had a previous relationship/ marriage. The ending did leave me wanting more (in the best way) and I can't wait to read Buster/ Caroline's story next.

  • Elfina Renee
    2019-06-09 05:33

    Hmmmmm its hard to compare this book to anything because I wasn't drawn to any of the characters but that's me. But I did find it intriguing enough to finish. It diffidently had hooks to pull you in and keep the attention. I also liked the momentum of the story, so I do recommend the read with a certain amount of caution which will be listed under the spoiler alert. So onto the review.Spoiler Alert......Spoiler Alert.....Spoiler AlertIf your a major hardcore MC Biker novel fan the way I am, then this may not be for you. The author doesn't show an accurate account of the life style or culture. Certain aspects were in the storyline, but this MC is weak and doesn't operate or is portrayed the way a MC should. There isn't emotional bond of brotherhood, nor is it felt. Way to much back stabbing going on within the club and no club justice to balance it out. If a brother was to get on power trip, there would be an enforcer knocking him on his candy ass reminding him of his place. And in no shape or form would an old lady have any significant power to terrorize its patched members or female population. So that's one of my issues another is the love feast between Amelia and Danny. Gag...choke...choke...gag! If the love of your life constantly puts you on the back burner over the club and served you up with divorce papers, then admittedly confesses to sleeping with a hang around, would you two seconds, no lets say five seconds later have sex with them? I mean he'd better be a fucking god under the sheets to climb back into the sack. You'd think there would be outrage, resentment, no holds bar get in your face, screaming like a banshee fighting. Instead we got small time struggle and an occasional tear. Lastly, the ending was way to predictable in the motivational who done it. I saw that a mile long and wasn't all that shocked there wasn't any club justice. Speaking of the Miller brothers, who were they. Those two guys seems to hold all the power of the mafia but no show of force ahhhh. Are they cartel....gang members in nice business suits? How in the hell do they hold so much power over an MC to turn harden bikers into pussies? So these are my issues, yes mine I own them! As for the author she shows a lot of potential and feel she is someone to keep watching.

  • Laurie
    2019-06-08 06:50

    This book needed an editor desperately. I had the killer pegged almost immediately. The Nightshade MC came off as weak and all the members came off as weak and stupid, especially Danny. Plus the members didn't even really like each other yet they were supposed to be a close brotherhood. i don't want to even start talking about the way that Missy was allowed to treat the other brothers and their old ladies. The book contradicted itself several times, and it had characters changing personalities midstream. Harris was touted to be a really good,straight arrow cop highly professional and well respected. By the end of the book she was doing crazy stuff and doing things that the cop originally described would have never done, plus she was disrespecting her badge. The whole Miller thing was bizarre. Why they would do business with people who constantly threatened their families was beyond. They are supposed to be big, bad, bikers. If someone constantly threatened to kill them and everyone they love, you would think they would make them die a slow, horrible death. Instead they hung their weak little heads and did what they were told to do. It was weak and pathetic. This was not an MC I could cheer for.

  • Suzanne (Lily)
    2019-06-16 07:39

    3.5 StarsAll the drama and suspense you expect from an MC story. Liked both Amelia and Danny's characters. The who done it part of the story was revealed relatively early on and it was no surprise at the time. There's several layers to the drama and it appears that the foundations have been laid for more than this book. Especially concerns about the local law enforcement. It was a little hard to pick the good guys from the bad! At times the story felt like it could have been more fleshed out yet at other times it had the details covered. Would definitely continue with this series

  • Catherine
    2019-06-14 04:33

    Disappointing. Abrupt ending left me feeling unsatisfied. While the story had some interesting angles it all started to feel very manipulative. Not much heat between H/h.

  • Deb B
    2019-05-30 04:52

    lots to like and lots not to like. have just read books 1-3 and Amelia & Danny are def not my favourite couple and their story just didn't work for me. still, it was well written and fit well with the overall story arc and i thought it was worth the read. started book 4 but not finished with it yet - for similar reasons to book 1 .. just can't get myself to like the two main characters so it is dragging and i will come back to books 4 & 5 at a later date.I do like the writing style and the basic storylines .. there is plenty of action, danger and romance to keep the books moving

  • TeriLyn
    2019-06-07 06:26

    4 "Better the devil you know than the devil you don't." StarsOur latest journey on the Freak Circle Press MC train (no pun intended for this book) took us to the dilapidated streets of Detroit where the members of the Nightshade MC reside in Shannon Flagg's Make It Right. This story guides us through the relationship of Amelia and Danny Benson, a married couple who's been separated for seven years. Amelia returns to Detroit to launch a search for her missing sister and niece providing the catalyst for her see Danny again and sets off a chain of events bringing danger upon Amelia and her family while also creating chaos for Nightshade. As the story progresses a myriad of different events are occurring. Amelia and Danny work on reconciling their marriage which provides the romance aspect of the story. The Nightshade MC working on transport runs out of Canada while seemingly battling a demon within their organization. A sub plot working to show the betrayals that stem from one of their own living a double life. All of these points plus a few others wove together to create a interesting MC story. To me, the book was more suspense/thriller than romance. It was written in a "Who done it?" style and provided great entertainment. I had a few theories throughout the book about what was going to happen. One of my theories was a partially true but I never saw the whole picture which lead to an even greater anticipation of the end for me. In addition, each and every character made a distinct impression during my reading. I love when a MC family gives so many great characters that a reader wants the story of them all. Danny and Amelia were a great compliment to each other. Working through their issues and seeing them interact makes them all the more attractive as a couple. Amelia is bluntly honest making it hard for Danny to resist. He knew he screwed up with their relationship and he his atonement for that makes him hard to resist. Train, Buster, and Ace all have interesting personalities I'd love to explore while Royal and his wife Missy provide a great sub plot to Amelia and Danny's story. The themes of betrayal and trust run deep through the Nightshade MC's first book. But with these themes and many sub plots came a lot of characters and a lot of things taking place. There were a few times I had to go back and re-read certain parts because I was confused of what was happening within the story. A few times I also wondered what had happened to some plot points because they were left hanging, as with a character or two. The resolution of the main conflict of the whole story came at the reader quite fast then the ending was a bit abrupt. However, none of these points made the story difficult to read and enjoy just more so took a bit longer to understand. Make It Right provided me a good two days of reading and gave me new MC characters to enjoy for another series. Loyalties are tested as past truths reveal themselves directing the future of the Nightshade MC. This a crazy ass ride full of smug villains, complicated heroes, and frustrated/scared heroines. It's the story of coming together for a common goal even though it's creating chaos for everyone. People die, people lie, people protect those who shouldn't be protected making it a great read. Shannon Flagg wrote a suspenseful, fun MC read. Her writing provides a lot of dialogue between characters making the interactions feel real. I look forward to heading back to Detroit to read the next story of another Nightshade MC member.

  • Jen J
    2019-05-27 07:43

    2-1/2 stars This is the first book where I personally did not feel the H/h had any romantic connection what so ever, it was very surreal to read. The story line was good, the MC part was there, but very weak. I felt personally that this was a contemporary suspense romance book. The story is about Amelia who left Detroit after her husband Danny went to jail and decided to divorce her and in the process emotionally destroy her. Seven years later Amelia is back because here sister Fiona and niece Taylor are missing. Amelia was strong at certain points and very weak and constantly whining/complaining at others. I never DNF but I was close to setting this down and never picking it back up, unfortunately my brain demanded that I know how it ends. There is no cliffhanger or anything, it just kind of ends and you know there is more to come with the series. I think I am good and will pass on reading anymore and am thankful it was free. I know it got excellent reviews and hope that others continue to find the good :)

  • JJH--Judy
    2019-05-19 04:24

    Rough motorcycle club romance read. Very good suspense--I didn't find the figuring out of the villain all to difficult, but I liked the way it was done. I also liked the writing style--easy to follow with realistic dialogue. Characters were well developed. The H and h were well matched. I also liked the fact I DIDN'T like all the members of the club. It's too often authors make all the secondary characters--friends, family--perfect too--it's nice to have a change. Well thought out plot line--I enjoyed it from cover to cover. I thought ending was a little abrupt--I wish there was some kind of epilogue. I will definitely be looking for more from this series.

  • Leigh Parrish
    2019-06-02 04:43

    Has potential. The concept was good, but the execution was lacking. I didn't feel anything for the H or h....they both came off as really weak to me. Buster & Ace were supportive characters that I might could enjoy if they were given a really good storyline....but there needs to be more chemistry & emotion given. And most importantly please describe what they looked like....I didn't have a clue what the female lead looked like or anyone else, at least the color of their hair would have helped lol All I know was the H's hair was long & blonde, well I think it was lol

  • ♕Mistress➜Marnie➜May➜Eye♕
    2019-05-28 09:47

    Maybe a quick read through or 500 would have helped in catching those nasty spelling and grammar errors? With the way it is now I had a hard time understanding the story. With a smidge of editing (or hundreds of smidges) I'd be willing to give it an extra star.

  • J
    2019-05-31 09:51

    I had a hard time reading this book. Royal was a week president, he basically let his old lady call the shots. He seemed weak to be the president. But the way he saved them at the end was memorable. After all the shit she pulled, she deserved it. The book didn't have an epilogue, which would have wrapped up their story.

  • Kami
    2019-05-31 07:40

    Potentially good story but felt forced and disjointed. Oddly, I don't think I liked any of the characters. It's not a bad start, but honestly the FCP is chock full of bad ass writers so she needs to step up her game!

  • Faith89
    2019-05-22 10:34

    2.5 starsStory line was a little predictable. It was kind of easy early on to figure out the killer. Didn't really care for any of the characters. The main characters went from not speaking or seeing each other for 7 yrs to I love you. There was potential for a better story

  • Nicole
    2019-06-09 11:40

    Had potential but a lot of things felt disjointed and the second chance part wasn't that great. Left a lot to be desired but a good start.

  • Lu Bielefeld **
    2019-05-17 11:42

    A história é muito boa e a trama interessante. Fiquei até as 4 da madrugada lendo.Recomendo!

  • Daniela
    2019-06-16 12:33

    This is my first time reading Shannon Flagg and along with the other Freak Circle Press authors I wasn't disappointed! Yes, Amelia jumped right back in on a dime with Danny but considering the circumstances of their divorce I can understand why she did. They still loved each other. Should it have taken 7 years - probably not but this is fictional land remember. There were quite a few hateful characters in this one and some very sad going's on. The story was very fast paced and packed with a lot of action. Unless I missed it I'm really curious about the hate relationship between Amelia and Train? Anyway, I'll be starting the 2nd book very shortly.

  • Judy Floyd
    2019-05-29 06:24

    Good readI really enjoyed this book. I will be glad to recommend this book to others. I especially enjoyed the ending.

  • K
    2019-05-27 09:44

    This book was so frustrating, so unsatisfying, so depressing and now I am so upset that I read this. Amelia started out so tough, even pulling a gun on the Pres of the MC, but not long after that she forgives her ex, Danny, and then spends the rest of the book pretty much acquiescing to everything he says and does. Now Danny, he was pretty much just as frustrating. I like the alpha male archetype that you usually see in MC romances and Danny just fell flat there. Then the plot.....This is the depressing part. At first it is a mystery, Amelia's sister and neice have disappeared. Then we find out what happened and it is pretty darn easy to figure out who the bad guy is from here, yet somehow the characters in the book are completely oblivious. I mean seriously, at 67% in the bad guy pretty much stands up and claims all responsibility and still nothing happens (and I totally know it was 67% because I was so ready to throw my Kindle at this point). At long last, we finally start to get some action and resolution around the last 10% of the book (at this point I am not sure of the actual percentage because I was just pushing myself toward the end), everything resolves pretty neatly and suddenly, the end. No wind down.....bad guy is handled, the end. I have a feeling this story may roll straight into the next book, but I am so frustrated with this one at this point, I know I will not be going on to the next one right now.What I will say here was that while I can sincerely say I did not like this book, for some reason I did want to keep reading. I needed to know what happened, so obviously there is a certain skill to the story telling here that did keep me engaged. Finally, my last complaint, the editing. It drove me insane that there was a space after a beginning quotation mark and before an ending one, there was the notation ¡a randomly throughout the text and lots of places were two words were missing a space between them. (In one part, Danny gets a bottle of Jackand and dummy me, I am sitting there wondering what Jackand is....then I finished the sentence, he got a bottle of Jack and some glasses. Yeah, I facepalmed that one.)

  • C.D.
    2019-06-07 05:32

    In my reviews I guess I should start identifying myself as a member of the Freak Circle Press, although it still feels strange to be counted among these talented ladies.***More than an interesting and somewhat brave plot line, the most refreshing thing about this MC read had to be the demographic between the male and female leads. It's not the store of two strangers meeting and falling in love, this is a past relationship that ended under heartbreakingly sad circumstances coming into a new chapter. A rekindled affection. I think that's what made the tone so unique. Danny and Amelia reacquainted, they didn't freshly fall in love. They just realized they still were in love.To avoid spoilers I won't recount the plot, but the courageous part of the timeline comes from the reason Amelia returns home after seven years. Not a lot of writers have the guts to go there but Shannon Flag did and it broke my heart. The mystery that's central to the plot is resolved in this book, and it leaves an open end for what is obviously a series. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and anyone else who enjoys mature, well-rounded characterizations with plenty of saucy scenes and humour will enjoy it too.

  • Linda K
    2019-06-11 06:50

    Wow. Yes there were a few grammar, misplaced and spelling errors but I still finished the book. Amelia: Prepared and willing to wait for her man to do his 5 year prison term, gets served papers. He wants a Divorce. No explanations, refuses to let her visit doesn’t take her calls and returns all her letters. So she signs and moves away. Returning only to visit her sister and niece. Danny knows he screwed up the second he received the signed divorce papers. He thought he would do right by Amelia by letting her go. He couldn’t ask her to waste her life waiting for him to get out of prison, she deserved more. Now he realizes that he must find his wife and make things right between them. But greater forces are working against them and tragedy strikes. The only good thing about it is it brought Amelia home. Between the murders and house fires and overzealous detectives and a manic club president’s wife, can Amelia and Danny survive and hopefully “make it right”.

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-27 08:49

    I am blown away!I could not put this one down. I finished at 5 a.m., finally! So many emotions about the events and characters in this story. It has everything, including great suspense. I knew early on who the bad guy was but it didn't really matter as the tale unfolded and more crap was occurring to multiply the tensions. You can feel the buildup and the pending explosion but you don't have any idea which way it's going to blow. I have been where the h is, constantly being hit with one setback or loss after another with no end in sight so it was very believable in that respect. There is humor, anger, grief, betrayal, denial, shock, insanity, love, forgiveness, and finally redemption for the H. I do recommend this book for those who like a grittier, darker sort of MC story with glimmers of sunshine breaking through.

  • Lina Andersson
    2019-06-13 11:46

    Shannon Flagg is a friend and fellow member of the Freak Circle Press.I had sort of given up on crime books because they all seemed the same to me (really, how many people are murdered due to something that happened before the color camera was invented?) but this was a *brilliant* new twist to both the smut- and the crime genre! In general, Shannon is amazing when it comes to plots, and this was no exception. While the plot reveals itself, we get to follow a previous couple, who truly loved each other, re-uniting. Not in the smoothest of ways, but wonderful to read them finding each other again as we get their history.A great book with loads of hot scenes and suspension. Definitely worth reading!