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No matter how hard you throw a punch, your fists alone can never beat your inner demons... When a chance encounter brings street fighter Joel Slater and bartender Amber Sinclair together, both of their lives are changed in an instant. Amber's quiet and safe upbringing never prepared her for meeting someone like Joel, and Joel has trouble believing that someone like Amber iNo matter how hard you throw a punch, your fists alone can never beat your inner demons... When a chance encounter brings street fighter Joel Slater and bartender Amber Sinclair together, both of their lives are changed in an instant. Amber's quiet and safe upbringing never prepared her for meeting someone like Joel, and Joel has trouble believing that someone like Amber is willing to spend time with him without expecting anything in return. The only thing that seems important to Amber is understanding Joel, and soon her kindness lulls him into letting down his guard and allowing her slowly into his hardened heart. However, when her curiosity threatens to uncover a history he has worked to keep hidden, Joel must decide whether to face the troubles of his past head on, or continue to let them eat away at his broken soul. Note: This novel was previously published as two novellas, "Broken" and "Unbroken" and has now been brought together as the novel it was originally intended to be....

Title : fighting for salvation
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fighting for salvation Reviews

  • Simmie
    2019-05-02 21:30

    I want so much more of this author and her series. She was very detailed when it came down to writing the action. I felt like i too was in that dirty muddy alley way and Joel ahhhh so cute. Read it in one day!

  • Melissa
    2019-05-27 02:12

    I thought there was a part 2 to this book but I was wrong. It left me feeling as if the story should have continued. Good read but slightly disappointed.

  • Sayra
    2019-05-14 22:31

    Loved this book,Joel and Amber were perfect together,I just thought the book should have been longer and they should have at least went on one date!

  • Rae D'Achille
    2019-05-13 00:10

    WeakForced myself to finish. The heroine was a weak milquetoast and the hero a sullen verbal abuser. Not even a satisfying ending. Save your time and money.

  • Mandee Migliaccio
    2019-04-25 22:31

    I can't believe it ended like that... I'm disappointed.

  • Dena
    2019-05-19 22:38

    Its not really that believable, its a little too much and far fetch to make this that believeable of a story

  • Sue
    2019-05-18 18:33

    I have read many fighter/underground fighter/MMA type of books and I love them...there is something exciting and sexy about a strong, well-built alpha male pounding on another man in a test of strength, both physical and mental.Joel is the sad product of an abusive childhood...his father used to beat his mother almost to death and when he started to fight back for her and on her behalf, he became the seriously injured party but had to keep quiet for fear of retaliation against his mother. When he is forced to leave his home and his mother behind, he is thrown onto the mercy of the streets and learns to survive the only way he knows how...with his fists.Enter Amber...a bartender who has her own disappointments in her life and lives alone next to the alley where many of Joel's illegal fights are held. When fate brings them together one rainy dark night, their lives are both affected in many ways...and they form an unlikely bond.The first part ends rather abruptly after a huge life changing event occurs for Joel and with Amber now by his side, who knows what will be in store for them in the conclusion.A fast moving and tender but at times dark story of finding hope when you least expect it...and perhaps even love and acceptance.When I read the first part of this story, I really enjoyed it a lot...even though the subject matter was pretty heavy (abused children often grow up to be abusive or violent adults). Joel was no exception and when he meets the trusting and nurturing Amber, I knew it was either going to end badly for her or it might be his salvation.I was very pleased with the direction this book went was time for healing emotional scars that run deep and not just with fists for Joel, and Amber learns a few life lessons herself as she sticks by her new boyfriend's side. Going behind his back in an attempt to somehow get at the truth of his past, she makes a shocking discovery that causes her to re-think her trusting nature...but as things progress with Joel's fighting career and as they weather a few bumps along the road (including a drunken fight)...they work it out together to make things right. A person from his old life makes a surprise appearance at a really bad time for Joel as he is trying to get his head in the game and make something of himself...but all ends as it should and they both have a different future to look forward to.A really strong follow-up and conclusion to this story.***** 4.5 ***** "a better life with love and healing" stars

  • beth myrick
    2019-05-05 23:38

    Umm, hello.......Where's the rest of this. SERIOUSLY it stopped at the good part. Please, let's just call this a HFN and not a HEA.Not giving spoilers here..... decent characters for once. Good storyline. Fast paced. Plenty of MMA action......yea. yes I would recommend. It's not the great American novel that's all deep and poignant. You won't lose sleep over some big drama moments in the plot. No characters to really hate on, well except Joel's father....but he's a non-issue for this read and it's ending.....which brings me to my grape resulting in the four star review.You can't leave us hanging. Give us a little follow-up so we know how his career goes, her school goes, the new relationship with his mom......just so much that could hAve been fleshed out for a better ending. Please, the way this ended was just mean to the readers who actually found a couple of protagonists they want to actually root for.Just one more thing need cleared up, how old were these people? Not a freaking clue on their ages.

  • Jen
    2019-05-08 18:32

    Seriously? This was one of the worst books ever. I tried to like it...I forced myself to finish it but now I just wish I could get those hours of my life. There is no build up to the relationship between the hero and heroine. He gets beaten in an illegal fight club and she finds him and takes care of him. It's a great premise and a really promising start but it was downhill from there. Joel, the hero, has a possible concussion and is covered with bruises, Amber, heroine, doesn't even know his last name and within minutes they are having sex against the wall? Yeah...eww. No condom, no "hey, my name is ?" conversation....just let me mop up your blood and dirt and then we can have sex? And that was the first part of the book... The rest didn't improve for me. I won't read this author again . And all I can say is I hope the heroine (who's life dream is to be a nurse btw) got some STD testing done pronto. Ugh!

  • PelicanFreak
    2019-05-23 21:21

    This was a good read; it was overall well-spoken with only minor grammatical errors. The story at first seemed predictable but the author managed to add in a few twists to make it differ which is always great - we need more variety like this writer's brand! I immediately became attached to Joel and soon after also became attached to Amber and some of the other minor characters as well - St. Clair has a great way of working her characters so that the reader finds oneself rooting for them - or absolutely hating them - becoming emotionally involved either way. This was a quick read for me as once I started it, I had a really hard time putting it down. My first MMA story and I would call it a success as I'll likely be interested in more going forward.

  • Kindrea West
    2019-04-27 01:30

    Good story.I think Aubrey did a great job writing. This book is about a young man with a troubled past and a girl who just tries to be a good person. She wants to help him but he refuses for awhile. I liked the story line and how the characters developed. I love books that the guy is rough around the edges but shows his girl he loves her. Although he did love her he hardly shown it. That's the only reason it didn't get my five starts, but that is personal.I would recommend this book.

  • Fay Ann Hollcroft
    2019-04-29 22:32

    I'm reading this book via Silver & Chrome. This rating of a 3 is based highly on the fact it didn't keep my attention. The story plot & follow thru was what kept me reading. I couldn't stand that the main characters thought to themselves in the 3rd person. I also thought that the romance scenes were rushed. This book portrayed more of the fighting aspects than that of the relationship. I'm one that enjoys an all rounded story. I hope book 2 Trust does better so I can read all 3 books.

  • Tracy
    2019-05-21 23:17

    3.5 STARSMade a change for the male lead to be the broken one, the love interest the strong one.I thought Amber and Joel moved way to fast into a relationship but its fiction so hey ho. I liked the way the author described the fights, it was almost like you was at the side of the ring! With the exception of me not knowing half the fight moves haha.A good read which had me wanting Joel to get everything after the shitty upbringing he had.

  • Andrea Gillan
    2019-05-08 21:33

    I really enjoyed this book the characters of Joel and Amber were well written. Their up and down and round and round love affair pulled you in as you just wanted to see them together. Only drawback was that I felt their could have been more to the story. Maybe a follow on book would be a great idea??

  • Felicia
    2019-05-22 19:15

    I received this as an ARC. This story was amazing. I truly cried and sympathized with Joel. I have read MMA novels before but this is far better than what I have read. The author put compassion into this story. Joel was tough until he was broken by love. I like that Amber took a chance with him. I would love to read a continuation of this story. Great story.

  • Ashley Martinez
    2019-05-06 00:21

    I enjoyed the story for the most part. The characters were great and realistic. I loved the fighting aspect of it as well. Joel was a tormented bad boy and I love those. The only thing that bugged me was how their relationship developed so quickly and there were a couple grammar errors that I noticed. It didn't take from the story but is something that would have made the story better.

  • Domini Maxwell
    2019-05-05 18:20

    Loving itThat was great... No amazing! Both books though kind of short for my liking were really great reads. Passion, rapture, and need balled up into Alpha men that are taken down by strong, independent, compassionate women.

  • Carrie
    2019-05-17 00:19

    This was a pretty good read. The way Amber & Joel meet is unique & their relationship progresses in an interesting way. I'm not 100% sold on the writing style, but the overall story gets two thumbs up. : )

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-28 02:21

    SWEETI enjoyed this book, it's a good story with good characters. My complaints is no epilogue and while there was lots of background on Joel not so much on Amber, and the situation with Joel's mother while sweet was rushed in my opinion

  • Brenda Hairston
    2019-05-26 22:39

    Real life struggles, real life experiencesPeople who are down and out can really relate to this book. It encourages you to follow your dreams and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

  • Lin
    2019-05-03 22:29

    This book was just bad.

  • Kristy Shaffer
    2019-05-20 01:09

    Good story however was lacking in places and a very disappointing ending.

  • Debbie
    2019-05-15 00:27

    So, so good, loved it

  • Manda Crowley
    2019-05-10 19:36


  • Coribooks
    2019-05-27 02:36

    A nice sweet read. Nothing amazing but it was steady

  • Sophia Holt
    2019-05-03 19:35

    there was a good story behind this book, just wish it had been written a little bit better. Wish there was more character development to Amber.and the ending fell a bit short for me as well.

  • Kristin Cantrell
    2019-05-09 20:21

    I liked the story. The love story happens a little too fast for me. It was good read.