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It’s a time for new beginnings, a time for change, but things don’t always go as planned. How do you pick up the pieces of your heart and move on when you can't find them all? Chloe recovers from her physical injuries, but does that mean she's healed? How much longer can Skye sit back and watch the only woman he loves slowly kill herself? Lines are crossed and souls are shIt’s a time for new beginnings, a time for change, but things don’t always go as planned. How do you pick up the pieces of your heart and move on when you can't find them all? Chloe recovers from her physical injuries, but does that mean she's healed? How much longer can Skye sit back and watch the only woman he loves slowly kill herself? Lines are crossed and souls are shattered, but when you have faith in those you love, nothing is completely lost. Happily ever after's come to those who work for it. It’s not something that is handed out freely. For it to be worth something, you have to earn it....

Title : forever more the friend zone series
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forever more the friend zone series Reviews

  • Kayla Mccoy
    2019-03-18 05:21

    Chloe and Skye are one of my favorite book couples ever and they are pushed to the brink in Forever & More. Chloe is so severally depressed. She feels betrayed and is unable to trust those closest to her. She shuts everyone out and hides within the pages of her journal. Her inner thoughts throughout the book are heartbreaking and brought me to tears. Skye has no idea how to help her. He tries so hard to find a way to get through to her. You can feel his torment and his undying love for Chloe even when he is as lost as she is. Both Chloe and Skye are put on an emotional roller coaster. In the end can something bigger than themselves save their relationship? I love this series and I can't wait for Sara's story.

  • RelentlessBookChic Ramblings & Reviews
    2019-02-27 06:35

    This is an emotional read that will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. Chloe is dealing with some things that she obviously needs help with but instead of seeking out the help she needs she is "helping" herself in other ways. Skye is trying to hold on to her although that proves to be a difficult task. In this installment of the series I think I wanted to strangle Chloe more than I ever did. In the past books she had her moments but in this one she was full on. I did find my heart breaking for her through her struggles and I "felt" the emotions as she was going through them but just as much as I empathized for her I wanted to slap her back to reality and tell her to fix this Shit! Skye was also fighting a battle of his own, sitting by and watching the woman he has loved since forever destroy herself. He is trying to find a way back in, to save her but it is not easy though nothing worth having ever is. Follow Chloe & Skye on their journey of picking up the pieces that Tom and Todd let in their wake. See if their love can be enough to get them through devastation. Find out what ultimately makes Chloe get herself together and see if Skye's love will be enough to save her from herself. Amazing Job Tabetha Thompson! Relentlessbookchic approved!

  • Jessica
    2019-03-11 07:28

    Tabetha did and amazing job with this book! 5 stars for sure! I am going to miss reading about Skye and Chloe! Forever and More was an emotional read, but I couldn't put it down. Chloe is a wreck after going through everything she has been through in the first book. She has a lot to over come, she becomes severely depressed, she pushes everyone away. Can Skye and Sara find a way to pull her out of her self destructive mode before its to late?Skye is trying to give Chloe the space she needs but is becoming harder and harder watching her self destruct, then it becomes impossible and he finds he needs to walk away. Will he be able to forgive what he thinks Chloe has done? Can Chloe and Skye overcome the heartache, the ordeals from the past that Tom and Todd had put them through, and the upcoming trial of the attack from Todd attacking Chloe? Read Forever and More and find out!

  • Jill
    2019-03-11 06:41

    OK... Forever & More was the perfect ending to Chloe and Skye's story. Forever & More starts right where More Than Friends ends. Chloe goes through a horrible traumatic experience that places her in the hospital during the end of More Than Friends. In Forever & More, Chloe is faced with facts that changes her whole thought process, and makes her see everything differently. Instead of being happy with whose in her life, she now wonders what their real motives are. All Chloe wants is to forget; forget the past, forget what happened to her, forget who did this to her, and forget who betrayed her. But that's easier said than done. Chloe starts self medicating, to ease the pain that she has building up inside. In a very weak moment, Chloe winds up in the hospital, almost dead, and once again the realization of what she's done, and who she's become hits her right in the face.While in the hospital, the doctors tell Chloe some shocking, and important news. After hearing this Chloe decides that enough is enough and she's ready to work her way through everything that has happened, and not let it drag her down now. The thing is for Skye, it may be too late. Forever & More was a beautifully written story of love, pain, and healing. Both Chloe and Skye go through things that no one should have to face. They both have to go through the process of forgiveness and healing. Tabetha has a way with words. Her writing is beautiful, and had me hooked from page 1 and on. I don't want to give any more away in the story. What I will say is both More Than Friends, and Forever & More are MUST READS! Do yourself a favor and read them, I promise you will love it!Tabetha, you did an amazing job with Forever & More. I can not wait to read more of your work!<3 JMAC

  • Nikki Cook
    2019-02-26 08:26

    Sometimes physical scars are the easiest to heal. The emotional scars, the ones that run deep in the soul, sometimes stay open and raw. Those are the wounds that fester and begin to kill the spirits and leave one as a shell of what used to be. That is exactly what Chloe is experiencing after her attack. When all the lies and betrayals come to light, it leaves her devastated and unable to face life with the same outlook as before. Her only way to cope causes an even bigger divide between her and those who only want to love and support her. A life-changing moment changes everything for everyone - but is it enough to fix what is broken?The phrase "timing is everything" is a major theme in this book. Communication is important, but sometimes the timing can be even more important when emotions are high! And the emotions are on a constant high throughout the book. There are so many twists and turns, but in amazing ways. Some things may seem like they are going to play out in an obvious way, and that is when the author shakes things up. I was so into this book that I read it in just a few hours. I had to know what was happening next! The ending wrapped everything up nicely, so there is nothing a third book could really bring to the story, but I do find myself wishing there was more! I really just loved it that much.

  • Jen Cothran
    2019-03-13 11:28

    This picks right up where book one left off. NO wondering if the timeline will fit and something would be missed. NOPE, right back into the story without skipping a beat. Of course that means Chloe is dealing with far more than she feels capable of and trys self medication and alcohol to dull the pain. Even with the support of Skye, she no longer feels the same since so much has negatively affected her. With the help of her closest friends Chloe will pick up her pieces and dust herself off. But with more thrills and chills to come, the suspense doesn't stop. Todd's choices are now left to Skye and Chloe to fix, but with their own personal battles facing them, it just adds fuel to the fire. Skye keeps trying to sheild Chloe and make things right, but soon enough they realize the both need each other. There is so much drama and heartaching moments that pull you along you just want to keep turning the pages to see what happens next. The authors way to throw twists and turns into the story keep you on your toes and before you know it your gasping or clapping or crying or laughing. The range is endless and the story is incredible. Will absolutley look for more books from this author!

  • Red Cheeks Reads
    2019-03-04 04:34

    Yay! A conclusion to Chloe and Skye’s story! I feel like I have been on a personal rollercoaster with these two and gone through so many emotions. I was so excited to find out if after everything that has happened can these two get the happily ever after that they very much deserve! But nothing in Chloe and Skye’s life can be that simple!We find Chloe in the midst of a panic attack and dealing with mixed feelings over her departed friend, Tom. Soon she is using methods to deal with her anxiety and depression that just complicate her life more. As frustrating as some of Chloe’s decisions are I like that she is not a perfect heroine. Women come in all types and some can be super strong and some weaker but if the heroine in a book is well written and has depth I love them all.Skye loves her so much that to watch what she is doing is impossible for him. I felt so much for these two! How much can two people handle! I mean it! My heart was breaking at times but I loved it all the same! Tabetha knows how to tell a story that takes you on a journey and that she does here! You don’t wanna miss this series it is one to read!~miranda

  • Jill Cameron
    2019-03-02 06:28

    I can't say I liked this book as much as the first one, but nonetheless was a fantastic story, just felt it was a bit slow at times, and then a little rushed towards the end. I do wish The storyline had favored Thomas and given him the support he so desperately needed, but I do understand the plot and reasoning. I felt the reunion could have been more exciting, it fell a little flat for me. Overall, I loved Skye and Chloe and their journey.

  • Amy
    2019-03-20 07:33

    This was a great story. I loved it. It kept me in suspense wondering what would happen next. I love Chloe and Sky and the entire gang. They all became like family. It brought out every emotion and left you wanting Sky and Chloe back together. The book made me gasp out loud. It was sweet and scary but it ended so perfectly. This couple has been through so much. You have to read the set. It's so sweet!!! READ IT!!!

  • Judie
    2019-02-22 12:47

    Wow!!! This was such a moving read for me!!! Totally pulled at my heart!!! Such an amazing close to a great series!! Great job Tabetha Thompson!! I absolutely love it when I feel like a book take me on an emotional roller coaster & this book was the perfect ride!!!

  • Itsy Bitsy Book Bits
    2019-02-24 11:20

    Just as good as the first!! Forever & More by Tabetha Thompson is the second book in The Friend Zone Series. You have to read the first book More Than Friends before this book. Forever & More picks up directly where the first book ends. Thompson provides the reader will fully developed, relatable characters and entwines the readers with their emotions by telling their story in alternating points of view. We experience all of the emotions with these characters again, feeling every ounce of their pain, sadness, happiness, etc. Chloe is now broken. She initially tries to find healing and get back to normal, but quickly spirals out of control. She is closing herself off to everyone and feels betrayed by everyone she has ever loved. She has healed from her physical pain and injuries, but her emotional pain runs so deep it threatens to ruin her. With Chloe lost, depressed, and devastated, will she ever be able to heal? Can she find the right path? Will she find happiness? Skye is of course still here and tries to hold everything together and support Chloe during this time. He loves her to the depths of is soul and does everything he can to try and help her, but he is watching her destroy herself. Can he help her through this? Can they pick up the pieces? This story by Tabetha Thompson was very well written and as emotionally charging, if not more, than the first book. This story is full of surprises and unexpected twists and turns that keeps you turning the pages. Thompson once again captures the reader with her ability to build upon deep characters who are struggling with very real situations, including substance abuse and depression. You feel the emotions of each of the characters and identify with those emotions. You will find yourself both rooting for them and frustrated with them, especially Chloe. There is moderate violence, moderate sexual situations, and moderate profanity in the book. I would highly recommend this book and even say it is a must read, especially to tie up everything from the first book. This book wrapped this story up perfectly. I would give it five out of five stars.

  • Gemma H
    2019-03-03 09:37

    In Forever & More, we find Chloe broken and set on a path that will ultimately destroy her. She has no hope, no love and no family. Every one she has ever loved she believes has betrayed her, leaving her to turn to drugs and booze in order to try and get through the day. The level of her depression practically oozes off the pages, bringing tears my eyes because it is really hard to blame her for why she feels that way and why she has turned to this den of pure self hatred, her pain became my pain. It is very obvious that Tabetha has researched depression and addiction to the full extent because she emulates it elegantly and with great respect so you are able to see the truth behind the hurt and her (Chloe's) decision's why she chosen the path she has........Can she make the change she needs before she goes too far? Or will things take a turn for the worst?Skye is holding on as best he can, trying to support her but there is only so much any person can handle even if they are in love with them, even their soul mate. Depression & addiction are hard not only on the person suffering from them but also for the people around them, their loved ones and Skye is doing his utmost to do what he can, be there as much as he can. He is tested time and time again........can he hold on?There are a huge amount of twists and turns and it had me guessing whether Chloe and Skye would make it together or whether it would all fall apart. The journey taken from where Chloe begins to where she ends up is nothing short of impressive and Tabetha explains it all perfectly. I really enjoyed reading this series, it was exceptionally refreshing to read it from both Chloe and Skye's POV throughout the series and also the realness of every scenario on each page. The perfect ending to a brilliant series Thank you Tabetha Thompson. 4**** Stars.

  • Brittany Alexander
    2019-03-10 06:47

    I highly suggest you read book one, More than Friends, before you read this review. Chloe and Skye. They are wonderful together. In the first book, some really bad things had happened and Chloe landed in the hospital. She was put on pain medication and Xanax for anxiety. After everything that happened, Chloe became depressed. She just couldn’t pull herself out of it. One night, she didn’t return and they found her hunched over her late friend’s grave. She had alcohol poisoning and had overdosed. Once she woke up, she found out something that changed everything. Changed so much that Skye left her. Chloe is trying her hardest not to fall into that depression again, and thankfully her friend Sara is there to help her through stuff. That’s really all I can say without giving the book away. BUT OMG!!! I was screaming a lot of the time, wanting Tabetha to fix them. To bring Skye and Chloe back together. Because together, they’re whole, they’re happy! I also looooved the suspense! There were so many twists and turns and I was constantly on the edge of my seat. I read this book in about twenty-four hours. It was so good! I did cry at one point. Like tears, sniffling, yelling at Tabetha over Facebook messenger. This book is a great ending to Skye and Chloe. Give the Friend Zone series a chance! Five stars!

  • Nerdy Chic
    2019-02-24 11:32

    "This kiss is different than the last, this one is meant to speak without words. It's telling me everything I already knew. He loves me."Forever & More is an absolute emotional roller coaster. If you have not read More Than Friends, you'll have missed out on the events that lead to Chloe's tumultuous downturn. Her faith broken in the one person who she believed was her family and brother, leads her to a path of self destruction. Depressed, Chloe begins to medicate herself with pills and alcohol and it's hard to blame her. Reading the book, I had tears in my eyes throughout for all the pain that she goes through. Skye is holding on to her with kid gloves but there's only so much a person in love can handle. I can't say how much I loved this series with its twists. It's hard to express everything that happens, all the emotions evoked, all the love that is shown, in a review. Skye is trying to keep everything together. His love for Chloe is tested and at times I thought these two would never get together. Sara is as quirky and lovable as always and I can't wait to read Sara and Harley's book.(view spoiler)[ On giving birth "What did it feel like? she (Sara) asks. "Like someone was ripping my insides out and my vagina had turned into a flame thrower at the same time." For the first time in my life, Sara looks absolutely disgusted and fearful.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

  • ***Cheryl***
    2019-03-16 12:36

    I really enjoyed this series by Tabetha Thompson. The story is about Chloe and Skye. Chloe and Skye were close years ago in school but now years later the pair are reunited when Skye’s band lands a gig in the bar which Chloe’s friend owns and Chloe also works in the bar. There is instant chemistry between the pair but Chloe is sworn off men due to a bad experience in a previous relationship. I really enjoyed these books. There were lots of twists and turns and lots of drama throughout. I loved that we got the different POV as it really added different perspectives to the story. The author does a really good job of expressing the characters emotions especially Chloe as her emotions really changed from book 1 to book 2- Forever and more. I could really feel Chloe’s emotional turmoil in Forever and More. I am so glad that I had both books to read back to back as the first had a OMG cliff-hanger ending. These books are a great story of Love to pain and back again. They made me smile, laugh and cry. They are beautifully written by the author and once I started wanted to keep reading to find out what happened. I look forward to reading future books by Tabetha Thompson.*I received an ARC copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • A Novel Love
    2019-03-06 08:38

    Beautiful and Heartfelt, The Friend Zone Series is one to read! If you have not read More Than Friends, start there, it is a great debut novel and will get your hooked on Chloe and Skye. Now for the good stuff. I was eagerly awaiting this novel and I have to tell you it was worth the wait. Lucky for you its out now so you do not have to wait! Chloe is broken, the things she has seen and had happen to her by the end of More Than Friends, would cause anyone to break. I felt for her, and my heart hurt for her, and often when she cried so did I. Skye is so strong, but even he has his breaking point. My heart bled for him as the depth of Chloe’s pain is discovered. The lengths he is willing to go through for her well being, even when he is angry beyond belief at her, is what true love is about. You have to read this series. The ups and downs, and emotions that you feel with and for Chloe and Skye will have you laughing, loving, hurting, crying, relief, and loving all over again. Add in some very hot scenes and you have a novel that you cannot put down.

  • LeeAnne
    2019-02-21 04:41

    I want to start off saying if you haven't read the first book definitely read it first or you'll be lost.Love this story! It takes up right where book one left off. Chloe is still recovering and has a prescription for pain meds as well as Xanax which she's abusing throughout the beginning of the book. Skye notices something is up but with the crazy mood swings choles been having he's scare to approach her about it. Skye realizes, after an argument that causes Chloe to storm off, that things are worse then he thought. Chloe ODs and ends up in the hospital with some big news.I love the characters in this story. Every single one of them have such strong personalities and it really gets you invested. I didn't want to put this book down! It me laughing, crying, and ready to toss my Kindle across the room. Plus there are some pretty smoking hott scenes! It's fantastic and I highly recommend!

  • Michelle Nageldinger
    2019-02-24 10:41

    Received in exchange for an honest review from Addicted to books and authorsI was so happy this book picked up where more then friends ended. Chloe is recovering from her physical injuries but her emotional trauma is just to much and she shuts down becoming severely depressed. When one of her “episodes” causes her to return to the hospital she learns some very important news and realizes just how sick she has be come. This book is more about Skye trying to forgive Chloe for what he thinks she has done, and for Chloe to overcome her illness and snap out of it so that she and Skye can move on, but will it be together or separate.

  • Jamie Sadler
    2019-02-25 05:45

    This was a great follow up and finish to the series. Chloe may be healed physically but she is broken. The one person she could always trust and depend on has let her down. Her family and friends are there to help her but she is in too dark of a place for them to reach. A nearly tragic event opens her eyes and causes those who love her to lose their faith in her as well. Demons from the beginning of the series are back and manipulating situations beyond everyone's control. Loved that this story resolves a lot of un answered questions and ends with a HEA