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How far would you go to defend yourself... from your own mother? Tiffany is a seventeen-year-old girl caught in a battle for existence. As she tries to claim rights to her own life and mind, her abusive mother struggles to maintain control. Pouring her hatred for the world onto her daughter, Tiffany suffers under her mother’s guise of concern as her mother convinces everyoHow far would you go to defend yourself... from your own mother? Tiffany is a seventeen-year-old girl caught in a battle for existence. As she tries to claim rights to her own life and mind, her abusive mother struggles to maintain control. Pouring her hatred for the world onto her daughter, Tiffany suffers under her mother’s guise of concern as her mother convinces everyone that Tiffany’s wounds are self-inflicted. Fighting to prove she's not mentally unstable and seeking escape from her mother’s tyranny, Tiffany must make the ultimate choice as to who lives and who dies. But how far is she willing to go, and is redemption worth the price of her soul?...

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a prisoner within Reviews

  • J.M. Northup
    2019-06-10 08:59

    I am the author of this novel, so I like it. It is a difficult topic (child abuse), but something I felt passionate about. No one should live in fear and oppression.

  • John Dizon
    2019-06-21 11:46

    A Prisoner Within by J.M. Northup is a hard-edged psychological thriller featuring Tiffany, an abused young woman committed to the Breckenridge Institute for the Criminally Insane. She awaits trial for the murder of her mother, who forced her to endure the tortures of the damned throughout her lifetime. Carol, Rhonda and Charlotte are the team of nurses who show mercy and human kindness to Tiffany, and Dr. Maxwell does his best to help her keep her grip on reality. The author pays homage to child abuse discussions in the spirit of An American Crime as we explore the depths of human cruelty in this novel.Northup spends a large part of the work dissecting two key elements of the scenario. There is the rationale of the victim, who tries to contend with their environment by interpreting a twisted logic in their condition. We also see how the source of the conflict, the psychopathic mother, is factored in as a force of God as well as a benefactor despite the brutal conditions provided for Tiffany. There are also the enablers, personified by the spineless stepfather and the circle of friends representing the dregs of society. Tom, Silvia, Alice and Molly stand by and do nothing, just as so many neighbors, relatives and community members do in perpetuating the abusive cycle. Although this is a grim reminder, it should serve as a moral compass when we have the opportunity to right the wrong in our own lives.Pick up a copy of A Prisoner Within by J.M. Northup. It may not be a lively read but it will be an eye-opener and even a reminder of how real life can inspire the darkest fiction.

  • Theresa
    2019-06-16 13:49

    A Prisoner Within by J.M. NorthupI have read many books that look into the human condition. I found that A Prisoner Within, shows a neglected part of the human condition. I know of only one other book that looks at the controversy of Psychological disorders, and like I Never Promised You a Rose Garden, this book has a difficult topic. Julie Northup looks at our perceptions of the stories of young children. Tiffany’s mother is in absolute control of her daughter’s life. Following the death of her grandmother Tiffany finds her life unbearable. She has good reason to be depressed, and over whelmed as her mother continually gains control of her life, lies about her behavior and manipulates the world. This book looks at the dynamics of family relationships, and how society perceives mental illness. Tiffany’s mother uses society’s assumption that mental disorders cause problems for those who suffer mental illness and that all their behaviors can be explained. Tiffany shows how perception can color your world and make people over look obvious abuse and neglect. Insights and perception of this character, not only of her illness, but of life, love and forgiveness can change your perception. I used a quote from this book on my Facebook page, because the words were something I needed to hear. I found other passages that can change my perception of life and other people this is an inspiring book. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to read it.

  • Mary Deal
    2019-06-18 12:02

    Hidden Family Dysfunction - Powerful StoryThe story line of A Prisoner Within, by J. M. Northup, is by far the best book I’ve read on the lives of the modern-day dysfunctional family. The story is so true to life, I found myself experiencing emotions I haven’t felt for a long, long time. I have known of some dysfunctional families and the one Northup has created epitomizes these people and types of habits and secrets.The mother figure in the story is definitely one character I detested from the beginning. She is pure evil; her actions and hate so intense and blatant I could feel how vile she was. This story is a perfect example of how parental abuse confuses a child. Children know only love unless taught otherwise.The author’s characterization of the abused teenage daughter is impeccably rendered. We get to see the true-to-life emotions of a daughter who clings to loving her mother but remains in a state of utter confusion by the abuse and hate heaped on her for no known reason. Northup did a magnificent job of showing us how this girl clung to her sanity. Yet, the long-suffering begins to take a toll as her emotional stability is being stripped away.Then there is the wimp of a step-dad, again, about as realistically portray as I’ve ever read. I kept asking myself, “How does Northup do this? How can she understand so much about the infinitesimal depths human nature?” I honestly enjoyed what he did at the end of the story and, despite him taking a stand to control the abuse, his shocking comeuppance was well-deserved.This fiction story is so real, so life-like it has stirred my deepest emotions. If you’ve never understood the meaning of “dysfunctional family” this story will clear it up for you. The author has created a plot that could be true of anyone, even your neighbor, well hidden from the public eye, as were these characters’ lives.J.M. Northup’s ability to give life to words and stories seems to know no end. I’m following her through all her books. Her understanding of the human condition in any situation, down to the most abysmal detail, is nothing short of amazing. For this story, for the writing in it, to experience J.M. Northup’s phenomenal story telling ability, this is s MUST READ.

  • Jessica Iskey
    2019-06-26 11:54

    DismissedHave you ever been shopping or at a restaurant and saw a parent hitting/ screaming at their toddler? Have you ever stepped in and said anything? Or did you just shake your head and walk away? Maybe you wanted to say something but thought it's none of your business or maybe you feared it would make things worse for the child.What if the child were older, say fifteen or seventeen? Would you say something then? Or would you just figure that the child is a teen and is acting out as teens tend to do?I'll come back to this.This is my first book that I've read by J.M. Northup.I thought this book was amazing. It's one of the best books I've ever read. I found it to be a highly disturbing work of fiction which shocked me. The author must know someone who who has been through this. The details were incredible. How do I know? Someone very close to me went through this - almost exact to the story. That's why I was shocked to learn this was fiction. You have to be there to fully understand this.So, what is this? This is a story about a girl named Tiffany who has been physically, emotionally, and mentally abused at the hands of her mother. The story centers on when Tiffany is in her teens. Her mother, if you can call her that, is a complete psychopath. A very smart psychopath. She manages to get everyone around her to hate Tiffany, making her out to be a mentally ill rebellious teen. She plays the poor mother who does everything for her and yet her awful daughter disrespects her and abuses her. Neighbors and friends fall for this even as Tiffany tries to get them to see what is really happening, pleading for help. She is dismissed. After all, teens can be such trouble.I sat stunned after I finished this book. Knowing I wanted to write a review and give this book 5 stars, I needed time though as I cried for my loved one wondering how she survived.All I know is that there are two sides to every story and you don't know the secrets people lock up and keep hidden. Teens have it tough. They are labeled as rebellious and secretive. However, if one came to me and told me they were being abused, I won't dismiss them. I hope you won't either.Thank You for this powerful and moving story J.M. Northup.

  • Pamela
    2019-05-28 10:55

    What a dark, twisted tale. And I loved it. From the first opening pages, you’re thrown into the violent, abusive relationship between Tiffany and her mother. The first half of the book bounces between past and present, as J.M. Northup shows how the Mother has trained Tiffany to be the perfect slave to her aggressive needs for control and domination. With her smart intellect and knowledge of the human mind, he Mother spins tales and lies to turn everyone against Tiffany, even the people in authority that are the only ones that can save Tiffany from her abusive lifestyle. As the story progressed, my hatred for the Mother and step-dad grew. But at the same time, as Tiffany started doubting herself, thinking maybe she was really the problem, I started wondering if Tiffany was suffering from Schizophrenia. What a roller-coaster ride of emotions. And then everything culminates with Tiffany’s 18th birthday, her day of freedom from her tyrannical mother. Growing up in this type of lifestyle will bring out the dark nature in anyone. How do you be true to yourself, when everyone around you sees you as evil? All the self-doubts instilled in you as a child are very difficult to overcome as an adult. How do you stop yourself from repeating the abusive nature of your parents? One of the reasons child abuse is so rampant. There are gaps in the storyline that I found slightly confusing as I tried to follow the linear path of the story. But, overall, a well done job.I highly recommend this book for a peak into the dark nature of abusive relationships. I give it 5 feathers.

  • Deborah Gallatin
    2019-05-28 15:48

    A sad, haunting tale of abuseThough this story is a reminder of the abuse children face from domineering parents every day, it is written very tastefully. Written from the perspective of young girl whose mother has resented her existence as long as she can remember and treats her more like a servant than a daughter. There is certainly physical proof of said abuse, yet every visit to the ER ends the same way. Patient once again comes to the emergency room exhibiting symptoms of self-abuse. No matter how many times Tiffany tries to defend herself and explain that her mother did this to her, no believes her. Her mother's smooth talking, manipulative way, has everyone fooled.Eventually it comes down to who is going to make it out of this relationship alive. Mother or daughter? It's worth reading just to find out!

  • Kristin Dutt
    2019-06-10 14:53

    WOW! This is a fantastic book of how cruel a mother can be and not all mother's are what they seem to appear when impressing the good neighbors. This is a pretty dark book but I'm just impressed. I felt their emotions in this one. Sometimes you get the worse mother possible and still have to live. I'm so glad I picked this up on KU. It really surprised me. Bravo J.M. Northup for creating the worse mother that I have ever read possible.This poor child went through hell and not a dang person believed her all because her mother was so good at her show. Just WOW....Yeah it's that good.If you love dark reads or just hate you mom give this a read. Maybe you'll hate your mom a tad less. There is tons of abuse and rape is this as well so be forewarned this isn't a flowery story one bit

  • P.S. Winn
    2019-06-14 08:40

    This is really a good story, that tells a heart wrenching tale. Readers meet Tiffany as a teenager. She has an abusive mother and a step father who allows the abuse to happen. This could easily be a biography for hundreds of people. he author tackles a hard subject and adds a psychological view of a person who is abused. Following Tiffany's story is fascinating and the author does a great job with the feel of this story and with the character of Tiffany. Well done!

  • CindiB
    2019-06-26 11:00

    Unbelievable. Couldn't put this one down.My emotions were haywire while reading. Up and down with every turn of events. Even though fiction, the reality, that it is horrible to think someone could possibly live a life such as this young woman, but....believable nonetheless.

  • Rebecca McCarver
    2019-06-26 13:53

    Very InvolvingThis book brought out so many feelings in me. From pure hatred of Tiffany's mother to shocking disbelief that no one could see the truth.

  • Sahara Foley
    2019-06-01 15:39


  • Doris Marcantel
    2019-05-31 11:01

    Inspiring!It's often amazed me how some children that are horribly abused, end up being such good souls in the end. I greatly enjoyed this book!

  • Ashley Benter
    2019-06-14 11:09

    Overall, I liked the book. It was a good premise for the story but it was hard to tell how much time difference there was with the flashbacks and at first I didn't even realize that she was going back and forth between two different time periods to lead up the less than stellar conclusion. There were quite a few grammar and spelling mistakes, sentences that just didn't make sense, but I talked myself past them. If you like stories about overcoming abuse and what goes on in the mind of those who are abused, I would suggest this book but warn you that it is a bit predictable and makes the judicial system/hospital system look like complete idiots. I had to force myself to finish it because I don't like leaving a book unfinished.

  • Jada Ryker
    2019-05-26 12:04

    Dark Story of AbuseTiffany is a prisoner of abuse. Now a teen, she’s lived her entire life in a world of mistreatment. Her pain and her suffering fill every part of her being, dark and painful and never ending. She lands in the healthcare system. No one believes her. Her mother hides the monster with a believable mask, free to dig ever deeper scars in her daughter’s psyche.Finally at a crossroads, what path will Tiffany choose?

  • Gloria Noble
    2019-06-13 15:50

    Sad StoryIt was just a really sad story.I would think that all the times she was in the hospital,the nurses and doctors would have questioned the abuse.And what about her teacher's?