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A series of thefts are plaguing a local warehouse and the owner brings in Burnside to find out who's behind it. The owner, a big donor to Burnside's alma mater, USC, has an idea of who the culprit is. But theft quickly turns to murder and Burnside is plunged into an investigation where the tentacles expand well beyond a simple case of larceny. The story leads Burnside ontoA series of thefts are plaguing a local warehouse and the owner brings in Burnside to find out who's behind it. The owner, a big donor to Burnside's alma mater, USC, has an idea of who the culprit is. But theft quickly turns to murder and Burnside is plunged into an investigation where the tentacles expand well beyond a simple case of larceny. The story leads Burnside onto the trail of people who have only one purpose in life, that being the pursuit of money. And they will do anything to acquire money and use any means necessary to keep it. And through it all, Burnside also has to come to grips with his relationship with his girlfriend Gail Pepper, and make a life altering decision about his future. Interweaving the world of business with the world of college football, Bubble Screen is set in the heart of Los Angeles, and is the third novel in the Burnside series. It is a marvelous continuation of David Chill's first two novels, Post Pattern and Fade Route, yet this story also works exceptionally well as a standalone novel. Bubble Screen is a captivating murder mystery that combines fascinating characters, a fast moving story line, and an explosive ending that is both dramatic and unexpected....

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bubble screen Reviews

  • Will Decker
    2019-06-14 11:05

    The story got off to a slow start and even though the main character was developed and believable, he and all the other characters that came and went lacked any real depth or emotion. Not a single character ever came to life in the sense of bringing some passion to the story. It caused the story to be a very dry read, when there was so much potential and a plot that was itching to come to life. I gave it 3 stars for the simple reason that the story-line holds so much potential it carries the story. But what a waste of a great plot.

  • David Chill
    2019-05-24 05:57

    The 3rd book in the Burnside series is another excellent read. Bubble Screen is tightly written and features the usual crackling dialogue and rapier wit of the protagonist. And this one has an ending that will surely be a complete surprise!

  • Liz Wood
    2019-05-21 04:56

    Slow startThis story offered insights into football people and the law that I hadn't considered in my own prejudices. While the solution to the mystery is not disclosed until the end, the clues are there to see where things will go in the denouement.

  • LindaC. Wanser
    2019-05-18 04:53

    Better than I expectedA bit slow going in the beginning. Not sure if I wanted to finish it but got totally caught up and enjoyed the finish.

  • Jack
    2019-06-08 09:02

    Bubble Screen Scores a TDBurnside, a former USC football player and police detective, is hired to track down theft at a cable-installation company. Life-threatening situations ensue.This is the third book in the Burnside series. I've read the first two, but in reverse order, and enjoyed them both very much. It's been a while since reading books 2 and 1, but book 3 seems to have upped the ante considerably. The characters are more deeply developed, and the plot is more complex.Vague suspicions haunted me while reading as to who did what and why. Some of my suspicions we based on gut instinct (totally admissible in court, right?). Some were based on a preponderance of smoke. And some appeared after the point of revelation. All in all a satisfying read.Highly recommended.

  • Rebecca
    2019-05-20 05:06

    4*This series is generally enjoyable and no exceptions here. Good characters, nice mystery. Answers aren't given away. 4 star. .

  • Frank Scott
    2019-06-06 07:44

    Big commercial for SCU football. I don't like SCU or football.

  • Don Paske
    2019-05-31 11:05

    This seemed like three stories in one book that all had surprise endings. Good character development and good dialogue. Now I guess I'll have to read Burnside #1 and #2...

  • Quillracer
    2019-05-27 07:54

    Another solid entry in this series.Burnside – I wish the author would give him a first name – is hired to investigate thefts at a cable installation company. He uncovers a whole lot more, including embezzlement and murder. At the same time, he’s also trying to help a woman get back the money she lost to a con artist.Burnside is a realistic character. He does his best to be an ethical and moral man and sometimes has doubts about what he’s doing and why. He also has a touch of Robert B. Parker’s Spenser in that he’s always one step ahead of the bad guys in a physical confrontation.Chill’s writing is smooth and flows well, although there were a few places in this book where what should have been one sentence was broken into two, giving them a ‘choppy’ feel.The next book in the series is already on my ‘To Read’ list.

  • Dorothy Gagnon
    2019-06-14 06:58

    Hidden PlayMiles Larson and Clara, owners of Malco hired Burnside, a former football star, to find the employee stealing from their company. Miles and Clara Larson were important people at USC and donated money lavishly to the university.While investigating the theft, Miles was murdered and now Burnside was investigating two cases. What was Miles doing with a football recruiting agent? AIds that get him killed?Suspense filled mystery that keeps you turning the pages for more.

  • Tulay
    2019-05-22 07:51

    Easy read, fast paced mystery.Family owned business and missing inventory gets Burnside into fights again. But in this book he's using cell phone, web. His short football carrier helps and hurts him. But one incident opens his eyes and makes his mind about Pepper. Greed, money and family dynamics.

  • Randy Grossman
    2019-06-05 04:51

    I enjoyed the book very much. Burnside is a fun character and David Chill is an author that keeps the reader guessing. Also Chill likes to put additional mysteries into the main story as well as interesting events in the personal lives of the main characters. Only a couple language blips, but I look forward to more mysteries in this series.

  • Barrie Penman
    2019-06-17 07:53

    Held my interest all the way through.Tends to deal with all problems and violence clean cut, methodical, logical, A to Z in a little to clean cut, uncomplicated almost to good to be true manor.I still like his style and use of language

  • Lillie
    2019-05-20 05:49

    Football fans would probably enjoy some aspects of this story more than a non-sports fan like me, but any mystery fan would like the mystery. The bad guys were one-dimensional--all greed and evil. I like even villains to be a little more rounded.

  • Roger L. Boese
    2019-06-10 11:04

    Burnside jugglingSeveral cases all come together with unexpected conclusions. Theft, murder, scams, embezzlement and a bit of love thrown in with football make an enjoyable tale.

  • Marjorie Pearson
    2019-05-21 09:03

    goodI gave it a 4 because of the swearing. he makes the characters come alive and I like how he includes the sports angle.

  • Janet
    2019-06-14 12:08

    very good

  • Rajuda
    2019-05-29 07:04

    Harmless Read. That is how I would sum up my opinion.

  • robyn van dusen
    2019-06-11 07:41

    New fan for sureI am a new fan of David Chill. This book was a thrill ride adventure. Simple and enjoyable humor, a fast pa ed adventure ride

  • Nancy
    2019-06-02 04:41

    I like where the author is going with Burnside and Gail's relationship. The 'who done it' shocked me. Never suspected. Should have, though.

  • Pat
    2019-06-16 05:09

    Entirely too predictable.