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***This dark, sweeping Regency novel was previously only offered as part of the limited edition box sets: "From the Ballroom and Beyond", "Romancing the Rogue", and "Dark Deceptions". Now, available for the first time on its own, is "My Lady of Deception". Everybody has a secret. Some are more dangerous than others For Georgina Wilcox, only child of the notorious traitor k***This dark, sweeping Regency novel was previously only offered as part of the limited edition box sets: "From the Ballroom and Beyond", "Romancing the Rogue", and "Dark Deceptions". Now, available for the first time on its own, is "My Lady of Deception". Everybody has a secret. Some are more dangerous than others For Georgina Wilcox, only child of the notorious traitor known as “The Fox”, there are too many secrets to count. However, after her interference results in great tragedy, she resolves to never help another... until she meets Adam Markham. Lord Adam Markham is captured by The Fox. Imprisoned, Adam loses everything he holds dear. As his days in captivity grow, he finds himself fascinated by the young maid, Georgina, who cares for him. When the carefully crafted lies she’s built between them begin to crumble, Georgina realizes she will do anything to prove her love and loyalty to Adam—even it means at the expense of her own life....

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My Lady of Deception Reviews

  • Trish R.
    2019-05-13 00:47

    SPOILERS...MAYBE.. WOW! Talk about being able to hate someone and wishing them dead. CC really made that easy when it same to Georgina’s father and Jamie. They were too horrible for words and when they beat her you just wanted to reach into the book and save her. That’s some good writing. I couldn’t figure out who was the most insane, her father or Jamie, but they were both mean and vicious when it came to “punishing” her. Eventually, Adam found out who Georgina’s father was and, of course, here’s a misunderstanding that will probably go on for the rest of the book. After all, I’m only at 59% and the angst is about to start. UGH. I really do have to stop buying these 300+ page books. They are just too frustrating.At 80% Georgina left her maid at home, which she was told NOT to do, and snuck out to meet that miserable creature Jamie and when said creature told her to get in his carriage IF she cared for her husband, she went! Really? This was her second TSTL episode within minutes of each other: first leaving the maid then thinking for a minute that her big strong husband needed her to protect him. Wow! And I have 20% more of this book to go?Geez! At 85% she just stands there with Jamie telling his lies and Adam believes it and tells them both to go. She doesn’t even try to stand up for herself. It’s going to be tough finishing this book. I don’t know how this book got so many 4 and 5 star reviews. Must be readers who love books filled with angst.I have to agree with reviewer Kelly. This was way too angsty. And it lasted until the end of the story. I will admit it was a good story but it would have been better if it had been shorter. It was too long for Adam to find out she wasn’t a traitor and even longer for him to win her back. He groveled too long.I did like the players, Nick, Tony, Stone, Archer, Nurse Catherine and the Duke of Aubrey. There wasn’t any sexual tension in this story buy several good sex scenes.

  • Reba
    2019-05-14 20:56

    Bad read :( This book was filled with abuse, verbally and physically to our heroin, by both her family and then later by the man who was supposed to be her husband(verbal abuse only and ripping her heart to threads so many times). Between the misunderstandings, the lies, deceit, believing everyone else but Georgina and lack of communication between our H/h and all the angst there was little to no happy moments. I felt so incredibly sad and horrified for what Georgina suffered throughout this book. If an author is going to write a book such as this with so much pain and heartache then by gosh you better give us more than 3 pages of HEA and that was the final page and epilogue....ugh!! I finished this book with hopes of its redemption, like Georgina my hopes went unfulfilled. Not a read I'd recommend. My heart still hurts from this sad upsetting read.

  • Tracy T.
    2019-05-08 00:04

    I just cant finish this book it is so bad. The story line is bad and the characters are terrible, the insta lust is stupid. Sorry CC just can't finish this book. Narration is by Tim Campbell is good.

  • Mochai
    2019-05-10 22:00

    Sometimes I have a yen to read a book with a heart-wrenching martyred wrongfully accused heroine. And in that regard this book paid off... a bit too well. My goodness! She has the heart of a saint! She's physically beaten by her own father and his heir apparent; and is beaten down by circumstances. Of course, being a saint, she is sometimes helped along by protectors and she has enough spine to get up for another day. I chose this book because it was kindle unlimited eligible and I thought that I could start a few chapters and see how it goes. I ended up reading it straight through my insomnia-riddled night but I am not quite sure what kept me from putting the book down or choosing another. As in every historical romance reading bout, I rolled my eyes a few times at the lines or at the story and I might have huffed at some other parts a few times too...I blearily drove my tired body to work the next day and thought about this book, asking myself if it was a good book or a book I would recommend and I had a hard time figuring out my answer. And, of course, I did this thing every author must hate: I started to dissect the whole thing and think "what I would have done" and in doing so realizing how really the story doesn't really hold water at all!SPOILERS and ISSUES:(view spoiler)[- The hero is part of a "Brethren" of spies, but we do not know of his (spy) talents or (spy) experience (if any) and we find out the reason for his capture and 3-month long torture is to uncover the true nature (ally or foe) of the Heroine, being that she is the daughter of the terrorist know as The Fox. However, this is unbeknownst to him as he was drugged by the Brethren and thrown to the wolves' den (hem, or foxes, in this case). He falls in love with the Heroine and Secrets, Lies, and Misunderstandings ensue. This is the whole premise on which the book has been created. In the last chapters all is revealed (of course) but I was quite bemused when a mysterious duke reveals himself as a Brethren member and states the heroine is and Ally and this was obvious to him after exchanging a few mysterious words with her. Really? Would a powerful spy ring send his spy in the fox den, where he is to be in close quarters with the alleged informant and not advise him of this opportunity before hand so he can use his wiles and spy-ness to gather info? Really? And all that was needed was a few words with the Big Boss? And there was the poor hero being tortured for 3 months, marrying and loving the girl and still, after all, is convinced in a flash she's a mastermind evildoer? Really?- The Brethren is a spy ring and yadayada... yet they do not find out the Hero is marrying the Enemy's daughter until months after the fact? They don't think to keep tabs on her (as she is the only informant they have)? Or on him, who may or may not have divulged secrets under torture? Couldn't his allegiances have been in doubt at some point?-We meet and get to know the heroine as she is a maid in her father's headquarters. Dressed without riches, beaten constantly, serving the men and cooking the food... Later, we find out her father has a legitimate front as a wealthy merchant and that she was raised as the daughter of such, and therefore speaks different languages, knows dance, deportment, and all. Author wrote her father tried to marry her off but when it didn't work (we don't know why) he pulled her out of the marriage mart and out of society and started mistreating her again. She's 20 years old when we "met" her! Not really on the shelf yet. She complains of being alone in the world and of having no acquaintances or friends or family. Why? If her father is the shrewd business man/terrorist we are to believe and maintains a legitimate front, wouldn't he put up his daughter as the prime example of this legitimacy? Send her off to finishing school? Encourage her to make legitimate connections with hopefully powerful people's daughters? Her abuse could have been borne from neglect and ignorance, and psychological more than physical. -Hero not so heroic! Our hero was tortured at the hand of his captors, all of which he courageously lived through. I don't remember exactly what information he was to keep from divulging or the importance of that info. Nobody cares anyway because when he is "saved", his "brother" don't need information from him (he hasn't gathered any anyway), they don't even want to know if he managed not to talk!. He is shelved and basically thrown out of the spy business. We don't know why... And now can't find the heroine after having been forced to abandon her. Depression and PSSD then drowns the hero in alcohol. When he quite accidentaly stumbles onto the heroine again, he insists on immediate marriage, against his family's very very strong objections to him marrying a maid/nurse (no surprise there!). Blissful carnal acrobatics we are not spared (nor would we want to be, really) and love abounds for the married couple. And they finally get to discover each other and get to know each other, and fall in love. This is usually my favourite part (the falling in love part) and it is unfortunately not developed at all. We are told this has happened through talking and getting to know each other and that time has passed while this happened, but no ink is spent on this happiness? In order to get back to the martyrdom and the angst, I guess? The next chapter comes and of course the hero is told of her origins and goes back to the bottle and is very publicly cruel to her. And this part to me is where he lost most of his honour. The heroine, in true historical novel fashion, thinks she is deserving of it all and proceeds to risk her life to save the man she still loves (where he realizes what a donkey he was while she is dying in his arms). I don't quite get why she is ultimately forgiving him...WHAT COULD HAVE BEENThese issues could have been resolved with a few courageous beta readers. This is supposed to be the first of a series, focusing on the "Brethren" members and author seems to receive constant good reviews so I wonder if all her books fall a bit off the mark in regards to the plot, or if it is the exception. Conspiracy theorist in me will even - gasps!- suggest a ghost author's efforts? (Yeah, I went there. Don't hate me, I know some of you are out there, can anyone say Nora Roberts?) Some of the issues could have been resolved had she been the illegitimate daughter or an adopted orphan, maybe? Why stop the hero's spy activities? Why concentrate the attention, make the whole premise, on he fact that she is secretly the daughter of a terrorist and not on wether she was an ally or a terrorist, instead? The book would have still worked! He could have been infiltrating by capture in order to get close to her and bring her out, marry her knowing she was the daughter of a terrorist, work with her as an ally to his spy ring, and then betray her thinking she betrayed him and the country, yadayada... No? (hide spoiler)]SO...Read this book if you need a martyrdom fix.Do not read this book if you are looking for a suspenseful and complex intrigue.Read this book if you haven't read thousands of historical novels and you don't mind you may regret getting lost in a book that isn't perfect for 6 hours, all for the price of a mocha latte. Or if it is KU eligible (as it was for me).Do not read this book if you are looking for an Alpha male hero and a feisty heroine.Read this book if you don't feel like you've read everything twice already and you just like the author and you want to see how this series starts.I'M SORRY...I apologize to the author for this review. This must be most annoying for you. This is only my personal opinion and my personal views and I understand others could have a better opinion or not find issues with the story at all. I realize I am not an author and I do not think I could be an author. But if your looking for a beta reader...

  • Angi
    2019-05-11 21:41

    It started out interesting, but was ultimately disappointing. I liked the characters in the beginning. Their relationship started off in a common way. The weird love for Grace vs. lust for Georgina thing didn't work for me. I found that irritating. When she is left behind is horrible, nothing about that is okay at all. I liked how they found each other later. But what is the deal with people lying all of the time...even to spare someone else? It's just stupid. I cannot fathom how anyone can expect to have a real relationship built on lies. Ugh. I understand the circumstances but they were both idiotic. Granted I thought he was awful for how he treated her. And he knew she was a terrible liar. Anyhow, I still enjoyed it up til about 75-80% in. Then the ending was so ridiculous and muddled and just weirdly rushed. It made it hard to enjoy.

  • Donna
    2019-05-20 20:08

    I read this book in the book Dark Deceptions. This was the first story and then one by another author. I loved it! I didn't want to put it down. This book is darker than the others I've read by this author. It has a complex plot and wonderful characters. At some points, I wanted to slap the hero, but remembering what he went through helped to understand him. I hope Christi writes more of the Brethren group. We meet some of them in this book and the agent who was the first helped by Georgina deserves a story. Some of the others might also. Hint hint Christi!

  • Becky
    2019-05-10 20:48

    I really wanted to like this book, but it just fell short for me. The author generated a lot of emotion for me, but it just didn't make me love it. I think it may had to do with the hero. I wanted more from him, I really wanted him to be more of a hero.

  • Alexa Steele
    2019-05-06 00:51

    There was way too much abuse and torture in this book for my tastes.

  • Dottiebears
    2019-05-04 23:04

    I'm not sure why i can't find this as a stand alone book--it's in a couple of bundles and it was the best book in both of them!

  • Literati Literature Lovers
    2019-05-11 21:00

    4.5 Stars~Karen's Review~ Christi Caldwell weaves an intricate tapestry of betrayal, love, loyalty, and romance in The Lady of Deception, the first in her new historical romantic suspense series Brethren of the Lords.  The Lady of Deceptions starts out bloody and bruised as crown spy Adam Markham has been betrayed and had landed in the grasp of brutal Irish nationals.  Georgina Wilcox is the young woman who tends to him in his captivity and she is ill used by his captors The Fox and The Hunter, but it has not cowed her braver in helping stifle their plans.  Georgina is a wonderful fleshed out character, full of compassion and unrelentingly love, even when she is herself betrayed and ill used by those around her. Georgina circumstance broke my heart, and how she is used as a pawn by everyone around her is horrendous.  The tale that Caldwell spins is gut wrenching, full of emotional pit falls, and unforgivable treachery.Adam and Georgina come to learn what love and sacrifice is really all about as their relationship is tested from the very start; and those outside forces destroy the minor trust that this couple has in each other.The ending felt lacking, and for all the ugliness that Adam spewed I really need more contrition from him. At the same time I do need to defend Adam as the girl he loved moved on quickly after he was out of sight. So he is quick to paint Georgina with the same brush as Grace.  The man is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, and he is betrayed by everyone! My heart bled for him, but I also wanted to kick is ass, as he cuts the valet Georgina to the core.  This is why I would have loved a longer ending, with more contrition on Adams part. Yes I know I repeated myself in the review. Note to readers, this book is darker and more carnal than previous Caldwell books that I have read. 

  • R.C. Matthews
    2019-05-01 23:57

    It pains me to give one of Christi Caldwell's books a poor review, but I hated this story with a passion. I'm only giving it two stars because Christi's writing is beautiful. I wanted to strangle both of these characters for about 75% of the book. And the ending just would not end. Good Lord, the last 30% of the book was over the top melodramatic - and STILL the two idiots wouldn't say what was in their heart. It was f#@king painful. I wanted to stop around 50% but kept reading because I really hoped Christi would turn it around. And for a short while I actually thought she might reel me back in. But nope. Hated this story with a passion. Sorry!

  • Nicole Laverdure
    2019-05-20 21:11

    Delightful story!Christi Caldwell has done it again! I really enjoyed her book My Lady of Deception.I loved her two main characters, Georgina and Adam! Beautiful chemistry between the two! This is a story, which historical romance readers, will love from beginning to end. The suspense kept me guessing until the very last page. I just couldn't put down. The author, once again, captivated me till the very end.

  • Maggie Whitworth
    2019-04-29 00:47

    A dark book of torture and sweetness , with a beautifully romantic edge . One of Christis best x

  • Virginia
    2019-05-27 00:41

    It's too bad the hero is such an asshole. The heroine really is far more awesome and amazing. Good story. Preferred the duke of Aubrey to the hero (or even the Archer). But oh well.

  • Mainer207
    2019-05-09 23:53

    I have to put this down. I don't like it at all.

  • Christine
    2019-05-05 00:11

    For a traditionally published novel, by a best-selling author, with an editor, this book had an insane number of typos. More than any non-traditionally published book that I've read -- and I've read quite a few. I mention this, because there's a stigma towards self-publishing and non-traditional publishing. People assume the better written and edited books are written by traditionally published and established writers, not true. Typos included misused personal pronouns, (she instead of he, or her instead of his), verb tense - pressured instead of pressure, and misplaced punctuation. Other than that I enjoyed the book. And I admittedly don't mind these things as much as some do, mainly because I think differently and hand-wave it as people being human. But this one did have more than most. So may be the transference to the Kindle edition. I'm not sure if this is intentional but the author seems to have a very negative view of government covert operations and those who operate and are in charge of them. My main quibbles with the plot were well, the operations of insanely inept and somewhat cruel heroic Brethren -- which is super secret spy arm of the British Home Office. (view spoiler)[The Brethren drug not one but two of their agents, endeavor to have them captured, and held in captivity by a notorious Irish Terrorist (not called Terrorist back them, but Irish Republican Rebel) - who hates the British for raping and killing his mother. Why? So they can determine the veracity and loyalty of the daughter of the terrorist and whether she will help them take the terrorist down. Seriously?? And they don't tell these men. Both men are tortured brutally within an inch of their lives. Meanwhile, the daughter aka heroine, Georgina is diligently trying to save them at great risk to herself. She attempts to save the first, thinks she failed, is haunted with guilt over her failure, and brutally beaten for her troubles. Then later, she falls in love with the second one (our hero), and saves him, only to be beaten half to death. All along, risking her life by passing messages to the Brethren. Does this satisfy the bastards? No of course not.They reveal her parentage to the hero and accuse her of being a traitor, resulting in the hero treating her horribly, abandoning her, etc...albeit feeling conflicted over it. So that they can manipulate her into pushing her traitorous father and adopted brother into the open -- at great risk to her own life.When the hero confronts them on some of this -- they say, well it was for the Good of the Crown and Country. And oh by the way, you aren't really married under the Church of England without the heroine's father's consent, since she was under-age at the time (I guess she was 18? I thought she was 20). But hey, we have no problems using her as our spy.Also, the reason they aren't sure they can trust her and the sole reason the hero thinks she's not to be trusted and a traitor? She lied about her parentage. Apparently being the daughter of the villain made her one by default?(hide spoiler)]That's a heavy theme in the book by the way. Condemning people based on very little information or illogical syllogisms. Or one person by the actions of others they are related to or identified with. (view spoiler)[Georgina (the heroine) father hates all Englishmen because a couple of English soliders raped his mother. Adam (the hero) believes Georgina is a traitor because she is the daughter of the man who tortured him. She's guilty by association of her father's crimes, just as Adam is guilty by default of these Englishmen's crimes. It's absurd when you think about it. And I had difficulties with it. But isn't that how many people do think? How many people condemn all Muslims for the actions of a terrorist organization that describes itself as Muslim? OR denounce all immigrants for the actions of a scant few? Demonizing the other seems to be an all too human practice.(hide spoiler)]The other huge theme of the novel is a the means truly justify the ends? Are the Brethren's actions justified even if they may have a good result? It's debatable, I guess. But Caldwell does not appear to think they are, and I tend to agree...for the road to hell is laid with the best of intentions. So even if the result is seemingly good at the end of the day...there are deep scares, and losses that could have been avoided and do have is seen in the next book, "The Spy Who Seduced Me" .

  • Tracy DeNeal
    2019-05-13 00:57

    This book, My Lady of Deception, the first in the series, “Brethren of the Lords” was my introduction to Christi Caldwell's wonderful writing. It is quite well written and extremely dark. I usually don't go for dark, but the prose sucked me in. This is not your typical Regency romance.Wow! What an incredible ride. I've never worried so much for a heroine in my life. Honestly, I came to the conclusion at one point that Adam Markham did not deserve her. I know that there were some extenuating circumstances, but good grief man! He redeemed himself, of course, in the end.The characters are well developed. Georgina Wilcox’s ability to maintain a strong moral compass despite her family situation is amazing. Her compassionate drive to do the right thing in spite of personal peril was exemplary. It begs the question for readers, if this were my home and my family, would I be brave enough to do the right thing? Or would I know my role in the family and do what is expected? Georgina's decision defines the term heroine. Adam’s willful blindness to Georgina’s true social standing annoyed me. Yes, of course, a servant can pick up ballroom etiquette and ton manners in a few easy steps. Yes, a servant speaks posh English. Context clues are a thing, Adam. The villains of this piece, The Fox and Hunter, were two of the most unredeemable examples of human refuse I've ever had the misfortune to read in literature. They were cunning and brutal in the extreme. I cheered uproariously when they met their demise, which begs the question about my own bloodlust. But that's another issue for another day and discussion. This book also left me yearning to know more about the other “brethren” Nathaniel Archer, the Duke of Aubrey, and Adam's natural brothers. There is so much potential there to be mined. I know that there are no definite plans to continue the series, but surely these characters will start screaming or whispering to the author for a story at some point.NEWSFLASH: Apparently, Nathaniel Archer has done a little whispering in Caldwell's ear and we should be getting his story soon! Yay!TRIGGER WARNING: There are scenes that allude to torture and domestic violence. BLURB:Everybody has a secret. Some are more dangerous than others For Georgina Wilcox, only child of the notorious traitor known as “The Fox”, there are too many secrets to count. However, after her interference results in great tragedy, she resolves to never help another... until she meets Adam Markham. Lord Adam Markham is captured by The Fox. Imprisoned, Adam loses everything he holds dear. As his days in captivity grow, he finds himself fascinated by the young maid, Georgina, who cares for him. When the carefully crafted lies she’s built between them begin to crumble, Georgina realizes she will do anything to prove her love and loyalty to Adam—even it means at the expense of her own life.

  • Tracey
    2019-04-25 18:45

    If I could give this book more than 5 stars I would! This book is a page turner from start to finish. This book is one of the most emotionally written books I have read in a long time. This is a book about heartache, despair, deception, redemption, and love. I felt so much heartache for the heroine in this story that I cried while reading everything she went through. All I wanted was Georgina to get the happy ending she deserved. I felt anguish for Georgina when Adam the hero in the book found out that Georgina was the daughter of the Fox the man who kidnapped him. The emotional betrayal and trust was all the hero could think about. He walked away when Georgina needed him most. Adam love is tested to the limits. Will Georgina forgive him or will he lose her forever. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves dark and emotional read. Thanks Christi for a wonderful read that I will never forget.

  • Deb Diem
    2019-05-20 00:56

    My Lady Of Deception by Christi Caldwell is an amazing historical romance. Ms Caldwell has outdone herself with this twisted tale. This well-written book is loaded with phenomenal characters, some you love, some you love to hate. Georgina and Adam's story has plenty of drama, action, humor and spice. Not to mention spies heroes. I loved this story from start to finish and look forward to reading my next book from the talented Christi Caldwell. My Lady Of Deception is book 1 of the Brethren of the Lords Series but can be read as a standalone. This is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.I voluntarily read a free copy of this book that I received from BookFunnel.

  • Monika P.
    2019-04-25 19:41

    My Lady of Deception is a very dark and emotional love story. It's definitely not for the faint of heart. The story is heart-breaking and suspenseful. There is a lot of domestic violence; physically and emotionally. Don't read this book if you think it will trigger a negative reaction. For everybody else - do yourself a favor. Pick up this book. The writing is exceptional. The characters well developed and totally human. Even so I was close to crying throughout I am glad I read this book. Thank you Christi for this experience!

  • Patricia
    2019-04-27 20:45

    My Lady of Deception was a massive hit with me. It captured me from the very first paragraph and saddend me when I completed the book. I wanted it to go on and on and on. The storyline was brilliant and fast paced. I highly recommend this story and a note of warning, you won't put it down even when it's way past your bedtime.

  • Patricia Schuette
    2019-05-01 21:05

    A different romanceA story about the troubles between Ireland and England in the 1800s. A man is held captive by a man and his adopted son who are leaders of the rebellion. While there he finds himself falling in love with the man's daughter who he thinks is a maid.

  • ksstannard
    2019-05-06 02:49

    Christy commands our full attentionGeorgina and Adam draw is into their world of treachery with the first sentence. And, of course, into the path of true love which is equally as treacherous.

  • Clarissa Boggs
    2019-05-24 00:53

    A good read

  • Eunice Robertson
    2019-05-23 01:47

    Wow, lots of action in this Regency romance. Keeps you turning pages from beginning to end. (I voluntarily reviewed this advanced copy).

  • beverly
    2019-04-30 21:05

    I loved this bookStayed up until 3am to finish it great start line ending could of had a bit more thought into it to make it that bit more specail

  • Melissa
    2019-05-16 22:02

    This was my first Caldwell book and it was very "eh" for me.First, the romance felt rushed and unsupported by events (yeah, I get it - they went through a tough time together, but where is the story?). One chapter they've just met, then the next chapter months have passed (I guess? I'm not quite sure - the timeline is not very clear) and he is crazed with lust and hurriedly doing inappropriate things to her with his fingers. One second she's torn, the next she's hopeful and inspired. One moment he's head over heels for Grace, the next he never loved Grace. All of these flip flops are rushed and didn't make a lot of sense to me.Second, the language was very repetitive WHICH I HATE. Author uses the term "shuttered" in regards to a person's look TOO MANY TIMES. And dripping. What's with all the dripping?! I've never read a romance where someone spent so much time on breasts. Let's not kid ourselves: these romances are for ladies, and we know breasts aren't THAT awesome. Ugh.Third, I didn't really care. About any of it. I didn't care what happened to Georgina, I didn't care what happened to Adam. I didn't care about his family - none of it. Tony was the most likeable character and I *might* read a book about him, but then maybe not because if it sucked I'd be sad :(I read the whole thing, which says a lot, but I wouldn't recommend and I probably wont read this author again.

  • Kat W
    2019-05-10 18:45

    So much drama and angst and definitely that bit of lite gothic throughout (not like Wuthering Heights level gothic)! I'm giving this 3.6 stars rounded up because for some reason Caldwell's story did not drive me crazy with the whole lies and not communicating plot tool (view spoiler)[ (I really don't know why. Georgina was seriously beat down and Adam was a butthead for half the novel. It's a little worrisome to me I was ok with reading the low self esteem struggle for so long.)(hide spoiler)], which usually drives me bonkers! I also accurately predicted 80% of this book, which also for some reason highly entertained me. (view spoiler)[ Except that ending with the pictures I did not quite see coming. That was pretty sugary sweet and I loved it with the picture trail.(hide spoiler)] This novel also vaguely (super vaguely) reminded me of Judith McNaught's Sequel's series. I also liked the various characters, who are obviously being setup for later books in the series and the intrigue of a secret society (I don't know why I liked this point. I might like the idea of it wreaking havoc on relationships? Lol. (view spoiler)[ Caldwell also seriously stuck to the Desdemona heroine with the added benefit of living and having a happy ending. She was definitely milking it for a looong time and I don't know why it didn't bother me when it has in other stories.(hide spoiler)]

  • Mary
    2019-04-30 22:41

    I read this as part of the "From the Ballroom and Beyond" box set.I give the story 4 stars. It was an engaging tale of two people tortured in more ways than one at the hands of Irish revolutionaries. Georgina just wants to help prove her loyalty to England and escape the abuse of her father and adopted bother. Adam is a member of the English spy organization The Brethren. He is being help captive by the Irish sympathizers and is in danger of being killed. Georgina wants to help, but what can she do that won't get them both killed?There are some violent scenes, and it is heartbreaking to watch the heroine and hero struggle with their distrust of each other. Through the dark moments, I kept rooting for them to hang onto their love and be the hero/heroine that they each needed.The editing, unfortunately, gets 1 star. The timeline is completely busted. Does something happen two hours ago, yesterday, a month ago, years ago? Who knows? It was difficult to keep the events straight as the timeline kept changing. There was also the insertion of the wrong characters' names at key points in the story. This was all very distracting, but I think it's worth pushing through to get to the heart of the story.

  • catherine neri
    2019-04-28 00:46

    Praise for Christie Caldwell I just love,love,love Christie Caldwell's books! From the scandalous seasons series, to the heart of a duke series, and now this first book in the Brethren of the Lord's series.The story is so much more than the brief synopsis we were given. Georgiana was a terrific heroin. She had to endure so much. I loved and hated Adam. How he treated her when he found out who her father was, that was heartbreaking. But he did redeem himself. Even when she made it difficult for him and tried to let him go, even though she loved him, he didn't give up. Too much happened to really give this story justice in a short review. Just buy it!! You will love it, and not be able to put it down until you're finished. Can't wait for the next book in the series. My thanks to Christie Caldwell for many enjoyable hours reading her books.