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As if sending the next rogue back to hell was his life's mission. But after seeing Jillian Murphy for the first time in a decade, Jeremy knew he could no longer ignore his desire. By rights of nature, the Spirit Walker belonged to him. Yet fate and fear had worked against these two headstrong lovers in their youth--and cast the Bloodrunner from his home.Now Jeremy and JillAs if sending the next rogue back to hell was his life's mission. But after seeing Jillian Murphy for the first time in a decade, Jeremy knew he could no longer ignore his desire. By rights of nature, the Spirit Walker belonged to him. Yet fate and fear had worked against these two headstrong lovers in their youth--and cast the Bloodrunner from his home.Now Jeremy and Jillian must join forces to uncover the betrayal that threatens to destroy the pack's stability. And when they're done--well, Jeremy's not about to again deny himself the one thing he wants most in this world.... Jillian belongs to him, and this time his little witch is going to know it!...

Title : Last Wolf Hunting
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ISBN : 9780373617852
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Last Wolf Hunting Reviews

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-06-06 11:13

    Well, this is the 2nd book in Byrd's Nocturne wolf series. I really enjoyed the first book, but this one was a chore to finish. The heroine irritated me from start to finish. She was a sniveling, whiny, weak-willed, childish...ooohhhh, it still burns me that she gets a runner and I don't!! The hero was WWAAAYYYY too sweet and patient for me. TEN YEARS?!? He was willing to let this go on for 10 years??? Now, I really like Ms Byrd's other books. I think I have everything she's written in either e-book or trade paperback (or both!), and yes, I'll still buy the third nocturne for the ending to the story, but I really hope this change to her writing is something she had to do for mass market and won't become permanent. And I really hope her 3rd in this series reflects her usually moving stories!!

  • Shaunna Peterson
    2019-06-08 08:28

    I love this series! Jillian and Jeremy are an amazing love story. I wish she had a little more faith in him, and wasn't so quick to believe everyone else when it came to their private lives. But I loved watching the story play out, I was rooting for Jeremy the whole time, to please not give up on her. I am glad they could triumph and over come the many obstacles that were thrown at them. So far this is my favorite love story in the series. Not mention, the heat, the hot, erotic, sexy scenes between these two had my blood pumping. This was great story. LOVED IT!

  • Polly
    2019-06-02 08:06

    I love this series. This is the second book and just as exciting as the first.At first I couldn't understand our Heroine's indecisiveness and lack oftrust in/with our Hero. But Ms. Byrd tied it all up really well, helped usunderstand. This book was as action packed as the first. Now forthe third in the series!

  • Lori
    2019-05-28 09:08

    Loved it! This is a series that has become one of my favorites. I love all the characters and their endearing stories. I accidentally started with the 4th one -and am glad I did otherwise I wouldn't have found this series- and will be devouring the 3rd one next. Hopefully there are more in the series to come.

  • Dianne
    2019-05-24 11:06

    Great storyline, great characters! One of the main characters from the first book of this series gets his own story here and it was well-told. The ending leaves just enough to let the reader know that the werewolf conflicts will continue! I was right, this is a great series!

  • Angel Ruess
    2019-05-23 16:27

    The storyline with the rouges was really interesting, but the relationship between Jillian and Jeremy seemed to drag on a bit in what was almost a never ending circle.

  • Unapologetic_Bookaholic
    2019-06-02 12:27

    Jillian is a Spirit Walker A.K.A witch/healer for Silvercrest wolf pack. Jeremy is a Blooddrunner. He hunts rogue wolves that have killed humans. Jillian knows Jeremy is her destiny, but is afraid to give herself to him, heart and soul. Jeremy is a half blood that feels more comfortable living in the Alley as a BloodRunner than with the pack. Even though Jillian is his, he can't seem to convince her. So he goes on being a Runner, for 10 years. The usual push and pull of sexual tension worked well between Jillian and Jeremy. The author put them in somewhat believable situations, so that when things got hot, something bothered them and they had to stop. Also Jillian has an iron hold on her love for Jeremy, for reasons that are revealed towards the end of the book. Ryannon Byrd is excellent at building emotional and sexual chemistry, so that if you allow yourself you'll become attached to the characters. By the time Jillian and Jeremy got together your totally into the love scene.Solid 4 because the writing was so above what I expected for a Nocturne novel. I liked the H/h together and apart. The plot held together when the romantic elements weren't involved. Overall a GREAT read! Looking forward to Brody's story in Last Wolf Watching.

  • Book
    2019-05-26 08:07

    I loved this book! I guess because the two main characters had a ten year crumpled relationship that entertained to no end. I also really liked Jeremy who was featured so much in the first book and already looked forward to his story. The book has a complex and indepth storyline that builds from the first book. The characters continue which I always prefer in these series because it makes them more interesting. I really didn't want to put the book down in some places because it truly is like being a fly on the wall watching intimate private interactions between the characters. I really do enjoy the way this author writes! I highly recommend.

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-06-07 08:26

    This was pretty good, but I got tired of Jeremy and Jillian's back and forth about their relationship, or lack thereof. I think it could have been resolved fairly quickly with a bit of honest conversation. Alas, they both had issues with rejection and feeling they weren't loved. I think the action could have been more intense, and I wish there was more shapeshifting. Since the romance was a bit tedious, and the action wasn't as intense as I wanted, I was a bit disappointed. Plus I really don't like the heroes that go back to doing the player bit since they can't have the women they love. Why cant they just try a little celibacy on for size, since their women usually do?

  • Kathy
    2019-05-25 09:20

    Setting: Maryland forest – mountain top Shadow Peak – where the Silvercrest (purebreds) call home – her family house, his family house, the streets of the town, a barn off the beaten path; Bloodrunner Alley – foot hill mountain, where the Runners (halfbreeds) call home – his real home, ; Theme: giving ones all to the one you love, without reservation; obligation; worthiness; love;Characters:Jeremy Burns: father an ex-Elder, mother human – they loved deeply (now spend more time in Florida); he had a happy childhood; in youth, romanced a lot of the Lycan women; but when Jillian came home from college, he dropped them all, and spent the summer trying to breach her reservations; they shared one kiss, she said okay… but then told he was seen with another woman, and she broke it off; he moved to BloodAlley and took up training/duties as a Runner; he spent 10 years trying to forget her – and the one night stands didn’t do it for him; he got the short stick and made application to be accepted back to Silvercrest, on the basis of his success as a Runner – to put him close so as to figure out who is backing the rogues;Cian Hennessey: Jeremy’s partner – who sits back and laughs at him;Jillian Louise Murphy: Spirit Walker aka Witch, healer and spiritual leader; her mother loved unwisely in college (Jillian the result), so warned her daughter to keep her heart safe; afraid her attraction to Jeremy isn’t grounded in love (his for her, and vice versa), and afraid to risk her heart; pressure from Elders to shun him, and focus on her duties; afraid he would require her to give up her Spirit Walker duties/calling; so when her stepfather told her he’d seen Jeremy kissing another Lycan (after kissing her), she breaks things off…and spends 10 years trying to forget him; The Elders now putting pressure on her to mate and birth a new generation of Walkers – threatening to institute a Mating Hunt, where she must accept he who catches her first;League of Elders – Silvercrest governing body;Dylan Riggs: youngest Silvercrest Elder and friend to the Runners; claimed hereditary right of succession to Elder when his father died; he sees the damage most elder’s elitist attitude (Lycans better than humans, Lycans better than half breeds) in just their day to day stuff / and worried that some are supporting / creating Rogues who are being encouraged to kill / eat humans;Constance Murphy: Jillian’s mother, ex-Spirit Walker; anti-Jeremy; protect your heart;Sayre Murphy: Jillian’s sister; free spirited; loving; wants to see Jillian and Jeremy together;Elise Drake: Bad elder’s daughter; raped 3 years earlier (with her father’s blessing); verbally abused and put down by father; jillian helped her heal after the rape, and they became friends; she advises her in how to defend herself in a Challenge (most by ex-girlfriends of Jeremy); forced by father to tell Jillian that Jeremy came on to her… but the next day she goes to Jillian to tell the truth, and her father uses Dark Arts to get in her head, force her to change to wolf and to attack Jillian (but Jeremy had a bad feeling, and is there to protect her);Eric Drake: Bad elder’s son; ineffective; told to woo Jillian, but has become her friend only; in the end he stands up to his father and helps Jeremy when he is facing off with his father;Stefan Drake: notorious Elder; who is he working with?; wants wolf dominance, uses violence to gain it; building Rogue army?; mastering the art of getting in a were’s mind, forcing a change, forcing behavior he wants; confesses to Jeremy and Eric that he had forced Elise to attack Jillian;Cooper Sheffield: security chief for the pack; Drake’s right-hand man, handling his dirty work; when confronted by Jeremy (after Stefan almost took her life), he attacks Jeremy and is killed in self-defense;Dustin Sheffield: Cooper’s son; cocky; leader of the young male Lycans; borderline rogue? (Or has he crossed the line?);Pippa Stanton: elderly Elder; she is open to Jillian and Jeremy, telling them of Stefan’s wife leaving him for a human, and being prevented from executing her – thus supplying a motive; a friend to them?Summary:Well – for the outer story, not much progress is really made… the Runners know that Stefan Drake is behind things, but they are not able to prove it concretely, they don’t know who he is working with, they don’t know his plan… hmmmmThe first Bloodrunner book had a mated couple, where he knows when he smells her, but she knows nothing of weres, and he has to try to temper his passion to not scare her away… this book has a mated pair who have known it for 10 years, but not willing to sacrifice for the other, and have avoided each other for 10 years… finally they are ‘thrown’ together… and even when heads are telling them to keep apart, their bodies, their impulses are pulling them together… until they both share their love, and are willing to put the other’s needs first… so they will live part time in the Alley, part time in the Silvercrest… ahhhMemorable scenes:No matter how eager or solicitous his bed partners were, he’d never been able to move past the fact that they weren’t the one he truly wanted. Pathetic. And now look at him, practically panting as he tried to breathe Jillian into his system like a drowning man gulping at air.“ ‘ You said that the pack was your destiny.’… ‘I was wrong… You’re my destiny. I stayed out of you head because I want a future with you, Jeremy. One that isn’t trapped it the past… I did it because I trust you, with everything I am. But most of all, I did it because I love you.’”“There isn’t going to be any Mate Hunt – ever – because I’m going to be the last wolf hunting you down, Jillian. I’m not letting you run from me anymore.”“… Azakiel discovered a way to combine his ‘inner power’, or whatever you want to call it, with another Elder. Together, they were strong enough to pull another’s beast – one that he could then command to do as he chose.” (Drake seems to know this dark art)

  • ❤ Fantasy Land Blog⚛Reviewer⚛
    2019-05-29 13:06

    Jillian and Jeremy are long time friends and lovers. Jullian being a Spirit Walker for the pack is in high demand and needs to be careful on whom she loves. Jeremy not being able to trust his love for Julian walked away from her and has no idea how to get her back. This is a great second chance love story with some awesome wolves.

  • Samantha
    2019-05-23 14:12

    So. Much. Angst. And heartbreak. And distrust. And drama. I loved every second of it.

  • Christine Kirchoff
    2019-06-03 09:10

    Found while organizing my book shelf. This book was amazing! This whole series was amazing!

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-05-31 16:16

    Fortunately there's still one more 'wolf' to go, can't get enough of Byrd's hunky shiftersWhere many paranormal romance authors use the `shifters' mate bond as a jump start to connect strangers, author Rhyannon Byrd's gives the connection a different twist using the double edged knife of love and loss to add depth to the romance in Last Wolf Hunting (Silhouette Nocturne). Here the leads, werewolf Bloodrunner Jeremy and Silvercrest pack SpiritWalker/witch/medicine-woman Jillian are not strangers. Both have suffered years of pain and loneliness by denying their bond and after the `incident' that drove them apart, Jeremy has avoided Jillian by living apart from the pack. But when Jeremy draws the short straw and is chosen as the Bloodrunner to return to pack land to pursue clues in recent spate of human murders by rogue werewolves, clues that indicate that the rogue leader is a member of the pack High Council, Jeremy will need Jillian's help to ferret out the traitor and stop the killings.As Jillian and Jeremy come back together at last, neither is willing to risk their hearts again, but Jeremy is determined to finally consummate the physical part of their relationship, seeing no further reason to hold back now that Jillian is no longer the young girl he left behind. But Jillian fights against letting Jeremy back in her life, still believing that he can't be trusted with her heart and still fearing the damage Jeremy could do if she succumbs to the incredible attraction to her unclaimed mate.Byrd does a great job of drawing out the tension as Jeremy 'hunts' Jillian and by giving them much to overcome in order to be together. She also draws out sympathy for Jeremy who is back in a place where he is reviled and dropped back into the situation where he not only has to fight Jillian's misconceptions but also the interference of her parents and everyone else since pretty much the whole town wants to keep the pair apart.So Last Wolf Hunting gets an enthusiastic endorsement for me it was a great quick and steamy read and I am looking forward to the last book in the trilogy Last Wolf Watching (Silhouette Nocturne) coming out next month where Michaela, Torry's friend from Last Wolf Standing (Silhouette Nocturne), gets a wolf of her own. Although I am hoping that it is not really the last we'll be seeing of the Byrd's Bloodrunners because with all the interesting and hunky werewolves we've met in the last two books, I am hoping Byrd will consider adding a few more books for Eric, Dylan and Cian.

  • Starry
    2019-06-11 14:34

    As if sending the next rogue back to hell was his life's mission. But after seeing Jillian Murphy for the first time in a decade, Jeremy knew he could no longer ignore his desire. By rights of nature, the Spirit Walker belonged to him. Yet fate and fear had worked against these two headstrong lovers in their youth--and cast the Bloodrunner from his home.Now Jeremy and Jillian must join forces to uncover the betrayal that threatens to destroy the pack's stability. And when they're done--well, Jeremy's not about to again deny himself the one thing he wants most in this world.... Jillian belongs to him, and this time his little witch is going to know it!_______________________________Jeremy and Jillian-main characters of the bookJeremy has been picked by the blood runners to join the pack and find out who in the league is betraying them, but of course, Jeremy would have to work with someone close to the League to find out, and that someone is Jillian.Jillian and Jeremy had a bad past but Jeremy can't help but want jillian now that he knows whats shes been through since he left. He still can't believe the thing that broke them up from the beginning was Jillian hearing some sort of rumor from someone that Jeremy was touching and playing around with Danna(his ex), a few hours after Jeremy and Jillian had their first special kiss.There are complications like how Jillian couldn't trust Jeremy at first because she's scared she'll get her heart break, to in the end everyone finding out that Drake(a leeague member) is who betrayed them and worked with the rogues, and now they also think that another League member is working with Drake also possibly because their as evil as Drake, but the good news is that Jeremy and jillian put their trust into each other and bonded as a lovely mate couple.#61

  • Ann-Kristin
    2019-06-13 08:28

    Nope.Didn't do it for me.There are 3 things that annoyed me so much with this book that not even the few lines about Brody can make the rating higher.The first one is not a big deal, and I don't know why it annoys me. It's that the heroes in these books, DEMANDS that the woman comes! And by "comes" I don't mean as in "comes over" for a visit. Oh no, they are all "YOU!ORGASM!NOW!" The second thing that annoys me is the way the author changes between using the first names and the last names trough the book. Pick one and stick with it!The last, is the whole plot in the book. There was way to much love drama and not enough action. I know these are romance books, but it wouldn't hurt to explore the action part of it more, the bad Elders.. The love drama is by far the most annoying I've had in a PNR book! It's something so little, so silly that it could've easily been resolved if they just taked for ten minutes. I _know_ that the whole plot is that they want each other, cant, and HEA at the end, but still.. There must be a better way to make a love drama than this. Also I feel that the hero went from alpha male to losing the "alpha" in one day. WAY to clingy and loving at the end. Brody; I hope you'll deliver me more action. Otherwise I might have to put a bark collar on you.

  • Sketching Girl
    2019-06-15 10:06

    I liked this, but I wouldn't say I completely loved it. I started this novel feeling like I actually didn't want the two main characters to get together. I wanted the female character to win in her original desire to have nothing to do with the male character, Jeremy Burns. Which I find strange as I loved Jeremy's character in the first novel in the Bloodrunners series, "Last Wolf Standing", where he was a supporting character to the male lead. He seemed to have more humour in him then, and was a much more likeable character. However, as this novel progressed, I found Jeremy Burns's humour returned, and I loved the two main characters caring for each other and wanting to be together. I like this series for it's main story arc running through the three Bloodrunners novel series, I also love the unique idea of having a soul mate they cannot resist, as it adds an interesting dynamic to the relationships. This is still a v ery enjoyable read, with good action and danger, urban fantasy moments, and an intriguing story. I am still keen to read the third and final instalment of the Bloodrunners series, especially after reading the preview in the back of this book. The Bloodrunners series is great fun to read.

  • Britta
    2019-06-08 09:20

    He knew he loved ever since Jeremy Burns was 22 and that delicious little 18 year old, Jillian Murphy, waltzed into his life. But he was a womanizer by name, and their love was just never meant to be. But what happens when Jeremy is forced to return to the pack, put in his number of kills (from his Blood Running days) and be accepted back into the community? He wouldn't do it if he had another choice. But as the new links between the kills and an elder in the pack come to life, the Blood Runners need an inside ... and there goes Jeremy. Thrown back into the fray with the one woman he will always love. Jillian has been fighting for her life for the passed 10 years. Literally. Once a revered position, elders in the pack have made her life as the pack's Spirit Walker hell. She is constantly fighting with female pack members who claim she has stolen their mates when she has only ever loved one ... Jeremy. And now he's back and her heart is torn in two again. How will these two survive a murderous/traitorous elder in their midst if they can't survive each other?

  • Jessica
    2019-06-14 13:07

    While I really did enjoy the unfolding mystery of the rogue Lycans and the corrupt council of elders, I wanted to put the book down after the first chapter essentially ended with Jeremy dragging Jillian off into the woods and telling her he that he isn't going to respect her wishes not to be touched by him. Apparently she's given up her right to bodily autonomy by being physically attracted to the man. I couldn't stand all the miscommunication, indecisiveness, and butt-hurt feelings that took up the entire book when they could have just had one honest conversation and been done with it. I bought the first three books as a bundle because I liked the fourth book, so I suppose I'll read the third book to find out what happens with the rogues, I just hope the next male protagonist gives off less of a rape-y vibe so I can enjoy the relationship aspect of the book in addition to the mystery.

  • Dani C. (Paulette's Papers)
    2019-06-10 11:16

    I was slightly disappointed in this one. Jeremy and Jillian know that they are destined to be together. Yet because she is told he is sleeping around she refuses to have anything to do with him. So he stays away from the pack because he is a Bloodrunner and now he does sleeps around with other women. Jillian on the other hand stays a virgin but has to endure the women of the pack trying to kill her cause they are jealous she is Jeremy’s destined mate. This goes on for about ten years before Jeremy comes back to go undercover in the pack. That is when he accidently finds out what is going on…Really? She stayed a virgin for this guy? I am sorry but I was just not impressed with Jeremy very much.The plot was good, fast moving and really tied in very well with the first book. I am looking forward to the third to see how this story line moves along.

  • Tasneem
    2019-06-10 11:27

    This was a quick and easy read. I liked Jeremy and I found Jillian too stupid to live on some occasions. She seemed to have no backbone, no ability to trust or figure things out for herself. She was ever so ready to believe the worst of the man she supposedly loved so much - it was as though she had no ability to see beyond the obvious. I didn't like that - especially because she was supposed to be such a good and powerful witch. I'd have expected her to have much more spirituality, practicality - instead, she just seemed silly and weak for most of the book. Even when she does believe him, it feels that she was forced into it, that it wasn't something innate in her. He deserved better.

  • Shawna
    2019-06-16 12:35

    This book was hot. Even though it was less than 300 pages it has everything. Drama, Action, and some very hot sensual scenes. As I read the book though I can't help but think perhaps there is more to their friend Dylan than meets the eye. Some reason I can't help but think perhaps he's not the good guy everyone thinks he is. I can't wait to read the last book in this series "Last Wolf Watching" this series is the first I have read from this author (Rhyannon Byrd) and I must say I am going to try to read more of her work.

  • Marina Z.
    2019-05-27 09:28

    10 years??? They were apart for 10 years because Jillian believed a rumor??? Jesus, seems a bit unfair. No trust in a person she supposedly "loved" and Jeremy says HE doesn't deserve her? It's definitely the other way around. Jeremy's seduction skills with Jillian were mouth-watering. Not a lot of action in this book, which I didn't mind. I almost wish Jeremy would tell Jillian that she missed her chance when she believed a rumor AGAIN! It was clear the whole town was trying to sabotage him. Overall, good and fun read!

  • Rayna
    2019-06-05 12:28

    As i enjoyed the first book completely, i found the second book very repetitivee in how long it takes life mates to actually act on their feelings. In both books it happens right at the end instead of haing them bonded earlier and takling what comes with that love inside them. So as i enjoyed this book and really like Jeremy's character i am a bit dissapointed in its originality of handling bonded mates. i do however like the story line and Byrds ability to continur the flow from the first book.

  • Michelle Tempted By Books
    2019-05-30 12:14

    The nice thing about this series is the books are pretty quick reads. The bad thing is they are just way to scripted. Jeremy and Jillian want each other and to be frank I found it asinine. So she was young and believed a rumor. Now that Jeremy is back she won't love him because she is scared? Really this is the same bullshit as the first book. "I am scared to love even though I know you love me." LAME. The next book better have a more plausible story-line or I am doubtful I can read the newer two books.

  • Jennette
    2019-06-05 14:23

    Grrrr Jillian, she's so frustratingly closed. She demands openness and honesty but she is secretive and dishonest. Jeremy is so much more likable he just doesn't want to lose his heart to someone who clearly rejects him. I wanted to give this 2 stars but then I realized that the author made me really get involved with the characters. I do like the continuing story and all the Bloodrunners. So I will go with 3 stars. I am so caught up in the "who done it" that I could even lean to the 4 stars.

  • Rhayne
    2019-05-21 15:24

    As with the first in the series, this book had me flying through it at a pace that even managed to make me miss some sleep. Unwilling to put it down until I had finished it and totally captivated from one page to the next. Rhyannon Byrd didn't fail to impress, yet again keeping me waiting for what would happen and scrambling to get the next book so I could continue into her world. Again, as with the first, five stars and two thumbs up!

  • Netanella
    2019-05-26 14:18

    The second in the Blood Runners series, this one focuses on Jillian, the Silvercrest Pack's Spirit Walker, or spiritual healer, and the Blood Runner Jeremy Burns. I enjoyed the more developed storyline of this novel better than the first, as we learned more about the inhabitants of Shadow Peak, the mountaintop town of the werewolves, and their oftentimes strained relationship with the half-breed inhabitants of Bloodrunner Alley.

  • Jen Taylor
    2019-06-01 14:19

    Sexy, magicial and dangerous are the words that completely summarize this fantastic novel. Rhyannon has changed the way I look at paranormal romance and lycans. She paints a more realistic view of they lycan society: its rules, limitations and challenges. If you love lycans, sci-fi, fantasy or modern romance, pick this book up!

  • Cathy
    2019-06-16 10:09

    Loved the story line, loved Jeremy...Jillian not so much. She came across as whiny and immature, until the last 2 chapters. Then she actually grew a set and acted her age. This is the 3rd I've read in this series(actually read book 4 and went back to the beginning) and 2 out of 3 of the female leads leave ALOT to be desired.