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THE FINELY WOVEN THREAD PART 3She's the kind of woman you call when you need to escape from a South American prison. Don't miss the book everyone is talking about (and it isn't even out yet!)...

Title : black widow 3
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black widow 3 Reviews

  • Nicolo Yu
    2019-06-23 06:55

    I gave the first two books of this new Marvel series four stars. I felt that although it was good enough to earn five stars on art alone, I had some doubts on its staying power. This third issue however, I am totally convinced that Nathan Edmondson is the real deal.The third issue is the Black Widow book that's I've been waiting for ever since her fellow movie Avengers have pretty good solo titles. This establishes beyond doubt that this is as good as the books Marvel is churning out right now.Black Widow, as she was wont to say has red in her ledger. So she has this missions to atone for her mistakes. She does this black ops mission off the grid. Her fees for these mission she uses to reinvest in these endeavors. She screens potential clients but sometimes one slips her filtering, and when it does, she doesn't hesitate to show them the error of their ways.Initially, my main draw was the art of Phil Noto, but I'm glad that Edmondson has started to approach the excellence Noto pours into every issue. In this one, he subtly alters his art style to make a jungle chase and encounter much more thrilling. As well as he draws Natasha, his storytelling is pretty strong.Marvel has been spoiling me with the double shipping of issues. I wonder how long I have to wait for the next issue. Too long I'm afraid; quite too long.

  • Ev.
    2019-06-21 06:50

    Growth...I guess? She admits to having a home. That's something.But other than that, I get the sense that Natasha's really stuck going through the motions. She's not at that sweet spot where there's any dire conflict pressing upon her psyche, confusing her morals, enraging her heart. She seems distant from these missions, despite them being all part of her "atonement." Of course, it's still early in the run, so that means next to nothing, but I reallllly hope to see something come out of these missions. I enjoyed the callback to The Name of the Rose, wherein Natasha really, really hates on abusive husbands/partners. It shows consistency in character as well as Natasha being genuinely caring rather than cold. Also, with the editors' notes on the back, I love that they included a comment from a BuckyNat shipper about Natasha fixing the "fridged girlfriend" disaster/trope she fell into at the end of Winter Soldier. They may not have directly given a yes or no answer to this awful plot point, but the fact that they put it in there means they haven't forgotten about it and might eventually get around to addressing it. Boooyahhh!

  • Riley Blue
    2019-06-07 15:03

    You might think I’m cold-hearted.I am.

  • Branwen Slayne
    2019-06-05 13:20

    Foliage. In which Nat does some "housecleaning".

  • Lola
    2019-06-01 12:01

    The Best of: Foliage (Black Widow #3)1. This heartbreaking but honest confession: "I don't have a home. A home is a distraction. In my work one cannot have distractions. I wouldn't necessarily know a home if I had one, though."2. Natasha's conversation with Ana and Natasha telling her to leave her abusive husband.3. "What you carry with you, it weighs you down, down, down."4. Natasha completely admitting to who she is: "You might think I'm cold-hearted. I am. I can't afford distractions. I've got work to do."5. The Black Widow being the only weapon she actually needs.6. Another very sad admission: "... But it is the unteachable skill to belong anywhere. The other edge of that is the unfortunate truth. You must first belong nowhere."7. Natasha realizing who exactly she had helped break out of prison and sacrificing the job to right that wrong. (Hint: Crocodiles ate well that night.) 8. A Maria Hill appearance and Natasha's insistence she needed to go home and take care of something first (aka threatening Ana's husband if he ever hurts her again). 9. Natasha' real definition of home: "Unfortunately, I admit, I do have a home. I have always had a home. Even if it is not apparent to me or anyone else. Home is where the hurt is. That might be the jungle. It might be back on the streets of my birth city. It might be here."10. Recommended highly! I loved the storyline with Ana and also how Natasha's sense of justice is shown.

  • Joey the J in R.J. Spindle
    2019-06-13 12:51

    Another introductory issue, but not unwelcome. We do learn a bit more about Natasha's persona in this issue. It's very internal, and there is a bunch of good, subtle action that keeps things rolling. I really enjoyed it.Something is distracting Natasha from doing her job the way she normally does it. She almost saved a bad guy in this issue. Almost. She is still resisting the wiles of the cat--it won't be long, yeah. We are definitely building to something. She has a mission or something from S.H.I.E.L.D. I have yet to read any of those comics/watch any of that show. I'll watch the show once it is on Netflix or Amazon Prime, I think. I'm not sure I am "ready" for a group-comic like that yet. There are a lot of them to be read, that is for sure. I wonder if we'll get that mission under this title, or if I'd have to go to the group-comic to get it? Doesn't really matter I guess ... as long as I do get a through-plot in this series. I feel like we're getting close to it.Read more commentary here:

  • Rosie
    2019-06-05 06:57

    i thought natasha's actions were interesting in this one, especially towards the end. (also props to her for standing up for Ana.) although it seems as though natasha is making a lot of mistakes/getting distracted more frequently as the comics go on, i like how edmondson showed that she's still human. she's not perfect after all! there's also some good character development going on, which i love. i liked her thoughts on not having a home, but i still don't fully understand the line "home is where the hurt is." hopefully there will be some clarification in the next book. love the cover tho!

  •  ᴍɪᴄs ✖amante de los spoilers✖
    2019-06-25 10:19

    ME ENCANTÓ la portada pero con este número TODO mal. NO PUEDO ponerle más de una estrella. "Hemos entusiasmo esperaba"ESA era una frase del comic.Aunque usted no lo crea.ESTO me parece una tomadura de pelo, una vergüenza y total falta de respeto. Si vas a escribir algo en un idioma que no conoces, o que no es tu idioma nativo, lo MÍNIMO que podes hacer es investigar, digo.Estoy INDIGNADÍSIMA.

  • Rocío
    2019-06-04 07:13

    ¿Una cárcel de máxima seguridad en Resistencia donde tienen preso a un ex dictador? ¿Frases en un español mal usado? ¿Una supuesta Buenos Aires irreconocible? Así, no, Marvel. Así, no. La próxima vez, investiguen antes de escribir algo.

  • Anie
    2019-05-28 09:14

    Ah, what a nice volume: I love her protectiveness for Ana (and seriously, good on Natasha for just threatening that fuckwit: he deserves it), and I love the way she deals with her client. Excellent.Also. Isaiah. There is something else lurking behind the surface there.

  • Lauren
    2019-06-03 15:17

    I just really really love Black Widow doing her thing, being dope as hell, and killing the game. Didn't give me the same feeling as Ms. Marvel but I'd say it's not supposed to; a lot less cute, but a lot more sad history.

  • Ezra Marcel
    2019-06-18 06:53

    Black Widow delivers again.Wanna see Nat punch an abuser in the face? We got that. Want the opening of what will likely be a running storyline? We got that, too. This series is a blessing, I swear to you, and the art continues to be superior. This series continues to be a winner.

  • Gabrielle.
    2019-06-15 14:12

    Just. Whoaa.

  • Catherine
    2019-05-28 15:09

    I want more of this story from Nathan and Phil. I know that Mark Waid is writing a new Black Widow coming out later this year. I will miss Phil's art. What an ending.

  • Rika
    2019-05-31 14:00

    I'm really loving the artwork in these. I also really enjoyed the part where Nat stood up for her neighbour against the abusive husband. Such awesome, much great, wow.

  • Liberty K
    2019-06-16 12:59

    The art in that issue was amazing!

  • Tracey Sinclair
    2019-05-29 09:54

    Enjoyable, gorgeously drawn but still lacking that certain something that would elevate it into a must read - though the series is picking up momentum.

  • TiJonna
    2019-05-29 08:12

    god save the queen

  • Alianny
    2019-06-13 10:52


  • Rachel
    2019-06-04 14:58

    <3 This ongoing series is awesome- go check it out.

  • Rianna (RiannaBlok)
    2019-06-02 06:54

    4/40 books read in 2016. Each book is a different case and I like the pacing a lot. Still a lot of action and general bad-ass behavior from Natasha. Really recommend if you like strong women.

  • andrea
    2019-06-18 11:01

    Me ha encantado la parte en la que Natasha golpea al marido de Ana por los malos tratos que la pobre mujer recibía. Es imposible no amar a Natasha Romanoff.