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Lee Capren’s life isn’t exactly normal... but it’s hers. When she’s not slinging spells with her monster-wrangling roommate, Filo, or honing her magical abilities with her boyfriend, Nasser, she’s working in a shop that caters to the magical crowd.When three strangers arrive with a desperate plea for help, Lee and her friends are swept up in their quest to break the curseLee Capren’s life isn’t exactly normal... but it’s hers. When she’s not slinging spells with her monster-wrangling roommate, Filo, or honing her magical abilities with her boyfriend, Nasser, she’s working in a shop that caters to the magical crowd.When three strangers arrive with a desperate plea for help, Lee and her friends are swept up in their quest to break the curse that plagues their home. Unraveling the mystery of the curse will take them from an island where merfolk swim in the coves to a city hidden beneath the streets of Seattle and beyond. As the danger grows, relationships are tested, new ones are forged, and in the face of impossible choices, Lee learns the hardest lesson of all: Where there is love, there is also heartbreak.With time running out, failure could cost their lives—and success could cost them everything else....

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brightly Reviews

  • Bridgett Hoover
    2019-05-15 06:09

    First off, let me just say that I was incredibly impressed by Flicker, the first book in this series. It was detailed and colorful, and the writing was superb. My senses were on high alert from all of the beautiful descriptions. The main character, Lee, was just right for this story. She was strong, sensitive, artistic, pretty, kind, and bold, among others. She had such a good balance of characteristics, and was just so likable.That being said, Brightly was even more impressive than Flicker. Which is not any easy feat, to not only make it as good as the first, but to surpass the first book's greatness. It had the original characters and built up on them, plus new characters and new locations. The characters encounter even more challenges and obstacles throughout Brightly that had me gripping my e-reader in anticipation of the outcomes. And the writing... So many books only draw me in through the story, however, in Brightly, Kaye Thornbrugh pulls me in with her writing. The descriptions are colorful and creative, so vivid and real that you feel as though you are there, seeing what they are seeing, and experiencing what the characters are experiencing. Now don't get me wrong, the story is also phenomenal. There is love, deceit, blackmail, betrayal, action, kindness, generosity, and yes plenty of faeries. I believe this series has it all.I want to give praise to Kaye Thornbrugh for writing 2 amazing books so far. I can't wait for the next book, and whatever else she comes up with after that. If you get nothing else from this review, just please do yourself a favor and read Flicker and Brightly, if you like this genre, you will be very glad that you did.

  • Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten)
    2019-04-27 02:25

    Thank you to author Kaye Thornbrugh for providing me with an e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!Find this review and more on my blog The Rest Is Still Unwritten!Brightly is the stunning sequel to Kaye Thornbrugh’s arresting debut novel Flicker and is easily as good, if not better than its predecessor! If ever Cassandra Clare and Julie Kagawa had a love child, the Flicker series would be it! Utterly perfect!Lee Capren has begun to settle into her new life after the events of the last book. She has great friends, a wonderful boyfriend and a job with her roommate and friend Filo learning about magic. Everything seems to be going wonderful, until three strangers arrive at Flicker with a dangerous request. With no choice but to agree to a very difficult mission, Lee, Filo, Nasser, Jason and Alice travel to a small seaside town on a secluded island where the locals seem to be affected by a mysterious disease that begun when a new colony of merfolk decided to call the island home. Tasked with curing the town, Lee and the gang find themselves delving into dangerous places in order to complete the job, but none of them could ever have predicted the sacrifices they would have to make and the way it would change their lives forever…… Eeep! My goodness do I love this series! Kaye Thornbrugh won me over with her debut, but Brightly is as easily as good, if not better. Thornbrugh’s stunning world, attention to detail and lyrical writing blend with wonderful characterisation to create a story you instantly get swept up in. Told in the third person, Thornbrugh’s ability to go from character to character allows an incredibly well rounded story where you really feel for her characters and you get lost in the lush worlds within the story.Every individual within Brightly owns a little place in my heart. They’re so personable and likable and endlessly interesting. From their own individual thoughts and feelings to the way they interact with each other…..I’m one hundred invested in their journeys. I love the authentic way Kaye Thornbrugh has written her characters. They’re not perfect. They’re flawed. They make mistakes. They suffer. And goodness knows they’ve all experienced different levels of hardship and pain throughout their lives.However throw them all together….Lee, Filo, Nasser, Jason and Alice….and they make up this complex, devoted and heart-warming family that cares so deeply for each other. The friendships between them; all very different, but none less powerful than the others, are wonderful to read about, and I love that Thornbrugh is still developing them and still adding more layers to them---honestly I can only imagine where they’ll all go and I can’t wait to see it unfold before my eyes.There’s so much going on within this story but never once does it seem too much. New characters mingle with old and you can see there’s a purpose behind every shared moment, revelation and discovery between the characters. It’s pretty clear Kaye Thornbrugh has a lot up her sleeve and a definitive plan for the overall storyline even as little bits are revealed over time. Personally I’ve really enjoyed the fact that both Flicker and Brightly have had their own individual little storylines, but each plot arc seems to be a part of a bigger picture. Every development within this story only adds to the complexity and makes you want to know more and read more.Brightly was highly emotional towards the last half of the book, with the characters having to make a tough choice where one of them is concerned. It really was quite painful to witness the aftermath and the agony in which they struggled to find their way back together. They’re a bit frayed at the seams right now, but I know, know, things will have to get better. In fact I may hunt Kaye Thornbrugh down if it doesn’t!Highly entertaining, but oh so underrated, Flicker, and now Brightly are quite possibly some of the best indie books out there and deserve to be sitting on the shelves with some of the greats. Brightly’s ending is superb in setting up the next story and leaves me extremely eager to get my greedy little hands on book three, Lights, as soon as possible!

  • Cherry (_forevermint)
    2019-05-07 00:25

    When Kaye contacted me about getting a free copy of Brightly to review, I was psyched. I really enjoyed Flicker; I thought it was an original story with vividly depicted characters. Brightly begins with the start of a new adventure, one the Flicker crew (Filo, Lee, Alice, Jason & Nasser) begrudgingly decide to embark upon for the sake of their true names. When Filo first laid eyes on a certain someone during the fair, I knew trouble was brewing. I was totally caught off guard by the blossoming romances in this installment. But it was a nice change to see characters getting out of their comfort zone and doing crazy things.The dash of romance here and there and the ever-present love of friendship made Brightly a heartwarming read. I definitely teared up during several parts of the story; it wasn't hard for me to empathize with the characters and feel their love/pain/anger, Faye did a fantastic job keeping her characters real and relatable.What I loved the most about this book is how deeply I felt everyone's pain and misery when their adventure finally ended; though they were able to return home, everything and everyone had changed. Their experiences forced them to mature, to grow up and face reality. And although things were falling apart all around the characters, there was a greater challenge coming ahead and that drove me to devour the last half of the book in two days. Brightly has everything you could possibly want: romance, action, adventure, slice of life, friendship, fantasy, and merpeople (how cool is that?)!! I can't wait for the next book to come out! If you enjoyed the world Faye dreamed up in Flicker, you're sure to love Brightly (:

  • Jennie
    2019-05-24 03:35

    I have been (not so) patiently awaiting this book ever since falling in love with Flicker last year. Lee's story grabbed me unexpectedly and I was eager to find out what happened to her and the rest of the Flicker gang. The sequel did not disappoint. It has everything that I wanted! Lots of character development and multiple POVs and romance! (Speaking of romance...(view spoiler)[I read Filo as gay in the first book, but I honestly wasn't sure if it was intentional or just something I was reading too much into. So I was very pleasantly surprised at Filo and Henry's budding relationship. Now I just want them to forgive each other and kiss! (hide spoiler)]) One of the things I love about this series is that they are urban fantasy YA books with no love triangle. I don't think I have to tell you how refreshing that is.(view spoiler)[The Jason/Alice/Filo thing is probably the closest thing to a love triangle. But seeing as though there's no way Alice and Filo are hooking up, it doesn't have the same "Who will she choose???" dilemma that is prevalent in so much YA. That relationship dynamic is also very much on the periphery of the rest of the story. (hide spoiler)] This book is also very action-packed! Not that there wasn't action in the first one, but no sea serpent battles or bear attacks. (I don't know about you, but bear attacks are always a plus for me.) There is a lot of story packed into this book and it ends on a cliffhangery bang. It's absolutely worth more than the $3 I paid for it on Kindle, so definitely go pick it up!

  • Sierra Hastings
    2019-05-23 01:35

    (Review to come)

  • Grace Shirk-emmons
    2019-05-07 05:35

    Even better than #1!

  • Frog Jones
    2019-05-01 04:21

    From the Friday Indie Review:I’ve met Kaye Thornbrugh at a couple of good cons by now, and I’ve always enjoyed hanging out with her. I liked Flicker, her first book, but there were some rocky points that needed shoring up, and I pointed that out. It was a good book.She’s learned a lot about the art of writing a novel since then. Brightly isn’t a good book – it’s a great one.Flicker set up the world in which these characters live; the magic shop, the odd jobs. It let us see how Kaye’s magic system works, and filled us in on the backstory to her characters. For some authors, that’s all there is; an origin story. For Thornbrugh, it feels like the origin work was something she needed to tell in order to start telling us cool stories in that world. Brightly has more character growth, more interpersonal dynamics, and frankly more fun now that the reins are off. Her writing has all the glee of a dog that’s managed to escape from the backyard and really get out into the world.Let’s start with the main character, Lee. Lee’s still something of an apprentice; she knows enough to know she’s outmatched and outgunned, but she’s working on that. Lee’s internal dialogue is given to us, and we really feel what it is to be a teenage girl. She’s emotional, sure, and that’s to be expected. There’s a trap that many authors fall into here – that this blushing awkwardness should immediately spring, fully-formed, into an epic and/or tragic romance. Thornbrugh isn’t excluding the possibility of that, but the way she handles Lee’s emotional state at any given time makes you feel like you’re looking at an actual person instead of a character from a romance novel. Lee’s emotional experimentation and fumbling is endearing in a way that makes her character that much more sympathetic.And then there’s Filo. I love Filo. Here’s a kid that’s in roughly the same position as Lee, except that he’s got a lot more ability to get things done. Filo’s problem is the Spiderman dilemma – with great power comes great responsibility. He’s constantly trying to pass himself off as not-a-teenager, because to do otherwise would mean he couldn’t get his job done. There’s a scene towards the very beginning of the book when Filo and Lee deal with some atrocity in a neighborhood basement. The lady who owns the house is very grateful to both of them – so grateful she offers to call CPS and get them help. Filo can’t take it, of course – that would get in the way of him doing his job, but the fact that this lady sees the vulnerability under Filo’s facade of easy competence makes the reader become attached to Filo as well.Nasser, Lee’s master in the arts of magic, is a more distant character. This is pretty intentional; we’re looking at Lee’s POV, and as a result our perceptions of Nasser are filtered through Lee’s hormonal responses to him. It’s hard to feel a direct connection to this third part of our protagonist triumvirate, because what the reader feels instead is a greater connection to Lee in the presence of Nasser. He’s a good character, but the real magic comes from Lee dealing (badly) with her attraction to him.The world’s getting larger, too. Flicker really set up the dynamics of the shop; Brightly almost immediately takes us away from that locale and into more fabulous settings. As the titles imply, it’s flashier, hipper, and just a heck of a lot of fun. The world we’re exposed to becomes something of a cross between Harry Potter and The Magicians, a place of wonder and magic, but one where the danger is a little more real-feeling.Flicker and Brightly are well named. Flicker gave us the beginning glimmers of what Thornbrugh could do; Brightly has managed to pull it off with aplomb.

  • Marisa
    2019-05-07 06:33

    First and foremost I would like to thank the author for providing me with a free ebook of Brightly. The fact that I received this book for free in no way effects my review. It is 100% honest.Brightly has a lot of things going for it. The plot is interesting, the writing is solid and the author clearly knows her world because she paints a vivid description with her words. For the most part, the characters are also well developed and likable. However, there are two things which make me really like this book instead of loving it and giving it 5 stars. The first is that in the initial 100 pages of the story I found it hard to connect with any of the characters on an emotional level. Simply put, I felt there were too many vying for the main character spot. We have the gang from the first book, consisting of Lee, Filo, Nasser, Alice, and Jason, but are then introduced to three new characters: Clementine, Davis, and Henry, which totals off at 8. Now, I realize stories are allowed to have more than two or three characters, but what threw me off was that the author tried to split the story evenly between the eight of them at the beginning. I’m glad she tried to flesh out the characters rather than just focusing in on Lee and Nasser and sort of using everyone else as filler like so many other YA novels do. However, the book starts off shifting from perspective to perspective and while this method can work, the pace of the book is somewhat fast. Therefore we spend about 5 pages on Nasser dealing with something and then switch to what Alice is dealing with, etc. and the fact that the perspective changes happen so fast left it hard for me to feel for a character before moving onto the next one. This got better towards the middle of the book when the group came together collectively and everything was told from Lee’s perspective. I could connect with Lee while at the same time caring about what the others were dealing with because she cared. The second issue was mentioned briefly before: this book has a fast pace. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but in a few parts I felt things were being rushed over and that made me question their plausibility. In a couple of chapters, some of the victories were won a little too easily or decisions made with just a little too much haste. However, this didn’t necessarily affect the book as a whole. Really there were only a handful of spots were I felt the story could have benefited from a slightly slower pace. Overall, Brightly is definitely worth the read. The problems I had with this book were minor and didn’t stop me from enjoying the story and it is one I’ll surely revisit again because I love the world and the characters!

  • Ashley Fairchild
    2019-05-02 01:33

    When I found out that there would be a sequel to Flicker I was so excited. I could not wait to be brought back into Lee's and the rest of gangs world. Brightly really captured me and I could not put it down because I had to find out how it ended. It is a must read! Im hoping there is a third.

  • Bailey
    2019-05-22 07:34

    I really enjoyed the first book Flicker and was super excited to hear from the author again to read the sequel Brightly. Though its been a while since I've read Flicker it didn't take me long to remember everything and fall back into the characters stories.Lee and her friends meet three strangers who ask them to help them get rid of a sickness that has spread across their island. Turns out that sickness is a curse and if they don't get rid of it lots of people are going to get really sick--or worse.I really loved Lee in Flicker. She quickly became a character who was easy to like. I can remember how much I connected with her but I found that in Brightly I had a harder time connecting with Lee. I don't exactly know what it was but throughout the beginning of the book it was much harder. I still really liked Lee and by the 150 mark I found myself connecting with her again. She's a fantastic character with so many loveable and admirable characteristics. And she's grown a lot since Flicker and it was great seeing that change not just in Lee but in all the characters. They have so many challenges presented to them in Brightly.My favorite thing about these books is Kaye's writing. There is something to be said about the way she writes. It is truly captivating even more so this time. Every sentence is crafted beautifully with imagery that allows you to picture things perfectly. I'd forgotten just how good Kaye Thornbrugh is at crafting the world her characters live in. I don't read many books with fey but the few I have don't always make it easy to picture the world they have created. Kaye though has a way of making it so easy that there is no effort to create the image in my head. It all flows so well. It's no secret Filo Shine is one of my favorite characters from Flicker. I liked this guy from the beginning. And I found myself loving him more and more with each page I read of Brightly. Out of all the characters in this book he is the one that grew so much and became an even better character. I'm really surprised I never picked up on certain things with Filo but am actually really pleased with how Kaye took his storyline. When I first read Flicker I really wanted him and Lee together but I found that the friendship and respect that bloomed between them was much better. In fact I am so glad it's a friendship rather than anything else. I found myself really enjoying the romance between Lee and Nasser. Not only that but I found myself really loving Nasser in general. I liked him in the first book but I was so lost in Filo Shine that I never really thought much of Nasser. That changed with this book. I really really liked his character and the journey he goes through. So much goes on in this book and yet by the end of it you find yourself wondering why it has to end like that. Gosh, that ending was intense and now it's left me wanting more. I have to know what happens to the gang next! That was so insane I couldn't read faster with those final pages.It's safe to say Brightly was a winner for me! I enjoyed it even more than the first book and it's getting 4.5 out of 5 birds from me! I am so excited to see where the story will go next. Did I mention the insane ending? Wow. Really, read these books if you haven't already people! So so good! I'd recommend them to anyone especially since me not being a big fey fan love these books.

  • Ali
    2019-05-23 03:27

    I was so lucky to be offered a free copy of 'Brightly', having absolutely loved 'Flicker'. Compared to revising for exams (bleurgh) reading 'Brightly' was a very welcome distraction (looking back I maybe should have done more work instead of reading...). I’m always a bit wary of sequels as they are so rarely as good as the first book but I was not disappointed. 'Brightly' was just as impressive, if not more so than 'Flicker'. We continue following the characters from 'Flicker' as well as some new ones. I’m still as in love with the original gang as I was when I read the first book. The characters were so well written, the character development is amazing, and we get to see a lot more of characters like Alice and Jason. I love how they have their own secrets and pasts, it makes them really believable and relatable too- a hard job when most of them are in some way magical. The blossoming romance between some of the characters was beautifully written and I was rooting for them all the whole way through. Am so, so, so glad that there wasn’t a love triangle, far too many urban fantasy books fall into this pitfall. The change of scenery was refreshing and, what I've come to expect from Kaye, absolutely beautifully descriptive. I honestly felt like I was there, experiencing things just as the characters did. Kaye has such an amazing gift for description, I’m so very jealous of her talent. And merpeople, one word: awesome. They were both scary and fascinating which I think is a brilliant combination for any magical creature. Overall this was an absolutely stunning book, and I recommend this to anyone who enjoys urban fantasy or just gripping and beautiful stories.If I could give this higher than five stars I would and absolutely cannot wait for the third book and anything else that Kaye writes. After reading 'Brightly' I don’t want to join the real world, I’m very happy living in a magical world, of the fey, merpeople and curses. Very tempted to buy the paperback copies of both books so I can have them on my bookshelf along with my other favourites books.

  • Tracy Beth
    2019-05-24 04:30