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Curt has been beaten, betrayed and brutalized by just about everyone hes known. And his mother once a prostitute, now born-again and married has banned him from the family. But six years in prison taught him a lot including how to force straight cons to ejaculate as he rapes them, and how that can be a very satisfying method of revenge. Now hes out and trying to stay straiCurt has been beaten, betrayed and brutalized by just about everyone hes known. And his mother once a prostitute, now born-again and married has banned him from the family. But six years in prison taught him a lot including how to force straight cons to ejaculate as he rapes them, and how that can be a very satisfying method of revenge. Now hes out and trying to stay straight, but problems with his marriage and zero prospects of earning money enough to live on make that almost impossible. Its while hes hustling two gay men in a bar one afternoon that he mentions what hes done in prisonand the bet comes up. It seems the men, Wayne and Lenny, want a little revenge of their own against someone whos caused them trouble. If Curt can make this one straight guy get off while being assaulted, theyll give him a car, cash and a chance at a new life. Being in the mood to do some damage, Curt agrees and they start laying their plans. But step-by-step, Curt realizes things are getting out of control, and he has no one to pull him back from the abyss. And a stupid little bet is threatening to plunge him headlong into disaster....

Title : How to Rape a Straight Guy
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ISBN : 9781934625354
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How to Rape a Straight Guy Reviews

  • Nile Princess
    2019-06-03 08:51

    Ok, so WOW. The title really doesn't do this book justice and it would probably get so many more sales if the author changed it. It, IN NO WAY, prepared me for how awesome this book is. I've read one other book that I tagged as psychological genius; this book makes two. It's kind of eerie how well written this book is considering the fact that Curt is an uneducated ex-con, who speaks in slang and broken English. But man, oh man, he lets you inside his head and doesn't let you go. The book is written in first person and Curt's mind is a dark, depraved place BUT as he relives his childhood and every unfortunate circumstance in which he's found himself over the years you can't help but empathize. It really makes you question whether some people are just destined to have horrible lives and are unable to avoid making bad decision after bad decision. But, to the book. Curt is an ex-con trying to make it on the straight and narrow. He can't find steady work, the pay sucks and to compound matters, his wife is sick and tired of him not pulling his weight. Enter Wayne and Lenny, two gay men he meets in a bar, who sucker him into a bet that Curt can get any guy off, whether they claim to be straight or not. The payoff? Lenny's dad's used car and $1000. Plus, of course, Curt gets to have sex with a guy that will be selected based on his specifications. He agrees and goes home with Lenny and Wayne, lets them suck him off for $250 (easy money he can put in his wife's hand to shut her up) while they formulate a plan as to how this bet will play out.This all sounds simple enough, except, there are moments of clarity where Curt realizes that things don't feel right. For one thing, there are times when a side of Wayne emerges that's not the desperate, unloved gay man he first appeared to be. He also seems to have the upper hand in the friendship, and a quiet forcefulness that gets Lenny to fall in line when he needs him to. Then there's the fact that he seems to know just a little too much about kidnapping and restraints. Curt resolves to watch him...and he starts to pay more attention. And as Curt gets these ping ping moments in his brain, you the reader get them in your pulse like 'Oh gawd, this can't be good.' The anticipation is crazy.But, here's the kicker! Even though there's a voice inside Curt's head warning him to walk away NOW, he can't because as much as he claims to be straight, he's come to love the feel of being inside a man. Prior to his six year prison stint, he was all about the women and he still loves being with his wife, but more and more he's wanting the feel of the male body, that feeling of power it gives him to see a man as big as himself submit and man, he wants the man they've agreed to target. He really, really wants him. So he brushes that voice aside.And steps into hell.Things go very wrong, very fast. And Curt, not the most patient, rational man at the best of times, allows the darkness within free reign. This book is only 144 pages but honestly, I'm not sure my heart could have taken much more. Read it. I know it's expensive. $9.99 for 144 pages is against my religion. Heck, $9.99 for any ebook has NEVER happened for me, but it is worth it even though it's not lendable on Amazon. Bastids.I'm sure I'll read it again. I just need some time...and a drink. Be aware. This is NOT a romance and it's not happiness and sunshine. I had to create an m-m general shelf just for this. **If you like this book, The DMC is where you need to be.

  • Silkeeeeee
    2019-06-08 08:52

    WARNING! The title of this book is not a joke. Very dark, raw read. This book explores a rapist's life and thought patterns through a period during and after he was released from prison. After his release, he makes friends with two men that are even sicker than he is and engages in a bet with these two creeps. It also shows what this convict thought about and what he did to other prisoners, and a guard before he was released. When he meets up with these two men on the outside, they dupe him into believing they are nothing more than just two older gay guys having to pay for sex. He boasts how he's able to make straight men have an orgasm even though he's raping them. They place a bet and decide to go after a cop that harassed them and video tape it to get back at this cop. That's about all I'm going to give away here. This goes into the dark recesses of his mind and why he rapes. You won't be able to put this book down once you start it. You want to read it with one hand over your eyes and peeking through your fingers. This book is the top of my STANDARD for dark, erotic thrillers. If they don't measure up to this, they don't get five stars. I've read four or five of Kyle Sullivan's books and they are all well worth reading. He is a very gifted, talented dark writer. His mind must be as twisted as mine except he has a brilliance I don't posses. NOTE: Due to all of the skuttle butt about rape contained in fiction, I have decided to voice my own personal opinion. First,I DO NOT BELIEVE IN BANNING BOOKS OF ANY KIND! Second, I believe Mr. Sullivan left the name of the book as is so the reader is warned before buying and reading the book. I'm sure it would have been a lot easier on him and he would have sold many more books and not been banned time after time if he had changed the name of the book. Rape, whether it's of a male or a female is a sad, violent act. It is NOT glorified in this book. It is simply the inner thoughts and actions of a sick man committing horrible acts. This is not a love story, nor is anything he is doing condoned. I really get pissed off when people say, "What if the name of the book was How To Rape A Woman." I hate to tell you but the act of rape of a woman is no more vile and de-humanizing than the rape of a man. To say any different is bigoted and small minded. I'll go one further. I have read a book called Break Her wherein after reading it, I decided there is a LOT more that is more painful than rape. A lot of our reaction to the act and word is taught to as being the absolute worst thing that can ever happen to a person. But is it really? So, if you don't want to read about the thoughts and inner turmoil of a mentally-ill, sick individual that engages in rape acts, don't buy the book. But commenting on something you have not read it ridiculous and just shows you are uninformed. JMHO. ALSO, Mr. Sullivan has re-released his books as self published. Here are the links to find them.

  • Steph
    2019-06-17 13:13

    Okay, so this doesn't happen to me very often but I am kind of speechless. I honestly don't know how to tell you how I feel about this book, without making myself sound like a crazy bitch. But I'll give it a good go. I just hope it makes sense. LOL I will start by saying that yes, this book contains rape scenes, many of them in fact. So if you can't stomach that, I'd turn away now and not read it. I know that a lot of people will be put off because of the title and that's fine, I don't blame you. I don't agree with or enjoy reading about rape in any situation, but I urge you to look past that and to see this book for what it is. A very dark and disturbing tale about a guy that was dealt a really shitty hand in life. How he copes with those situations and the impact they have on his life. Good or bad. Curt has ended up in some truly horrific situations in his life, situations where he had to harden himself, to live through it. He had to adapt to survive, to become harder so he would be able to protect himself. Unfortunately, the changes he made didn't exactly make him a better person. Curt was... My God, I don't even know how to describe him. Did I really like him? No, I can't say I did. No matter how sorry I sometimes felt for him, or just wanted something to work out for him, just once. He still went on to hurt people and to ruin their lives. He didn't care about them or how he was possibly destroying their lives. That, for me, was unforgivable. It was hard seeing him deal with all of these new feelings, the first time he took a guy by force...'I was really shook up. I'd enjoyed it too fuckin' much. First time I really fuck a guy an' it makes me feel better than when I'm with my wife? It fucked with my mind,'Once Curt got out of prison (after six years) he really struggled to adapt. He was still feeling how he did back in prison. The need to be in control, to have all the power and to make everyone around him know that he was top dog. He wanted to over-power men, to have them beneath him and be powerless to stop him. He craved it like nothing else in his entire life. This led Curt into the worst situation he would ever face, one that would lead him down the darkest path he would ever face.Even though my review is a complete fucked-up mess of thoughts and feelings, I do know this...This book was amazing. I felt such an incredible array of emotions.I wanted to cry for Curt, for the shitty upbringing he had. I was angry for him, for being left to rot in prison by his mother, who could have spared him so much pain if she'd have given a shit. I was disgusted by the way he treated all those men, who truly didn't deserve what he did to them. But there were times throughout the story that I actually felt myself warming to Curt, wanting him to be okay and to over-come the things that were thrown his way. I know it's crazy, believe me I do, but I couldn't help it. Sometimes I forgot that he was actually raping people. Seeing things from his POV distracted me from that fact sometimes. Then something awful would happen and any positive feelings I had for Curt went flying out the window. Only to come back again. I think that might be what the author intended. To fuck with the readers head, like Curt did his victims. It was still rape and they hated every second of it, but the fact that he made them cum fucked with their head. I think the author wants you to like Curt, to feel sorry for him, to sympathise with him. Then to sucker-punch you with the fact that he's still a rapist, and that you were pulled in by Curt, whether you wanted to be or not. Very well done, it worked. Overall, I was speechless when this book ended. I think I loved it, but I'm also horrified at the same time. I know none of that makes sense, I'm sorry. I tried, I really did. LOL ** Buddy Read with Em **

  • Danny Tyran
    2019-05-30 10:49

    As Chekov thought, sometimes you're caught in your own destiny; and when this is not a good one, it is hard to get out of it. The author says that he would like to make movies. I hope he will make a movie out of this story. He would not need a lot of money because nearly everything happened inside jails or a garage. No special effects needed, just a real good actor to play Curt. Sure I would go to see such a movie.The main character is criminal, with serious mental issues, and the story is so compelling you can't stop reading. The story line gets darker and darker and all you can do is read faster and faster. And when you think it can't get more twisted it goes into awesome mode and all you can do is keep reading and gasping and thinking that this can't be happening. The mc was believable with a first person narrative that was utterly authentic. This book stands out. It deserves awards. I am impressed. With that said I truly hope the title changes as it likely is keeping people from a true gem. I'm glad I bought it against my initial misgivings however. Many reviewers find the story hot. I do not find r*pes hot, even though I understand what could happen in jails and how you could go from a little smear of sh*t to very deep sh*t without nearly understanding what's happening to you.The author is certainly excellent because, despite all the evil that the main character did, I felt emotionally close to him all along this story.

  • Xing
    2019-06-01 06:48

    The title of this book, while probably being a little too bold in statement and a turn-off for readers, makes sense to me. Because while reading, I realized this isn’t a story by Kyle Michel Sullivan. Instead, this is Curt’s story. This is 144 pages into the psychological constructs of a man who is retelling his story, and the significance of these moments in his life. And when I think about it, the title seems fitting for what CURT would have chosen if he had published this snippet of his life to the masses.Told in first-person POV, we get intimate with Curt’s mind. I felt like he was telling me (convincing me) about the choices he’s made. Some people may be repulsed with him – after all, he’s by no means a good person. But what I can say is that he’s a product (victim?) of his upbringing and the contradictions and brutality of reality. Some of it was by his choice, but I couldn’t bring myself to dislike or hate him. Curt’s assessments of life were spot on in many instances, and maybe that was the beginning of this very fragile connection I had with him. What started out as a shallow story quickly became something much more. Curt will retell certain moments of his life at seemingly random times when he’s reminded of it. These introspective moments make Curt become something more than your typical prison-rapist. He’s actually a very complex character that contradicts every first impression you get of him at first. This is Curt’s story, and my heart ached so much for him. Did that excuse his actions? No. But damn it, I just wished things were different for him. I wished there was one person who could of held his hand and cared for him the way everyone deserves.It’s weird – but that towel hurt me. Gave me a pain deep inside. I dunno why, but I held it close. Smelled it. Let it go smooth over my skin. Lay it gentle ‘round my neck. I’d never felt a towel like that, before.Yeah, that made my heart hurt.The blurb for this story is accurate, but I felt it gives the wrong impression for what it all means. This is a journey. Curt’s psychological journey. And no, there is no happy ending or even a happy-for-now (in my opinion). There is a feeling of regret at lost opportunities from a realization that could only come after the fact.My advice: don’t read this if you’re expecting a great, original storyline. Don’t read this if you’re looking for dark erotica (though there is sex, both M/F and M/M). Don’t read this if the topic and act of fictional rape and violence turns you off. Don’t read this if you’re wanting a romance. And don’t read this if you need a HFN/HEA. But if you’re wanting a powerful and gripping psychological journey of a man spiraling into an abyss, then Curt’s story is what I recommend.

  • Elizabetta
    2019-06-01 08:08

    4.5 starsThis story resonates with me as I read it during a breaking story (in real life) in the news about a young North Korean man who miraculously escaped from a prison camp in that country. His story is that he was born into slavery in the camp and knew no difference, knew nothing of love or compassion or basic humanity. We are left with a feeling of his being lost in the world with no solid anchor. It is a story that I won’t soon forget -- that such a place could exist in this world.But such a place can always exist in our minds. Curt is born into a life of poverty, neglect and abuse. How can he hope to climb out of that? Do we make our own destinies or are they preordained by our beginnings? Are some of us less hardwired to our humanity than others? Nature vs. nurture, that is an age-old question. The title of this work will put many off and that is a shame because it inadvertently diminishes the content. Add to that that this is not a romance nor is it erotica. It is a close look at the psychology of a criminal who thinks he’s just like you and me and there’s the rub. He doesn’t seem to have the capacity to see his way out of the mire, it’s all he knows. Just when Curt seems to get a glimmer, feel a flutter of a reality-check, his anger and self-loathing sucks him right down again. Harkening to the title, Curt sees himself as straight and given what he does to prove himself, he is very conflicted about that too. From petty crime to felony, Curt continues a spiraling fall into the abyss. We bear witness and ache for him to see the light. This is a truthful, raw look from the inside of someone who can’t subjugate himself to the choice between right and wrong, someone who has a great capacity for numbing himself to feeling and reflection and the acceptance of who he is. We all seek control in our lives in varying ways, Curt’s balm is to control others physically, to inflict on them the pain he has suffered.Despite the title, this is excellent work. Not an easy read, not for everyone but compelling just the same.

  • Alice
    2019-05-23 06:10

    4.25 Stars and I will be super nice and give you all a quote. Everything else you will have to use your imagination for...It was dreamland come to life for each an’ every one of us.  An’ it made me smile.  Wayne looked at me, sort of stunned, a bit wary.  But then he smiled right back at me.  An’ then we started laughin’, together.  Roarin’ with laughter.  All but rollin’ on the floor, knowin’ full well what we were gonna do, next.“Callin’ Officer Sha-ayes.”You motherfucker.

  • Fangtasia
    2019-05-28 08:53

    This is an intense, uncomfortable, eye-opening read. The first sign of genius is how the author manages to convey the fact that rape is not really about sex, it's about power. Who has it, who doesn't, who can get it and, more importantly, who can keep it. Then I found myself squirming in my seat, looking away from the book, thinking: "do I really want to be this deep into the mind of a rapist? Do I want to sympathize?" Yes. Yes, I do. Told in first person, from the POV of the rapist himself, this is a story of a man's journey to hell and back. Back to a reality he could finally live with, an understanding of who he was, a peace achieved through pain and betrayal. He was a pawn in so many people's games, so rarely afforded a chance at dignity, consideration, tenderness, and love.The characters are priceless: Curt is someone I'll never forget. He is a sick fuck, no question about it, but not beyond redemption. Connie has no actual dialogue in the story, yet her presence guides and shapes so many of Curt's thoughts and actions. Lenny and Wayne? They make me shudder just to think of them. Curt's brother brought tears to my eyes. So close and yet so far. Reading affords us the chance to live inside the skin of another, see through the eyes of fictional characters, experience the worlds, lives and circumstances imagined by authors for their protagonists. HtRaSG is a prime example of this, so beware. By the title you know not to expect romance, hearts and flowers. Don't be fooled, though, into thinking this is just another prison porn story. Do expect to be swept away from reality and dropped unceremoniously into the stark and gritty world of prison life, of men sandblasted down to their animal instincts of eat or be eaten, own or be owned, kill or be killed. Expect to walk a mile in the shoes of ex-cons, get a taste of what life after prison is like. Expect an uncensored look into the minds of serial rapists, both made and born. Expect a keen understanding of what the victims went through, the unending damage done by this crime, mentally and physically.If you survive, see you on the other side.

  • Oco
    2019-06-09 07:01

    First off: this is not m/m. I have it categorized this way in my lists, but only because I don't want to make a category for one or two books. Gay fiction, yes. M/m, no.Expect minor spoilery below -- if you are a stickler for no hints and complete freshness, you should probably not read this review:This is a powerful read. Yeah, it's 'smutty', it's explicit, and it is essentially about what the title says. But it is an uncomfortable read (in the best of ways) and the explicit scenes are difficult to get through, combining a titillation of one's most base senses with a profound horror at what is actually happening. To me, one reads this and is horrified with oneself for being able to get through it and empathize with the protagonist, much less find it sexually compelling. It teaches me something about a cautionary tale sort of way. Exposing the darkness within, that sort of thing. Because although Curt is extreme and majorly fucked up, he is also intelligent and willing to examine himself and accept what he has done. And this invites me to, as well.At it's heart, this is a 'coming of age' story, where we follow Curt through a process of growth and understanding that some might say comes too late. Or perhaps not. The ending is neither tragic nor happy, but it is satisfying and hopeful and only makes sense. Not sure all of that makes sense. The short of it: this book is not for everyone. It's not a feel-good story, but it is highly intelligent and brutally honest and emotional. Curt is a marvelously complex and embattled protag. A little work of genius, in my estimation. I've stopped rating m/m stories just as a matter of policy, but since this book doesn't fall within the 'rating my peers' problem, I'm happy to give it my five-star mark.

  • Danni
    2019-06-01 07:00

    I'm not going to rate this book for two reasons: 1)I didn't come close to finishing it, and 2) it's unfair to rate something that does exactly what it says on the tin, but with hindsight I should have taken note of what was on the tin and realised that it wasn't for me. Same reason I don't ever pick up a tin clearly labelled 'beetroot.'With that in mind, I do usually have a vague star rating in the back of my mind when I start reading something, and this would have been a 4*. The plot is interesting, it zips along at a good pace, the characterisation is good, and it's exciting. Now obviously I don't know what it is like to be in the mind of a rapist, but the feeling I got was that the way it was described was probably pretty accurate - the absolute irrepressible need for power and control, the need to dominate and humiliate - yeah, I could see that it worked.But I couldn't get past the fact that this book just repulsed me, I couldn't stomach it. In all honesty, I don't think it was the physical description of rape that bothered me so much, but the small insights into the victims' lives. I'm pretty ashamed to say that it probably tapped into my own prejudices that bad things are 'worse' if they happen to people like me, my friends, my family etc. I could handle the prison rapes because that's not part of my world - when it moves on to people that are no longer 'anonymous' - people with families, people that mow the lawn in their ratty old clothes it hit home too much and I couldn't carry on. I think I got to about 55% and thought 'I'm done.'Now, I believe there's a twist in the story, and I had hints that things were not quite as they seemed with Lenny and Wayne and the whole plan, and tbh if some kind soul would be willing to take the time to tell me exactly what happens later on in the book, I would be able to make a decision whether or not to carry on. As it is, I've deleted this book from my kindle so I'm not tempted to go down a route that I regret. This story made me realise why I don't like to venture out of my comfort zone - it's big and dark and scary out there and I don't like it. So, I have immediately scurried back into my comfort zone, put on my cosiest slippers and gone back to what I'm happy with - cute guys making sweet, beautiful lurve together. And I'm a lot happier there :)

  • Al
    2019-06-03 09:12

    Now why would anyone choose to read with a title that offensive? Well to be honest, I read it from curiosity and was fully prepared to give it a jolly good bashing. So, this is a remarkable story. It is not a nice story, or one that brings any joy. Yet in many ways, I suspect it might in part be the story of many people who enter the criminal justice system.It is a story about a man who is vulnerable and damaged, like so many who go to prison. And once he is there, he learns about how sex is used to control, over power and somehow warp the perception of what is right and wrong.Because it is a clever book, the MC is not all good or all bad, of course not. Who is? He has a wife he loves, is capable of maintaining a relation ship across many years. There are hints at his own abusive childhood, but in the end it is up to the reader to draw their own conclusions.Rape can be about lots of things, we see that here - power, control, violence, hatred, fear. And scary as it is to read about, it is also fascinating - like watching something monstrous on the news.Thank God, this story is not erotica. And although we are given access to the MC's thought process throughout the atrocities, it is clinical rather than sensational.God, what's it about? As much about prison as anything, how it can break down the thin line between natural urges and depravation. Once a person has experienced complete degradation, what can happen to them?Not to say MC does not have choices, of course he does. But there is no moralising in this story - the conclusions are up to you.So, a very dark, painful read. Sometimes I wonder what is the point reading such a book, but if your are someone who is interested in psychology / prison/ crime/ sex offences/ or just the inner workings of the core of a person such as Jack the Ripper, then you might find it interesting.

  • Ery
    2019-05-26 06:06

    I really don't know how I felt about this book, overall. I mean, 75% of the time I was too revolted and disturbed with the portrayal of rape in this book: it is brutal, unapologetic, and absolutely a exhibition of power/ownership. And, this is intentional- the author absolutely wanted you to feel this way. This isn't like many of the dark fics out there, where the rape is generally fictionalized and built into a fantasy. The point isn't to create the rape fantasy and build a relationship around it. This story is more a character study of a disturbed ex-con that continually exercises his power at the expense if others. And himself.Where this book is somewhat brilliant is that the author still, somehow, builds a bridge between the reader an this utterly reprehensible character. Because, see... He's not. Completely without merit, that is. Which... How can I say that? Most of the time, his actions made me want to vomit. And yet, by the end, I absolutely empathized with him. Which really made me want to crawl out of my skin. And burn it.I don't know how to explain it better. Did I like this book? Hell no. Was the author absolutely successful? Unbelievably so. I will likely reread this now that I know what happens, because I would really like to get a deeper look at the psychology of the character. I'm just not sure I can handle another round. So, anyhow, read if you have a wrong stomach, and like mind twisters. Not on the psychological thriller way, but in the twisted psyche way. But yeah- no HEAs here, no romance. But really, you read the title - did you really expect either of those here?

  • A.B. Gayle
    2019-05-28 06:09

    There are two stories here, the up front tale of the ex-con being brutal and brutalised. This tale is sordid with rape, murder, torture... the whole bit.Then there's the message behind the story, cries from the heart by the author about the police, best detailed in this quote: “My bet is, he gets off on it,” he said.  “Our Officer Shayes.  He gets to wag his dick in our faces then toss us in jail for merely suggesting we want it.  Then he goes home to his wife and says, ‘Honey, I had three men come on to me, today.  I could’ve gotten blowjobs right an’ left, so you’d better give me one.  Right now.  Careful with the teeth, this time.  Not that I know how a blow job’s supposed to be given, seeing as how I’ve never been touched by another man.’  My bet is, that’s how he gets himself up.  That’s how they all do, these plainclothes vice queens who see gay men as inevitable criminals.” and jails, men missing out on having a decent chance in life because of their past. It's about how easy it is to make stupid mistakes and whether people can learn from their mistakes. It's about whether people can be honest with themselves.There's no good guys and bad guys. The reader is transported into their world. They're all reacting like dogs who have been badly treated and bite whoever is closest whenever they think they can get away with it. Finally, the book's title comes back to who is actually getting raped here?

  • Em
    2019-05-29 06:07

    This book really gets under your skin. You can't help but feel for Curt, for all he's been through in his life that's made him into the person he is. Truly amazing, though really sad!

  • Richard
    2019-05-26 07:52

    I am curious if this were titled HOW TO RAPE A STRIGHT GAL.Any thoughts?

  • Rissa (an M/M kinda Girl!!)
    2019-06-15 11:09! (It's an "I can't believe I enjoyed this book, kind of wow!")You get to be inside the head of a's kind of a mind fuck! I enjoyed it very much, Curt is on crazy ass bastard...whom I found myself feeling sorry for and hoping good things for him instead of bad. Is that crazy?!! Kyle, I will definitely check out more of your work!

  • Smith Barney
    2019-06-05 10:49

    If you read fiction for enjoyment, relaxation, comfort, stimulation, for entertainment purposes...this is none of those things. Unless you enjoy and are entertained by reading depraved and disturbing brutality. I do not. Even approaching this from a detached clinical intellect is challenging as it rambles in exceedingly nonsensical violence. It's reminiscent of a romanticized prison pen-pal confession. I searched for redemption but was delivered only profound melancholy and a senseless kind of madness. The ignorant, delusional prose is not humanizing and if anything only serves to reinforce the need for segregation and incarceration from general population. There is more fellowship among snakes than among mankind.

  • Alie38
    2019-06-07 05:52

    WOW! Just WOW! Kyle Michel Sullivan's writing is just brilliant in depicting the emotional and intense plot of a serial rapist who gets caught up in a twisted situation like a runaway train. Written in first-person, I was able to actually feel empathy and scarily enough, relate to a man who has lost his sense of morality. The internal struggle of the main character, Curt, left me breathless and questioning if some people are just fated to have a screwed-up existence. Very well done and highly recommended.*WARNINGS: This story contains rape and violence, and is not recommended for the faint of heart *

  • Laci
    2019-06-17 11:57

    I'm not sure what it says about me that I enjoyed this book, but I did. It's not what I was expecting and I was pleasantly surprised at how much it made me question how I felt about certain situations. I would have to say that this book was enlightening and entertaining. If you like darker reads, you would definitely enjoy this.

  • Isa K.
    2019-06-11 09:50

    I may need a new shelf to describe how badly I want this :D

  • Therese
    2019-06-11 12:49

    The title really says it all, no romance to be expected here! Reading this book felt like watching an extra torturous episode of "Oz"...Still, much like the tv show, it's hard to tear your eyes away from the misery. The MC is a despicable character, who makes it very hard to feel a connection to him (view spoiler)[ well, except for at the end. As much as it disturbed me, I was feeling a tiny bit sorry for him when he finally comes to terms with who he is. And he kind of redeems himself. Or redeem is perhaps a too strong word...At least he is not a rapist anymore, as far as I know. And he did help the cop... maybe he can sort out his life after all. (hide spoiler)] but at the same time, his twisted mind makes for a fascinating read of his road to self discovery. His theories of straight men are so OTT, it feels like he desperately wants to justify what he is, and what he is doing, to himself. I really liked this author's writing style, and how he built up the "plot". It certainly was one of the most disturbing stories I've ever read (on par with P.L Nunn and The Flesh Cartel!).

  • Anna(Bananas!)
    2019-05-19 06:09

    A very distinct point of view and not unsympathetic, despite the subject matter. Still, I didn't really feel for the main character until the last few pages. Also, some of the dialogue sounded like the author on his soapbox rather than the character's POV, and it took me out of the story.

  • Loederkoningin
    2019-05-23 06:12

    I want to read this book, but the in-your-face title REALLY holds me back and makes it sound like a freaking manual?

  • vLadimiR
    2019-05-31 07:48

    3.5 Stars The story tells of Curt and his brutal experience in life that led him to prison. From a tender age of fifteen, he was thrust into a world of domination where he was forced to fend for himself and learn to adapt in order to survive. After getting out on parole and setting out on getting his life back, it seemed that his need to dominate never really left him. More so, he had this long standing grudge against the people who made his life miserable. One night as two strangers approach in him a bar, one thing led to another and before he knew it, Curt finds himself agreeing to a proposal that would carry out his grudge and makes an unfortunate victim out of an unsuspecting police officer. The book has quite a dark aspect to it, not to mention very graphic and brutal. Best if you give this a pass if your stomach isn't used to it. But putting that aside, the story does have a decent message and a solid plot to offer. Although the character of Curt is a damaged one, he lives on with his life. And though he does like to blame people who wronged him in the past, you really couldn't hold it against him with everything he went through to survive. The whole story spans within a few days and is told mainly in Curt's perspective which was surprisingly smooth. I usually don't like first person POV but Curt's voice was written well which didn't make me mind it that much. Although I found it a bit distracting when his thoughts would wander to events that happened in the past which often gave me a sense of displacement, the plot was cohesive enough to be understood even with the numerous flashbacks. What I like most about his character despite his twisted sense of retribution, is that Curt isn't afraid to admit to himself that he's doing something wrong. I was even taken by surprise at how he showed a gentle side near the end of the story which completely redeemed himself from his terrible actions. For those looking for a comfortable read with a typical happy ending, I'm sad to say this isn't the book for you. But for those who like a challenge, this story offers a hard edge and an underlying moral lesson about how our choices define us.

  • Nic
    2019-06-11 06:56

    I am not sure what I was thinking when I decided to read this. The title sums up the subject. It is not m/m romance. It is rape. It is brutal. It is well written and told in an almost clinical fashion. I would advise to read the blurb to find out more about the story to assist in determining if you want to read it. It has some high ratings but is not necessarily an easy read.Note: My rating represents some of my discomfort at reading this book i.e.. the subject matter, rather than the quality of the writing. It is hard to say I really liked or loved it.

  • Boycop
    2019-06-15 13:04

    One of the best gay novels ever. Dark, hard, but with believable characters and a page turner plot.

  • Mello ❣ Illium ✮Harry✮ ☀Myrnin☀ Torin Ichimaru
    2019-05-31 05:07

    OMG!I thought I knew what to expect going into this. I did know that there was obviously going to be rape in this story and described in detail. Still, it was so much more than that.In this book, we're told a story by Curt, an ex-con who hooks up with two gay men to prove that he can get a straight man off while he's raping him. See, Curt learned he could do this while he was in prison. He makes a bet with Lenny that he can get any guy off whether they want to get off or not. So Lenny comes up with this crazy plan for Curt to prove it. Only, things take a turn in a direction Curt wasn't prepared for. But then, the object of their scheme pisses Curt off and he decides to go through with things after all. This is when the other guy, Wayne, jumps in and starts making the plans. Curt has warning bells going off in his head whenever he's around this guy, but he dumbly ignores them and ends up in a situation he (and I!) never saw coming.Kyle Michael Sullivan slayed me with the turn the story took at that point (if you read this, you will know what point I'm talking about when you get to it) and my mouth dropped open. Curt got as mind fucked as I did. He never thought that would happen to him. Not with those two. Man! Talk about getting slapped upside the head with reality!And the part that fucks me up the most is that I felt happy for Curt when he realized that it wasn't the power and the control that got him all rarin' to go for a man. He actually just likes men. Strong men like he is. He likes holding them and he likes (loves!) having sex with them. Too bad it took raping a guy while he wasn't in prison anymore to figure that out. Too bad he hadn't figured that out before he'd ruined so, so many lives. What Curt did was not right and where he ended up was where he deserved to end up, but I still felt happy for him when he had that moment of self-realization. I shouldn't feel happy for this guy! He's ruined so many lives and raped so many men! I was glad that he did what he did in the end, but I couldn't feel sorry for him that he did end up in that situation. Still, despite every thing, I like Curt. What that says about me, I don't know and I don't care.I think that if you're interested in reading this book, you should do it. For the page count, the price ($9.99) is quite steep, but the read was worth it for me. I'm glad I read it and will definitely be reading more of KMS's work.

  • Martel
    2019-06-12 12:56

    The title is disturbing because the novella is. I totally understand why the author didn't want to change the title, because people need to know what they're going into, and that's a rapists mind. Reading the story by the criminal's point of view makes you empathize with him, weather you want it or not, and that's more than disturbing. Very dark read, then. At the beginning I was wondering who on earth could feel pity for the hero. A bad upbringing doesn't in my mind justify criminal behavior or cruelty. But at the end of the novella, I got it. Was I brainwashed? I honestly don't know, part of the writing feels so violent it like overwhelms you. Anyway, the character evolves, and even though he doesn't become a saint, far from it, we can see a light at the end of the tunnel.For more details, I recommend Steph's comment.The rating was difficult. The novella is well written, gripping and the thriller part is well developed. But It's so radical you can only give 0 or 5 stars. So... 4, because I think I will remember this a long time. Now I need to read something extra light, funny with no-sex-at-all.

  • Kristie
    2019-06-02 06:57

    A well told story about Curt. Curt's screwed up. Bad childhood leads to bad adulthood and bad decisions. Bad decisions lead him to more bad circumstances, and then yes, more bad decisions. I hurt for him, wanted to cry for the messed up life he had, felt bad for him and was really pissed off at those few people he looked to for guidance through his life and received none. I felt so bad for Curt and what he'd become... Then I'd get mad at myself. Curt's a rapist... how can I feel any sort of compassion for him? Well, this story draws you in, makes you feel. You feel things you didn't think you could. The way Sullivan writes a story is so raw. You are Curt. You're able to rationalize the same way he does. It's quite disturbing, now that I look back. I'm kind of all over the place with this one. At this point, I'm not sure how I feel. Did I love the book? No. Was I totally moved by it? Yes, absolutely. Do I recommend it? Sure... If you can handle reading about rape. Rape from the perspective of the rapist.

  • Varian Rose
    2019-06-02 11:00

    I find myself at a loss for words to describe how this book made me feel.I feel numb right now. Curt's journey played with my emotions and in the end I was left feeling depressed.Do I regret reading it?No. No I do not.Despite how awful I feel right now, despite that Curt's voice is still stuck in my head and I know I'll be thinking about this story months from now...I do not regret reading it.