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She's no killer. She's just taking out the trash. Don’t call Lucy Kendall a serial killer. She’s fighting for the innocent, and she’ll do whatever it takes to bring justice. When a child disappears, Lucy quickly discovers the link to a predator she’s faced before–a man the state of Pennsylvania decided to turn loose on the streets. Determined to find the little girl and pShe's no killer. She's just taking out the trash.Don’t call Lucy Kendall a serial killer. She’s fighting for the innocent, and she’ll do whatever it takes to bring justice. When a child disappears, Lucy quickly discovers the link to a predator she’s faced before–a man the state of Pennsylvania decided to turn loose on the streets. Determined to find the little girl and put a criminal behind bars for good, Lucy forces her way onto the case.As the search for the kidnapped child pulls Lucy into a web of evil beyond her darkest imagination, she’ll have to face her own dark truths to save the little girl–and herself....

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  • Jonetta
    2019-03-10 05:59

    Originally posted on The Book NymphoI knew I was in for a reading ride after reading the first sentence. I'm not a killer.Lucy Kendall is a former Child Protective Services (CPS) social worker who's now a private investigator. Disillusioned by the abysmal record for protecting children from abusers, she decides to mete out her own system of justice. It gets complicated when a stranger steps into her private world offering help and a child is abducted in the midst of a suspected abuser she's been tracking. Be prepared to feel uncomfortable and off balance for this entire story. Lucy is pretty complicated with dark edges and a convoluted belief system when it comes to right and wrong. Her world is turned upside down when some of her truisms begin to crumble. There were quite a few twists and turns and frankly, I wasn't always certain who could be trusted. Lucy will test your sense of justice and push up against what you consider acceptable parameters. She's a unique character and I wasn't certain until the end whether I liked or loathed her. It's a thought provoking story that I found fascinating. The case was tough, as is any story dealing with child abuse, and it was handled sensitively but realistically. The next book in the series can't be released fast enough. (I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review)

  • Christine
    2019-02-24 05:59

    4.5 of 5 starsThis book is different. And. I. Liked. It. I liked it a lot. Ms. Stacy Green has hit a home run with All Good Deeds. This book involves child abuse and a protagonist who is, shall we say, a bit deranged. If that description is putting you off, don’t let it. The child crimes are not terribly graphic, and the protagonist is, at least to me, highly likeable. Though there are multiple murders in this book, I would categorize All Good Deeds as more psychological suspense than anything. The suspense revolves around not only whether or not a missing child can be found in time, but also the challenges each of the major characters faces in terms of who the other main cast members really are and if they can be trusted. This is really good stuff due to Ms. Green’s first-rate knack for character development, which is essential to a good psychological thriller. No less than three characters are highly-developed in this novel. Every one of them is terribly flawed, but every one of them is worth rooting for. When I cheer for the cast members, I really get immersed, and this novel captivated me. Ms. Green also did an excellent job researching police procedure, computer hacking, and murder methods (you’ll know what I mean when you read the book). She also did a terrific job investigating how pedophiles, sociopaths and victims of child abuse think and act; this played a major role in why I admire this book so much.There is just a whiff of romance in All Good Deeds. Nothing to offend even the most anti-romance reader.The pace of the book was perfect for psychological suspense. It wasn’t frantic, but steadily moved along, keeping my interest alive throughout.In summary, though at first glance, one may lean towards rejecting this read because of the subject matter and the major flaws of multiple cast members, including the protagonist, I highly recommend this novel to all fans of mystery, suspense and thrillers. You won’t be sorry! I plan to read not only the next book in the Lucy Kendall series, but also Ms. Green’s other novels as well. I am so happy to have discovered this author.

  • Suzanne
    2019-03-06 02:57

    I devoured this. Kindle app or no kindle app (I hate e-reading). I loved this book! Fast paced, non stop from woe to go. Well written ~ perfect. This is what you want your reading to be. Gritty, edge of your seat. Lucy, or Luce (my second protagonist in a row mind you, with this name), does the wrong thing, with the right motive. Gunning for the greater good. Nice to see Luce have one cuddle with Chris I have to say. Nothing like a tiny little twinkle of a smidgen of romance. There was nothing close to a thing I didn't like here.Thank you Anne Chaconas from badass Marketing for introducing me to a new author of the best genre!Bring on the next two, this reader can't wait. Yeah!I'm off to source the hard copy now. For me that's the sign of a great book.

  • Jean
    2019-02-27 05:14

    Listen up, Iowa bashers! Stacy Green, the author of All Good Deeds, was born in Indiana and raised in Iowa, and this psychological thriller is not your ma-and-pa home on the farm, “aw shucks,” feel-good story. No, indeed. This author has written a dark, disturbing psychological thriller in which the good guy – a woman in this case – has the best possible motivation for what she does, but what she does…As I said, it is unsettling, to say the least.Lucy Kendall, a thirty-three-year-old former child protection worker-turned private investigator, is playing Russian roulette with her career and her life. “Lucy Kendall doesn't believe she's a serial killer. She simply eradicates the worst of society and brings justice to the innocent–the children she failed to protect during her decade in Child Protective Services.” Perhaps “vigilante” would be a better word. Intellectually, at least, she knows that it is only a matter of time before she gets caught, but in the meantime, she wants to eliminate as much “scum” as she can before the deaths look suspicious.Lucy carries a lot of guilt. As a rookie CPS worker, she felt that she failed to act on her instincts when a young boy was being abused. Soon after, he was arrested and convicted for rape and murder of a classmate. Now, against Lucy’s strong objections, he is out of prison, his sexual abuse record purged. We also learn of a family tragedy that profoundly affects Lucy.When we first meet Lucy, however, she is about to dump cyanide on a pedophile in a restaurant, but when she comes out of the restroom with her “cocktail”, he has disappeared, so her plans are flushed. She learns that she has been discovered by Chris, a self-proclaimed sociopath, who has an agenda of his own. Then a young girl, Kailey Richardson, goes missing, and the two become an unlikely team as they work frantically, sometimes with, sometimes against the police, to find the missing girl. There are a frightening number of suspects in this book, many potential abductors who have a history of child abuse. Todd, the police detective in charge of Kailey’s disappearance is also the stepbrother of Justin, the recently released child murderer from Lucy’s, who happens to live across the street from the missing girl. That makes Lucy’s insertion of herself into the case even more tense. Without any spoilers, I will just say that there are several instances of paths crossing and sort of that “six degrees of separation” thing that actually happens in real life. Is it too much coincidence that so much evil comes together in Lucy’s world? I’m not sure. But it makes for a very engrossing story that I read from start to finish in less than a day.And while Lucy is certainly doing something unethical, illegal, and immoral, Ms. Green still manages to make her a likable character. She has a deeply rooted passion for the victims of child sexual abuse, those whom the system has failed. As the book progresses, Lucy begins to develop some self-awareness about her actions and starts to evaluate her mission. Will she change her ways in future adventures? The other characters are flawed as well – we don’t learn much about her techie assistant, Kelly, other than that she seems to be agoraphobic, kind, and sympathetic to Lucy’s cause. It took me a while to figure out Chris. Lucy didn’t trust him, and neither did I. But I like the way Ms. Green slowly brought out his character. Justin went from being a label to being a real person. The plot was complex with so many possibilities and turns. Intermingled with the search for Kailey were sad stories about the past lives of Lucy, Chris, Justin, and others. So much pain, so much mistrust, so much failure by the legal and child protection systems, by families who are supposed to care…For those who might shy away from this book because of its content, don’t. There are no graphic sex scenes, no foul language. All Good Deeds does not follow the typical protocols for having a law-abiding protagonist. I wonder – is there something wrong about liking that? Because I liked this book a lot.

  • Brenda
    2019-02-24 02:15

    Private Investigator Lucy Kendall had seen it all! Working in Child Protective Services after a harrowing life growing up with a manipulative mother, then the years when she went off the rails meant she was cynical about the courts and the justice system doing their best in the protection of children. But was Lucy’s own method of justice the right one?When a young sex offender was let out of prison, Lucy was beside herself with rage. Then eight year old Kailey Richardson went missing and Lucy was sure she knew who the perpetrator was. But the lead cop in the investigation was intent on stopping Lucy in her search for Kailey; she couldn’t work out his reasoning – was he trying to protect a known predator? As tensions and suspicions heightened, the dangers grew deeper, darker – would they find Kailey alive? And who would suffer in the twisted and bizarre search? As the past collided with the present, Lucy had to dig deeper into her dwindling psych to survive – but would she? Could she?All Good Deeds is the first in the Lucy Kendall series, and as usual author Stacy Green doesn’t disappoint. An excellent psychological thriller with enough twists and turns to keep you riveted to your seat and frantically turning the pages; I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this one highly.With thanks to the author for my copy to read and review.

  • ✨Susan✨
    2019-03-07 05:58

    Lucy Kendall is an ex-CPS agent turned private detective. In Lucy's lifetime she has experienced just enough atrocities against children to put her over the edge, so when a child goes missing in her childhood neighborhood, she is on the case whether the police want her there or not. When past wounds are opened and circumstances spiral out of control, old truths are brought to light. This was a good start to a series, had good characters and a fast paced storyline. Even though parts were disturbing there was enough excitement to keep me interested from the first page to the last. Joy Nash's voice was a good fit for the main character.

  • Brenda
    2019-03-06 06:20

    This was a new author for me. The book itself was full of suspenseful twists and turns. Personally, I just love a vigilante and Lucy Kendall is a different sort. Want to read the next 3 books in this series. Shout out to my friend Christine for recommending this to me. Good choice!!

  • Wendy
    2019-03-16 02:18

    Wow! What a page turner!Stacy Green's "All Good Deeds" is an amazing psychological thriller.An ex-Child Protective Services worker, Lucy Kendall, found that the victims never received justice. Now a private investigator, Lucy delivers her own kind of justice. She refers to it as "taking the garbage out".Very well written with well developed characters Ms. Green gives us a powerfully intriguing story.I can hardly wait to read the next book in the series.

  • Lisa
    2019-03-02 05:54

    Wow Stacy Green is one accomplished author who writes a believable story with great characterisation i loved this book & was a real page turner this book had everything you could want in a crime thriller with a bit of a psychological edge.Lucy Kendall a former child protection officer now a PI looks into the disappearance of Kailey Richardson still reeling over her sisters suicide years earlier Lucy puts her heart & soul into finding Kailey her mother Jenna is frantic & does not know where she could be.Detective Todd Beckett comes into help what he finds is a web of lies deceit & a step brother he never knew, lucy is horrified when a sex offender is released from prison she will stop at nothing to get the perp & i mean nothing.We see in later chapters that Lucy's sister Lily was abused by her father & lucy struggling to come to terms with Lily's death i found lucy a very strong character & also very vulnerable as well.5 stars will be reading more of this fabulous series.

  • Phrynne
    2019-02-27 00:50

    I just had a quick glance at the reviews for this book and I am afraid I am at odds with them! I am reaching to even give it three stars. Okay so the story was good, there was lots of action and a satisfactory conclusion. But the main character (view spoiler)[went round killing people who she considered needed to die. (hide spoiler)] Is that acceptable really? And the sheer stupidity of most of her actions. Really? I know it is fiction but some of this bordered on the ridiculous. Still if you are able to ignore all that the book is readable and entertaining. I will not need to read the sequels though:)

  • Lavada
    2019-03-11 02:05

    WOW. What can I say about this book?? Stacy Green has started a new series that is darker than she normally writes, but she has hit the nail on the head! It took me awhile to write this review after I finished the book (that I received free for my honest review) because this book was a complicated book that touches you to the core and I didn't know how to express myself about the book. Ms Green's writing of a tough subject is so good, it will take your breath away. Lucy Kendall is an ex Child Protective Service employee that has gone into the private detective business after she got too involved in a case that didn't turn out as expected. Lucy has decided to take justice into her own hands of child predators that the system lets go. A child is taken, a predator involved in Lucy's past, his brother a cop, and a man who knows Lucy's secret - they will all keep you turning the page until you get to the end! There are numerous twists and turns to this story and every time you turn around, another one comes at you! I was totally shocked at the end. And wanting more of Lucy! It's been a few days since I read the book, and I still can't do a review justice and this. Please, do yourself a favor and read this book for yourself. You will not be sorry.

  • Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*
    2019-02-22 07:58

    4 1/2*! I really enjoyed All Good Deeds by Stacy Green. Demoralised by the CPS' inability to protect children at risk, Lucy Kendall has quit her job as a Social Worker for CPS, obtained her PI Licence and, as a sideline, begins meting out her own brand of justice to paedophiles.Then another child goes missing. When Lucy discovers that a boy she feels she and the system failed to protect some years earlier may be responsible, she launches a one woman offensive against him in an effort to find the girl before it is too late.Only someone has discovered exactly what Lucy is doing. Is he an ally or a threat? And why is no-one quite who they seem to be?The twist and turns in this plot are quite breathtaking! An excellent read, so good in fact that I am off to download See Them Run, the second Lucy Kendall book, because I just have to know....

  • March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    2019-03-16 08:59

    Review: ALL GOOD DEEDS by Stacy GreenALL GOOD DEEDS is a riotous roller coaster of a story. Author Stacy Green takes on some of the ugliest crimes of humanity--child abuse in many forms, and those who cause it--yet despite the numerous protestations by protagonist Lucy Kendall that there is no real recovery, hope does awaken and some victims in the story make progress. Lucy Kendall and her older sister were "raised" ( the term is scarcely applicable) by a Narcissistic mother whose constant demand of attention drew abusers into their lives. Her sister's death and the abuser' s approach to Lucy ignited her path, first advocating for children as a protective services worker, then as a private investigator, researching and targeting pedophiles.

  • Dana ****Reads Alot****
    2019-03-19 01:59

    very fast paced and kept my intetest through the whole book. Lots of twists and turns.On to book number 2 very soon.

  • So, I Read This Book Today
    2019-03-14 07:01

    A Personal Note:I’ve been busy… I have this huge technical edit I have been working on which is keeping me up all hours of the night, so I’ve hardly been able to read at all. I woke in the middle of the morning (after working all night) and couldn’t sleep, so I grabbed my reader. I was going for the lighthearted story on the menu, and accidentally chose this book instead. I would have put it back and chosen the lighter book – but the first paragraph grabbed my attention and wouldn’t let it go. I was hooked.“I’m not a killer. Or a savior. I’m just one person trying to repair the broken scales of justice one jagged crack at a time.”All Good Deeds won a bronze medal for ‘mystery/thriller’ at the 2015 IPPY Awards. In my mind, she deserved a gold medal. And a big gold medal from the whole freakin’ country for pushing this horrific issue out there in a novel that broke my heart and made me want to hug Stacy Green for being such a courageous woman.And now, back to our regularly scheduled review. All Good Deeds (Lucy Kendall #1)Lucy Kendall is a lot of things. Daughter of a self-absorbed mother. Younger sister to a suicide. Child Protective (Gack! Choke. Gag.) Services ex-employee. Private Investigator. Serial killer. And for the last one, more than anything else, Lucy Kendall is my hero.You see, Lucy Kendall kills pedophiles. Pedophiles who have been run through the system, over and over, and gotten away with it. Who are still doing it. You see, pedophiles cannot be cured. Not gonna happen. For you see, pedophiles don’t think they are doing anything wrong. So, they destroy lives, souls. They rape and maim and destroy, and feel themselves justified. “Perhaps he felt he was born this way, or that he was entitled. But I doubted he spent hours agonizing over his choices. That’s not how his mind was geared.”These are the people Lucy Kendall kills.I cannot truly enunciate just how deeply I felt about this book. I loved it. True, Lucy is viciously torn about the work she does, no matter that she knows what she does is the right thing. The “system” certainly isn’t going to do anything about the monsters who creep through the dark. And with the advent of the Dark Web, well, being a pedophile is easier than it has ever been. Lucy knows that she can’t stop them all. But she can do her bit, no matter how small, to clean house in Philadelphia.“There are very few people who are going to look into the mirror and say, ‘that person I see is a savage monster;’ instead, they make up some construction that justifies what they do.” – Norm ChomskyLucy gave up when the young boy who she tried to keep in prison after he raped and slaughtered a little girl was released. He didn’t even have to register as a sex offender. He simply walked away, scot-free. Free to move into a neighborhood where children abound.And now, little Kailey Richardson is missing. And things become more complicated, more horrific, than even Lucy can comprehend. Things fall apart. The center does not hold. And the more they fall apart, the more the flow of the past and the future blend and merge into whole new horrors.Again, this book absolutely blew me away. In a small way, because I was abused as a child as well. But my abuse was mild compared to the horrors children these days are forced to endure. The fact that humans can do the things they do to children pretty much guarantees, to my mind, that there is no ‘god figure.’ If there is, the sick SOB is one twisted piece of work. And Lucy puts it well when she talks about death.“It’s the nothingness. . . Whenever life ends, it just quits. We literally cease to exist. Every single one of us. . . . There’s no blackness, no tunnel, no sinking into oblivion. It’s literally nothing.”Lucy watched it happen. Watched the light go out. And felt the emptiness after. And, if they aren’t going to suffer in a Christian hell, well, Lucy will see that they suffer before the light goes out of their eyes. You GO, Girl!!!I was verbally attacked by one of those Christian fundamentalist types the other day who said, in effect, that women who had abortions were just selfish and self-centered, and that they just didn’t want to go through the pain of childbirth and that is why they had abortions – it was too inconvenient. Mainly, that these women­ were horrible people and that if they would just have the kids and give them away, then the children would all be adopted by wonderful, loving, compassionate married (read “male/female”) couples who would be happy to give them all loving homes. Yeah, I called bullshit. (You know me so well, don’t you?) Then I rattled off the statistics for child rape, foster homes who beat, raped and imprisoned children, children sold into the sex slave trade (an $86BILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS at last count) and other atrocities committed against children. Believe me, there is nothing pretty about any of that. And he said? Well, I was just making all that up! People were going all the way to China and Russia to adopt children because of these horrible women who were aborting all these babies!! Of course, when I asked him how many children he adopted, and why there were thousands of children in the foster system who are horrifically abused and left to rot in the system before being dumped on the streets at eighteen to fend for themselves, well, it wasn’t his responsibility to adopt. And surely all those kids in foster care are just bad apples that nobody wants because they are bad and wicked and deserved what happens to them. They just need discipline, and they aren't being abused - they are being disciplined!Wow. How many other rabid, holier-than-thou sociopaths with god complexes feel the same way? Oh, I know! The ones who spend thousands of dollars for a child online so they can rape them over and over again until they die and are tossed out, to be replaced by a newer model. Or, hey, just pull them off the streets or out of bedrooms. Or hire someone to do it. Hey, you can get anything on the internet!Argh. Every time I think about the unwanted, unloved children out there, the ones who wind up in dumpsters or shallow graves, I despair. Especially when our police and courts can’t do a blasted thing about it. WAY TO GO, all you Defense Attorneys out there!!! When eyes and minds are closed to the issue. Closing your eyes, sticking your fingers in your ears, and going “La la la” isn’t going to make it go away. The one who sticks in my mind the most, who still gives me nightmares, is the little boy my police department found tied under a bedroom sink, battered, bleeding from brutal beatings and rapes, who had his penis wired off to keep it hard. He had been licking the dirt off the floor in an attempt to feed himself. Believe me, Lucy is doing a community service.There are several books in this series about Lucy, the people who help her, and the cop who, well, read the darn book already!!! Then read the next, and the next. And maybe go volunteer for your local shelter. Maybe you too can save a child from a pedophile?

  • David Staniforth
    2019-03-04 02:04

    I enjoyed this, but I found quite a few instances where the sentence structure was rather clumsy, causing me to have to go back and reread. I also had trouble on occasion knowing from which character's perspective the narrative was unfolding, something that could easily have been solved with better signposting or with stronger, more individualistic character voices. The good plot and a few satisfying turns in the tale pushed me from 3.5 to 4 stars.

  • ☕ Kimberly
    2019-03-07 05:53

    All Good Deeds has an urban fantasy vibe, minus the paranormal aspect. Lucy Kendall is a complicated, fearless and disgusted by the loopholes that allow scum to walk the streets. A vigilante with her own set of rules; she is the judge, jury and executioner. A child is abducted, and it all links back to a case involving Justin Beckett, a child killer who changed the path of Lucy’s life. Lucyis determined to save the child, and seek justice but things get complicated when a man proclaiming to be a sociopath reveals he knows her secrets. The tale that unfolds is tightly woven, with twists and turns that kept me lost within its pages.Lucy has baggage, but she is smart, ruthless and has her own moral code. I loved this tenacious kick-ass female despite her flaws. Green has given her a strong background that allowed me to connect with her. She is jaded and fearless, and yet she retains a compassionate side. Green allowed her to grow, question herself and open up to others. Green has left room for development and I look forward to witnessing it. The head detective on the case is linked to her past, and the number one suspect. I found their interactions engaging and realistic. Todd is a competent detective, and quite clever. I am hoping she continues to interact with him throughout the series. Chris Hale, the self-proclaiming sociopath was an interesting character, and we slowly learn details. All of the characters from the suspects to the victims were developed with enough secrets allowing the reader to become immersed.All Good Deeds takes place in Philadelphia, a territory I am familiar with notching up my enjoyment. One of the things I love about following an author is seeing the growth that takes place as they hone their skills. I thoroughly enjoyed the Delta Crossroads trilogy, but for me this first book in the Lucy Kendall series raised the bar. It is tighter, more fleshed out and filled with delicious twists. She took several characters and threads weaving them into a suspenseful thriller. The tale deals with pedophiles, and touches on issues from registry, to rehabilitation while allowing the reader to piecing together clues with Lucy at the helm. The tale grabs you from page one and is laced with climatic scenes, red herrings and a fully developed ending. All Good Deed was well researched from police procedure to crime making this an exciting start with a heroine who intrigues me.Copy provided by author. Full review on blog.This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  • Robin
    2019-03-24 06:09

    Former Child Protective Services worker Lucy Kendall knows the system to protect children often fails. That is why she quit her job and became a private investigator. Now she can track down some of the child molesters who have slipped through the cracks and deliver her own brand of justice (via cyanide). While observing a pedophile she has been following, Lucy is approached by Chris Hale, a self-proclaimed sociopath who claims he knows what she is doing and wants to help. Not wanting her secret to get out, she has no choice but to let him join her in the search for eight-year-old Kailey Richardson who disappeared walking home from school. Kailey's neighbor is known to Lucy. Justin Beckett was released a year ago, his juvenile record expunged. Lucy sets out to prove that Justin is behind the abduction. Things get more complicated when Lucy discovers that Justin's older brother, Police Detective Todd Beckett, is leading the investigation. Todd knows his brother is a prime suspect but doesn't believe he had anything to do with the little girl's disappearance. He is determined to make sure Justin isn't railroaded by a very determined private investigator.This is the first book in Stacy Green's Lucy Kendall series. Lucy is a unique heroine with a flawed belief system. She is a vigilante who believes she is doing the right thing by "taking out the trash". I never thought a character like her would be appealing, but I have to say I like Lucy. She cares for the kids and will do nearly anything to protect them.I could not lay this book down. Stacy Green has put together a mystery with many layers. There are new revelations each chapter. As soon as I thought I knew where the story was going, it would veer off in another direction. Lucy didn't know who could be trusted and I didn't either. The ending was very satisfying, but left enough plot open-ended that I'm ready to jump into the next book. My rating: 5 Stars.(I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)

  • Laura
    2019-03-04 05:02

    In general I love gritty crime thrillers featuring a strong female lead; when done well it can really make a book memorable. This was an odd read in many ways, not least because Lucy, our heroine private investigator, is somewhat of an enigma despite the whole story being centred around her. I thought the premise of the book exceeded its execution. The idea of a damaged former social worker turned PI hunting child abusers was tantalising. The author struggled to build momentum in her writing and I found several chapters repetitive or too long winded. There are many chapters to keep track of, but I didn’t particularly connect with any of them. This isn’t the worst book I’ve read this year, but not one I would remember or recommend to hardcore fans of the genre. I’m unlikely to continue with this series, but as a kindle freebie it wasn’t too painful.

  • Janie Johnson
    2019-03-02 02:16

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I could not pass it up since it was a mystery and a very good one at that. In this story we have Lucy who is a CPS worker turned Private investigator. She has a lot of her own issues and handles things in her own way. The only trouble is her own way could see Lucy arrested especially when a self proclaimed sociopath wants to help Lucy and knows her secrets. When a child turns up missing, Lucy jumps on it and starts her own investigation against the wishes of local law enforcement. With so much at risk Lucy works against the clock to save a child.I really enjoyed the plot of this story. Even though it is fiction, it touches on a very extrusive problem in the world today, that being pedophilia. I found this story to be very engaging and action packed. It was also very realistic, fluid and easy to follow. I really enjoyed all the mystery that surrounded this story as well. The author definitely gives readers a lot to think about, and as soon as you feel you are on the right track, something else happens and keeps readers guessing. There are many lose ends that need to be tied up, but I am sure that comes with future installments for this series.I liked the characters a lot, they were pretty well developed and pretty complex. I think my favorite was probably Chris. He had a lot of issues that he needed to work through, but I think he used that to his advantage. I also like Lucy for the most part, and I felt like her thought process was pretty flawed and that made the story interesting. It seems a lot of the characters were scarred in one way or another, but it makes them more believable and realistic than having a 'perfect' character. I would love to see some more back story on these characters though, maybe in future installments of this series.I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery, but it could definitely have triggers for some readers, so be aware of that. The story does get somewhat graphic in nature and is not for those who are faint of heart. I do look forward to reading more in this series as they come and I am happy I got the chance to read this book and review it.

  • Chris
    2019-03-18 02:18

    This is the first time I have read anything from this author and I would recommend her to anyone that likes to read fast paced books. Now about the book. It is based in Philadelphia, PA and Lucy is the main character who at a young age came upon her sister's suicide which led her to work for CYS. She did that for a bit but changed professions and became a private eye. Her side line is taking care of the pedophiles that torture children. She does not want the children to be forgotten so she takes matters in her own hands. Along comes Chris (also has a tragic background) who witnessed how Lucy takes care of the offenders but keeps the secret. There is a little girl missing from the neighborhood that Lucy and Chris are helping to find. Across the street that is a young man by the name of Justin who was Lucy's first case when she worked for CYS who was put away at a young age for violating and murdering his neighbor through in the mix of the lead detective Todd who is Justin's brother. Who will find the girl first, will all the secrets come out and is Justin the one that has hidden her away. A fast pace book that ties everything at the end.

  • Nancy Reynolds
    2019-02-24 03:14

    WOW - this has quite a punch. I am still reeling from the story. It was great BUT powerful. Lots to think about - long and hard. It's truly got a real impact on the reader - but has you going along for the ride from the very first page. This was my first book by this author, but now I want to read all others, while I wait for the next book in this series to be released. Bring it on, please.

  • Jo Ann Reinhold
    2019-03-02 08:59

    This is my first book by Stacy Green but all I can say is it won't be my last!This book was such a hard, dark subject with beautifully flawed characters and handled so beautifully!The main character Lucy is so damaged and truly someone who you would never think to like but because of her heart you learn to love her.Fantastic Job Ms Green!

  • Angela DeSilva
    2019-02-27 01:18

    Excellent book, I loved it. I am definitely going to read more of Stacy Green. (Review coming)

  • Jacque
    2019-03-25 05:19

    I like this a lot more than I thought I would. I didn't look too hard at some aspects to believe in them, but once I did that the story pulled me in and had me rooting for a serial killer. Hopefully that means the writing was good (and that I loathe people who prey on children) rather than being a reflection of my character!

  • Ivyd
    2019-03-12 05:19

    Lucy Kendall worked for Child Protection Services for ten years. Time and again she witnessed the systems failure to protect the innocents. Well, Lucy’s had enough. After quitting CPS she becomes a private investigator. With her clandestine network for tracing and tracking she’s taking matters in her own hands and unlike Lady Justice, Lucy isn’t blind. She clearly sees the guilty and knows exactly what needs to be done.Lucy Kendall is a thought provoking protagonist. She’s aware of the inner darkness that allows her to be judge, jury, and executioner; the consequences when she’s finally caught. It’s not a question of if but simply when. By correcting the lapses and mistakes of a system that fails those it’s assigned to protect Lucy is simply providing a service for society and thereby preventing further victims. Lucy may be a killer but she isn’t your typical vigilante. She doesn’t consider herself infallible nor is she intractable. Lucy makes every effort to ensure her prey is guilty. She asks herself hard questions and it never becomes routine or easy. But things are seldom that black and white. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, what if she’s wrong? The other characters Lucy meets on her twisted route to find Kailey Richardson, Chris, Justin, and Todd to name a few, are well developed, expanding the scope and plot in unexpected ways. The path to Kailey is one of the most sinuous trails I’ve ever read. It’s surprisingly easy to like and relate to Lucy. Pedophiles can’t be cured or fixed. Why are they allowed back in society? They’re predators and a danger to children, shouldn’t that trump everything else? Registering isn’t enough to stop them, after all, where there’s a will there’s a way. Pedophilia and other child abuses make ALL GOOD DEEDS a disturbing read that, none the less, holds the reader in a viselike grip. Ms. Green peels back the curtain revealing an ugliness and depravity that hurts your heart and leaves an indelible mark. It’s bound to make moral compasses spin madly. W hen children are involved most of us can easily be swayed to desire an eye for an eye and more. ALL GOOD DEEDS saving grace, the bright shining thread through all the ugliness is hope. I’m on board for whatever & wherever is next with Lucy.Reviewed for Miss Ivy’s Book Nook Take II & Manic Readers

  • Beth Cutwright
    2019-03-08 03:03

    I had to take a step away from this book. It was powerful and had a profound affect on my soul. I doubt that I will ever forget this writing.I have read several of Stacy Green's books but this thriller, was her most masterful to date. Her characters are flawed and questioning their lives. Lucy Kendall used to work in child protective services. She saw and felt it all. Her mother was definitely lacking in maternal skills and that is perhaps part of why Lucy could not reconcile herself to a job where the children were failed time and time again. Thus, the change in her life, from government worker to private investigator with a part-time job of taking care of justice on her own...permanently.Pedophiles. Active pedophiles were who Lucy sought out for her special brand of justice.which brought up questions like, can they be reformed? And if not, why release them back into society at all? I thought Green handled her subject matter realistically and her story, although a thriller,flowed smoothly, making sense and touching fibers of my being that I don't care to look at very often. Two of the main characters had been abused by their parental caretakers at early ages and the question for them was, will I follow in these same footsteps? The answer was, it is up to you to's a choice for most of us. There are those whose brains are wired wrong and they have given in to the urges hidden deep and dark within. For them, there may be no reformation, no place of redemption and no happily ever after.This was definitely a topic of interest as it rears its ugly head in all levels of society, the rich, the poor, the weak, the strong, no matter your color or race and it's a situation as old as mankinds' very existence.As horiffying as child sexual abuse is, I think Stacy Green produced a very believable story and touched on so many things on the fringes of the perpetrator and their actions. An excellent and yet such a sad read for anyone whose life has been affected by abuse.

  • Carol
    2019-03-24 08:01

    Loved “All Good Deeds“!!! This is a must read book forintrigue, danger, suspense and mystery lovers!!! From thefirst page to the end you are pulled right into the lives of some real unique, well developed and very realistic characters.The plot is very complex having many stunning twists and turns.The plot moves fast and contains a lot of harsh reality.The author presents the storyline weaving the past and present together without difficulty.Many social issues ( child abduction, dysfunctional family life, child abuse, bureaucracy failures, living with deceit, denial, rejection, fear, loss and grieving, viciousness, hatred, attitudestoward a woman working in a man‘s world) are addressed. In addition, you will find a dynamics between the various characters such as friendship, trust and forgiveness emerge. I felt I was involved in what was happening throughout the whole story. The main character is Lucy Kendall. Lucy formerly worked forChild Protection Service where she saw the bureaucracy fail the children and families needing help.Lucy decided to became a Private Investigator. Her goal toprotect those that can not protect themselves, no matter how. The story is set in Philadelphia. The hunt is on after an eight year old child goes missing. That is all I can share or you will miss the exhilaration and thrill from the start.I received the ebook form the author. My opinion is my own.

  • Cyd Madsen
    2019-03-19 04:09

    I should have reviewed this sooner, but it was such a unique and (pleasantly) thrilling book that I wanted to take some time and let it sink in. It seemed that the tension began with the opening page and never let go. A week after reading it, I can still feel that tension. It was as good as I thought, and perhaps better.The protagonist, Lucy Kendal, is a unique creation. She's sympathetic and oh-so likeable, but she has a darkness to her that amps up the thrills of this thriller. Justice is served, but at what price to Lucy, and where does she go from here.On to the next book in this series, which can't come soon enough for my tastes. This was an advance read copy for an honest review, and Stacey was absolutely sincere in wanting honesty. I think she had a little trouble accepting that it was so gripping and so well written, and that's why I can't wait for the next one. I'm going to add that Stacey and I aren't best pals, nor has she ever read one of my books and reviewed it. I don't owe her anything except gratitude for not wasting my time or starting a series that ends at an open door with one foot dangling on the edge of the cliff. This is a stand alone book, but I can guarantee that you'll want more of Lucy Kendal and the complex plots that come from this reader's imagination.

  • Heather
    2019-03-25 06:14

    All Good Deeds in an edge-of-your seat thriller that leaves the reader craving for more stories by Stacy Green. Lucy Kindall has a huge heart and a dark past which has inspired her to take the law into her own hands. After seeing first hand the devastation that can be caused to an innocent child and their family at the hands of a child abuser, she has dedicated her life to protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Without regard to her own safety, she does what she must to keep criminals off the streets by dealing out a dark and twisted justice. Even the lowest criminals with the blackest hearts now have someone to fear - Lucy Kindall.When an accused murdered is set free and a young girl goes missing, Lucy will stop at nothing to bring her home. Every hour counts in recovering a missing child and the search will force Lucy to face some demons from her past. With the danger mounting and lives on the line, it's unclear who to trust and who to turn to for help.All Good Deeds is an exciting blend of richly developed characters, a plot full of unpredictable and gripping twists, and a story that will stay with you long past the last pages. Be prepared to stay up all night reading.