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Bestselling author Ed Greenwood kicks off the bold new Hellmaw series with this raw, violent, sexy tale of three humans who discover the hard way that ruthless daemons live among us on Earth-and regard us as cattle. In Hellmaw: Your World Is Doomed, some daemons want to rule humankind, some want to love us, some want to become crime lords, and some just want to get back hoBestselling author Ed Greenwood kicks off the bold new Hellmaw series with this raw, violent, sexy tale of three humans who discover the hard way that ruthless daemons live among us on Earth-and regard us as cattle. In Hellmaw: Your World Is Doomed, some daemons want to rule humankind, some want to love us, some want to become crime lords, and some just want to get back home-but to all of them, humans are to be devoured at will. Hungry daemon coming? Why worry? After all, your world is doomed....

Title : Hellmaw: Your World Is Doomed
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ISBN : 9781494569136
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Hellmaw: Your World Is Doomed Reviews

  • A.F. Grappin
    2019-05-15 01:19

    Hellmaw: Your World is Doomed! Probaly isn’t something I would have picked up off a shelf. It’s not quite the sort of book I normally go after, but I have been trying to expand my reading tastes, so diving into Hellmaw made sense. As such, it’s hard to really compare it to other books of its like I’ve read, because I haven’t read anything quite like this. It isn’t fair to compare it to other genres where I am more widely read, because this doesn’t fit into any of those categories. This is my disclaimer. I’m going to do my best to review this neutrally, but if my tastes are a bit colored by other genres I’m more “into”, I apologize. So take this with a grain of salt.To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t completely sure who I should be rooting for in this novel. Clearly, as a human, I was more intrigued with the human characters, and I sympathized with them better than the daemons. But I did find the daemons intriguing, even though much of how you see them is through the humans’ eyes, and they’re so foreign that they come off as, well, demonic (or daemonic). Aum, Jult, Shame, and the other daemons would have been so easy to detest due to the simple fact they’re not human, and they see us clearly as no more than a food source. But what’s the real issue underlying this novel: the human/daemon disjoint or the daemon war? Would one be better if the other wasn’t an issue? This really isn’t addressed, but I really got to thinking after I finished the novel. Who are the real bad guys, all daemons (simply by dint of being what they are) or one side of them? And if the latter, which side? It’s sort of enjoyable to think about. In truth, I think I’ve gotten more out of this book after reading it, just pondering, than I did while actually reading it.There’s some good entertainment value to this book, especially if you’re into adult content. It wasn’t overly graphic, but there is some… well, some daemons can turn into tentacle monsters or shapeshift in other ways. I’ll put it that way. The narrative and plot are very raw at points, but if you look at it as top-of-the-foodchain sentients doing what they will to their livestock… yeah, that doesn’t make it any better. Humans are, as is a repeated theme, cattle. We are cattle, and the daemons behave as though we are such. Did I enjoy this book? Sure. Will I pick up the next in line? Sure, why not. Will I be going nuts and waiting with bated breath for it? Not really, but I am curious to see what happens to the humans. Especially Nast. I didn’t like any of the humans more than the others, but some developments toward the end made Nast’s storyline much more intriguing to me, so I’ll come back for him if for nothing else.

  • AudioBookReviewer
    2019-05-03 05:28

    My original Hellmaw: Your World Is Doomed audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Man... what a weird book. Like, a genuinely strange series of words arranged in a weird order to create a story unlike most. And I say that with happiness, not judgment.Hellmaw is an urban fantasy, reimagined, and tossed on its head in a dark and imaginative way. I think the closest comparison I could make would be to Hellblazer (Or Constantine, the movie made about Hellblazer) or perhaps Neil Gaiman's American Gods.In short; Hellmaw presents us with a world filled with strange and wondrous creatures that are just beyond the corners of our eyes, and they've been here for a very long time, indeed. The primary characters of this novel are demons. Evil, straight from what passes for hell in this universe. They are not good in any sense we would want to ascribe to them, but they are complex and interesting, and have full and... rich lives. When they speak, they feel alien, and when they interact with the unknowing (or rarely, knowing) humans they live among, it feels like a stranger trying to pretend like he's part of the group.Ed Greenwood came to success with TSR then Wizards of the Coast, developing their deep and rich Forgotten Realms world. He's written nearly thirty novels set in that world, and if you've read them, Hellmaw: Your World is Doomed will feel like a strange conversation with a close friend. Unnerving and bizarre, but familiar and enticing all the same. I will say that there are more than one scene in the book that raised my hackles due to... otherwordly desires, and they felt a little out of place to me as I listened to them. I was still entertained, but the scenes of demonic, carnal lust are exactly that. Not for the squeamish, let's say.Charles Constant's narration is entertaining and fluid, especially in the scenes that feature the demons. Have I mentioned there are people in this book too? They just didn't matter as much as the demons, and I'm okay with that. I'll have to take a breather from the Hellmaw series, as I found it to be intense, but a little searching about showed me that there were a few more titles out there written by other authors, and that seems like a premise I'd like to investigate.Hellmaw: Your World is Doomed is a wonderful, dark and funny experiment in urban fantasy that I think many would love, and many would run away from, terrified. I don't think that's a bad thing though. Sometimes being a little scared is a very good thing indeed.Audiobook was provided for review by the publisher.

  • Jay Smith
    2019-04-28 01:16

    The Hellmaw saga begins with this engaging, mysterious tale of humans discovering their world is much bigger and weirder than they ever knew. Ed Greenwood sets the foundation for a new universe of stories featuring strange, daemonic visitors and their plans to bring their war to Earth. Lots of sex and violence in a story that sprints from beginning to end.

  • Daniel Cenoz
    2019-04-24 05:08

    A refresh turn for Ed Greenwod, talented, prolific and respected fantasy's author that i like a lot.Hellmaw's first volume it's a shoking thriller that gives great characters and plot, but not happy endings at sight, leaving a real desire for more.

  • Jay Smith
    2019-04-27 04:00

    A great read of an engaging and exciting book.

  • Chris Philbrook
    2019-04-25 08:00

    Review coming on shortly.