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Eden Page was no stranger to the heartbreak and danger that went along with being a marshal's wife. So, when Tanner McCay started courting the pretty widow, Eden wasted no time in rebuffing the attractive lawman. But when Tanner took off his badge, he bacame a different man--a caring and gentle man devoted to her children. Can she learn to trust again?...

Title : A Cherished Reward
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ISBN : 9780515118971
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 1 Pages
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A Cherished Reward Reviews

  • Gemma
    2019-06-17 15:12

    This book had a lot of promise. It was written in an engaging, flowing style, (with no jarring point-of-view switches), a nicely done historical backdrop (that never read like a textbook), and a cast of interesting characters, including some adorable kids. Throw in a little mystery, a secret that would destroy the relationship between hero and heroine before it even starts, and you have yourself a story. So why only three stars? My problem was with the heroine. She was so prickly that I was never able to see what the hero saw in her. And he fell in love with her almost instantly...but why? I sure couldn't tell. The heroine being beautiful isn't enough of a reason for me. Most of the book was spent with him running after her and her slamming doors in his face. We're supposed to believe that Tanner is a tough lawman, yet the way he chased after her like a lost puppy didn't fit with that. He just seemed a bit weak to me. And I'm definitely not a reader who likes alpha males, so that says a lot! The heroine just never really seemed to grow. It didn't matter what the hero did, or how good he was to her, she would constantly stick to her idea that all lawmen were bad news. It got to be really annoying after a while. I wondered what on earth the hero would have to do before she would start to drop her prejudiced views. Every time it seemed like maybe the heroine might finally start to see sense, she would go right back to "but he's a lawman, and all lawmen are losers." It got old and repetitive fast. I might give this author another try, but only if I find her books at the library.