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FIRST BATTLEWith sure ans steady moves, Sai and Hikaru are making a name Hikaru Shindo as the one who might possibly beat the venerable Akira Toya. Wait. Who are we kidding? Hikaru: sure and steady...? Yeah, right! In between all the shenanigans Hikaru gets himself into during school and after, and dealing with Sai's unhappy sobs when Hikaru tries to run away from playingFIRST BATTLEWith sure ans steady moves, Sai and Hikaru are making a name Hikaru Shindo as the one who might possibly beat the venerable Akira Toya. Wait. Who are we kidding? Hikaru: sure and steady...? Yeah, right! In between all the shenanigans Hikaru gets himself into during school and after, and dealing with Sai's unhappy sobs when Hikaru tries to run away from playing Go, his fame is growing. Principals, teachers and Go tournament kids alike are all wondering who this unruly bronco of a Go player is. Tetsuo, a Shogi punk who has a beef of his own with Akira, harasses poor Hikaru at first - then later puts him on his own Go team! Meanwhile, Akira, looking for a rematch with Hikaru, is surprised to find Hikaru playing with a third-rate Go club. You won't be disappointed with the further adventures of this dynamic Go duo!...

Title : Hikaru no Go, Vol. 2: First Battle
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ISBN : 9781591164968
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 195 Pages
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Hikaru no Go, Vol. 2: First Battle Reviews

  • Supermomochan (PeachyFishyBooks)
    2019-05-29 12:34

    4.5Sai is Adorable.

  • Breonna
    2019-05-27 16:45

    I'm in love with this series, no joke, <3

  • Hilary
    2019-06-20 13:45

    I can't figure out why I like this series, but I do.

  • Ben Truong
    2019-05-25 11:50

    Hikaru Shindo is forced to enter Middle School Go Tournament, despite the fact that he's still in Elementary School. Shindo starts playing Go on his own and have shown some sporadic brilliance to the game, however still very much a novice.The second half of the tankobon, takes place in the Spring and has Shindo entering Haze Middle School and joining the Go Club, which consists of three people. Meanwhile, Akira Toya joins the Go Club at his school, despite his pro-level status, in order to play Shindo (Sai via Shindo), who refuses to play him until Shindo gets better.The story is progress nicely, with the conflict between Toya, Shindo, and Sai blossoming nicely. The art is as good as always – I really enjoy Takeshi Obata's work. I'm looking forward to reading the next tankobon.

  • Krista
    2019-06-10 08:55


  • DeA
    2019-06-18 12:50

    This was a re-read as I read the series during high school as it was being translated into English. Still a great series to read with entertaining cast. Recommend to anyone who loves manga.

  • Meepelous
    2019-06-08 13:59

    Simply charming. There's a lot of ways where this series could have lost me, I'm not really it's target audience, but so far I continue to be sucked in this world of middle school boys and ancient board games.When we first meet Hikaru, there isn't really that much to the guy. There still isn't. Despite showing some yet hidden promise, Hikaru is little more then a stand in for the young boys who are the target audience for this series. Certainly not something I could really find any room to outright hate, but rather simple and if it was just about him I don't think that I would really feel myself still wanting to read more. But I do. Why is that?The biggest reason I can give for continuing with this all ages boy manga series is the wide cast of supporting characters. Despite Hikaru's decided lack of nuance and creativity, the (mostly boys) who surround him are almost all of them dramatic and interesting. The ghost of an ancient Go master, an isolated and sheltered Go protege, A boastful and crass middle school Shogi player - this series lacks nothing when it comes to personality.My one issue (as usual) was the under-representation of female characters. Which wasn't too much of an issue at first (they just weren't there) but seemed to spawn into more of an issue as several random girls showed up just to fawn over Hikaru's self-proclaimed rival. Thankfully the end seemed to indicate that we will see a bit more of Akari, and Hikaru did get a bit of a talking to from Sai when he asserted that "Go wasn't for girls".I also really enjoy the way that Go is integrated into the books. Not only with pages talking about the rules of Go, but also through various plot points. Even with the unique characters, I'm not sure if I would be interested with the series if it was a normal sports manga.

  • David
    2019-06-12 10:58

    This series is surprisingly appealing. It really helps if you have some basic familiarity with go, and especially how it resonates through Japanese culture, but at heart it's becoming a coming-of-age story for both Hikaru Shindo and his young rival, Akira Toya, a go prodigy whose confidence was shattered by being defeated by Hikaru, not knowing that Hikaru was actually being coached by the ghost of a thousand-year-old go master.In volume 2, Hikaru actually starts taking an interest in go and joins his school's tiny, underdog go club, and meets some other characters, including another young go prodigy who abandoned go to play shogi (Japanese chess). Hikaru also begins having to deal with girls, as his little friend Hikari obviously has a crush on him. Unfortunately, Hikaru deals with her about as suavely and maturely as any eleven-year-old boy. But I'm sure this will be an ongoing issue.This isn't exactly a deep or brilliant manga, but it's quite charming and the characters are engaging. Now I guess I will have to go acquire the rest.

  • Robert Beveridge
    2019-05-21 10:49

    Yumi Hotta, Hikaru no Go: First Battle (ViZ, 1998)Hikaru has made himself a rival in just-shy-of-pro go player Akira Toya, and while his presence at his first go tournament ended up getting his team disqualified, he certainly didn't embarrass himself. Now it's a year later and Hikaru is actually enrolled in Haze middle school. He refuses to play Akira again, though, so Akira's only option is to go against his father's wishes and join his own middle school's go club so the two can meet in middle school tournaments. Akira's father Meijin, however, has played a few moves with Hikaru himself, and is just as curious as Akira about the boy's talent... great stuff, this, and well worth your time. ****

  • Ellen
    2019-05-20 09:35

    so much stuff happens in this one, I coulda sworn I read two different manga today! Akira continues to be the sweetest child, he probably visits your grandma and gently beats her at board games, she calls you and talks about what a sweet young man he is, and there's no judgement in her voice but still you feel you ought to learn how to play Go or somethingthis is the book that does a full breakdown of the game, btw, or at least a very beginners breakdown; I have determined that it is an awful game and will henceforth put my full brainpower into caring about Akira TouyaHikaru makes strides in his game, advances to the 6th grade. and continues to be shitty to girls! hahaha Sports Anime. "I'm not being mean i'm always like this to her" hahaha

  • Peter
    2019-05-31 16:56

    Enjoying this series, my first manga. It took me until about halfway through this book--book two in the series--to get used to the order in which one has to read things on the page, but it feels more natural, now. The androgynous way in which the characters are drawn was a little confusing at first, but now that I'm familiar with the characters, it's not as much of a distraction. (I think that says more about my own pre-conceived notions than anything. Interestingly, I'm also reading The Left Hand of Darkness, by Ursula K. Le Guin, which is about a race of androgynous humans. Androgyny is in the air, I guess. At least it's in my air, at this moment.)

  • Jamie
    2019-06-07 10:57

    In this second book of the series the story starts to hint at the possibility of getting interesting. Hikaru maybe starts to show some promise of becoming good at go. Anyway, I did learn something about go. There's this idea of mirror play. If the first player plays a stone on the center of the board, then he can just mirror the plays of the other player. Thus, it seems that he can always stay even with the other player, even if the other player is much stronger. The mirror idea sounds good, but this book shows one way defeat mirror play. I won't go into it here.

  • Keshia
    2019-06-13 14:59

    The second in this series had added quite a lot of the story. I think there was a lot of character development in both Hikaru and Akira, who seem bent on being strong enough to defeat the other. Going to prove for an interesting battle and I'm sure, friendship. Also, with Hikaru becoming so interested in Go I see an opporunity for him and Sai to get close, which of course, will probably strengthen Hikakr's Go ability. Now unto the next one.

  • Scott Lee
    2019-05-31 13:30

    I really enjoyed this volume. it is interesting that the elements that are most entertaining in this are not the elements of the fantastic that are present, but the characters and their relationships. I find Hikaru intriguing, just a child, but still intriguing--and his relationship with Sai, Kimihiro, Akari etc. are a joy to read about. It feels truly real.

  • Michelle
    2019-06-06 10:31

    In this installment, Hikaru is getting more and more into Go. He is now in a Go club and competing in a tournament. It is interesting to see how the character of Hikaru is growing. He is getting a little more confident and tries to make plays on his own. I am intrigued with the Go culture and enjoy reading about it. The characters are written well and make me want to read more.

  • Ben Nash
    2019-06-08 12:51

    This story is comfort food for me. I can't quite put my finger on what keeps me rereading/rewatching this and the anime, but my interest in Go certainly helps. I also like that it's a generally positive story about getting good at something.

  • Laura
    2019-06-01 09:36

    The manga is still running strong in this next volume, with new characters and even a Go competition! I really love seeing Hikaru grow as a player under Sai's watch, and even Akari gets a little more page space. Looking forward to more.

  • M. Tobert
    2019-06-01 12:58

    Hikaru starts to like Go a lot more. he joins a Go club and wins it. He finds out more about Akira Toya who is a boy who is really good and the game Go. This i think is the worst book in the series because Akira is like a little cry baby, but still a good series.

  • Joshua Lara
    2019-06-19 08:31

    it was awesome this book talk about a kid who discover a invisible pieze of blood and then talk whit a ghost, then he learn how to play go a game similar to chess

  • Lauren
    2019-06-03 15:32

    Enjoyable read. I'd recommend this one.

  • Melissa
    2019-05-31 15:34

    3.5★ 「佐為おまえってもしかしてスゴイヤツ?塔矢のこの真剣なまなざしもまっすぐ佐為を見ている。塔矢は全力で佐為を追いかけるだろう。塔矢なら追いつくかもしれない。そしてオレはまだそのはるか後方にいる。でも、それからオレは、一歩を踏みだすー」・・・うん、うん、これからヒカルの旅が始まった。頑張ってヒカル! ^o^

  • Oyceter
    2019-05-21 13:53

  • Alan Castree
    2019-06-06 15:42

    I'm enjoying it. Got through this one pretty quickly. On to vol. 3

  • Helena
    2019-05-21 12:44

    i actually saw all the episodes so its theres nothing really surprising in the books. but still awesome!

  • Ben Nealis
    2019-06-13 14:34

    Just as good if not even better then the first. Again I highly recommend this series.

  • Indah Threez Lestari
    2019-06-07 16:52

    #Program BUBU

  • ChattyNatty
    2019-06-06 12:30

    Yay! They win the tournament but... They get disqualified! HIKARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Anyway, at least they got recognised as better players... Hopefully they will have more luck next time?

  • Mike Aragona
    2019-06-10 16:53

    the storyline of Hikaru's exploration and growth with GO continues and it is as fascinating as the first volume. Interesting and entertaining it leaves me wanting more!

  • Nate James
    2019-05-24 13:47

    its great

  • Rachel (Sfogs)
    2019-06-10 08:47

    Good series!