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The mysterious, indomitable warrior? Ruthless criminal overlord? The Riel’gesh – mythical demigod? Dedicated friend and protector? Equipped with skills far beyond those of the outworlders, Rezkin has been suddenly thrust into a foreign world. The young warrior clings his only known purpose as he continues his search for any information about his identity and the reason forThe mysterious, indomitable warrior? Ruthless criminal overlord? The Riel’gesh – mythical demigod? Dedicated friend and protector? Equipped with skills far beyond those of the outworlders, Rezkin has been suddenly thrust into a foreign world. The young warrior clings his only known purpose as he continues his search for any information about his identity and the reason for his existence. While the hardened warrior scorns both dueling and tournaments, he believes some of the answers he seeks may be found at the King’s Tournament, the greatest dueling championship in all of the kingdoms. As he searches for the elusive Striker Farson, who may be the only person alive who holds the clues, the young warrior and his friends embark on a journey fraught with danger, mystery and intrigue. Amidst fears of the kingdom’s economic collapse, rumors of an eminent military draft, and the machinations of a mad, tyrannical king, a new revelation threatens to upend all the warrior’s plans. This is the second book in the ongoing series “King’s Dark Tidings.”This book is intended for adult readers. It contains graphic violence, creative language, and sexual innuendo. This book does not contain explicit sexual content....

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reign of madness Reviews

  • Gavin
    2019-04-25 19:52

    This sequel to the fantastic Free the Darkness did not disappoint at all. It had all the same elements that made the first book such a fast paced and exciting read. These books are just super fun fantasy/adventure! The last book saw Rezkin adapt to the "Outworld" and meet a host of new people as he sought to learn his purpose in life. This second book had less of the hilarious misunderstanding that I loved in the first instalment but was every bit as good as we got more of Rezkin being Rezkin. Which means being awesome! I loved his growth as a character. He got sucked into a lot of political intrigue but also developed a lot along the way both on a personal level and with regards to the responsibilities that might go with his true purpose. My favourite bits are almost always Rez's interactions with his friends. Both how he reacts to them and how they react to him! He is one of the easiest characters to root for that I've come across in ages. That said, there is plenty of action and Rez gets to display the mindblowing skills we all love. Rating: 5 stars. An easy rating to give considering I was totally addicted to this book from start to finish.Audio Note: Nick Podehl is a fantastic narrator who is a perfect fit for this series.

  • Anthony K
    2019-05-12 21:29

    SO... this is really 2.5 stars in my book. Here is the rundown...1. Basically Invincible Protagonist that can do anything2. all the other characters flip flop between disbelief and pandering to his awesomeness3. Meandering story line, that makes me think the author just wrote the book sans outline or with any plot goals. 4. Didnt hate it5. Will probably read the 3rd book when it comes out, to see how the plot resolves... but I think I know how it will end.

  • Lance
    2019-05-11 18:50

    After reading the first book in a couple days and absolutely loving every word of it, I quickly grabbed this book and could not put it down, I plowed through the book in a day. The characters are so well done, I find myself rooting and for them, getting mad at them, and at one point Kai had me literally laughing out loud. I hope that part three is here soon I just don't know if I can wait long to see Rezkin, Frisha, Tam, Reaylin, Kai, Wesson, Jimson, and can't wait to see how a lot of the minor characters grow and have a bigger impact on the story... Really interested how we see Reaylin grow as the story continues.Mr. Kade.... Well done again!!!

  • Piyush Rajput
    2019-05-18 23:40

    I have read upwards of 2000 books in Sword & Sorcery (S&S) genre and I like to believe I have read them all (if you know what I am saying), from horrible ones to the great ones and then some in between. I have come to appreciate good writing like I appreciate roasted cashews and chilli chicken with my beer.I like to believe that I have come to recognise the "gems" of the genre like I have come to forgive the errors (grammar and spelling mistakes). Though I realise that it is subjective and you may hate the books that I love. The first two books of this series by Kel Kade are the ones I am glad to have read. One of criteria for rating the books I have read is the number of pages I end up skipping while I am reading a book. This 'skipping of pages' could be because of meaningless dialogues / conversations / characters that I do not believe add to the story or have been added simply to increase the length of the novel or the author deemed them necessary and the reader i.e. me thought otherwise. I am glad to say that every single page of these first two books held my attention; even made me laugh a number of times while Rezkin made himself aware of the world and people around him and forged relationships. It is now my second favourite to my most loved current and ongoing series, the first being Terry Mancour's Spellmonger series.So Kel Kade I am glad that you decided to write these books and that I came across them. I wish you take some inspiration from Spellmonger series and produce a number of books in this series and not just a typical Trilogy.I hugely recommend this series to anyone who is in to S&S.

  • Jonathan Wilson
    2019-05-13 21:52

    Oh man, I need book 3

  • Vijay
    2019-05-12 22:33

    Where's book 3?

  • Jack
    2019-05-18 18:40

    I couldn't help but grinning through the whole book, I was like,"Christmas has already happened, but I'm still getting awesome presents!" It was also quite humorous how I was thinking how I was going to write review about how great the book was, and I hadn't even read more than twenty pages.Anyhow, I would just like to say that it's a real great way to start a prologue in the way it was written. Starting a book with poetry might seem strange. Howbeit, it's really brilliant in that it reveals so much about the protagonist of the story, yet done so in such a simple manner. If poetry ever fit in a book, it was this.There's not much to really say about this book, I will say about a few words, but ultimately, the book was fantastic. Despite that, the next words I kinda of hesitate though, the book had action, and was still very good, but the book decidedly had less action than the first book. However, that is only if you observe very closely most of the time you won't even know. There was quite a lot of dialogue, but I actually really enjoyed the talking. In many ways, this book felt that not much happened, but a lot did happen. Probably the best parts of this book was the beginning and the end. Having said that, the book was all good. Also, when it came to revealing some facts, I felt that the author did a good job of writing how and who Rezkin trusted. Another nice way of doing things was how Rezkin's learning about life is still somewhat stunted. He seems to be very normal, yet he has some parts missing about what life is about. Even though that is so, I think it's great that the author does not treat him like a country pumpkin who knows nothing. There is a simplicity to Rezkin's character in that he doesn't still understand what friends about, yet he is able to deal with Dukes and Duchesses. Lastly, great ending, very fitting. And that is probably all that needs to be said.

  • John
    2019-04-28 20:28

    3.5 stars for book 2 of the Kings Dark Tiding series. There were some incredibly cool parts to this book, but the awkward naivety of the hero, Rezkin, became tiresome. There was no respite in the whiny female characters either. Even the women who could easily be very strong and empowering women were reduced to catty adolescents who can't help but fall all over themselves at Rezkin. Also, how many times do we need to read about the way Rezkin "cocked his head?" was a good story, but could do with better editing.

  • Peter
    2019-04-29 20:39

    "It's better than the first one""He isn't as overpowered in the sequel"Don't believe those lies. This sequel is far worse than the first book in the series. If you didn't enjoy the first one and are contemplating doing this book: Don't.I somewhat enjoyed some bits of the first one, such as the humour and over-the-top antics the protagonist got up to. This book, however, has none of that. The plot, world, characters and events are all absurdly stupid and frustrating. I don't even feel like wasting my time explaining just how bad it all is since it would mean wasting even more time on this unnecessarily long book.What I'll do instead is share my theory for what the major twist will be at the end of the series:This whole story takes place in a former home-schooled guy's head, with him being the protagonist in the book. He writes this story during his first few weeks of starting at a public high school. Most of the interactions will make a lot more sense since it would explain why everyone has the maturity level of 13-year-olds. It would also explain why all the female characters feel fake: the author has never actually spoken to a person of the other sex and writes their interactions like how he thinks they would act if they only knew how awesome he actually is. Finally, this theory would also explain how everything seems to work out perfectly for the protagonist and why everyone is in constant awe at everything he does.There you go. I just saved you twenty odd hours that you might have spent on reading the last book in this awful series.

  • Lundos
    2019-05-24 01:46

    Not really as good as the last one and not as funny. The main protagonist keeps adding to his entourage and they almost all have either special hidden powers and/or are among the most powerful within their class. (view spoiler)[And since the main character is the best at everything - and I do mean EVERYTHING - there really isn't any suspense. (hide spoiler)]The story and main plot progresses at a decent tempo and the author tries to include all the hangaround arcs in a fine way. I will probably continue reading the series when the next book is written.

  • Suz
    2019-05-26 23:38

    I would have given the Gary Stu goodness (which I don't often think of as a negative unless it's very poorly done), the action, and the court intrigue a 4 star. The story really is entertaining in the way that sword and sorcery stories are entertaining. But the obliviousness required in most of the characters to move the story forward has been excessive, and the fact that we don't get a strong woman, or even a woman who isn't too stupid to live, until 2/3 of the way through the second book and even she is a tertiary character with little page time, add up to a reduced score. There is just no way to continue to ignore these things.So, if you can shrug off stupid females who come off like they are all middle and high school idiots, and you don't mind contrived obliviousness to prop the story up, then it's a fun story. I will probably read the third book in the hopes that these gaping plot holes will be filled and the females have been presented as insipid so the author could give them room to grow.

  • angel romero
    2019-05-21 20:44

    Awesome The way the author writes is just amazing. How he makes a situation and sets up his scenes doesn't make the reader cringe thinking the author pushes the bounds when writing mysterious parts. He writes in a way that leaves the reader wanting to know what comes next not how did this happen. Also most authors are terrible at writing necessary parts that exclude the action and bore the reader, but this author is able to roll right over these parts without losing momentum or interest.

  • C.W.
    2019-05-09 23:45

    Loved this one even more than the first! Will talk about this more extensively in a wrap up some time soon. Characters grew, situations got more intense, things got even more fun, and I cannot wait to see what happens in the next one!

  • Brent
    2019-05-20 00:53

    Oh man, that sure ended with a bang.This book continues on with Rezkin and co's journey, specifically to the tournament in Skutton. I sure wasn't expecting the whole book to be pretty much the journey and to what happened in Skutton, and that tells me how detailed this series will be. The pages sure aren't lacking either. The author confirmed that it won't be a trilogy, so looking forward to this.Similar to the first book, I believe the 2nd book is also divided into two parts, the journey to Skutton and the tournament.The first part introduces many characters, and I really liked some of them. Tieran also comes back into the fold. As usual, Rezkin is the center, and he manages to change everyone to the better. Tieran's change really surprised me, and he's becoming one of my favorite characters too. I also liked both Palis, who I felt is a more free spirited noble, taking up the sword and having ideals (good) of his own, as well as Wesson, the battle-mage that doesn't want to be a battle-mage, with his contradicting fresh character. Throughout the journey, we also learn more about The Rez, presumably the basis of Rezkin's name, introduced in the book called The Tales of the Shadow Knight. I didn't really pay attention to this at first when Frisha mentioned it in the first book, but well there ya go. With this, we also learn more about the actual story of the series, which I admit I didn't know where the series was going on the first book. Rezkin's claim to the throne being the point of the series is punctuated even more at the end of the book. During this part we also learn more about Rezkin himself, and if one didn't see enough of his ideas in the first book, you will definitely see the good in him in the 2nd book. He becomes emotional, and sometimes even romantic, which is a good change compared to his stoic, mysterious behavior in the first. I was definitely amused on how he acted at first with the nobles, and it was nice to see these nobles change throughout the journey due to Rezkin's influence, him not needing to put up a persona anymore. So yeah, this part is basically character development ++.The 2nd part of the book talks about the tournament, and is much shorter compared to the first part. Here we see much more action, and the Dark Tidings persona was definitely one of the best things ever (that voice, them fights). Towards the end, shit goes down, which I wasn't really expecting until the foreshadowing began. I was expecting some kind of light hearted celebration at the end, and then the group continuing on with their next adventure, but war happened instead. This series will definitely take on a darker turn on the third book.Some things that I didn't like we're some things that just gets dragged on for the sake of more drama later. Rezkin's encounter with Farson came outta nowhere, and it ended with no actual development. How could Rezkin just leave not gaining anything from Farson, when his entire purpose and standing highly depends on what the striker knows? Another thing is Rezkin's relationship with Frisha. I'm not really sure what the author is planning with this, since the relationship is way too one sided: Frisha is just too plain and really doesn't seem to be any outstanding qualities. It's hard to see that Rezkin actually has genuine feelings for her, at least not yet. Frisha needs to stop being shy all the time and maybe be more aggressive or things would not get anywhere. They didn't even have any romantic scenes (I think), and it's mostly teasing (which I felt was kinda forced). Ysseria is PROBABLY a better fit for him, but well there's Palis so it's kinda weird (RIP). Hopefully it doesn't end up Frisha dying later, and really I wish it's just him alone without with anyone (though fangirls are welcome). The girls' reactions to him in the first book was definitely fun to read.With that, I had quite a few favorite scenes on this book. My favorite is probably Rezkin's confession on who he is to Tam, him finally opening up and giving him some more of that character development. Rezkin was truthful to Tam, considering Tam his bestfriend, but Tam was overcome with the kills Rezkin has done. Kai then confronts Tam, and here we see probably one the best dialogues regarding Rezkin's character, who talks about Rezkin's good nature and ideals, and befriending Tam just because he likes him. This is significant, while thinking about the whole noble culture of the series, since Rezkin is basically the king --- a king being true and befriending a commoner. I'm actually surprised that Frisha did not have any issue with Rezkin when Tam talked to her, and though I'm still mixed about her, she has some nice potential for some nice character development later (please make this happen). In the end, Frisha doesn't have to be a warrior to be a couple with Rezkin. If the author goes this route, then it would be really interesting.Another favorite scene was when Wesson talks about Rezkin's aura of misdirection magic on him for the first time. It goes on to where Wesson gets becomes repeatedly a victim to the magic, making a hilarious scene much to Rezkin's frustration while talking to Wesson.In the end, this book surprised me, and looking back, it feels like the first two books of the series combined becomes the intro arc of Rezkin's conquest to become the king of Ashai. It will definitely become more interesting as we see more nations getting involved, delving on to their different cultures as we already saw some from Yssera's country of Lon Loresh where apparently women dominate. How would they react to the beast that is Rezkin? With that, the book gave immense character development for Rezkin, as well his companions. It also has a crapton of pages, which of course is always welcome. Looking forward to their next adventure.

  • Ben Sanchez
    2019-05-27 00:52

    Although I feel that this story as a whole has a hard time sticking to any particular plot goals, I really enjoyed this book. Our lead character is more familiarized with the "outworld", and we get to follow more characters that I disliked at first but grew to like as the story progressed. We are introduced to more of the world and get a bit more of the magic through the adventures of our main character and a couple of his traveling companions. Still not a huge fan of stories that have almost super powered and undefeatable protagonists, but it actually feels like it works here. Will definitely check out book 3 once it comes out.

  • Ojo
    2019-05-13 19:40

    This is just too good.... Kel Kade has managed to create a very cool kind of fantasy here, a kind of fantasy that is just as thematically-oriented as the Sword of Truth series but still possesses many of the elements of modern, swashbuckling fantasy. The story is somewhat typical, but it's set out in a very unusual way that makes it very hard to predict. The main character is almost perfect, but it's all balanced out by the numerous flaws in the other characters. There's a lot of character development in this book. A mark of truly good characters is when readers begin to feel actually emotions for these characters as regards their fate, and this book displays that. The pacing of the plot is quite steady. Combined with an increasingly complex magic system, it makes for a thoroughly enjoyable read. Events in the book start out slow and steady and only slightly ups its pace in the final fourth or so of the book. The story deals with a number of typical fantasy themes: love, loyalty, bravery, evil, and good. One would be forgiven for thinking the story predictable, but the author has an unusual way of churning up the norm and making it look extraordinary. A great read.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-29 01:47

    4.5/5 Stars

  • Caleb Courtney
    2019-04-30 19:55

    In an effort to avoid spoilers, I will use no character names here. Almost all of my concerns from the first book were fixed in the second. We had more characters, and (gasp), they all had character arcs! Even the main character is starting to be likable, rather than just being the domineering god-like character. He is beginning to feel like a human (though I have my doubts).In my review of the previous book, I said that I had concerns about character arcs. Now I know that Kel Kade can write a strong character arc for his readers. In this book however I thought the female characters were fairly flat. We saw some dimensionality to one of the female characters, but most of them continued to feel pretty flat. There is an impressive female warrior toward the end of the novel, and I look forward to seeing more of her character, as she ended up more rounded than the other characters.Frisha (I know, I broke my rule above) is so one-dimensional in the book. She's so concerned about herself. She pays no attention to the desires of the other characters in her jealous pursuit of the main character. I would like to see her small world blown wide open by the end of the next book. I would like to see her do something for the good of the kingdom (or perhaps even the world), rather than do something only because it serves her. We saw that with many of the new male characters in this book, but Frisha still seems like she's trapped in her own little world.Another thing this book seems to be missing is a sense of redemption. We have jerks who turn out to be basically good people, but we don't see a bad character do a complete about-face. Give us some more complex bad-guys who see the error of their ways! Also, could the main character not always be right about everything? It sounds like he's a god shooting for the throne, and that's just not going to be as interesting of an ending. We want a man with flaws!I look forward to the next book, as you can imagine, because I couldn't put down this one and read it all in a couple of days. Thankfully the next one in the series isn't out yet, otherwise my wife might think I'm not paying enough attention to her.

  • Jaibir Sethi
    2019-04-25 22:30

    My review of Book 1 here: rating 3 stars (from 2.5 for the first one)The second book was an improvement over the first one and good enough to keep me engaged with the series. The story development was better than in the first book and the narrative was tighter. There were also more efforts visible on character development. The couple of things that remained unchanged were:- the protagonist is still pretty much a superhero and this greatly reduces the tension. However, it makes for a fun read - the character development efforts dont really extend to the women in the story, who remain one dimensional

  • Marat Beiner
    2019-05-07 18:38

    I was a little disappointed.The book was entertaining as the first was, but it felt short in a few parameters.1. It did not go as I hopped it will. The first was portraying Rezkin as a mysterious figure, that has something strange in his mind when he was infiltrating the gangs, and I hopped that he's not that good and noble as he seems to be, and maybe he'll turn to be a great "bastard", an anti-hero or something, but it seems that my hopped were in vain, and the path that the author took, is pretty obvious and the book became more cliche that even was.2. Rezkin's fighting abilities are way beyond other people, and nobody in the world seems that can even hurt him, not to say kill him. he is toying with everybody, no matter who he's fighting and how many people, even a large number of "Strikers" who supposed to be the best warriors. And the explanation that author gives us, that he is just superior than they are, because he worked harder. Hardly believable. Did not liked that.I will read the next book in the series, but unfortunately I did not like this book, as I hopped I will.Still not a bad book, but just not good enough to get 4 stars from me.

  • Caleb M.
    2019-05-04 21:50

    I am in love with this series. It is a pleasure to read. The characters are well written and mostly enjoyable. The ones that aren't enjoyable are purposefully that way. My only complaint about these books is that they end so abruptly. This book had a much more satisfying ending than the first book, but it still feels like this was one humongous book that was forced to be chopped at certain points to create a series. I can't wait for the third book. Also a shout out to the audio version. Spectacularly narrated by Nick Podehl.

  • Nate Smith
    2019-05-23 18:49

    AMAZINGThis is, by far, the most amazing book I have read! I have no complaints of the book, whatsoever, and encourage Kel Kade to finish his series!I have stayed up two nights in at row, absolutely captivated in this epic world that the author has made. I really enjoyed it, and hope I can read the third!

  • Richard
    2019-05-11 01:42

    Great classic fantasy storyI love a good story which is full of magic, battles, and romance. But what I love most is how the author is able to make you laugh out loud, feel anxiety for the characters and immerse you in the world they have created. I dreaded reading the last few pages knowing that book 3 has yet to be released. I anxiously await book 3 (and more).

  • Jorid Sørli
    2019-05-04 21:46

    Still entertainig, action packed, and if you can buy that Rez can do Anything, it's fun.

  • Paul Unruh
    2019-05-15 18:54

    Good series. Looking for #3.

  • Ian Hall
    2019-05-26 22:50

    awesome. full review to come

  • Miles
    2019-05-11 19:37


  • Rebecca
    2019-05-17 21:45

    Okay, deep breath. Reign of Madness was a superb sequel to Free the Darkness and I’m still riding the emotional high off the ending, so this review might be a little more of a fan-fest than usual. Kel Kade’s storytelling ability has exceeded all of my expectations, which I must admit were not that high before beginning the series. I’m always skeptical when I see books with many positive reviews that haven’t been mentioned by fellow Fantasy lovers. I figure someone else has to have read it if it were good, right? WRONG. This book- the series, really- is so much fun to read and I’ve not heard anyone else rave about it!As soon as I finished the first book, I downloaded Reign of Madness and went back about my business whilst ignoring people to the best of my ability. After all the action in FtD, RoM may seem slow by comparison. There’s considerably more dialogue between the characters, which is great because it allows the reader to get to know and love the new additions to the cast as well as serving the purpose of fleshing out the world, culture, and political climate. There were some parts where I briefly wished everyone would stop their yapping and pillage a town or kill some bandits. This book was almost a strategic info dump because it expounds so much on the “Outworld” as Rezkin so refers to the world outside of the fortress he was raised in. It fills in many of the gaps that were sort of noticeable in the first installment, and needed to be remedied for the plot to have merit and I think Kel Kade did an admirable job.The story was packed with emotion, which more or less made up for the serious lack of battles in the first half. The group of characters, now expanded to include Frisha’s cousins and several other nobles, is travelling to the King’s Tournament in Skutten, where great swordsmen and women from all lands gather to compete. Rezkin is trying to find answers, but clearly the most accomplished sword master in all the realms cannot forgo such an opportunity to further his own agendas. There’s a good deal of intrigue going on here and Rezkin is doing that thing where he doesn’t let his friends in on his secrets. Not all of them anyways, and perhaps not the most important of all- Frisha. That poor girl is left alone wondering what he could be doing, and while he doesn’t lie to her outright he lets her make assumptions and that is dangerous. This kind of thing leads to betrayal!!!! See Pierce Brown’s Red Rising trilogy for examples.All in all this was a great sequel but I feel I can’t quite give it full marks. The events had huge significance, but it felt like the whole thing was a preamble to the third book- one giant set up. I was also disappointed to find that “the Raven” was barely present at all during this book, especially after all his hard work dominating the criminal underworld. That too will likely play a very large role in the third book and I do look forward to seeing how all that plays out. Once again Nick Podehl did a great job on narration. So great in fact that I wished Rezkin would have pushed Shiela Jebai off the ship because she was a horror and her voice was equally obnoxious!

  • Uyi
    2019-04-28 23:48

    Good God in heaven Frisha was an idiot She was very petty and jealous. She was also very spoiled and possessed every single trait that I hate in female characters. She had nothing to contribute to the dialogue other than a pout, a whine, or a envious retort. She was so weak. She did absolutely nothing for the story and is a poor female lead and romantic interest. Honestly, I was kind of hoping she would fall on a dagger and die. There would be so many times that the story would be going great and then foolish Frisha would ruin it by saying or doing something totally juvenile. Her ignorance and obliviousness was very grating. There were several times where I wanted to throw my laptop down onto my foot (Yes im serious) because she was that useless and annoying. I'm disappointed in the way that females in general were depicted in this book.Also, I have seen this before in books and I hate it because it is oh so common. One of the characters will be an awe inspiring God that the others will cling to and love and sing kumbaya with while flocking through the meadows. NO. By doing this, proper relationships are not formed between characters. It was almost like Rez was a saint who could do know harm and he was only doing what he was told. Poor Rez was raised a certain way and he needs love and affection. Also, he's like the strongest man in the whole galaxy and is a leader of the underworld crime guilds and can never be beat, because he's great. Rez will always save the day. NO. He is way too perfect. What's the point of the whole book if he dosent need any of them? Oh wait! I know! HE DOSENT HAVE A POINT. The character development was very obvious instead of slowly progressing, and that was if there was any at all. My main grievance is that my ship between Jimmy boy and my main B Raeylin did not blossom like the flower it was meant to be. She was the only female who didn't annoy me, aside from her denying herself of her true ..... self. I guess.In my most humblest of opinions. Things moved way to quickly for the character relationships to have any true meaning. Foolish Frisha and Rezkin's relationship was a joke. Jimmy boy and Raeylin darling's was nonexistent. I won't even begin to entertain the five second fiasco that was Palis and Yserriea's "relationship".The whole "overthrow a bad king after a sudden talk of his badness and oh look now there's a war" business was a bad mess too. I gave this book a chance only because I wanted to see the uncovering secrets surrounding Rezkin and what the outcome of him tracking down Farson would be..... It was anticlimactic. Heck, I guessed the outcome of the book halfway through it. It was not a bad book, but characters were certainly lacking as were some parts of the plot and I will not be moving on the next book. It was an ok read. Similar books are The False Prince. and The Emperor's Edge.

  • Kim
    2019-04-26 02:35

    This review and many others, both german and english, can also be found on my blog.Diese und viele weitere Rezensionen, auf deutsch und englisch, findet ihr auch auf meinem Blog.Ravenclaw ThreadsisterAfter I finished listening to Free the Darkness I immediately started on Reign of Madness and followed up with Legends of Ahn. As I read / listened to both of them so close after another I might have trouble separating them, so I’ll put a SPOILER WARNING right here, just to be safe.Let me just say, I adore this series. Rezkin, while written to be a little to much ‘larger than life’ is great and I love reading about him and following him on his adventures.I was somewhat sad to get less of Rezkins misunderstandings, as he has somewhat adapted to the ‘outworld’ now. He’s still himself though and while he now knows better how people expect him to behave he still thinks the same way he did before, even if the doesn’t always act on his instincts.He grew a lot in this book, while searching for Striker Farson and being thrown in the midst of a political and social breakdown.And it wasn’t only Rezkin who grew, I loved seeing especially Tieran grow up and leave some of his snobbishness behind. The whole group became a lot closer and they had a lot of fun at the tournament.I loved the tournament, it was a nice break from all the travel our heroes had done so far, and the addition of so much political intrigue made me even more interested in the book.Another thing that changed in comparison to the last book was that we weren’t constantly reminded of how incredibly awesome Rez is, at least not with exactly the same words as all throughout the first book, which I appreciated very much.Like the first book I listened to this on audiobook and I couldn’t stop myself from listening at all. I rated this book 5 stars and can only hope the wait between further books in the series isn’t too long.