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First impressions don’t have to be everything. But second, third, fourth impressions create a reputation, and those are hard to break. In the public eye, where everybody is tuned in to your every move, and behind the scenes, where certain people are privy to the real you… or at least what they perceive you to be. Jordan Johnson is a man under pressure – from his teammates,First impressions don’t have to be everything. But second, third, fourth impressions create a reputation, and those are hard to break. In the public eye, where everybody is tuned in to your every move, and behind the scenes, where certain people are privy to the real you… or at least what they perceive you to be. Jordan Johnson is a man under pressure – from his teammates, fans, family, and the one person who wants to see him succeed as badly as he wants it for himself. He’ll do whatever he has to in order to not let anyone down… and maybe find an unanticipated connection along the way. Nicole Richardson is a woman with a purpose – prove herself worthy of her place in a male-dominated field. Fiercely competitive, wielder of tough love and motivation, and terrible at dealing with things outside of her control. Between making sure the players are thriving, and coping with a changing family dynamic, a relationship isn’t even on her radar. Denying their chemistry would be a waste of words, but giving in isn’t an option. A season on the line. Reputations at stake. The threat of seeing their personal lives played out on the evening highlights. With all of that swirling around them, Jordan and Nicole have to decide if it’s worth the effort to make the play… or take a knee. Love Belvin and Christina C. Jones collaborate on a series of football romance, staring two football greats who so happen to be in for the biggest play of their lives: for their hearts. Quarterback, Trent Bailey, and wide receiver, Jordan Johnson, give their all out on the green. But what happens when the two friends encounter true love? Take on Connecticut Kings’ finest and journey through their discovery of developing themselves as men, and exploring love. ...

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  • Alexis *Reality Bites*
    2019-05-19 02:39

    Spoiler Free ReviewGenre: Romance (Sports theme)Series: Connecticut Kings Book 2 Another 5 STAR BANGER! ❤️Christina C Jones produced a strong book two! Jones plus Belvin equals FIRE!Alright now, this series has set a bar and it's very high. No pressure. LOL!Dear Jordan,Have 911 on speed dial because this wild fire spreads fast. Things heat up between Connecticut Kings beauty exec Cole and their hot wide receiver Jordan. However, Cole tries to control the flames, much like she does everything else. It works at first but not for too long, because just like a raging fire, Jordan is not really one to be controlled.“Nicki,” I said, without even thinking about it. “I want Nicki.”-JordanJordan JohnsonJordan aka JJ is the star wide receiver for the Connecticut Kings. He's six foot five inches, two hundred thirty pounds of extra dark chocolate coated muscle *YUM* He's one of the best in the league. Best known for his wild ways as well as his sharp wit tongue. JJ admittedly has a lot riding on this upcoming season, he needs to win. Like every other player, his sights are set on the Super Bowl. My man wants a ring!When a chance at love presents itself other things begin to shift in his life too. But don't get it twisted he still wants that ring!“I didn’t realize you were the jealous type, Mr. Johnson.” "I’m not,” he insisted. “I’m just… possessive. Or something.” -Jordan and ColeNicole RichardsonCole is Assistant Director of Player Success for the Connecticut Kings. She's also the daughter of the owner for the Kings franchise. Cole is beautiful, intelligent, determined, competitive and strong willed. Working in a male dominate field I'm sure plays a big part in her focus driven character. Not one to be easily outdone by her male counterparts, Cole's presence alone garner's respect from her colleagues. Which only goes to show just how good she is at what she does. As romantic feelings for Jordan surface she calls an audible. She sets rules and with good reason, in my humble opinion. Hesitant to put her reputation along with her heart in a position to get hurt; Cole makes a decision that Jordan needs to agree to before they go any further.(audible- Change in the offensive play called by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage.)What I likedNo, it's what I loved, I loved Cole's relationship with her father. I liked the dynamics in which he genuinely yet diligently groomed her from childhood to be all she can be and then some. Although surrounded by males Cole was allowed to THRIVE in her purpose. What I dislikedJordan's father. That dude had some major issues. I'd love for Ezra to get a hold of his butt. LOL! No seriously, he needs help.ThoughtsThis is a fave for me from Jones. It also has a mention of one of my other fave heroine's from her ❤️Nubia❤️ As well as two characters from a previous book that I enjoyed! I won't name them I'll let it be a surprise for her fans. The Writing was strong. She had great leads and great secondary characters adding that spice to an already delicious story. So who's next? Will we be getting more? I hope so! I'm leaning toward Sanchez mm..maybe I don't know seems like he and Presley have a little something something. To buy or Not to buy? Buy!!Series: Yes, this is book 2 in The Connecticut Kings series. I suggest reading in order. Recommendation: I recommend to alllll romance lovers!Plot/Storyline: Very well done. I love a good second chance romance and Jones NAILED IT! Writing: Strong, Sensual with characters that grow before your eyes. Especially Jordan. Steam factor: On a scale of 1-10 I say 9. Yeah, it was fire! Now go forth and read, then come tell us what you thought about it! If only just a few words, remember that reviews are important to authors.

  • Love Belvin
    2019-05-07 08:58

    This genius of this author is that you never know who you’re going to get in terms of characters, or what you’re going to get in terms of flow. She admittedly doesn’t like to do the same type of romance consecutively, so as her reader, you never know what to expect.This was the case with ‘Love On the Highlight Reel’. I immediately fell in love with Jordan ‘The Flash’ Johnson. He has an infectious, warm, and inviting energy. He’s down to earth and unapologetically imperfect. He has this big personality, loves people, and to have a good time.Cole ‘appears’ to be the total opposite personality type. Initially, I thought she wasn’t likeable. She was too hard on herself and Jordan. But the more I read, Cole began to reveal her heart and I actually came to a meeting place with her, in understanding her fears and insecurities. They were very plausible.The author is very consistent with the voices of these characters. I enjoyed the subtle Football 101 lessons weaved throughout. The pace kept me on edge from chapter to chapter. The epilogue was perfect, giving me a hint of what the future is like for Jordan and Cole.The passion and chemistry in this book are off the charts. There was a refreshing freedom to their sexual ventures. It softened Cole’s characterization greatly. The comedy kept me on my toes and spit flinging onto my iPad screen from me bursting out with laughter. The antagonists angered me, had me rooting for Jordan and Cole throughout their journey back to each other.I don’t think I can say more without giving away nuggets reserved for the reader. So, if you haven’t checked out this tale yet, get ‘to 1-clicking!Brava, CCJ! Brava!!!!

    2019-05-08 07:44

    5/5 Stars!!Nicole Richardson is tough, and she doesn't take shit from anyone. And considering she works in a job field dominated by men she has good reason to be. Being a woman, and a black at that, she has to work 10x as hard to prove she can do her job well. There's just one problem; Jordan Johnson. He gets under her skin her challenges her like no other person can.He's cockyHe's arrogant He's a trouble maker, that won't follow the rulesHe's fine as all get out...Jordan Johnson eats, sleeps, and breathes football, but lately he's been feeling a little unsure about it. He has pressure all around him, from his overbearing dad, his coaches, his teammates. Having to pull the weight of his team has really started to take its toll on him, and he uses partying an fighting to release some stress. Plus there's always Nicole there to help make his day better, if only he could stay on her good side and bring some emotion out of her...Let's give it up one time for some positive black love being shown in the romance genre!! As a young black woman it feels so damn good to be able to see people who look like me being able to fall in love!!Y'all I can't even begin to express how much I loved this book, it was so beautiful!! I don't even know where to begin my review without raving too much, so let's just see how this goes...First of all this book had all of my favorite tropes in it. Enemies to lovers, second chance love, AND it was a sports romance!! *cries*I've never been so blessed by the book gods before, but I am so thankful!!The writing in this book was so great, and it was so relateable for me which made this a million more times enjoyable. Christina knows how to write her ass off and create a story that hooks you from beginning to end. This is my third book by her and I've yet to be disappointed, she has now become one of my favorite authors and I will definitely be devouring every book she has!!Another thing that made this book so bomb was Jordan Johnson himself!! He was a strong chocolate athlete that knew the fine art of dirty talking, and he could get it!!He seemed like the stereotypical athlete on the surface but once you read more you see that there's so much more depth to him. He went hard for those he loved, and the love and affection he showed Nicole was just beautiful. He cherished her, he respected her, and he supported her unconditionally. He was always patient and willing to compromise and work with Nicole to make sure the relationship could work. And although they had some bumps in the road, like all couples do, he still saw things from both sides and and was man enough to own up to his mistakes. "You were smart, and driven, and nasty as hell once I brought it out of you. You were my fucking first love."(p.s. I've already claimed Jordan as my own y'all can't have him lol)I literally can't think of one bad thing to say about him except I'm pissed he's not real😑😟And let me just say that I loved Nicole's character too!! She took no shit from anyone and she proved that black women could be successful in their lives. And even though she put off a tough exterior, it was always done out of tough love to get others to see their full potential. Seeing the growth she made from beginning to end made me so happy, I love seeing a character be able to grow and change. I really loved her and Jordan together because you could feel that they belonged together!! Seeing them work through their issues like mature adults without unnecessary drama had me smiling like a fool at my kindle. (Then I cried a bit because I remembered that I'm forever alone...) "His mouth crashed onto mine, consuming me with a kiss that felt like more than a kiss. Declarative strokes of his tongue, possessive nibbles at my lips and the corners of my mouth, and soothing, reassuring licks after."I could go on and on about how great this book is, but the best way for anyone to experience it would be to read for yourself. If you love sports romances, enemies to lovers, or second chance then you need this book in your life. I can guarantee that you will devour it in one sitting, but remember Jordan Johnson is mine!!

  • Jazmen This Girl Reads A lot
    2019-05-16 02:41

    Love on the Highlight Reel is what I've been missing and didn't even know it. Positive, realistic black love. I know, don't make this a race thing, Jazmen. But it is a race thing--but in a good way. There's not a total lack of presence of black love in New Adult--not if you're really looking for it. But it's not among the popular titles that we see regularly--and that needs to change. (We'll save that argument for later. )Love on the Highlight reel broken down to it's tiniest bits is typical New Adult. Typical New Adult second chance romance. However it's just a bit more than that at it's core. It's positive, it's real--and it's exactly what I needed and wanted from a book.We've all read the sports trope in New Adult--once one did it well--we got a whole bunch more trying to do the same.But what I liked its the dynamic between the two love interests. Nicole "Cole" Richardson, was the one pulling the strings, doing the work and being an all around Girl Boss bad ass. Nicole helped run her father's football team the kings. Alongside her brother but they managed different players--differently.It was just black people doing their thing and I was all. "Yasssss!," and so here for it. The love interest, Jordan Johnson--was for all intents and purposes the star player. Cole, and he dated back in college--but things fell apart as they aged--and as Jordan became an NFL player--not for reasons superficial or surface--but because things just happen like that sometimes. But, of course neither of them could fight what was always there--love.What works for the romance aspect of the book-- On the part of Cole, was the struggle to be a proud and competent business woman--while still pursuing a romance that she wanted to have but didn't want to be judged for. And Jordan's pursuit of her--relentless pursuit in a respectable way that both honored and treasured Nicole--without being too "Me Man. You Jane." Macho foolishness. It was that dynamic that worked against them--but also brought them closer together. And it's a treat for the reader to see how that all works out.The football part of it wasn't too overwhelming but it actually left me with a little sports excitement--and I don't even do football.The book is very well-rounded in the way it deals with romance, and sports. It's actually pretty fun if you allow yourself to get into it--and I did.I know I mentioned race--but it's not all about that. I mean I'm black--so of course I enjoyed having the book be about a black couple. But, any person of any race, can and will enjoy this book--because it's just really good reading. This is my first book by this author--but I can promise you--it won't be my last, because honey--this right here is good reading--and who doesn't need another couple to ship--or a book boyfriend to drool over?

  • Daisa
    2019-05-24 07:42

    I KNEW I was going to love this book. I had serious trepidation’s about picking up this sequel after I read the first book (written by a different author) in August because I didn’t very much like the first book. But after a few months and after reading a few books by Christina C Jones I just said screw it because I knew she wouldn’t let me down. Not only that, but this book is also almost TWICE the length of her normal books. So I got a huge improvement on a sequel and a little bit more of Christina’s very special brand of storytelling and swoonworthy plot.Love on the Highlight Reel features Jordan Johnson, Connecticut Kings Wide Receiver and best friend to Trent Bailey who was the star of book one, Love in the Red Zone. It also features Nichole Richardson, Assistant Director of Player Success for the Kings and daughter of the owner of that very same team. But this isn’t the typical story of forbidden love between Executive and Player. Jordan and Nicole have a history, a history they have tried to bury and ignore for quite some time. But you know what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder and denying the truth doesn’t change the facts. And the Fact is, Cole and JJ are PERFECT for one another. It just took a few bumps in the road to get them BOTH to see that.Christina’s stories are so authentic and flow so effortlessly. She even makes jokes about how “this type of thing only happens in romance novels” but what is actually happening in the book is something that could happen in real life. I love how her characters are always so real, down to earth and straight to the point. Not to mention the Black Excellence is REAL in her stories. Sure, we’re used to being portrayed as Celebrities, Rappers, Singers or Athletes. But Christina always gives her characters careers in business or medicine, REGULAR goddamned jobs and I love reading that. Cole is a lawyer and both her and twin brother Nate are Front Office Executives on a football team, dealing with salaries and contract negotiations. I love it!JJ and Cole are adorable too which I’ve come to expect and look forward to when reading these books. I’ve said it a million times before and I’ll probably mention it a million times more. I love me some MOMENTS and JJ and Cole have plenty of them. Like JJ flipping out over Cole getting jealous when they aren’t even ‘together’ or Cole coming to JJ’s aid when he’s sick even though she’s a germaphobe, MOMENTS! I also reading about a strong woman who can take care of herself and handle her own business, but I LOVE when a man sometimes puts his foot downs and DEMANDS what he wants. Its sexy!...*SWOON* I’m hoping there will be a continuation of this series...I don’t know what I will do if the next one is written by the first author of this series but...whatever Christina C Jones contributes, I’ll definitely be reading.Recommendation: It would be great to just skip the first book and read Love on the Highlight Reel, but I think for the sake of context, you would have to read Love in the Red Zone first. But if you have no problem with not knowing the full story behind what happened with Trent Bailey and the dynamic between him and JJ, I would just go ahead and read this book...But let me be clear...YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY READ THIS BOOK.

  • Wilki J
    2019-05-10 07:40

    Wide receiver for the Connecticut Kings, Jordan Johnson doesn't only seem to be carrying his team on his shoulders but a chip too. With quarterback troubles to top the list, everyone is looking for JJ to deliver on the field..and he does. Too bad not everyone feels the same way. When he blows up in the public eye , the higher ups send in Nicole Richardson. Making sure JJ lives up to his full potential and has success on the field, Cole has her job cut out for her. But when lines get crossed off the field and ole plays get run, will they succumb to the pressure of their love being on the highlight reel?Sighhh, I don't even know how to explain in words how magically awesome this book was. I am still in a manic state after I hit the last page. I have to date read every single book by Christina C Jones and no matter the genre, she always gives me a solid story that keeps me throughly enthralled. But this! THIS!????? By far is my absolute fav by her!!! This storyline gave me life, you hear me? Life!! Being that it was a sports romance, I loved the way Christina was able to balance the sports content along with the romance element. The sports terminology used was on point and I could tell she was on her 'game' with research. I felt as though I was right in the thick of things, up in the stands cheering on the Connecticut Kings! Being her longest literary work to date, Christina held nothing back in terms of conflict. I enjoyed the push and pull aspect in JJ and Cole's relationship. She takes readers through the intricacies of the chatacters falling in love and staying in love in a well-paced storyline. I must make mention of how there was not one rushed element of this story as JJ and Cole kept me throughly entertained from beginning to end.Chaleeeee, those two had me either rolling my eyes or rubbing my thighs together. **bites lips with eyes wide ** From the first few pages, I instantly felt Cole and JJ's chemistry which overflowed as the story progressed. Listen, JJ is BAE! Cole is not one to be out done either. There were some role shockers in there that had me doing a double take: let's just say Cole can be 'cold' (brrrr). I enjoyed how Christina gave us a hero and heroine that both had flaws they needed to overcome in order to understand the other. This resulted in well developed characters that had unmeasurble growth. Additionally, I loved the tie in of Trent and Jade (Book 1: "Love in the Red Zone"). It was a seamless fit and effortless in execution.The end and epilogue was perrrrfect for this story with characters such as JJ and Cole! I was left totally satisfied and had no questions left unanswered.Christina C. Jones and Love Belvin have done a superb job in blending their unique writing skills in order to bring readers a series that is highly entertaining! I hope to read more from these two as it is obvious they have a magical chemistry together. "Get with a winning team bish" (In my Joseline voice)

  • Tamara
    2019-05-01 01:45

    Black Love Matters!Yes to everything that is JJ and Cole/Nicki related. I LOVED them, both individually and as a couple. Getting to experience their story unfold, didn't feel as is I was doing it from the viewpoint of a reader, but as someone familiar with their history and listening to them retell it! It was very intimated but also provided the background we needed as a reader to understand the progression of their relationship.Both authors of this series, Love Belvin and Christina C Jones did a wonderful job with consistently keeping the stories aligned and on track in both books. The information was exactly the same in both stories.Now back to Jordan and Nicki - they were always meant to be together. They just had to take that mandatory "need time to grow up" break in between until they figured it all out.Another great story by this author, loved the supporting cast and looking forward to more in this series.

  • Deloris
    2019-04-26 00:40

    I enjoyed this book, JJ and Cole have major chemistry , which made you sit on the edge of your seat wondering how soon the would get it on . I was happy with the story she brought us , and I can't wait to read the next book in the series . The author introduced me to new people I want to know more about like Chloe and Coles twin brother .

  • Mary
    2019-05-10 05:38

    Another great installment in the Connecticut Kings series. JJ and Cole's story is just too sweet. Christina did a great job, as always. A must read.

  • Jos-renee Marks
    2019-05-09 08:42

    JJ & Cole took me for an emotional ride in this book I wanted to climb in the book and shake, side eye, and just SMH at those two. But I loved the story, the challenges they faced, some self imposed other from outside sources and the fact that they try to overcome them. It's not always easy to get readers to connect with, understand and root for the main characters but Christina C. Jones does exactly that with this edition. I look forward to the next installment from the series.

  • Dee Cherry
    2019-05-13 08:06

    I found this 2nd installment of the Connecticut Kings series to an invigorating read as Jordan & Cole became comfortable with each other. The storyline was impressive & enlightening & tied in well with part 1. As I've read several romances by Christina C. Jones, this story was just as fulfilling & joyful & I highly recommend.

  • Nicole Monsegue
    2019-05-09 04:55

    MUST READ!!! It's my first book from this Author and it won't be my last!!!! I love football books and Christina did an remarkable job on Cole & Jordan the story captivate you from start to finish and I really hope we get Book 2 in each book...

  • The CurvyJones
    2019-05-09 01:48

    As always a pleasure and enjoyable read from one of the best in black indie romance!!

  • Gordina Porter
    2019-05-02 06:04

    My girl squad now includes two chicks. One name Evelyn Nicole Richardson aka Nikki aka Nicole aka COLE and Cin. This book had the right amount of sizzle, desire, real world issues, and love. Jordan Johnson has just earned a special location in my heart! That boy is pretty much enough of what you need everyday of the week. Nicole's character faced current issues faced by powerhouse women who run circles in a male industry. Double standards. She was fierce but developed her soft side. She's definitely an onion. I found it interesting that Nicole was raised by a man that gave her love, support, and toughness when needed, but she struggled to let go and allow herself to give it back or just to live openly. Then you have Jordan who came from a verbally and emotionally abusive father that was hell bent of damaging him even into adulthood, yet he still gave love showed love and affection freely. She wasn't shown his level of abuse and he wasn't shown her level of love, but you would think his father raised her and her father raised him. Eli Richardson is amazing. I love the image of how he raised twins without tainting them by bringing in random women. Thank you for making him a positive dad! Now Greg Johnson on the flip side... I'm just going to say it... ain't ish! Like team ish! What does it profit him to verbally and emotionally attack that boy in that manner? Overall, I'm in love with this book and it's characters! Great job! #teamShootEmUp

  • Natalya | TheIslandReader
    2019-05-10 08:54

    What I liked: Have I mentioned that I now love a second chance romance? I was a goner! I also appreciate a good sports romance. Jones expertly balanced the sports and romance elements in this novel. We were as immersed as we could be in Jordan’s world and his struggles on and off the field. We saw a little bit more than just the on field play too. By bringing Cole in as a team executive, we were privy to front office politics and procedures as well.What I didn’t like: Jordan’s father worked my damn nerves. His and Jordan’s relationship is the perfect example of never being able to please your parent no matter how great you are and how hard you work. I felt so bad for Jordan as he struggled with this and wanted to ring his father’s damn neck. I got protective of Jordan, even when he was being an arrogant and self-centered brat.Love on The Highlight Feel was fun, flirty, and sexy. The chemistry was amazing and I loved the opportunity at a second chance at first love. There were enough twists and turns in this book that kept you engaged. This book was 312 pages but it read so well that it seemed shorter, in a good way. This book was a perfect complement to Love Belvin’s Love in the Red Zone.Jordan and Cole’s love was definitely on the highlight reel.CHECK OUT FULL REVIEW HERE:

  • Rena
    2019-05-14 04:48

    The perfect combinationThis is my first book to read by CCJ, but it will definitely not be my last. I enjoyed getting to know Jordan and Nicole and all about their relationship. They found love early in college, but it took them coming together as more mature individuals to truly value and take their love to new heights. Nicole had to learn how to deal with people instead of running away. I'm glad that she straightened out the relationship with her step mom. This book was a great lesson on how we need to let go of people and things that are toxic to us and focus more on those who are truly down for you. Good storyline and good characters with every thing flowing well. The collaboration in areas that coincide with book one was seamless. This book was about love, life, and football...the perfect combination.

  • Sybil Pun
    2019-05-12 01:38

    Again! Simply BeautifulI absolutely loved Jordan and Nicki / Cole storyThis was so tight and good..Even though it was at some point very unrealistic but hey, it is a fiction but the whole story kind of un shined the other... It is only in this book you will hear of a football wife or girlfriend be ok with others in their mans faces; only in this book that conflict of interest could be shipped under the rug; and only in this book that you will have such of a childish couple ( at times).... But, all that does not really matter as I love some big alpha male like Jordan and strong headed girl like Niki / Cole... Grab one and enjoyed now... I did it in one day...

  • reneeNaDaBomb
    2019-05-11 05:05

    Love on the Highlight Reel (Connecticut Kings Book 2)I liked this second book in the series. So far so good and entertaining as Jordan and Nicole (Cole) resume their college romance that went bad once he was accepted in the NFL. Cole has some reservations about dating Jordan again. He, of course, is more than willing to prove himself on and off the field.

  • Vernell Howard
    2019-05-08 01:46

    Loved It!Of course you know this will be a great movie for me. I love all your stories, because I can hear and picture in my mind love manifested in so many different ways.. Not only that I get to experience it as well. I wish Nicole was pregnant but I will wait until Jordan and Nicole start speaking to you about what's happening in their future. Hint! Hint! Great Read.😊

  • Lakimbac
    2019-04-24 02:48

    Absolutely Amazing Christina is a superb author who pours her heart into her work. The story of Cole and Jordan was amazing. I loved the writing style, the plot, theme and twists. Keep up the good work Christina! 😉

  • delicia
    2019-05-21 08:04

    Love is...😍This book made me so happy!!! It’s just a very beautiful love story. I loved how you included Trent and Jade, but this was Jordan and Nicki’s story. I can’t to start book 3.

  • Geri
    2019-05-06 02:50

    Slow start, but goodStarted off a bit slow for my tastes. I felt like I was missing something the first 4-5 chapters, guess I should have read Book 1 in this series. Anywho, I enjoyed reading Jordan and Nicole’s story and their chance at a hea.

  • Jasmine
    2019-05-05 07:08

    Love is in the air!What a beautiful story of a second chance at love!! Jordan and Nikki were meant to be. Their story of challenges to make it plays out on the highlight reel and its a beautiful one to watch!

  • Monieka Williams
    2019-04-25 07:02

    Jordan 😍I'm so proud of his growth, and happy that he's gotten two things he's been wanting!!! Nicki and that ring!! I loved this story and their history which wasn't expected. Good read 💗

  • Arwinder
    2019-05-19 02:42

    Amazing 2nd bookI just loved this second story! The heroine was exactly what I'd been searching for lately; strong and intelligent. I didn't know if I was gonna like the hero but I did. They no belong to that group fictionnal couples that I adore!!!!!

  • Jendayi Derisca
    2019-04-28 01:01

    Yessss!!Is there such a thing as a bad book from you? Seriously, every single book I've read from you causes me to forget about my surroundings and lose myself in the stories you right. I love them all!

  • Kesha Jackson
    2019-04-24 04:46

    Great readThis book was life!!!! I loved every minute of 1 was also lit.. Love Belvin & Christina Jones keep doing your thing

  • Enique
    2019-05-17 06:42

    5 star read CCJ is an awesome storyteller. I loved this book so much. I need some babies from Cole and Jordan. I'm glad they finally got their act together

  • Shelima Maynard
    2019-05-22 06:43

    Great BookI loved this story. I can't wait to read the next book in this series! Keep the books coming. I love to read every day!

  • Carolyn King
    2019-04-23 08:53

    Love ItI love Jordan and Nick I story. They been thru a lot . I am happy they reconnected and got back together.