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A brand new stand-alone historical romance from the Avelynn series! It's the year 871. Charges of treason, murder, and witchcraft follow Avelynn into exile as she flees England with Alrik. Arriving in Wales, they find refuge among Alrik's friends in the Welsh nobility. Cast out by his half-brothers, Alrik seeks to regain his honor and earn favor with the gods. When war thrA brand new stand-alone historical romance from the Avelynn series! It's the year 871. Charges of treason, murder, and witchcraft follow Avelynn into exile as she flees England with Alrik. Arriving in Wales, they find refuge among Alrik's friends in the Welsh nobility. Cast out by his half-brothers, Alrik seeks to regain his honor and earn favor with the gods. When war threatens, Alrik embraces gold and the opportunity for his crew to become mercenaries, aiding the Southern Welsh kings in their fight against Rhodri the Great.Desperate to return home, Avelynn seeks to find a way to prove her innocence, but she is pitted against Alrik as their desires for the future clash. With battle looming, Avelynn's faith in their relationship is further tested through a bitter struggle with Marared, a jealous lover from Alrik's past. Marared's threats turn deadly, and Avelynn runs afoul of magic and sorcery, causing her to question her beliefs and role as priestess.When Avelynn and Alrik are betrayed, Avelynn is captured and Alrik is charged with regicide. The two become separated, a chasm of greed, deceit, and ambition driving them apart. In an act of harrowing faith, Avelynn will stop at nothing to find her way back to Alrik and break them both free from Wales's bloodthirsty grasp....

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avelynn the edge of faith Reviews

  • Carol-ann
    2019-05-17 05:54

    Marissa Campbell is an amazing author.   She captivates her reader and draws them into her story.  A2 was just another example of Marissa's magnificent abilities and further proof of her amazing talent. This series is amazing, it draws the reader in and makes you feel as though you are a part of the characters their trials and their tribulations.   You cry for them you rejoice for them and you hope that they survive every journey and obstacle presented to them just as if you are a part of their story.   A2 was an amazing continuance to Avelynn and I cannot wait to see if Marissa will bless us with another chapter of Avelynn and Alriks adventures.   Thank you Marissa for another amazing and spellbinding story.  If you believe in your dreams they will come true.  xo

  • Sarah
    2019-05-30 09:15

    This second work fixes the issue I had with book one and improved on all other aspects. The author has a way of making history come to life and her characters relatable to the average reader. I grew to love both Avelynn and Alrik more and more as the pages turned. A worthy follow-up to the series premiere, I can't wait for book 3.My biggest gripe with book one was the small amount of page time given to Avelynn’s and Alrick’s relationship. They might've shared scenes for maybe less than a fourth of the book; not nearly enough to make me believe they were as in love as the book ending portrayed.So this work was a vast improvement on that front. Their time in Dark Age Wales and their involvement with the politics thereof drew them together as a couple and as partners. They faced danger from many fronts as well as internally through their conflicting personalities and life goals. Yet, their relationship was as emotional and resonant in this work as book one's ending tried to portray. I felt the added time together and the new challenges they faced helped to strengthen their bond and made it more believable this time around. I definitely look forward to more in book 3 when they go to such a different world.I still love are two leads just as much now as I did in the beginning. Avelynn still comes across as such a flawed heroine, always planning for the future but failing in the carrying out of those plans. She learns from her mistakes but often makes new ones, placing her in as much danger as book one. However, she faces everything with the same courage and spirit. Alrik is our manly Viking: brash, violent, hot tempered, and courageous. Yet, there is a side to him not often seen in fictional Viking men, an emotionally sensitive one. It's evident from the very start that he loves Avelynn with all his heart and respects her abilities and opinions. His emotionally heated ways were a nice foil to Avelynn, though with two such emotional people arguments and confrontations made themselves known.The historical setting was as excellently portrayed in this second novel. Dark Age Wales seems to be a popular setting for me this year; I think this is the fourth book I've read set there. In my opinion, Campbell has done the best in her setting and bringing this brutal world to life. A rising Catholic Church, old vestiges of former paganism, and the feuding ways of rival kings all our vividly portrayed. Christian Welsh jockeyed for positions against pagan Vikings and old religion Welsh, creating a seething cauldron of politics and suspense. This aspect of the book added great spice to the characters and our main romance.I'm itching with anticipation for book 3’s release. Where our heroes are headed next, I’ve only read one historical fiction from in this timeframe. I would love to see Avelynn in this setting, given how much the Viking culture respects and values her position as a priestess. Even though they don't worship her particular deity, they respect her position as a divine representative on earth. So bring on book 3!Edge of Faith is a worthy follow up to its predecessor. The area that needed fixing was addressed; the excellence in all other aspects was continued. Our main leads are as strong and vibrant as before, and historical details bring the story to life. Anyone who does not fall in love with the main romance has no heart! LOL. See the final sentence of the previous paragraph for my final thoughts on book 3. :D

  • Kristin Ravelle
    2019-06-03 07:58

    4.6 Stars for this well-written Medieval!The Edge of Faith is a crispy written medieval action tale that draws you right into the fast-paced sequel to Avelynn 1.Avelynn is determined from the start to remain true to her people despite the fact that she’s had damning accusations thrown at her in the previous book that she’s escaped from and is working to clear up. Luckily she has Alrik, her Viking lover, and his boatload of warriors to support her, but they are faced with powerful hidden forces that are determined to undermine them.The major theme is underhanded ambition and the many threads it weaves through the plot and characters. This is really well done by the author and many times I was surprised at the turn of events and wondered how Avelynn was going to come out ahead. She’s an excellent female MC as she’s very determined, independent and courageous. She’s also very experimental sexually!I like how the author shows that although women of the time didn’t appear to wield much up-front power, through their use of intelligence, secret herbal knowledge (avoiding pregnancy, or poisoning problem people), various types of magic, and selective secretiveness (the men don’t have to know everything), they nevertheless managed many things to their liking and advantage. Avelynn herself is very clever in uncovering the truth about how she was defamed.Avelynn is pagan and her faith is not well accepted at the place/time. She’s however very dedicated to the Goddess and even goes to make a dangerous offering to her at a special site. I thought her pretty brave to do the ritual all night all alone. I really liked the old nature magic, though not particularly blood sacrifice.The story reveals many social conventions of the times and I was interested to see that they used a type of automatic fire starter of sorts. You get a good sense of how people dressed, and what their homes and meals were like. I’m reminded of shows like The Last Kingdom, and to some degree, The Vikings, as they share common threads and even historic persons. If you enjoyed these shows, be sure to check out this series.The ending is a very exciting crescendo as we learn the truth of several things through an unexpected twist I didn’t see coming at all that ties into all the characters. I found the outcome really satisfying, even though there will be a book 3. The extensive use and explanation of pagan rituals and witchcraft portrayed through the book also makes this a great medieval Halloween read.Medieval historical fiction fans will love this!

  • Margaret
    2019-06-08 09:00

    This is one of those books that I have been anticipating all year. I really enjoyed book one in the series Avelynn (click here for review) and while The Edge of Faith works as a standalone I highly recommend going back and reading the first one just because it was that good.The Edge of Faith continued right where Avelynn left off, it felt like I was together again with old friends and playing catch up, that's how much the author made me care about Alrik and Avelynn and their plight. Christianity is relatively new to the island and while not everyone has grasped it, there are still those around that practice the supernatural arts. This was central to the story and gave it that authentic feel to the time period.Marissa Campbell is a talented author, she knows how to draw the reader in, she creates empathy and an emotional bond, which drew me right in, I had a hard time putting this book down. The suspense, uncertainty and mystery kept me guessing at the outcome. Her descriptive writing made it easy to visualize so much. There is romance here, suffice to say the author knows how to make the pages sizzle.While the conclusion was fitting it also left an opening for book three (fingers crossed). Thank you to Amy at HFVBT for the invite to be part of this tour (for which I received the ebook, for an honest review).This and other reviews can be found at

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-31 07:04

    Avelynn is on the run from her homeland in England for accusations of treason, witchcraft and murder With the help of her Viking betrothed Alrik, she has landed in Wales. Alrik has pledged his men to help with the Southern Welsh King in their campaign against Rhodri the Great. However, news of Avelynn’s crimes won’t take long to catch up to her, and there is a price on her head. Combined with troubles from Marared, Alrik’s former lover, Alrik and Avelynn are being chased by trouble from all ends. I am so glad to return to Avelynn’s world! Successfully transporting me back to Medieval Wales, Edge of Faith picks up right where Avelynn left off. I missed her headstrong, courageous, willful and confident nature which is continued full force in Edge of Faith. I also forgot how steamy the romance was between Avelynn and Alrik, their love has not diminished at all; plus there are some other amazingly sexy scenes that I won’t spoil for anyone. The danger, suspense and magical mayhem made for a good pace and were blended together seamlessly well. Avelynn’s devotion to the Goddess as a high priestess does not waver even though she is in a Christian land, her rituals continued to draw me in with rich descriptions that took me to the Otherworld. The uncertainty that follows Alrik and Avelynn drew me in and kept me glued to the pages, especially with the threats of dark magic. Overall, a magically enchanting historical romance with an open ending that makes me ready for book three.This book was received for free in return for an honest review.

  • Sara Strand
    2019-05-23 09:12

    I'm just going to get into it- the romance between Alrik and Avelynn is pretty damn steamy, and thank god. I have to say that being a historical romance you kind of assume their love affair would be tame given the time period but nope- and us readers fully benefit from that! We know Avelynn is basically on the run and leaves a mess behind in England. It doesn't take long for trouble to find her as they arrive in Wales, a place familiar to Alrik. Avelynn soon meets Marared, Alrik's former lover, and she doesn't accept Avelynn at all as Alrik's true love. I have to say I really like how despite being in a Christian world, Avelynn's convictions and her love of the Goddess never wavers and it actually gives her the strength to do what she needs to do in order to clear her name. Things go bad fairly quickly for Avelynn and Alrik and Alrik's fate isn't certain as he's charged with crimes, Avelynn is captured, and people are dying left and right. The only complaint I have is that so many characters are in this book that sometimes I had a hard time keeping track of who was who and what their part in the greater story is. Big points for the story never getting dull, it's fast paced and action packed. There is more action in this book than the last three thrillers I've read combined. You won't get bored and you won't be able to put it down. I also loved how the book ended, it made it feel like if we never hear from Avelynnn again, it would be OK. I have to give this book five stars because again, it blows away every other historical romance or even historical fiction that I've read. It's not a genre I read a lot of but I'm so glad I've discovered this author through Avelynn.

  • Kathleen Kelly
    2019-06-17 10:19

    This second book in the series takes Avelynn and Alrik flees England running for their lives. Avelynn is being sought and charged for being a witch, treason, and murder. They go to Wales for refuge. Alrik feels obligated to help his friends in their war against Rhodri the Great. Both Avelyn and Alrik have something to prove, Avelyn hopes to be able to return to England and defend herself against the charges and Alrik wants to regain his honor and hopefully appease the gods. This story is one that takes the reader back to a dangerous time, where at any moment a woman could and would be charged with witchcraft, whether she is or not. A time that is fraught with danger but this story is also about redemption, love, and honor. Even though Avelynn and Alrik are separated by jealousy from another woman and by greed, will their love be enough to bring them back together? To find out you have to read this wonderful series! Bringing a medieval era, superstitions, and warring factions together in one story!

  • Nancy
    2019-05-28 07:59

    Next chapter!In depth, not shallow. Two words I repeated to myself over and over again. Truly a good read finished in one night. I wished April had been a stronger character but then Avelynn was a force to be reckoned with. Wondering where the next adventure will be, Ireland, England or both. Hoping for the third book in the series.

  • Ann Dulhanty
    2019-06-16 07:50

    This is a smooth and engaging narrative that follows directly from the first novel about Avelynn, a 9th century nobel woman, and her Viking lover, Alrik. The story is full of history, intrigue, lusty romance, hot tempers and hotter sex. The style is deceptively easy, giving the reader the impress they are right there, in the story. As the novel progresses, we're treated to fits of passion, jealousy, dark magic, light magic, political intrigue, despair, justice and triumph. All in all, a well rounded, good read.

  • Marianne
    2019-06-07 06:06


  • Lauralee
    2019-05-29 10:55

    Avelynn: The Edge of Faith picks up where Avelynn left off. Avelynn has run away with Alrik with a price on her head. The two of them are exiles with nowhere to go. They arrive in Wales, where Alrik is determined to regain his honor by aiding a Welsh king against Rhodri the Great. Things seem to go well until someone plots to tear them apart. Can Avelynn and Alrik defeat their enemy and find ways to be together again? While Avelynn is still a feisty heroine, there were moments where I found her to be weak. She was not as strong as she was in the first novel. I did not really see her to be a fighter as she was in the first novel. She is determined to not be ruled by men, yet thereare moments where she seemed to be submissive. She is still spunky and has some moments where she shows her inner strength. I really found it hard to believe that she really loved Alrik. She claims she loves him, but whenever his back is turned, she cheats on him. She is also very judgmental, and her judgement makes her blind. Because of her blindness, it leads to consequences. She does learn from her consequences and tries to make things right, however. Overall, this book is about love, friendship, and choices. I have to admit that I was disappointed with Avelynn in this sequel. I also thought that this book’s title did not fit with the book. There are hardly any elements of faith in this novel. Avelynn hardly dabbles into her faith nor does she even bother to think about it or question it. Indeed, she seems to be a weaker character. A more fitting title that better suited the plot and the character is Avelynn in Exile. However, I did like that Alrik is more developed in this sequel. Alrik seems to be very honorable. I did think that there were times that the plot seemed slow at times and often childish. Still, Avelynn: The Edge of Faith has enough romance, mystery, and action to keep the reader interested. However, this novel mostly felt like a filler that is saved mostly for the next book. While Avelynn: The Edge of Faith did not nearly captivate me as much as Avelynn, it is still a worthy sequel, and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see what is in store for Avelynn and Alrik.(Note: This book was given to me as part of a blog tour in exchange for an honest review.)

  • Christina Vetter
    2019-05-22 05:00

    Marissa Campbell does it again! I was instantly hooked in the second book of this series, but no surprise, as the first book was amazing too! It starts off with Avelynn and Alrik settling into Wales, where we meet some new and interesting characters. The love between the High Priestess and the Viking is definitely tested in this book. I love that Avelynn is a strong, female character who stands up for what she believes and risks everything for it. The writing is done beautifully and is so descriptive that you feel like you're in the story. Marissa Campbell definitely knows how to write a sexy scene, which is another reason why I love her books. Like the first book, Avelynn, this book is also filled with romance, passion, magic, betrayal, and war. I absolutely love this time period, so if you're into the Viking era, I highly recommend this series!

  • Marissa Campbell
    2019-06-01 06:02