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As part of the X/1999 series, this volume features breathless action and stunning art. When Kamui returns to Tokyo, he learns that his childhood girlfriend Kotori and psychic Princess Hitoni are having strange dreams about his role in a coming apocalypse! Is he the angel of salvation, or the devil of destruction?...

Title : X/1999, Volume 01: Prelude
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ISBN : 9781569319499
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X/1999, Volume 01: Prelude Reviews

  • Keely
    2019-07-01 14:02

    [This review includes volumes 1-9]If you have ever read a CLAMP manga, chances are you're a cynical romantic masochist. And yes, that's a thing and if you have ever fallen in love with any CLAMP work, you know deep inside that you fucking are a cynical romantic masochist. It'd be easier to just blow past it now and accept facts. This particular manga series known as X, and then changed to X/1999 because there was also a Western series with the same name, is the famed 'unfinished' work by CLAMP that is more or less a magnus opei. It went on a very, very long-term hiatus since 2003 and in doing so, left the story lacking any real conclusion TO THIS DAY. Concerns about its increasingly violent scenes have been the issue why the series has been discontinued by the magazine it was published in because they're a bunch of sissies. In any case, X/1999 definitely deserved better because it was simply brilliant with layers that would make this possible for several readings. Also, this has to be the most confounding, sophisticated and emotionally stressful series CLAMP had ever produced, and they have a long line of other emotionally stressful stories after this because they are dicks--and I say that with loving affection as a fan. Due to time constrictions, I was only able to finish the nine volumes collected. Now, I would have pushed through it and found a way to binge everything in one sitting, but that is not an advisable route when it comes to any CLAMP series. I repeat: DO NOT BINGE A CLAMP SERIES because reading any CLAMP work in one sitting is not good for your mental and emotional health especially with this one. I'll try to give you a semi-spoiler-ish look at why you might want to read this--and why you must brace yourselves.Essentially my reaction as I progressed through each volume is WHAT---WHY---WHAT THE FUCK?Essentially me since volume 4~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~Genre-wise, X/1999 is an apocalyptic fiction combining several elements of the story's own mythology with that of other secular elements, particularly Christian themes. At the heart of its plot is an ontological argument regarding Fate vs. Free Will. The very tagline of this series testifies to it, and serves as the main conflict for the protagonist Kamui who must choose between two fates; one that leads him to a path of goodness and redemption--and the other towards destruction and mayhem. The choice should be simple enough, of course, but X/1999 certainly draws it out to stress the weight and importance of making such a choice because it's not only a matter of doing the right thing but also coming to terms of one's capacity for both good and evil, depending on which part you nurture. Kamui, this story's protagonist, is a surly teenage boy supposedly destined to either be the world's salvation or damnation when Armageddon hits in the year 1999. He is brash, immensely powerful and haunted; having witnessed the very detailed and brutal murder of someone at a young age. He has two childhood friends whom he considers the ones he loves the most, but had to cut off ties with them because he doesn't want them to get involved in the supernatural drama that is a prophecy about his life as the chosen 'Kamui'.[CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE]The conflict sounds predictable and comparable to other works focusing on the power of choice, and the possibility of how the end of the world hangs in a balance with said choice. There would be nothing particularly special about X/1999 in this regard, except that CLAMP also created an interesting mythos to make its own version of an apocalypse that not only concerns the utter devastation of the world as we know it, but also an intimate portrait of how the burden of making choices can truly be a matter of life and death. Kamui is not the only one who has to decide; the ensemble of intriguing characters that would also play vital roles in the 1999 End of the World. These are the collective seven seals and seven minions who more or less brought up to what their destines would be like once Kamui decides his fate, and theirs for that matter. They all have their own personal motives, tragic backstories and wish fulfillments that certainly allows readers to feel that this isn't just a one-man Kamui show but one that touches upon other players' own choices that could influence a smaller narrative against the backdrop of a much bigger and overwhelming one. To see their lives unfold and unravel alongside Kamui's is where the emotional chord is being wrapped around the readers' hearts. The way these fourteen characters would act whether through their own accord or for some higher, preordained plan is a compelling and gratingly frustrating thing to read about because it would definitely make readers question about how much of their life they do control, or if they were ever in control about it in the first place. I would not be spoiling and discussing these characters individually because no introduction about them here would suffice, and discovering who they are for yourselves would be a more satisfying experience because one of CLAMP's strengths is creating memorable characters with nuanced personal histories and conflicts that move you to root for them no matter how hopeless the situations they find themselves in.You think loving characters in Game of Thrones only to watch them fail and die is painful? Well, CLAMP characters will make you experience a different kind of pain that could be called 'cruel' if it wasn't also persistently bittersweet and ultimately an inevitable end.On a lighter topic, since this is CLAMP, some unintended/ambiguous scenes of boy-love are ever present. This is mostly prominently featured in the relationship between Kamui and his childhood friend Fuuma who has a sister named Kotori whom Kamui also loves. It's probably the most painful relationship rendered on paper which may only be rivaled by other CLAMP pairings like Sakura and Syaoran of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle and motherfucking Subaru and Seishirou from Tokyo Babylon WHO ALSO MAKE AN APPEARANCE IN THIS SERIES AS THE ULTIMATE QUEER VERSIONS OF ROMEO AND JULIET, ONLY MUCH MORE TRAGIC! Anyway, here's some ambiguously gay moments:Amidst the vividly drawn dream sequences, perplexing symbolism weaved into these sequences, and the brutal depictions of killings that would definitely jump out the page, there are also separate chapters focusing on a particular character's story at the end of each volume. The most enjoyable aspect of this series are definitely the gorgeous illustrations of even the most mundane scenes. Aside from Tsubasa, X/1999 has to have the most detailed visual work and exceptionally so, considering the bulk of the plot alone and how two or three volumes usually delved on many pages of dream sequence and symbolism that would make readers head spin as they try to interpret them. I would show them here but that would be spoiling a lot of important elements in the prophecy itself so I won't. Instead, let me just show a touching spread when Kamui decides to save the world so he can preserve the home of his childhood friends/sweethearts Fuuma and Kotori, and the love these three have for one another WILL TOTALLY NOT BECOME A WASTELAND OF ANGST LATER ON. Nope. Not at all.It's only been nine volumes so I can't have that much strong opinion about Kamui as a lead protagonist of this story. He started out rather unrelatable and even annoying, being quite stubborn and hotheaded, but as readers follow him in his quest for self-knowledge, it becomes pretty difficult to keep thinking he's just some whiny teenager, given the extent of his trauma and his losses along the way that just kept getting worse and worse. His arc in this story as the main one to follow can be very depressing and hopeless, but I would like to see how he fares once his character development progresses along. He's in a very vulnerable place where pain and despair mostly define it. However, the ninth volume changes that with his interaction with one Subaru Sumeragi, the protagonist for Tokyo Babylon which I reviewed earlier this year and subsequently unraveled from. READ THE UNRAVELING HERE.There are so many things I want to reveal in this review to get you to read it, but I will abstain because it would just spoil too much of what CLAMP has accomplished in this series, as far as I've read in the volumes I got to finish.So, I will just leave you guys with Sumeragi rehashing the painful experiences he had from Tokyo Babylon to give Kamui some context and perspective that there might be a way to survive the worst of heartbreaks no matter how impossible it may seem. And it's not like they have a choice--they're in a CLAMP story! They're royally fucked, basically!Once I finish all the required readings for this year, I'm going to read more of X/1999 again. I'll be taking it slow though, considering there is no resolution of this series and I don't want to rush to its non-ending just yet, being discontinued and all, but from what I have seen so far, I really do believe it's worth the trouble. RECOMMENDED: 8/10READ MY REVIEWS AT:

  • Emm ❤
    2019-06-29 16:14

    Intriguing premise, but as with most of CLAMP's work, the art is what truly sets it apart as a manga. It's utterly phenomenal artwork. X/1999 is a fast-paced read with a large cast of unique characters, though I did have some issue at first with confusing the two male leads, who look a bit too alike to me.In the first book, you only get a glance at the depths of the supernatural underside of X/1999's world, it is more an introduction to the cast, with the meat of the story being in the next volumes. Great short read, though. The "classic shoujo" look of the drawings is really wonderful.Art - 5/5Story - 4/5Characterization - 4/5Overall - 4/5

  • Natalie
    2019-07-05 10:54

    Gorgeous art and the only kind of apocalyptic fatalist urban fantasy fiction I want to read

  • V Mignon
    2019-07-20 15:00

    I debated back and forth whether I wanted to be honest on Goodreads and list all of the Japanese comics I had read. Eventually, I decided it would probably be for the better to just include them all, because that was a part of my life, man. That was a phase, and it was an awesome phase, at that. I remember getting my braces tightened and then my mom taking me to the bookstore so I'd feel better, where I'd plunge into a volume of Clover. I had a thing for CLAMP back in the day. Now, not so much. In fact, CLAMP kind of frustrates me. But I keep all of my old CLAMP comics for nostalgia's sake, I guess. All my editions of X put me out $20, back in the day when they used to switch the comics from their original state. I bought it in a comic store because at that time, you couldn't buy manga in a bookstore. I don't think I could possibly give these ratings, seeing as it's been so long since I read them. Maybe someday, I'll crack into them again. I recall that while I initially enjoyed X, as I got older, the series frustrated me more and more. So, there you go, honesty at Goodreads, I had a manga phase that included X. I feel slightly less like a hermit crab hiding away in a shell.

  • Krista Baetiong Tungol
    2019-06-26 14:10

    Years ago, my younger sister bought a small collection of this manga in Chinese edition although she doesn't know the language or understand even the simplest Chinese character. I think it's her love of animes and mangas that brought her to this series, which kind of rubbed off on me as well as the artwork's lovely and emotive. Also, I was caught by the seemingly poignant apocalyptic or dystopian feel of the story that focuses on a young man named Kamui (I was only guessing the plot then; like my sister I don't understand Chinese).Her book collection was actually a nice subject for my art hobby during the times I enjoyed messing up with pencils and paintbrushes. I truly had fun sketching Kamui, Kotori, and the other characters, and am hoping that I'll be able to read this series in English, too.

  • Mildred
    2019-06-29 11:12

    I began to read this one after Kamui appeared in Tsubasa Chronicles, I thought Kamui had a story that was worth to know, now I think I was right. The relationship between Kamui and Fuuma/Kotori, how ironic it's that the best friends are meant to fight each other, and the most impactant thing was, each of them are doing it because they think they are doing the correct thing... and what is the correct thing to do?? - save the human kind and let the earth to die or - save the earth and let the human kind to die?? Sometimes I think it's selfish think ether way...After reading Tokyo Babylon there was something still untold..There's also Subaru in this one, so what was the end of his story?? This manga is my favorite of all times, since it talks not only about love, friendship, but about the reality... Who will survive the end of the world? I still don't know, because this series is still on hiatus!!

  • Andre
    2019-06-20 14:44

    The story and book is ok for the most part but often the pictures are way too dark and not only do the guys have insanely broad shoulders when compared to the rest of their bodies but their upper bodies seem as stiff as that of a mannequin. Not to mention that sometimes there is weird dialogue that people in late 20th century Tokyo surely did not use.The expository dialogue at the end of this didn't help either. Well I know the anime already so I know the basic story and had no interest in finishing this.

  • Kati
    2019-06-19 13:54

    There's so much known about this series, in both the anime and the movie format, that it's hard to judge the manga on its own merits. Knowing what happens next kinda takes the suspense out of it and in most cases, it's like watching a train wreck because you know who will die and how. But the art is amazing and the story hooks the reader even though it feels like there's actually very little revealed in the first book.

  • Fairytaillover22
    2019-07-07 12:14

    Another random read from the library; I'm actually reading the omnibus edition, but I can't find it anywhere on this site, so I'll just have to list EVERY SINGLE VOLUME (sigh). So far, the premise is pretty interesting, but a lot is still left in the dark. It's got something to do with the apocalypse, that's all I know so far. Tbh, the three main characters seem pretty flat to me, especially that little miss perfect Mary Sue sister and her equally bland brother. The main guy, Kamui, is interesting enough, but he's coming off as an angsty little teen who doesn't know what the hell he's doing (which, he doesn't). However, the sub characters and villains are interesting enough to keep me going with this series. Princess Hinoto interests me, especially with the whole influencing political affairs in Japan with foresight (not gonna lie, kinda wish the focus was just on her and her possy). Honestly, the only reason I picked this up was because of the name CLAMP on the cover. These women are art GODDESSES. Every ten or so pages, there's at least one page that just takes my breath away with the sheer amount of detail and thought put into the drawing. I literally stare at the page for like 20 seconds gazing at the consistency and line art and composition and sometimes explosions. Apparently, this series has been on hiatus for years with no end in sight, so I'm pretty much setting myself up for disappointment. Way to go me.

  • Tessel
    2019-07-07 11:47

    I bought the German translation of this manga once as a holiday souvenir. Having no experience with manga, I picked it purely because of its inspiring art. Especially the more atmospheric drawings are truly gorgeous, borderline psychedelic; they could easily go as individual art pieces that you'd love to hang on your wall.The story is 'emo' and mythical. The word 'epic' is overused these days, but it is fitting for X in a traditional sense of the word. It's not for me, but that's personal taste.

  • Jess
    2019-07-08 17:58

    Clamp no decepciona. El fin del mundo se acerca y solo un grupo de personas tiene el poder de salvar o destruir a la humanidad.El inicio de batalla entre los dragones de cielo y los dragones de tierra está a punto de suceder.

  • Rainy
    2019-07-08 18:10

    Second series in my clamp reread. Ready to cry my eyes out again at the fact that this is on an indefinite hiatus(not that I’m not crying about it everyday anyway!!!!!)!!!!

  • Julie
    2019-07-06 19:02

    I've read the whole X/1999 series and will just mark the first novel to account for the whole series.while X/1999 wasn't the most successful endeavor by CLAMP, I think X/1999 is by far the most brilliant gemstone out of CLAMP's anthology to date. Cardcaptor Sakura and Chobits might have scored the popular crowd but they can't compare to the mesmerizing, elegant splendor that is X/1999. that would be like comparing a daisy to a rose.X/1999 sits in the sci-fi/dystopian genre and is linked to CLAMP's Babylon series. X also lightly draws on end-of-the-world theories from Chinese and Christian culture; this symbolism becomes more direct later on and then becomes blatant with a sweet girl reminiscent of a "lamb" strapped to a cross and then ripped to shreds (literally). there is nothing particularly eye popping about the story telling in X but I think the plot of X goes to darker depths than any of the other CLAMP mangas. very dark depths. in fact, readers should be warned that X is very, very violent. it's not just blood splatters everywhere but in some cases you see how the artists have actually drawn human organs in the gore...also note there is nothing cute about this series, no chibis or those weird anime shock faces here. think sex, desire, violence, the end of the world, wine, psychic powers with a little mythology, a wistful shot of Tokyo Tower at night and dark chocolate. I think it's funny X is on the list of the most depressing manga of all time--I found the story moving rather than depressing.the most rewarding aspect of X is the art. while Magic Knight Rayearth might compete with X in terms of gorgeous, coloring-dripping illustration, I think X still wins because of its elegance and refinement. I would also be bold enough to say X would either flatten or severely challenge the artistic quality of any manga out there. no one can use watercolors quite like CLAMP. X isn't my favorite manga of all time but I think due to the well-rounded story and hypnotizing art, X should be considered one of the greatest managas of all time. very underrated.I'm aware there was an animated series made and I think I saw one or two episodes but that was a long time ago, so no comments on how to manga compares to the anime.

  • mitarafortunadow
    2019-07-10 18:58

    It's sadist, you see, sadist. But it's also beautiful, even in the most sadist part. Want to see how a woman torn and bleed (TRULY TORN AND BLEED) and still looks so beautiful? Read this. It's so beautiful that you wonder why would you cry over so beautiful tragic death? (The answer: because it's beautiful and so tragic, you will cry).I'm into CLAMP right now. I will give the perfect score for them, mind you. Don't care about how even Japan publisher dropped this manga because its sadism.The main character is named KAMUI SHIROU. He looks like a jerk at first, but then slowly softened and in the end so soft that I wonder is he still the same person. He has a crush on KOTORI (it's too strong for just to be a crush, though, so let's call it love) and befriends with her brother, FUUMA.I thought they will be together as the manga proceed, but that will be my biggest mistake. THEY AREN'T TOGETHER AT ALL.I pity every single character in this manga. So miserable. They were given choices, and neither of the choices seem to be right. It's so unfair, but real world never fair.(And this manga truly, truly isn't fair.)It makes me so happy when I saw them appear in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, even just for a little time. And their relationship is still as exciting as the one in this manga.If you want to read this series, prepare for so many plot twist and sadism, and strong love that will bring you to tears.

  • Marie
    2019-06-28 15:48

    X Clamp #1Pilihannya:Baca, karakaternya cakep cakep dan cantik cantik cantik.Tak baca, gambarnya suram.Baca, ceritanya bagus.Tak baca, karena belum tamat.Baca, karena tetep penasaran.Sejujurnya susah ngumpulin series ini. Dan lagi ditunggu tunggu juga tak bakal tamat keknya, karena ada "kekisruhan" antara para author dan penerbit. Tapi sayang juga punya komik bagus, tapi tak dibaca.Bagiku ini salah satu karya Clamp yg dark, angsty, dan banyak kesedihannya.Bercerita tentang seorang remaja smp yg membawa beban takdir dipundaknya sejak dia masih dalam kandungan ibunya. Dua pilihan keputusan dan tanggung jawab yg harus dipilih. Dan keputusan Kamui ini tergantung pada 2 orang teman masa kecilnya yg ia sayangi; duo bersaudara Monou, Kotori dan Fuuma.Sejak 6 tahun meninggalkan Tokyo, Kamui kembali atas permintaan ibunda yg baru saja menemui ajalnya. Kembalinya Kamui ke Tokyo mengejutkan beberapa orang yg terlibat dan mengetahui apa dan siapa Kamui sebenarnya.Dilain pihak, kembalinya Kamui, tidak sepetii yg diharapkan oleh Kotori. Kamui berubah menjadi kasar dan tak mau didekati oleh Kotori. Tak hanya itu, Fuma pun dibuat bingung akan perubahan karakter Kamui. Apalagi Fuma dan Kotori sempat melihat Kamui yg dilukai dengan parah. Apa sebenarnya yg terjadi? Misteri apa yg ada dibalik kembalinya Kamui ke Tokyo? Takdir apa yg menanti 3 sahabat ini?

  • Macsbrains
    2019-07-05 12:45

    Back in 2001, in the height of my deep, devoted love-affair with this manga, back all those years ago in the prime of my youth when I had self-taught myself enough Japanese to read the raw scans every month, I made a comment on my blog that all I wished for (ha!) was for this series to be finished before I was 30.Well, in true CLAMP fashion we see how that turned out... Sometimes I wonder about that love-affair. I'm not actually sure how good it is from a more objective point of view. It is full of CLAMP-cliches, but the comforting familiarity of that self-referentiality was part of what made it work. You could count on CLAMP for certain kinds of melodramatic tragedy.*nostalgic sigh*I have not reread the series since those days. I retain a tender soft spot for it, particularly those middle volumes that were just so bloody PRETTY (pun intended). I feel I have to preserve my memory of it as it is (was?), at least until the end is nigh. The final volumes may never arrive, but... I still can't give up on it, even now.N.B. This review is of the Japanese editions. I never read the English releases, so I don't know how the quality of the translations and art reproduction compare.

  • Ian
    2019-07-17 19:05

    Created before manga had ratings I can assure you this series can easily fit into an older teen rating for violence alone. Now with that out of the way how about some classic CLAMP Action brought to you by Viz.The beginning of the story shows a handsome(as it is often in CLAMP titles)young man declaring he will kill someone himself and that he is home to his mother who is not in the scene. Scene pulls away and it appears he is at the Tokyo Tower.Soon the scene changes looking like a normal school environment and various characters are introduced including childhood friends of the first character of the book now identified as Kamui. Kamui has incredible powers and as you read the story you learn he is not the only one as he defends himself against an assailant. I am looking forward to some crazy pretty combat in he future.My favorite part of the book would have to be when Kotori experiences a dream sequence. Only time will tell if her dream is as prophetic as it feels they might be.

  • London
    2019-06-30 17:04

    Another gem from the artists of CLAMP. Usually, with other CLAMP manga that I've read, they start out happy, sometimes cutesy, and then wait until halfway through the series to start killing and maiming and stomping on the feels of all their fans. For X, they proclaimed a resounding "Screw all that!" and jumped straight into the apocalyptic roller coaster that is X/1999. There are no breaks for Kamui or the readers, with the incredible artwork that has become CLAMP's standard, and a severely dark story that pulls oneself in and want to find out what the hell is going on. Actually, that's my only complaint. What the hell IS going on? Though I suspect this is intentional, the story so far is so vague and the characters too many and (at this point, anyway) too one-sided to really understand. Nevertheless, it makes me excited to read the rest, and to see where this story is going to lead Kamui and his compatriots.

  • Feather Mista
    2019-07-15 10:59

    Hacía rato que no leía un primer tomo tan malo. Pasa por absolutamente toooodos los lugares comunes, los personajes son de cartón, no hay un solo diálogo interesante y todo pasa por los "oooh, cuánto misterio", "Waaah, imposible", "Faaah, ¡tiene un sombrero!" y estupideces similares. Y dicen que esta es una de las mejores series de CLAMP... Hasta ahora, me parece mediocre con ganas. En cuanto a la edición de Planeta, tampoco ayuda mucho: grises poco definidios, diálogos que no se llegan a leer por el corte de página, corrección hecha a lo bruto. Muchos contras y pocos pros (en el buen sentido de la palabra).Supongo que le daré un par de tomos más de changüí y, si mantiene la mediocridad, me despediré de este "clásico" sin hacer demasiado ruido.

  • Eva Rose
    2019-06-20 14:14

    CLAMP's X/1999 is not for the faint of heart or people who do not understand how to properly read manga and breeze through the panels without truly reading the characters expressions, the symbology and understanding the rich dialogue. Do not for a minute think this is a book for young teens, this manga reads like an adult book.Considered one of CLAMP's best work this manga truly delivers, dark, gritty and romantic at times X is the story of a world descending into an Apocalypse. Reference to the Revelations from the Bible abound and symbology presented in its pages are there to enrich the story.With complex characters, intricate story lines and a plot that leaves you dizzy X is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to manga.

  • emily_oriley
    2019-07-19 15:57

    Dear CLAMP,Love your stuff -keep up the good work, really. Um, one minor detail....GIVE US AN ENDING!!!!!!*deep breath*Seriously, come on over to America -we LOVE end of the world stuff! Hell, more than 50% of us thought the world was gonna end in 2012 and, know what we did? WE MADE A (crappy) MOVIE ABOUT IT!! So, please, come on over! We welcome you! Just please, PLEASE give us an ending.Thank YouPS- Um, if it can be a BETTER ending then the anime, that'd be awesome, too. But, I mean, you know, ANYTHING will do, honestly. T.T

  • Stephanie M
    2019-06-27 12:46

    Highly recommended for its huge cast of well-defined, unique characters, epic plot, profound philosophical and emotional topics, its tie-ins with other CLAMP works (Tokyo Babylon and CLAMP School Detectives), and most of all, its breath-takingly gorgeous, detailed, delicate artwork.X/1999 isn't for everyone. There is a good deal of violence, nudity, homoeroticism, and dark, fatalistic themes. It certainly isn't appropriate for anyone under 13. You should also know that the series runs to at least 18 volumes, and it isn't done yet.

  • Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆
    2019-07-17 18:09

    When I first heard of this series, the only format I could get my hands on was the short anime series and that didn't impress me much so I never really looked for the manga. (This was a long, long, long time ago -- back when there were such things as fansubs on VHS and there was almost no manga translations outside the fan stuff.) This was better than I expected it would be. I like the art too. I'm halfway through volume two right now. I don't like the overly vagueness of the plot (in order to be mysterious.) That sort of thing has always annoyed me.

  • Jennifer Roldan
    2019-06-30 17:10

    Honestly, this was the first Manga I had ever read. The art work is what caught my attention and I only had money to buy the first two of this series. Since I discovered this book prior to the age of Amazon and Google; I had no idea how to find the next books. From what I can recall the story was pretty good and it was at a time when I was deeply into anime. Worth the read but definitely full of the typical Japanese Manga tropes.

  • Elf
    2019-07-12 16:52

    So I nabbed a copy of this first volume on ebay for dirt cheap along with some other things. I'd always been curious about it after watching a preview for the anime movie. It's a little confusing in the beginning cause they don't really give a background but still I think that if I were to lay my hands on other volumes it will make a whole lot more sense. The art is rather nice and I'm curious to see how it plays out.

  • Bianka
    2019-07-16 18:04

    There are only 18 volumes. I say 'only' because it's unfinished. The last frame of the last page of the last volume has printed "and the final battle begins." There IS NO MORE for reasons i am aware of but don't feel like sharing here. I will not read any more CLAMP until this story is finished. It's sad because i love CLAMP. But I've vowed not to purchase or read anything by CLAMP i don't already own.

  • Ubiquitousbastard
    2019-06-20 12:55

    It is rare that I hate something as much as I hate this. I read it because my friends loved it and kind of pushed it on me. I couldn't stand how the characters didn't have any actual motivation, they just did whatever they were "supposed to do." That's just lazy writing, and it didn't even make for an interesting plot so there's no reason to maybe give a pass. And, honestly, I don't like CLAMP's art style. Tried to like it when I was younger, but it really doesn't impress me at all.

  • duniamimpigie Anggi
    2019-07-15 14:55

    Kamui sumpah nyebelin banget di jilid ini. Sikap bossy, gak pedulian, dan egoisnya itu bikin saya pengen nampar mukanya bolak-balik pake sandal jepit :vSaya jadi pengen tau, pas baca jilid ini, apa ada pembaca yang bakal nyangka kalau nanti seiring perkembangan cerita Kamui yang super nyebelin itu bakal jadi seorang uke super masokis LOL Naga Langit terlemah (eeeer... oke, "Naga Langit yang gak bisa ngapa-ngapain", mungkin lebih tepat) begitu pertempuran dimulai?

  • leila
    2019-07-16 19:11

    CLAMP needs to finish this up, yo. Please? I know this is like 20 years old. And the world didn't end in 1999. I need some closure though. I feel like this is canon, but I hardly ever see it mentioned anywhere. It's about a group of Japanese people who band together as the elements to save the world, woo super-lame summary.DO NOT WATCH THE MOVIE. EVER. it is simply awful. The anime is, however, quite good.

  • Michelle
    2019-07-08 15:48

    I actually am still reading the Japanese version of this season, but am almost finished. The first book got me hooked almost immediately as innocent Kotori discovers her childhood love has returned to Tokyo, but things are not the happy reunion she had imagined....This series is extremely bloody, even in the first volume. The details of the drawings are beautiful and flowing, and the setup for the characters is well done. Great book! ^_^