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I am an Alexander. Our last name is an institution in legal circles. You're raised to be an apex predator in the courtroom and outside of it. Being weak or losing at anything is not an option.To paint the picture, most fathers sit their sons down to have “the talk” about what it means to be a man in the world. My father handed me a proverbial rusty knife, and said, “Cut ouI am an Alexander. Our last name is an institution in legal circles. You're raised to be an apex predator in the courtroom and outside of it. Being weak or losing at anything is not an option.To paint the picture, most fathers sit their sons down to have “the talk” about what it means to be a man in the world. My father handed me a proverbial rusty knife, and said, “Cut out anything but ambition and loyalty.”Don't confuse these statements as woe-is-me. I made myself in my father's image for many years. Didn't matter if I liked the man who looked back.I'm just giving you the facts.So when Kennedy Mclane caught sight of this ruthless man after we had sex, she ran. I had a rare moment of...chivalry? Humanity? I don't know. I decided to be the good guy, and ignore the fact we feel unfinished. Or the way she looks at me. Or that she gets jealous.She didn't want me to slip into my predator skin and do my own version of the wild hunt. It stayed that way for three years until she climbed back into my bed. Whether she's ready for me this time or not is a moot point. I've been more than fair and patient.She's probably going to hate me by the end of all this.I don't care.The game has begun and I never lose. I cut that part out of me....

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  • Maria Rose
    2019-06-10 14:18

    After reading and thoroughly enjoying Dakota Gray’s novel Perv (whose hero Nate will be forever known to me as ‘The Pussy Whisperer’), and sequel Filth (the same romance but told from Robyn’s point of view), I was looking forward to reading about Nate’s friend Duke. He’s come across as an interesting and intense secondary character and Hardcore definitely describes him and his romance with feisty, fiery Kennedy.Duke Alexander is a workaholic, a somewhat bitter man still coming to terms with his estranged father’s death. He could have worked as a lawyer for his father’s firm but he eschewed the entitlement and expectations that would come from that (and the money) and went his own route, becoming a well-known defense lawyer, looking to make senior partner at Lance and Chase. He doesn’t care much about whether the person he defends is guilty or innocent – he just wants to win. He also wants a woman who understands that what they see is what they get, and doesn’t want to change him. That’s a tall order, but Kennedy seems like she could be the one.Kennedy Mclane is one of the admin professionals who works for the same firm as Duke when one night, at an office Christmas party, she and Duke share a steamy one night stand. But for a few reasons, including Duke’s intensity, she backs off from making anything more of it than an itch that’s been scratched. Fast forward three years and Kennedy has left the firm and started her own legal courier business. She’s around the firm on a daily basis and still friends with the secretary pool and Duke’s assistant Gwen ( a saintly woman who puts up with Duke and all his moods). She and Duke have been circling each other during this time, but never going any further, until she calls him one night when she’s had a few drinks and needs a ride home. It’s the start of something real and tangible between them, something neither is ready to define. But if Duke doesn’t get his act together, Kennedy is liable to slip through his fingers again.The story starts out with a steamy prologue (the one night stand) that sets the tone. Kennedy and Duke are definitely on the same page sexually, and very compatible. But they are very different people. Kennedy has a pretty black and white view of things, having lost her mother to a home invasion when she was young. She’s not sure what to make of Duke and his win at all costs attitude, a man who definitely sees things in shades of gray. It’s one of the reasons why their first night together doesn’t lead to anything more for a few years. Duke believes Kennedy needs time to understand that he’s never going to be the good guy who’ll give her the white picket fence and the 2.4 kids and the sweet romance he thinks she wants (and deserves). And he is just waiting for her to accept him as the bad guy he really is. Of course, while Duke believes himself to be that bad guy, the truth is that he has a lot of good qualities – he’s a loyal friend to Nate and their buddy Tarek, he’s a hard worker (in fact he works too hard, logging long hours and doing his best on every law case he’s assigned), he’s protective and he’s an unselfish lover. But he never wants to show any weakness and this puts a wedge between him and Kennedy.The ups and downs of Duke’s relationship with Kennedy is interspersed with a case in which Duke is tasked with defending his boss’s nephew from a murder charge. It makes for an entertaining and page turning story. Duke’s two best friends Nate and Tarek give us the bromance scenes we want, ones that show more of that ‘good guy’ character Duke tries so hard to hide. Duke is definitely a complex character and since the story is told from his point of view, we get to see all his flaws but that just makes him more real. There are some laughs for sure, some poignant moments, and some assholish moves on Duke’s part that will require some good groveling. Kennedy’s not afraid to call him out when needed, making it clear that they’ll be equals in their partnership. It’s a super sexy romance and definitely lived up to my expectations. I’m looking forward to reading more of this series, and I’ll content myself with rereading this one while I wait.Note: a copy of this story was provided by the author for review.This review appears at Straight Shootin' Book Reviews:

  • Jessica Alcazar
    2019-06-17 10:18

    *sigh* so fucking romantic :) prepare for ALL THE FEELS!Okay, so I forgot to expand on my review ... oops :)I'm gonna tell you now that if Hardcore is not your first read in this series and you know Duke from previous books, surprise!! ;) This was not the Duke I expected. Let me explain .... Since I know Duke, I expected a hardass, alpha, take no prisoners guy. In public AND private. But .... surprise, because Duke the lawyer takes no prisoners but Duke the man ... he's a pile of delicious alpha goodness cloaked with heart. Lots and lots of heart! I'm not going any further on that because I don't want to give a single feel away about this book. And trust me when I tell you, YOU WILL FEEL! (and not just in your girlie parts lol)Let's chat about Kennedy. Le sigh ... Kennedy, Kennedy, Kennedy, oh how I don't truly understand you ;) But you give Duke's world light, so I'm gonna overlook your craycray :) And that's all you get on THAT because again, you need to experience it all with little prejudice.I will say this. Dakota Gray has no shame and I love it. There are no rules. She writes to the beat of her own mind. She is unique. And I can tell you with great certainty that as soon as I read Kennedy's side of the story, it's gonna be like a brand new story. She did it with Nate & Robyn (Perv & Filth) and I am in awe at her talent.Hardcore can be read as a standalone, but why in the world would you want to do that?!?!?!Copy provided for early review

  • April ~ The Reading Belles
    2019-05-26 09:05

    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.<--#startofwordvomitproceedwithcaution-->I sampled reading Perv (Filth #1) last year and boy was I in for such a surprise. That book was the most interesting I read last year and from there I told myself I have to read everything this author publishes. (Well, at least the M/F ones. I'm too chicken to read anything else.)Hardcore has exceeded my expectation of a good-time read earning itself the best one yet after the 5-star drought I was having which started this year. It's the third in this standalone series featuring Nate's (from Perv) friend who's a lawyer, Duke Alexander, and the woman who brought him to his knees (literally and figuratively), Kennedy Mclane.So get this: man is an asshole, woman is not but said woman still wants him despite of that, not because she thinks she could change him but believes the man is nothing but a sham. Both are not perfect from their own misgivings and failure in judgment. But the story digs deep and nothing could've prepared me from the truth bombs that exploded and the satisfaction that followed thereafter.Duke Alexander is the epitome of tall, dark, handsome and very dangerous. Dangerous in a way that's intimidating. Dangerous in a way that when he comes near you, you better run. And fast. Dangerous in a way you wouldn't want to mess with him in the court room because the guy is one damn fine lawyer. Heartless and cold might be his middle name. Control is like air for him–he practically breathes it. And he's unapologetic about it. Also, very ambitious.I didn't like him from the get go. To be honest, I was scared of what he might do to Kennedy. (Predator, remember?) The guy's been in to hell because of his hard ass attitude towards his father's decisions and how he seemed to think he's wired that way, too. (He's an Alexander. Alexanders are known for brutal and ruthless.) His relationship with him was so twisted I wasn't sure if he treated him as his own son or whatever. He made sure to cut Duke off his will because the guy wouldn't bend to his every whim then as payback, pass down their own law firm empire to his mediocre cousin. What parent does that? But Duke doesn't back down on any challenge. So he made sure to work twice as hard for him to get where he is now. Now you know where Duke got that hardshell of a man that he is? He truly believed that but seriously while I saw Duke the lawyer in all his cold-hearted glory, the story perfectly blended the gooey part of him in very subtle of ways.Then there's Kennedy Mclane. Kennedy who sees through Duke's bullshit. Kennedy whose vibes is I'm sexy and I fucking know it. Kennedy who's confident, can stand her ground with Duke and has a good heart. She believed in the good, in hope. Also the woman was a goddamn flirt and liked to test Duke's limits. God, I love her! She's such a tease! Her characterization was a blur in the beginning which made sense because they weren't in that level of understanding yet. But from Duke's POV as I go along, I found out she was nothing short of amazing. She dealt with a lot of things in the past and had to work hard as well to get her career stabilized. Sometimes, I just wanted to scream at her to run the fuck away because Duke, really? Of all people?! Why him! But I learned she's the perfect match to Duke. She loves people, he doesn't. She doesn't have trouble showing her feelings, he does. Kennedy can set him straight and I always love a woman who knows how to knock her man down on his ass. That's Kennedy. Kennedy whose ass jiggles and has cushiony stomach–which Duke prefers and loves, thank you very much. The romance was magnified every time Good Guy Duke (the man) took over Bad Guy Duke (the lawyer). It was beautiful. And funny. I liked how Bad Guy Duke wanted to murder Good Guy Duke because he despised him so much. Now I'm not saying he's changed. It's just that his character development was solid and well thought out that he didn't do a 180. He did, however, reveal The Duke, not the lawyer but the man behind it. The Duke who can be a lawyer and a man all at once. He was still the shark I thought he was but he's now a feeling shark, if that makes sense. LOL. It was beautiful. It was also very satisfying to watch him fall down, suffer because of his own doing. You know how in most romance books the redemption of hero after the conflict was so abrupt? Like the guy kissed the girl and poof–all's right in the world again. Like the guy shows his hand once, falls to his feet once and the girl forgives him–just. like. that? Yeah, no, sorry I am tired of that. Duke didn't just grovel. He grovelled hard–pain, sweat and all–and more than once (ha take that!) to earn Kennedy's trust back. It. Was. So. Beautiful. (Hey, Duke was a hard shell to crack. He had to do the grandest gesture.)Well, aside from that? The male POV was accurate AF and if I may say, almost like Emma Chase's (Queen of Male POVs). And while it was purely from Duke's perspective, I couldn't help but to be amazed at how significant the roles of the female characters played in the story and how absolutely extraordinary they were. I marvelled at these not-so little things because I really think they're necessary to point out.Case #1: This was when Duke's mom confronted (to put it nicely) him about his feelings for Kennedy.She is smart, merciless and knows where to hit you where it hurts.– Madison Heather Alexander, Duke's momCase #2: From Duke's friends' (Nate and Tarek) POV when he started spacing out at the gym that Tarek owns.(Nate to Tarek)How do you know it's this Kennedy?The frown lines. She's the only woman who makes him emote.Case #3: Hurt (or turned heartless–you decide) Kennedy during a brunch at Heather's house.I take the way she ignores me for an hour after that. I suck it up when she announces she hast to go and gives air kisses to Robyn, shit even Keisha. Nate and Tarek get pats on the shoulder. My mother gets her laugh and smiles.Me, she walks right past.I tell myself it doesn't gut me.Case #4: Gwen, Duke's paralegal, taking the upper hand.(Duke) I'm ill.(Gwen) Your heart's broken. Stop being a drama queen. And it's your own fault.Case #5: Kennedy being Kennedy after Duke practically grovelled... and failed. I love her with all my cold heart."Now what?" she yells. "I fall into your arms?"Have you noticed how I basically skinned the characters in this book? HAHA. It's what I do–I examine people and their actions. Sorry not sorry. Moving on!The tug-of-war of feelings and attraction between Duke and Kennedy was so much fun to watch. (Because I got to see Duke lose most of the time. HAHA!) They bantered like real adults but with so much chemistry, intensity and intent to ravage each other. Duke was still Duke for believing that's all there is to Duke Alexander–nothing good, at all. While Kennedy believed he's something more. The sex scenes were hot AF. Like holy-shit-that's-so-hot hot. The interaction between the secondary characters didn't come out to be just fillers. If anything, that's another layer of the story that I totally loved. Gabriel, the additional character whose case was being handled by Duke, was a delight as well. Him being there added a bit of suspense in the story and he didn't just become a passer-by character. He became a part of it, a part of Duke and Kennedy. And while the case was something outside the romance, the whole premise was skilfully weaved in to the story adding more dimension to it. It was brilliant. Now let's take a quick recap. Characters? Not perfect. (I'm sure you'd hate Duke haha! I did.) Their actions and choices? So not perfect. Narration? Perfect. Pacing and progress? Perfect. Overall impact? Standing ovation.Hardcore falls under the not-sweet-but-sprinkled-with-a-little-of-it romance that's heart-stopping, heartbreaking and consuming. I wouldn't have any thing any other way. Just wonderful in every way. Hell, I'm grateful it put me out of my 5-star reads dry spell!Overall, I'm so happy how Hardcore turned out for me and I'd definitely be looking out for more Dakota Gray books in the future!<--#endofwordvomitbye-->PS. Okay okay I admit to being scared as shit because OW and OM were mentioned but thankfully there wasn't any fucking that happened between those people and our (anti) hero and heroine.

  • Sparklybearsy¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»
    2019-06-07 11:56

    This probably would have been a five star review ( I love this author's voice and this series ) but I was getting mixed signals from the gorgeous Duke. I adored his cold aloofness in book one and was expecting more of that. But it was a mix of good guy // bad guy and I wasn't sure if he could decide just what he wanted to be so it had me confused didn't put me off the story, as I said I love this author who is new to me but now a firm auto-buy and I loved my dirty boy Duke in his dirtier moments and the moments with his friends and his young criminal mentee.The heroine actually came out on top for me, which is a very big surprise, I rarely relate to any heroine, rather being finding them irritating. Overall a great read and already I want the next one!

  • Elisabeth Lane
    2019-05-30 08:55

    This book doesn't give a fuck and I adored it. Really difficult, screwed up hero and a kick-ass heroine who more than matches him. Seriously this will be one of my top picks for 2017.

  • Mar
    2019-06-14 08:52

    Love me a dirty mouth Duke. Loved Kennedy too. Fun read!

  • Kini
    2019-06-20 14:06

    Much like Perv, this book was more complicated than it may have seemed from the blurb. Duke is emotionally stunted because of life. Kennedy is full of hope. Their coming together is a great fit, but getting Duke to come to terms with it, well that's what this book is about. The book is solely Duke's POV. I really enjoy this author's voice. I feel like she's giving us anti heroes and making us love them. Duke is kind of awful to Kennedy, but of course he eventually gets his head out of his ass and does the appropriate amount of groveling.

  • JenReadsRomance
    2019-06-03 11:16

    I reviewed this over at the Book Queen's site:

  • MaggieReadsRom
    2019-06-15 13:53

    4,5 stars!

  • Gisele
    2019-06-23 07:57

    I had high expectations for Duke's book, but it surpassed everything and it was even better.I couldn't ask for a better history. Duke and Kennedy knew each other so well and it was heaven and hell because they knew how to be perfect to one another, but also knew how to hurt each other as nobody business. Duke's apology was the sweetest and I loved how he remained true to himself as well as let Kennedy take care of his soft side.Kennedy is a hoot, his PERFECT match, head to toe and loved how she busted his balls at every turn. Gabriel and Gwen were awesome additions - that part when Duke hugs a crying Gabriel at the floor of his office brought tears to my eyes. Nate and Tarek were great as usual.I can't recommend Hardcore enough, go grab your copy!

  • Jacky
    2019-06-19 12:10

    Talk about a rollercoaster ride. This is Duke's book. This is truly a standalone. I read Perv, Book #1, but I don't think you would miss anything much if you started with Hardcore.I wanted to dislike Duke, but I just could not. The title is perfect for Duke's personality. The romance comes in while watching Duke get to the soft center of his hardcore nature. Kennedy is just the woman strong enough to help him get there.In all honesty, a number of other people also helped him get there. His best friends, Nate and Tarek; his secretary, Gwen; his pro bono Gabriel; and his mom.This was not a "sweet" romance, but it grabbed my from page one and kept me until the very end. You absolutely do get your HEA. I voluntarily read and reviewed this Advanced Reader Copy.

  • Katherine
    2019-06-18 12:09

    I liked Duke’s story. I got into eye-rolling territory after the umpteenth obvious “I’m messed up because my father didn’t love me” moment. Kennedy is wonderful - confident, comfortable in her skin, smart. She would be fun to hang out with. I wish Duke’s kinky needs had been explored more - I was mildly confused at the end about whether he tended towards Dom or sub or ? It was never clear to me. Bought from kobo

  • Mel T
    2019-05-27 09:51

    Another great book in the Filth series. Despit what the title and series names suggest, there is actually a lot of raw emotion and heart in these stories. Hard Core is raw, honest, intense. The sex scenes are explicit but the book differs from pure erotica due to the excellent character development which really lets the reader get inside the characters' heads - particularly Duke, whose perspective the book is primarily written from, but also Kennedy's to a lesser extent.

  • Rhonda Ziglar
    2019-06-14 10:18

    Hardcore by Dakota Gray.....Wow, this is a must read, so well written and hits all the emotion buttons. Duke and Kennedy has one hot sexy night three years ago and Duke can't get her out of his head, will they be able to make it work, you will have to read to find out. Dakota Gray is moving up my list as one of my favorite authors. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

  • Robin
    2019-06-18 15:03

    So good. Almost as good as Perv.

  • Valeen Robertson
    2019-05-28 15:09

    Oh, Duke, how I love thee! I have been waiting for Duke's story since I read Perv, the first story in this series. Duke is a cold, regimented, somewhat controlling hardass of a lawyer. He had an estranged father who put his stamp on Duke's personality. To give you an idea of what his father was like and how he impacted Duke, this is what he said when he gave Duke the how to be a man speech: "Cut out anything but ambition and loyalty." Duke certainly took that speech to heart and has lived up (or down) to his father's expectations ever since.Kennedy and Duke had been flirting with each other since they first met at Lance and Chase, the legal firm they both worked for. He was a junior associate and she worked in the calendaring department. He knew it was a bad idea to sleep with her, but alcohol has a way of making us all lose inhibition and do things we wouldn't normally do. Besides, how could he have possibly resisted such a woman? A sexy redhead, no less? So he did what she begged him to do, but ran after they were done when she realized he wasn't the good man she had been thinking he was.And this was the point where Kennedy lost me and never got me back. I didn't hate her, but never liked her after that point. Not because she ran, but because of why she ran. Seriously?! She ran because he wasn't some saintly guy? Really?! Nope, that didn't sit well with me and still irks me when I think about it. Not that Duke is an angel or anything, because he's really not. In fact, he's a downright ass sometimes. But, he is a good guy, a really good guy, underneath his cold facade, and Kennedy didn't bother to stick around and find that out. She simply gave up and ran all because he didn't fit into her preconceived notions of who she had thought he was.So now it's three years later and Kennedy and Duke are still dancing around each other, she's still flirting like crazy with him, gets jealous when she thinks he's sleeping with anyone else, and it's as if she was just waiting for him to be the good guy she was hoping for before she deigns to take another chance on him. What she didn't understand 3 years earlier, and still doesn't understand, is that Duke really is a good guy, he just doesn't wear his heart on his sleeve. He may think he's not a good guy, but he is, and if Kennedy hadn't been so quick to judge, she would have seen that. When their relationship takes a turn and evolves into an actual relationship, that's where the story gets really good. And it is good, so good! So dirty, and even sweet, with a legal case that Duke has taken on to make things even more interesting.Hardcore is my favorite of the Filth series. It's well written, witty, emotionally layered and seriously steamy. Duke is by far my favorite character in the series. He's smart, he's dirty, and has a big heart underneath his asshole exterior. Kennedy, as much as she irritates the hell out of me, is good for him. She's smart and an interesting complement to Duke. She sort of smooths out his hard edges, brings light to his dark. And because he loves her so much (even though he doesn't realize it or admit it at first), I give her a pass.I can't wait for the next story Dakota gives us, I'm hoping it's Tarek's, and if it is, I know it will be excellent just like Perv, Filth and Hardcore are.I received an ARC for an honest review.

  • Chasing Away Reality
    2019-06-05 14:06

    Hardcore was everything I'd hoped it would be and more. I have been dying for Duke's story since Dakota introduced him in Perv. And I still want more! Duke is unshakable, regimented, and all about control until he meets Kennedy. She wormed her way into his heart, though he would deny it, from the moment he met her. Somehow she was just different from all the other women. And in one moment, she was able to rip away everything he knew and break his hold on his carefully crafted world. He was quite literally brought to his knees by her. Then she walked away. And that was just the prologue! Duke spends the next few years doggedly trying to avoid his feelings and need to be near Kennedy, but she doesn't make it easy. She's a constant flirt and likes to test his control. Duke can see that Kennedy wants the good guy she believes is buried beneath the hard shell he's forged, but he's not sure one exists. He can't help but want her and will take her any way he can, even if it means lying to himself that she accepts the bad guy. Their journey was passionate, breathtakingly erotic, and heartbreaking. I devoured it! I was sucked in by the way they challenged each other, their constant need to push buttons, their visceral connection, and the heat that consumed them. I hated when they struggled, and my heart broke for Duke when he felt rejected. I wanted him to see that he could be that guy she knew he had inside him, and at the same time, I wanted Kennedy to fight for HIM not the man he could be. I sort of felt like she gave up too easily. Couldn't she see how broken he was? Thank goodness for his peers! He would have wasted away to nothing if not for their support. Finally, I loved the ending. His profession of love was sweet and achingly beautiful; it brought me to tears.As a side note, I loved how the author incorporated Gabriel's case into the story. I'm always up for a good who-done-it. Not that there's much focus on it, but it gave an added element to the story outside of the romance. And Duke's relationship with Gabriel was essential to his emotional growth and how he viewed himself. I can't wait to see what Dakota brings us next! She is a gifted new author and one I will be following as long as she has the will to write.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Readers Copy of this book.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-26 14:11

    I have greatly enjoyed all three books in the Filth series so far, and Dakota Gray manages to have a pretty unique voice and style in a saturated market. I really like that she pushes the boundaries with her male protagonists. These are not men you take home to meet the parents. But they're not abusive alpha-holes, either. That's an important distinction for me that fails so often in the contemporary/erotic romance genres. I've been looking forward to Duke's story ever since I read Perv, where he appeared as a secondary character. He comes across as a gruff asshole in that, and, well, that's true to character. But the Duke we get to know in this book has many layers. Being inside of his head through the first person POV really allows the reader to understand his motives and his general misanthropic attitude. It also makes you want to smack him a lot, but don't worry--Kennedy has this covered (sort of). She's a great match for him.Kennedy doesn't put up with anyone's shit, but she's not just a "strong woman." She's capable of being hurt, especially by a man she cares about. And Duke really hurts Kennedy at one point. She makes him grovel to make up for it. And he's able to do this in a way that doesn't completely change his overall character. Duke doesn't suddenly become a new man, just a slightly better one.Can't wait for Tarek's book.Note: This book fulfills "Quickie" in the Letter Q Challenge.

  • Allie
    2019-06-11 08:11

    I've had a hard time reading this past month. I was able to barrel through in December and find a lot of happy, but for some reason with the impending doom of the Cheeto in Cheif, my reading habit had come to a crashing halt. The ARC for this book stared at me for days on end, taunting me. "You know you want to read me, Allie," it would whisper, but I just couldn't do it. How could I when I knew what was coming? 

Ugh, I was a freaking idiot. I needed this.

For those of us on the other side of the current winning end of the political spectrum, the next few years are going to be a tough battle, and it's books like this one you're going to need to help see you through. I didn't realize how much I needed to see a hard-ass hero with a hard ass and gooey center that he just kept trying to repress. I didn't realize how much I loved seeing someone incredibly competent at their job. A freaking all star! Someone who chose to work at their profession instead of just being handed it. Someone who was just devoted.

Duke is A1 sauce and Kennedy is a fire red cherry sitting on top.Yeah, ok, this is Dakota, so it's really dirty and hot, and the smexiness of it all is over the top. This is what we love about her, but gosh darn it, it got me in the feels too.

Do it for yourself. Read it for the dirty kinky sex, stay for the unexpected warm and fuzzy.

*ARC provided for an honest review.*

  • Patricia Baxes
    2019-06-03 07:04

    This book is like an E-ticket has more ups and downs with twists and turns--it was moving your emotions all over the map! It was crazy good!!Now that I've messed with the similes and metaphors (and a bit of hyperbole), let's get to the good parts. Hardcore is the perfect title for this book as Duke Alexander is one tough sonofabitch who doesn't care who he hurts as long as he gets what he wants...and he wants Kennedy McLane. Dakota Gray is an awesome writer; she knows what to do with heroes that talk so dirty her readers often have to change their panties! She gives us arrogant males, feisty females, and storylines that keep you guessing. Hardcore is the third book in her Filth series. If you've read the other books--Perv and Filth--you're going to love Hardcore! ❤(I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book and absolutely loved it!)

  • Joyfully Reviewed
    2019-06-04 09:12

    DUKE IS IN THE WILD & running free!! Hardcore ripped me to pieces, in a good way. We have been waiting for Duke's story since meeting him in Perv and Dakota didn't disappoint us. The wait was well worth it. PHEW! Duke is one stubborn man!!! Kennedy was more woman than me (lol). At times I wanted to gut punch Duke but Kennedy was patient and well you have to read the book to find how the mighty Duke falls and falls hard. Mwahahhaha.Reviewed by Joy for Joyfully ReviewedLink: Full Review to follow

  • Jeanne
    2019-06-09 14:56

    I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.This is really an amusing book in a lot of places. Sometimes it's a little sad at times as we're in Duke's head (the entire story is from his POV) as he's trying to make himself be what he thinks he's supposed to be. We see his hurt as he tries to let it roll of his back when he really wants to be accepted as is and believes he isn't. His banter with his friends is great. And eventually we see him give in to his feelings for Kennedy. This is an awesome third book in this series.

  • Karen Durant
    2019-06-24 09:17

    Alexander's family is well known as in almost an institution in legal circles. His dad taught him to be a predator in & out the courtroom& that there was no place for being a weakling or a loser. At the end of day the only thing that must stay is loyalty & ambition. The he meets Kennedy, who after having sex with him, stayed away from him. After 3 yrs he finally gets her back in his bed & decides he wants her to stay. He's not a loser and he won't lose her. As always Dakota Gray delivers. This was a super hot & romantic book which i really enjoyed.

  • Heidi Petersen
    2019-06-16 07:17

    I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this bookThis is the third book in the Filth Series which can be read as a stand-alone. This is Dukes story who you met in Perv.After sleeping with Kennedy 3 years ago she walks back into his life. Now he can't get her out of his head. She's off on a date though. Will Duke get the woman he's finally realised he wants?You'd best read to find out......

  • books4me
    2019-05-29 12:05

    Alexander is a tough man, and not always nice. When he meets Kennedy, Alexander feels something he's never felt before with her. Telling her this, Kennedy freaked out and ran. For three years, Alexander has thought of Kennedy and now's she's back. But they are both hiding things from each other which can destroy what they are starting to build. This was a great read but that's not a surprise as the author is Dakota Gray!My honest review is for a special copy I voluntarily read.

  • Pat
    2019-05-31 13:52

    I absolutely loved the story between Duke and Kennedy, it left me wanting their story not to end! I will definitely add Dakota Gray to my list of must read authors!I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

  • Psycgirl
    2019-05-27 07:16

    Loved this book. Especially loved Duke. This one was better than the first in my opinion. The heroine was also lovely but we never get her POV. Great read would recommend. Also wonderful grovel scenes.

    2019-06-13 11:55

    Loved itLoved this book. It just keeps getting better. You can't help but love Duke. He's definitely up there with Nate.

  • Romance is my Jam||Victoria
    2019-06-16 11:08

    3.5 out of 5. Another great one in the Filth series. Is it time for Tarek yet, hmmmmm???

  • Kaetrin
    2019-06-23 09:58

    pre-order from Amazon.