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Lost and Found by Shilpa Mudiganti – A second chance New York romanceAisha lost the love of her life to fate. And then Liam happened.Valentine's Day is just around the corner and Aisha, who is still grieving for her ex-boyfriend John is in for a surprise. Liam, John's best friend, who has had feelings for her but had to keep his feelings in check is ready to prove his loveLost and Found by Shilpa Mudiganti – A second chance New York romanceAisha lost the love of her life to fate. And then Liam happened.Valentine's Day is just around the corner and Aisha, who is still grieving for her ex-boyfriend John is in for a surprise. Liam, John's best friend, who has had feelings for her but had to keep his feelings in check is ready to prove his love for her. But is she ready to risk her heart again?...

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  • Mg ♥ The Bookishmedialite
    2019-06-21 18:17

    It's LIVE: AMAZONAisha lost who she thought was the love of her life to fate. Liam lost his best friend to the same cause. But while Aisha was mourning the lost of her happily ever after with John...How do you move on?How do you deal with the pain?Does time have the power to heal?Liam was mourning not only the lost of a friend but the lost of a love he has never had."What's a lifetime after so many years of waiting anyway?"Liam has loved Aisha since the moment he met her but John was his best friend... so, even when it hurt he suppressed his feelings so well as to be able to move on...But then John died... and even then, there was no way he would betray him so he ran away. Three years have passed and this time he is not running away. He has made his mission to make Aisha happy again. To make her fall in love again. Even if is not with him. But is she ready to risk her heart again?Lost & Found was a mild surprise. Mudiganti's writing seduced me to the very end. And despite the fact that the story was short, she managed to deliver a steady paced story filled with emotion, love and the perfect amount of steam that will have you swooning all over Liam. So BRAVO Shilpa Mudiganti. Short but beautiful. Lost & Found is a moving tale that explores loss and the human ability to move on and put your heart on the line for a second chance. Because LOVE is always worth the risk. Perfect for second chance romance lovers.

  • Love2ReadRomance
    2019-07-19 14:28

    LOVED this super sweet Novella!! My heart felt so much for all the characters. I couldn't ever put the book down because I just had to make sure they were all going to be okay! Can't wait to read more of Shilpa Mudiganti's books!

  • Margaret Watkins
    2019-07-04 12:09

    A tender and emotive story, Lost and Found is a love story that took me to a place where I too experienced deep heartbreak, drawing out the feelings of grief that I felt at that time. Aisha has spent three years grieving the loss of her fiancé and when she finds John’s best friend at his grave, they reconnect once more. She doesn’t realise that the only reason he is there is because he wants to lend his support, but once they have finished their meditation, Liam is prepared to leave and go on his way once more. He is surprised when Aisha makes the first move to break their tradition, and he finally admits to her that he has loved her since he first met her, but stood back because he knew that John had fallen for her too. Aisha is shocked and needs time to process the information. However, Liam’s unstinting love and support make her realise that it is time to move on. This novelette is well written with pathos, and touches one at a very deep level. I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily post this review. This is my honest review.

  • Reva Coomer
    2019-06-25 10:28

    After losing her husband and love of her life Aisha can't move on. Still living in the past and lost in her sorrow the only time she sees her husband's best friend, Liam, is on the anniversary of his death. Liam has always been in love with Aisha but never came between her and his best friend John. After waiting years for her, Liam decides he isn't going to wait any longer. A short fast paced read about finding love after losing love.

  • Suzy
    2019-06-26 13:06

    "Lost and Found" is a very fast paced story but touching and beautiful nonetheless. A wonderful book about losing and finding love once again.I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review.

  • Suzzie
    2019-06-21 13:25

    A short but sweet romance. When Aisha loses her love she feels like her life has ended. But Liam has loved her for years and waited for 3 years for her to be ready to love again. The steps he takes to bring her back to love are sweet. I was gifted this book from ebooks discovery. I voluntarily give my review. This is my honest review.

  • Thi
    2019-07-11 14:14

    This was a very enjoyable short read. Not too much angst, just enough for such a short read. I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it. The opinions and views on it are my own.

  • PW
    2019-07-18 16:29

    WOW! WOW! WOW! I seldom give a book 5 stars but I could give this story 10 stars. While reading I could feel Aisha's hurt and pain. The years she mourned for John tore her apart. To be found she shared her pain with John's best friend, Liam. They were both found in spite of their pain. I will definitely read more books by this author.“I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily review this book. This is my honest review”Enjoy,PW

  • Clarissa
    2019-07-10 13:23

    Although most of the time I try to deny it, I am a hopeless romantic. Very hopeless. Romantic books--my weakness. Shh. Nobody told you that.I definitely enjoyed Lost and Found. It was short, sweet and satisfying, a perfect read for this Valentine's Day (which happens to be tomorrow..which is also the date this novella and other accompanying novellas will be released!!)The story focuses on Aisha, a young woman who tries to move on from the death of her husband and only love in her life. A few years later, she meets her husband's best friend again: Liam, lady charmer. The three of them had always been as thick as thieves when John, Aisha's husband was alive, but when he died, it must have been too painful for both Aisha and Liam to face each other when the only thing they had in common was John. So when she meets Liam again on the anniversary of John's death, she thought it'd just be the same: mourning. Plot twist: Liam has been in love with her ever since they met. Will Aisha give another chance at love and can she? Or will she be a lost soul forever?Gah. This story was so satisfying. It's not too long and could give hope to the single people on Valentine's Day (true love is somewhere) or could just be a cozy read for those with partners (i'm so glad I have *significant other*). It made me, lonely girl dating her books, very happy, for one. The story was delightfully well-written and thoroughly enjoyed some of the authors descriptions of love and pain and loss. Take these three sentences for example: "Everyone meant well because they hadn't been through it. And the ones who had, they lied, because it didn't get better. What got better was your heart's ability to bury the pain deep inside and face the day, acting normal." I mean, look at that!! Does it not pierce right through your heart?It shot through mine. I would say that the book is more for young adults, adults and a more mature audience (as opposed to tweens or anyone younger than the age of 15) as there are certain parts that are *steamy*, so keep this novella away from your kids or anyone you wouldn't want to show a horror film to. (It's definitely not a horror book, but you get the idea.)Lost & Found, along with 5 other romantic novellas (for Valentine's Day) is available for pre-order on Amazon and will be officially released tomorrow! :)I received a copy of Lost & Found in exchange for an honest review :) (also, Shilpa, you rock!!)

  • Maxine
    2019-07-05 13:13

    This story was so heart breaking at the beginning but so loving at the same time. I fell in love with Alisia and Liam and loved how strong he was and was willing to wait until her broken heart had mended!This was a quick yet touching read which I'm sure will pull on anyone's heartstrings.

  • Romaine Heart
    2019-07-15 15:19

    Aisha is still grieving the loss for John. Will she ever be able to love again? Is it betrayal to love again? Liam, John's best friend is also grieving his loss. He has strong feelings for Aisha but has to prove his love for her before she can open her heart for him. Beautiful love story. I'm volunteering a review for an advance readers copy.

  • Dannah Alcayaga
    2019-07-10 12:28

    It's a short and sweet novella about second chances and moving on.If you guys are looking for short stories that guarantee a happy ending, then you got go read this book.My most favorite line was:"I don’t need you to love me…my love for you is enough for both of us.”I need a Liam in my life. 5 stars.

  • Mona williams
    2019-07-08 15:13

    this was a amazing book! its about two people who lost someone they both love but his best friend has feelings for her that he reveals to her towards valentines day!. its a short love story that you will love. thanks for giving me a chance to read this book!

  • Tracy
    2019-06-23 18:19

    A quick read about a love lost and a love found. Sweet romance

  • Livelyreads
    2019-06-19 12:08

    Loved reading this short sweet steamy Valentine special romance. ❤ Was worth trying !! Coming on Valentine's day this year

  • Debbie
    2019-06-28 12:14

    Go directly to WaterWorks and do not pass Go!2 1/2 starsLost & Found is a short novella that features love, loss, and healing. I'm struggling with how to rate this story, because parts of it were quite good. Unfortunately others parts were very repetitive and overall the novella had far too much over-the-top drama from a grating heroine.The story begins a few days before Valentine's day. The heroine, Aisha, is visiting the grave of her fiancee John on the 3 year anniversary of his death. She sees the hero of the story, Liam (John's best friend), at the grave. For the past three years, these two have been meeting only once a year at John's grave. This year, Aisha decides to speak to Liam, which gives Liam the opening he has been waiting for. Thus begins a relationship where Aisha goes back and forth between Aisha wanting to be with Liam, and being unable to let John go. There is so much grieving on Aisha's part that I found Liam's devotion to be rather unbelievable. It felt like all Aisha did was cry through about 3/4 of this novella. I never really developed any empathy for her character, since I found her character to be rather unlikable. At one point, I even hoped that Liam would decide that he'd finally had enough, and that he would go out and find someone else.There were also several rather spicy sex scenes. While they were fairly well written, the number of them seemed to be disproportionate to the length of the story.While I understand that the story was about learning to heal and finding love again, it was (for me) a rather depressing story.I received a free copy of this story from eBook Discovery in exchange for an honest review.

  • Nati
    2019-07-06 16:05

    Aisha is still grieving his fiancé John’s death three years ago. She thinks that she is never going to be happy again. But this year, when she mets Liam, John’s best friend, at the cemetery something feels different. Liam is been in love with Aisha the moment he laid eyes on her some many years ago. Can Aisha open her heart again and with John’s best friend? A sweet story about true love and second chances. I received this book for free from eBook Discovery. I voluntarily reviewed it. This is my honest review.

  • Christine Campbell
    2019-07-17 17:26

    I am voluntarily reviewing this arc of this book. This was a cute romance book. He is her deceased boyfriend best friend who has been around his n her life they meet every year on the exact day he passed. Liam has always loved her but he kept it a secret. But when he thinks that the time is right he tells her the relationship grows n there's a time where she shuts down. He gives her some time to get herself together.