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Something old, something blue, something deadly…what else is new?Secret McQueen, Book 4It’s a nice day for a white wedding. At least that’s what Secret McQueen is hoping for, with her poofy-princess-dress marriage to a werewolf king looming closer and closer by the day. But as ever, nothing can be that easy for a vampire/werewolf hybrid for whom someone still harbors a deaSomething old, something blue, something deadly…what else is new?Secret McQueen, Book 4It’s a nice day for a white wedding. At least that’s what Secret McQueen is hoping for, with her poofy-princess-dress marriage to a werewolf king looming closer and closer by the day. But as ever, nothing can be that easy for a vampire/werewolf hybrid for whom someone still harbors a death wish.Summoned to the south by her werewolf uncle, who makes no bones about the fact her mate bond with Lucas doesn’t pass muster, Secret learns her furry heritage looks more like a tangled vine than a family tree. Getting her royal uncle’s blessing hinges on finding one of the missing twigs. Even with vampire sentry Holden Chancery at her side, she manages to land up to her neck in a swamp of trouble.As an assassin’s scope zeroes in, family dramas boil up and a fast-collapsing love square threatens to bury her alive, making it to the church on time could be the least of Secret’s problems. Warning: Contains a grumpy bride who shouldn’t be wearing wedding white, a motley crew of bridesmaids, a dangerous scenic drive in the woods and a smoking-hot trio of suitors who might be too scorching to touch.This book was previously released by Samhain Publishing. The new edition contains minor word changes but no story changes....

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Keeping Secret Reviews

  • Marissa
    2019-06-10 16:40

    Aggghhh! I just about died twice, and wanted to commit the most heinous murder at least three times!! Oh dear lord that was painful! And WTF was up with that ending?!?! Cliffy Hell! I’m kind of pissed off, and yet a little bit hopeful. Grrrrr! Rant-rave-rant-rave!I don’t know what to say. I hurt and I’m confused. I’m lost and shredded. I am deeply suffering and totally flabbergasted! Wait, those all mean about the same thing. You have killed me Sierra Dean! All that is left of me is a bumbling, twitching shell of the woman I used to be. :sobs: Please fix me, please fix this!?!P.S. I still love you… So, when does the next book come out???

  • Carmel (Rabid Reads)
    2019-05-26 12:19

    Reviewed by: Rabid ReadsKeeping Secret delivers the story that I'd expected from the previous installment. McQueen's finally growing into her new roles, the love triangle gets a much needed shakedown and this is the wolf-iest book yet. The story is no less action-y than its predecessors but there is a notable shift from assassin drama to powerful supernatural leader dilemmas which is exactly what I wanted to see happen. Prepare yourselves for the new and improved Secret McQueen!The last three books have all focused on Secret's vampire half while as this story brings her furrier side to the forefront. Finally! The moment I've been waiting for! There are significant differences between the two species and Sierra uses them to her advantage in this installment. The undead are all about "me, me, me" while as wolves are all about the pack. As protector and future Queen, Secret must adapt and learn to put the needs of others before her own and that personal sacrifices are a daily fact of life. Her character goes through some pretty significant changes in Keeping Secret and by the end I was actually proud of how far our little assassin has come. I didn't think that it was possible for me to detest Lucas any more than I already do but lo and behold, I was wrong. The werewolf king gives douchebag a whole new meaning in this book. He just expects Secret to fall in line and happily go along with whatever hair-brained idea he dreams up. Fans of this series know that our girl is no shrinking violet but apparently Lucas thinks otherwise. Fool! If it were up to McQueen they would get married Vegas-style but because she's trying to be a good Queen she bites her tongue and lets Lucas plan the wedding. That was her first of many mistakes. However, leave it to Lucas to make the dumbest, most obvious faux pas of all time. Secret's reaction is priceless and a re-read worthy moment. Sierra's writing is gripping no doubt about it; from her killer one-liners at the end of each chapter, to her trademark snark and jaw dropping cliff hangers. She drives her series forward like no other author I've ever read. It's like a freight train, there's no stopping it. Her books are hard to put down and Dean forever leaves readers wanting more. Keeping Secret is balls-to-the-walls, oh-la-la, no holds barred, pure epicness. I want the next book now, now, now! *stomps feet* Best. Installment. Yet.

  • Nicole
    2019-05-27 14:17

    Review originally posted here: is back in the 4th installment of the series, and this is going to be a very difficult review for me to write. I really enjoyed the story, but the last 10-15% of the book absolutely killed me, and in many ways put a bit of a stain on the series.Secret’s wedding to Alpha Lucas is coming closer and closer, and although Secret isn’t one hundred percent on board with the event, she is willing to do what is necessary for the pack. But someone is desperately trying to kill her – to make sure she doesn’t make it to the big day. When she and Lucas travel down to meet with her uncle, they will have to jump through hoops to get his approval on their nuptials. When they return to New York, the assassin comes closer to Secret than ever before, and she will be forced to engage in a fight to the death – and on her wedding day to boot.I have to say, the action in this book is the best the series has to offer so far. Between the car chase, the stand off in the bridal shop, the battle in the swamp and the final showdown between Secret and her assassin, this book really was incredible. There was plenty of high octane moments when Secret kicked ass and took names, along with plenty of snark and hilarious one-liners that broke up the intensity of the scenes. I absolutely loved that aspect of the book, and think that Dean is one amazing storyteller.I also loved getting a glimpse into Secret’s extended family. We haven’t really seen much of her family save her grandmother, and getting to meet her uncle, great-grandmother, and the siblings she never knew about was such a treat. Seeing her try to come to grips with her past and her family and all the preconceived notions she had just added another depth to Secret’s character that I absolutely loved getting to see.Secret still amazes me with how strong of a character she is. She can fight alongside vampires and wolves, and get the better of most of them. She is funny and sarcastic and a heroine that I adore reading. However, when it comes to Secret’s love life, I have a very VERY hard time watching her act like a twelve year old girl. This continues to be the only (but HUGE) downfall of the series for me. I am a romance girl at heart, and having Secret constantly bounce around in this weird love-trapezoid-thing is starting to discolor my adoration of the series.I have always been firmly on Team Desmond, and have never bothered to hide my dislike for Lucas. In this book, Lucas takes his asshatery skills to a whole new level, and I ended up losing a lot of respect for Secret because of the way she let him treat her. Add in how she treats Desmond – not seeming to spend a lot of time considering how her actions affect their relationship – and I wanted her to pull her head out of the sand and force her to see exactly what she was doing.Then the ending…. ZOMG the ending. Talk about a cluster. The assassin, the wedding, the heartbreak, and the cliffhanger in which Secret is about to make the biggest mistake of her life (in my opinion). It was all a little too much for me, and if Secret goes through with what I think she does in the cliffhanger, I might have to break up with her once and for all.All in all I am still sucked into the world of Secret and have an intense love-hate relationship with these books. They are like crack to me, with incredible storytelling and wonderful plots that are amazingly written. However, like I said, the romance (or lack thereof) aspect is starting to weigh heavily on the series and making for difficult reading. I sincerely hope Secret makes a decision in the next book.I give Keeping Secret a C+

  • Kelly
    2019-06-19 10:13

    Before I start this review I have something to get out of the way...*flails**weeps**flails*Yeah. This book sort of flayed me alive. In a "hurts so good" sort of way. I seriously had to put the book down at one point and take a long cleansing breath because poor Secret had thing after thing thrown at her and I was a MESS. I love that she has the physical strength to face down the bad guys and not get gutted but emotionally ... oh, Secret!I'm really wavering on how I feel about her uncle and the hoops he makes her jump through. She wants so badly to have a family connection and he suddenly summons her and wants to vet her relationship with Lucas? Not cool, werewolf king. Not cool at all. Secret's family is so screwy that sometimes I wonder why she isn't even more of a mess.I loved that Holden was Secret's go-to guy this time (vampire strength and speed are a major plus when battling for your life) and I missed Desmond something fierce. He's my favorite, you know. I loved that Secret got to delve a little more deeply into the werewolf side of her heritage in this book and that she got to see how her mother's side of the family live.Secret's kicking ass and taking names, breaking hearts and having hers broken - all while battling for her life against numerous baddies out for their pound of flesh. Awesome and heartbreaking, I am DYING for the next book.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

  • Jenni Lea
    2019-06-02 16:31

    Lucas is a douche, Desmond broke my heart, Holden's quickly growing on me and Secret is growing up.Great progression of the series.

  • Jodie
    2019-06-01 13:16

    Keeping Secret it the fourth installment of the Secret McQueen series, a series that I can count on for a tricky romantic scenario, sass & snark and lots and lots of action. All throughout this one I was anxious. I didn’t know what was going to be in store for our resident asskicker, but I knew it was going to be dangerous and fun.The only thing I knew about wedding dresses were that they were all white, tight and probably impossible to kill someone in.Unless that someone was Kimberly, in which case I’d find a way.If Secret wasn’t fighting to stay alive throughout numerous assassination attempts she was planning a wedding to the werewolf King – Lucas – one of her soul bonded mates, she was on the receiving end of some confusing statements at the council. If she wasn’t advocating for Brigit’s Warden status and dealing with ridiculous pack politics, she was making out with one of her hunky lovers. One thing rang true all the way through - her fierce need to protect and do right by her people, friends & family.“Your Royal Highness,” she greeted. I didn’t like her tone. Or her face. Or her dress, for that matter. Perhaps I was being a touch judgmental.In previous installments we saw Secret struggle with both halves of her nature, whereas in Keeping Secret the emphasis was on her werewolf half. Her vamp half seemed to have sunk well below surface and I seemed like she had come to terms with both a lot more. Secret appeared to have come to terms with a lot of happenings and I felt she was a lot less stubborn and thought about possible consequences much more. I’m not sure which I prefer.In Deep Dark Secret (no 3), Secret was easily distracted. She flitted between lovers, the vampire council and her position as pack protector. She was so much more responsible and grounded in this installment. Holden was moody, and often stomped & threw tantys whereas here he was calm, cool & collected and totally wanting into Secrets panties. Des was determined, protective and loving throughout the last, often showing the side of him that shows his beta position to the werewolf King but now he just seemed defeated. Where is his fighting spirit? I immediately felt the loss of lime on my lips at the discovery. I soooo want you to fight for Secret. To hell with the Pack. Do something. Anything. Team Desmond all the way to the moon & back :DAnd with that, I peeled out of the parking spot with enough burning rubber to make Steve McQueen proud to share a name with me.Lucas. He doesn’t even deserve my carbon dioxide let alone my keystrokes. I maintain my thoughts from my previous review. Douchebag. Although to a much much greater extent this time round. I can’t stand him and wish that Des would take him out already. I got a better understanding of pack politics, but it made not one iota of difference to my feelings pertaining to him. What a dick. If he and Secret have deluded themselves that they are in love, even just a little, they are morons. I didn’t feel a real emotional connection between them. I admit they had sexual spark, but I would go so far to say that Secret has that with many men. If they weren’t sexing they were hating.Now that I have finished, I have so many thoughts and feelings that I don’t know what to do with. I have so many more questions than answers and my heart is a little bit broken. Secret still always had a witty retort and her stubbornness shone through a little at times, I am pained to admit that I missed some of her independence and her determination to be true to herself. She seemed a lot more go with the flow this time. I hate that she is leaving the decision regarding her lifelines to fate and want her to find her assertiveness again and go after what she wants rather than what is easy.Oh Brigit, I am so scared for you right now. I think you rock and want so desperately for you to live forever & ever. What an awesome friend.Sig. What the eff man? Why all the secrecy? We are going into the 5th book and still no answers? Geez.Juan Carlos. What is your problem man? I just don’t get you. Why all the hating all the time? Sigh.Grandmere & Le sorciere. What can I expect from you two? I know there must be something. Oooh and Hank? I think there is a story there too.See what I mean. I can’t get my thoughts straight. All I can tell you for sure is that I CAN NOT wait to find out what’s in store next for Secret and the gang, will hopefully glean some overdue answers as well as a little more dialogue with Dominick…

  • Melliane
    2019-05-30 15:16


  • Katie Michaels
    2019-06-20 15:25

    I hate Lucas.I hate him with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. With every book in this series, my loathing for him grows. And with every allowance Secret gives him, I want to douse her in cold water.As evidenced by the amazing cover, this is the wedding book. (Yes, I thought it came along fast, too.) In the last installment, Secret agreed to marry King Douchecanoe and she finally stopped fighting his sexual advances. Now, despite all of his machinations and manipulations, they are taking things to the next level.Of course, nothing can go smoothly for Secret. Before they can move forward with the wedding, her uncle Callum calls the happy couple down to Louisiana so he can decide whether to approve the marriage. Once there, Secret gets to meet the pack that would have been hers, had her mother not turned into a raving psycho. She and Lucas must navigate werewolf politics while solidifying their relationship. All this, as someone is trying to kill her.As deeply as I dislike Lucas and everything to do with him, I love everything else about these books. Secret is finding her place in both the vampire and werewolf hierarchy. Her power continues to grow, and the connections she is making are widening. It’s awesome how Sierra Dean continues to expand this world. We are meeting more new characters, but we never lose track of the old. It’s never confusing or overwhelming, just entertaining.I love how Dean isn’t afraid to get down and dirty with the violence or the more disturbing side of the supernatural world. Outside of their soap opera love lives, the characters are smart, witty, engaging, and interesting. I care about them –and what happens to them. Which is why the romance angle is just so hard to take. What happens with Desmond makes me ill. And the ending made me gasp and groan at the same time.I can only hope that Dean settles all this drama in a satisfactory way (for me!) by the end of the series. I am too invested to ever dream of quitting now.Rating: I have given up on rating these books. I am too torn.

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-23 10:23

    Seriously, that's how you end the book? Why must you torture us so? This book definately brings out the emotional roller coaster. There was action, adventure, terror, jealousy, romance, and heartache all rolled into one. I have enjoyed every book in the series, and this one was no exception. I must admit that it brought me to tears, so keep a few tissues handy. This was such a page turner for me, and I couldn't put it down. I stayed up until nearly 5 am reading it. Yes, it was that good! My only disappointment is all the loose ends and having to wait so long for the next one to come out.With so many of the latest additions to the series I have read being let downs, it was refreshing to read one that was just as fabulous as the others. I know you have a day job Sierra Dean, but I wish you so much succes that writing can be your only job so you can pump out the books faster.

  • Hiba
    2019-05-27 15:41

    SHIT !!! SHITT!!!SO AMAAAAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZINGGGGGGGGGGGG!!I HAVE NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE THESE BOOKS ! I only finished four books of these series!! ..WONDER WHAT WILL I FEEL BY THE END OF THESE SERIES because right now... all emotions are running high ... sad..despair...rage...romance... i dont know what to tell!! PERFECT KICK ASS SARCASTIC HEROINE!!!like Jen ...but maybe better than grey wolves? lets see by the end of this serieS .. GTG I need to finish these series *_* fifth book here i come

  • Julie
    2019-06-13 15:43

    Posted at Yummy Men & Kick Ass ChicksKeeping Secret is the fourth book in Sierra Dean’s Secret McQueen series. If you have yet to read it, it’s important to know that this series is filled with heart-pounding action, creepy crazy villains, incredibly written characters, edge of your seat storytelling and many love interests. Sierra once told me that by the end of the fourth book, readers will know who the final two men will be. Well, let me tell you that I don’t feel I know for certain! Maybe she changed her mind but I feel a little door still peeking open when it comes to that. I mean, I think I know but it’s not extra clear…and of course that is driving me a little bit nuts.Right there is proof of how these books affect their readers. They suck you in, keep you entertained, keep you guessing, keep you wanting, then throw you out, often violently, only to suck you back in as soon as you start a new installment. (And by violently, I am of course speaking of Sierra’s knack for writing endings that leave your mouth gaping open then possibly throwing your eReader across the room.) Keeping Secret was no exception. The book starts right in the middle of a training session and ends with an ‘OMG She better write the next book from THIS EXACT SPOT or I will be SO p*ssed!’ moment. I love the direction this book took the series and, even though I am still nervous about everyone finding out that Secret is in fact both a vampire and a werewolf, Secret’s growth in this installment was significant and hopefully it’s gearing her up for when the sh*t will hit the fan.Yeah…I bet I’m not making much sense right about now. Maybe I should try a different approach. Let’s talk characters.Secret I love. She lives on my favorite characters list and she is so deserving. I just love how ‘real’ she is. She’s tough but not unreachable. She’s sassy and smart and just a good all-around mix of my favorite traits in an urban fantasy heroine. As I mentioned above, I liked how her character developed in this book. She is truly in love with Desmond, yet she knows she needs to keep up appearances with Lucas for the sake of the Pack. She is also on the vampire council and really is taking that responsibility very seriously. She has never really been a selfish person but Secret was always important to Secret. You see her transform in this book into someone who gets what sacrifices need to be made for the betterment of everyone. She may not like it, but she understands. I really felt for her at the end of the book. I would totally kick that s.o.b’s arse if I were her. I’m curious to see how she is in the next book after she mends from what happened in this book, to see how it’s all truly affected her.Desmond I adore. We don’t see him much in this book but what we see will leave its mark on the reader. My heart…oh my heart.Sig is still a mystery and I can’t wait until that one is cracked! He is awesome and I know there is a big story with him. I just know it.Lucas. Arse. That is all.Okay, maybe I’ll elaborate a little bit. I get Lucas. I understand that as the werewolf king, he has very important decisions to make and that sometimes these decisions mean sacrifices, many personal and yadda yadda yadda. I get it, but it don’t mean I have to like it. Or him. And by the way, you know when people ask you “what supernatural creature would you be?” I don’t think I would EVER answer werewolf. It’s all about the pack. You are not you; you are not even allowed to be you. It’s all pack pack pack. Well, if that were me, they could just shove it somewhere icky.Holden…I really do like him a whole lot. I’m honestly confused about my feeling for him as a match for Secret.Juan Carlos, what is up his butt? Seriously…Often in this series, we get to see the inner workings of the vampire side of Secret’s life. She was an assassin for them after all. We hear talk about how a werewolf pack works but we had yet to truly witness a pack in action…until this installment. We get to see the politics at a closer level and boy is it messed up. Okay, in werewolf terms, it’s actually all pretty ‘normal’ but as an outsider looking in, it’s messed up. It was nice to see Secret discover her Were side and I am left curious to see if she will ‘discover’ further in future works.These books should come with a warning that you should only read them when you can devour it in one sitting. Because of, you know, life I had to put the book down once in a while and man that hurt. I wanted to keep reading! I would steal glances towards the book as I was feeding the kids as though it would start reading itself to me! I even went to twitter and told Sierra that her books should not be this addictive! (*clears throat* I may have used some slightly less lady-like language in those tweets) And I know I’m not the only one who tweets Sierra to give her sh*t while and after reading one of her Secret books. That’s the sort of reaction Sierra’s books generate! That’s the enthusiasm she pulls from her readers.Have you noticed how this review is filled with a little more um…passion that usual? That’s what this series does to me. From the very first book, I was hooked. Sierra has such an amazing writing voice and it lends itself perfectly to the genre and the type of books she’s written in this series. Her stories are vivid and wild and her characters are just incredible.Keeping Secret was a fantastic installment and left me already drooling for the next book, which is not due out until early 2013. (*shakes fist* write faster Sierra)

  • Marq(ReadingRomanceinColor)
    2019-06-05 15:27

    I love this series to death but Keeping Secret nearly gave me a coronary. I had a feeling I wasn't going to like the events that take place in this book and I was right. It's bad enough that Secret is marrying that werewolf King but Secret, in my opinion, does some really idiotic things in this book that had me so frustrated with her by the end. I do know one thing, I'm tired of the love triangle (sometimes quadrangle when Holden is feeling frisky). Firmly on the side of Team Desmond/Team Lime, Keeping Secret completely did me in. I don't know where Secret or Lucas, Desmond or Holden go from here. I'm a little scared to find out.As Secret prepares to wed Lucas Rain, someone is out to kill her. It must be Tuesday because that's nothing new. While being the blushing bride and trying to find out who's out to get her, Secret is summoned by her uncle to visit his territory in Louisiana. In a show of solidarity and to get her uncle's approval, Secret and Lucas head to Louisiana. There, Secret is kidnapped by the werewolf version of "Deliverance", becomes acquainted with family she never knew she had and finally takes a step towards accepting her werewolf half. A lot happens in Keeping Secret and Ms. Dean keeps us entertained and on our toes.What I love about Secret is that she kicks major ass, she's snarky and she's an all around bad ass. I've noticed that once she became soul-bonded with Lucas and Desmond, Secret lost a little bit of her edge. Some of it came back in this book but I still miss the Secret we were introduced to in book 1. The one thing that bothered me since book 3 is how Secret accepts what Lucas tells her at face value. She'll question for a hot second and then all Lucas has to do is say "trust me" or look at her sexually and she gives in. I'm ready for Secret to stand her ground. In book 3, she realized that Lucas is not only the werewolf King but he's also the King of Half Truths and Lies. Why she continues to let him run roughshod all over her is beyond me. Regardless of whether or not what they are doing is good for the pack, she needs to stand up to him and demand to know everything up front. Not at the last minute, when it's a matter of life and death and she can't make an informed decision.Secret also isn't making the best decisions either judging by how Keeping Secret ended. I wanted to throw my Kindle against the wall and scream. I feel like the romance issue won't be resolved any time soon and I don't know how I feel about that. Yes, I do. I hate it. I'm ready for Secret to fly solo and just do her job and continue to mentor Brittany and just be a bad ass with no men to distract her. I don't expect an immediate HEA but the romance is tiring. I don't like Lucas - obviously. Desmond is my man and I think he needs to move on. Secret does not deserve him. I don't care if she loves him or not because she does not put him first and when his feelings are hurt and he reacts, she has the nerve to be mad at him. What does she expect? You can only be jerked around for so long before you're tired of being on someone's leash. I really don't have any feelings about Holden. He's a good friend and I think that it needs to stay that way. Trust a man to ruin a great friendship with sex.Once again, Sierra Dean managed to stress me the hell out while reading this book. I still love this series but I think Secret needs a swift kick in the arse and a reality check so that she can get her shizz together. There's only so much I can take. I can't wait to see where the next book takes us.

  • Marsha
    2019-05-26 16:30

    I once read a saying, "I lost myself trying to imitate someone else." This is the cautionary tale of Secret Mc Queen in "Keeping Secrets. As a former assassin and current vampire council member, Secret is stong, capable and fierce. However, when it come to her personal life and romance, she thinks with her vagina instead of her brain.I will not recap the plot for this book since so many others have already done so. I want to discuss how Secret's repetitive actions continually causes chaos in her life. First, she dates two werewolves Lucas, the King and Desmond who works for the King. She ignores her internal warnings and agrees to a mate bound with the King when she knows she love Desmond more. She agrees to marry Lucas for the good of the pack even though this is really not what she wants. She graciously gives over her power time and time again for the people who do not necessarily deserve it. Even her estranged Uncle attempts to warn her of the error of her actions; but, she ignores it. When is she suppose to get what she wants? How did she ever think her situation with Lucas would continue to endear Desmond to her? Well, guess what? It doesn't!Then, without giving anything away, I just could not fatham her actions at the cliffhanger ending. Here she goes again, thinking with her lower body part. It's like she woke up in the morning and said, "Hum, how can I screw up my life today?" Well, I will give credit where credit is due. Secret is good at screw ups. Either she does not know how to be happy or she does not feel she deserves to be happy. Either way, I am not quite sure if I can continue on with the series when I do not like the main character very much.Lastly, after book 2 I began to question where I could like Lucas because all he could think about was the pack. After the callous way he has treated Secret in this book, it is clear to me that not only is he not thinking of what is good for the pack, he also does not give a damn about Secret. I am all for forgiveness. However, it comes with a price. Secret needs to put on her big girl panties and hold to her promise to be done with him for good. If not, I will be done with both of them and this series for good.

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-06-17 10:13

    Posted on Under the CoversHere comes the bride!Sierra Dean is back with another instalment in the Secret McQueen series. This time Sierra is engaging in her usual mischief but she also has a more serious matter to attend to...her wedding. Being married to the werewolf king, Lucas should solve all her problems, but it seems that there is more to it than just saying, “I do” at the altar. As Secret figures that mess out, there is also the pressing issue of her werewolf uncle. As family feuds arise, Secret also has her hands full when it comes to the love interests in her life. All this makes for a thrill ride and Dean doesn’t not disappoint.I have to say that I just adored Secret and her antics. She’s always an entertaining one to read and though she is kickass, she never has that iciness to her that I think a lot of other assassin heroines have. She’s very easy-going and admirable, but when it comes down to the real deal, Secret is all business and handles herself well. Secret has gained a new fan in me. I was impressed by the way Sierra Dean wrote this book because it was very action-packed without really getting lost in the action. It was just smooth sailing throughout the whole thing with lots of laughs and some moments that made me go, “Oh my God!”There’s a great a balance between the emotional aspect of the story and the action. I loved that Secret was strong but she had Holden around to keep her company. It just shows how well rounded Dean makes her characters because you seem to just love them all.More emphasis is focused on Secret’s werewolf side, so if you enjoy that, then you’re in for a treat!It’s funny that there is a product warning for this book: Contains a grumpy bride who shouldn’t be wearing wedding white, a motley crew of bridesmaids, a dangerous scenic drive in the woods and a smoking-hot trio of suitors who might be too scorching to touch.To be honest, it is spot-on! I think maybe that quote alone would be a better review than what I just wrote. Nevertheless, KEEPING SECRET will rock your socks off!*ARC provided by publisher

  • Josie
    2019-06-01 10:14

    4.5 stars*SPOILERS AHEAD*So frustrating!!! Lucas has always been a manipulative little shit. Throughout the books he has continually taken decisions out of Secret's hands, forcing matings, engagements, taking away her and Desmond's soul bond etc. And then he practically forces her to marry him and he leaves her hanging. Though, I can't say I didn't see it with the whole "Lucas is so dependable" and "I'm walking up the aisle first."Has Lucas not heard of a phone though? Couldn't he have just said "oh by the way, you know we've got quite the event planned for today, I'm not going to be there"? Is this not information that is probably best told directly?Seriously, it just shows how little he thinks of her. And then afterwards being like "let's talk about this like mature adults". Yeah he actually said "talk". Lead by example, Lucas, you could've talked like mature adults before. Dick.In other news though, I'm worried about Brigit. I feel her time is limited, which would be a shame since I like that Secret has some girlfriends round her. Tying Brigit to Peyton and making a big deal out of "if Brigit dies, Peyton is released" - what would be the point of this storyline if Peyton is not going to escape?Glad we saw more of Sig in this book. Now here's a man that has a plan. He's probably just as manipulative as Lucas but he is 2,000 years old and doesn't wear a shirt so he's forgiven... at the moment.Holden is #1 for now. Even though Secret loves Des, I don't feel like I know him. He was just there in the apartment when she finally goes home to sleep, not doing much. I'm not that upset he's left to be honest.So to sum up, surprisingly the vamps are winning the battle. The wolves can get out. But it all could change in the next book.

  • Douglas Meeks
    2019-06-19 15:29

    Keeping Secret by Sierra DeanMy rating: 5 of 5 starsFinished Keeping Secret and it was as awesome as all of them have been, this one started a bit slower (or maybe my mood was not right) but it got rolling and never stopped until the end. This is definitely the series that Anita Blake could have been, she is tough, skilled and still soft enough to make you like the character. this is a top series for those who love UF, it is PNR in characters but UF in action. 4.5 Stars easy ranking for the series, maybe higher, depends on your enjoyment of action. Next book should be off the scales from the ending of this one.NOTE: Read the summary on this page and you will get the basics of the story.View all my reviews

  • Claudia
    2019-05-30 14:28

    I have to say I was not sure about this book because of some of the reviews .. but thanks god, I read it and I absolutely loved it!!!!this book is full of action, heart-break and developments. Secret decides to do what is best for others and risks everything with it.I loved it that the romance part was so well developed - all the gambles Mrs. Dean took in the previous books paid off. I normally don't like love triangles but this book showed that this angle was well developed ... and it is not finishedone thing which was not understandable for me was the Lucas' behaviour at the end. (view spoiler)[ according to him the big public wedding was important for the pack and than this ...he acted like a spoiled brat, whithout consideration for others. I lost all my respect for him in this one - because obviousely he does not think of the pack.(hide spoiler)]I am absolutely Team Desmond and was devasted with him - this book is really heart-wrenching. the Holden thing is strange and I am not sure I really like it ... but we will see.all in all: after the third book I was sure, that I would continue this series and after this one, I can't wait to pick up the next.

  • Trish
    2019-05-23 15:33

    This was the first book in the series that actually had some emotional impact for me. I think the love triangle with Lucas and Desmond blowing up was a long time coming. Before I continue I must admit that I am firmly on team Desmond. While I understand that Lucas needs to consider the pack he pisses me off to no end. Between the ending of this book and the beginning of Grave Secret which I just started I just want to junk punch him. He has taken whatever steps he felt were necessary with no care or consideration for Desmond who is supposed to be his best friend yet wants to whine about how everything has turned out. As far as I am concerned he is an egotistical selfish jerk who should have stepped aside a long time ago. When Secret came home to Desmond after mating Lucas I was heart broken for Desmond. I know some people feel he should have stuck it out if he loved her but based on the circumstances I don't see how he could have. I am not sure what I feel about the Holden situation. I just don't feel the chemistry and tension between them that is supposed to be there, at least from Secret's angle. I guess I will see where it all goes in Grave Secret.

  • Sandra
    2019-06-03 08:24

    Secret is having a tough time in the lead-up to her wedding to Lucas the Werewolf King. Not that she actually wants to marry Lucas, but she thinks it is the right thing to do for the Pack.At the same time, she is also required to be there for the Vampire Tribunal, now that she is a member. So people keep trying to kill her. Ambushed and shot on the way to Lucas's mansion, some classy backwards driving saves the day; ambushed and shots fired at the wedding dress shop, before the gunman suicides; ambushed and shot whilst a wolf down in Louisiana. So, down in Louisiana, Secret finds out quite a bit more about her family, mostly good, which is in direct contrast to how her life is going.There is some great action in this book, some shockers, some set-ups for the future, but one character that has always intrigued me is Sig, the Leader of the Vampire Tribunal. We find out a little more about him, but there is certainly a lot more to him than we know at this point. And can I say that the future does not look too bright for Brigit, now that her lifeforce is tied to the cell door of the prisoner Peyton. Secret's bogeyman.

  • Sha
    2019-06-05 15:39

    Why Sierra?!? Why do you do this to me?!?!At first, when I started reading the book, i was like "Desmond who?". Lucas Rain really caught my attention. I remember Lucas being an ass, but when I read this, I actually found him endearing.He was handsome, charming and really attentive over Secret. I mean, if she married him even if its just a front, its wasnt all that bad, not bat at all!!!OMG! (view spoiler)[ what a douchebag!!!!!!! I couldnt believe it! I mean, Secret made the leap of choosing Lucas over Desmond, a man she truly loved, and the douchebag stood her up on their wedding day! (hide spoiler)] Ms. Dean, you really had me going, I would have never expected the twist! As for Desmond, I was quite disappointed with him. I mean, was that it? (view spoiler)[ Were you just going to give up? And even after Secret got stood up, you didn't even make a move to get her back? (hide spoiler)]By the end of the book, I was actually considering Holden as being the better choice for Secret over the two wolves.UGH?!?! When is the next book coming out?!?!?!?

  • Blodeuedd Finland
    2019-05-22 12:18

    By looking at the cover you sure know something is gonna happen, yes Secret is going to marry Lucas. And I could not wait to sink my teeth into this one.I still like Lucas but he always puts pack first! Time after time. He knows how she feels about Desmond, I mean she loves Des more! Still I like Lucas, but that love is wearing thing while reading this book. And Desmond *cries*. Why can't she just have them all :( Poor beta Des.Like that wasn't enough, I started falling for Holden in this one. He is all..vampire and sexy. Do I need to say more?The wedding is fast approaching and there will be a lot to deal with since not everyone is happy. And trust me, the book ends, with a big bang. A big bang that made me crave the next book like crazy! How on earth is this gonna turn out?*craves book 5*So start reading this series at once. Action, passion, and one girl who can't decide since she is meant for more than one wolf.I need more!

  • Yolanda Sfetsos
    2019-05-30 16:43

    Firstly, I just want to say that I love this cover. All of the covers in this series are awesome, but this one is totally kick-ass. Love it!Secret is about to marry a werewolf king. Even if her heart really isn't as convinced as her sense of duty to the pack, and she's not enjoying the planning process. Especially since someone is trying to kill her, and haunting dreams keep hounding her.When her uncle demands Lucas and her visit the south to get his blessing, things go from bad to worse... because her uncle has an ulterior motive. One that reveals a few shocking family secrets and puts Secret's life in danger. But what's new about that, right? ;)This is another awesome book in an excellent series. One that changes Secret's life in many weird, wonderful, and heartbreaking ways. Wow. I felt so bad for her, and disliked Lucas even more than before!Looking forward to the next book...

  • Ronda
    2019-06-16 08:21

    Wow!! Another fabulous storyline, another fantastic ride and what a cliff hanger!!!!What can I say? I can say that this book had me riled up, I have taken a distinct dislike to the Wolf King, Lucas is a royal pain in the arse!!! I have to add that I was also angry - at Secret!! I was pissed to say the least that she allowed Lucas to pull the strings, King or not, bond or not, she should have given him a royal punch!Then as things progressed, my hart sank for Desmond, I love that guy... the side stories, such as with Bri and Secret's 'discoveries', shall we say, were just as captivating as the main feature - Secret's wedding, and what a wedding it turned out to be!I love Secret, I love Desmond, I like Holden, I really want to thump Lucas, but we do need someone we love to hate and Lucas is that someone.I am so pleased I have the next book ready and waiting!!!

  • Jenne
    2019-06-18 15:28

    4.25Some major things happen in this one, game changer kind of things. I can't wait to see where Ms. Dean takes us after this one. Someone has hired assassins to try to take Secret out (shocking I know, someone wants her dead lol) and all the while she's (spoiler for the previous book) (view spoiler)[trying to get ready to marry Lucas. (hide spoiler)] I know it's been said in previous books that one day she's going to have to pick her wolf or her vamp side and I just can't see how that will work.i do prefer her interactions with the vamps though. Holden and Sig are two of my favorite characters.

  • Tiki
    2019-05-26 13:28

    What a ride! Lots of twists and turns.... And I really liked Holden in this one. Unexpected /funny-His reciting lines from "Deliverence" when they were deep in the backwoods. As with the previous books it's fast paced with lots of action. Some vampire intrigue but it's mostly centered around the werewolves. I don't know what it is about this series but I like Secret having various love interests. And this installment really shakes things up. Really looking forward to the next!!

  • Lorre
    2019-06-05 16:39

    Wow, when I thought the werewolf king couldn't possibly be a bigger wanker than in the previous book he goes and proves me wrong and becomes an even bigger wanker in this book. Yep, really really hate him now!And poor Desmond... I really hope Secret and Desmond can get past what the-one-I-shall-not-name (no, not Voldermort... I'm talking about the asshat werewolf king) did to them.Like all other books there was a very nice twist at the end, can't wait to see where that goes.

  • Megan
    2019-06-06 13:22

    Yay... More Secret soon please!!!and more Sig!

  • JenRider
    2019-06-07 14:30

    I like that at every book there is a twist in the end that leaves me even more interesting for the next book...

  • Pamela / SpazP
    2019-06-07 11:25

    My FAVORITE of the series! Keeping Secret is doooooope. Review to follow closer to release.

  • Zee
    2019-06-16 14:30

    ms. dean i hope you dont hold out on the Holden and secret promise!!!!! TEAM HOLDEN!!!!!!!!!!