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The only thing hotter than the Miami sun is the sexual tension at Panic, the South Beach nightclub where love knows no boundaries.Lola: I’ve seen the way women in line behind the velvet rope look at William Fox, like he’s an Armani-clad St. Peter at the pearly gates. Except Panic isn’t heaven, and this bouncer is no saint. He’s been tempting me to sin ever since I startedThe only thing hotter than the Miami sun is the sexual tension at Panic, the South Beach nightclub where love knows no boundaries.Lola: I’ve seen the way women in line behind the velvet rope look at William Fox, like he’s an Armani-clad St. Peter at the pearly gates. Except Panic isn’t heaven, and this bouncer is no saint. He’s been tempting me to sin ever since I started working here, but Fox’s slick smile and bad-boy swagger tell me everything I need to know about him. Still, a girl has needs. And Fox looks ready to fulfill every last one—at least for a night. . . .Fox: I’m not used to being ignored—especially by women—but Lola Daye is different. The pretty bartender with the red lips and icy blue eyes seems perfectly happy pretending I don’t exist. Too bad, because the more she ignores me, the harder I fall. So I’m floored when she answers my drunken, flirty text with a yes. Lola claims she only wants a fling, but after one kiss, our bodies are speaking the same language. And I’m ready to prove that what we have could be forever.No cheating. No cliffhangers. And no dress code....

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  • Sabrina
    2019-06-17 12:30

    PRE-ORDER Amazon US * Amazon UKFull review to come closer to release.Copy very very kindly provided by Sidney Halston.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-22 07:49

    ARC received for reviewLola and Fox start off rough, but boy do they finish strong. Her, just wow. I never saw that one coming. Fox is just perfect and is willing to sacrifice so much for her. The couples from the previous books make lots of cameos in this book. I was extra excited because there was lots of Iggy in this book. My fingers and toes are crossed that he's the hero in the next book.

  • Dali
    2019-05-19 07:37

    Sidney Halston resumes her “Panic” series with this sweet and sultry story of the tempting yet pretentious nightclub security man and the sexy down to earth bartender who taught him about true happiness.After literally running into William Fox the day she was hired as a bartender at one of Miami’s hottest nightclubs, Lola has worked hard and avoided the cocky and delicious man even harder. But the more she resists the more determined Fox becomes, until a bit too much alcohol leads her to accept his offer to take her out. But while Lola wants a fling with an expiration date so as not to deter her dream to finish her master’s degree abroad, Fox knows the could be so much more. Can he convince her to give them a chance? Will he be able to let her go when the time comes or can they find another way?Lola Daye is no ordinary heroine, she is resilient and intriguing. The secret she lived with and guarded was unexpected and the way Fox embraced it when he found out makes the reader see past his showy shell and into the tender, loving and caring heart of a man who was looking for happiness in the wrong places until he met Lola. And once he found her, the lengths he’s will to go to are absolutely swoon worthy.The novel includes delightful moments with characters from the previous books and introduces a potential leading man for the series, in which case I can’t wait for the next installment.Kiss Me Back is book #3 of the Panic series by author Sidney Halston. It is a standalone contemporary romance, told from both points of view with a happy ending.Amazon -> * I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. I am voluntarily reviewing this title. *Stalk us on FaceBook * Twitter * Pinterest Book Teasers * More reviews

  • Kristy K
    2019-06-07 11:42

    2.5 StarsI really enjoyed the first book in this series (Pull Me Close), but couldn't finish the second one. I decided to give Halston another try with Kiss Me Back. Sadly, I just didn't fall in love with these characters or the writing. Something I have a hard time with in genre fiction is how generic or formulaic the plots and characters become. Girl who's "not like the other girls;" boy who's physically large and imposing, broody but with a secret sweet side; one (or both) characters with a tragic or difficult past. Sooner or later all of the romance stories I've read mesh together and I have a hard time distinguishing one from the other.One thing I do enjoy about this novel and Halston's previous one, is the unique characteristic she gives one (or both) of her main characters. In Pull Me Close it was social anxiety and agoraphobia. Here it's (view spoiler)[ a hearing impairment (Lola) and dyslexia (Fox) (hide spoiler)]. I like that she explores these types of characters and that she does it in a caring, realistic way.While the writing and story did not pull me in, I can see others enjoying this third book in this standalone series.

  • Carol
    2019-06-04 10:51

    3.75 stars. Kiss me Back is the 3rd book in the Panic series and I have read them all.I was thrilled to receive this ARC as I really enjoy this author's storytelling, her first book "Pull Me Close" is a personal favorite.This was a little more of a departure from the others in this series but definitely in a good way.William Fox is security at the nightclub Panic, he is always concerned about looking his best and presenting a good impression, he dresses well wearing expensive suits. When he meets Lola, a newly hired bartender he is immediately smitten but even though he clearly shows interest, she continues to push him away. Lola shows up for work, keeps her head down and does her job well but doesn't seem to form any close relationships with any of her co-workers. William is not deterred though and doesn't give up. His persistence pays off and when he is the only one to discover her well hidden secret he doesn't run, but in fact becomes more involved and also protective of her. I love the sacrifices William was willing to make for Lola and how well they fit together as a couple and enhanced each other's lives. Sweet love story that demonstrates what's important in life..

  • Monique V
    2019-05-17 04:32

    4.5/5 starsI was given an ARC via netgalley and the publisher. All opinions are my own.I am really enjoying this series. This specific book has been my favorite so far! I loved Lola and Fox. Their relationship was sexy, romantic and emotional. I want a guy to throw paper airplanes with sweet messages to me!!😣😣 Anyways I hope you guys pick up this series. Each one follows different characters so each book could be read as standalone.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-06-16 04:31

    When she's comfortable enough Lola doesn't mind asking her man for favors, and honestly I don't think Fox cares as long as he always gets a good view out of it, “Fox, if I have *** with you every single day from now until I leave for Ecuador, can I use your washing machine once a week? Can we make it a package deal? I need to renegotiate our terms.” She’s standing in just her underwear and a bra pouring detergent into my washing machine, and looking at it longingly..." A man knows when to take a hint, “I’ve never done it in the shower before,” she says coyly. I have never stripped so fast." I loved this book, I loved Fox the man had a sweet side.

  • Jean
    2019-06-15 12:34

    The Fox and the Tiger!This series started with Pull Me Close and that book will always hold a special place in my heart. But, of course, I was excited to start this one as we were about to get William Fox's story. The big, tatted, bouncer/security expert for the nightclub, Panic. But he was adamant about looking impeccable, always dressed to the T, and looking impressive. I loved that Nick and Matt were confident in Will's abilities and eventually promoted him to security manager for their new club, Duality. We are also introduced to Lola, the newly hired bartender, and you know right away there is something different about her. I loved Will's persistence with her, but she continued to push him and others away....simply wanting to get her job done, save the money she needed to travel after graduating to help children in need, and keeping her head down and out of trouble. But Will did not give up and the things he did to support her made my heart smile.I loved the connection between Will and Lola! And the ending, yes, perfect! And now, do we get Iggy's story? That crazy man with a prosthetic leg who strays far away from commitment or relationships? I would like it please Ms. Halston!I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley for an honest review.

  • K.M
    2019-06-11 10:43

    Omg Sidney blew me away with her latest and last installment in the Panic series!! Fox and Lola need to be added to your list of reads because this book is beautiful, sweet and stunning! By far my favorite book ever by her! Full review to come ARC/Beta read

  • Julie
    2019-06-16 05:32

    William Fox caught my eye in the first two books of the Panic series. He seemed like an interesting character to pick apart and I was thrilled to get my happy hands on his story! Fox is this big guy who always looks impeccable-not a hair out of place, neatly trimmed beard, and a GQ kind of look that catches the eyes. He’s also got the sexy swagger and the cool, calm demeanor to go with it until he gets around Lola. He finally meets a chick who doesn’t try to get in his pants or use his position for favors, and she refuses a date. He actually has to work at getting her to agree to a date, much to the amusement of everybody (myself included). But the guy had more depth than his pretty looks revealed. Fox’s buried issues with his dad and his concept of self worth explained a lot of things, but it was seeing his character grow over the course of the book that made for a satisfying read. As for she never totally won me over. I spent too much time wanting to pull my hair in frustration, but she grew up enough to where I tolerated her. She was independent, quiet, shy..kind of a loner really, yet I felt like she lived in a bubble. It was her against everyone else and she had the chip on her shoulder to prove it. The cause of Lola’s hearing disability was understandable, but the reasons for not telling anybody were immature, IMO. Fox figures things out of course. And whatever charisma and mojo he was working made Lola happiest when was she was with him, which in turn made him happy and so on and so forth..and The Lion King’s Circle of Life just started playing on the radio as I write this...The Panic series has some unique characterization and unusual romances, but somehow it works and makes for some pretty good reading. What made me give this four stars over three, was the depth of feelings Fox had for Lola. When I found Lola frustrating, Fox’s view of her was influencing my view, if that makes any sense. He found something worthwhile in Lola and managed to convince me why she was his One person. The give and take wasn’t always equal, but neither is life. Sometime you give more and other times you give less, but the end result is still a compromise. While Lola and Fox’s journey was one heck of a rocky road..and sometimes it was an exercise in frustration as a reader wanting to knock sense into certain someone’s..that just made the ending all the sweeter! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

  • Jill
    2019-06-07 09:25

    The story of Fox and Lola has cemented it's spot on my top 10 list for HEA. I have re-read it three times in the last week. I cannot get enough! I cannot wait to see where this story line goes next.

  • Tami
    2019-05-22 11:27

    3.5Both H/h are hiding disabilities. Sweet story.This review is based on the ARC provided by the author and/or the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-21 07:35

    This was a great addition to the Panic series...though I was hoping for Iggy to be next but I have a feeling his time is coming soon. Back to Fox and Lola...the author did a great job with keeping Lola’s secret throughout this book (it reminds me of how Ridge’s character was written from Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover) even after finding out what she has been hiding we never feel hindered with understanding her. Same with Fox...he has his own imperfections and secrets but Lola teaches him that they don’t define him.This book wasn’t as heavy as the last books, it did have its moments with heavily intense moments but it never felt like too much.I look forward to reading whatever comes next from this author in the future.Advanced copy received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  • CheekyOne
    2019-05-17 12:34

    WOW...there aren’t many times that I get so sucked into a story that I literally can’t put it down, Kiss me Back by Sidney Halston was definitely one of them!Another truly amazing masterpiece...I’m sad that I completed it so quickly, now I have nothing more to read...might just need to re-read the series again!Thank you Sidney...can’t wait to read your next best seller!! Full review to be posted when book is released to the public.**ARC received by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review**

  • Ayekah
    2019-06-06 05:46

    Panic has a new bartender and the full of himself security man/bouncer/entry door man has his eye on this shy little thing. Lola keeps to herself and being shy is just Lola. Earbuds in, busy working doing her job, she's managed to blow Fox off for 6 months. He asks her out, she turns him down every. single. time. Fox is pretty full of himself, he's got his share of baggage from the past and he works hard to keep that under wraps. Outward appearances are deceiving. The guys are opening a new club and Fox is tasked with being the head of security for the new club. He also notices Lola will be making the move too.Lola works two jobs, she's saving money for the tuition to finish her internship for her masters program. That internship is in Ecuador. She's a short timer, no one knows that, she lives in a dangerous neighborhood, in a tiny apartment and saves every penny she makes. She's comfortable with her plan.Lola has something she's hiding and she hides it so very well. Then there's the day that Fox figures out what she's hiding. Then one day she agrees to have a meal with Fox. There's an attraction there, Lola knows it's short term and makes it clear to Fox that whatever happens between them ends when she leaves and she is leaving. As things transition between them, who is on the losing end of this agreement as they called it?I found myself liking Lola a lot. She's been through some really rough stuff and to be finishing her masters and going after what she wants. Nice strong female lead. Fox was a pain in the rear, I know he had something to prove to himself but there were times were he butted in to Lola's life as you'll see when you read the book I wanted to smack him and say "back the hell off" The girl has been there and done that. Literally. Fox wanted it all. He dang near had it too. But he put her on a plane and let her go off to Ecuador. Hiding his feeling. Oh poor Fox. I liked this book. Not as much as book two but it's still a great read and great in the series. Sidney sure writes a great story. Read this one. It's a keeper.**arc from NetGalley and publisher in exchange for an honest review **

  • J
    2019-06-11 04:25

    I LOVED the first book in this series (the second not so much) but this one brought everything back on track for me. I wasn't sure about Fox and Lola at first but I really fell in love with them.Fox started out seeming like a very superficial guy who was all about image and money. The author did a good job of showing what was really going on by delving into his past and insecurities. I loved watching him start to realize that even with his wealth and status he wasn't really happy. It was great watching him fall in love and see what's really important in life.I liked Lola. I think she was a strong character who had been through a lot and learned to cope and survive. I do understand some of her concerns and why she hid things the way she did. (Trying not to give anything away here.) No one really wants to be "different". However, I really wished she had grown throughout the book. She never did own up to her situation. I wanted to see her say to everyone "Hey. This is me. The real me. Take it or leave it." She earned her right to say that and she had completely proven herself. But she never did. She just moved into a different situation where it didn't matter. Or where she "fit in" better. I thought that was really sad.I loved Lola and Fox together even if they weren't always on the same page. I think they understood each other in the end though. The chemistry and connection were there and and Fox was so sweet. Loved the ending and what they decided to do.I'm really looking forward to the next book in the series. Hoping it's Iggy's story.I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

  • Carolyn's
    2019-06-17 06:40

    This series is one I really love. Yes it's sexy and has awesome characters, written beautifully and very interesting, but each book has also touched on a different element with a character that brings great love, respect, empathy and inderstanding for a topic/situation unlike what I usually read.Lola is the newest bartender at the hotspot Panic. Fox is mesmerized from the start but Lola doesn't show much interest in him or his charm. At least that's what he thinks- Lola sees and like what she sees when it comes to the big bad bouncer named Fox- a fitting name. But she has plans- big plans- and he only way he might fit into those plans is for a short night or two. Fox is up for a no strings fling- so he says. These two are not only hot and sexy together but absolutely sweet and amazing. I was so caught up in their story I didn't want to put thebook down nor did I want the story to end. When Lola opens up to Fox she expects to be treated a certain way and is taken aback when Fox only treats her with respect and affection. In the same manner, Fox isn't use to someone caring or being their for him and doesn't know how to feel but overwhelmed when Lola is there for him at a critical time. Both agreed to a no strings attached fling but what happens when that's not possible. I loved the way this story was written. It was tragic with their pasts yet triumphant with their futures. Lola and Fox were great characters and of course their strengths, weaknesses and ability to be their for one another was amazing. Great story that had me in tears.

  • Sherry Draisen
    2019-05-25 11:49

    4.25 starsI really hate telling too much in reviews because sometimes, that this book exactly, it's better not knowing so you can have all that feels when you see it from the different point of views. Beautifully written about two very different people, but so very much alike.For six months Fox had tried to get the quiet bartender that works at Panic to go out with him. Always with earphones in her ears, she goes around quiet, never complaining, always acting not interested, but he knows that not true. He sees the way she watching him, even if it is to see him watching her. The last thing that Lola needs is someone trying to take her out. She knows what happens when people walk out. It's hurts. So why bother? But to watch the man across the floor. Well that's a completely different story. And man does she love that mouth. Just two more months to making her dream come true. Just two more installments until she heads to Eucador. Maybe she might be able to a relationship but no string attached sex is something she could do. Maybe the next time he asks her out she just might change her mind.I really like the type of books that just grab your attention that you can't put it down. This had it all. The slow burn. You could feel the attraction grow, the frustrations, the struggles, the way to sometimes just be there for someone. Definitely one to read and even though it is a series can be read as a standalone.IGiven this book for an honest review from Netgalley

  • Alexandra Phillips
    2019-06-13 04:32

    This story is about Lola Daye and William Fox. Lola is a deaf with a really hard childhood and she is working on the Panic club in order to gather money for her studies. She pretends to listen to music while working, in order to hide her deafness. Fox is one of the security guys in the club. Since the moment he met Lola he cannot take her off his mind, but every time he tries to reach her and ask her out she keeps slipping away from him. All will change when at last Lola will accept his invitation to go out together. Their relationship will be life changing for both of them.I enjoyed the book. The author doesn't reveal from the beginning Lola's disability and the reader really gets into Fox's shoes observing Lola way of living. Sidney gave depth to her characters and as the story progressed she revealed more and more info of the character's history, so that every piece kept falling into place. I enjoyed this approach. To be honest there were moments that I felt that certain scenes were over-analyzed especially in the first part of the book. Overall it was an easy enjoyable reading with enough hot scenes and happy ending.

  • B.
    2019-05-24 04:29

    This is the third in Halston’s series about the Miami nightclub, Panic. It involves the hunky, debonair bouncer, Fox, and a shy, quiet bartender, Lola. Fox is very endearing and sweet. Lola has a secret that is a true surprise when it’s revealed. Their romance, or sex without strings as Lola wants it to be, is interesting and involving. The problem is that Lola has been dreaming of going to Ecuador to work with poor children and has been saving for seven years for that goal. So their romance has an end date on it. It’s always interesting to see how authors set up a romance that can’t continue because the two characters won’t be remaining in the same location and we have to see how the authors decide to resolve that problem.But I just felt that the ending of the book was quite unsatisfying. There is a bit of deus ex machina to help everything come together, but it didn’t seem to follow from Fox’s character as it’s been drawn for us. I was given a free ARC of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Richelle Zirkle
    2019-06-08 04:37

    I love the world Ms Halston is creating at Panic (and now at Duology). From previous books, we know Fox is crushing on Lola hard. She's never given him the time of day though she does seem interested. We find out that she has a secret that has been holding her back, and it was one that I did not see coming. That almost never happens, so kudos to Ms Halston for that! Fox is a total keeper so it's interesting to see him try to prove his intentions and his selflessness to Lola. Appearances aren't always what they seem, and that's a lesson they both need to be reminded of.I enjoyed the cameos by the other couples and am left wondering if Iggy's story will be next and if Duology will factor into it... Can a great series get even better? With these characters, I'm betting on yes!I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

  • Despina
    2019-05-20 05:29

    This is my first book by this author and this series, but I did not feel like I had to read any of the other books to figure anything out. This is a story about a man and a woman who have been hurt by life and have found their own way to deal with it. This story was nothing like I thought it would be, at first I thought it might be a sexy romp but it actually turned out to be a lovely story about two people that were really good for each other. I don't want to say much about the story because I don't want to take away from your enjoyment of it. I will say that there, is dual POV, no cheating, and overall good flow and of story and interesting characters. I enjoyed both Lola and Fox and was sad for the story to end.

  • Taz Lozada
    2019-05-29 09:24

    Lola has a secret she doesn't want anyone to know about. She just wants to work her 2 jobs so she can save all her money to pay for her master's degree internship. Fox has wanted Lola since the moment he say her and has been trying to take her out on a date. When Lola finally agrees to date Fox, secrets are revealed that can change lives forever. As Lola and Fox grow closer who will be the one to give up their dream so the other can follow theirs.I am loving this series and how the author is bringing to light different forms of disabilities that are not visible to the eye. I can't wait for number 4!

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-23 04:27

    I have read all of the books in this series and this one is a great one to add. Lola sticks to herself while working at the club where William is the bouncer. Even though she feels the attraction, she is going to be leaving the country soon for an extended period of time and can't imagine starting anything with the stylish man. However, when he discovers a secret she has kept hidden, he responds in a caring and sweet way that makes her rethink her previous opinions of him. Since there is an expiration date on their relationship, William has to decide what his next steps would be to ensure that he doesn't lose her. Really liked this one!

  • CatherineWright (Cat's Guilty Pleasure)
    2019-06-15 09:27

    Another fantastic book in this series. I absolutely loved Fox, he was sweet and sexy. Lola kind of got on my nerves, but I got where she was coming from. I loved watching these two falling in love and becoming friends and forming a deep connection. I loved the whole book and can't wait for the next one.

  • Rebecca Rupert
    2019-05-20 08:32

    Sidney's books get better and better. This one had one helluva surprise

  • Kimberly (Kimmy Loves to Read)
    2019-05-22 04:51

    4 1/2 stars!Full review to come soon!

  • Jessica
    2019-05-26 11:47

    Oh Fox, Fox, Fox....This story was AWESOME!!! I love all of the books in this series, but this is my new favorite. This is book 3 in the series and they can probably be read as a standalone, but you should read them all and in order since you 'see' the previous characters from the other books. Fox is the security man at the night club where Lola bartends... obviously this is where they meet. Fox wants Lola and she keeps pretending to not be affected by him. Honestly, I don't know how she did it. He seems so dreamy. Okay, I don't want to ruin this book for you. I highly recommend it.