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Throughout their eight-year marriage, U.S. Air Force Captain Liam “Dash” Christiansen and his wife, Sunita, stayed strong through long separations. However Sunny’s new job as a high-profile legal advisor puts a severe strain on their enduring bond. Her abrupt announcement that she wants a divorce is like a missile to Dash’s gut—but her confession that she’s met another manThroughout their eight-year marriage, U.S. Air Force Captain Liam “Dash” Christiansen and his wife, Sunita, stayed strong through long separations. However Sunny’s new job as a high-profile legal advisor puts a severe strain on their enduring bond. Her abrupt announcement that she wants a divorce is like a missile to Dash’s gut—but her confession that she’s met another man is what unleashes his shocking passion. Sunny is surprised and nearly repulsed by her body’s reaction to Dash’s animalistic attempt at complete possession. That doesn’t stop her from craving more. With Sunny’s whispered approval, their sex life explodes. Not only does Dash’s aggression tap into dark fantasies, she’s hopeful that now, at last, she’ll get what she’s always wanted from her devil-may-care, don’t-give-a-damn husband. Something honest and candid. Something real. Yet fiery, carnal encounters won’t heal two long-broken hearts. Their bodies are finally speaking the same forbidden language, but it will take more than taboo desires to learn each other for the first time—and to save a marriage that’s only just begun. Warning: Although 100% consensual between a husband and wife, this book contains violent sex that, in some scenes, will appear forced. Readers sensitive to rape scenarios should proceed with caution....

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  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-05-25 05:00

    As a caution to all readers, I feel that I must warn all that there is violent sex in this book. Although all the sex is consensual, some scenes will appear forced since Sunita enjoys that kind of kink. I suggest that if you are sensitive to images of rape, then perhaps this book may not be for you. Forced seduction, name-calling and the rape fantasy are the dominant kink in HARD WAY.While the violent sex didn't bother me so much, it was the lack of storyline that disappointed me about this book. The beginning setup felt weak to me and I never felt the connection between Dash and Sunny. Porter spends so much time on the sex that it overpowers the characters, leaving no room to explore Dash and Sunny's emotions outside of the anger in the bedroom.Read this review in its entirety atFresh Fiction

  • Carisa
    2019-05-24 10:51

    The plot of this book was certainly different. When the heroine tells her husband she wants a divorce, it unleashes anger and frustration and H/h end up in forceful sex, both knowing it’s consensual rape and the reader has no doubts that both are enjoying it equally. This state of affairs lasts for some time until they acknowledge deeper issues and progressively become more open and truthful about what they want for themselves and each other. There were holes in heroine’s characterization, her reasons not convincing, while hero’s issues and the way he was about to solve them were more realistic. I sensed the H/h connection (even in the consensual forced scenes), but the resolution felt kind of bland. In any case, the story stayed with me long after I read it, hence the 4 stars.HERO is a Performer, an excellent Air Force fighter pilot, who’s never measured up to his father. He’s been increasingly restless with his job, also feels he and his wife drifting apart, but he doesn’t have a clue how to fix it.SCENES/CONTENT: several/eroticGENRE/TONE: contemporary/dramaLENGTH: 324 pages

  • seton
    2019-06-02 10:03

    Genre: erotic BDSM romanceTropes: marriage on the rocks, capture/rape fantasiesLength: 81,774 wordsDNF @ 40%I tried to read this because this is the erotic pen name of Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown and I liked the premise. Unfortunately, reading bogged down because it's very slow-paced. I realized that the problem was that there was way too much internal monologue. The dialogue, when it occured, was sparse and guarded. The story was just not moving. I gave up finally. Oh well. NEXT!

  • Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    2019-06-09 09:51

    Slick's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 Stars***Reviewers Note: I’m sorry this note will give away some of the story line, but I don’t feel that I can review and recommend this book without it. In this book the hero and heroine who have been together a long time and married 8 years engage in rape play. Yes, this is a kink and for them it comes from an angry place. It’s often violent (from both sides) and there is some very harsh and crude language that accompanies their play. Because I know this can be a sensitive area for some of our readers, I just wanted to note this up front as I never want someone to be caught off guard and possibly hurt by one of my recommendations.I guess by now nothing should surprise me with the stories in the Vegas Top Guns series. The writing duo that comprises Katie Porter never cease to amaze me with their extraordinary story lines. Hard Way really pushes the envelope and it took me a little while to digest, comprehend, and understand what was going on between Liam “Dash” Christiansen and his wife, Sunita (Sunny). We’ve seen a little of this couple in the previous books but in this one we are front and center as they try to figure out where their marriage began to fail and if they can put it back together again.Dash has always been the jokester among his group of friends but it’s a front, a front most people don’t see through and one that is slowly killing him and his marriage. However when Sunny informs him she wants a divorce because there is someone else she’d like to be free to date, something unleashes inside him and they both wind up experiencing more than either one of them though possible or ever expected.As I noted above these two engage in an activity that most people could not fathom. I want to be perfectly honest in that they talk about what they are doing and Liam constantly makes sure Sunny is on board. However they use the term rape a lot despite the fact that it is entirely consensual. Yes, I know this is play in the BDSM world so it deals with the “mind fuck” but it was still hard for me to understand. Both Liam and Sunny experience a wide range of emotions before, during and after their play including disbelief that they actually engage in it. They both feel guilty for wanting and enjoying what they do together but they really don’t talk about it. That’s a large part of their problem, they don’t talk about much.This book brings up many of the problems and fears that occur in a relationship when someone is deployed many times and the other is left at home to cope. Now Sunny is working at a job that keeps her cross country a lot of the time and Liam is dealing with some of those same issues. They both have had to deal with a lot and often alone so it’s not surprising that their marriage is on the edge of collapse. How they deal with it is most unusual but and here’s the clincher, it eventually does open the lines of communication and leads them back to one another.I would love to say more about this book because to be honest at times it is fascinating and yet horrific to watch these two people work out their issues. There is no doubt these two love each other but they have both made some assumptions and mistakes in regards to their relationship. While at times difficult to read, Hard Way is an excellent story of two people who lost their way in their marriage but are clawing and fighting to get it back. The road toward their reconciliation was probably the messiest I’ve ever read; it was harsh, it was brutal, but in the end it was honest and real. I have no doubt these two will make it for the long haul.Review copy provided for an honest review.

  • MaggieReadsRom
    2019-06-05 09:49

    WARNING: this review may contain SPOILERS! Also there are sex scenes in this book that are violent, edgy and on the verge of crossing the boundaries of my comfortzone. However, they were all consensual. If you don't like this kind of romance, don't read this book! Seriously, it will not be for you!I think I've never anticipated a book as much as I did this one. Especially after reading the excerpt on this book's bookpage on Katie Porter website! I craved this book and ached for it with a yearning that was borderline crazy! And when April 9 dawned and my email told me it was ready for download I squeed! And immediately downloaded and started reading it on my lunch break because sadly I had to work! Intens! That's the first word that sprang into mind when I started reading this book. Whether in the emotional sense (that first chapter I could feel Dash's anger vibrating off the page) or in the sexual sense (the sex scenes hade panting! Literally!) this book had me in its grip from start to finish!The start really pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone. Because though I LOVE dirty talk in my romances I have an aversion to words as whore, bitch and slut and I can only handle them in certain settings and from a tiny amount of authors. This boundary got really pushed combined with the forced sex trope but Katie Porter is one of the few that pulled it off and made me love this book and its trope. The fact that Liam forces (no pun intended) the issue and they talked about both of them wanting forced sex in a non-sexual moment it totally made it work for me! Another boundary that hovered around my comfort zone was Sunny's association with Jake. I don't like infidelity in my romances and Sunny hovered very close to that edge at the start of the book. Definitely in the emotional department...It was handled peferectly though so it stopped being an issue for me fairly quick. This book took my emotions and ripped them to shreds and about 1/4 in I was doubting if I was ever going to come off the emotional overload. I barely did at the end and I don't have enough words to express how much I loved this book. Fave Scenes:- Abduction scenario with Dash taking Sunny face first in the trunk and then taking care of her afterwards and the scene in the bathroom the morning after > I have no words - the scene in the hotelroom > I read this with abated breath and on the very edges of my comfort zoneFave quotes:“Someone woke up expecting too much,” she said in a snide tone. Her luscious, dark brown eyes flicked down to the obvious erection tucked awkwardly in his boxer briefs.“And someone woke up ready to play the part of a goddamn tease.”Then it was gone. His softness. His tenderness for this woman. It winked out. No, it detonated like a chandelier smashed with a baseball bat.She ground her teeth and tried to headbutt him. She caught him across the temple, but he didn’t even sway. Her insides clamped in a happy little lost-girl response. This was what she wanted. Being completely dominated meant she could give up her choices, let the world fall away and scream her goddamn head off.He was a beast. Her beast. Taking, yes, but leashed by emotions that would never set him free.He burst from the inside out. Nothing remained but the knowledge that she was all around him, would always own him in every way he tried to own her. There was no control. There was no chaos. Only two imperfect people trying to hold on.He let out another deep breath and stared at the ceiling. A shiver overtook him. She held him tighter, as if the warmth of her smaller body could fill the frozen holes and dents and scars inside his. Of course she could.

  • Fedora
    2019-06-17 11:48

    Oh my. Katie Porter exceeds my expectations every time. Each character becomes so real, and as Ms. Porter reveals him or her, I am drawn into his or her hopes, emotions, desires. Ms. Porter makes me laugh, makes me hot, makes me want to cry, and ultimately, renews my love of stories of the heart.Hard Way is the fourth in the Vegas Top Guns series, and focuses on Captain Liam "Dash" Christensen and his wife, Sunita. The couple has been married for eight years, and together they have ridden the highs and lows of his deployments and her increasingly demanding job as a legal advisor to a congressman. When she announces that she wants a divorce, Liam is stunned and furious. He intends to remind her, forcefully if necessary, of the passion and commitment that binds them.They are both stunned when his brutal actions amp their sex life to previously untested heights.Hard Way is admittedly VERY raw and at times very difficult to read because of that physical and emotional violence. What makes it worthwhile for me is that it is clear that the physical truly is a way for the characters to connect on a deeper level and to get at emotions and feelings that they may not even initially be able to articulate. Ms. Porter writes the sex scenes as well as the dialogue beautifully, and I know that every Katie Porter read is going to be an explosive, gorgeous experience. The sex is not gratuitous but a way for Liam and Sunny to reconnect, to reveal and be revealed, to demand and receive what each needs from the other.As we get to know Liam and Sunita, we see that behind Liam's joking smiles and Sunny's polished class, these two are tenacious fighters. The question is whether they can move from fighting each other to fighting FOR them both.As an aside, I do especially love stories that involved married couples finding their way back to each other, and Hard Way delivers fabulously.Hard Way is definitely worth every hard, cruel, breathtakingly beautiful moment.10/26/12

  • Steph McVicker
    2019-05-22 09:39

    The warning posted that "Readers sensitive to rape scenarios should proceed with caution" should be the very first line in the summary. I have absolutely adored every book in the Vegas Top Guns series, in fact they're some of my favorite books period. But this one...this one was rough to get through. I absolutely hated Sunny. She was a manipulative, selfish bitch who put her needs above everyone else's and caused her husband more pain than he could ever dream of. I could not cheer for this relationship to work out. Dash deserved so much better than to be forced into consensual rape scenarios just to keep his wife around. And seriously, those rape scenes, while well written, were out of control. I'm all about kink, it's not that I found the scenarios offensive, but the level of fury and anger these two went to just turned my stomach. There was no romance behind it, no discussions, no declarations of love, just pure violence and screaming lust. That said, the story was well written, as are all the books in this series. Some of the more "vanilla" scenes were super erotic & sexy as hell, but this couple just didn't "click" for me. Both are trying desperately to make each other into something they're not, with the pretense of desperation for honesty. Nothing about this book felt right to me, but that doesn't mean I won't go & pick up the next kinky book in this series, because seriously, this team can write some stories that appeal to me on a base level. Not their finest work, but still a must read as part of the series.

  • Ni_kii
    2019-06-06 05:40

    Reviewed at http://scorchingbookreviews.blogspot....You’ll see this on every review of this book but it needs to be said again. This book contains rape fantasies and violent sex. This isn’t overplaying the storyline; there are several points when Dash refers to himself as her “rapist”. This is not to say that the violence doesn’t have a role in the story, I’m just pointing out that, if you have issues with this type of tale, it might be wise to sit this one out and pick up this truly excellent series on the next book.One of the things that I have truly enjoyed about this series is the boundaries that it pushes. What other series will feature autoerotic asphyxiation as a main kink? This one though, this one was, at certain points, too much for me. I discussed it on twitter with someone and she said that the first part of the novel tore her to pieces and the next half built her back up and that is the most apt description I have for it. The first half of the book was so God-damn painful to read that I put it down a couple of times. There is no question in my mind that the sex, and the violence, was consensual. Still, I struggled with it immensely because there was a LOT of violence including face slapping. There was a point that I nearly put it down and then a scene saved me. I think at certain points I questioned the love between them, but then she safe-worded out and he stopped. Not only did he stop, he asked if she was OK and let her make the decision on what would happen next. It may sound silly to some of you but trust in this book was hard for me to come by. At that scene, I melted and I started to enjoy the book. I knew from the onset that these two were using this type of sex to break through the facade both of them had adopted over the years, but I couldn’t see beyond the violence. At that specific point, I started to see the love.Both of these characters are hard to relate to. I don’t know if that is an intentional decision on the part of the author but it fits well with the story. Dash is an angry ball wrapped up in a happy-go lucky shell. He keeps things so well hidden he doesn’t even really notice that he is having issues with Sunny until she asks for a divorce. He was a difficult man to pick apart but there was one thing that I never questioned and that was his determination to get Sunny back. Yes, I questioned his motives, wondering whether pride and sex were his only motivators, but I knew he wanted her back. It was only when they started to “be honest” with each other outside of the bedroom that I grew to like him. He showed a deep vulnerability and charm that isn’t apparent at the start of the tale and he grew in my affections. Sunny is slightly more relate-able but her side relationship was a little off-putting to her character. I didn’t believe in it (she spent far too much time trying to avoid him) but it was enough to make me weary of her. She didn’t grow as much in my affections as Dash but she did grow as she started to realise that not only Dash was the problem in their relationship. The sex in this book often feels like a war. Looking beyond the violence to the arousal and pleasures of the characters took a huge leap for me (and a clever scene from the authors) but once I could, I found the scenes to be just as kinky and hot as the others in the series. The scenes nearer the end *fans*So overall what did I think? How do I close this review with one catchy sentence? I can’t. It is a book of two halves but where that half way point lies is a completely personal decision. At points this book was hard and often painful to read but then, suddenly, it develops into a full blown erotic romance that certainly packs a punch. As my kink is not your kink, I suggest you make your own mind up about this one! Bravo to the author...another big risk in a series I am expecting to be constantly surprised by.

  • R.E. Butler
    2019-05-30 05:39

    The fourth book in the Vegas Guns series starts off with a bang, when Captain Liam "Dash" Christianson's wife of eight years, Sunita "Sunny", declared it's time for them to get divorced. Suddenly, cut-up Dash isn't feeling like laughing, and attacks his wife. She's no shrinking violet, and fights back, and from her POV the reader learns that she has a kink for rough sex and - what do you know? - so does Dash. Dash wants to save their marriage through any means possible, and Sunny decides to give him the time until she leaves for her job (a month) to see what happens. There's a lot of blaming, guilt, and confusion on both parts, as they navigate their nearly-ruined marriage interspersed with violent sex.I won't lie. I'm not big on rape fantasy. But I love Katie Porter's books and knew that even if some of the sex in the book wasn't my cup of tea, that I would still care about the characters and want to read the story. Which I did. This book series has really expanded my horizons when it comes to kinky sex. The first book was about role playing. The second about taking risks. The third about fem-dom. And now...a husband fantasy-raping his wife, complete with not-so-nice name calling, injuries, and times when I wasn't sure if they could come back from the edge they were standing on.I definitely would not recommend this book for anyone with a sensitivity to rape scenarios or a dislike of forced-consent/dubious-consent storylines. If I didn't already like the characters and love Katie's writing style, I probably would have chucked the book after the second chapter. But I stuck it out and really came to enjoy the characters. I'm still not crazy about rape fantasy, but it worked in this book because of the characters.And speaking of the characters, I really enjoyed watching both of them grow throughout the story. Liam appears to be a put-upon husband who is blind sided by his wife's want for a divorce, but in reality he's a man of many secrets that needs help. And Sunny isn't just a wife that's looking to get out from her marriage, she's looking for the man that she married and to come to terms with the decisions that she's made that put them in this place. It does really take two to tango - whether you're tangoing in bed or to the divorce lawyer.I'm very excited for the next book in the series, because I know that along with boundary-pushing sex, the story will have unforgettable characters, drama, and sweet love.

  • starsaga
    2019-05-21 07:41

    Violent and confused people, hardly a romance.This book went to a very unexpected and unpleasant place, in fact it was so unusually harsh that it was unbelievable. That's a lot of un-words but it is how I feel at the end of reading this book. The authors are skilled writers and I have read their stories before, and loved the story of Mike and Leah.In this book, something was very twisted in the nature of these people which then made it hard to read, which then had me digging further to find a scrap of romance in the entire book, I ignored the epilogue because it didn't fit the characters, but that was just the last two pages. I particularly did not like Sunita, she was very uptight and wanted to play games with her husband's emotions rather than struggle with him to find resolution to their problems, in fact the potential OM was in the background throughout the course of the book. She was hardly admirable because she didn't know what she wanted from life yet her biggest gripe with her husband was exactly the same. As for Liam, I can't say anything about him because he was confused about everything. If this book was supposed to portray the reality of life and marriage of many years and its effect on a man, then this Hero story really belongs in that genre of book, as it was he has these crazed episodes of wanting to possess and claim his woman as she is threatening divorce and there was just no redeeming emotional quality about this Hero that would make me say I read a romance.I will tread very carefully in the future when it comes to these author's books, this was an unpleasant read, the only reason I gave it 2stars is because of Mike, gorgeous Mike from the previous book.

  • Linda Sims
    2019-06-11 12:52

    HARD GOINGWhen Captain Liam "Dash"" Christiansen's wife Sunita "Sunny" returns from a business trip to DC, she announces she's met someone else and wants a divorce. Shocked and angered Dash wants to hurt Sunny the way she's hurt him. So begins the start of a dark sexual fantasy made real.This book is my least favourite so far in this series. Filled with anger and blame, and no romance. I wasn't put off by the forced/rape scenes between a consenting couple. But what did put me off was that it seemed so out of place with this couple, and the breaking down of their marriage. The reader is treated to scenes of sex full of anger and quite a bit of violence. I didn't like Sunny's character one bit, in her mind everything was Dash's fault. She never owned up to any part of their failing relationship. The other man she had met, I felt she was just using to wind Dash up. That part of the story just didn't seem realistic to me. Dash came across as confused and angry, but mostly guilty for enjoying what was happening between him and Sunny in their sex life. Mostly I felt sorry for him.Despite the divorce situation hanging over them, they never really talked about that, which again seemed unrealistic. So for me this book didn't work.

  • Suleikha Snyder
    2019-05-25 11:58

    Hard Way is one of those books that stays with you long after you've finished, giving you residual chills and delicious shivers. The complex, dark, erotically charged story of Dash and Sunny Christiansen examines marital strife and distance...and closing that emotional gap with violent sex. Not for the faint of heart by any means, but definitely one of the duo that is Porter's most daring and thought-provoking works.

  • Kim Caron
    2019-06-10 09:47

    So far this was the worst book of the series.... Disappointing...

  • Anna
    2019-05-24 04:59

    Hard Way is one of those books that make it really difficult for me to rate. It's that kind of a book that I had quite a few problems with but I can't just ignore the brilliance of the author and totally dismiss it as a bad read. There were things I liked, things I didn't like and things I both loved and hated in Hard Way. Actually, the title of the story itself couldn't describe my feelings towards it better!Let's start with the things I liked. Do you remember my review of Lead and Follow written by the same author? I was absolutely amazed by that title, so naturally, anything else written by the same author was a must read after that. So, when I got the chance to review in advance Hard Way, I jumped right at it. The thing I loved so much about Lead and Follow was the way Katie Porter (aka Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown) made me enjoy so much a story that was outside my comfort zone. So, when I read the blurb of Hard Way I immediately thought that I was in for a hell of a ride, pretty much the same like before. I mean I have never before read about a couple enjoying engaging in rape scenarios. Like a menage, it is a bit outside my comfort zone, and because of that fact, I was all the more eager to read this book. So, I just kept an open mind towards all the sex scenes. And no matter how violent or rough they were, I didn't mind one bit that fact. I knew what I was going to read, so if I cringed towards any of the sex scenes described it would be no one else's fault but mine. The summary warns the reader enough. So, even though some parts were a bit (or a lot, depending on how you see it) violent, that wasn't my problem. I couldn't engage emotionally in what I was reading, but I could still feel the characters. And that's the brilliance of this duo in my opinion. The way they can make the reader understand their characters and how they communicate and express their emotions during the sexual act.So, the violence or the "rapes" weren't my problem in Hard Way. My problem was that while I know how great Katie Porter can built a character, in Hard Way both Dash and Sunny felt underdeveloped, felt like a couple of characters with no past and a very bizarre present. And here I have to note that I haven't read any of the previous books in the series, so maybe I'm missing some crucial parts. But since those books can be read as stand alones, I still believe that the author could have done a little bit of a better job building the main characters. The story starts immediately, throwing the reader in the midst of a marriage ready to fall apart, with Sunny asking for a divorce and Dash reacting a little bit violent. Don't get me wrong, he didn't force himself on his wife, he was just rougher than usual and as soon as he saw that Sunny liked it, he stepped up his game. And here is the problem. It was way too soon in the story for the reader to understand either Dash's or Sunny's reactions. There were times that I didn't understand Sunny's reactions at all, if she liked Dash's violence or if she meant it when she asked him to stop. Or I couldn't understand why Dash reacted the way he did. It was the beginning of the story, so naturally the characters hadn't enough time to show us their background. Later on, they developed, I could more or less understand them, but the damage was done. I had lost some of my enthusiasm towards the story.My other problem was that I couldn't understand how was possible for a couple to be together for so many years and never discuss their problems or understand that they were in for some kinky stuff. You can be shy, but there are always some hints. Granted, both Sunny and Dash were two characters with many problems. So naturally, their marriage would be problematic as well. But the dynamics of their relationship were revealed too late in the story. While the author should show us at first, or at least early in the story, how their marriage operated and then focus on the sex parts, it happened the exact opposite. And while both characters redeemed themselves by the end, the damage was once more already done. Even if by the end Sunny resumed responsibility for her own mistakes rather than blaming Dash for everything, it was a small consolation for me. I already spent the whole book trying to figure her out and disliking her. Because Sunny was my other problem with Hard Way. For a fighter and a woman who knew what she wanted and how to get, she sure acted like a spoiled brat. She chose to fight for anything else but for the man she supposedly loved. Her aversion to having kids or acknowledge what her husband wanted made me like her even less. Because granted, every man or woman can choose whether having kids is what he/she wants in life, but Sunny, just didn't know what she wanted. Her reasoning was a little bit self centred as self centred was the way she chose to react to her fear for Dash's life. But like I said, by the end she redeemed herself. I understood why she acted the way she did and even sympathised with her at some points but still, it was a small consolation.Dash on the other hand, was a character I liked far more even though he too was a very complex character who could have been explored way more than he was, but still he was sweet even if he seemed to suffer from a split personality at times. I mean he was like two completely different characters throughout the whole story, something that was explained by the end as well, but still I liked him way more than I did Sunny. Bottom line, the problem in Hard Way was that it had two main characters who could add to the whole story if they were better explored, but as it was, they felt incomplete, messing with the whole plotline.All in all, Hard Way is a story that I enjoyed but had many significant problems especially with the character building. Readers who have a problem with rape scenarios or rough sex should be warned to stay away from this particular story. You won't like it believe me. But for me, the problem with this book didn't lie there. It lay on an inferior character building, especially if one thinks of what these two authors are capable of achieving in that particular department.

  • E_bookpushers
    2019-05-28 10:40

    Review originally posted here:***Trigger Warning: Violent consensual sex**Publisher: SamhainPublish Date: Out nowHow I got this book: ARC from the authorThroughout their eight-year marriage, U.S. Air Force Captain Liam “Dash” Christiansen and his wife, Sunita, stayed strong through long separations. However Sunny’s new job as a high-profile legal advisor puts a severe strain on their enduring bond.Her abrupt announcement that she wants a divorce is like a missile to Dash’s gut—but her confession that she’s met another man is what unleashes his shocking passion. Sunny is surprised and nearly repulsed by her body’s reaction to Dash’s animalistic attempt at complete possession. That doesn’t stop her from craving more.With Sunny’s whispered approval, their sex life explodes. Not only does Dash’s aggression tap into dark fantasies, she’s hopeful that now, at last, she’ll get what she’s always wanted from her devil-may-care, don’t-give-a-damn husband. Something honest and candid. Something real.Yet fiery, carnal encounters won’t heal two long-broken hearts. Their bodies are finally speaking the same forbidden language, but it will take more than taboo desires to learn each other for the first time—and to save a marriage that’s only just begun.Warning: Time to put the kidding aside. Although 100% consensual between a husband and wife, this book contains violent sex that, in some scenes, will appear forced. Readers sensitive to rape scenarios should proceed with caution.This blurb came from the author’s website.What happens when your married life falls into a rut, you no longer talk about anything with meaning, the person you married has been buried under a mask, you are buried under a mask, and you make a move to exit the situation? Porter explores the answers to those questions in their latest Vegas Top Guns installment. The answers to those questions emerge at various moments throughout Hard Way starting with the very first actual discussion that quickly turned physical between Dash and Sunny. That encounter initially made me uncomfortable but as I continued to read through the scene, I picked up the nuances between them and saw that while not planned there was an element of brutal honesty and a willingness to participate. This was the first time in years that the two of them communicated without shields. The journey that Dash and Sunny took through this story made me sad, uncomfortable, happy, in awe, relieved, exhausted, tense and touched.Dash grew up trying to meet the expectations of his father, career Air Force officer, and never quite succeeding. That turned into a lifetime of trying to do or be what he thought others expected while hiding what he really thought or felt. Over time and physical distance from Sunny, the same mask he showed to others he showed to her. The strain of holding everything in while trying to meet perceived expectations took the joy out of life, so only when alone did Dash relax and be himself for a few moments. During their marriage Dash was physically separated from Sunny on different occasions because of combat deployments. Now that Dash is a member of the 64th Aggressor Squadron and not really deploying, it is his turn to stay home as Sunny started a different branch of her career.Sunny was a lawyer and highly trained in martial arts. As a result she was accustomed to distancing herself using words in a confrontation but allowing her body to speak through violence. Her new job working for the local federal representative required a significant amount of time working in DC. She felt that she was not receiving the same level of emotional support from Dash during her time away as she provided during his deployments. She also knew that the Dash was missing or hiding an integral part of himself from her. In frustration from their growing emotional distance, she developed what could be called an office-husband. They decided to pursue a relationship after Sunny initiated divorce proceedings. To me her reluctance to both start a physical relationship and to move out immediately following their “discussion” told me that she was hoping deep down that they could save their marriage.Neither Sunny nor Dash said exactly what they were thinking out of fear. Fear that they would irrevocably hurt the other person and fear that the other person’s response would permanently end all chance of reconciliation. This meant they did not trust each other with tenderness or gentle touches because that left openings for rejection and more pain. Yet the very intensity and physicality of their sexual encounters demonstrated an immense amount of trust. I thought this was spotlighted in one scene perfectly when Sunny used her safe word and Dash immediately stopped. After Sunny fixed the issue she went back to a very similar position giving her permission for them to continue. To me that right there said that at a very basic/elemental level Dash and Sunny trusted each other.The way Dash and Sunny worked through their anger and mistrust was certainly not something that would work for everyone but at the core was communication. Sunny learned just how much Dash had paid attention to her and things she found important. She also learned that Dash had other dreams besides what he was doing. Dash learned that Sunny was never comfortable with how she was treated as a military spouse. He also learned that she needed obvious proof that he was paying attention to her. Each also had to admit things about themselves and how to share their faults with the other.Porter really put me through an emotional wringer and made me think a lot after I finished reading Hard Way. Once again they have tackled a kink that isn’t widely accepted and paired it with an emotionally difficult situation to take the reader on quite a journey. While a work of fiction, Porter ensured that the reader could see that the encounters throughout Dash and Sunny’s relationship were consensual which was key to my enjoyment. With each installment of Vegas Top Guns Porter seems to be increasing the level of emotional commitment and depth between their characters.I give Hard Way an B

  • Saunders
    2019-05-27 05:41

    Not Available on Amazon

  • Jen
    2019-06-15 07:52

    Sunny and LiamGood emotional story but I had some issues with the forced sex. It was consensual rape but it was still made me a little uncomfortable at times.Full review on Fiction Vixen Book ReviewsKatie Porter seems to be popping up on my radar a lot lately. I have heard some good things and some mixed things in the reviews I have read. I decided to go ahead and try one of her books to decide for myself. I will tell you one thing, there are no lukewarm feelings in me about Hard Way. I am not sure about her other books but this one took me on an emotional rollercoaster.Hard Way opens in a gut wrenching scene. I can’t remember a time where I was thrown directly in a book and forced to confront unhappy feelings almost immediately. Despite enduring most of their marriage apart and surviving, Sunny has now asked Dash/Liam for a divorce. She is tired of feeling like she only gets pieces of the real Liam and being with him is just too much effort. She has met a normal, comfortable man with whom she can just be and not have to worry about turmoil.Dash to his contemporaries, Liam to his wife, is shocked by the request. He knows they have grown apart but doesn’t understand how this separation has been any different from all the others. He does know that he will fight, in any way possible to keep his marriage. Surprisingly one of those ways is forced sex that brings out a riot of emotions in both him and Sunny. Along with the forced sex we follow Sunny and Liam as they try to recapture what made them come together in the first place.I have to admit that Sunny bothered me. I felt like we went into this book thinking that all of the problems were on Liam’s side but, in my opinion, they were not. Liam had issues and we saw him admit to some problems and work to fix them. I was right pissed at Sunny when she unleashed on him for daring to teach a children’s karate class. At no point did I feel like Liam had ulterior motives of showing her how much she might want a baby but Sunny jumped right on that train. She was the one who pushed him to return to martial arts but when he acts on her suggestion it still wasn’t good enough for her. Towards the end of the book, I almost wanted Liam to tell Sunny to go take a flying leap. He was making progress, he was changing for her yet she didn’t even have the guts to tell him her potential future relationship had been in town the whole time. That smacked of betrayal.My review comes with a big, warning flag. There is forced seduction in this book and at times, it is brutal. Both parties receive something from the sex that they need. Liam feels in control in a way he hasn’t in a long time and Sunny feels like she is finally seeing an honest side of Liam, a side she hasn’t seen in so many years. There is use of a safe word which was well done because some of the scenes made me cringe and had there not been a safe word I would have been very uncomfortable.Hard Way tested my emotional resolve. Ms. Porter has written a gut-wrenchingly emotional book about two people who love each other but don’t know how to find their way back. While I had issues with Sunny, I still grieved for the potential loss of this relationship. Being romance I knew it had to have a HEA but the path the couple takes to get back to that HEA is fraught with obstacles. If you can read through the violent sex (and I am not exaggerating) then I encourage you pick up this book for the emotional journey alone. Final grade- B-Favorite Quote:He’d wanted to break her shell. She fought every day, one way or another- be it law school or legal cases or elections, or smiling her way through a military function where the color of her skin was cause for mistrust. Fighting him was another battle to be won. Nothing new, except for their one-on-one ferocity.This was ferocious. God, yes. All-consuming. The Ice Queen of Bangalore was a raging, thrashing mass of nerves and desires. She’d always held something back, even from him.Not anymore.

  • Stephanie Collins
    2019-05-17 10:39

    In my review on I have the warning for the book front and center hence part of the first paragraph below…If you think me highlighting, bolding, underlining and making the warning up above in red font is overkill trust me… it is NOT. Please read the warning before you consider picking up this book. It really is accurate and I don't want this wonderful read to suffer because people won't take the warning seriously. While the sex in this is consensual it is brutal in nature but suits the characters very well. I found it uncomfortable at times but loved watching two people come to terms with both their sexual needs and their emotional ones. It is also a brutally honest look at how it takes work to make a marriage sustainable and neither party can be entirely blameless when things fall apart.Sunita has just come home from her job in Washington DC as part of the staff for a congressman. The first thing she says to her husband when they get home is that she wants a divorce and admits that she is interested in another man. This unleashes a side of him that neither of them expected but also shocks them both that this animalistic primal side makes both of them feel more alive than they have in years. We get to see how she feels during each encounter as they become more brutal in nature but also we get to see what it is she loves about these moments. She loves the fact that her husband is completely honest in these moments and isn't keeping himself behind a mask. As they work through their issues she also begins to see that the issue isn't entirely his fault. She's been so scared of losing him that she's been building a wall between them to the point where both of them have been dishonest with themselves and each other. Liam (I can't call him Dash after finishing the book) is blindsided when she drops the bombshell that she wants to throw their marriage away. He's still not 100% honest with himself as to why this is happening until close to the end of the book. What we do get to see is a man who is desperately in love with his wife but is so unsure of what she needs and wants he just shuts down. He's pushed his way in to getting a month to have her any way, any time he wants to but that only speaks for them sexually. What he doesn't have from her is an indication of if they can save their marriage. We get to see him work through a lot of internal issues in his career as a fighter pilot, his wants outside of the cockpit and the walls he has built around his true self which has brought this to a head. He's such a great man under all these issues that you do want him to succeed even if it means losing her. I mean I wanted them together but I think I would have accepted the end of the relationship if that meant both of them were truly healed and happy but then I would wish the same for two friends who were in a hell like these two were. Yeah I know I'm odd but I can't really say why I loved the fact that once again Katie Porter pushed the envelope with this pair but man oh man they did. I swear I was so invested in this raw picture of a marriage in crisis that even though the sex scenes are not all lovey-dovey you still felt every ounce of love these two have for one another and the ending is so worth the read. I can't say it enough but read this provided you can handle the brutal sexual games these two discover they love because the fact that they really do love one another shines through even as they hurt each other physically and emotionally. I would class this as an unflinching look at a marriage in crisis with some very hot sex added to it even with the sex being so raw. It felt honest and worked for the characters they wove with their words. I cannot thank them enough for giving me the chance to read this in hopes I would review it. They always come through with incredible characters and never put expectations on what my thoughts or reactions will be to their words other than hoping that I, like other readers, will adore it.

  • Nikki Brandyberry
    2019-06-06 09:44

    After reading this book I need to make this clear right off the bat. Do NOT read this book if you can't handle intense violent sex (consensual) and rape fantasies. Believe me when I say this, step away. Don't read it knowing these things set you off and then complain about them later. The book comes with a warning for a reason..please take it into account before picking this one up. Sunny wants a divorce. She's waited around far to long for Dash to get his mind together and yet after years of marriage he still withholds a part of himself from her. He's closed off. Distant. Working across the country and only coming home every so often awarded her the distance physically and she's ready to take the next step in ending her marriage. Faced with the fact that his wife wants to leave him, Dash quickly realizes he isn't quite so ready to stop fighting for her. Knowing there is another man waiting in the wings to take his place makes him snap and what follows is an extremely violent sexual encounter that leaves both of them shaking with the realization that they have been hiding their true sexual nature. Knowing he doesn't have much time to win her back Dash agrees to her deepest darkest fantasies and realizes they are his as well. Domination. Force. Ok....I liked this one! I think the author(s) did an amazing job with a sexual fantasy that some people find difficult to fathom. Katie Porter is no stranger to pushing the limits (asphyxiation fetish, HELLO) in her past books in this series so I wasn't surprised to find out this one involved the controversial rape fantasy. It's a fantasy I find intriguing and more about the need for dominance between two consensual adults then the actual act of sex. More about knowing that while you can indulge in your fantasy that the other person will never truly hurt you. Complete and utter trust in your partner. It. Was. Hot. Past all the sex though was a story that the author(s) did justice to. Sunny has to come to terms with the fact that while Dash did hold parts of himself at a distance he couldn't be totally blamed for the state of their marriage. It takes two people continuously working to keep a marriage going and Sunny had dropped the ball just as much as Dash did. I enjoyed how they came together, picked up the pieces and tried to re-learn themselves to save the love that they had lost. Dash is about the sexiest man EVER. Gah, every time I think about him I get the shivers. His goofy joking demeanor with friends hides his true dark nature to take what he wants from Sunny, anytime, anywhere. He finds letting loose with her releases more then just his sexual needs but instead it helps him to find the man he truly wants to be. Figuring out that he's been unhappy with his life for a long time but that Sunny was never part of his problems though he's been punishing her for them for years. I loved how he was willing to do anything to save his marriage and he goes out of his way to make Sunny see it as well. Katie Porter is an AMAZING author and has become an auto read for me. I simply adore this series with its conflicted, sexy men willing to take the risks to get what they want. I couldn't put this one down! Emotionally charged awesomeness! I give Hard Way by Katie Porter 4.75 stars!

  • Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-05-27 11:42

    I have to start this by saying that I love this series and I love this writing duo. However, this book didn’t quite hit the mark for me. It was an ok read for me, but definitely not the best addition to the series. That being said, I also should mention that the reason why I feel that way is NOT because of the dubious consent and violent sex. So, let me try to explain.Sunny is a beautiful woman of Indian descent married to Captain Liam “Dash” Christiansen. They’ve been married for a while but apparently they have always had issues that he was sort of oblivious to. He’s never made a big effort to be a part of her family and cultural traditions. She’s always been more focused on her career and being successful than her relationship with Liam. They’ve sort of had a vanilla relationship, neither one of them has ever really expressed to the other what they like.Up to this point, no problem. Here’s where things were thrown off a bit for me in the story. The book actually starts with Sunny wanting a divorce because she’s not happy and there’s another guy. At that, Liam sets out to prove to her he can give her what she needs and they embark in a week of depraved and kinky sex. And when they say violent, yeah it gets rough. But as always with Katie Porter, it’s hot! Not once did I feel that it was forced, even though physically it was at times.My problem was in the actual romantic connection between Liam and Sunny. The love, the longing, the issues, the make up and the break up. It felt superficial and I didn’t believe it. And then when I was expecting that “other guy” to make an appearance, that storyline didn’t turn out to be what I thought. And that made the whole relationship dynamic even less real.So I guess to summarize, the edgy parts of the story were done well and not in any way that should bother people, I don’t think. :) It was hot! The parts that threw it off for me were the connection or lack there of with between main couple.I do like that Katie Porter likes to push the envelope and it’s one of the reasons why I’ll keep coming back to their stories time and time again. Because they know how to do that well. I’m sure the next one will bring this duo back full force and I can’t wait.*ARC provided by publisher

  • Illustrious Illusions
    2019-05-18 10:06

    I am going to start off by restating the author's warning for this book. Hard Way is dark, intense and while 100% consensual if you have an aversion or sensitivity to violent sex, rape scenes, or very rough/crude language proceed with the utmost of caution. If you have read the first three books in this series and enjoyed them, this one is nothing like them when it comes to the relationship between Dash & Sunny. The writing is still spectacular and the story well done, but it is much more gritty than the others. Hard Way gives us insight to Dash & Sunny a couple that has been married for eight years. During this time they seem to have been apart more than they have been together due to their career's and life decisions. Now, when push comes to shove can their mutual carnal desires be enough to pull them back together? Or will it just assist them on their destructive path? To me, Hard Way is a unique story that touches on things that are taboo. Well it doesn't touch on them it puts them out there in detail. While I have adored this series since it started, this book took me to an unexpected place that was not unwelcome. I love a dark story that has a great plot and can really make me love and hate the main characters ~ at the same time. I thought the story line was realistic and as intense as the passion Dash & Sunny share. I started this as I was lying in bed to fall asleep and ended up staying awake for hours because I couldn't put it down. The intensity of these characters jumps off the pages and actually invaded my dreams. I laughed and cried as Dash & Sunny struggled through their emotions of guilt and love, then blaming each others and themselves, and finally forgiveness of both.If the dark and gritty doesn't bother you, you don't mind violent almost forced sex (that is still consensual and you enjoy a well written story that will keep you awake at night then this is the one for you. Again, fair warning if any of that bothers you, skip this story and move on to another one.

  • Rhonda
    2019-06-10 06:55

    Well, when I started this book I really didn’t think I could finish it. It’s a very rough book, figuratively and literally. I stopped at Chapter 5 and put the book down. I loved the earlier books in this series, but I really didn’t think I could finish this one. Well, today I said screw it, sit down and read. Get through this book, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. I am so glad I did.In Hard Way Dash (Liam) and his wife Sunny are going through problems. Sunny came home from work (she works across the country) and said she wanted a divorce. Well, it’s how they dealt with that that was so hard for me. Rape games do not do it for me. I don’t like them and they got extremely rough with them. Once I got past all that, and just listened to what the characters were saying, through actions and words, I got through. I really felt for both the hero and heroine.There were times I wanted to smack Liam, he was being such an insufferable ass. There were also times I wanted to slap the crap out of Sunny. I almost didn’t like her. It wasn’t until the end that I really got into her character.This couple suffered through so much, and this book shows that you must keep the lines of communication open in a marriage. They had so much between them that they left unsaid, just assuming the other would understand. Hard Way was overall a truly amazing story of a couple who would do ANYthing for their love. They might not have realized it at first, it might’ve taken a while, but when they did, it was beautiful. Even though it was a rough read for me, I loved this book. It was a moving addition to the Vegas Top Guns Series. I will definitely be reading more of them.

  • ⚜️Trea
    2019-05-27 09:58

    Normally, I really enjoy the books in this series, but this one was different and I really didn't enjoy it that much. Each one has explored a different form of erotic foreplay, or kink, and this one was no exception, but this one's eroticism was both unpleasant and uncomfortable for me to read about. It focused on rape fetishes, and as a former marital rape victim, it really hit some wounds for me. The other plot element, the impending divorce of Sunny and Liam/Dash, really spoke to me and saved the book from a one star rating. It was interesting to see how they worked to save their marriage, and their mistakes along the way. I was able to easily connect to them in that capacity, but the second things started heading for forced sex in the bedroom, I was in Skimsville, because I really didn't want to read about that. Normally, I re-read the books in a series when I restart it, but this is one book I may just skip over in my re-reads of this series. If I wasn't so OCD in having to have every book in a series if I like it, I would probably delete it from my Kindle Library.

  • Dar
    2019-06-04 09:05

    I had high expectations of this book, especially considering all the warnings that came before its' release, but it was kind of tame really. If you are a regular reader of erotic romances, the scenes aren't any more hard core than anything in the previous 3 books, Jon and Heather's stories had more intense interactions. That being said, this was a heartbreaking story of how a marriage can dissolve without the knowledge of how or why of either parties. Liam sees this as one month to try and salvage his marriage and Sunny has no idea what she wants anymore. As we follow these two through this journey, they have so many false starts, and while you always hope that time is the time, it isn't until they both realize the core of their problems that they are finally able to commit to each other again and work things out. The ending leaves you with hope that these two won't give up on each other again!

  • Linda
    2019-05-21 10:04

    As reviewed on Read Our Lips:Liam´s wife Sunny returns home after working away from home in D.C for a month and drops the bomb that she wants a divorce after eight years as married.This sparks a response in Liam that neither of them anticipated, but both start to crave. Now they´ve got a month to try and salvage what they can before she is planned to return to D.C. Can he convince her that what they´ve got is worth saving and can she finally crack his hard shell?Contemporary romance with very rough manhandling (if that´s a trigger for you) dominance with forced (consensual) submission and lots of smutty fluff.

  • Night
    2019-05-28 09:05

    I enjoy a variety of romance, dark, non-con, dub-con etc. However, I like to be warned about what the fuck I am reading. After the first three books in this series, Hard Way pretty much traumatized me at the beginning. A couple on the verge of divorce suddenly discovers their enthusiasm for rape fantasies. Okay, but, what the hell? I kind of thought Sunny was a bitch and Dash deserved better.Unconventional romance.

  • Robbi
    2019-05-21 07:06

    Out of all the books I have read so far in this series this book I did not care for; Liam and Sunny have major communication issues! They never once talk about what they need in the bedroom they basically just go for it. I think the book got better after Eric's accident; they started having conversations with each other. I liked the epilogue.

  • Julie
    2019-05-23 10:57

    Oh my goodness, it was so good!!! I wish that I could give it TEN STARS... that's how much I enjoyed it. I definitely plan to read more of this authors' work. By the way, Katie Porter is the combined work of two friends, and the writing is flawless. I love the way this book flowed. Nice job, Lorelie and Carrie! There aren't enough husband/wife romance books, and I was thrilled to find this one :)

  • Rae
    2019-06-03 12:05

    I am trying to be fair, because I like this author, but this was NOT the book for me. I can not get in to forced sex/simulated rape, even if it's consensual. I don't know. I just couldn't do this one. Skipped through it a lot.

  • Katherine
    2019-05-21 07:55

    I bought this one from Kobo.Holy shit. This book was powerful, amazing. It made things erotic that I never would've thought I'd enjoy. The emotions were so deep and rich that I was tears through the second half of the book.