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Through their restoration of an abandoned playhouse full of antique dolls, two young girls show several other members of the community how to gain a new lease on life....

Title : The Secret Museum
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ISBN : 9780397314973
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 127 Pages
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The Secret Museum Reviews

  • Myles
    2019-03-20 09:02

    Jennifer is worried about her parents. After inheriting a family property in the country they left their old home and jobs back in New York City. Her parents have gutted the house and made it into a studio for their textile and pottery business -- holy crap, what an 80s dream -- but due to a complete lack of advertising no ones buying. There's talk of returning to the city. Saddened, Jennifer takes a walk out onto the neighboring property, a shuttered and overgrown estate and, hearing someone crying, stumbles upon a playhouse full of antique dolls. Enchanted at finding a "secret" place, Jennifer begins restoring them. Greenwald leaves the fact of the dolls talking slightly ambiguous, it might have easily all been in Jennifer's head. It was a nice if unnecessary bit of fantasy to the story. She then makes friends with an enterprising neighbor girl, Lizzy. At Lizzy's insistence they come up with a plan to help the dolls and save Jennifer's parents dream.In The Secret in Miranda's Closet Greenwald packs a lot into a short amount of pages, but here the deficiency is felt. The friendship between Jennifer and Lizzy is solid, but the parents and other figures are vague and the resolution was too easy. It lacked the kind of emotional honesty that I enjoyed in Miranda's Closet. That may be a lot to ask out of a book written for the more mature juvenile readers, but as the author has done it before, I can't let her get away with neglecting it. The lesson to be learned here was not sticking up for yourself, but making yourself noticed. Properly advertised even a side-of-the-road doll museum can rake in that tourist cash.

  • Lori Micho
    2019-02-21 06:10

    One of my favorite books as a child.

  • Janell
    2019-03-07 08:05

    Every once in a while I try a JF while looking for a book my grandchildren might enjoy. Not a fan of this one. The title and synopsis was intriguing but the book didn't deliver. Both the story and the characters were really not that likable.