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After years apart, the fae Allana returns to Darrick, the mortal whom she left at the altar, in order to save the kingdom of Rune and their love. Original....

Title : Soul Magic
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ISBN : 9780505525949
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 324 Pages
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Soul Magic Reviews

  • Kendra
    2019-06-18 11:59

    Storyline back in time, another fun one. This had the added benefit of the Isle of Man, which was rather cool!

  • Paranormal Romance
    2019-06-22 14:22

    Burdened by guilt over the death of his brother and his own rule in the death of innocents during the Holy War, the hero is fiercely trying to save the one thing he has left- his castle. But with the enemy at the gates, he fears soon all will be lost. Then she appears. After 5 years of absence without word she now stands before him once again just as beautiful as ever. She left him the night before tier wedding and now she has the nerve to ask for his help? He refuses. Then she informs him that with her evolved control over the magic inside, she can help him win this battle- is he helps her find her son. The child is the product of rape. The heroine was sexually attacked by the heroes uncle and in her shame and emotional damage, she fled. The child is hers and the love of her life and is currently in the possession of the man who raped her, the same man who is holding the heroes mother prisoner. So the hero agrees and using all of her strength, the magic of the Fae, she ends the battle. Now, the hero, his trusted soldiers and the heroine herself set out into the cold and barren landscape to track the army and the man who has those they love. But the realization that this man is the least of their worries is troublesome. With him is a powerful and evil enemy whose magic is great and with it he summons demons from hell to do his bidding. The hero and heroine have a few close calls but they manage to defend themselves but the strain of unresolved emotional issues between them make more a complicated partnership. The hero realizes the love he had for the heroine never left however much he wanted it to. Now, she tells him she cannot stand the touch of a man after her attack but he can see the desire in her eyes. He needs to see her son returned to her, his mother too. As their journey progresses and the riddle comes to light, the hero begins to question the heroines son's sire and begins to believe that the boy is his own. The riddle speaks of pairs and pairs. The hero and the heroine being one, the heroines son and the girl child another. They must follow the riddle and fight together if they have any hopes of prevailing over the power of darkness.This book was very fantasy driven and though it had romance, that was not, in my opinion, the focus of the story. The fantasy mixed with the historical setting made me a bit confused as to whether this was supposed to be a made up land or if this was historical England. I wonder because little effort was put into making the characters speech match the setting. They used modern phrasing at times and it was off putting. Though I didn't hate this book, neither did it catch my attention. I found myself skimming here and there, wondering when things were going to pick up but they never did. The story was spent with the characters chasing this powerful wizard who has captured the heroines son to prevent the prophecy and use the boys magic for evil. The hero and heroine's relationship didn't really evolve as much as I would have liked because of the time spent on the chase and the fear for the boys safety. Also, there was a subplot showing the love between the heroes half brother and the heroines cousin which, in fact, was far more interesting then the story of the main characters. I did, however, like the hero as a character. He was strong, willing battle his fears and pride for the sake of others and he was a selfless and kind man. He trusted the heroine completely, defended her to those who doubted her- all this despite the fact she left him 5 years ago and didn't give him the same courtesy. I will say again, this book wasn't horrible, it was just missing certain elements that make for a memorable and lastly story.

  • Anonymous
    2019-06-06 13:02

    This is way too dark for a Romance novel. It would belong in the fantasy/adventure category but it is too predictable. The best part of the story is the world-building but I cannot commend the characters nor the plot. The ending was extremely anticlimactic.

  • Erotic Horizon
    2019-06-16 12:56

    Soul Magic (The Magic Series, Book 3) by Karen Whiddon (2004)