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"Another brilliant and out-of-the-ordinary murder mystery by the author of" Year of the Hyenas, " with an unusual and interesting detective, this time trying to pursue and rescue his own ex-wife, sold into slavery in the city of Babylon (in modern times, near Baghdad) at a time of violence and great danger, much like today.""Day of the False King" continues the story of Se"Another brilliant and out-of-the-ordinary murder mystery by the author of" Year of the Hyenas, " with an unusual and interesting detective, this time trying to pursue and rescue his own ex-wife, sold into slavery in the city of Babylon (in modern times, near Baghdad) at a time of violence and great danger, much like today.""Day of the False King" continues the story of Semerket, Egypt's Clerk of Investigations and Secrets. The time is approximately 1150 B.C., and the conspirators who plotted the overthrow of Pharaoh Ramses III have been tried and executed. But the old pharaoh has succumbed to the wounds inflicted by his Theban wife, Queen Tiya; it is his first-born son who now rules Egypt as his chosen successor, Ramses IV.Geographically placed at the center of the Old World, where East literally meets West, Babylon has forever been the crossroads for conquering armies and adventuresome merchants, and the prize of dynasts. From cruel tyrants to far-seeing visionaries, an ever-changing set of rulers have claimed Babylon's throne as their own. But they were not god-kings as in Egypt; in fact, there was no term for "king" in any of the Babylonian languages. Instead, they were called simply "Strong Man" or "Big Man." Then as now, only martial strength determined who ruled. Strangely, or perhaps inevitably, the rights of the individual were first codified and set down as laws here.Around the time that "Day of the False King" takes place, the Middle East is undergoing -- just as it is today -- a tortuous, protracted transformation. The old regimes have vanished, setting the stage for the aggressive emergence of the new nations of Phoenicia, Israel, and Philistia; it is the fourth of these new peoples, the Assyrians, who will achieve dominance in the years ahead.Babylonia in particular has suffered a series of cataclysms. The old Kassite Dynasty, themselves invaders from the north, has been toppled. The nation of Elam (soon to be known as Persia) has launched a massive war to conquer Babylonia from the southeast. Native tribes in the country also see this moment as their own chance to evict the foreigners and re-establish a dynasty of their own.Into this roiling alchemy, Semerket's adored ex-wife, Naia, is thrust. She and Rami, the tomb-maker's son, have been banished to Babylon as indentured servants -- punishment for their accidental roles in the Harem Conspiracy against Ramses III.As in "Year of the Hyenas," most of the events and characters in "Day of the False King" are drawn from history. The Elamite invader King Kutir and the native-born Marduk truly vied for the throne of Babylonia. There really was a festival called "Day of the False King," when the entire world turned upside down for a day, when slaves ruled as masters, when the most foolish man in Babylon was chosen to become king. Semerket the detective is plunged into the midst of these events in pursuit of his own goals: to serve his Pharaoh and to find the woman he loves....

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Day of the False King Reviews

  • Alexa Ayana
    2019-05-02 06:01

    Di luar dugaan, di buku kedua ini setting kisah berpindah ke Babilonia. Excited? Tentu saja, aku jadi bisa belajar tentang budaya di negara yang jatuh dalam penaklukan dari penggambaran mata seorang Mesir. Awalnya, obsesi Semerket pada Naia terasa agak lebay. Tapi lama kelamaan aku tersentuh oleh ketulusan pria yang terpaksa harus merelakan istrinya karena tak bisa memberinya anak. Jadi saat sebuah berita tentang Naia membuat Semerket harus melakukan perjalanan ke negara berhala yang asing, aku luluh dan bisa memahami keresahan dan keputusasaannya.Kisah ini beralur maju dan cepat. Narasi terbatas pada deskripsi kebudayaan, daerah atau fakta sejarah yang sangat melebur dalam cerita sampai sulit dibedakan mana bagian nyata dan mana yang fiksi. Aku kagum pada fakta bahwa bangsa Mesir sudah begitu maju saat itu, ditahun 1150 SM mereka sudah mengenal dunia kedokteran lengkap dengan pembedahan kepala, penemuan sedotan fleksible, cek perjalanan dengan cap sidik jari, penemuan aspal, maket arsitektur yang akan membuat maket masa kini kelihatan seperti mainan anak-anak dan pengarsipan pembukuan untuk kepentingan pelaporan pajak. Wow banget kan?Storyline buku ini masih memakai formula yang agak mirip dimana satu penyelidikan yang tampak sederhana berbuntut pada intrik dan kasus yang lebih besar dan pelik. Secara pribadi aku suka dengan karakter Semerket yang walaupun disebut sangat berbahaya tapi tidak besar kepala, dia punya harga diri dan cerdas, suka menolong orang-orang tertindas yang kemudian justru berperan besar dalam hidup pria itu. Brad juga menggambarkan tokoh utamanya begitu manusiawi. Dia tetap takut mati saat diserang pembunuh bayaran, dia punya naluri bertahan hidup (bukan aksi beladiri heboh ala superhero) dan dibalik semua kemegahannya pada akhirnya dia cuma seorang pria biasa yang begitu mencintai istrinya. Ini adalah buku suspens historical yang sangat menarik. Walau diceritakan secara lugas, tiap perasaan bisa tergambarkan dan dirasakan dengan jelas. Aku suka karena di buku kedua ini Brad menyisipkan beberapa humor seperti pelayan yang cerdas, keledai yang sok akrab, serangga yang mengintimidasi, mata-mata amatir dan penyanyi beken yang penuh kejutan. Brad juga memberikan banyak twist kejutan, penyelesaian tuntas dari kasus dan memberikan hukuman sadis yang sesuai dengan perbuatan para villainnya. Kekurangan buku ini hanyalah villain utama dari buku pertama dan kedua masih hidup dan bersembunyi, mungkin Brad menyimpannya untuk ending yang epik di buku terakhir?My Rating:Star : 4.5/5

  • Joy
    2019-05-05 04:09

    As a sequel to YEAR OF THE HYENAS, DAY OF THE FALSE KING hardly stands up. I found it extremely easy to be distracted from it because I didn't connect with either the characters or the setting. Semerket is sent as an envoy to Babylon - whichever king is ruling by the time he gets there - with a side mission of rescuing his ex-wife and a boy for whom he feels responsible. The instability of the region and its people may be the cause of Semerket's repeated escapes from death, or it may be the job given him by the Babylonian king. In any case, at least halfway through the book, I was pleased to finally find one character who interested me, a singer. It took determination and a weekend to make me sit down and focus long enough to finish this.

  • cindy
    2019-04-24 05:21

    Intinya, gak seseru buku pertamanya, krn banyak hal kecil yg seperti terulang kembali. Tp meski begitu, kisah penyelidikan Semerket sendiri masih enak diikuti, misterinya msh njelimet, settingnya eksotis dan banyak pihak2 dan kepentingan2 yg bertentangan, yg terlibat.Kesan akhir, Semerket ini jeli melihat apa yg tjd, bgmn sesuatu tjd dan rahasia2 tindakan seseorang.... tp yaampun, sedikit oon kl disuruh nebak dalang utama dan pencetus konspiratornya. Di buku pertama begitu. Di buku ini sami mawon. Ripiu lengkap ada di

  • Astrid Lim
    2019-04-26 04:12

    So it's not really bad. Semerket is still interesting as usual, and now the mystery took him to Mesopotamia, in an exciting period where political chaos happened everywhere. But the mystery itself is too easy- I knew the culprit since the middle of the book, while Semerket -not as witty and clever as in the first book- looked clueless most of the time. Probably Mesopotamia had different effect to him, or he just too focused on finding his wife, Naia, who's been missing in Babylonia :) Anyway, look forward to the next book!

  • Maddy
    2019-05-19 07:16

    RATING: 4.25PROTAGONIST: Semerket, PISETTING: 1150 BabylonSERIES: #2 of 2SUMMARY: I'm not normally a fan of historicals, but this series appeals to me because the author has a way of incorporating the historical details in a completely natural and revealing way. Semerket is a kind of official PI. Ramses IV asks him to go to Babylon to obtain an idol that has healing properties. Semerket has personal reasons for joyfully accepting this assignment, as he hopes to find his ex-wife. A bit predictable, but the setting and background is quite interesting.

  • Susan
    2019-05-19 05:13

    The sequel to Year of the Hyenas has Semerket, Egypt's clerk of investigations and secrets, on a mission to Babylon in 1150 BC for the ailing pharaoh, Ramses IV. The detective is more interested in searching for his ex-wife Naia, who has been banished to Mesopotamia. When Semerket arrives in Babylon, he gets caught up in a rebellion against its latest conquerors. Interesting for the weaving of ancient history with an arcane plot.

  • Phair
    2019-05-11 01:12

    Jumped into this number 2 of a series but I was able to get into the swing of it by around 40pp and ended up enjoying it. The setting was different & showed a lot about Babylonian culture & political turmoil. Not the best ancient Egyptian sleuth I've met but Semerket was pretty good.

  • Augusto Jose
    2019-05-01 05:11

    Semerket is my hero!Such a good book, I hadn't Year of the Hyenas prior to Day of the False King. Now I have to reach that one to see how this story started. I really loved the richly drawn characters and the settings, really good pacing -I couldn't wait to read it whenever I got the chance. I really appreciate the historical details (culture, geography, ) I know little of ancient Egypt and Babylonia, and the storytelling had such an authority, clarity and most importantly humanity, so that I could relate and connect with the characters. Who knew that Babylonians buried their dead in honey?Highly recommended!

  • Dawn
    2019-05-05 07:17

    This book went in a more action and adventure path than I was hoping it would after having read the first one in the series. I didn't really find the mystery part of the story all that stimulating. It gave a reason for our hero to travel but didn't feel like it was enough of a reason for many of the strange occurrences in the adventure. His infatuation with his ex-wife was a bit of a turn off in regards to the storyline. It impressed me as a bit creepy and obsessive. Still, there were enough pluses to the story with the history and settings, to convince me to read another if one is ever written.

  • Jack
    2019-05-17 08:25

    Another good story by Brad Geagley - - fast paced - good character development - - lots of interesting facts about ancient life in Babylon. This is second book about an ancient Egyptian detective, Semerket.I liked everything about it - EXCEPT - the ending implied that there is another book coming. The book was published in 2006 and I can find nothing about a third book. I am disappointed.

  • Yavianti Yavianti
    2019-05-01 01:27

    sama bagusnya dengan buku yang pertama , Year of the Hyenas cuma entah mengapa saya kurang ngerasa klik nya. Beda dengan saat baca Year of the Hyenas yang enggan saya letakkan, baca sekuelnya ini saya beberapa Kali ketiduran hehehehehe. Tapi tetep bagus kok.

  • Bill
    2019-05-17 06:08

    As in other cases, I like someone who can absorb an ancient culture sufficiently to place fictional characters in that setting and make it real. This series of books is excellent.

  • Camila Couso
    2019-05-13 04:22

    Amo este libro, pero siempre me quedare con la duda de que pasa en el primero :C

  • Indah Threez Lestari
    2019-05-11 08:08

    662 - 2015

  • Greg
    2019-05-15 02:06

    Good local and historical color. Not much of a suspense/mystery/prose

  • Ireine Roosdy
    2019-05-01 02:03

    Slow paced... a real drag..