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THEY’RE LIVING LIFE TO THE EXTREME…AND BURNING UP THE COLD MOUNTAIN NIGHTSOnly total desperation could reunite Dianna Kelley with Sam MacKenzie, the irresistible bad boy she walked out on ten years ago. But the fearless firefighter with the awesome wilderness skills is the only one who can take her where she needs to go. It’s a gamble—tracking down her endangered sister whTHEY’RE LIVING LIFE TO THE EXTREME…AND BURNING UP THE COLD MOUNTAIN NIGHTSOnly total desperation could reunite Dianna Kelley with Sam MacKenzie, the irresistible bad boy she walked out on ten years ago. But the fearless firefighter with the awesome wilderness skills is the only one who can take her where she needs to go. It’s a gamble—tracking down her endangered sister while keeping Sam and their undeniable attraction at arm’s length. Not easy when they’re trekking into a remote corner of the Rockies, where she’s got to trust her former lover with her life. Despite their past, Sam never could refuse a damsel in distress, especially one who has haunted his dreams for years. He’ll help find her sister and get Dianna out of his system once and for all. But soon it’s hard to tell whether the greatest threat is from the rushing rapids, the deadly enemy on their trail, or the passion that’s sending them straight into the line of fire…....

Title : Hot as Sin
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Hot as Sin Reviews

  • Auntee
    2019-03-18 05:51

    This was a very good, passionate, but often sad reunion or 'second chance at romance' story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hot As Sin is the second in the author's Men of Fire series about 'Hotshot'(wildfire) firefighters based near Lake Tahoe, but unlike the first book (Wild Heat), I thought this one focused on the relationship between the H/h more so than the firefighter plot, which worked for me. There was a mildly suspenseful plot to go along with the romance, but to me, the romance was front and center.When Sam MacKenzie (first introduced in Wild Heat) and Dianna Kelley first met, he was a handsome, dark-haired 20 year old hotshot firefighter helping her evacuate her alcoholic mother from their trailer before an approaching widfire engulfed them. She was just 18, a part-time college student with big green eyes, blonde hair, and hiding a tall, beautiful body behind baggy jeans and T-shirts. One look at her and the sexually experienced 'bad boy' was smitten, and knew he had to get to know her better. Before long he had her phone number, they went out on their first date, and he took her virginity. Not long after that, they were mostly living in sexual bliss together, and Dianna was working to get custody of her younger sister (who had been in the foster care system since the age of four). Things were moving along happily, until an unexpected twist in their relationship forced them to make some hard decisions about their future together (trying not to reveal any spoilers here...). Just as it looked like Dianna and Sam had a promising future together, Dianna gets in a car accident, and their whole world changes...Fast forward ten years, and Dianna and Sam are no longer together. While he's still a hotshot firefighter risking his life nearly every day, Dianna is now a rich, famous TV host (think a young Mary Hart) working out of San Francisco. She finally gained custody of her directionless, rebellious younger sister April (who's now 20) but their relationship has not gone smoothly. Actually, nothing has gone smoothly for Dianna in the past 10 years except her sky-rocketing career. Could it be she's still missing Sam? As for Sam, the destruction of his relationship with Dianna had temporarily sent him into a black hole of drinking and just not caring. He vows never to put his heart on the line that way for a woman again--the pain is just not worth it. But when he hears on the news that Dianna's life may be in danger, he's on the next plane to Colorado (where she's visiting her sister)to help his former love. One look at her and he knows the feelings are still there--but this very put together, confident, successful, woman is not the young woman he remembers as the down home girl from the trailer park-- they can't recapture what they once had, can they? The pain would be too much if things didn't work out. But when Dianna's sister April is kidnapped by a man seeking vengeance and possibly taken to a remote area where only a person with wilderness skills (like Sam!) can conquer, will he offer to help? You betcha--Sam could never resist helping a damsel in distress. So off the former lovers go, to rescue her sister and try to resist the incredible attraction they still feel for each other. This book captured me from the start and except for a few problems I had with the suspense part (a couple of WTH moments) near the conclusion, it worked wonderfully for me. I loved the whole development of the characters and their backstories. I felt that Bella Andre did a terrific job making me care for Dianna and Sam and root for their eventual reunion. I found parts of the book so sad (the things they went through in their equally troubled childhoods that affected the decisions they made in their young adulthood) yet very necessary to show how the characters later grew and matured. I liked the whole trekking through the wilderness plot that forced the H/h to finally discuss their past and face the feelings that never changed. Both characters were strong, brave, admirable people who had hurt each other in the past when they were young and immature, but you could see the love was still there and that they could have a future if they were willing to trust in each other again.Besides detailing the initial heat (the 'taking-of-virginity' scene) between Sam and Dianna, the romance in this book smoldered along until they finally gave in to their feelings, and then it ignited into some scorching, passionate scenes. Loved them, and I thought they worked very well.There were just a few minor quibbles I had with the suspense plot--mostly when either Sam, Dianna, or April were fighting the baddies and the decisions they made (don't knock somebody over/out but leave them with the gun and then expect to get away)--but this wasn't enough to ruin it for me, just made me say 'huh?'All in all, this was a quick, engrossing read that was heavy on the romance, and lighter on the suspense. The likable characters grew and learned a lot about themselves as they finally put their past to rest and embarked on a promising future. I enjoyed it, and I hope Ms. Andre has a story in the works for Sam's equally heroic, injured firefighter brother Connor--that's one person who needs a HEA. 4 1/2 stars

  • UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    2019-02-25 05:41

    GREAT price!! Hot as Sin (Hot Shots: Men of Fire Book 2) by Bella Andre for $0.99 for the heads up, Shannon! *hugs*

  • Shawna
    2019-02-24 02:50

    4 stars – Romantic SuspenseI’m a sucker for romance stories featuring hot firefighter heroes, and after being somewhat disappointed with Wild Heat, the first book in Andre’s Hot Shots: Men of Fire series, I was hoping for a bit more from this second installment. But unfortunately, Hot as Sin doesn’t quite live up to its full potential either.On the surface it’s got everything going for it to be a five star read: an extremely sexy cover, a ‘hot-as-sin’ wildland firefighter hero, a strong, determined heroine, a reunion romance theme, loads of action, plenty of angst and drama, and several steamy sex scenes, but just like in Wild Heat, it’s the contrived, weak, and rather outlandish suspense plot that just doesn’t really work. The villain in the story is so completely over the top and inexplicably insane that the suspense element misses the mark and comes across as unrealistic and silly instead of intense or gripping like it’s aiming for. Luckily, the explosive sexual tension and rocky romance between Sam and Dianna (and the smokin’ hot love scenes) held my attention and kept my interest throughout the story. I still plan to read the upcoming book in the series, Never Too Hot, which is Connor’s story, but I just hope the plot does the yummy firefighter a bit better justice next time around. 4 stars.

  • jenjn79
    2019-03-16 06:55

    I think Bella Andre is one of those authors whose books I can read and don't really mind, but that don't really hook me. There just seems to be something about the way she writes, the way she tells a story that doesn't entirely appeal to me. Because I didn't mind this book. It was above average, I'd say, but there was something missing from it. Something that didn't pull me in.Summary:Sam MacKenzie and Dianna Kelley had a hot and heavy affair when they were both barely more than kids. When happiness was within their grasp, tragedy struck, nearly destroying them both and Dianna left town. Years later, Sam hears that Dianna has been in an accident and he rushes to her side. It's quite obvious to both that the feelings between them were still matter how much they wanted to deny it.Then Dianna's wayward sister disappears and Dianna reluctantly accepts Sam's offer to help find April. While trekking through the Colorado wilderness the two must face their past, and the feelings still between them. But someone wants to punish Dianna and just as they are finding each other again, danger threatens to tear them apart.Review:I'm not sure what exactly it was about this book that didn't entirely appeal to me. I didn't really have any specific complaints or things I hated. There was nothing that I read that I wanted to shake my head and say "whatever." Yet, this book just did not pull me in.The pacing of the book was a little slow for me, especially in the beginning. There's a lot of backtracking through the past to bring the present to the forefront which made it hard for me to get into the story. But at the same time, it helps set up the situation and lets you understand the characters better. And I did like both Sam and Dianna. Great chemistry between them and both are strong characters to have gotten to where they are. There are some hot sex scenes together...but not as many as I expected in the book.The plot was so-so. I'm not a fan of storylines where characters trek through the wilderness. They always kind of bore me and seem unrealistic. And overall, I thought the plot of this book lacked spark. There was nothing about it that shone.For me, this wasn't in any way a bad book. It was a little above average and I didn't mind reading it. Like I said above, I think the way Andre tells a story lacks something for me because I felt the same way in book 1 of this series. I still plan to read the next book, though.

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-12 04:50

    3.5 star for me.It takes a while for Sam and Dianna to forgive each other, but pretty hot once they do. The reason they split in the first place was pretty sad and I even teared up at one point. However, one must really suspend a bit of reality where Sam is concern and how he manages to survive some the "feats of strength" he faces. But like I've said before, who doesn't love a sexy fireman! Dianna is a bit annoying at times, not enough for me not to like her a little though. Over all pretty enjoyable little read.

  • Kathrynn
    2019-03-13 06:45

    Thoroughly enjoyed this second installment in the Hotshots series! It takes place outside of Vail, Colorado and the bulk of the story is in the Rocky Mountains, 2010. It's a rekindled young love tale with a super sexy firefighter that was introduced in Wild Heat. Sam MacKenzie and Dianna Kelley met when they were 18 and 20 years old, and after a very hot "courtship" they were in love and getting married. Things happened that neither handled well--they were young--and they broke apart. But, each still carried the "what if" torch and when they reunite--10 years later--it kicked up the incandescent level. Wew!These two didn't waste anytime clearing the air and talking about things that drove them apart. There were misunderstandings, miscarriage, blame and guilt on each side. When Dianna's younger sister calls frantically saying she was abducted, but got away, Dianna sets off to find her--with Sam's help. They are forced to hike into the Rockies where there is adventure at every turn, i.e., whitewater rafting, cliff climbing, dirt bike riding, hiking....The way Sam took care of Dianna was very touching. Toward the end the author did a lot of recapping events already played out in the story and that got on my nerves--I just read it.There is a few brief mentions of the characters from the first Hotshot story, Logan and Maya, with some interactive dialogue from Logan a few times. This tale takes place about a year after "Wild Heat." While "Wild Heat's" plot was centered around an out of control wildfire, "Hot as Sin" has minimal fire fighting in it. 4 1/2 Stars.

  • Fanny
    2019-03-03 01:58

    Caliente Como El Pecado es el segundo libro de la serie Bomberos Ardientes, de la autora Bella Andre.Cuando lei el primer libro, el personaje de Sam me llamo mucho la atencion, esperaba que la autora escribiera su historia, imaginense mi alegria cuando mirando en Goodreads descubri que el siguiente libro era sobre el.Aunque si es cierto que al leer la sinopsis, la historia no me llamo demasiado la atencion, aun asi quise leerlo porque tenia mucha curiosidad sobre el pasado de Sam y ademas, el libro anterior me gusto tanto que pense que aunque no alcanzara a ser tan bueno como Calor Salvaje, la lectura valdria la pena.Muy bueno, totalmente recomendado!De Cabeza a leer el tercero.4 Estrellas!!

  • Honeywell
    2019-03-21 09:07

    DNFA plethora of issues and dysfunction worthy of a Jerry Springer episode wasn't to my liking but when the heroine's sister calls saying she just escaped from some guy who kidnapped her and the call gets cut off the heroine doesn't immediately call the police. In fact after a long drawn out conversation with the hero about the phone call and she finally decides it's time to involve the police the hero tells he not to bother. Not wanting to wait another second to file a missing person report with the police, she reached for her phone, but before she could finish dialing 911, Sam reached out and took it from her."There's no point in calling the police."She glared at him. "Give me back my phone."Ignoring her demand, he laid out his reasons in a nauseatingly calm voice. "It hasn't been twenty-four hours and she doesn't exactly have the world's best track record."Her rising indignation swiftly plummeted when she realized he was making sense. I just don't buy that a fire fighter would argue against contacting the police in favor of the DIY approach. That on top of the ridiculous trailer park trash turned vain TV star was too much for me. DNF.

  • Kathleen J
    2019-03-05 04:00

    Too many WTFs for meIcy roads cause a two-car accident in Vail, Colorado, involving famous newscaster Dianna Kelley and a drug dealer. When the drug dealer dies, his brother blames Dianna and kidnaps her estranged sister, April, who has come to the hospital to see her sister. When Dianna’s former fiancé and forest fire fighter Sam MacKenzie hears about the accident on the news he rushes to her side. Their breakup ten years ago came after a previous car accident in which Dianna miscarried his child. Back then, emotional reactions made each feel the other was rejecting them but now Sam, who realizes he still cares for Dianna, insists on helping her locate her sister. Dangerous hiking, rafting, mountain climbing, a fire, and fights with bad guys all follow, as does true love. Andre writes reasonably well but the characters are flat—he the brooding, never-got-over-her-but-is-afraid-of-getting-involved-with-her-again hero; she, the trailer park girl who worked hard to get to the top but who has never gotten over him.And, Andre’s plotting is contrived with characters continually doing really stupid, unrealistic, and crazy things so Andre can move her chess pieces wherever she wants to on the board, despite the stupidity of said actions. An example of the WTF---When April manages to temporarily escape her captors she reaches a pay phone at a campground at a park station. She says nothing to anyone staying there but calls her sister. When she is unable to reach her, this is what is supposed to be going through her mind: “She could call the police, but her kidnapping was all so random that she was afraid they might not believe her.” ??!!?? Now April has been held prisoner overnight, her clothes are shredded, she has burns from being tied up, she fell down a hill in her escape so she is beat up. She is also the sister of a famous newscaster. And,really, she won't call the police because she thinks the police wouldn’t believe her???? Have you ever heard of a kidnap victim who wouldn't call the police because they thought they won't be believed?In pursuit of the kidnapper, Sam and Dianna must raft white water on a chilly, windy day. There is a damning of much of the river and they must jump into the freezing cold water to avoid a collision. Dianna’s head hits a rock (and she is already beat up from the car accident) and she goes partially unconscious and almost drowns. Sam manages to pull her up on the riverbank. When she comes to she stands up then he backs her up to a rock face, kisses and fondles her, pushes her pants to her ankles and performs oral sex on her. Soooo, Dianna is exhausted, badly chilled, badly beat up, barely conscious, in a desperate chase after the kidnapper, darkness is soon to be upon them, but they stop on a rocky bank to do this? Later they get a tip that someone saw April on a trail and Sam is concerned about what to do and wants them to think out their best strategy. Might they be wasting their time on a false lead? Might it be a trick to kidnap or attack famous newscaster Dianna? If so, how could they avoid that? Dianna says, ”I’m not going to sit around when I finally have somewhere to look for my sister. I’m sick of taking time to think things through.” ???I made myself finish this novel but, frankly, it was a chore. I really, really dislike my protagonists acting stupidly and unrealistically just to get the plot to move in the direction the author wishes it to.

  • Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews
    2019-03-11 02:58

    Overall rating: 4.5 Rockin’ ★★★★☆Sam’s brother tells him that his former fiance Dianna has been in a head on accident. After ten years Sam is still grieving the loss of their child and Dianna leaving him. But he cannot stop himself from going to her to help if she needs him.“When she dumped your ass and moved to San Francisco you fell apart. I never thought I’d see the day you’d skip out on you job. The job you used to love. But there you were, glued to the bar stool when you should have been out fighting fires.”Dianna cannot believe Sam came for her to offer his help. He is the man she has loved since the moment they met. Maybe it’s time to look at the past and what happened between them. Questions need to be answered for both of them about what went wrong.“How do you always manage to be here right when I need you?”Unknown to Dianna her sister has been kidnapped by the brother of the man that was killed in the same accident she was in. The man blames her for his death and decides to kill her sister in front of her and then kill her. Sam steps in to help. He swears that he will help her get her sister back.“God help me, Dianna, I still want you. More than ever. More than I should.” You fought for your sister. You fought for your career. Maybe this time you should fight for Sam.During the race to save her sister from a madman, Dianna and Sam discover that true love never dies. The embers just need to be stoked! Sam is just the firefighter to do it.Was he willing to risk everything for the woman he’d never stopped loving? “I love you, too,” he said. “I never stopped loving you, Dianna. I just tried to convince myself that I had.”Patience will be rewarded with the gift of true love and a second chance for happiness."It’s not about being saved, it’s about knowing there’s someone out there who will always have your back no matter what.”Hero –Sam MacKenzie: 5 starsHeroine –Dianna Kelley: 4.5 starsSteam: 5 stars Plot: 4.5 stars Cliffhanger: NoWould I recommend this book: Yes! This book does not disappoint, it has everything a reader needs in a good book. Characters that heat up the pages with heroic acts and steaming hot sex!Would I read other books by this author: Yes! Love this author and the way she tells a story. Cannot wait to read the next book in the series Men of Fire.Hot as SinBella Andre

  • Leah
    2019-03-04 05:06

    When I saw this book, I was immediately drawn in by the interesting title and the visually appealing cover. When I read that the book was about a firefighter, I just had to buy it, and I do not regret that decision one bit. I have not read the first book in this series, but I have to say, that out of all the books I've read with a firefighter hero/heroine, this is one of my favorites.From the beginning of the book, I was Sam MacKenzie's shoulder to cry on. I was thoroughly irritated with Dianna for a little while because she was putting all the blame on Sam's shoulders when she was the one who left him. And, all the while, I was not acknowledging that it takes two to make or break a relationship, and I could not see that Sam had to have done something to change their relationship also. Every single time that Dianna vaguely mentioned how badly Sam hurt her, I was overcome with the urge to beat the answer to the question, "What did Sam do to her?", out of her. Once she explained to him, though, why she left, I started to feel a little more sympathetic towards Dianna, but I was still expressly on "Team Sam." At least until she finally started fighting for him. When I read their first kiss/sexual encounter when they were in the mountains, I jumped for joy inside and hopped right on "Team Dianna." After that, I got exasperated with Sam a little bit for not acknowledging how much he needed and wanted Dianna. Once they came to a mutual understanding of how much they needed each other (*coughHADSEXcough*), I was able to finally be on "Team Sam and Dianna."Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with Bella Andre's writing and the novel she had presented me with. After a while, it stopped being a book about a firefighter for me. It became a suspenseful romance that changed the way I saw the book. Sam's and Dianna's characters were dynamic and appealed to me on so many levels that it's so hard to count. I highly recommend this book for romance lovers, firefighter lovers, romantic suspense lovers, and everyone else because it's just that good.

  • Mollie *scoutrmom*
    2019-02-25 07:43

    I'll have to admit I was disappointed in this sequel. It was nowhere near as good as the first book in the series.The author, Bella Andre, did not show much skill in giving us insights into the motives for the secondary characters actions, and she did an all right but not great job drawing the protagonists.There is an element of the willing suspension of disbelief anytime one enters a fictional world. The plot of this book goes over that line into unbelievable. There is an evil villian, we are only given a short glimpse of his motivation and thinking. There is an evil sidekick who appears and then is sent away without warning or having his character developed at all.I did love the action/adventure aspects of the story. We have a city girl out in the wilderness with a hotshot (wildfire fighter) as she tries to locate her sister. It is apparent that Andre has not been out there, if she'd ever lifted the weight of an inflatable boat she'd know that they should have had the helicopter drop the protagonists on the other side of the river closer to their destination... duh. I'm sad to say that I will not recommend this book, nor will I read any more of the series.

  • Barb
    2019-02-26 07:03

    Only total desperation could reunite Dianna Kelley with Sam MacKenzie, the irresistible bad boy she walked out on ten years ago. But the fearless firefighter with the awesome wilderness skills is the only one who can take her where she needs to go. It's a gamble--tracking down her endangered sister while keeping Sam and their undeniable attraction at arm's length. Not easy when they're trekking into a remote corner of the Rockies, where she's got to trust her former lover with her life. Despite their past, Sam never could refuse a damsel in distress, especially one who has haunted his dreams for years. He'll help find her sister and get Dianna out of his system once and for all. But soon it's hard to tell whether the greatest threat is from the rushing rapids, the deadly enemy on their trail, or the passion that's sending them straight into the line of fire....What an awesome story. Getting to know Sam, Dianna, and April was pure visionary awesomeness. Although it took a bit longer to like them, eventually Bella drew me into their lives and their love.Her writing is pure greatness. 5 stars!

  • Hbeebti
    2019-03-18 05:57

    I liked this book. I didn't love it, but what can ya do. Anyway this is about Sam a Hotshot firefighter and Dianna . I enjoyed the flashbacks in book. Brought more depth to the book. I am not quite sure what it was that didn't make me love it. Maybe just the action for me felt a little flat. I did love the way that Sam and Dianna were together. Their love was put to the test 10 years ago and things went bad. There was a lot of misunderstanding and assumptions about each other. When they finally give into what they both want it is wonderful. They really had a lot of heat with each other thats for sure. It was interesting to hear what the baddie was thinking some of the time. He wasn't all there. I mean I understand grief and anger but he went way out there. Then the moments with Dianna's sister April were good too . I really wanted to know what she thought through the whole thing. The ending just felt kinda like it went faster than I would have liked. Overall it was a good book. Not the best I have read but it was a good read.

  • Awilk -never sleeps-
    2019-03-04 02:57

    Hot as Sin was another enjoyable read in he series. This time around, the story was based a lot more on the romance between the two main characters, Dianna and Sam.We met Sam in the previous book, Wild Heat, but this time we learnt the very sad back story of Dianna and him. It was very touching and tragic, and I must admit that I had tears in my eyes for some of it. It was made very clear from the beginning that these two were still in love with each other, and the sexual tension between them was off the scales.The problem with this book was the villian. He was just so over the top. His need for revenge, and the lengths he would go to for it took away my reading pleasure. I just couldn't buy into it.The romance was more of the story in this one, compared to Wild Heat, and that is never a problem for me.Overall I enjoyed this book, and will be reading the next, about the adorable Conner, Sam's younger brother, sooner rather than later.

  • Karen
    2019-03-06 06:42

    I am a HUGE fan of military guys, fireman, policeman and if there's a book that is going to cover any of those subjects I'm all IN....reading about the characters of the HOTSHOT crew in Bella Andre's books...hits the spot...whats HOTTER then a fireman who jumps out of planes and helicopters to rescue other people? Love the character, Sam MacKenzie and the fact that he never gave up on Dianna Kelley....reading the action scenes of white water rafting had me sweating big time...seemed pretty scary and definitely something I wouldn't try unless I had someone like Sam in the raft for sure!!!Awesome book!!!

  • MountainKat
    2019-03-19 06:47

    Ah, what a nice second chance story! Sam and Dianna had been involved 10 years before, but youth led to misunderstandings and Dianna left. Both had unresolved issues, but neither stopped caring. When Dianna was hurt, Sam had to go to her. Forced to be together they worked out their past and fell in love again. (Not that they ever stopped loving each other.) Add in some suspense to keep things interesting and it was quite a good book! I wanted more at the end - they had lots of details to work out still, but I believed in their HEA anyway!

  • Caty
    2019-02-22 02:48

    I don't know why, but this book didn't do it for me. The plot didn't keep me interested and even when I just finished the book I'm having a hard time remembering the names of the characters.After reading the Firefighters from station 5 series, I've been looking for more stories about firefighters, but sadly I haven't found a compelling enough book so far.This wasn't particulary good but it wasn't bad either.

  • Marcy Meyer
    2019-03-04 08:46

    Hot as Sin, for sure. This is a great series by Bella Andre to check out, especially if you love hot fire fighters, steamy romance and just the right amount of suspense. Sam and Dianna have a heartbreaking history which adds to the angst of their reunion. I loved their chemistry and really rooted for them to open up to each other. Just enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat. I have really enjoyed this series so far and hope for more.

  • Tammy
    2019-03-25 00:46

    I love second chances and when Dianna and Sam McKenzie reunite its good. Sam is a hotshot in Tahoe Pines but when he hears his first and only love Dianna was in a terrible car accident he is on his way to CO before he even thinks about it. He never knew why she left 10 yrs ago. Dianna is trying to find her younger sister and Sam is here to help her. Full of suspense, sexy and steamy read to the end.

  • Serena
    2019-03-13 09:08

    This book gets 3.5 stars it was really good lots of back story. It was good I just keep comparing it to the first in the series it was better in some ways. It is a slower book the book one. Love that to me their seemed to be more story line and less sex sense. Dont get me wrong their there and they are good. I just enjoyed the interaction between the two leads.

  • Pam
    2019-03-12 03:59

    Firemen can teach you anything...Mountain hiking, white water rafting, rock climbing - OK, it wasn't very realistic, but as hot fantasies go, it was a good way to spend the day :)

  • Christina Montminy
    2019-03-14 01:55

    This book had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Sam & Dianna's story is sad but encouraging when they meet up again after a second car accident for her. I can't explain any further without giving away the details, all I have to say is this is a great read. Can't wait to read Connor's book next.

  • Joy Boutwell
    2019-03-15 06:05

    Hot as Sin by Bella Andre is a must read book.

  • Mara Rose
    2019-03-23 08:06

    DNFThis was my main catnip - second chance romance! But when they go back to the couples' origin story, it crossed one my main Hell No's - sex too young. "Too young" is relative, but for my own reading pleasure, I was uncomfortable reading how 10 years ago when they first hooked up, the hero was 20 and she was 14!! Six years age difference is nothing... when you're in your 20s or something. Not in your teens! Yes, she's supposed to be an 'older' 14 because she's had to be responsible for her alcoholic, neglectful mother. But, NO, that's still too young and illegal in most states. It made me feel icky. She'd only met him for 4 days before they had sex, and then they get pregnant quickly, engaged, and then miscarried and separated? Nonononono... Now it's completely colored the story for me and I can't continue.

  • Debs
    2019-03-02 07:55

    "Hot as Sin" was just as sexy and suspenseful as you might expect from a Bella Andre story. Sam, as the hotshot, and Diana, the one that got away, had all of the elements of a combustible combination. They have a ten year history that melts into obscurity when lives are on the line. The story was hard hitting, full of suspense and intrigue, and is at a pace that will keep you turning pages to see a HEA for Sam and Diana. Although published in 2009, a great story never goes out of style. 4.5 Stars!

  • Susan Nackman
    2019-03-25 07:41

    A good story by Ms Andre. But the heroine, Dianne did aggregate me some because she did some stupid things--like climbing a cliff wall by herself to "save" Sam when it was only the second time she ever climbed and she had no idea what was happening with Sam and no way to protect or save him. So of course it didn't turn out so well for her. That's why only 3 stars even tho the other 2 books in the series rated 4 stars.

  • Booklovinglady
    2019-02-22 04:43

    Completely nonsensical of course, but such a sweet story.... ;-)The teaser of Never Too Hot, at the end of Hot As Sin, had me laughing several times, so I'm looking forward to reading that one :-)

  • Sandra R
    2019-03-11 05:48

    Well written and I liked the action in the mountains. For me though, there was a little too much internal dialogue by both the H/h and not much verbal communication.

  • Nelly
    2019-02-23 03:49

    3.5 starsThis one was a little slow for me. I liked that there was action and romance.