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Faewolves, like werewolves, can walk among men. What happens when Kiya White Cloud, a young gay college student in Santa Cruz, wants one of these men enough to risk his heart--and his life?...

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faewolf Reviews

  • JenMcJ
    2019-05-10 01:48

    The twist in this shape shifter tale is unique and interesting but the book felt like it had too many words for the story it told. For such a long book, the characterization was weak and in some cases unfortunately chosen. There is a lot of time spent telling us that the wolf is lonely and the boy wants to feel protected...Brian, one of the main heroes is supposed to be the dominate male, but he does not really come off that way. He seems more lost and ineffective too much of the time to get a true "alpha" feel for him. He was a stronger character as the wolf. Kiya, the younger hero has some issues looking for the strong man he wants and making some poor choices before finding Brian. He is portrayed as smart but vain and is given a characteristic that was very child like. I am sure the authors were going for endearing, but to me it was much more disconcerting. Every time he did it, I was pulled out of the story and had to remind myself he was in college and was not underage or juvenile, just had that lasting habit. It was very off putting for me. Brian and Kiya do have very hot sex once they get around to it, but it takes too long to get there. Once there though, it burns up the pages. There is sex in shifted form in this book that is pretty graphic and explicit. The wolf and his inborn traits are very dominate in this bookFor all that, I did read the whole thing and I was interested to see how it would all turn out. The info at the back of the book says that the authors intend for Brian and Kiya to have other stories that will help to further the story and answer some of the life goals they each have. I will probably give the next book a chance to see if the authors will tighten it up a bit.

  • Elisa Rolle
    2019-05-25 19:12

    2009 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention (5* from at least 1 judge)

  • Linasjuodas
    2019-05-18 21:43

    Let's start with the positives. Changing the typical human-to-wolf transformation on its head and having a wolf's POV in a human world made this book really stand out from your typical werewolf story. Another positive note is that the story doesn't emphasize the frankly overdone Alpha-seeks-Omega-mate dynamic; the dynamic is still there, but it's only lightly nuanced into the characters behavior. Lastly, the constant popping up of the abusive ex of one of the MC, really kept me guessing how it all will play out... at least until the latter half of the book.Which brings us to the negatives:Plot.First and foremost is the insta-love. The authors tried to downplay it a little by keeping the MCs apart through the setting and its rules, but the fact is they both can't think straight after they see one another. But that got a bit better with the addition of Ted, Kiya's ex, who added an unexpected tension and jeopardy to any of Kiya's future relationships. Sadly any real resolution between Kiya, Brian and Ted was discarded for some shoehorned foe-ex-machina and magic-ex-machina, that threw the pace of the story through the climax, into a wall, where it burst into fire, and burnt to ashes...Style.A rather annoying part of this book was the constant jumping between the POV of the two MCs. This book is coauthored with each author writing for each MC, and it's nice to know that both have a distinct independent view of what's happening, but jumping from view-to-view on every other paragraph was just boggling.Characters.This is a more personal point, but I really couldn't stand Kiya, his cockiness introducing himself to Brian, going to overdone angst at being rejected, going to meet-and-fuck attitude at the club just went beyond anything I could believe or care about. Brian by comparison was quite interesting by being unfamiliar with the more in-depth workings of the human world and putting a wolf’s perspective on most things. Ted was by far the most interesting, due to his unpredictability even if he was mostly two dimensional. The later antagonists were sadly just some bad-guys who worked on the premises of money, perversion and general-doing-evil-and-being-bad.Logic.These are just small niggles, but they kept me from fully immersing into the story nonetheless. First of all, I'm not really familiar with American educational system, but I found it hard to believe that Brian, having spent his youth in forest with his pack, could, even after living among humans for five years, be doing a doctorate course in university. Also after avoiding a relationship because it's inappropriate (teacher/student) and finally agreeing to keep it secret, the MCs then go around campus in the teacher’s car, eat in on-campus diners, and meat in and outside the dorms...To put it all into a few words: the premise was good, the characters so-so, and the plot started out nice, then bombed at climax.Also warning: this story contains atempted rape and a few instances of sex in shifted form, one of witch is under outside force. So read with caution.

  • V
    2019-05-09 21:52

    4.5 StarsThis is a very different Werewolf story.I've read many books about a man who can turned in to a wolf, this is the first time that I read about a wolf who turned into a human.Brian the wolf was a very charming MC, and even though Kika was portrayed as a very immature and vain character, these 2 together are the perfect couple, specially Kika for accepting Brian for what he is. As Brian is an animal who can change himself into a human, his behaviour may upset some readers.The blurb from this book does not tell us what to expect from this story, be warned, some parts of this book are not for everyone.For example, Brian had sex with kika in his wolf form, you can always skip those parts like I did.Some violence and dubious consent are also part of this book.Overall, I enjoyed this story and I don't regret reading it.

  • LutaWolf
    2019-05-24 00:54

    Other than the fact that it's soooooooooo over the top it borders on wtf at times, I really loved it!

  • Lorie Carpenter
    2019-05-17 19:47

    loved it.

  • Gwengwel
    2019-05-03 20:01

    A more specific warning would have been appreciated but the rest of the story was not so bad, just correct.

  • Kassa
    2019-05-11 20:06

    Although there are some very interesting aspects to this book, it drags and contains some uncomfortable scenes that add little to nothing to the story. The warning contains caution against some scenes of rough sex and dubious consent but there should also be a warning about sex in shifter state – wolf on human – as the scene is rather graphic and intense. Very few things squick me out but this scene did and in combination to what is a rather wordy, somewhat boring book – overall the story just didn’t work for me despite the few interesting concepts. Brian is a faewolf, which is a wolf that can take on human shape to disguise himself among humans. Brian has left his pack to try and discover a way to help prolong the species as fewer numbers are born and survive each year. While at graduate school, Brian meets new student Kiya White Cloud, a Native American student. The attraction is instantaneous for both men but Kiya’s persistent ex-boyfriend and the rules of the university prevent the two from acting on their feelings at the start. Soon though, neither man can hide his desire and the results are passionate. Although the story opens with an extended prologue about the hazards of being a lone wolf and the noble path Brian has taken to try and save the species, this theme is completely ignored in the story. Other than the prologue and one mention later in the book, the reason that Brian is studying at the university, supposedly to save his species, is completely ignored and never mentioned. The focus is then on the sexual chemistry between Kiya and Brian, Kiya’s possessive ex-boyfriend Ted, and possible dangers to Brian since he’s a wolf. This is disappointing since the beginning of the book sets up Brian’s reasons for being alone yet ultimately this is an extended scene meant to dump information about Brian’s background instead of actually contributing to the story. The plot spends about 100 pages (out of 230 pgs) with Kiya and Brian dancing around each other sexually while nothing much happens in the book. Kiya has a possessive ex-boyfriend that won’t go away but Kiya is too busy pursuing Brian and others to worry too much about Ted. Once Brian and Kiya have sex, the next 120 pages or so is filled with sex scenes and one action scene that endangers both men. However, nothing is resolved by the end of the book. The problems with Ted are still outstanding, just as how the hunters knew to find Brian is a mystery, and even the numerous references to Kiya’s family and Brian’s research are left hanging. This book feels almost like part one of a series but is very loose and meandering. The prose is often wordy and takes much longer to describe a scene and actions than necessary, thus the narrative becomes slightly boring. Additionally the point of view hops from Brian to Kiya every other paragraph so much that I got sick of trying to figure out which head I was in at any particular moment. The scene breaks make very little sense since sometimes the scene break would be only a few minutes ahead or sometimes weeks. There was no discernable rhythm of the writing and the story to make it easier to read and engage. Of which all of this is confounded by the rather weak characterization. Neither Brian nor Kiya is well developed and Kiya especially is very contradictory. He is supposed to be a very intelligent, yet vain young man and that is depicted often enough but then there are numerous scenes of Kiya being upset and sucking his thumb, which kept portraying him as much younger emotionally and physically than the story was trying to achieve. This is very dubious given the incredible ease that Kiya accepts Brian’s wolf nature, so much so that Kiya asks Brian to shift to a wolf during sex. This of course leads to mentioning the shifter sex scene where Brian as a wolf is forced to penetrate Kiya, after licking Kiya’s ass clean of previous cum. This in and of itself is not usually bothersome but both men are forced to do so by others standing around and videotaping the scene. Eventually Brian and Kiya escape through sudden (out of the blue) magical help. The dialogue and set up of the pseudo-rape just paints a very uncomfortable scene that adds nothing to the characters, the story, or the overall book. This isn’t rape per se since Kiya wanted the sex but neither man had a real choice as they were forced by their captors. This scene felt as though the story was attempting to push boundaries, but in a wrong, unsuccessful way. Very little squicks me out (other than nun chuck rape) but this scene threw me and on top of a book that was boring, it never recovered. As always this is just my opinion and Faewolf has certainly garnered some positive feedback from sites. Most have said that the book entertained them, yet I found it verbose and the most interesting ideas (such as Brian’s research about Faewolves or Native American ties to magic) to be ignored. Just my opinion and feel free to see for yourselves.

  • Mandi Schreiner
    2019-05-05 00:12

    Kiya Whitecloud is in love with Brian, his college biology teacher’s assistant. He shamelessly flirts with him and doesn’t stop until Brian firmly tells him he cannot cross that teacher/student line. While walking in the woods, alone and upset at the set-down, Kiya’s abusive ex-boyfriend, Ted appears, not happy that Kiya put an end to their relationship. Before severe damage can be done, a wolf shows up and scares Ted away. Kiya’s instincts tell him the wolf is not there to harm him and a bond forms between them. Kiya finds himself meeting this wolf everyday in the woods and unloads all his troubles on this wolf. What Kiya doesn’t know is that this wolf is actually Brian. His wolf name is Saoi and his is called a faewolf. He was born a wolf and with a bit of fae magic, is able to transform into a man. Saoi is able to understand everything Kiya is telling him and starts to fall for him.Brian, in his human form, finally accepts Kiya’s advances and a romance develops. But their love will be tested as Brian’s secret is revealed and ex-boyfriends from the past surface again.First let me say, Faewolf kept me entertained the entire time. The ending may have been a little drawn out, but my interest level was high throughout. Kiya is an interesting character. He is very conceited and vain about his looks and his abilities in bed, and at first I was very annoyed with it. But he ends up owning up to it, mentioning several times that yes, he is vain and he doesn’t care, so I gave the character props for that, but it still wore on me. His pouting and thumb sucking when he got tired or upset was a little over the top for me – however, Kiya is definitely a submissive, so those actions play into that role. Being a submissive he yearns to be taken care of and protected. In the past, he has fallen victim to a very controlling, abusive person, Ted. The consequences of that relationship play a very big role in this book.Brian on the other hand, is an alpha – a perfect mate for Kiya. He is a little too perfect in my opinion by always saying and doing the right thing. I would consider him a very polite alpha – he definitely wants to protect Kiya, but he is missing that fierce, darker edge. For as much as Kiya’s little quirks irked me, I found him to be a much more fascinating character than Brian.The romance scenes in this book, and let me say there is a lot of sexin’ going on, are written really well – they are verra steamy. And let’s just put it out there – yes, Saoi (wolf) has sex with Kiya in wolf form. I knew it was coming, it had to be because Brian’s true form is a wolf. There was no way he could get around it, and Kiya’s personality lent to him experimenting new things. Now, the first time they do it, they are forced by certain people (don’t want to get into spoilers) and I find it interesting this is how the authors chose to have this scene since Kiya has a history of attempted rape. While I really had no problem with Kiya having sex with Brian in his wolf form, this scene is very intense and uncomfortable. The dialogue of the others in the room is super creepy and gave me the willies!I did think Kiya’s acceptance of Brian in wolf form came across a bit too easily and I would have liked to see the two of them struggle a bit more in their relationship. External forces threatened them, but together they were happy as could be. A little too happy for my cynical little mind.Overall, Faewolf kept my interest enough for me to definitely want to check out the next in the series as many things have yet to be wrapped up.

  • Aliona
    2019-05-21 02:56

    No plot, basically excuse for sex. This is the kind of book where main characters can't live without eachother after a day which is not my thing at all.

  • Maria
    2019-05-24 00:12

    This is one of the few books I'm afraid to admit I like. Here's where I have my concerns; I love a good shapeshifter, spiritual world story line, but there is some human / complete animal sex scenes and though they distiguish themselves by having the "wolf" being aware ... it still dances on that line and in truth you can take the details either way. The story was interesting and there are definate emotions in all the characters; which takes the story to a level above M/M Romance. The story couldn't work without the sex, but there is definately a story there so. I liked this book, but as I mentioned it does walk a line; keep in in mind and then if you're up for it - give it a read.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-07 01:49

    SlashReaders: Alright, first off this book requires some warnings. If you don't like the idea of werewolves in wolf form having sex with humans, or rape scenes do not read this book. The warning that is put up with the book on Amazon does not come out and state that.Beyond that content, this is one of those books that I categorize as 'sex with plot'. Which means the content of the book contains more sex and less plot. I personally got very bored with that. Which isn't saying I don't want any sex; however, I prefer my 'plot with sex'.The book is well written. But truth be told I got bored with it by the end. As in one of those most of the time the characters are just mostly thinking about jumping each other, etc. It gets boring.

  • Ayanna
    2019-05-05 03:02

    Maybe it's because it's older, so it has older sensibilities...?Anyway I found this supremely annoying. The wolf guy at least has a "biological imperative," but Kiya was, what, just being an ass? "He turns me on therefore I HAVE to have him nevermind that he's my TA and therefore that could create WORLDS of issues for both him AND me"?Like...could you just...not....wait (gasp, ikr, who waits? What does Kiya look like, a peasant who waits?) until the semester is over.....and then no university disciplinary issues....?I also wish Kiya being First Nations was more of a thing. What I read of the book seemed to only handle it superficially.

  • Kevin Orth
    2019-05-26 00:45

    I got about half way through and really liking the story. I mixture of native american, myth, folk lore, fantacy, and of course m/m romance. I was petty hooked and couldn't wait to see how this turns out.Fast forward to 70% through and I couldn't read any further. One of the main characters is so caricaturely passive it he became unbearable. Once I got to the rape/beastial scene I had to put it down and walk away.The premise is good, the author makes a real effort to deliver but the characters and plot go grossly off the rails.

  • Mike
    2019-05-13 21:43

    Wow. Just wow. 4.5 starsThis will not be everybody's cup of tea, but it's definitely mine. I've always wanted more fiction featuring a shifter who was *primarily* other (view spoiler)[(the shifter is born a wolf who happens to be able to change into human form) (hide spoiler)], and I appreciate stories about "submissive" men that probe a bit, and this one is a bit naive, immature, needy, and heated, which works well for a protective faewolf. (Check other reviews if you have non-consensual or shifted-form squick-triggers.)

  • Brit Columbia
    2019-05-05 20:56

    This is one of those books that was not that well-written, but was strangely compelling and I enjoyed it a lot. The times when the characters had sex when one of them was in wolf-form were a little unsettling for me. :O On the whole, however, I enjoyed the characters and the setting and really looked forward to reading it whenever I was interrupted by work, etc. When a sequel comes out, I will definitely buy it.

  • Jimmy Hanson
    2019-05-10 19:46

    'Discarded' isn't really appropriate for this book; I DID read the whole thing, but never will again.The relationship is shallow to the point of being ridiculous, the 'bad guys' are sick and pointless, and what they 'force' the pair to do just ... didn't make much sense to me. Then again, the fact that they [fairly happily, or at least didn't mind] doing/did it, just squicked me out.I am most-definitely NOT a beastiality reader. Yuk.

  • Tj
    2019-05-23 01:09

    There were some editing issues and a lot of repetition of characters issues, but still enjoyed the overall read. For once I'm going to rate as far as person like. The story caught me, the concept is great. I wish it would have played out more. Look forward to a sequel.

  • Christy Stewart
    2019-05-26 22:45

    I didn't know Dr. Atkins was into slash.Wouldn't be too badly written for a fanfic but for something you'd pay money for? No.

  • Sui Lynn
    2019-04-29 19:00

    Well done! I really enjoyed this story. I liked the new twist of a wolf that turns into a human instead of the other way around. I will be looking for the next story.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-12 19:45

    Decidedly kink. O_o

  • Hellen
    2019-05-14 18:48

    I have mixed feelings about this. While the writing is decent, I'm mildly horrified by the wolf/human scene.